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Storyboards / The Solace Empire
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"The Solace Empire is the sovereign governing body ruling over a populace of misplaced thousands. Made out of abandoned refugees and forgotten outcasts caught between the current galactic conflict. Basing themselves upon the peaceful world of Voss. The structure of the empire follows similar to that of the Imperial ranks and command, where a single Emperor delegates power and responsibility over the day to day functions to a ruling council of eight. The Solace empire currently stands neutral between the conflict of the Eternal Empire and the factions of the Republic and Sith Empire. To understand the Solace Empire you must first understand where it came from."

The Early Beginnings
The ruling members of the Solace Empire emerged from the ranks of the Synovian Empire who once stood as the governing power ruling over the neutral world of Synovia. The hierarchy of this empire follows to that of the Imperial ranks of command, where an Emperor delegated his rule and power through a conclave of twelve ruling council members. The planet stood neutral in the war raging between the Republic and the Sith Empire.
The Synovian planetary government begun its structure as an empire, where natives of the world believed in the championing values of peace and security over freedom. A Sith Lord known by his title as the "Death Swayer" discovered the world close to the Outer Rim territories, seeking to earn the title of Emperor for the planet using his small power base. Over time, the Sith Lord eventually became disillusioned with Sith philosophy and began to follow a new ideology akin to the grey Jedi.

The Colonization of Synovia
The planet of Synovia was found when the Sith Lord known as "Death Swayer" was sent by the Sith Empire to discover and conquer a new planet in the Outer Rim Territories. When the Lord was given a Harrower class cruiser, and a small force to take the planet, he departed in hopes of returning with the glory of a conqueror, although upon arrival to the planet, his opinions would slowly change.
The first landing the Lord made on the planet was a small expedition, landing with a small shuttle to investigate the foreign land. Discovering the land had resembled the terrain of the planet Hoth in the most harsh places of the planet, and the planet of Alderaan in the more habitable places, he realized it would be a ideal planet to colonize for Imperial expansion.
After scouting the planet with his war generals Sou'mak and Velkus, they soon were met with the local inhabitants of the planet. Primitive in technology, and never faced with the concept of the Force, they were treated as gods among the people. Seen as saviors and messiahs, they were offered leadership over the settlements.
Quickly accepting the position in hopes of easily gaining Imperial control, the Lord soon had a slow, but sure change of heart. After witnessing the inhabitants wish for peace and security, over their own values of freedom, he soon began to question his own motives; Realizing he had slowly begun to disagree with the way the Sith Empire lead their forces. After having this realization, he returned to his flagship, and held a meeting with his generals that where loyal to him and his command.
Although some disagreed with breaking from the Empire, the crew of the ship decided they would break from Imperial command and begin to colonize, build, and fortify the planet now named Synovia. These commanders and their men taught the inhabitants military tactics. Teaching them to use guns, vibroblades, staffs, and some even the force. Creating the Synovian Empire, based around the foundations of ideology based around those akin to grey Jedi.

Freedom from the Empire
Soon after the colonization of Synovia began, the Sith learned of the defection of the Sith Lord and his army. Angered by their actions, the Sith Empire dispatched two more Harrower class cruisers under the control of Generals Kalketta and Kyshen, tasked with locating and destroying the traitors. Expecting little resistance, they set out to find, and kill the defective Sith Lord, but upon arrival to the planet, they were met with more resistance than they expected.
Within the short time, aerial defenses were established, firing upon the cruisers first entering orbit. Attempting to land troops on the ground, the two generals were unaware of the Synovian cruiser that had began firing upon them. Easily taking the first cruiser down with the element of surprise, the Harrower cruiser under the control of General Kyshen crash landed in the inhabitable icy north of the Synovian lands. The second cruiser under the control of General Kalketta continued to combat the now revealed cruiser.
After boarding and taking control of the cruiser, Death Swayer and his soldiers held the captives of the now taken ship in the newly built capital of Synovia. The general of the ship was given two options. First was to join the exiled Sith Lord in his cause, or be publicly executed. After refusing this offer, along side a handful of his men, they where sentenced to death by execution on the steps of the Synovian Capital. The foot soldiers being executed by firing squad, and the general being beheaded by Death Swayer himself.
After seeing this display, the remaining crew joined the Synovians in their cause, gifting their army and cruiser to their ever growing cause. As word spread, the ever angered Sith Empire heard of the incident and the death of their general. Deciding against retaliating because of the ever growing threat of the Dread Masters, as well as the Republic and Jedi, they left the planet alone to grow and prosper.

The War of Terror
Within a few short years, Synovian's government had become strengthened as a capable council of Force users under the former Sith Lord's leadership. However, a capital ship escaping the hostile space of Oricon crashed into the arctic landscape of the planet during Synovia's Golden Age. The new arrival was a former Sith named Zuhara, who had recently failed in an attempt to retake the planet of Oricon as a newly self-christened Dread Master.
With her surviving followers, Zuhara eventually came into contact with the Synovians and sought to convert the planet to her cause. The ruling leadership refused, managing to force Zuhara from the capital city after dismissing her threats that she would drive the ruling council to war with each other in chaos.
Over the course of a year, Zuhara's remnant Dread army waged a guerrilla tactics based war from her crashed starship, targeting power supply lines and driving the planet's population to angrily call for new leadership in the face of the Council being unable to win the war of attrition against an invading attacker. The Council found themselves at odds, questioning Death Swayer's leadership and inability to end the war. Erupting into infighting, the Council finds themselves helpless when Zuhara's forces breach into the council chambers, ready to deal the final blow.
With her blade raised, Zuhara found herself incapable of finishing the task. She had been led by her progress through life to believe in values of anarchy, but noticed a significant loss in her enjoyment of the chaos in her victory. Her former Jedi Master returns as an apparition shortly after, revealing that he had guided her to follow the path of complete anarchy to see where it led: the destruction of everything, including her. He revealed that his final lesson to Zuhara was to learn that extreme and to choose for herself whether or not she wanted it.
Zuhara shortly fled the chambers afterwards, retreating with her Dread Forces back to her crashed starship. Death Swayer saw potential in turning Zuhara into an ally after the display, discovering her crashed starship and offering her a place on his council. Initially refusing at first, Zuhara eventually returned to the city after a month and agreed to ally her forces with the rebuilding Synovian Empire.

Political Structure
After the events of the War on Terror, the Synovian Empire began to experience an overhaul within the leading power bases operating under the Empire's banner. With new Councilors ascending to the seats to replace the ones killed in fighting Zuhara's forces, political change had dramatically occurred:

The Odojinya
Zuhara's power base. With her loyal second in command general Randson from the events on Oricon, Zuhara leads this power base of Force users and non Force Users alike under her philosophy on fear and terror. The power base is half of its former depth in her Dread Empire, but still has a very strong sway in the political delegations.

The Prophets of Fear
Originally following under Zuhara's Dread Empire, this sector of her power base initially split from the Odojinya after aligning with the Synovians. While Zuhara's teachings indirectly discredit and defame the original Dread Masters, a group of former Sith sought to embody the Dread Masters' example and image. Raptus, the new self-ordained name to the unofficial leader of the group, leads his power base of Force Users that have taken up each name of the original Dread Masters and was appointed to the Council with one of his prominent leaders, much to Zuhara's unspoken dismay.

Vytasec LLC. (Limited Liability Company)
The current "Special Forces" within the Synovian Empire. Acting under Velkus as a highly skilled private military company. Used to gain a diplomatic reputation across the galaxy. All members of this organization are non force-users due to past tensions with allowing Sith on field operations. Technology and Tactics are the company's sword and shield. Vytasec operations have secured the Synovian Empire's place in the galaxy by rescuing allied politicians and diplomats, providing security to new factions to gain allies, and assassinating those who plot against the Synovians.

The Synovian Armed Forces
The established military of the Synovian Empire. Based around basic military structure and code, it is the main fighting force with in the empire. Encompassing both force and non force-users, its goal is to spread the military might and glory of their Emperor. Having engaged in many battles under the leadership of Xanthus and one of synovian's council members going by the name of "Reborn", they are the main offense and defense of the empire.

The Order Of The Synovian Legion
Firstly founded as the main force of Sith numbers in the early Synovian Empire under the Dark Lord Darth Cade'an as the Synovian Sith. Undone by Sith pride and arrogance the organization was reforged under the new banner the Order of the Synovian Legion lead by the Lord Commander Maklock, the Emperors former personal Wrath and the Synovian Councillor Etrokiz.

Synovian Peacekeepers
The Synovian Peacekeepers is a new power base of Highly skilled operatives and hunters from around the Galaxy that have been tasked at being the Military Police of Synovia. Under the Command of Lord Snow and the Hunter Jehshati.

Defection of the Council.
The first known notion for this noted years later during the events on Hoth where excavations of ancient Sadow'een Temples found scattered across the surface of Hoth were taking place. Here Maklock a ruling council member of th Synovians witnessed the siege laid down upon the world by the Zakuul forces led by the twin brothers in their first strikes against the Republic and Sith Empire. As one of the very few survivors following the Eternal Empire defect upon Hoth, Maklock see's the true power behind the Eternal Empire and not just the Skytrooper army and the occasional knight of Zakuul the rest of the Synovians have faced up to this point. Maklock takes his story to the Council of the Synovian Empire and to DeathSwayer himself speaking along the lines of "Have you gone mad?! We have an opertunity to become part of something greater if we merge our combined power! Something that could last for an eternity!" Alliterating that this is a war that Synovians will not win and that opening negotiations to begin assimilating an alliance with Zakuul is the future of their people. Using Korriban as an example, asuring that this will arise with any further foolish resistance.

With the Emperor and his fellow Council members refusing to hear his words of any sort of alliance between Synovia and the Eternal empire. With that they cotinine to organize their further resistance against the Zakuul. Maklock loses faith with his fellow Synovians believing full heartedly they will not see the truth of the Eternal Empires ever encroaching dominance upon the galaxy, as such Maklock convinces himself the Council and even the Lord Emperor DeathSwayer himself have become an encumbrance to the greater good of the galaxy which will come under the rule of the Eternal Throne. Maklock secretly brings his power base of the Order of the Synovian Legion together to hidden meetings, Here Maklock plots to destroy the Council and unseat DeathSwayer from the throne.

The Fall of Synovia.
Following the events of DeathSwayers failed negotiation with the Imperial Empire for the access of the Silencer super weapon which ended with Zakuul interfering and wiping out the imperial Moffs fleet and DeathSwayer himself getting shot down and nearly killed, Maklocks personal view of the eternals might was proven ever further. Maklock plots the first part of his plan to secretly steal the design plans of the Imperial super weapon code named "Silencer" from the Synovian Imperial allies to use them as a bargaining chip to gain favor of the Eternal Empire. Through diplomatic channel Maklock meets with the Shades of Chaos, a high ranking Sith group within their Empire allows Maklock access to the heavily blockaded world of Dromund Kass here Maklock lies and uses the Shades offering Synovian aid to Dromund Kass. They are able to get him inside the citadel archive chambers and instead of taking tactical info on Zakuul Maklock instead steals the top secret classified plans for the Silencer weapon. Killing both Imperial guards and the Shade Sith lords who helped him inside. Stageing the deaths to shift the blame to the Shades of Chaos, in the pandemonium he makes his escape back to Synovia.

With the plans for the Silencer in his possession, the most powerful weapon in the Sith Empires disposable against the Eternal Fleet. Maklock opens commination channels to Zakuul offering the plans and the planet itself in service of Zakuul in exchange for a place within its Empire. After a delegation meeting, Maklock hears a plan from the Zakuul to utilize the Silencer weapon and incorporate it into a new weapons platform. This platform they offer security to oversee peaceful transition of power to Zakuul across the galaxy. The first prototype of this platform codenamed Star Fortress is given to Maklock to lead its construction and Command as a now ordained EXARCH.

An Exarch's Wrath.
With the Star Fortress construction underway, the Exarch Maklock now in command of a portion of ships from the Eternal Fleet maintained a false front of loyalty to the Synovian Empire, often lying to the Council of his whereabouts during the construction of the Star Fortress noting he is attending to matters of the Synovian Legion across the galaxy. With the death of the Zakuul's Eternal emperor his son take his place upon the Eternal Throne. It is here war is called upon the factions of the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. As fighting ensues across the galaxy the Exarch Maklock is tasked with the removal of the Synovian threat. Utilizing the now complete and first porotype of Star Fortress, Maklock embarks to Synovian space, taking a portion of ships from the Eternal Fleet as escorts. Jumping out of hyperspace right into orbit over Synovia using his Synovian Council codes to disable any early warning systems. Using the ships at his disposal Maklock quickly blockaded the planet cutting off any form of escape and targets the planet for destruction using the super powered main cannon of the Star Fortress scorching the entirety of the planet’s surface, crippling the Synovians before they even have a chance to register the threat leaving the planet baron and lifeless.

Sending out encrypted messages across all Synovian emergency channels for the Synovians to find. Plans to next lure the rest of the Synovian forces aboard their flagship StormShadow. Watching their arrival Maklock finds the Shades of Chao also arrives in support of the Synovians. Maklock unleashing his ambush upon the emerged fleet. In a valiant but fateful effort the StormShadow and Chaos fleet finds itself heavily outmatched against the firepower of the Star Fortress and the ships of the Eternal Fleet. With their ships crippled Maklock holds his fire and send out an open holo channel to both ships. Here He sends his a call of surrender to the two forces finding that they could be turned into powerful allies. With the Synovians and Chaos Regime giving an outright refusal, the Exarch angers even further watching this prideful stupidity of the Synovians, that they would rather continue to let their brothers and sisters keep dying in pointless battles than admit to the Zakuul's clear superiority.

Convinced now that the Synovian council is leading them all to their death Maklock decides to show everyone there the price for following these Council members against the might of the eternal empire and. As Maklock decides to just put to the battle. Maklock charges and the fires the main weapon targeting the StormShadow. Rushing to make the shot, StormShadow manages to evade the deadly blast. With the Star Fortress still being only a prototype the weapon platform over heats itself after the shot and the whole fortress shuts down. Finding this as an opening to retreat the StormShadow and remaining Shade fleet escape.

Standing there watching the planet Synovia burn from orbit, Maklock in his mind believed that the Council out there were to blame for this outcome. That their actions lead to this happening and with the world and all its people now dead a silent vow was made, to hunt down and destroy the Council and most of all the Emperor DeathSwayer himself who he blamed most of all. Relentlessly searching across the galaxy for any trace of his former allies to either convert or wipe out.

An Empire Divided.
Suffering a massive defect with the lost of their homeworld and the crippling of their flagship StormShadow, the surviving Synovians abandon their ship over the planet Tatooine. Making an emerancy crash landing in their escape into the Dune Sea upon the planets surface aboard one of their shuttles. With Lord Sinnicus, one of the only acounted for Council members amongst the Synovians rallied his people and began the long treck towards a safe haven. Entering the hostile hotspot known as the OutLaws Den, Lord Sinnicus sends out a S.O.S call on all open frequencies from a deserted Com station.

Searching for his formor allies the Exarch Maklock intercepts the transmition and triangulates their location. Decideing to settle things once and for all Maklock sends his most powerful Knight named Virrth to deal to them, with Virrth being one of the fellow Synovians who joined Maklock in his Exodus of Synovia who strongly belived that the failed systems of each government in the galaxy did not compare to the efficiency of the Eternal Empire, nor did they compare to the unity displayed from their civilization. Sending his forces down to the surface aboard his personal shuttle sending also a whole contingent of his followers along with Virrth. Ambushing the Synovians before they could even leave the OutLaws Den. With neither lord Sinnicus nor the Synovians with him willing to agree to the Exarchs terms to join Zakuul, Virrth sets the surviving group up for excution. The Synovians end would have been certian of not for the intervention of a rouge group of members from the Dendarii Mercenary Fleet. These mercenaries picked up Lord Sinnicus's S.O.S rescuing the Synovians pushing back Maklocks forces enough to make a getaway to their Tatooine base of operations.

A Supermacy formed
Following words with their rescurers Lord Sinnicus details out a desire to find Zuhara, the strongest Force user amongst the Council. Rixbo the leader of the Dendarii questions why she is important, Sinnicus explains Zuhara was capable of undermining the entire Synovian Empire once, singlehandly through anarchistic and guerilla warfare tactcis. In regards to the situation, she would know what to do best. acknowledging she is simply meditating off at a hidden fortress, but has no specific information to determine where she is. Sinnicus then attempts to discover her presence through sensing tremors in the Force, knowing Zuhara will be responsible for any large outputs in the Dark Side for her experiments and attempts to understand the humanoid mind. Senseing a tremor on Yavin, Lord Sinnicus convinces Rixbo to take the group to find her there. Upon landing on the moon housing they come across powerful Synovian Council member the Dread Mistress Zuhara learning she had purposely withdrawn herself from the galaxy for sometime discovering new ways of powers within the relm of fear. With the Council broken and scattered and their Emperor Death Swayer missing, Zuhara herself takes up the mantle of leadership. With the Dendarii Mercenary Fleet marked by Zakuul for helping the Synovian Zuhara convinces the two factions to join forces uniting their numbers they form themselves under a new banner of The Krayt Supremacy.

A vow of vengence
Walking upon a pilgrimage at the time the lord Emperor Death Swayer sences through the force the utter destruction of his people on the homeworld of Synovia. In an attempt to save whatever remnants of his empire he can, the Emperor rushed to his planet only to find it a barren wasteland. Walking upon the ashes of its surface, Death Swayer tries to reach out through the force again trying to find any trace of his people. Feeling their presence the emperor Death Swayer embarks towards the desert planet of Tatooine.

Finding their encampment out beyond the Dune Sea, DeathSwayer finds the survivors of his people. Finding them under a new banner and Zuhara's watchful leadership, DeathSwayer became reluctant in showing himself to them. Feeling responabile for not being there to protect Synovia when they needed him and being the man who personally brought in Maklock into the fold from the Sith Empire. DeathSwayer felt that it was up to him to seek out the justice for what Maklock had done. Unwilling to put at risk the last few Synovians that are left he decides to go on his own in pursuit of the Synovian tratior.

As Death Swayer was to embark on his quest for justice. Boarding his shuttle, a small party of robed figures approched him. Showing themselves to being fellow Synovian Council members. Feeling the same way as DeathSwayer felt that they also had a duty to seek out the one who turned against them. While trusting Zuhara with leading the legacy of the Synovian people under the title of the The Krayt Supremacy they depart in their search of the tratior Maklock.

An Exarch's Duty
Meanwhile in the Eternal Empire the Exarch Maklock who belived the Synovians were no longer a threat with no homeworld or a fleet returned to Zakuul to reseive further orders from his Emperor Arcann. Arcann who detested the Scions brought his Knights together from which he ordered a purge to mass slaughter of all of the The Scions of Zakuul, or commonly known simply as the Scions, they stood as a division of the Knights of Zakuul who possessed the ability to see the future through the Force and were infatuated with the idea of destiny who believed in their visions to the point of fanaticism.

During the purge the Exarch Maklock comes across a refuge of Scions down in the lower levels of the Old World, the place where Valkorion first attempted Zakuul's civilization now left to the outcasts and seedier members of their society. Flushing out the Scions and killing as many as he could, they flee down into the marshlands of the Endless Swamp. Giving chase Maklock corners them in the narrow canyons walls amongst the swamps. Striking them down one by one Maklock stares down the last Scion before him. In his last words the Scion bestows a prophecy of fate upon him where it was foreseen through the force that it is destiny the Exarch's downfall will occur by that of a Synovian.

Unlike Arcann who looked upon force visions as superstitious nonsence, Maklock grew wary of the words spoken to him by the Scion. With the following months that past a small faction in the outterrim began hit and run ambushes against Zakuul forces and stealing resources bound for the Eternal empire. Looking into the attacks further the attacks bared a resemblance to that of the mistress Zuhara and her remnant Dread army forces during the war of terror years before. With this area of the galaxy in the vicinity of the Synovians last known location and no resently spotting of the Synovians or Dendarii forces reported for some time, the Exarch came to the conclusion that they have rallied themselves under the command of Zuhara herself and have formed some new faction and are striking back against the new emerging dominance of Zakuul and of Maklock himself. Convinced that this was the prophecy spoken by the Scion coming to fruition, Maklock becomes determinded to not allowed this prophecy to come pass. Dispatching Virrth upon the galaxy, tasked with the sole mission to seek and destroy Zuhara and her forces at any cost with any means nessercery.

The Fall of a Galaxy
As a following 2 years passed the war for the galaxy shifted under the leadership of Eternal Emperor Arcann. Arcann used the death of his father to wage a conquest of the Core Worlds that would see the Republic and Sith Empire on the losing end, with the Eternal Fleet favoring ambush tactics and the massive technological superiority to destroy the bulk of both sides' fleetswar was swift and brutal. Directing the fleet from the Eternal Throne, the new Emperor attacked both Republic and Empire at once, destroying their shipyards and blockading the major trade routes. The Eternal Empire had numbers and speed on its side; only ships powered with isotope-5 could hope to evade the more powerful vessels of the Eternal Fleet. Within three months, they had achieved naval superiority over both sides, and by the end of the first year, the Republic capital of Coruscant and the Imperial capital of Dromund Kaas were blockaded. The Dark Council of the Sith Empire fought on, but without Marr's leadership, the Council was all but destroyed. Similarly, the Republic's Supreme Chancellor, Leontyne Saresh, refused to submit the Republic to Zakuulan authority - and, incredibly, waged a war against both the Eternal Empire and the Sith Empire, at the cost of millions of Republic lives. Saresh was swiftly overridden by the Galactic Senate, which sued for peace. The Minister of Logistics did likewise for the Empire.

Both sides sent emissaries - Senator Evran for the Republic, and Darth Vowrawn for the Empire - to Zakuul, where they were brought before Arcann.The Emperor agreed to a ceasefire, provided that the Republic and the Empire pay heavy tribute to Zakuul and submit to armament restrictions. With little option left to them, both sides agreed. In the years that followed, Saresh was out of power, but continued to dictate policy through her successor, Madon. Similarly, with the Dark Council practically dissolved, its one visible remaining member, Darth Acina, declared herself Empress of the Sith. Even after this, the war between the Republic and the Empire continued - Saresh unwilling to even consider any form of alliance with the Sith to overthrow the Eternal Empire - and Arcann allowed it to continue, provided that they acknowledge the supremacy of Zakuul, and continue to pay the tribute demanded of them.

As a measure of holding the peace under the terms, Maklock orchestrated with Arcann a plan to not only keep the galaxy in line but also draw out Zuhara and the hidden Synovians by eliminating safe havens across the galaxy and done without having to use any force of occupational armies. this began by deploying hundreds more powerful Star Fortresses across the galaxy in orbit around major planets, such as Alderaan, Belsavis, and Voss. These battle stations were commanded not only by new Exarchs ordained by Arcann himself but also an A.I systemed codenamed EPHEMERIS. Ruling the majority of the computerized functions required to run the station,With the Star Fortress powerful superweapon cannon and the ever watchful eye of EPHEMERIS on the worlds below for any sign of resistance. Maklocks plan essentially became to hold the planets and their populations hostage leaving his adversaries nowhere safe to go or hide and no allies to find.

A Legacy Ends
In the following months as Zakuul prospered from their tributes from the Republic and Sith Empire. Certain groups without the galaxy began revolts against the Eternal Empire. After one attempt of resistance was squashed on Bothawui by a Star Fortress, The Krayt Supremacy began humanitarian efforts across the galaxy bringing food aid or smuggling key people off occupied worlds. Through these good deeds though it came at a cost, with the word spreading of them Virrth was able to set a trap. Sending out a fake S.O.S signal in deep space the Krayt Supremacy sent their capital ship The Wretched Hive to assist. As soon as it arrived out of hyperspace the trap was sprung, ambushing the ship. Quickly overwhelming their defenses Virrth boards their capital ship with a handful of Knights. Fending off Supremacy members as they fight their way up to the bridge, soon finds himself outnumbered Virrth is forced to surrender to the Krayt Supremacy. With one of the key Synovian traitors captured they force the Zakuul forces to stand down as they plot a course to Yavin IV to deliver their prize to Zuhara to bestow punishment upon Virrth.

Upon the arrival of The Wretched Hive to Yavin IV to Zuhara's hidden temple they are surprised at the composure of their prisoner as they march him to his certain death. It is not till Virrth was place before Zuhara herself that a shocking truth was revealed. Virrth shares that the initial attack itself was not some mare attempt to wipe them out aboard their ship, but the whole capture itself was planned knowing they would bring Virrth right to the true power of the Krayt Supremacy, the true one hidden in the shadows pulling all the strings against the might of Zakuul and they delivered Virrth right to her pointing to a tacking device implanted at the back of his neck. Looking up their worse fears were founded as the sky above them filled up with the ships of the entire Eternal Fleet as well as the Star Fortress itself commanded by traitor Maklock determined to put an end to his old allies and remove the threat of the prophecy given by an Scions vision that he would fall to a Synovian.

As the ferocious battle insumes across the temple grounds as wave after wave of Skytroppers land on the moon, Zuhara and Virrth clash in a furious personal battle. Meanwhile aboard the Star Fortress Maklock leads the orbital forces against the small flotilla of isotope 5 enhanced star ships the Krayt Supremacy have procured. With Maklock focused on the battle before him and Virrth's raging attack below no one notices the arrival of a small Zakuul shuttle that drops out of hyperspace deep behind the Eternal fleet’s line and managers to dock onto the Star Fortress. As Knight and Skytroppers gather in the hanger as honor guard for this shuttles arrival they watch as the shuttle door opens and before them stands the DeathSwayer. DeathSwayer who had stolen a Zakuul shuttle and been hunting Maklock across the galaxy. With Virrth deploying the bulk of the Exarch ground forces for the temple assault the Star Fortress is virtually unguarded. Swiftly destroying the EPHEMERIS A.I system on Maklocks star fortress no warning is given to the Exarch of DeathSwayers arrival or him encroaching on Maklocks position on the command deck.

Breaching the command deck a fierce light saber battle erupts between the Lord Emperor DeathSwayer and the Exarch Maklock. Throughout the duel between the two warriors the Deathswayer speaks to Maklock of how Arcann had twisted the Exarch into becoming a murdering tool of Zakuul falling far from the ideals of what the former Emperor Valkorion envisioned when he was brought into the Eternal Empire so long ago. Failing to hear his words at first Maklock stood loyal believing the ends justify the means. Beating Maklock into a corner and his blade raised ready for the final blow DeathSwayer stays his hand, asking one last time that this is the chance to restore whatever honor you have left and see what you have become that this moment was his chance to do the right thing. Realizing the truth in his former Emperors words Maklock drops his saber to the floor, telling the DeathSwayer to get the Supremacy together to make a run for it as he man the controls of his powerful weapons platform and turns in on the Eternal fleet sacrificing himself and the battle station that had taken so much from the galaxy under the rule of Arcann's corrupt and oppressive direction

Meanwhile on the temple below the battle raged on, it was not till DeathSwayers voice surprisingly rang out over Virrth's com device as it did they all look up to the sky at the mighty Star Fortress firing it main cannon and all other weapons upon the Eternal Fleet, shocked at the events happening above Virrth dropped his guard long enough to Zuhara to take the advantage and with a final decisive blow the former Synovian turned traitor met his end. From looking on from the surface as mass amounts of ships from the Eternal Fleet suddenly getting disintegrated from the repeated blasts from the Fortress main weapon. Even with all the damage the Eternal Fleet receiving while getting decimated the Fortress it was still no match for the share power and numbers the Eternal Fleet possessed. As the mighty platform was getting slowly torn apart all the Skytroppers on the ground began to shut down from the command console aboard the fortress leaving the Knight of Zakuul defenseless against the Krayt Supremacy. As the last Knight fell they look up at the sky once more watching the Fortress that had saved them began to fall from orbit.

With no clear victory to be had the Eternal Fleet withdrew from the Yavin system. As the Star Fortress begins to burn up in the atmosphere a shuttle was spotted exiting and headed down to the temple below carried onboard was the DeathSwayer. Upon landing the group rushes to congratulate their hero. Responding to the people gathered that it wasn’t just him but it was Maklock himself who made the ultimate sacrifice going down with the Star Fortress ensuring the Zakuul were fought off and that the weapon power core didn’t meltdown during its destruction and deactivating the Skytrooper forces for the Supremacy's forces giving them their chance for victory. With their eyes looking above one final time they stand in tribute as the platform burns up in the atmosphere as it falls out of orbit taking Maklock the last of the traitors of Synovia with it.

It was here where the DeathSwayer and Zuhara finally met face to face again after so many years. Standing before the victorious members of the Krayt Supremacy speaking of their former emperors return in that you were our Emperor, DeathSwayer, it is your right to lead us again. In a surprising turn DeathSwayer steps away from leadership he had held from its early origins saying that In a Supremacy I do not know, I am no longer your Emperor, Zuhara, Its time for me to walk a different path, a path away from war, conflict and from the DeathSwayer itself. With that he lifts his hands and pulls off his mask and for the first time the people looked upon his true face. Unclipping his saber from his belt he places his mask and saber in Zuhara’s hands. As the now former Emperor turned to depart he received a honorable farewell with the entire Krayt Supremacy taking a final kneel before DeathSwayer. Upon his departure Zuhara along with members of the Supremacy erects a statue of the former emperor, donning the mask of the man himself upon it and in its hand clinching the lightsaber of the DeathSwayer this monument stood as a symbol to every leader of the Supremacy that followed of the ideals and conviction that would shape the archetype of the Krayt Supremacy for every generation that followed throughout the centuries that were to follow.

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