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Events and Occasions / Re: Irmenu Falls - Opening Night!
« on: 03/29/16, 12:36:27 PM »
I work that night, but if it turns into a regular Wednesday night event I will definitely have to stop by with my Sith Lord.

Storyboards / Re: Cleaning Out the Attic - Open thread
« on: 03/29/16, 12:09:29 PM »
 Xhander sat behind his desk as usual, watching the data streams flow and listening to the hum of his assault droids moving behind him.  The large portrait window behind him allowed the neon lights of the smuggler’s moon to cast a multi-colored glow around his office.

  So it was some time before he noticed the red light blinking in the corner of his console.  Immediately he swallowed hard.  He had not seen that light on in some time.  It meant that somewhere, the full Hutt council had managed to convene.  It had been nearly five years since last that light ignited on his board.

  Xhander activated a switch on his belt and his two personal assassin droids powered down.  He then went through what he could remember of the security protocol for his office, hoping he did not forget anything.  Zakuul was always watching, listening, the slightest slip could give Exarch Tyn the one piece of evidence he needed to close in on the Cartel.  After one last check to ensure that the scramblers were active and that the scrubbers were prepared at the termination of transmission, he depressed the red button.

  The holo projector in his office activated and before him the image of five Hutts.  He prostrated himself before the image.

  “My lords, you honor me with your presence.  I had not dreamed of such a meeting again in my lifetime.”

  “Beuanka, tee tee-tocky doth kouuanu,” Xhander fell silent immediately, lifting his eyes to take in the information to be imparted.

  “Fa gee nan bai tee bakanh da dotkot bai doth ba bakang bai bargon cay bu invaders dah Te rosu,” Xhander’s brow furrowed.

  “Surely, you do not mean someone is planning to take on the Exarch?”

  “Jeejee woy, an jeejee banag bai yauma,” Xhander nodded, his understanding.

  “Help how?”

  “Woy uba kacay bu D'emperiolo ye wanya mee bapkaha see acdha bohw?”

  “Of course, I remember that sector of shadow town, we still have assets there.  If you give me a moment, I can pull up their streams.”  Xhander stood and made his way around his desk.

  “Nevermind da ateema, jeejee banag uba bai bolla bu roachee pinahbesa an hhaia bu copah jeejee gee dah bu rupee jeejee doth banba uba.”

  Xhander stopped and then reviewed the coordinates sent by the council.  He then reviewed the list of items that they had meant for him to retrieve.

  “Are you sure you want me to do this, if they fail Zakuul will know for sure that it was us that helped the resistance.”  He answered, not certain that using biological warfare agents was the way to go.

  “Jeejee doth du kankahpantanka, koumi tee uba gee wa cua dan kabee.”

  Xhander pondered for a moment.  “Give me a few hours and I can come up with a plan A.  For now, I will notify our assets of our need for the items you have asked of me, but we will keep that as a Plan B.”

  The Hutt’s nodded their agreement with his analysis.  Anything that could turn the tide, but not implicate the Hutt Cartel would be preferred to overt action that would finger them directly.

  “Uba gee tanee flunka ten du bu dotkenkala, hee jeejee hatkocanh cahcata uba ateema, um cha paknee ata bom bom janse. Tah doth bu makacheesa jeejee chespo wanta che.”

  Xhander nodded.  “I understand; failure is not an option.  This may be our only chance to change the face of the game.”

  The holo projector shut off.  Xhander punched the buttons on his desk and the scrubbers went to work whipping all trace of having received or sent any transmission.  He quickly downloaded the list and coordinates to a data card, before destroying the drive that contained the information previously.

  He then powered his droids back on and inserted the information into one of the droids.  The droid downloaded the information into its memory core and then fried the card before ejecting it into an incinerator. 

  Xhander programmed the droid with a kill command, if he should be captured to detonate its memory core.

  Xhander sat down behind his desk and pulled up his shadow town feed.  He sent a series of commands to several of the droids in the Imperial research sector.  Immediately the droids went about collecting the items that the council had requested him to collect. 

  It had always been so interesting to him, how little attention sentient beings paid to droids.  And so it was that droids served as many of his and the Cartel’s operatives.

  Xhander sent a quick message to Kal who was on assignment on Quesh.  To anyone but Kal the message would be nonsensical.

  Kal squeezed the trigger on his rifle and 150 meters away the body of a Evocii man flopped like a rag doll.  Mission accomplished, he thought to himself as he packed his rifle.  All around the Evocii man the worker camp jumped in alarm and began furiously to search for the assassin who was already half way back to the spaceport.

  Kal’s holocom chimed.  He activated it, to see Xhander’s message.

  “The golden egg hatches on the new dawn.”

  Kal smiled as he boarded his ship.  This was the time they had waited five years for.

  Xhander had never met the man named Se’brik, but that was often the case when he composed messages to sentient beings.

  “Captain Se’brik.  I am a person with a keen interest in meeting with you to discuss a matter of utmost importance.  If you would do me the honor of meeting me at the Dancer’s Palace this Friday, I promise not to take more than a few moments of your time.  Xhander Gage.”

  Xhander hit the send button and again scrubbed the information from his stations.  He then turned off all of his counter measures and hoped that they had been enough to keep him from the notice of the constant eye of Zakuul.

Events and Occasions / Re: Cleaning Out the Attic - Event
« on: 03/29/16, 11:05:41 AM »
Xhander can not participate in the event, but will participate in the furnishing of supplies, cause the Cartel want Zakuul off Nar Shaddaa in the worst way possible.

Storyboards / Re: As Time Goes By
« on: 03/23/16, 02:53:53 PM »
"The '59 Sound"

As performed by The Gaslight Anthem

Well I wonder which song they're gonna play when we go
I hope it's something quiet and minor and peaceful and slow
When we float out into the ether into the everlasting arms
I hope we don't hear Marley's chains we forged in life

'Cause the chains I've been hearin' now for most of my life
And the chains I've been hearin' now for most of my life

Did you hear the '59 sound
Coming through on Grandmama's radio?
Did you hear the rattlin' chains
In the hospital walls?

Did you hear the old gospel choir
When they came to carry you over?
Did you hear your favorite song
One last time?

And I wonder, were you scared when the metal hit the glass?
See I was playing a show down the road when your spirit left your body
And they told me on the front lawn, I'm sorry I couldn't go
But I still know the song and the words and her name and the reasons

And I know 'cause we were kids and we used to hang
And I know 'cause we were kids and we used to hang

Did you hear the '59 sound
Coming through on Grandmama's radio?
Did you hear the rattlin' chains
In the hospital walls?

Did you hear the old gospel choir
When they came to carry you over?
Did you hear your favorite song
One last time?

Young boys, young girls
Young boys, young girls
Ain't supposed to die on a Saturday night
Ain't supposed to die on a Saturday night
Well they ain't supposed to die on a Saturday night
Ain't supposed to die on a Saturday night

Did you hear the '59 sound
Coming through on Grandmama's radio?
Did you hear the rattlin' chains
In the hospital walls?

Did you hear the old gospel choir
When they came to carry you over?
Did you hear your favorite song
One last time?

Young boys, young girls
Young boys, young girls

   Xhander sat behind his desk and watched the data stream feeds scroll across the screens in front of him.  All the names, lists and other vital information on the many business associates the Cartel kept employed.  He caught the date on the lower corner of one of the screens and his eyes glazed over as he felt his mind wander. 
“Six years,” His mind automatically calculated the figures as he had trained it to do.
   The time slipped past him like a fast moving river.  It had been six years since his twin brother Drexler Gage had perished in the invasion by Zakuul.  Xhander kept track of his old company, Galactic Freight Solutions, now run by his brother’s lover.  Still to have let six years pass and not do anything to find the answers to so many of the questions he had.
   The doors to his office slid open and his executive officer wandered in.  Kal’s caramel skin had been exotic to a man who had grown up in the completely Caucasian population of the Corellian Upper Class.  Xhander’s eyes wandered over to his second in command who was wearing his typical leather duster that outlined his toned upper torso so nicely.  The six foot two-inch-tall Kal Vertenna was solidly built at 245 pounds, with broad shoulders and defined chest, that tapered to a slightly thicker midsection.  The brown leather pants that Kal wore left little to wonder about, as his thigh muscles tensed and relaxed as the man strode across the office.
   Xhander quickly thought to put the appropriate smile on his face, as his second in command strolled to his desk and stopped.  One was free to think, what one liked, but in polite society, you never let anything socially unacceptable pass your visage.
   “Kal.” Xhander said, looking back to the data stream.
   The slightly younger man with a dark goatee that circled his mouth and thick black hair that was kept in tightly bound dreadlocks, visibly relaxed. “They made contact.”
   Xhander stopped looking at the data stream.  “Are you sure it is them; I do not want a repeat of Kalas IV.”
   “I used every verification procedure we have.”  A bead of sweat escaped the temple of the visibly nervous Kal.
   “Set it up and add it to my schedule.”  Xhander returned to his data stream.  “And Kal, have SN-1 P-3R, scout the meeting sight at least two days before, this time.”
   The younger man visibly blushed, the redness darkening his caramel cheeks. “Yes, Boss.”
   Xhander’s mind began to wander again.  He thought back to that large estate on Corellia, he wondered if joining the Republic military had always just been an act of rebellion in an otherwise meaningless existence.
   He remembered the day that his brother had been thrown out.  So much fear in his eyes.  Xhander often wished he had been able to do more, but given the circumstances.
   Then the day he learned that Drexler was dead.  He had been out of the military for 2 years at the time.  He was doing freelance mercenary work.  Not even the established Cartel enforcer he was now.  He had always meant to make time to go see him.  But it was always a bad time when he would think of it.
   Xhander pulled up the feeds that had been intercepted en route to the Exarch of Nar Shaddaa.  The images of the dancer’s palace danced on his screen.  He felt a small smile play across his lips as he watched Drexler dance on the dance floor and mingle among the crowds of the Dancer’s Palace.
   “Enough time had passed,” he thought to himself.  “Time to get back into the world, otherwise all of this is for nothing,” he continued the dialogue with himself.
   “Look out Dancer’s Palace, Xhander Gage is about to change your galaxy!” He shouted at the top of his lungs.
   The two security droids behind him, flinched but did not move.

Outside Realm / Re: Game Master-ing
« on: 03/23/16, 09:25:47 AM »
Only thing I can add to this conversation is to make sure you focus on story.  That is the part that keeps them coming back, a quality story line that pulls their characters into a different space.

Other than that, a million times yes, on the issue of players will always focus on some random detail that has nothing to do with your plan.

I am the reed, I am the reed, I will bend with the

Is this still happening?

Post Dec 18th would be awesome cause I will be out of school.

Classifieds / Returning to RP on a very part time basis
« on: 10/12/15, 08:26:23 AM »
Hi All,

  I just want to let you know I will be returning to RP on a very, very limited basis.  Most will be by appointment only.  Look forward to seeing you all around.

Meets and Greets / Re: Begeren Colony Geek Out 2015
« on: 05/11/15, 07:39:37 PM »
Hoping to get a finalish head count, if you are planning to attend please post here, even if it is tentative.  Thanks.

Cantina / Re: Cantina Takeaway
« on: 04/21/15, 09:14:46 PM »
Yeah, saw that dude.  Funny I actually met several others.

Ray Park - in a hall

Dave Filioni - Outside force awakens exhibit

Peter Mayhew - Outside convention center

Iam McDirmid (sp?) - Outside autograph area

Cantina / Re: Cantina Takeaway
« on: 04/21/15, 04:54:09 PM »
Actually yes, I had a Sith who when asked for a picture (He was in a group) ignited his lightsaber and started drinking his beer.  He even said, "Damn man, I am the only one being Sithy in the picture."  I laughed.  Here is said picture:

Cantina / Re: Cantina Takeaway
« on: 04/21/15, 07:05:21 AM »
I was at the Cantina as well, I will get with a people who still need codes.

Storyboards / Service Corps Mission
« on: 04/12/15, 10:00:04 AM »
Attn: Member of the Service Corps of the Jedi Order

A mission to the planet of Ialadon has been commisioned by the order of the High Council.  Members of the Agricorps, MediCorps and ExplorCorps and EduCorps are needed to assist with a relief mission.  All interested parties should reply by official Jedi Frequency to the Reassignment Council.

This will be a play by post once interested parties have responded.  This is a chance for those who would like to RP service corps members as well as those with Jedi that have abilities that would fit a relief mission.

Post your interest here and watch for a future PM invitation to the thread.

Meets and Greets / Celebration Anaheim
« on: 04/10/15, 11:10:07 PM »
Anyone besides me going?  Just curious, if anyone wants to meet up there.

Cantina / Re: Togruta confirmed
« on: 03/31/15, 05:13:37 AM »
Any update as to when this race will be added to the game?

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