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Cantina / 'Lost Archives' Discussion
« on: 03/02/19, 05:47:16 PM »
Hello and Welcome to the discussion thread for Lost Archives. With this show I wanted to give back to the community that gave me such good time...while also getting back at Disney for deleting half of the universe we all love.  But mostly the first part. Here is a video and a Preview of the First Episode of Lost Archive.

So far for submissions all I have is my Email and am working on a more detailed system for submitting, characters, groups, organizations. But for now enjoy the show, and share it around other communities.
Please subscribe to the channel and leave a comment under the video, and ask me questions in this thread.
Thank you everyone.

Episode Zero | Lost Archives

Media Gallery / Sky's Screenshot/Art thread
« on: 02/10/18, 10:30:56 PM »
Hey I just wanted to Post some on my Screenshot edits and stuff for my characters and a few other peoples. If you want me to do one for you. Just let me know. Please Enjoy

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Sessions with a Psycho
« on: 03/19/17, 07:47:13 PM »
OOC// this is a follow up to a Arc that I attempted to start but had to cancel because of personal/guild issues. But now that things are better i thought id get this started again but letting everyone get to know the baddie a little indirectly.
     Psychological Report     

Name: Excella
Age: 30 years
Date(s) of Examination: 8/3630
Examiner: Jace Frotal Ph.D
Reason for referral
Excella was referred for a psychological evaluation by the warden of Purgatory Supermax Republic Prison 2 days ago. Excella had escaped from Fenrick Asylum for the insane, preceded by a series of crimes, including murder, acts of terrorism, and burglary. Most of this was preceded by events in her military service records. Her recent incarceration is the result of an assassination attempt on the queen of Shu-Torun, and her subsequent capture by Alis Aegis. The warden insisted on psychological evaluation and treatment for the prisoner after her attack and murder of 2 inmates. 
I have obtained her files from the late doctor Wernikey and the doctors that treated her before. It wasn’t very well kept but I was able to  determine her psychological status. All the reports from the doctors and from other inmates confirms my thoughts on her. She is definitely suffering from Psychopathy, and is highly dangerous.

First Session
I requested a full detachment of armed guards for my first session with Excella. They were stationed inside and outside the room. Though she did not seem to even notice them. Excella was presented as a medium height and attractive lethan twi'lek were this the empire she would no doubt be a sith. Our first one on one session didn’t go well but it didn’t go bad either. She sat in the chair at the end of the desk and stared at me. While I talked to her. The Girl seemed dead but breathing. I explained the reason why she was here, though I assumed she knew. I spent most of the time talking her trying to get her to open up. But as I thought it was futile. All she did was follow me around the room with her eyes. It was reminiscent of being locked in a cage with a dangerous predator. 

I presented her with multiple stimulus, none of which she responded to in any way. Nearly at the end I noticed that she had started to scratch at the armrest of the chair, curious.

Excella seems to either be ignoring everyone, or she has lost connection with the reality. Probably by means of a deep psychosis. I am recommending the standard dose of medication for patients, along with the medication for her condition. Our next session will be in one week.
Jace Frotal Ph.D
Doctor of Psychology, Purgatory Facility
Date: 8/3630

Cantina / Star Wars Rebels [Spoilers]
« on: 03/18/17, 02:46:59 PM »
Once again spoilers from her down WARNING!

Spoiler: show

So...just watched tonights episode... I feel kind of betrayed. There was like a half season of lead up to that moment between Maul and Obiwan... then its over in 3 seconds. There was even like 5 minuets of them staring at each other until the moennt was right. I was like "WHAT THE FUCK! Is this an episode of DBZ!?"  But i do have to say that even in that brief moment it was oh so satisfying to see. Not to mention the emotional weight of it.

Rebels hasn't really disappointed me yet in any capacity. Especially with all the KOTOR and other EU references they keep pulling out. I've had a few annoyances but the show is shattering my expectations. Despite it being on DisneyXD. I cant wait for the next season.

Roleplay Workshop / Brink of Mayhem (Discussion)
« on: 09/10/16, 07:14:14 PM »
Wow I was surprised by all the positive feedback I got from the queens Gala event from last week. I have even gotten a few messages requesting to be part of the continuation of said story arc.

Before this was just a way to kick off the arc for my guild and to introduce the queen to the rest of the community and such. To enrich the rp of the whole server an i am glad that I got a chance to do that and that so many of you were so interested in it. Especially to the surprise ending with the attack on the queens gala, the appearance of Excella and her sister, and the protection of the queen.

I have decided to continue the arc outside of the guild but i am unsure as to how to get more people involved. So i wanted to open up discussion in this thread for discussion of how some would want to get involved in what is happening. For that too work you would all need details as to what is actually going on who these sisters are and what their goals are. So with that being said:

The inspiration for this story came from this song if you want to sort of get the vibe:

Excella and Kalina are two sister who have adopted the Idea of Chaos being the result of the unbridled will of the masses. Mainly people doing what they want to do and will inevitably lead to Chaos  and they have embraced that as their philosophy and goal.

Excela s indeed insane if you want to know more about her click here. Kalina on the other hand is a little hard to exlain. She is insane but she is insane as the result of a chemical imbalance in her brain leading to her warped reality. Where Kallina is just broken from the get go. Kalina could get fixed but she chooses not to.
Needless to say the parallels to other villains in pop culture is evident, and that is true that it was an inspiration for them but they are not meant to be clones of said character.

This arc was initially meant to be something to show that the guild (Alis Aegis) as an organization was not invincible and that they needed to sort of Evolve if they were going to keep doing what they were doing. So it was not going to end well for some of the members of Alis Aegis including my characters. I was trying to tell a story where the players new that they weren't going to die but they still weren't safe. So Kalina and Excella had engineered a plan to teach them all a lesson by knocking them down a peg.

Needless to say this doesn't not need to happen for everyone involved outside of the guild. Anyone who want in an be in but I wanted to see how the people that wanted to get involved, how they wanted too or to just toss around Ideas really. Fire Away everyone please .

Events and Occasions / The Gala
« on: 08/08/16, 07:50:32 PM »
"Hello My Name is Lareth I'rosol representative to Queen Arana-Vi of Shu-Torun. We cordially invite you to the Queens Gala. Our planet is new to the concept of your Republic and Empire and we wish to make friends within both architectures  for our mutual advancement. We Extend an invitation to all who wish to come. It will be held on our home of Shu-Torun. Please proceed fro, your ships to the main dome where the palace is located. Please remain in the main dome. Please leave all weapons aboard your personal ships or at the palace gate with the guards. Queen Arana'vi and I are excited to make all of your acquaintances."

Welcome to all of you who choose to come. This event is for both factions. Everyone is welcome. This event is also being folded in as a kick off to a story arc for Alis Aegis but I am aiming to get more involved if I can. That being said there is a story to tell here and I want all to participate in the tell of it. After all that's what this is all about.

There is something that is going to happen but there is nothing that puts your characters in danger to the point where your character is losing limbs or getting seriously hurt or killed. So there is danger* but not really. You are all protected by plot armor.  So you are as safe as a bunch of rich people in the room with the Joker. He doesn't care about you because you are just there, he is after Batman.

Everyone have fun.

9/4- 7pm Server time

Tower of Prophesy on Voss

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Brink of Mayhem
« on: 08/05/16, 12:50:00 AM »

      "I had string..." a high pitch melodic voice rang through the halls of the prison. This dark dank hole was Fenrick Asylum for the insane. Off the beaten path and hidden away in the jungle wilds of Kowak. There was a new patient in the asylum. She had been there for about a month. The girl was mad, not just insane but the worst kind. Textbook psychopath, sociopath, and schizophrenia. She had 10 escape attempts every time she got closer and closer to the door. They put her into the pit after the last one. Her own little private hole to occupy. All day...everyday she sang that song. "I have no string to hold me down, to make me fret and make me frown."

    The red twi'lek dangled from the bars of her cell facing the cell door, but her eyes were shut. The guard, Dennon, walked over to the cell door. Accompanied by 4 armed guards.  2 of them were holding electro staffs to stun the girl if the got rowdy. The others were armed with blaster carbines. As soon at the caught eye of Excella, the rifles were trained on her. "Come on...time for your treatment." He looked into the girl's cell was was...shocked. On all the walls she had etched 'Morality Enslaves, Chaos Liberates'. It was every where. Dennon looked at her in complete utter confusion. The twi'lek's eyes sprung open revealing her bright yellow eyes and she cracked a wide smile. "Hello Dennon, how are you today."  Dennon had no idea what the girl was diagnosed with but when he looked at her, in those bright yellow eyes. He he was staring into the eyes of a ravenous predator, and behind that smile was a demon waiting to be set free.

    "No small talk today let's go." The girl flipped off the bars and onto her feet to the floor. "Aw that's no fun. I like small talk." She said and she sauntered over to the cell door and stuck her hands through the rectangular slot in the door. Denno put on the oversized binders that covered the girl's hands and wrists all the way down to her forearms. Once he was sure that she was secured, he opened the door and led the girl out. The armed guards still shouldering the rifles for dear life. Excella still had a smile cracking her face as she walked by the terrified guards. She stopped for a moment and looked one of them dead in the eye before she gave a snarl and chomped her teeth at him. He jumped and smacked the girl in the head with the side of his carbine. Excella simply laughed manically at him and continued her walk down the corridor.

    They were on the way to the doctor's office for her one on one session with her. She hadn’t had one on one time with a doctor since the last one. He made her angry so she killed him with a pencil eraser. She forgoed stabbing him in the neck and opted to shove the eraser down his throat and watched him choke to death.  Needless to say doctors took risks seeing her. The guards led her by the rest of the rooms. They were full of mental patients yammering on about all the crazy things they believed, gibberish that filled their head and spilled out of their mouths like endless torrents of water. No, she was different, she was quiet. But the quiet meant that she was most likely plotting.

   They had finally reached the doctor's office. ‘Doctor Wernikey…’ she thought to herself. Dennon opened the door for her and pressed her into the room and quickly locked it behind her. Excella straightened up and looked at the human sitting behind the desk.

“Hello Excella, I am doctor Wernikey. How are you doing today?”

“Oh finally small talk.” Excella said as she walked over to the chair in front of the desk. She was still wearing a smile as she plopped down and kicked her feet up onto the desk.

“...Make yourself at home then. How long have you been here Excella?”

“Doc, you can call me Ex. After all you wanna make a connection with your patient right?”

“Hmmm very well Ex. How long have you been here?”

“Only a month.”

“Well and you already have a reputation it seems.”

“You can say that.”

“10 escape attempts, you murdered the previous doctor and…” he looked down at the girls file, “...a food attendant?”

“She didn't give me a full serving of boffa stew.” The doctor sighed and drummed his finger on the desk looking her over.

“So tell me, why did they put you in here?”

“Well that's a long story Doc. Do you have time?”

“We have all the time you need Ex.”
Excella let out a long sigh and put on the best face she could as she was ready to tell her story.

“Well...I blew up a medical facility.”

“Why?” He asked. He had heard stories of this...wanton violence before but there was always a reason in his experience. Maybe she was not aware of her mental state. Maybe she was triggered by something. But he wasn't prepared for her answer.

“The real question is: why not?”
Wernikey was taken back by the girl's response. She did it...because she wanted to.

“The building was so new. I just wanted to see if it would look better a smoldering pile of rubble; It did….”

“So death was your goal?

Excella giggled at him “No Silly...death is just a byproduct of Chaos. That is what I wanted chaos.”

“Why do you...incite chaos?”

Excella let out a pleased sigh and leaned back in her chair as she began to remissness.
"Well...When I was a girl, my mother used to say...heroes are not just men...women...Soldiers...Jedi or sith. When I grew up I joined the republic, I played hero.”

The woman seemed to put on a face of what looked like lust. Like she was seeing the glory of a honored deity in her mind.
"Then...I saw something beautiful. Destruction...madness...chaos. It was her mangumopus, I learned something that day. I hate heroes."

“Heroes are in opposition Chaos. The oppose the natural order. Chaos is the unbridled will of masses. The galaxy has been held tightly by the bridle of morality. day you will all see.”

The doctor actually seemed legitimately terrified at the moment. As the girl was talking he was pressing the button to call the guard in to get her. But he was getting no response.

“Well Excella thank you for sharing. I think that you have taken a step down the road to recovery.” Wernikey stood up from behind the desk and walked past her to the door.

“I’m afraid our time is up-” he was cut off as he opened the door and saw Dennon killing the four guards in the cramped hallway. Snapping the final one neck and looking back at the doctor. The doctor slammed the door shut and turned around to see the mad twi’lek upon him...her cuff off and her sharpened fingernails pressing against the underside of his chin. He gulped and pressed against the door in a feeble efforts to escape the sharp nails. Excella just grinned at the the man.

“I hate heroes...and I will show you all why."

    Outside the door Dennon could hear a cry of pain and gurgling of blood as the doctor fell to the ground drowning in his own blood. Moments later Excella opened the door and stepped out. Sauntering towards Dennon

“I had strings...but now I’m free…” she sung as she wiped the doctors blood from her face.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Alis Aegis State of Affairs
« on: 06/01/16, 04:27:57 PM »

Member of Aegis and Vanguard, this is your commander and leader Layla Versalla. This is a formal update of past events and the current status of our organization.
We have been through some trying times of late. Starting with my...unforeseen change of allegiance.

I was attack outside our temple base by Jedai'va and Jitma, then manipulated into releasing my emotions that I work constantly to keep under my control. This resulted in the destruction of the republic 5th battle group at my hands, with the use of weapons technology that I had kept hidden away.  At that time Via'kala Aveaesa had assumed command of Alis Aegis. This was followed by an armed response from the rest of Alis Aegis against my battle group. As a result, murdered by my own hands, we lost one of our leaders Nhym Versalla my brother. But managed to capture one of our more influential enemies Demiluke Verdille. He is scheduled for execution within the next galactic standard week.

As an Update on our status...Alis Aegis is still under the command of Via'kala Avaesa. She has commanded the entire fleet to converge over Korriban, and from there to begin relief efforts for the worlds attacked by Zakuul. Soon she will require volunteers to help assist with the relocation of effected Twi'leks back to Kalikori Village on Tython.

Osvaldo and I are taking our time to recover from the past events in respite at our home on Zeltros. Our Zelot forces will be on round the clock patrols. If we are needed you can contact us via comms. We will also be performing a memorial for the ones we have lost.
This has been Layla Versalla signing off.


Events and Occasions / Dashneeah & Versalla Wedding
« on: 11/23/15, 03:06:24 PM »
Hello family, Friends, frenemies and
former enemies.  You are invited to Join
the celebration as

Nhym Versalla
Vashlandei Dashneeah

are joined in marriage.
 Taungsday (wednesday) the 2nd
at the former Tatoo Suns Estate
on Tatooine
Coordinates will be sent to your datapad
We hope to see you there
The is a cross-faction event. For Imp side SH invites whisper Vashlandei, for Pubside Invites Whisper Nhym. The wedding is starting at 7pm pacific time or Server time. This event shouldn't run too long, short wedding an Mingle social event bring your friends.

Worldbuilding and Community / News Casters (Images)
« on: 10/19/15, 11:32:20 PM »
I noticed that we had a lack of Newscasters for the News channel feed. So I made a few Images :D
Everyone can use them. Feel free too for your Posts, and send me images and Ill make more.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / The Choruk Ker
« on: 10/01/15, 10:53:34 PM »
((Thank you to Larhr for helping me write this. Enjoy Everyone.))

    The Choruk Ker   

The Choruk Ker: or sometimes simply called RISE. Is the annual ceremony for clan Asrais. 1 or 2 participants are placed in a cell for 2 days and only given the minimal nourishment for living. After the two days they are sent into the pit. There they must fight for their survival against an assortment of beasts, they must defeat the beasts and climb their way to the top.

Liara took in a deep breath as she pulled herself up on the metal beam on the ceiling of the small room. '85....87...88...' counted to herself as her chin rose above the bar each time. The room was dark and damp, only lit by the pillar of light coming from the hole at the top of the locked door at the entrance. Just like home, she was back on Mandalore for her clan Ceremony of Choruk Ker.  But this time she didn't come alone,she had brought her friend Larhr'naor. He wasn't very happy about being locked in this room with her. She neglected to tell him what the ceremony actually was. Liara looked at him over the top of the beam. He was still angry at her. No matter what she was glad that he was here. Even though she could tell that he really wanted to shoot her.

"Still angry big guy?"she asked trying to break the silence. Larhr didn't answer back, she just kept pushing away at the ground, she couldn't see his face but she could only assume he was still glaring like he had been for the past 2 days. He had spoken but 2 words to her since they were locked away. Every time she spoke to him he responded with a resound 'Kriff off.' She couldn't blame him, they had been in there for 2 days given minimal food and water and they were about to be pitted against a random ravenous beast when those doors opened.

"We are about to start and we are going to have to work together to get out of here." She asks during her last push.

"Well that would've been nice to know Liara!" Larhr would say in an overly angered tone.

“This was supposed to be a nice team building exercise for us.” Liara dropped down off the rafter to the floor and and sat down in the corner. “It was meant to be a surprise. At least they didn't jump you like they did the first time I did this.”

“NOOOOO SHIT!” Larhr yells at Liara, “If you would have kriffing told me, I WOULD NOT BE SO FUCKING ANGRY RIGHT NOW!” Larhr yells again grunting, his durasteel plated cybernetic hand heard slamming into the stone like floor.

“But would you have come if I HAD told you what was happening?”

“YES I WOULD HAVE! I went to try and save your kids from the Republic and took how many bolts for it?” Larhr yells once more.

“Oh...then I should’ve told bad.” she said just as there was the sound of the old rusted latch on the door releasing and the door sliding open. Outside the door were two Mandalorians  in full armor outside the door. “Olaror meye ha'yr cuyir parer.” (“Come the whole clan is waiting.”) one of the ordered. Liara stood up and let out a long sigh before heading past Larhr and heading out the door.

While the Mandalorians spoke, Larhr grimaced at his first mistake when reacting to the door opening to him punching the guard. Only to be bashed by the stock of a Mandalorian rifle to his left eye. The bruise still visible. As Liara passed him, Larhr stands up and follows suit scowling at the guard as he passes by.

"Mhi cuyir tsikala vod.”("We are prepared brothers.") Liara said as she walked past the two of them. “Sorry for not telling you, but let’s just get through this mister, agreed. I’ll buy you drinks for a year.” she said chuckling at him as they made their way down the long hallway.

“I don’t need drinks. I just want to fucking break somethings neck right now. I hope you’re realize that when Eoh finds out… You may get hurt.” Larhr jokingly says.

“Then I’ll take my punishment then…” she said chuckling at him “...but I'm glad that you’re here.”

The hallway was a bit long no doubt to give people a chance to take in the events around them. Let them ponder about what they were going to do, whether or not they were going to love through the ordeal. Not for Liara, just as she was when she was a child, she was confident that her and Larhr were going to make it through this.

Larhrs stance was one of a man that has nothing to lose. He has been in many tough spots before, and now he is put in another. Nothing new to him during his ten plus years as a bounty hunter. He was trained well by his foster parents, time to put them to the test again. Larhr’s blood in his body flowed in a massive and hating heat like flame that he knew he would have to kill or be killed to survive.

They exited the hallway into a huge pit that towered above them it was at least one hundred feet deep. Above that they could hear the cheers of her clan members. Clamoring to see the victory of their Vod and their guest.

“Well things sure haven’t changed…”

Larhr looks up and grunts looking at everyone around at the top of the large structure, “Glad to know they are cheering for you.”

“They are cheering for US.” Liara responds to him and raises her fists into the air.

He looks over to Liara whispering loudly enough for her to hear him, “My force power, use it or ditch it?” He asks while looking at his belt, remembering they took his saber.

“Stow it, I don't think they would respond to your gifts in here.”

“If they messed with any of my belongings…” He’d stop himself as he grits his teeth, blood slightly forming at the rim of his lower lip due to how hard he is gritting.

“I’m sure that they will be fine. Quit whining…”

“Fine, no force powers. They best not expect me to wave…” He’d say simply glaring at the crowd above with his blackened left eye.

“Would you bask in the moment for once yah big idiot…”

“Maybe if you kriffing told me I would!” He’d curse as he raises his right hand up showing his durasteel plated three fingered claw of a hand.

The crowd went silent as the beast cages screeched open. Liara and Larhr both turned to see their opponents. There was a deep growl coming from deep in the cage, soon followed by two pairs of glowing yellow eyes. The juvenile and frankly starving pair of nexu made their way out into the center and started to circle Larhr and Liara

“Well this is new…” Liara said backing away a bit.

Larhr glares over at Liara in a frustrated tone, “You have gone through this before… And you forgot that they make us kriffing face NEXU!” Not backing down as he tilts his head side to side, cracking the joints and vertebrates in his neck to somewhat sooth the muscle.

“I did this when I was a kid, they were just Cannocks and  Maalraas back then. Looks like they upped the challenge a bit…” Laira cracks her knuckles and narrowed her eyes as the pair slowly made their way out of the cages inching closer to them.

“They are going to try to separate us…”

“Well, just you wait…” As Larhr speaks he watches one Nexu close up on him, he steps forward and the Nexu charges and leaps lashing out. Larhr quickly sidesteps grabbing the Nexu by its neck. His claw like hand goes inside it’s mouth causing Larhr no pain, he lets out a evil grin as he then moves both hands in opposite directions. The Nexu’s lower jaw completely snapped in half as Larhr rips downward with his clawed hand. His left hand doing the most damage as he digs his fingers into two of the Nexus eyes. The Nexu cries in pain, blood gushing from its two eye sockets. Then a final sickening snap can be heard as the Nexu goes limp as it’s neck breaks in half. Larhr chuckles softly, “To easy.” He throws the body of the Nexu down, wiping the blood that poured on his hand onto his face smearing the blood diagonally across his face as an intimidation factor to any other animal that came into the arena.

Liara managed to side leaps away from the jumping Nexu that leaped at Larhr, the other one take the opportunity to leap at Liara. Laira rolls under the second one giving her only a moment to decide what to do. She notices the torches lining the walls of the pit. She sprints towards the wall and with all her strength leaps up to grabs the torch and falls back down to the ground. The Nexu was already charging at her and it gave her a split second to swing the flaming torch at his face with all her might. Shattering the flaming torch across its face embedding splinters into the young nexus face; it ran away only for a moment batting its face free of flames, it didn't take long for the nexu to re-acquire Liara as a target charging at her staggered but determined for its meal. Liara ran towards it and jumps nearly in its face stabbing the splintered part into the nexus face. It cried out in pain thrashing about. Liara put some distance between them making sure that the nexu wasn't ready to attack her again. She could see it was in pain, she did the human thing and went over to it snapping its neck ending its misery.

The crowd cheers in approval at the pair. Liara turns and looks over at Larhr and his ‘work’. She shook her head “A little overkill isn’t it?” she said walking over to him “You are a mess.”

“It was just what it deserved. It jumped, I moved, I snapped its neck. Simple as that. Besides, I’m pissed off, need to let out my frustration.” He’d say as he stands over his kill.

Liara throws her fists into the air and shouts up at them “Atyaor! Atyaor! Atyaor!” They shout the same back at them. Her joy is interrupted by the second cage starting to open. They both turned to see a towering Jungle Wampa lumbering towards them. Questions swirled through Liara’s  head, the first one was ‘WHY?’ the second she would vocalize to Larhr.

“Climb?” Liara asked not taking her eyes off the charging animal

“Climb.” Larhr says instantly as he begins to back off slowly with Liara at first, he would wait for her to bolt before he does.

Liara turns and bolt towards that wall taking a leap upwards and gripping the first hand hold she could. Larhr leaps as well, he grabs a piece of rock chucking it at the Wampa to distract it, “HEY UGLY! UP HERE!” He’d yell as he’d begin to climb away from Liara and upwards looking for any kind of item to be used as a weapon on his way up. The Wampa turns to Lahra grabbing a sizeable rock and chucking it at him as he climbed. As Larhr watched the rock hurl his way the first thought in his mind would simply be, “Fuck.” He’d keep climbing, but the rock collides next to him, causing him to lose his grip and fall several feet down before he grips the wall with his cybernetic hand halting his descent down to Wampa hell.

They could here the crowd shouting for them in a thunderous voice “Atyaor! Atyaor! Atyaor!”

Liara is still climbing up the wall manages to make it a little farther up the wall, until she stuck her hand into a hand hold not noticing it was a flip darter den. She managed to disturb them sending them flying into the air. She lost her grip and started to fall from her hand hold barely getting a second grip and falling back to the bottom of the pit.

“Get a move on Larhr!” She resumes her climb to the top.

Larhr looks up at Liara after her comment and replies with, “Kriff off…” He begins to climp quickly upwards trying to get beside Liara now. Sweat droplets drench Larhrs face as it makes his mohawk turn into a complete mess as if it wasn’t a mess enough. As he climbs up, blood spills from his right bicep, it wouldn’t be a concerning amount, but enough to make Larhr hurry up. Liara just smirks at him and keeps climbing she hears the Wampa picking up an other rock and she turns to see him wind up to throw. Larhr leaps into a separate direction of the thrown rock. He would use little force power because of his exhausted state, but he did it in a way so the crowd would think he did it off of instinct.

“Move!” she shouts before jumping to her right to a different hand hold. The boulder lands square where they were. They were halfway up they just had to keep moving. Liara starts to jump to different hand holds. Soon she was at the top and she climbed up over the edge and stood up turning to the crowd with her fists in the air. She looks down the Pit to see Larhr bringing up the rear...along with the Wampa chasing after him.

“Might want to hurry Larhr!”

Larhr looks at Liara in confusion. He then makes the costly mistake of looking down seeing the Wampa not to far, “Son... of... a... bitch…” He’d mutter as he quickly climbed up the wall. As he reaches the top he finds a sharpened rock. He tosses it in the air once and chucks it at the Wampa’s eye socket.The Wompa roars in pain rearing back and losing its grip falling back to the bottom of the pit dying on impact with a loud thunderous boom that shook the ground even at the top.

Liara Looks at Larhr and starts to laugh “Hell of a getaway huh?”

Larhr grunts while clenching his right bicep, “Yeah, ‘getaway’, let’s call it that.”

“Better than sitting bored on the fleet.”

“So… Who is the one that arranged this for you family? Because… This black eye of mine does not fit well on me.” Larhr says in slight frustration as he looks around, and more importantly his gear.

“Our clan father. So if you want to take it up with him go ahead.” Liara says blowing a lock of her hair from her face.
 Her father was a stubborn and Stalwart man but they would get the chance to meet him this time. “Let's get outta here Larhr.”

“Where… is… my… gear…” He’d say slowly at one of the guards. Larhr easily done with the game and wanting to leave with Liara.

“It's in the armory I'll show you.”

This was a nice little outing, and it definitely will not be their last. Little does Larhr know that Liara is already planning their next trip to Mandalore.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Patterns and Codes
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Nhym paced slowly outside the entrance to the temple keeping his eye peeled for approaching Jedi or anyone that would spot him. He doctored his look a bit so that it would be hard to notice him. Natash walked out of the main entrance of the temple and let out a sigh of relief.

"That must have gone well, did they buy it?"
"More or less, the still don't believe I got out on my own."
"They doubt your skills?"
"They doubt the circumstances. Not every day a jedi escapes from the vaults on Belsavis by themselves."
"Well I guess it will have to do. Unless you want to tell them the truth."
"Not a chance, I believe in what we do. Why would I want to wreck that?"
"Not saying you do..."
"Then drop it."
"Alright fine, let’s get back to the ship yard."

Natah and Nhym make their way off the temple grounds, and trek out into the dense jungle. After they had walked a distance, in a clearing far away from the eyes of the jedi, their ship was hidden. It was a heavily modified XS-Freighter, Riddled with Raxus sun markings. They stop when the notice something, the door to the ship was left wide open.

"Nat, did you leave the ship open?"

"No I shut it and secured the lock."

They both slowly made their way to the ship. Once they both snuck up against the door, they peeked inside but the ship was empty from what they could see. They entered taking slow and calculated steps, Natash shut the door behind them making sure that the intruder couldn't leave. They both reached out with their senses and they could sense something...a human,in the cockpit. They both looked at each other and nodded, and stealthily made their way to bow of the ship. They could hear him now; he was talking to the ship’s computer.

"Nonono, tell me who owns this ship."
The computer chirped in reply "This ship is property of Raxus Sun Incorporated and Tatoo Suns Research and Development."
"Nono! Who does it belong to specifically?"

"I cannot provide a response to that query."

The boy talked a million miles per hour, like he was hopped up on some exotic spice. Or at least just not right in the head. Nhym and Natash slowly made their way up to the cockpit their guard slightly down.

"Excuse me?" Natash called out, drawing out the first syllable in a display of caution. The man turned, and then froze for a moment. He bounced out of the pilot's chair with more energy than a Kowakian Monkey Lizard,

"It’s you! I knew it was you!"

Natash gave Nhym a sidelong glance before turning to the man again, "Who are you?"

"Oh! I'm Rallo, I've been looking all over for you."

Nhym and Natash looked at each other with confusion.

"Do we know you," Natash asked.

The man shook his head rapidly; the speed was sure rattling his brains even more.

"Nono you don't, but I know you, I definitely know you two. You're the Ex-Jedi, the variant, not Sith but not Jedi Either. I really need your help."

Nhym relaxes and straitens up his stance. "We don’t know what you are talking about. Please leave."

"Oh, nonono I've been looking at the crime rates, the news feeds, it's all very clear. There is a pattern it becomes very clear."

Both Force sensitives shook their heads, "Not really..."

"Nono you connect the dots and it all make sense, and once you see the pattern you can unsee it... I took the all the events in the past year and applied them to an algorithm, then I saw it the likeliness if you were or used to be a Jedi that you would come back here so I waited..."

Nhym raised an eyebrow, "You have been staking out the Temple waiting for us?"

"Yes! I never thought you would go back to Tython especially with your history with this place. But i guessed you would make an exception for your friend, or maybe sentimentality. The fact that you are here just confirms that you are them, and you have to help me."

"Yeah, we aren't them. Time to go kid..." Natash says as she makes her way over to him and grabbed Rallo and started to drag him out of the ship.

"You lied! Just like anyone trained like you would! I don't want to make you, but I will if have to."

Natash let out a deep sigh but just ignored him and continued to drag him out of the ship by his clothes. She hit the button to lower the ramp with more force than was truly needed. Just on the inside of the gangplank, Rallo grips the side of the door in the best attempt he could manage to delay his leaving.

“I'll go right to the Jedi Council with all the information I have on you both of you!"
Natash stops pulling him and looks over at Nhym Letting out a deep sigh. Nhym facepalmed and rubs his eyes thinking.

A slight pleading tone in Rallo’s made Natash freeze, "Please you have to help them, they're all gonna die..."

Natash glared at Rallo a little then gestured to Nhym with her head.

"Alright... fine, come aboard..."

Natash let him go and they both reentered the ship. Natash raised the gangplank and the ship rose from the surface. Once in high orbit, the ship accelerated into hyperspace.


The Masked CEO of Raxus Sun, Victor Reznof stands in front of a Holo terminal. The terminal flashes,
and the caller flickers into the view as a hologram. It is a rather shady looking twi'lek

"I trust the shipment is on its way?"

"Not so fast Victor..."

"Is there an Issue with the shipment?

"You had a large shopping list, an expensive one.
I had to grease some very large palms to get this and I want a bonus."

"You knew what you were getting into. Not my problem that you had problems getting the products"

Victor Turns to walk away from the holocom.

"It doesn't matter, It cost me a lot of credits, I think I deserve a little more compensation.  9.2 million"

"We had a deal, 5 million and nothing more."

Victor looks over his shoulder at him but doesn't turn fully around, already prepared to take his leave.

"I give you good buisness and you try to extort from me Rasalo?"

"You're not giving me much of a choice, i want compensation."

Victor turns fully around and lets out a long sigh distorted by his re-breather.

"You will mind you damn business."

"You want to keep secrets? How about I take the info I have on your weapons to the republic SIS, Im sure they will find out"

Victor stands there looking at the holo not saying a word, he slowly raises his hands and snaps his fingers. Suddenly a familiar snap hiss of a lightsaber ignites behind the twi-lek, the blade slouches on the ground behind the twilek. The blade snaps and wraps itself around the twi'leks neck. The Twi'lek grunts and screams in pain and he falls to his knees

"Seems like you have better things to worry about than what I'm doing. Now, Ill ask again... Will the package be delivered as promised?"

"Yes...yes it will."[/color] he says gasping for air

Victor snaps his fingers again and the blade falls from his neck, Rasallo gasping and coughing.

"Good, Its been a pleasure doing business with you."

Victor cuts the comm channel and walks away.



"Archon, the package has been stolen en rout to the shipyard. Crew killed and the shipment is missing, I am tracking the Ion signature from the weapons across the desert. Once I have located the weapons I will make contact..."


"...Archon, I have tracked the weapons to a remote base in the dune sea on tattoine. Looks like the ship that was carrying the weapons wasn't properly fitted to handle the payload. The ship crashed, only a few of the weapons were salvage, the rest, stolen again by an unknown group. I have requested back up from the Aegis, awaiting assistance..."


"...Archon, backup has arrived and we have tracked the weapons to a sand people settlement, on grid square 55892 on our mapped areas of the dune sea. Captain Balhar is en rout for our recovery and extraction. Executing operation..."


"...The mission was a success, what remains of the weapons were recovered and we have taken them to the shipyard for reconstruction and application. Upon further inspection of the wreckage of the crashed ship, we discovered that the ship was attacked on it way to the drop point. I am inspecting any satellite logs for magnetic signatures or any information on unregistered ships entering or leaving the system. I will report when I have something. Tacitum out."


Cantina / After Effects/Animation
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I started t work on an animated guild logo, then I started t get Ideas for Animated Holonet entries Ive been Dabling in After effects again so I decided to make a test vid and post it and get other peoples Ideas on the subject tell me what you think and maybe expand on the idea

      Heart of the Vanguard     

/Part One\
     T h e  P r i s o n e r     
- A Droid Walks up to you at your present location, it is an Unarmed Messenger Droid. You have never seen the droid before but he Identifies you by name -
"Hello I am 2C-3D, I represent this interests of The almighty Archon. The Archon requires someone of your skills and abilities in a very sensitive matter.
Someone of great importance to the interests of the Vanguard has been taken captive by an unknown assailant.
The Archon requests that you use you skills in retrieving the subject and return her to the safety of the Vanguard.
This mission will be perilous, with a high risk of Blaster fire, stabbing, incineration, lacerations, and Death.
Rest assured that upon completion you will be compensated handsomely.
The Archon is promising a lump sum of 2 million galactic credits for the safe delivery of the captive.
SHould you choose to accept the mission, Details will be shared with you.
Thank you for you consideration, and have a pleasant day."

Time to be heroes, rise to the occasion to help a shadowy figure.
This is Part one of my first story arc, This is open to Republic and Neutral parties.


The Event will be running on a slightly modified BC D100 system, using  traits up to +15 or -15 Positive and Negative traits.

Trait Examples:

Nhym was trained by one of the great masters of the war. He focused his training and abilities on his kinetic force abilities. His master pushed him and trained him to focus the force to move large objects and heavy objects with the force. This Give Nhym a trait called Force Berserker, meaning Nhym can move heavy, oversize objects, and stop larger  enemies with the force.

Here is an Example of a negative Trait

Layla was Trained by her master to be a quick and a rather over powering foe to all that opposed her. She uses the force, and her Rage to Fuel her every move when she is fighting. This give her a trait called Over Compensate, this means when she fights she over compensates her strikes making her miss or misjudge her strike.

Here is one for a Unique Trait
Liara has over 12 years of combat training as a trained Sharp shooter. At the academy she was top of her class with a 100% hit ratio on the firing range.  This Gives her a trait called Dead Eye, this grants her superb aim. (+5 on long range shots Rolls)
Positive traits give and Instant +15 to your roll. (Nice!)

A negative trait Gives you an instants -15 to your roll (Whomp Whomp)

The traits can either be called on by me, the GM, or by you the Player . But I will have the Final Call on how it effects the environment around you.

Player will be given 3 Re-rolls to use for the entire event

For the Traits they do not have to be any specific set and they are Chosen by you the Player. The only Rule is that you must have one negative trait.

We will be using the popular d100 system.
1-35 is a failure
35-90 is a success
91-100 is a critical success (Usually ends in a Death blow or Critical damage)

Post your traits and whatever questions you have. Hope to see you there.
This will be held in the Deep Space Channel on the Begeren Coloney Chat Room At
7:00 PST (Server time) so it is easier for East Cost players to Join.

Post to ask Questions and add your traits.

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