The Akar

Both Jedi and Sith orders are well known to us all in this day and age. Less known is the organization that predates them both. And slightly more well known than that lost order is the enclave that seeks to revive those old ways.

The Akar is an enclave of Force adepts unbeholden to the larger orders, one that takes its philosophical cues from the ancient Je'daii Order. As the Je'daii believed that balance in the Force came not from favoring light over dark or vice versa, but in maintaining balance between two fundamental forces that make up the whole of the galaxy, so too do the Akar work toward bringing that balance back to the galaxy.

Led by Drexa, a Republic-bound Sith pureblood, the Akar teaches the use of both the light and dark sides of the Force tempered by a responsibility to bring peace to a galaxy in turmoil. Exiles and defectors from the larger sects are welcome, as are new Force adepts. Further details about the Akar can be found here.

NOTE: At present, the Akar is not actively recruiting.

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