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Cantina / Re: [Interest Check] Feast of Prosperity Saturday RPs
« Last post by Imazi on 10/11/20, 05:29:22 PM »
Thanks. :)

Nothing so far has indicated a paywall and the event area is on the upper floor of the promenade, like the GSI store. So everyone should be able to get there even if they don't want to do the event. Well, everyone that has made it to the end of Dromund Kaas or Coruscant at least. :lol:
Cantina / Re: [Interest Check] Feast of Prosperity Saturday RPs
« Last post by Karmic on 10/11/20, 02:27:10 PM »
I voted for my "best time to be able to make it" - if I can make it!

Question though - any idea if any of this is behind the paywall?  Esp. that "special event area" you're talking about - is it available access for FTP players as well?

I can't remember how SWTOR Free Vs. Sub works when it comes to this stuff =D
Cantina / [Interest Check] Feast of Prosperity Saturday RPs
« Last post by Imazi on 10/10/20, 03:38:01 PM »
tl;dr Come RP in the event area during the new seasonal event to help bring in new faces and new RPs.


Ok time for an interest check! A new seasonal event will be starting up on Oct 20th and it seems like an excellent opportunity for us to rally together for RP. It's also a good time for some open world RP to remind people that there are still RPers on Satele Shan... us in particular!

As I've said to others, "New blood is the lifeblood of an RP community."

We need to get more new people coming in. So, who's with me? :grin:

For those that haven't been following news of the event, the Feast of Prosperity will be a new story-driven season event for fall. Nar Shaddaa Nightlife is the summer event and Life Day is the winter event.

Players will apparently get the chance to support one of two Hutts to guide the event towards being a truly charitable event or a shiny, goodwill front for making money. The event will come with story that unlocks each week along with mini games, typical event rewards, and a spiffy event area on the Promenade of Nar Shaddaa with lots of little bars and tables to sit at.


Here's the official description:

Over the years, the Hutt Cartel's reputation has taken a hit. The once powerful organization no longer instills respect and fear. To restore the Cartel's influence, two up-and-coming Hutts, Gaboorga the Abundant and Duuba the Magnanimious, are throwing the most lavish "charitable" banquet" in history for the Galaxy's underprivileged. And if the Cartel happens to advance their business interests during the Feast, everyone wins!

If Gaboorga and Duuba can cooperate, they could rocket the Cartel back into the upper echelons of the galactic underworld. But the Hutts conflicting priorities means they're constantly undermining each other. Each week a new story will unlock to progress this storyline, leading to the climactic choice during the third and final week. Gaboorga or Duuba? Only one Hutt can win, and the fate of the Feast of Prosperity is at stake. Choose wisely.

 - SWTOR October Events News Article


While this may not be everyone's cup of tea, the event looks like it could be a lot of fun. The mini games are not bad, there's missions including a worldboss ingredient hunt, and decos! I know you want tables with food on them... I know you do. :grin: Not to mention the food fight launcher ought to be fun.

So, if you are willing to tolerate potential trolls and hang out in the open for a while, let me know and please post suggestions in the thread. Also, keep in mind that legacy ignore is another QOL change in the works.
Events and Occasions / Re: Dancer's Palace 8pm PDT
« Last post by Imazi on 10/06/20, 05:57:35 PM »
That's ok, @Karmic we're all trying get by. I think you will be pleased with how many people will be there when you can make it back. We had enough people to have chat scroll last time. :grin:
Events and Occasions / Re: Dancer's Palace 8pm PDT
« Last post by Karmic on 10/06/20, 02:21:26 PM »
Yea I missed the tag - missed it was the First Friday.  Work been frying my brain!

Sorry guys - I am still trying though! <3
Events and Occasions / Re: Dancer's Palace 8pm PDT
« Last post by Sebrik on 10/02/20, 08:21:58 PM »
Events and Occasions / Re: Dancer's Palace 8pm PDT
« Last post by Imazi on 10/02/20, 08:07:13 PM »
It's Palace night again!

Events and Occasions / Re: Dancer's Palace 8pm PDT
« Last post by LVT on 09/12/20, 01:09:51 AM »
I actually missed the tag! I'll catch people next time I'm sure
Site Information and News / Re: Restoration
« Last post by Imazi on 09/10/20, 09:10:07 PM »
You might be able to do a search for the pages you want on google. There's a small chance there may be a cached version.
Site Information and News / Re: Restoration
« Last post by Sebrik on 09/10/20, 03:44:14 PM »
Sorry for giving you false hope, Dass. Last night I had clicked a random dozen or so and the pages had come up, so I assumed most of them were all there. Very odd that your characters don't have anything.

I tried every variation of possibly archived URL I could think of for one of your characters but got nothing.

EDIT: Unless I'm mistaken though, I'm fairly certain the site admins have access to that data so maybe they might be able to find those for you if you ask nicely.
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