Mantellian Separatists

The Mantellian Separatists is a revolutionary movement centered on a cell of the Ord Mantell Separatist movement, abandoned when the Separatists's leaders moved to Cademimu V. With the rest of the movement shattered, broken and defeated by the Galactic Republic, this small cell is the last remaining hope for Ord Mantell's freedom from the corrupt Senate.

With the help of a former Imperial special forces officer and a daring smuggler, these brave freedom fighters plan to free the small planet of Ord Mantell from the Republic's grip - and they're willing to risk everything to make sure this new revolution is not a repeat of the atrocities of the last one. Ord Mantell will be free from the tyranny of the Republic!

The Mantellian Separatists are an antagonistic RP guild, designed to be a foe for the Republic-side RP guilds and make for interesting conflict RP. The guild will start small - a single resistance cell, but depending on how things go, it could grow into a multi-planet separatist faction, a behind-the-scenes terrorist organization or remain a revolution for Ord Mantell. Only time will tell.


Quality - We expect our members to be able to string together coherent, literate sentences to describe what their character is doing. They also need to know the difference between OOC and IC, know NOT to god-mod, and have at least a basic knowledge of the Star Wars universe.

Respect - We expect our members to have the maturity to respect other RPers, and have a NO-TOLERANCE policy towards OOC drama. We expect members to be courteous and polite to other RPers OOC, and to be able to keep OOC and IC separate. Basically, don't be a douche. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT REQUIREMENT!

Cooperation - The Mantellian Separatists are an anti-Republic and anti-Empire revolutionary movement. This won't suit all characters. We expect applicants to have (or create) a character that would be suitable for working with such an organisation, and be willing to work with officers to adapt characters if necessary. Also, JEDI will have to pass an IC interview to make sure they are suited for the guild - this interview will have higher standards than normal interviews. Jedi will not receive special treatment in the guild, and will be expected to leave the Jedi Order in order to become a Separatist. HOWEVER, all in all, YES - we are now accepting Jedi applications!

Applicants will be tested on all of these things before being allowed into the guild, including both OOC and IC interviews to test their suitability as a person and as a character. Failing the interviews because of an unsuitable character is not the end of the world - that's where cooperation to modify the character comes in. Failing the interviews because of lack of quality means the applicant can try again later once they've brushed up on their RP skills. Failing the interviews because of lack of respect earns the applicant a black mark - they may not apply again.

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