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Classifieds / Returning to RP on a very part time basis
« on: 10/12/15, 08:26:23 AM »
Hi All,

  I just want to let you know I will be returning to RP on a very, very limited basis.  Most will be by appointment only.  Look forward to seeing you all around.

Storyboards / Service Corps Mission
« on: 04/12/15, 10:00:04 AM »
Attn: Member of the Service Corps of the Jedi Order

A mission to the planet of Ialadon has been commisioned by the order of the High Council.  Members of the Agricorps, MediCorps and ExplorCorps and EduCorps are needed to assist with a relief mission.  All interested parties should reply by official Jedi Frequency to the Reassignment Council.

This will be a play by post once interested parties have responded.  This is a chance for those who would like to RP service corps members as well as those with Jedi that have abilities that would fit a relief mission.

Post your interest here and watch for a future PM invitation to the thread.

Meets and Greets / Celebration Anaheim
« on: 04/10/15, 11:10:07 PM »
Anyone besides me going?  Just curious, if anyone wants to meet up there.

Cantina / Do you Utinni
« on: 03/24/15, 04:01:13 PM »
A few weeks back someone posted this link: , I can not stop pressing it.  So do you Utinni?

Come on, you know you do, just admit it, you will feel better about yourself.

Meets and Greets / Begeren Colony Geek Out 2015
« on: 02/01/15, 06:02:20 PM »
Editted by @Artisan:

What: Geek-out 2015

When: June 20th, 2015

Schedule of Events:

The GeekOut virtual meet will be starting up at about 4:00pm server time. To join in, all you have to do is go to this link:

Use the AnyMeeting App to join in, and you'll be able to party along with the folks in the GeekOut Room and with those abroad.

Hope you'll come in and say hello, even for a small bit. :)

Quote from: Aylaa
If you are flying in, SJC (San Jose International airport) is the closest one.

Sometimes SFO (San Francisco) has cheaper flights but take into account that SFO is an hour's drive north of San Jose. it's not a cheap cab ride.

Please post if you think you may be coming or if you're definitely coming physically! Here is the current list:

- Bolas
- Aylaa
- Esk
- Dyven
- Darshendros (?)

Physical Location:
Doubletree by Hilton
2050 Gateway Place
San Jose, CA 95110

Events and Occasions / Jedi Night 1/29/15
« on: 01/29/15, 10:35:38 AM »
Due to a special guest lecturer, Jedi Night will be held on Tython tonight.  Please plan to go to our old lecture spot to the left of the temple stairs as you face the temple for a special one night only event.

Events and Occasions / [Event] Thunderball
« on: 12/20/14, 06:16:14 PM »
As performed by Tom Jones

  The next exciting season of Huttball is about to kick off.  All the biggest names and brightest stars in the underworld and Huttball have gathered on the polluted world of Nal Hutta.  The Hutt Cartel itself is present to preside over the festivities and the large pool of credits riding on the game.  The intrepid subcontractors of GFS have been tasked with delivering the ceremonial Huttball from Nar Shaddaa.

  But not all is as it seems.  It would appear that someone wants the team to not make it.  In the weeks leading up to the highly publicized event, several prominent members of the Intergalactic Huttball Association have either gone missing or have been found mysteriously dead.

  Come join us for this months exciting episode: Thunderball

OOC: This is a rescheduling of this event.  This will be held in the Nar Shaddaa chat room at 7 p.m. server time.  All are wlecome, cross-faction and not restricted to smugglers.

Storyboards / One Spice to Live
« on: 12/20/14, 02:23:42 AM »
One Spice to live

A few weeks prior each of the smuggler’s received an encrypted missive from Galactic Freight Solutions that spoke of s commission and the need for them to appear on this day at the Kala'uun spaceport, where all of them are now assembled. The ships of Kyrston, Caben, Lihua and Brintte are respectively docked in the landing area outside of the Starport Master’s office, as all new arrivals must register with the Starport Master. This of course begs the question of whose ship they will all depart with, or whether they choose to split up depending on the nature of that departure.

Outside their respective vessels on the ground is a woman in a very finely appointed business suit with auburn victory rolls. She looks very stern and carries a data pad in her hand, she appears to be checking the ship's registries against a list she must have on the pad. Her well heeled boots tapping impatiently on the ground as she awaits the respective Captains to exit their ships and come speak with her.

Caben secures his extensive internal defenses including 2 on-board battle droids and an angry wookie, whom stayed in his bunk until Minnette leaves. Then saunters out, twirling his new hat as he exits after Minnette down the ramp.

Minnette takes a few steps on the ramp, in front of Caben's chivalrous gesture for her to pass before him, but then steps aside, letting him lead, as he's the captain and she's just following him for the moment.

    Brintte gets of her ship, shaking her head softly as she glances around. Dressed in only a black jumpsuit, and with her face in display, she could easily pass for a teenager, rather than the warrior she was. The Mandalorian sighs, almost bored, and walks to meet with group. She gives both Minnette and Caben a short nod, letting others do the talking.

Linhua pulls her expensive black trenchcoat over her light armor, tapping a finger on her shades. She exits the ship, then nods her head at a thin, bald woman, who looks none too pleased to not be following Linhua. She turns, her shoulder-length black hair brushing against the coat, then approaches the woman in the business suit. Behind her, the bald female retracts the exit ramp.

Caben walks over, removing his hat in a casual but still slightly dramatic half-bow. "Mistress Celeste. Pleased to see you again."

Minnette smiles at Celeste with a friendly nod, her helmet hooked to the belt of her white, well used armor.

Kyrston steps off his ship after making everything secure, his styled dark hair falling over his eyes... he's dressed casually, but it's a step up from his usual fare and decently coordinated. He could just as likely be going clubbing as working, except for the blaster at his side. He grins winningly at Celeste.

Linhua surveys those gathered with a detached air, then gives a nod and half-smile to Minnette.

Minnette returns Linhua's smile as if she knows her well, giving no indication whatsoever that she doesn't recognize her. She figures they've met at the Palace.

Celeste eyes the group warily. She smiles graciously at Caben, not speaking a word. "Very well, it appears you have all made it, much to my surprise. From here I have taken the liberty of registering all of your vessels with the spaceport master and as agreed in your contracts the docking fees have been paid on your behalf." Celeste eyes Ky overly critically before continuing. "Please continue to the Bazaar, as your contact, whom I have sent to your data pad, is awaiting your arrival. Any questions?"

Caben gives his most winning smile to the other ladies, and a wink to Kryston.

Brintte just raises a brow at Caben, the shakes her head at the man. She glances at Celeste. "None from me."

Caben's gaze goes distant for just an instant as he check's something on his implants. "Looks good to me."

Celeste nods to Brintte, "Needless to say this mission is off the record and if you are apprehended the company and our client will disavow any knowledge of you all."

Minnette pulls her datapad out of a side pouch, just a little, taps at it, then slides it back into the pouch. She smiles warmly at Celeste with a bow of her head, "Thank you."

Kyrston looks around, waving with a grin to Caben and Minnette, nodding to the new faces. "This looks to be fun." He does dutifully check his datapad, noting the information. "And no, looks like everything is here, flawless as usual. Thank-you, Celeste." He gives her a nod... while he does sincerely like her, he can't resist the banter. ...

"I assume my girls are free to find their entertainment about the spaceport as they wish?" Linhua asks, gesturing toward the ship, where the bald woman can be seen from a viewport. "They may find it dull otherwise."

Celeste smiles pleasantly at Minette. "You're welcome." Celeste looks to Ky, "Yeah, sure. Don't die, or I will never hear the end of it." She then looks to Linhua. "Your crews are your responsibility, they may do as you command. Although the company does not compensate for damages caused by...non-essential personnel."

Caben winks at Min. "The wookie'll fill up the tanks and get some... special cargo while we work. But I told the droids to shoot if he goes towards the gambling dens."

Minnette gives Caben a soft chuckle.

Linhua nods at Celeste courteously, "Thank you. That is all I needed to know." She makes a hand gesture, which appears to be registered by the inhabitants of the ship behind her. She then settles quietly to await the next move.

Caben smiles pleasantly at Celeste. "Of course. Always nice to know we're loved."

The image that appears on the respective data pads are of a very imposing looking red-skinned Twi'lek man. The image is labeled "The Rationer." The details are clear, you are to proceed to the bazaar and enter an establishment named "The Rabid Lylek." once inside you are to ask for the "Rationer."

Kyrston rolls his eyes a little at Celeste. "Fine, I'll try and come back in one piece, just for your benefit." He looks over the info on the datapad again, walking over to join the rest of the assembled party. ...

Celeste chuckles in a snarky manner. "Don't go to all that much trouble on my count, honey." She turns and leaves the area, in a few moments a small stealth shuttle rises from the rows of ships and departs the starport.

Linhua gazes at the others. "Shall we?"

Caben catches Kyrston’s eye as they start to head out. "First drinks on me, when this gig is done... though let’s see if we end up somewhere less... rabid. Twi'lek bars can be a bit rough around the edges."

Brintte looks at the group, then begins walking. "Isn't that part of a day of work? Who would have thought someone who seemed so brave was scared of a little bar."

Kyrston gives Caben a wink. "Yes, yes, but where's the fun in playing it safe?

Minnette nods at Linhua with a smile, as no one else seems to be replying or taking note of her. She listens closely to the conversation between the parties however.

Caben gives Minnette a brief, "follow my lead" nod of his head and tries anyway, examining the nearby Air-Entry Ducts as if they were fine art, and he a dandy gentleman out for a stroll.

Linhua slinks up next to Minnette. She gives her another half-smile. "The Rabid Lylek... Perhaps we'll have the promise of excitement after all..."

Minette Smirks at Kyrston as he sets off... "Given what my bar's named, suppose you have a point."

The Rabid Lylek is a shady drinking hole in the major star port for this deep space planet. A wide array of species seem to have taken up residence in the dimly lit, spice filled establishment. Most of the occupants are either drunk or stoned. The bartender seems to be the only sober person in sight. She is a deeply attractive female Twi'lek in a skimpy outfit slinging drinks in marginally clean glasses.

Minnette smiles and nods back at Caben before following him, though she stops for a moment, with an amused raised eyebrow, for just a moment, at his attempt at casual, then continues. She smiles at Linhua, "Perhaps."

Linhua taps her shades. A light begins to blink on and off. She takes in the sight of the cantina.

Brintte looks around the cantina, relaxing against a wall. She crosses her arms over her chest, silver eyes scanning each face in the vicinity.

Caben gives a quick assessment of the bars life-signs on his cyber-scanner, just to check for any particularly agitated drunks or bad spice-trips. Then chooses a path least likely to trod offensively on tenticles or probosci, and saunters up to the bar.

Kyrston takes a look around the place, his eyes looking for key features and escape points should it be necessary, and makes his way toward the bar with Caben

Drops a preemptive tip on the bar, and leans towards the lovely hostess. "I was told to ask for the gentleman who rations... more than booze."

"Though I might be up for some of that on my way out.. if you've got anything exotic in bulk.". He smiles.

For those that look around the bar, they would note the moderately crowded spacport bar is filled with many pilots wasting time as their cargo is loaded into their vessels. A fairly spry Twi'lek band with a holo banner that reads, the Ryll Runners is playing a tune that is a little too upbeat for the location, and are flanked by male and female Twi'lek dancers. But in the far back corner of the bar, standing out like a sore thumb is a large door flanked by two very imposing looking male Twi'lek's that seem to be taking orders from a lithe Twi'lek woman who is completely overdressed for the setting.

Minnette looks around, takes in a short, shallow breath, then smiles. She mumbles to no one in particular, "Worked worse places." She follows behind Caben and leans against the same bar, though a short distance over.

Linhua weaves a circuitous path, but her lithe frame manages to avoid contact with any of the wobbling bodies around her. She makes it to the bar, leans forward, and runs a finger along the rim of a particularly grubby glass. She appears amused, then looks over to Caben, awaiting the hostess's answer.

Kyrston leans backward against the bar, not far from Caben, and makes mental note of where everybody from his group has settled, and also notes the obvious door. ...

The woman behind the bar, looks up from her endless calls for more booze and smiles at Caben. "Oh, you want the Rationer." She points her wet and very filthy towel, which she has been using to wipe glasses, at the large door where the imposing folks are standing. But not before swiping the tip off the bar top.

Caben nods. "Thank you kindly. If a wookie wanders in, feel free to share any wares I can get to go."

The woman looks to Caben, smiling appreciatively at the tip. "Word of advice, you don't want to drink anything I am slinging here honey, but I have a supplier whom I will send your furry friend to."

Kyrston gives a nod to Brintte, whose name he sadly neglected to get, and waits to move from the bar until she's rejoined the group or indicated she prefers to wait at the door. ...

Caben smiles. "Most appreciated."

Brintte walks to the group, still remaining as stoic as when she had gotten off the ship.

Minnette watches the crowd, giving particular attention, discreetly, to the overdressed Twi'lek woman at the door.

Kyrston glances back over his shoulder to Caben again. "Business first?" He glances toward the door. ...

The room is stuffed to the gills with bodies, it must not cost much to heat this place, as the body heat alone is making the establishment hot and humid. The trip to the door that was indicated would be filled with bodies bumping against one another, except for the lithe and small members of the group. Once across the dance floor and cantina, the Twi'lek woman who appears to be running the second door turns and looks over the group, apprasingly. "What do you want," she snarls, her hand on a set of small but lethal blasters. The two large men behind her step in front of the door, their hands on some sort of bladed melee weapons.

Caben nods to Kyrston. "I prefer simultaneous. But yes, we're on the clock, and I suspect the booze we find in my hold will be tastier."

Linhua looks over to the door, leans her elbow on the bar top then yawns, covering her mouth with the tips of her fingers. She makes her way toward the door slowly, lingering more toward the back of the gathering.

Kyrston walks toward the door, navigating the crowd with relative ease as though he's done this a lot, then nods to the woman. "Your lovely friend behind the bar indicated you might be able to assist us."

Caben makes his way expertly, hands shielding his guns through the press and alert for pick-pockets. As they arrive, he removes his hat slowly, keeping his hands visible and nods respectfully.

"Here about... Rations."

Minnette follows Caben towards the door, but takes her time as well, dancing her way across much of the dance floor to avoid irking those she may bump.

Brintte for once was glad she was small. She glances at the Twi'lek with the blasters, but simply stares in silence. Her hands however reach down to her belt, just in case.

The female Twi'lek dressed in black leather pants and a deep red leather vest that is decorated with what one can only assume is trophies of her past conflicts, is that a Rodian antennae, glances past the men and smiles at the women in the group. She looks to Kyrston and snarls. "Yeah, been meaning to replace her, she talks too damn much, the cheap whore." She then fixes her gaze on Caben. "You and half the drunkards in this crap hole. Perhaps you have something other than an overused pass phrase to entice me to let you in, or you can bleed on the floor, your choice."

As Minnette catches up with the group, she notices the body language of those before the door and moves off to the side a little, closer to the bar. She smiles at the woman as she smiles to the women. She speaks softly, just loud enough that the woman would hear her, "Good help is so hard to find in this type of place, I completely understand. I have experience with her type of work and I know just how golden silence is."

Kyrston keeps his practiced smile firmly in place, blinking a little, but taking the hint, and suddenly VERY glad Caben brought Minnette ...

The Twi'lek woman chuckles at Minette, "Sweetie, you have no idea. I would give my favorite Gamorean ear to find a bar keep that can keep her mouth shut and that is not hard on the eyes." She then looks at Brintte. "Tell you what, you leave that one with me, and she dances, you go in."

Caben says nothing for a moment... watching her reaction to his companion. He does, however firmly replace his hat.

Linhua turns her shades toward Brintte with an amused half-smile.

Minnette answers the woman with a grin, then turns and watches Brintte to see her reaction.

 Brintte raises a brow. "Keep dreaming, aruetiise."

Caben also watches Brinitte with interest... though is intently keeping one eye on the guards, turning slightly so he can watch them to his right, and the bar behind her with this left eye.

Kyrston also arches a brow, glancing to Brintte... he'd be glad to have a little fun and buy time for the group if it were him, but no way is he going to let anybody force somebody in his group to do the same if they don't want to. Looks like they'll have to make another deal... hopefully a diplomatic one not ending with bleeding on said floor. ...

Minnette speaks up again, her tone still soft, "I might be able to help you with some recruiting. Find you someone from Nar Shaddaa eager for a new start, who I could train to have the eyes, ears and mouth needed for this type of job."

Caben watches Minnette intently, without turning obviously towards her... just in case things turn sour fast.

The woman lets out an audible sound of disappointment, "Oh well, never know what you can get unless you ask." The woman looks to Minette. "Clearly you are the brains of this operation. You got a deal." She turns around looking to the two men who are still blocking the door. "Do I have to shoot you two or are you going to move?" The two very large men, quickly rush out of the way, nearly knocking each other over in the process. The Twi'lek woman opens the door and escorts the group to a room that is very different from the bar outside. The room is well-appointed with leather couches, smoke free and a female Twi'lek also scantily clad, is serving drinks in what are clearly clean glasses.

"Wait here, I will go get the Rationer." She motions to the couches. "Serve them some drinks pretty." The woman disappears into the next room.

Minnette smiles warmly as she pulls out and passes the woman two business data-cards, one for her own private investigation business and one for Dancer's Palace, with a token for a complimentary free drink.

Brintte looks at the group with icy eyes, though her face has a clear blush. "This... will never... be mentioned..."

Caben gives the two guards sympathetic tip of his hat as they pass

Caben smiles at the Mand'oa, thoughtfully. "No sweat. To be honest I was going to offer to get up their myself, if Minnette's pass didn't work.". He winks

Kyrston sits down, figuring in this case the objective is not to irritate the scary woman. He gives a warm smile to the server, then nods to Brintte. "No. It won't. For... many reasons."

Linhua gives Brintte another half-smile, eyebrow raised, then follows the group through to the inner room. She settles herself down on a leather couch languidly.

Kyrston then turns to Caben. "Yeah... Somehow I don't think you're her type."

Brintte still looks like a sour grape, refusing the drink, though doing so politely.

The Twi'lek woman re-appears from the room, but in different clothing. This time she wears a Shimmersilk gown with finely appointed jewelry. It is in stark contrast to the gruff woman outside. "Who sent you?" She asks, "And don't look so surprised, that image is for discretion purposes, if the Cartel knew they were dealing with a woman, we would not be talking."

Caben grins, speaking out of earshot of the bartender. "Yes, was a bit concerned what she'd make me wear. Still, not the first time I've had to dance my way out of a pinch on Rhy-" he pauses as the door opens.

Minnettte smiles at the woman as she comes back in, giving no sign of surprise.

Brintte snorts. "Figures. I'm still not dancing."

The woman snickers at Brintte. "No worries pretty thing, I never mix business with...Well you get the point, but still does not tell me who sent you?"

Caben speaks softly, dropping his earlier bravado but still with a calm, cool assurance. "Our local point of contact is a woman named Celeste... we come on behalf of her employer."

The woman, looks confused. "Don't know a Celeste, who is the employer?"

Kyrston looks up appreciatively as well. "More... impressed, I suppose? And don't worry... discretion is all part of the business." He then gives a nod as Caben comes up with as good a solution as any to an off-the-books job. ...

Kyrston then consults the datapad... checking the actual status of the job. ...

Linhua's gaze drifts around the room. She settles on the woman, then smiles. "I think we like to be cautious, on many accounts."

“Celeste is our contact with Galactic Freight Solutions... I believe this name would sound more familiar?” looking at her hopefully

"Honey, I do not distribute to just any idiot who walks in, my business is on a strict distribution network, so cough up a name or you’re wasting my time." The woman says.

We should have been expected. Kyrston adds.

The woman looks to Kyrston. "Drexler that old fag, I should have figured he would send a whole team, based on our past. And let me guess you are the current man meat?"

Linhua leans back and smirks.

Kyrston is starting to see why Drexler never put the datapad down the night they met... so useful... though he does almost drop it at her next comment. ...

Minnette chuckles softly, "So, is there a possibility of some business here, or are we wasting our time.... or was Drexler right in sending a whole team?"

The woman smiles at Kyrston. "Nothing personal sweetie, you just fit the type he keeps. Of course." The woman looks around the room. "So which ship do you want my guys to load it on? Since you guys have come in at least three different ones or do you want it spread out?"

Kyrston smiles, arching a brow, though he can't quite hide the blush. "I suppose I am whatever it amuses you to think of me as." He gives a nod. "And you can distribute it more or less evenly. We have our reasons for how we operate."

Minnette smiles with a grateful nod to the woman and lets the pilots handle this particular part of the discussion.

The woman nods and motions to another woman in the room, who had been silently watching the exchange. She slips out of a side door. "Have a drink, it will take them a minute to get the load out of the Ryll Vaults."

Linhua settles her gaze on Kyrston. The light on the sides of her shades blinks slowly. With a half-smile, she asks, "Man meat?"

Brintte presses her glass against her lower lip, but does not drink.

Caben speaks softly. "Might help to know a little about the cargo to assess risk... unless you prefer to keep its identity a secret. Our employer did not specify."

The Rationer nods to Kyrston "Sounds fine to me."

Kyrston looks over to Caben. "I make it a point never to ask unless necessary. However, if you brought along who I think you brought, you may want to let him know you have company on the way..."

Kyrston then looks a bit more sheepishly over to Linhua. "Hey, those weren't my words... and who wants to argue with the Rationer?"

The woman blinks. "Um, I think I just told you," She looks to Minette, "Please tell me he is not the brains of the operation?"

Minnette chuckles softly again, moving next to Caben, leaning on the couch next to him leaning lightly on him, "We all have our gifts, don't we?"

Kyrston holds back a laugh as the humor turns to Caben's expense... he can't help but remember Caben's last fiasco, which only adds to the amusement. ...

Caben cocks a brow. "This is Rhyloth, madame. Who knows what variety of things one might keep in a Ryll Vault. I certainly keep a few surprises in my liquor holds."

The woman chuckles. "That is what I keep telling myself, although I am having a difficult time finding what gifts my two knuckle headed guards have."

"And no, for the record I'm the operation's funny-bone." Caben winks more good naturedly

The woman looks to Caben. "This is Ryloth, the only thing in the Ryll vaults is Ryll."

Minnette leans playfully into Caben for a moment, chuckling at his comment, then grins at the woman, "I thought their knuckle heads were their gift."

The woman giggles at Minette, "I wish I could upgrade the knuckle to Durasteel then."

Kyrston smiles a little, watching Minnette and Caben... then clears his throat, realizing he's being unnecessarily sappy, and takes another drink. ...

Minnette chuckles again, with a conspiratorial grin at the woman.

Caben sighs, taking a sip of a Corellian whisky he'd already scanned for toxins, but after a second cannot resist the urge to casually tap his head, with a faint metallic ring.

"I'm afraid that costs extra, ma'am."

Linhua sits up, leaning forward to place her drink on the table. "I appreciate female protection myself. One trades brute strength for... certain other qualities."

The woman from earlier returns to the room nodding to the Rationer. "Well you guys are all loaded. You are free to depart." She rises to her feet. "I would only add a word of caution. My last crew was stopped by a Republic Patrol, rumor is that they are still in system."

"Oh, lovely... Of course the pubs are around." Brintte replies.

Minnette smiles warmly at the woman, "Thank you for the warning, and for the business. I look forward to hearing from you for more business."

Kyrston nods. "Thank you for the heads-up. I can handle that."

Linhua smiles slowly. She says with an even tone of voice, "How exciting!"

The Rationer winks to Linhua appreciatively, sharing her sentiment. "You should probably head out soon, before the Starport Master decides you need to be inspected."

Caben nods. "Appreciated. And I was serious about the offer... I'll give your boys a discount." Caben tosses a Wysan Unlimited business-card in the Rationer's direction with a grin as he turns to go, tapping it briefly to note a variety of droid and cybernetics options.

Linhua stands. She dips her head at the Rationer.

The Rationer thanks them all for their visit and slips Kyrston a note for Drexler.

Kyrston nods to her and secures the note before leaving. ...

As they collectively head out, Minnette slides a little closer to Linhua, speaking quietly, "Sorry, hope my diplomacy didn't kill all the excitement you were hoping for."

Gives Kyrston a nudge as the ladies talk. "Well, both took our share back there. At least she decided to pass you a note."

One spice to live

This months episode will take our intrepid subcontractors to Ryloth, home of the Twi'leks.  There to pick up some iffy cargo and haul it back to Hutt space without capturing the eye of the Imperial or Republic forces.

OOC:  This event is cross-faction and will be held in the chat room of  It will start at 7 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.  So come out and have some smuggler fun.

One spice to live

This months episode will take our intrepid subcontractors to Ryloth, home of the Twi'leks.  There to pick up some iffy cargo and haul it back to Hutt space without capturing the eye of the Imperial or Republic forces.

OOC:  This event is cross-faction and will be held in the chat room of  It will start at 7 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.  So come out and have some smuggler fun.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Bleed it out
« on: 11/22/14, 11:22:36 AM »
Bleed it out
As performed by Linkin Park

Brother Teralous watched as the drops of water fell from his hands into the bowl.  The waves rolling out from the spot where the drops broke the surface. 

Why did they always fight, did they not realize that if they simply confessed, it would be so much easier.

When he had to use the gifts from the Presence, it always caused them to bleed from the nostrils, just the smallest trail of blood.

His thoughts interrupted as the limp body of his subject convulsed in the chair.  The doors to his interrogation chamber in the under-levels of the Furhaven Seminary.  Two of the junior clergy entered the room and where shocked momentarily at the sight that greeted them.

"He has confessed his sins against the Great Presence and his aid to off-worlders.  On the recording is the coordinates of the Lost One's camp the Matriarch seeks, take it to her."

Teralous wiped his hands on the towel near the bowl of water and turned to face the others, his focus back on the present.  The two junior sisters removed the body from the chair.

"He will be of no further resistance.  You may return him to his family, I would expect him to return to the flock."

Teralous crossed the room and placed the heavy winter coat of his post back on, the fur lined collar quickly warming away the chill that often overtook him when he performed the gift.  Securing his belt, the middle aged, dark haired man with silver streaks at the temples exited his confessor suite to make his way to the main floor.

Standing at an imposing six foot, four inches with a sturdy, but stocky build, Teralous had at an early age been called to be a confessor.  It was while he was in Seminary that his particular talent at ripping open people's minds with sheer will was discovered.  Quickly labeled a gift from the Great Presence, he was trained and indoctrinated in the ways of the confessors.  His ability to get any information he desired from his subject skyrocketed him to the upper echelons of the Confessors.

Teralous rounded the corner and entered the temple.  He always needed to meditate and pray after a particularly harsh confession.  This was one of the more difficult, the subject had put up many images in his way.  He knew things about this subject that no Ialu should know of another, his secrets, his lies and most importantly his connections to the Lost One's.

The harsh stone floor was cool as he knelt in the chapel.  His mind quiet, he meditated. 

The rebellion was growing and his days were more often than not spent confessing those who would overthrow, the clergy and the peace that had been so hard won.

He had to stop them, no matter the cost.

Events and Occasions / [Event] Smuggler missions Season One
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Blue Milk Run

A Holovid plays intermittently among the broadcasts of holos in cantinas and places known to be frequented by freighter captains.  In the vid an attractive woman in an expensively tailored business suit addresses the crowds.

"Galactic Freight Services, the premiere provider of shipping to many parts of the known galaxy is expanding their business and as a result, we are looking for qualified subcontractors to take on special projects.

Compensation includes industry standard shipping fees, access to our numerous ports with fees paid in advance, as well as our private repair hangars.  We are also proud to announce the industries first medical benefits for our crews and subcontractors.

Respond to holo zed-7669 with your qualifications.  Operators are standing by."

This mission will take place on Hoth, it will involve pirates, Wompas and possibly some of the famous blue milk of tatooine on Ice.  This event is open to Republic players.  Future events will include cross faction for those Imps who RP smugglers of some sort.  This is episode one, depending on it's success, there will be more.  So sign up and let's see what kind of trouble we can cause.


As Performed by Shirley Bassey

   Devorian had waited the requisite 48 hours, and the metals had not been delivered.  He knew that the security around the camp would be heightened and that Kreigga would have used the 48 hours to alert his client, whom he now was fairly certain was the Empire.

   A look through his binoculars confirmed his suspicions as his usual Nikto enforcers were now intermingled with armored Imperial troops.

   “That double crossing son of a Hutt.  He just bought himself a whole world of trouble.”

   Devorian lowered his binoculars and mounted his speeder.  The ride back to the space port was uneventful.  His crew had unloaded the crates his contact had given him to run.  The ship was silent, except for the skeleton crew he kept on board for security and cargo handling.  The older Mandalorian slammed the button that secured the loading ramp and headed deeper into his D-5 Mantis.

   Powering up the engines the ships repulsor lifts, pushed the large vessel off the landing pad.  The vessel rose through the air and entered the atmosphere.  Devorian piloted the vessel clear of the planet before moving to his communications station and powering it up.

   Devorian entered the codes for Drexler’s private frequency.

   “Mr. Gage, the supplier has failed to deliver on schedule.  I understand that you have the raw materials, I would appreciate the opportunity to serve your client’s needs.  But this offense cannot go unanswered.  I have included in this transmission vital scans, layouts, patrol schedules and schematics to assist you and your organization in liberating the enslaved work force of Kreigga.  I think he will find it most difficult to run his operation without his workforce.  I ask you to do this, knowing you have the connections to find other housing options for those unfortunate members of his workforce.”

   Devorian hit the send button and the data packet transmitted to Nar Shaddaa.  Devorian took the opportunity to send one last message to Kreigga.

   “You have made a grave mistake.  The next time you see me, I will kill you, and none will mourn your fat, lazy, corpse.”

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Fooled around and fell in love
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Fooled around and fell in love
As Performed by Elvin Bishop

Nar Shaddaa:

   Drexler landed the Gentleman’s pleasure on his private landing pad, outside the Midnight Sun.  Walking down the ramp, he was met by Celeste who was already wearing a very stern expression.  Drexler sighed, resigning himself to his fate.

   “What happened to the smiley faced, enjoy yourself, lady I left in charge?” He attempted to humor his way out.

   “She left when your supplier called.” She responded handing him the latest data pad with an urgent message.

   Drexler perused the message from his arms dealer, whom he used to supply the Cartel weapons contract he had.  Devorian Arms was a small time, but high-end arms manufacturer and supplier that he had been doing business with, ever since his run in with the Mandalorian owner some years back.  Drexler headed to his office with Celeste in tow, the new Corellian outfit he had donned for the evening still on him, but now reeking of the Cantina on Kwenn.

   Drexler crossed the room and sat behind his desk reading the short message that detailed why there would be a problem making their scheduled shipping date.  Tossing the data pad on the desk, he looked out the window into the lights of Nar Shaddaa.  His mind slowly beginning to wander.  Not just a few hours ago, he had been standing here, talking business with Ky.  He had basically in the span of a few months, elevated this handsome young man to a level, of business that evened the playing field.  He had made peace with Corvis’ death and had taken the plunge that would put them on a course of business and romance. 

   If Drexler was honest with himself it was a mine field fraught with dangers.  But somehow, it had felt right, felt good even.   His usual fear and trepidation at the mixture of the two worlds was slowly melting as the kid proved himself time and again.

   Drexler allowed his mind to continue to reflect on the evening.  Dinner was sublime, the company was perfect and their playful banter made the transition to couple easier than he thought it would be.  The trip to Kwenn to socialize and get some business done went without a ripple.  Ky was a natural, listening when it was needed and speaking up when it was to his advantage.  They were comfortable surrounded by one another, not too clingy, but just enough affection between them to keep the smile on Drexler’s face most of the night.

   Drexler was just about to contemplate the strides he had made on the benefits front, but there was a noise beginning for attention at the periphery of his consciousness.  He knew he should pay attention to it, but was simply distracted by all the pleasant thoughts.  Then a pain, in the back of his head, flashing brilliantly, he reached up and turned around.  Celeste glaring at him, standing on the other side of his desk, the data pad from his desk on the floor.

   “Have you heard a word I have said?” She frothed.

   “Of course, I have, I always pay attention.  I was just contemplating our options.” Drexler tried to cover.

   “Great then, which Sith lord did you want me to shoot?” She quipped, her arms crossed across her chest, she clearly was not buying it.

   “What, who said anything about shooting a Sith lord?”

   Celeste rolled her eyes. “So what are you going to do, it is not like Drooga is just going to wait around while we locate a new vendor.”

   “Give me a little time to work this out.  I am sure I can fix it.” Drexler answered, picking up the data pad.

   Celeste again rolled her eyes and walked out of the office.

D-5 Mantis: Imperial Space:

   Devorian sat in his ship and piloted it through the cluttered air traffic of Taris.  This small, but toxic planet was the location of his next bounty.  He knew that if he finished this job, his problem with that metal dealer would be over.  He was still fuming over the scheming little worms holo that was about to cost him a stable contract.

   The shipboard communications console lit up and the face of Imperial Traffic Control appeared from the projector.  “Unidentified craft C-2819, please identify yourself and state your business.  This planet is under a class II quarantine by order of the Imperial Reclamation Service.”

   Devorian quickly punched in the false transponder codes for the relic delivery service he ran, before queing up his pre-recorded holo-message.  He had paid good credits for this recording from the guy who claimed to be an employee of the Ministry of Artifacts, here is where he would find out if he had another person to kill or would be able to resolve his issue.

   The image of the control officer looked down at his console, momentarily, clearly watching the viewer he had.  “Ah, yes.  Welcome Cargo Vessel Mynock, the Reclamation Service is awaiting your delivery.  Please proceed to docking bay 7 on the designated trajectory.  Have a pleasant day, and please keep to the main installation as there is no guarantees of safety outside the established green zone.  For the Empire.”

   Devorian followed the coordinates as he received them, and landed in docking bay 7.  Powering down his engines, he quickly gathered his supplies and headed out the loading ramp.  Ensuring that the coast was clear, he slipped out of the hanger and out into the night.  He would find this supplier and make him pay for the cost of crossing him.

   The speeder ride to the Brell Sediment was cold and wet, it was a deeply unpleasant ride, but a necessary one.  You see his supplier had set up an excavation site near the wreck of the Endar Spire.  It was how he was getting his metal so cheaply to produce top quality weapons at a reasonable price.

   Devorian hopped off the speeder at a ridge just north of Kreigga’s dig site.  Pulling out his macro-binoculars, he looked out among the camp.  Sure enough the Cathar slaves he had were pulling metal from the site like clock-work.  He noticed the overseer’s working the collard sentients at double speed. 
   “That two-timing filth.  He has another project, so he is blowing me off.” Devorian muttered to himself.

   Devorian placed his binoculars in his pouch and stealthed down to the camp, his Mandalorian styled armor allowing him to move quietly, but protecting him from the elements and blaster fire.  The camp was in full production and even in the driving rain, the slave labor was working at break neck pace.  That meant one thing, the fat, lazy Kreigga, a robust Quarren would be holed up in his tent.

   Devorian silently made his way to the south edge of the camp, where he knew the tent was.  Raising his left forearm, two tranquilizing darts shot forth and took out the guards outside the tent.  Devorian quickly scanned for any sign of alarm, before ducking into the tent.

   “So you slimy, escaped Hutt errand boy.  Thought you would short my shipment, so you can work on some other project did you?” Devorian said, as he entered the tent and leveled his blaster at the Quarren.

   “Devorian, old buddy.  I would never double-cross you.” Kreigga said, holding his hands up in defense.

   “I want the rest of my Diatium shipment.”

   “I would love to load it for you, but you see, I am on a special project for the Empire and they are rather insistent on meeting their deadline.  If you could just let me have a few more days.  I will be finished and I can get you the rest of your shipment.”  The Quarren begged.

   Devorian was just about to depress the trigger on his blaster, when his holo rang.

Nar Shaddaa:

   Drexler was beside himself.  Devorian had never given him any reason for doubt before.  If he was not making his schedule, there must be a reason.  Drexler sat back and finally read the message in its entirety, it was a supply issue.  Drexler was not sure, she could help, but it was better than being late.

   Quickly Drexler punched in a message to the head of Krayt Industries, Karmic.  It read: “Dearest Karmic, in need of some processed Diatium ingots, know you deal in raw materials, any help you could provide would be appreciated.  Drexler.”

   Drexler fired off the encrypted message to his friend, before sending an urgent holo to Devorian.

   “May have another supplier for your materials, will be in contact in a day or so.”


   Devorian watched the holo as he kept his blaster pointed at Kreigga.

   “You have two days, or the next time I see you, it will not go as pleasantly.”

   Devorian ducked out of the tent and slipped silently back to his speeder, where he would await further information.

Guild Recruiting / Interest Thread: Smuggler RP
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So as I develop my smuggler's RP more, and as my work schedule finally hits some form of normalcy.  I am looking to gauge interest in some smuggler RP.

The idea is that my smuggler's company, much like Krayt Industries and Dawnstar and the like is growing and needs to contract out certain jobs.  This would result in Job postings in a thread, and people could reply to denote their interest in the job.

The jobs would be from mild to wild and based on player request and GM availability would be handled as play by post, chat RP or in game.

If this kind of thing is already out there for people who want to RP smugglers, feel free to point me in the right direction.  Otherwise, if this sounds remotely fun and or interesting, let me know.

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