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Yeah, hate it when teams dissolve.  We'd gotten past HM bulo when mine dissolved a number of months ago.  Really miss it.

I am totally down for progression.  Right now, I am mostly raiding on ebon hawk, but I do have  pub side and imp side toons at cap, and would love to start proging with them.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: Seenine's Identifier Thread
« on: 05/14/15, 06:26:26 AM »

I'd say they are also doing it because they've gotten a lot of feedback regarding the fact that anyone rolling alts that are of the same class have to go do all the same quests over and over and over again.  It's been something that's been brought up more then once that it would be nice to have some way to skip planets or not have to always be repeating the same missions if you make an alt of the same class, and I think this is likely their way of doing that.

I think it's also a way to try and keep subs, as well as get new ones, and a way to sort of 'make up' for the fact that the didn't have any sort of 'special' for subs with the past couple promotions, as they'd recieved a number of complaints regarding that.  And because they've been loosing subs (for various reasons). 

I'm also of the opinion that last time when they did it it wasn't so much to get people leveled up as it was to get people to preorder the expansion, particularly as the expansion costed more (for subs at least) this time around then RotHC did for the preorder. 

Basically, they are doing it because they figure that it will make them more money.

"D'y e'en know what day, yet?"  Nial spoke up from his glass.

"Sure y' c'n."  Nial commented to Crimsen.  "B' Kath'd pro'lly kill y' f' i'."

"Think she's righ'."  Nial commented to Crim, refering to Jessak.  "Y' ain't 'ad 'nuff prac'ise drinkin' t' outdrink m'."

He shook his head slightly, mostly amused, as Jessak went off on getting Ash fitted into a dress.  He shot the smuggler a 'you shouldn't have said anything' look.

"I' ain't ph'los'phy."  Nial commented with a snort.  "Nicknames jus' don' make sense."

"Y', well, ain' m' fault 's us'lly true."  Nial half-muttered to Jessak.

He cocked an eyebrow at Deray as he listed off nicknames, not entirely sure of why this was even being done.  Or what the point of the nickname thing was.  He was drunk enough for that question to skip his mental filter, too.

"Uh, why?"

"Drink i'."  Nial replied to Jessak, a bit cheekily, before placing his order for 'whatever was strongest'. 

"What's 'e talkin' 'bout, nicknames?"  Nial asked her, tone, and expression, a bit on the confused end of things.  He'd clearly walked into the middle of something or another. 

"Thanks f' th' drink."  He commented to Deray, however, raising his glass slightly before downing a good sized gulp of it.    "N' what's wron' wi' that?"  He asked Jessak, refering to her comment about 'not being drunk enough'.  "Mos' people ain't drunk 'nuff f' stuff."

He was saved from having to scramble to try and save face further by Crimsens arival and question.  His expression went a bit blank at the question, however. 

"Uh, I thin' s'?"


Nial was, for once, the one walking in after other people were already at the cantina, and he blinked slightly in surprise to see Jessak already there.  And already at the cantina he was going to be going to.  She had to be tracking him, or something.  Not that he actually had any complaints about running into her all the time.  Though he wasn't going to admit it to himself, much less her (or anyone else), he was getting used to seeing her around, even comfortable with it, and rather liked having someone he felt comfortable around.  A friend, really.

"Y' payin' f' drinks?"  He asked as he took up an open spot near her at the bar, meaning it mostly teasingly.

Storyboards / Re: Aurodium Slave Run (Open RP*)
« on: 04/26/15, 10:17:06 AM »
((I'm sorry for how late this reply is.  I've been out of it most of the past two weeks to some extent or another due to one combination of pain killers and muscle relaxers or another.  BUT now I am good.))

Nial, having not wanted to be involved in any potential killing or anything that could result in anything similar, had kept mostly to the 'back' of the group, sticking with the slaves they were freeing.  Once they'd been preliminarily freed, he'd acted not unlike a very protective sheep dog, hearding them into the ship that was to take them the rest of the way to freedom and sticking with them until he'd 'hearded' all of them on before making his own escape from the place.


Nial showed up to Ro'an's later then the others, and from the bottle in his hand that was missing a few gulps worth of liquid, it was easy to see what had kept him.  He made his way over to where Ro'an and Ash stood, a slight, purely defensive scowl on his face. 

"Only 'elped 'cause y' made me."  He muttered to Ro as he took up a on the oposite side of her from Ash.  That statement was complete and utterly false, and it would have been fairly easy to tell as he was projecting a general sense of pride/pleased/content/self-congratulations and the rest of a flurry of emotions that came from helping people because he wanted to, along with the general sense that he felt he had to add on the disclosure about being 'forced' to help to hide it. 

He took another quick swig from the bottle in his hand, eyeing Ro out of the corner of his eye as he ostensibly watched the group in front of them.  It wasn't exactly a challenge, his attempting to drink a bottle of alcohol in front of her.  After all, he really did want to drink, particularly after what they'd just done, in a combination of celebration and his usual other reasons for drinking.  It was, however, a small attempt to see exactly how far he'd be able to stretch the 'line' before Ro kicked him out, like a kid might test a parent.  Not that he had really thought it out like that, of course.

Storyboards / Re: The Temple Grounds (Open RP)
« on: 04/26/15, 09:47:09 AM »
Kai caught the twi'lek's shake of the head out of the corner of his eyes and ducked his own head slightly in embarrasment.  Of course she'd think he was an idiot incapable of speach, seeing as he wasn't doing too awefully well at talking. 

"S-s-sorry."  He half-whispered the quite sincere apology.  "I-I'm, um, I, th-that is, um, I'm n-n-not v-very good at, um, a-at t-t-talking to p-p-people." 

((I apologize that it took this incredibly long for me to post.  I was out of it most of the past couple weeks.  ))

Storyboards / Re: The Temple Grounds (Open RP)
« on: 04/20/15, 09:49:17 AM »
"W-well, b-because I'm n-not."  Kai replied to her, figuring she had been refering to his comment about his lack of skill with a saber.  Or maybe she'd been refering to what he'd said about not being able to do much.  He wasn't sure. 

"A-and, w-w-well..."  He shrugged slightly as he went to explain what he meant about not being able to do much, just in case that had been what she'd meant.  He was saved from having to do so by the two newcomers to the 'spot', and felt mixed relief and nervousness over that.

"Oh, uh, h-h-hello."  He said, quite shyly, his cheeks darkeneing again.

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