The Watchers

Following the Assault on Tython,  broke away from the Republic and the Jedi. The galaxy was constantly at war. Things could not continue on like this. These Jedi and troops faded into anonymity. After their confrontation in the Supreme Chancellor's office, The Watchers found an abandoned temple on Yavin IV and took it for their headquarters. It is here that these Gray Jedi work to bring the Force to balance and maintain the constant ebb and flow of light and dark. The Watchers pledge to live a life of service by the words of their code:

There is no Dark Side, nor a light side, there is only the Force.
I will do what I must to keep the balance as the balance is what keeps me together.
There is no good without evil, but evil must not be allowed to flourish.

There is passion, yet peace;
Serenity, yet emotion;
Chaos, yet order.

I am the wielder of the flame, the protector of balance.
I am the holder of the Torch, lighting the way.
I am the keeper of the flame, soldier of balance.
I am a Guardian of the Balance.

I am a Gray Jedi

We are primarily a gray jedi Heavy RP guild. We also accept Troopers and Smugglers as part of our Special Forces/Black Ops teams. We have a fully unlocked Yavin SH and a guild bank. We are working on gathering the funds for our ship. More information about The Watchers can be found here.

We are currently recruiting! While our primary focus is high levels and non-alts, we are considering all applications. Currently seeking people to fill higher officer spots.

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