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Storyboards / Weird ones at the palace. ((open rp))
« on: 03/01/15, 11:12:09 AM »
Well, they’d heard that this place was supposed to be the place to go if you were looking for someone, and didn’t know who you were looking for.  Mostly because everyone went there.  As such, it should have been busy. 

That’s the last time I listen to something you think’s a good idea.

Del grumbled as Arrik looked around the very, very empty place.

Del, Arrik reflected, had never been a morning person.

You wouldn’t be either, if you got dragged somewhere you didn’t have to be.

You didn’t have to stay awake.  Arrik’s mind-voice was disgustingly cheerful, and Del wished, not for the first time since they ended up in their predicament, that he could strangle his brother. 

Yes. I did.  Who knows what you’d be doing if I hadn’t.

Comming here.  What else?

And trying to get into someone’s pants while you’re here.  Del grumbled back as Arrik walked through the place and down towards where the cantina supposedly was. 

[color]blue]It’s my body.  I don’t need to be woken up by you doing...doing things.[/color]

Arrik snickered, both mentally and outloud.  Del definentally wasn’t a morning person. 

He glanced around again, just to be sure he hadn’t missed someone hiding in a corner, or behind a plant, or something, and sighed slightly with disapointment. Unless they’d managed to hide in the walls, there really was no one there. 

Well, hopefully there was at least a bartender.  Even if whoever was passing out the drinks didn’t know anything, there’d be drinking, and that was a good enough reason to be in a cantina for Arrik.

It’s not good enough for me. Del grumbled to him as they took a seat. You’d better get something[/i] besides drunk here.[/i]

Like laid?

Wordless fuming was the response to that particular comment, and Arrik just chuckled.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Alcohol and Hangovers -Nial
« on: 02/27/15, 12:16:17 PM »

Nial had forgotten how much he enjoyed sparring.  The feel of muscles bunching and stretching as he moved, the sound of sabers meeting when he successfully blocked a blow or landed one, and that feeling of everything else fading away but the fight.  Yeah, he’d missed it. 

And he’d been an idiot to go, he reflected blearily.  If he’d have just gone on as he had, then he wouldn’t have remembered that he’d missed it.  At least, he wouldn’t have if he was drunk enough, like he was trying to get now.  After all, with remembering how much he enjoyed sparring, and saber work in general, came remembering other things that he’d really rather forget.

Why were they trying to get him sober, anyways? Kath, Crimsen, and Jessak?  It wasn’t like he really knew them all that well, even if they were about the damned closest he’d had to friends in...however long.  He didn’t particularly want to think about that anymore then he wanted to think about how much he’d missed sparring.

But it was odd to him, a puzzle he couldn’t figure out.  There wasn’t any good reason for any of them to want to get him sober, not that he could think of.  Or, for that matter, for them to have stuck around as long as they had.  It wasn’t like he had credits or anything.  Hell, aside from being able to win a drinking contest or two, he was downright useless.  So there wasn’t any reason for them to stick around, or do what they were doing.

Not that he dislike it.  Really, Nial rather enjoyed it, not that he would admit it.  Enjoyed the back and forth banter, the simple talking, and he didn’t actually mind Jessak trying to drag him places, or trying to get him sober.  Not really.  Not that he would ever actually admit that unless they got him higher on spice then cloud city. 

That you actually like being around someone wasn’t something you admitted to, after all, or so he’d learned after having left (or run from) the order.  And besides, he knew they’d leave eventually.  Or die.  Everyone did.  That, too, was just something that happened.

Nial took a swig from the nearly empty bottle he held in one hand, letting his back rest against the wall of the small room he’d rented for the night.  He closed glazed eyes for a moment as the room swam, then opened them and took another drink, intent on getting as drunk as could.  Hopefully that would be drunk enough to cause him to pass out.

He couldn’t figure out, either, what was behind Kath making that offer whatever with the force to get him sober.  Not that he’d ever take him up on it.  Not in a million damn years.  He hated that force stuff. 

Not that he’d be able to verbalize an actual reason why he hated it, even if he’d thought about it.  He just didn’t like it.  Vehemently.,

Never Mind that letting Kath do it would mean less time spent sober if he wanted to spar again.

When he wanted to spar again. 

Nial drained another few gulps of alcohol and shook the bottle slightly, trying to see how much was left. 

Yeah, he wanted to spar again.  Frankly, he hadn’t particularly wanted to stop, but Crimsen had been tiring, or seemed to be, and he wasn’t going to push someone that far.  Not everyone had his stamina, though he had to admit that he’d been damned tired a while after.

Still, he wished he hadn’t had to have stopped.  It had been one of the first times a damned long time since he’d done anything without the feeling of anxiety or that danger was looming just behind his back.  Of course, that feeling had come right back, after, but then he’d been free to get drunk.

Maybe he should take Kath up on that offer of...whatever next time.  He could get drunk before, Kath could do whatever it was and he could sparr, and get drunk after.  It almost sounded like a good idea, despite his dislike of ‘force stuff’.  So long as Kath didn’t do anything else with the force.

He took another swig from the bottle and shook it again, then looked down at it, eyes glazed and not-quite-focusing.  It looked almost empty.  Damn.  And it was his last until morning, as he was certainly too drunk to stand, even if he hadn’t passed out yet.

Kath’s suggestion sounded better the more he drank, Nial though with some amusement as he took another pull from the bottle.  Maybe he would take him up on the offer.  He could always find out more about what, exactly, Kath meant to do before hand.  Maybe if he saw him at dancers…

Nial drained the last of the bottle, holding it upended for a moment to get the last few drops, and tossed it haphazardly to the side before leaning back against the wall and closing his eyes, figuring, in drunken logic, that if he closed his eyes maybe that would be as good as passing out.

Yeah, he’d have to ask Kath.  Later.  When he could feel his feet again, maybe. 

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Beginings- Arrik and Del
« on: 02/26/15, 01:58:20 PM »
His back felt like someone had taken a whip to it, or a branding knife, and it burned with an intensity that threatened to swallow him up, and sent him whiting out for a moment before a strange, worrying numbness took it away.  That, Del realized as if from a distance, was probably a bad thing.

He was, he realized a moment later, lying on the ground.  He could tell, because he was looking at the sky.  But why was he on the ground?  That had to be why his back hurt, but he was sure he and Arrik had splurged on a room last night.


Everything snapped into place.  They’d taken on another one of those jobs to find someone.  It was better then stealing, Del supposed, but he’d had a funny feeling about this one.  But the pay was good, and Arrik had wanted to take it.  They hadn’t realized it, but the person they’d been sent to find was sith, and he’d been none too happy to be found.  Then there’d been lightning, and Arrik yelling...


He scrambled to his feet and looked around in a panic for his brother, and spotted his body lying just a few feet away.  In a daze, Del rushed over, half tripping over his own feet, to fall  to his knees next to Arrik.  Had he not known his brother so well, he wouldn’t have been able to tell that the burned husk that he gathered into his arms was Arrik. 

He was burnt, all over burnt, too bad to not be dying, and he didn’t worry about hurting him as he gathered his brother’s broken body into his arms.  He was, Del knew, beyond anything he did making a difference.  Tears stung his face as he watched his brother’s chest move, slowly, haltingly, and, as the movement stopped, he realized the sound of animal keening was himself.


Pain.  Burning, consuming, blotting out all thought and sense and sound.  There was nothing but the pain.  And then...darkness.

He blinked in the dark, or thought he did, and suddenly he was looking down.  He could feel wetness on his cheeks, though from what he didn’t know as it wasn’t raining, and he hadn’t bothered crying in...well, since his mother had died.  There was a body- at least, he thought it was a body- in his arms, one badly burnt. 

He was fairly sure he hadn’t been the one to burn it.

But then, what had happened?  He didn’t remember getting drunk at all, and besides, why would he have been out in the middle of no where, without Del.  And for that matter, where was Del?


What was he going to do?  Arrik was...Arrik was his everything.  Not in the way that a lover might be, though Del had never had one, but they revolved around one another.  Arrik was always there, always dragging him into something, and he, the fool, had never been able to turn him down.  But then, he’d never have been able to do anything on his own, cautious as he was. He’d have dissolved away long ago, or died, or worse, if it hadn’t been for Arrik.  Arrik gave him purpose, was his purpose.  Who else would keep Arrik out of trouble, or make sure he got home safe when he was too drunk to stand, or watch his back...

But now Arrik was gone.  The evidence of that lay in the limp, unmoving body in his arms.  So what was he supposed to do? 


There was a saying that, when someone you were close to died, you sometimes felt as though you could still hear them.  Del had always thought that was a load of bantha dung.  After all, he’d never heard his mother after she’d passed away.  But she hadn’t been Arrik, and he could have sworn that he could almost hear the sound of his brother’s voice again, like a distant echo.

He yearned to hear that voice again, reaching after it, wanting to be able to catch it somehow so he could keep it with him. 


Couldn’t his brother hear him?  And where was Del anyways?  Arrik was sure he’d been nearby, was nearby, for that matter, so why wasn’t he coming?  Or at least shouting back.


There was a distinct hint of panic in the memory he had of Arrik’s voice, and that was weird.  Arrik had never panicked.  It was strange enough to startle him out of his mourning, eyes going wide.

What..  Del thought, a bit muzzily, confused.

Del!  Where are you?  Where are we[/i]?  I don’t remember drinking last night…[/i]

A-Arrik? sure had sounded like him, and it almost felt as though his brother, his twin, was standing over his shoulder, like he sometimes used to, just before telling him some grand plan.

Well, who else would it be?  Where are you?  And what’s going on?

 Del sure could be kind of an idiot, sometimes.  Arrik rolled the body off of his lap -nothing he could do for whoever it was now, after all- and stood up.  Or tried to.  He froze halfway there.

I didn’t do that!  Del thought, looking down at Arrik, and himself, in confusion.  He’d been sitting, on his knees, and then suddenly…wasn’t.

Do what?  There was a sort of exasperated amusement to the question Arrik’s voice asked.

Stand.  I-I didn’t...what?

Where are you?  He asked as he finished standing and looked around, trying to see where, exactly, his idiot of a brother was.Everything seemed a   Did I shrink?

Del would have laughed had he not been so confused and frightened.  That was just like Arrik, to not be worried about the fact that he was lying there, dead…

Dead?  I’m not dead.  I’m right here. His voice was a bit tense, frustrated, for a moment, before going quieter, uncertainty entering it. ...Aren’t I? 

Del looked down involuntarily at his brother’s body.

That’s not...that’s...not me[/i].  Is it?[/i]  Arrik’s voice sounded small, a bit like a frightened child’s, and Del had the sudden urge to bundle him in a hug.  Not that he could. 

That couldn’t be him, Arrik was sure.  After all, he was alive, and right there.  But...but.  There was the tattoo he’d gotten.  The one Del had said made him look like a bouncer at some dingy cantina. 

Del?  Is

Del nodded, wordlessly, and Arrik felt the confirmation.

What happened?  Arrik asked, plaintively.

I don’t know…

Arrik was alive.  Del could feel it.  Either that, or he was going crazy, and if he was going crazy, that was better than living in a universe where Arrik wasn’t.  But how was he alive?  And...they were thinking at each other.  Or...or something.  Somehow.  Del wasn’t really sure, and neither was Arrik.  He could feel that. Not that he really cared how it had happened.  Not then.  Arrik was alive, somehow, and they were talking, and that was all that mattered. 

Well.  Arrik ‘said’ after a moment, hesitantly.  I guess food’ll be cheaper.

Republic Citizen Record

Name: Nial Killvari
Aliases: None
Species: Human
Sex: Male

Notable Physical Features:

Jedi Details
Jedi Rank: Previously Padawan, current status unknown.
Role: Not Applicable
Specialization: Previously combat, current status unknown

Status updated regarding this republic citizen has been requested by the Jedi Order.

Higher Security Clearence Required for the Following...

Training Temple: Tython
  • Padawan Orientation
    Introduction to Galactic Law
    Tythonian History and Origins of the Jedi Order Series
    Current Events Discussion
    Introduction to Lightsaber Use
    Defensive Lightsaber Technique
    Offensive Lightsaber Technique
    Advanced Lightsaber Teqnique series
    Introduction to Combat techniques
    Advanced Combat Technique series
    Introduction to Force Studies
    Introduction to Galactic Astrography.
    Galactic History Series

Service Record
Current Assignment: None.  Contact ceased after last recorded assignment.


Contact with republic citizen ceased after last recorded assignment.  Citizen's current service status is unknown.  Status update has been requested by the Jedi Order. 

Standing request from the Jedi order, requesting this republic citizen be returned to the temple on tython. Citizen is to be considered armed, but not currently dangerous.

Storyboards / Slippery Slopes (open rp- Come join!)
« on: 02/15/15, 11:17:39 AM »
((No particular plot here or anything.  Feel free to join in!))

Nial had, once again, found himself on Nar Shadaa.  And, once again, he had found himself in a cantina.  The Slippery Slopes, to be specific. 

This wasn't, by any means, a rare occurance.  What was a rare occurance was the fact that the place was fairly empty, and that he wasn't entirely drunk yet.  He was actually, for him, relatively close to sober.

Not that he was ever really sober. That would have meant not drinking for longer then ten minutes.  But he was, at least, not drunk, and not yet feeling the effects of anything he'd yet had to drink, though he intended to rememdy that as soon as possible.

Nial took a seat at the bar, back towards the small half wall and facing the entryway, the better to be able to watch who came in, just in case there was any trouble.  Not that he really thought there would be, or had actually considered any of that when he chose that particular spot.  Rather, he just never quite felt comfortable if his back was fully exposed, particularly to a door.

He leaned an arm on the bar counter, waiting a moment before flagging down the barteneder with a grin and a small wave of his hand. 

"Ge' m' whatever y' g' that's stron'est, n' still cheap."  He requested.  He'd stopped carring what it was he drank, so long as it got him drunk, years ago.

The bartender nodded and grabbed up a slightly dusty glass, running a rag around the inside to clean it off, before filling it and passing it to Nial in exchance for a few credits that had seen better days, and Nial nodded in thanks.

He glanced around the place as he picked it up and took a large gulp in that way that only alcoholics and habitual drunks could ever seem to do.  The place was, so far, empty.  Not a bad thing, necessarily.  At least, if he really got plastered, there'd be no one there to see it but the bartender.  But, well, he's sort of been hoping that there'd have been someone he could have chatted, however drunkenly, with.

Guild Recruiting / Non-plot guild?
« on: 02/08/15, 02:43:09 PM »
So. I'm interested in possibly joining a guild, but I'd like to find one that isn't a plot or 'group based guild.  By that, I mean something that isn't based on the idea of it being a Jedi order, or a trooper squadron or some such, and one that, while is an rp guild, doesn't have a specific guild plot that players have to follow.

That said, if there is a guild that I could fit my toon(s) into that does have a specific plot or whatnot, I'm not entirely against it. 

As for my toons:

My main is Nial, an ex-jedi who ran from the order as a padawan, and is currently bumming around the galaxy as an alcoholic with ptsd and abandonment issues.  He's grumpy and argumentive around jedi and anyone who starts to ask him personal stuff.  Which is to say, almost everyone.  That said, the more he's around someone, the less grumpy and argumentive he gets, though he still tends to be defensive about personal stuff.  He's a good guy at heart, and tries to do the right thing (usually), though his impulsiveness also means he'll jump in to a problem without knowing the whole situation.  Excelent with a saber, but not so much with force stuff.  He's something of an untrained empath, though he is unaware of this and the skill is somewhat blunted by his drinking and refusing, in large part, to use the force.

Lyric is my other toon.  He's hoping to get picked to be a padawan soon, but at the moment is still an initiate.  His particular skills lie in healing and cleansing inanimate objects.  He's a bit on the headstrong side, and is generally convinced he is right and knows best, like many a teenager.  He's also quite devoted to the Jedi Order, and often assumes that the Jedi are right in all things.  If proven otherwise, he's willing to re-evalutate and adjust his opinion, but the proof has to be pretty clear.  He is very honest, even if being so means that he'll get himself in trouble.

So yeah,  those are my toons.  As for myself, I tend to play later in the evenings, around 9pm server time or later.  I love rp, and would generally love nothing more then to rp constantly.  All day.  Every day.  I come from a forum rp background, so I tend to lean more towards that style of in game rp, and I'm not very big into the whole 'go kill this boss/creature/thing' or 'do this flashpoint' style of rping, as I have a bit of trouble keeping up with rp while moving that much.  If there's plenty of stopping and pausing, then it's not nearly the same problem, though.  Also, I talk a lot.

Anyways!  There ya all go!

Introductions / Late intro
« on: 02/06/15, 07:23:34 AM »
Well, I've never actually introduced myself here, so I probably should, I suppose.

I mostly go by Nial server side.  Been playing the game since early access launch, and I've pretty much been rping that entire time.  Before that, I did forum play by post style rp, and have been doing that for...somewhere around 10 years or so.  Begeren Colony was my original server, but I jumped over to ebon hawk a while after the server merges and game going free to play happened.  Now I'm half back on BC, really only for rp. 

As for my characters, my main is Nial, an alcoholic ex-jedi.  He's a bit on the grumpy side, oft times.  I've also got a jedi padawan type kid, though I haven't rp'ed him quite yet, as he's very new and shiny.  He's something of a stereotypical teen, in a lot of ways, with a particular skill in 'healing' places.

So, yeah.  Awkward introduction, go!

Introductions / Hey all!
« on: 03/11/13, 02:40:28 AM »
Hi there.  I'm Yesterday's Repeat, or in game Jin'ski (among others).  I'm a bit of a rp addict (or a major one, really), and as its been a while since I've rped in game, and as I was passed along word of this site, I figured I'd pop in and see if I can't find myself some fun!

In terms of my Rp background, I'm a bit new to the whole rping in an mmo thing as I just started when SWTOR came out.  I am not, however, new to Rping as a whole.  I've been forum rping for about 14 years now and I tend to bring that to in-game rping as I prefer to type up some fairly long rp 'posts' in game. 

I will pretty much rp anything, but I vastly prefer to rp out something with some depth to it as opposed to just mindless happy times constantly.  After all, good plot has a nice balance of fun times and bad things happening, and both are needed to have decent character development.  I also have a soft spot in my heart for characters who are realistic, particularly ones that aren't always super nice, and aren't necessarily always mean either. 

I do tend to be more of a follower when it comes to rp, so if you spot me, and if you tend to be the sort of person who likes to say where the plot is going and lead, then we would probably get along absolutely splendidly.  Not that I can't come up with plot, I just tend to be a bit shyer about actually voicing my ideas.  In fact, I tend to be a bit shy when it comes to rping in general, at least until I have rped with you a bit, and I tend to hover back and watch a bit before jumping in initially.  Of course, once I've rped with you a bit, I am rather like a particularly excitable corgi that winds up glued to your ankles. 

And, as you can see, when I start typing I have a tendency to never, ever, stop.  It's a drug, I tell ya!

As for my toons, I have many, and all with differing personalities.  Right now, I am mainly playing either Jin'ski or Jakyr, as some of my other characters tend to be better played with smaller groups, or because their personalities tend to be the sort that not everyone likes rping with.  Jin is as close as I get to a 'traditional' jedi character, while Jakyr is my token sociopath in the very true sense of the word.

 As for the characters I have, but don't really play, I have Nial, a rather grumpy ex-jedi with abandonment issues and a drinking problem(among other things), Kaitalli, a small, young jedi healer with a big stutter, and Vasch, a quiet and reserved retired CorSec major that never seems phased by anything.  If you have a spot in a plot, or think the idea of any of those sounds like a character you would like to rp with, hit me up!  I would absolutely love to have any of them involved in something, particularly Nial as he is, quite honestly, the character that I have put the most into.  Not that I haven't put a lot into all of them, of course.  But he seems to be the most difficult for me to be able to play in a continuous plot, as he is very much a moody, angsty, asshole-y type of guy.

Um, yeah.  Anyways.  If anyone has any questions about any of those characters, or any questions for me, or anything, hit me up on here, shoot me a mail in game, or whisper me if you see me around.

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