In the months after the initial Zakuul invasion of Korriban, Moirae worked tirelessly for the Empire trying to shore up defenses and find more information on this powerful, new, threat to the Empire.

However, once the second attack came and the invasion truly began; who could have prepared?  

By the time the dust settled the former Imperial Dark Council members were dead or missing.  A "puppet" Empress, Acina, had risen in their place and was ruling the Empire with the backing of the Zakuul.  In order to not be used by the Zakuul against their own Empire, Moirae officially disbanded and its members left Kaas for their own purposes.

Now, some years later (5 or so...), the name is known rarely.  One of the many Imperial loyalist groups to have fallen by the wayside in the upheaval of the Zakuulian takeover.  The Atropos and Hyperion; lost - believed to have been killed or taken prisoner by the Zakuul.  Darth Karmic has committed herself to the Outer Rim, where she spends most of her time now.  She is the only known member to still be alive; the others are unknowns.

But she knows she is not the only living member.  There are others.  They kept in touch in secret, just amongst themselves.  Hiding out, doing what they can do protect the Empire and its Citizens against this new threat, while not attracting attention.  At least, not yet.

Rumors travel fast in this post-Zakuul galaxy; and there are whispers on the wind of a return.  Of Alliances and hidden pockets of resistance against the Zakuul across the galaxy.  Will the Moirae rise from the ashes to again take up the fight for the Empire against the Zakuul?

Moirae is a heavy-RP guild open to any and all types of characters as long as you are "elite" and loyal to the Empire.  Recruitment is through IC interview/interaction only so please speak to any current member about your interest in our group!  Contact Darth Karmic or Darth Kezie directly if you wish through PMs here at this forum to discuss membership in Moirae and setup your IC interview!

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