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Organized Chaos is looking for mature, quality members (especially HM-capable raiders). We offer a flagship & 10% exp boost, and a proud heritage. OC was one of the main competitive Progression Raid guilds on BC, with several server first kills and a disciplined policy of fair, friendly competition. We maintained rules against public trash-talking, and tried to be the "team with class" amongst our competitive prog guild peers.

--We are not an RP guild. Most of us were victims of the early server merges and did not come to BC voluntarily, but made our home in it rather than pay to move. As such, we will not encourage RP in guild chat; this does not mean members are restricted in any way from partaking in RP events or RP outside of guild chat.

--Our raid core has taken a hiatus from the game. I am a core officer, "keeping the lights on" so OC retains a presence. I work/attend class too much to organize events/raids in the true GM's absence.

--We are looking for more decent members to keep company and fill the guild back out. You don't have to be a hardcore raider. This is a bit of a change from OC's tradition.

--Please mail me in-game for the fastest response if you have any additional questions (alt0238). I plan to represent OC at any future Server Summits.

Thank you!


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