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Roleplay Workshop / Sith and music
« on: 11/19/19, 09:40:49 PM »
Are there any bits of lore about the Sith and music, or their thoughts on music? I've never actually heard any references to a Sith playing instruments or singing, not even stuff like melodic ritual chants and hymns.

I can totally see some Sith taking a stance against music because it can evoke unintended emotions, or because it's a petty waste of time compared to getting swole. I can also see the opposite tho, because freedom is (at least in theory) a big part of Sith philosophy and presumably that doesn't just mean exercising their radical freedom to buy fancy overpriced perfumes.

I don't really need an excuse to give my Darth a lyra, she is totally a lawful evil bard and was originally a Jedi anyway, but i'm curious to hear if anyone else has thought about in-universe Sith music. Or even Jedi music for that matter.

For once I actually have something that I want to sell instead of buy, Darth Malgus's Breastplate (just the chest part)! Though i'm not sure if anyone will want it, it's overpriced and looks kinda bad? And also I think it's covered in radioactive soot, I put it through the washing machine but my vision still goes kinda fuzzy whenever I walk into my wardrobe. Who would drop a perfectly good Darth into an exploding space station's hypermatter annihilator like that?

There's only one on the GTN for 10 million credits so maybe someone can flip it for a profit, I just want to get rid of it immediately so I can fund my fashion lol. I think i'm looking for like 6-8 million based on that GTN price, but I really don't know what i'm doing so it's very negotiable. Trades for other armours or decorations or other things are also welcome!

Roleplay Workshop / Sith Order-Sith Intelligence relations?
« on: 06/18/19, 09:23:47 AM »
I recently decided that I should probably have a Sith Intelligence character, so I made one. Now I realized that I don't know anything about Sith Intelligence or their predecessor because the last time I did something involving them as protagonists was like 5 years ago lol.

So what's the dynamic between the Sith and their current intelligence service? Are they a totally isolated branch who only take orders from their own non-Sithy commanders (aside from the head of whatever sphere it is) or are they like the military where Sith have their own personal groups of intelligence officers mixed in with the normal Imperial ones? I seem to recall it was implied that Sith Intelligence would be built with more Sith oversight in the Imperial Agent story, but I don't know how Imperial Intelligence was set up previously for comparison and I don't remember having many Sith/intelligence officer interactions in Sith or Agent quests either.

Worldbuilding and Community / Republic uniform colours
« on: 07/11/18, 01:09:25 PM »
Everyone focuses on Imperial dress but nobody seems to care for the spiffy pub ones. :( So here's a quickly made list of different NPC uniform styles which hopefully will give people inspiration as to what colours to use in their own pub troopers! The outfit itself requires fleet commendations but it's not hard to get those from GSF.

Navy Colours:

The Navy uses two standard uniforms and both can be found pretty much everywhere. The orange/brown one can be done with existing dyes, the brown/blue one cannot tho. :/

Orange with brown pants. Some pilots and flight crew wear full orange uniforms instead of having brown pants, you can find those on Makeb and the fleet.

Dark brown with blue sleeves and khaki pants.

Red with white pants. I think this is for starfighter wing commanders since it only shows up in the GSF hangars and a lot of Republic pilots wear red, you can even see one in the background.

Army Colours:

The Republic Army uses the same few colours (blue, brown, beige, and white) but in a bunch of different combinations with seemingly no rhyme or reason. Except for this Private. Most of these don't have suitable dyes unfortunately.

The standard colour, beige with various shades of brown sleeves. Found pretty much everywhere from Belsavis to Alderaan, this picture is from Balmorra.

Beige with blue sleeves. Found on Corellia.

Blue with white sleeves and pants. Found on Ord Mantell.

Blue with white sleeves and dark blue pants. Found on Corellia and Balmorra.

Dark brown with blue sleeves and khaki pants, found on Corellia. This is a Navy uniform, so maybe they're a marine?

Dark greyish brown with varying sleeves. Found on Ilum with rust-coloured sleeves and Yavin IV with pale green sleeves.

Other Branches:

Prison guards/officers seem to wear orange. The guy on the top was General of Belsavis and wears orange with brown pants. On the bottom is just a generic Belsavis officer wearing beige with orange pants/sleeves, it looks horrible so don't use that one.

Worldbuilding and Community / Jedi and mental disorders
« on: 06/25/18, 11:19:33 PM »
How do the Jedi deal with mental disorders? Are there any sort of established methods for certain types? Or magic force techniques that aren't scarily close to Sith alchemy?

Specifically what I want to know is how the Order helps members who have PTSD, especially from Sith-related trauma, but i'm also kinda curious as to how they'd manage things like schizophrenia or other psychotic disorders. Or if they'd even recruit people who have preexisting conditions in the first place.

I feel like there's probably no established lore on this topic, so any headcanons or RP people have done involving that sort of thing would be helpful.

Cantina / Your RP characters as in-game NPCs/enemies
« on: 04/29/18, 06:44:01 PM »
My bored daydreaming has led me to thinking about how my characters and their IC allies/followers would fit as NPCs in SWTOR. I mostly think of operation or flashpoint encounters, like what their attacks would be and all that, but sometimes also what their dialogue would be if they were story or side quest givers in new planets/areas. It's an interesting way to think of how they would fit into the SWTOR world.

If anyone else has thought up stuff like that, like quest lines involving their RP characters or raid boss encounters or daily areas or anything else similar, i'd love to see it! :)

edit: also companions! I tend to think of who my characters could be companions to, whether it's to an existing class or another character.

I have a fleshed out raid idea involving my main's power base that I can post here eventually once I have it formatted. It's probably to be followed by a second raid too à la Dread Fortress and Dread Palace, but it's a lot of work to think up all the mechanics lol.

Cantina / Creative decorating!
« on: 02/16/18, 03:38:02 PM »
I thought it would be nice to have a fashion thread for strongholds, and I couldn't find any old ones that I swear existed at some point, so here is one.

What are your favourite decorating arrangements that you've done? Like groups of decorations that work really well together, individual decorations used in a unique way, or just sections or rooms in strongholds that look nice!

Also a quick tip that might help for screenshots: Your FOV is increased while mounted, so if you're on a speeder you can capture more stuff in one picture. Even while zoomed in all the way.

Here are a few minor things to start off with.

An Eternal Throne with force focuses on it. Also flags!

A desk! With a computer!

My favourite, literally just four couches around a square decoration. It works with most any square decoration, I like to use Yavin Obelisks and Rakata Energy Pylons tho because there's no square planters big enough.

Roleplay Workshop / Pub military RP?
« on: 02/06/18, 07:35:02 PM »
I know we have a lot of Jedi here, but I haven't heard about any other stuff pub-side in a long time. So are there any people or active guilds doing pub military RP right now? Like with troopers and open combat. Covert stuff is fun too but the thread for SIS things already went nowhere.

I should probably note that i'm specifically talking about the usual pub vs imp things. None of that alliance crap, lol.

Roleplay Workshop / Stealth weapons?
« on: 02/04/18, 08:48:03 AM »
What are the best options for stealthy ranged weapons in the current era? I know stealth blasters don't exist yet, and slugthrowers can be made silent, but that's about the extent of my knowledge on stealth weapons in Star Wars.

I'm not sure how useful a suppressed slugthrower would be against any sort of armour without completely removing its stealthiness, so is there a better choice?

The Trading Floor / WTS things
« on: 01/05/18, 07:33:42 PM »
I have a lot of things which i'm probably not going to use, and I can't use the GTN because of credit limits, so i'm going to sell them here!

Prices are very negotiable, i'm just listing the GTN prices here for reference because idk what else to put. Some of them are just ridiculous so feel free to completely ignore them and suggest your own price, lol. Also I added TOR fashion links to everything.

Armour Parts

Hoth Ranger's Jacket - 340,000
Drifter Breastplate - 290,000
Elegant Loungewear Top - 700,000
Calo Nord's Pants - 999,000
Calo Nord's Belt - 500,000
Revan's Robes (the lower part) x2 - 1,300,000
Freedon Nadd's Helmet - 1,000,000
Despot's Belt - 260,000
Sith Raider Belt - Not even on the GTN.
Sith Raider Armguards - Also not on the GTN.
Orbalisk Belt - 695,000

Armour Boxes

Marshland Ambusher Armour Set (the whole thing) - 200,000
Hoth Ranger's Upper Body Armour - 340,000
Zakuulan Inquisitor's Upper Body Armour - 1,355,555
Wartime Ambassador's Upper Body Armour - 1,700,000
Alliance Emissary's Lower Body Armour - 150,000
Sanguine Commando's Supplementary Body Armour (eyepatch!) - 900,000


Max-Tac Precision Sniper Rifle - 11,899,999
Satele Shan's Dualsaber - 2,900,000

Other Things

Scarred Chemlizard - 412,000
Flag: House Alde (decoration) - 400,000
Rakata Mystic (decoration) - 2,499,999
Micro-Aggressor Droid (pet) - 1,200,000
Snowline Vorn Tiger (also a pet) - 4,400,000
Emote: Cheer 2 - 2,500,000
Emote: Mind Prison Spin - 124,500

Things which are too cheap to sell so i'll give them away for free

Ajunta Pall's Pants
Calo Nord's Gloves
Imperial Field Agent's Helmet
Taskmaster's Cap
Advanced Slicer Upper Body Armour
Outlander Maverick Upper Body Armour
Nimble Brawler's Lower Body Armour
Outlander Explorer Supplementary Body Armour
Indomitable Raider's Sniper Rifle x3
DS-8 Starforged Sniper Rifle
Juvenile Nathema Spawn
Chance Cube
Advanced Pink-Yellow War Hero's Crystal

Also if anyone wants to trade some of these items for the Calculated Mercenary set, that is an option!

The Trading Floor / Squiggly's WTB things
« on: 01/03/18, 03:22:11 PM »

:whee: It's a thing finally!

Am willing to pay millions of credits for the full set. I have 17.4 million in my legacy bank that I can use immediately, if that's not enough I can also get a whole lot more from my guild bank but that could take several days. I think in the past i've usually paid around 2-3 million for full direct buy sets if that matters.

edit: changed title because i'm buying too much lol. also I have obtained the set now! gonna keep using this thread tho, because why not?

The Trading Floor / WTB many things tbh
« on: 11/29/17, 06:57:07 AM »
It looks like a freaking axe and that's awesome. Looking for the short one tho, not the full-size one.

picture because it's not on TOR fashion yet:

Willing to trade items or credits for it. Not sure what the price is going to be on the GTN, but it's gold and it's a melee weapon so that's slightly worrying.

The Trading Floor / WTB Sensuous Dress set
« on: 11/09/17, 07:14:30 AM »
It's on the cartel market for direct buy right now for 1,440 cartel coins. Not sure what a fair price is, but obviously less is better. :P

I have a Max-Tac precision rifle and Satele Shan's dualsaber for trade, but I can pay in credits or hugs or whatever too.

Edit: Just to clarify things I am willing to pay millions of credits to get this set. That second sentence was a joke.

Media Gallery / Squiggly's artsy things and worldbuilding
« on: 09/28/17, 08:45:26 PM »
I am usually not a drawing person. But trying to make an RPG campaign setting inspired me to at least try some sketching, and it didn't go 100% terribly! They're still fairly crap but I am actually satisfied, or at least I don't feel like scrapping everything which is basically close enough.

I might branch out into GW2 and SWTOR portraits, mostly the latter because I always wanted to draw Sith and Imperials. For now it's just generic space fantasy stuff tho.

edit: I updated some of these a while back with better shading or whatever so i'll put the new ones next to the old ones.

Mantle Sub-Officer

The primary military force of the Immortal Dominion of Sol is the Mantle, a highly trained professional army with strict physical standards and high-tech gear. They are split into the Order of the Navy and the Order of the Army, both having a rigid hierarchy and being subordinate to the Dominion's central church.

The standard attire of an army sub-officer is a suit of Auspice Armour, made of curved adamantine plates and an arasilk suit to provide effective protection against shrapnel or light particle beam fire. As sub-officers do not have a dress uniform, their armour tends to fill the same role as formal attire instead of being purely functional.

Alessian Librarian

Valoran Librarian

Librarians are servants of the Dominion's two goddesses, chosen from extremely powerful mages and enhanced by divine magic to become nearly immortal beings of incredible power. They are rare, however, and tend to live in secluded monasteries where they study without interference from the outside world.

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