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*The Datapad would hold small information of a the young 16 year old apprentice by the name of Leorio. 16 year old male human born on a shuttle above the planet Dromund Kaas. His father was a dark lord of the sith in the sacking of Coruscant. Leorio father was also his master for a time before his untimely demise.  Leorio has a huge presence with the darkside as well. The human male also has one eye as the other one was lost in a battle through his training while he was on Korriban at the temple against another young acolyte. After the fight Leorio was taken back to his room where he gloated about the fight to his father. His father would wince while listening to his son gloat about the battle and then within the blink of an eye his father would blast his son with a purple lightning.  The lightning would cover the young boys body  and he would fall to the floor knocked out . A few days later Leorio would wake up in a kolto looking around the room . His mother standing at the door way would walk up and smile warmly at Leorio touching the tank at the same time. "You know why your father did this Leorio? He did this to remind you and put you in your place my son. " His mother's voice calm and gentle as she looked at him speaking to him calmly. Leorio would need a new leg and torso as well as a new arm as he stayed in the Kolto slowly healing.

*After his father death a few years later Leorio is in need of a new master now.*

(Okay so to be brief with everyone Im looking for a master for my main character. I will be honest to let everyone know that I will only most likely be playing this character in rp. Now Im looking for a really heavy based rp imp guild with a rank system and hopefully one in which my character can grow in. Leorio is 16 years old and a human male that is only an apprentice. Everything else about him you will learn in rping with him. Please let me know what guilds I can join or who is interested in taking on an apprentice. Have a huge knowledge of the Star Wars universe.)

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Noxturna thumbs through the list of potential apprentices, "Hmmmm... Hmmmm... This one could be interesting. I'll seek him out sometime."

((Not in a RP guild but am looking for an apprentice for Nox))


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If anyone is interested please let me know and Nox I see you are so just whisper in game or here. In game everyone my name is Leo'rio.


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Also Nox its says you blocked my personal messages to you so I dont know if that is a site problem or what but I will put what I sent you up here instead.

Well first off let me say hello and Im so glad at least one person answered this. lol Anyway sure Im in game today mainly all day and the rest of the week. Im a very heavy rper and would love the chance to rp with you as master and apprentice as well. Last but not least he is only 16 years of age and is an apprentice not a sith lord.....YET. lol

So just tell me what times are good for you and if you are east or west coast so we can meet. Again thank you .

Also if you are no longer interested just let me know . Thank you .