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Title: News Channel Feeds
Post by: Colton on 12/23/12, 02:48:40 AM
Across the galaxy there are many news networks. Here are a few:

RNN - Republic News Network - Galactic news broadcast within Republic space
IDI - Imperial Department of Information - Runs several news stations, including INN(Imperial News Network)
IFH - Imperial Free Holonet - Pirate radio from deep within Imperial space.
RNS - Royal News Service - Alderaan planetary news
NSNN - Nar Shaddaa Nightly News - All the latest gossip from the shining center of Hutt space
ORFH - Outer Rim Free Holonews - Broadcasts cobbled together by hobbiests in untamed space
GSPN - Galactic Sports Programming Network - All sports, all the time
HNC - Holonews Coruscant - Coruscant planetary news and Senate politics
CCFB - Coronet City Free Broadcasting - Pirate Radio operating out of the Corellian Sector
VUE - space!Discovery Channel - Edutainment network

ERN - Erinian Royal News - The official news outlet of the Erini System

And of course, feel free to make your own!


Official Carrick Station announcement:

You may have heard that an alleged army of baby gizka have taken up residence on the station. Reports from across the station indicate that there are indeed gizka on board, and they do represent sizable numbers of a couple dozen. However, the rumor that there are over 60 gizka currently running rampant within the station's ventilation and maintenance ducts are absolutely false. Carrick Station security is currently dealing with the infestation. We assure you, this problem is contained and will be resolved swiftly and safely, and there is absolutely no danger of the gizka boarding anyone's ship. Thank you.
Title: Re: The Rumor Mill
Post by: Sionn on 01/13/13, 08:36:32 PM
Official Report from House Thul:

Scouts report of increased Killik attacks against one of our enemies,House Teral. They seem to be moving and acting like well trained soldiers instead of sending wave after wave of soldiers. What is odd is that scouts report that a masked figure was leading the insects in their attacks against House Teral. We are adding it up to one of the bugsluts that the Killik's have forced to join up with them. If anyone has information on this masked bughugger, please send word to House Thul.
Title: Re: The Rumor Mill
Post by: Kyp on 01/25/13, 11:34:59 PM
A banner comes across the section seventeen local holo channel. "S17 Smuggler's Moon News"

Tonight! On Sector seventeen news:

A young Zabrak and his human co-anchor put their data pads down as they look to the recorder.

"Well Kirol, you won't believe this. A Republic agent and two Jedi were attacked tonight on the promenade nearby the Dawnstar barge. Witnesses won't talk as usual, but Gratha, the hutt in governorship over our fine sector tells us it was an isolated incident, and they have it in hand.

The human nods at the Zabrak's intro.

That's right, Gratha tells us that the Republic is paying for damages to the property involved. What's interesting is that the Republic agents purportedly involved with this incident are those of that new "Enhancement Agency" Or whichever. You know, the ones that are causing all the taxes to rise here? Anyways, Gratha tells us that your average consumer shouldn't worry about this type of violence. Not when there's so much other violence to worry about anyway.

The Zabrak laughs at Kirol's joke of an "Enhancement Agency"

In another story, a Sector 17 family is baffled at a man sized dent in their personal vehicle.

A clip showing the damage to a personal speeder plays as the anchors go on.

People say that while they've heard of bodies occasionally falling on vehicles from the promenade, none have ever simply shook it off and continued moving onward without leaving anything behind! Walking corpses, I tell you Gary.

Title: Re: The Rumor Mill
Post by: Wymarc on 01/28/13, 10:24:11 AM
RNS - Royal News Service: Alderaan's premier news network! ~~House Teral overrun by Killiks!~~Rist heir kidnapped!~~Sith in the Juran Mountains?~~Hostilities worsening between House Thul and House Organa~~RNS - Royal News Service: Alderaan's premier news network!

"Amongst rumors of increased Killik activity in the Juran Mountains, House Organa is hosting a council to assess the Killik threat and determine what actions are needed to contain this menace. House Organa has invited House Alde, House Antillies, House Teral, and to everyone's surprise, House Rist. Rumors also abound that the lost heir of House Wymarc will be in attendance, though his motives are unclear at this time.

Does this meeting signify a lessening of conflict in the area, or the opening of a new battleground? Only time will tell."

RNS - Royal News Service: Alderaan's premier news network! ~~House Teral overrun by Killiks!~~Rist heir kidnapped!~~Sith in the Juran Mountains?~~Hostilities worsening between House Thul and House Organa~~RNS - Royal News Service: Alderaan's premier news network!
Title: Re: The Rumor Mill
Post by: Semah on 01/31/13, 07:44:53 PM
Republic Network News: Financial Update

Manaan: This morning, the Selkath announced an 11.5 percent price increase on Kolto extract. This hike is the latest of a series, and the largest since the Treaty of Coruscant.   Public records reveal that the Republic military spent over 43 billion credits on Kolto last year, up from 35 billion in the prior year of the war. Medics fear that continuing price increases will result in cost-cutting measures, robbing our troops of the vital fluid. Even far from the front lines, the squeeze is being felt.

A Republic lieutenant on Nar Shaddaa, speaking on condition of anonymity, gave us her thoughts on the matter: "We need kolto, no buts about it. Regs have always had each trooper carry an ampule of kolto in their kit. Last week, the orders came down that kolto would be restricted to medics. I don't know what plast-pusher came up with the idea, but they've clearly never served in combat." The lieutenant paused, clearly upset. "I was on Balmorra when then empire invaded, took shelter with my squad in an abandoned storefront. The imps found us, and I took a bolt to the knee." She rolls up her trousers, revealing an ugly scar from thigh to calf. "Without my kolto pack, and my buddy's too, I'd have bled out in that storefront. Our troops need that kolto."

Meanwhile, Imperial sources report that kolto distribution and purchasing proceeds as normal, but a source on Coruscant reports that numerous captured Imperial ground troops have been without their standard kolto packs as well. Is lack of kolto a deterrent to further war, or will it only mean more tragic losses on both sides?

RNN: We report. You decide.
Title: Re: The Rumor Mill
Post by: Alumar on 02/08/13, 02:48:32 PM
Advertisement on several major holonet channels:


Tonight only at the Dancer's Retreat Barge off the Promenade on Nar Shaada-

Management is proud to introduce a new line of select and rare liquors,
imported from a little known independent world, and guaranteed to rock yours!

Vysint comes in a variety of poignant and subtle fruit tinged flavors and hits like tihaar.

Come try a sip straight, if your liver can take it!

This 110 proof booze is not yet legal in the Republic or Imperial sectors,
mixes well with common juices,...
& slides down smooth as rocket fuel on the rocks if that's your flare!


First one fifth a shot is free to sample*, tonight only!
*One per customer.
Title: Re: The Rumor Mill
Post by: Semah on 03/02/13, 07:59:55 AM
Republic Network News: Hutt Space Update

Nar Shaddaa: Last night, an independent corvette operated by a little-known mandalorian clan was boarded two hours after leaving the moon of Nal Hutta. All aboard were killed. Sources on the moon report that the clan had been working as a security escort for a diplomatic and trade-relations meeting between imperial, hutt, and republic representatives.  Upon completion of the negotiations, they departed, only to be killed.

The derelict ship was discovered by a republic scout near the border with hutt space. Shockingly, military sources revealed this morning that both the bodies of the mandalorians and the interior of the ship bore burn marks consistent with the force lightning so often wielded by members of the violent sith order, along with blast points correlated with imperial trooper weaponry. The ship's nav computer had been physically removed, leaving no record of the clan's travels prior to Nar Shaddaa. The ship's hold had also been ransacked, but nothing of note was missing.

The controversial Republic Senator Tryll is quoted as saying, "the mandalorian clans ought to take this incident as a wake-up call: the sith make bad allies." Tryll then extended (for the fifth time) a mass invitation to the mandalorians to pursue republic membership. Mandalorian leadership has, as yet, made no comment.

Meanwhile, the empire has issued a statement denying involvement.

RNN: We report. You decide.
Title: Re: The Rumor Mill
Post by: Semah on 03/03/13, 07:45:51 AM
Republic News Network: Kwenn Division

Last night, a Mandalorian Teroch-class gunship was seen screaming overhead toward a point near the Clan Bes'uliik Enclave. Shortly after it arrived, a hail of small arms and blaster-cannon fire was heard, stopping only seconds later, at which time the gunship returned to orbit.

Investigators at the scene found a crater in the nearby cliff, containing the burnt-out wreck of an air-speeder. Nearby the wreck was a charred humanoid corpse, which was later confirmed to be Mirialan. Our sources inside the local coroner's office inform us that the person was injured prior to the crash, but nothing more has been determined as of yet.

When pressed for comment, local government officials were nonplussed. Likewise, the leader of clan Bes'uliik had no comment on either the firefight or the corpse.

RNN: We report. You decide.

Warning! Your local-interest holonet subscription is about to expire in [5] [days]. Re-subscribe today to continue to receive all the news that's fit to holostream --- and some that isn't!
Title: Re: The Rumor Mill
Post by: Alumar on 03/03/13, 08:39:03 PM
*new ad posting on holonet*

||Seeking professional therapist with specialization in anger management. Must provide own heavy armor. Please send inquiries to DawnStar Shipping HR. Full time position + Hazard pay.||

((Contact Seiyd!))
Title: Re: The Rumor Mill
Post by: Alumar on 03/05/13, 03:07:33 PM
The following is the Tuesday Morning 5am Report on Kwenn Local Holo-News Nine!

"This just in- It seems sometime overnight a delivery of golden proportions was made, dropped in front of the Busted Blaster! The following holofeed was taken from hover droids, the face you are witnessing is face up, roughly the size of a cargo bay panel, and blocking the pathway from the main walk to the cantina door.
////Door Image File: ((actual door has more set in jewels.)) >>>
Our sources say this monumental door was dropped, flat, roughly around two am by an army of hoverdroid lifters. It's origin is as of yet unknown, however it was left with a single note attached that reads clearly: "To Darth Taelios. One door. As requested."
Witnesses are all refusing comment, and scavengers are refusing to touch the many deep set jewels for fear of reprisal from the door's clearly intended recipient. The owner of the Busted Blaster assures customers that the popular watering hole will remain open, and there is a path around the door to safely enter the long standing establishment."

"In other news, prices of ship parts continue to......"
Title: Re: The Rumor Mill
Post by: Wymarc on 03/10/13, 03:48:26 AM
RNS - Royal News Service: Alderaan's premier news network! ~~BREAKING NEWS!~~House Wymarc Restored?~~Erini Prince Confirmed Unwed~~Noble Merger On the Way?~~Anti-Killik Alliance Shattered?~~BREAKING NEWS!~~RNS - Royal News Service: Alderaan's premier news network!

"A major battle between House Rist, the killiks, and the remnants of House Wymarc occurred on the edge of the Juran Mountains today. Also involved were a number of House Beilen troops and off-world mercenaries. Casualty reports are still coming in, but early reports place numbers very high. The Royal News Service will bring more updates as available."

"The alliance against the killiks in the Juran Mountains seems to be dissolving, as it's members have begun actively fighting one another. In an unexpected move, the Erini expeditionary force sent to assist against the killiks has redeployed to support House Wymarc, a move House Organa and House Alde are condemning as "foreign interference in Alderaanian internal politics." We are attempting to reach Prince Cordae Keyis for comment."

RNS - Royal News Service: Alderaan's premier news network! ~~BREAKING NEWS!~~House Wymarc Restored?~~Erini Prince Confirmed Unwed~~Noble Merger On the Way?~~Anti-Killik Alliance Shattered?~~BREAKING NEWS!~~RNS - Royal News Service: Alderaan's premier news network!
Title: Re: The Rumor Mill
Post by: Alumar on 03/10/13, 04:19:13 AM

"According to our accompanying forces, House Rist's people were under attack by killiks in the region, and quickly failing. House Wymarc and allies, including what soldiers House Beilen could afford, quickly joined in to fight the killik threat. When the killiks were defeated, House Rist's claim to House Wymarc's lands by conquest was no longer valid, and so House Wymarc is now defending their rightful land against invasion."

"Our thoughts and condolences go out to those from all houses whom have suffered losses this day in the ongoing battle to stave the killik threat."
Title: Re: The Rumor Mill
Post by: Alumar on 03/14/13, 03:06:45 AM
Advertisement flashing all over Nar Shaada's holonet:


Thanks to a slight clerical error, The Dancers Retreat Barge finds itself the proud owners of an excess shipment of droid hydrolic fluid instead of Hydrolic Fizz(tm).
To remedy this problem, we will be hosting a special for ONE NIGHT ONLY!

All droids drink free!*
*With purchase of one regular beverage, only.

Bring your favorite astromech down the the barge for a tasty treat only a droid can love!

((Seems people are seeking out a little bit of the whimsical, SO- this Friday barge is NIGHT OF THE DROID!))
Title: Re: The Rumor Mill
Post by: Colton on 03/26/13, 10:02:43 AM

Dawn Star Freight Co. CEO Steps Down

KWENN CITY, Kwenn - Dawn Star Freight Co. (DSF) CEO Jace Colton announced early this morning that, effective immediately, he is stepping down from his position within the company that he founded and has named his longtime partner Seiyd Alumar to serve as CEO in his place. The reason given for the sudden change in ownership is related to a near-fatal accident he suffered late last year.

"It's somethin' I was strugglin' against," said Dawn Star Freight Co. founder Jace Colton, "but it was kinda inevitable. Managin' a company like this is stressful, and it's not doin' my health any favors. I'll still give input now and then, but it's Seiyd's baby now. I got faith she'll do the company proud from here on out."

Dawn Star Freight Co. will be celebrating its anniversary in only a couple short months.

Read the full press release (
Title: Re: The Rumor Mill
Post by: Sciran on 04/01/13, 06:44:09 PM
A generic taciturn news theme plays across the comm channel, indicating the return to a popular spacer radio news and debate show from a commercial break. As the theme fades a chipper female anchor's voice comes into focus.

"And we're back. For those of you just joining un, I'm Chase Morgan here on Republic Spacer Radio and this is 'Comm-Linked'. Today we're sitting with the infamous masked mercenary known as 'Fenrir'." The woman pauses for just a moment. "Before the break, you were telling us about your rather violent resignation from the shadow organization 'the Silence Keepers'. What sparked such a sudden and explosive separation?"

The gravely voice of the mercenary comes across quietly at first, and then adjusts to be more even with Chase's. "Heh, explosive... You ever look up the definition of the term 'mercenary' on the Holo-net, Chase? If not, go ahead, I'll wait."

There are a few beeps and a pause. Chase speaks up a moment later. "To quote, 'working or acting merely for money or other reward. Any hireling.' Do you find issue with this definition? Everyone works for money."

Fenrir chuckles. "Ain't the money I got a problem with. Like that more than enough. It's the 'merely'. Them Keepers asked fer somethin' I weren't willin' in a rude way. Figured it was time folks started payin' attention to 'em. So I showed off their pretty little station. It's why I'm sellin' their little 'Archetect's identity. They gotta learn."

"And now you are with the Imperial Moirae?"

"Was, briefly. Been with a few outfits. Tretarkii Syndicate, Dawn Star Freight, The Reclamation, The R.E.A., list goes on. Partnership with the Moirae woulda been somethin' special... But there were bigger fish."

"Who is a 'bigger fish' than the Empire? Were you seeking contract with the Repbulic?"

Fenrir chuckles again. "Hell no - was speakin' of the Hutt Cartel, of course. They're into somethin' big an' I wanted a piece."

"So your talk of a mercenary being about more than money...?"

"Meant every word! See, there are some players out there who question what I can do. Aren't sure of what I'm capable of. S'why I took the Hutt contract, an' why I came on yer show. Wanna make a point!"

"Then is it true that you were a part of the Alderaanian rebellion, those who supported a Republic Alderaan? How do you choose what jobs to take on?"

"It's true. Kinda funny, really, we all thought we were gonna die bein' a part o' that. But, keepin' Alderaan a part of the Republic was a thing - so we fought for it. Surprise fer me when that audiolog started circlin' about the 'net a bit back." The mercenary pauses, and there's a slight creak as he readjusts his seat. "As fer contracts... Take on what I feel like, mostly. Do got myself a master plan o' sorts, but that ain't somethin' I'mma gonna spill here. It's all big-picture-like. Stuff fer the cause. Kinda like yer stuff."

"Like me?" The woman forces a bit of mirth into a chuckle. "How is that?"

"Well, ye did those segments not too far back about the well-bein' of the slaves an' folks on Hutt worlds, effects Hutts got on galactic economy, how the Republic can help them out an' what not. Standin' up fer the little guy. Totally cool. All anti-Hutt."

Chase scoffs. "This is a Republic station, Mr. Dire Wolf. We are proud to show how the Republic can aid those on worlds we've yet to bring a better life to. I stand behind everything that was said in those segments."

"And you should! T'was quality work."

"Thank you." The woman adjusts her own seat. "Does your 'cause' aim to help the Republic in a similar fashion?"

"What, 'cause'? Oh, that, no - I just wanted to get onto the topic of your Hutt pieces. See, my new employers really liked those segments ye did. Only problem was their whole 'Oppose the Cartel' message. So I got paid to come on here and ask ye a question, send a message for the Cartel, and in the process I get to make that point I was talkin' 'bout."

"Oh? What question?"

"Can you oppose the Hutt Cartel... On fire?"

"I don't see the rele-OH MY GOWAAAHH!!"

There is a slight hissing noise and then a full 'fwoosh!' as the anchorwoman shrill scream drowns out the rest of the program. In the background Fenrir can be heard laughing before shouts from Republic security enter in alongside the unmistakable signs of a brawl.

"Hey Bolas, hit the recordin' - time fer the getaway!"

A high pitched 'UTINNI!' and a 'clang' are the last things the show broadcast.


Later, a news bulletin makes its way across the holo-net:
A team of mercenaries led by the Dire Wolf attacked the Republic Spacer Radio Network station headquarters during the show 'Comm-Linked'. 37 station employees, including the beloved host Chase Morgan, and a number of Republic security forces were killed in the attack. The Hutt Cartel has since taken responsibility for the assault with threats that violence will only escalate if interference in their affairs continue.
Title: Re: The Rumor Mill
Post by: Semah on 04/04/13, 05:29:20 AM
Republic Network News: Special Bulletin

This morning, the senate confirmed rumors that the Republic ambassador to the Hutt Cartel is dead. His life was claimed by a tragic air-speeder accident over the sludge fens on Nal Hutta the previous night; Cartel sources report that he was likely killed instantly by the impact. Due to the 'wildlife' that inhabits the fens, it is unlikely that more than fragments of his body will be recovered for burial. Our thoughts are with his family, particularly his young daughter, who is now a ward of the grateful Republic.

Sources within the diplomatic service report that a replacement has been rushed to Nal Hutta, but were unable to confirm his or her identity. One thing is for certain: whoever it is has just acquired a very difficult job indeed.

Next up: Huttese cuisine: exotic, revolting, delicious --- or all of the above?

RNN: We report. You decide.
Title: Re: The Rumor Mill
Post by: Semah on 04/07/13, 09:21:30 PM
Republic News Network: Kwenn Division

As some may recall, a Mandalorian corvette was recently boarded and near-gutted by unknown assailants near the Republic-Hutt border. A careful sweep of the ship led to evidence implicating the vile Empire in the deaths of these warriors, their own allies. [For more information, see our prior report (( March 2nd 2013, in this thread )). Don't have holonet archive access? Consider upgrading! For new subscribers, pay only 5 credits per month for the first 24 months, and 15 credits per month thereafter.]

We now have additional information. In the early morning, Republic forces released the corvette into the custody of the Mandalorian Clan Bes'uliik, a group of mercenaries who are well-known on Kwenn.  Curious Republic citizens saw the corvette landing Kwenn this afternoon, after which Bes'uliik carried the bodies of their fallen colleagues off of the ship.

Sources on Kwenn report that, in keeping with Mandalorian tradition, the bodies were stripped of their armor in a touching ceremony and then buried in a mass grave outside the clan enclave. Although approached for comment, none of the Mandalorians spoke with local reporters.

On a broader note, Senator Tryllos has, to no one's surprise, again extended his invitation to the Mandalorians. "Just compare the Empire to the Mandos!", said the Senator excitedly in an interview this evening. "Such resplendent warriors, working for thugs and megalomaniacs! It won't last, mark my words."

Next up: the search for those responsible for a recent bombing on Sleheyron...

RNN: We report. You decide.
Title: Re: The Rumor Mill
Post by: livia on 04/10/13, 03:08:14 PM
...Incorporated has gone into receivership. Creditors are advised to get their claims in order and filed as quickly as possible.

In other business news, after the closing of Darth Taelios's Violet Lounge following the abrupt termination of its lease and the subsequent award of the space to the newly established Galactic Solutions Industries, rumours are circulating that various members of the Hutt Cartel are engaged in negotiations with the understandably annoyed darth. Cartel representatives declined to comment on the nature of the talks. When asked about them, Darth Taelios just giggled.

When we return from the break, find out which commodities are a better investment... precious or base metals... you might find yourself surprised!
Title: Re: The Rumor Mill
Post by: Dorian on 04/25/13, 03:05:18 PM
-HoloNet News Service Special Report-

Two bodies were discovered today under what sources are saying a holographic disguise that mimicked the look of a holoshrub on Nar Shaddaa. The first victim, a male in his early thirties, was found with his throat slit. He was wearing an Imperial uniform. The rank and job of the victim is being with held at this time. Though inside sources are saying that he the victim maybe a Major in the Imperial Army.

The second victim, a woman in her mid-forties, was found in similar conditions. The odd thing was she appeared to be wearing clothing that didn't seem to fit for an outing on Nar Shaddaa. Our sources are saying her identification proves she works for the Republic.

Local police are working on finding out what happened to these two but we do not know how long before the Empire and Republic take over the investigations of their own citizens.


Police are saying they found a note that was tucked away on one of the victims. They are claiming that a person calling themselves Wraith, is taking credit for the murders. He claims that both of the victims did not deserve to live after what they have done to the innocent. Law enforcement are keeping the contents of this note under wraps for now.

Inside sources are saying that Major was rumored to being running experiments on the locals on Balmorra. Both Aliens and Humans alike, namely children. The woman from the Republic we have found out is a senator's aide. She is rumored to have ties to Black Sun and other criminal groups, but such allegations have yet to be proven due to lack of evidence linking her to these groups.

This Wraith seems to have killed these two based off these rumors it would see. Law enforcement are asking that you keep a look out for a person claiming to be this Wraith as they gather more information on the killer.
We will update this story as we gain more information.
Title: Re: The Rumor Mill
Post by: Sciran on 05/06/13, 05:37:10 PM
     Damian Reed walked through the crowded hallways of the channel 16 holonews station with a determined purpose, weaving through coworkers and visitors alike. He was a heavy set man for a mirialan, but the cap he wore every day to work announced him as the editor and no one dared to stand in his way. Beside him, struggling to keep up with his long strides and quick gait, a taller human woman read from a small datapad.
     "... and despite any reasonable attempt at negotiation, the apparent terrorists publicly refused compromise by assaulting the local youngling school campus and taking three classes of students hostage. The masked mercenary retaliated against the assailants and violently diffused the situation before local authorities could establish a response. It is currently unclear if any contract or employment benefit prompted the Dire Wolf's involvement." The woman lowered her datapad. "I'm telling you Damian, this is a story."
     "Yes, it's a story." Damian replied flatly as they turned a corner into a longer corridor. "It's a story. But not one we're gonna run. This mercenary's gotten more than enough screen time for one lifetime."
     "He's news, Damian."
     "He's a thug. A hired thug who happens to have some high profile jobs. We're going to run the Imperial raid on the Alderaanian Kiliks, as planned."
     "People are watching for what this guy does, and they might as well watch us. You call him a thug, others call him a monster, after what happened on Spacer Radio. And now this 'monster' just saved a school full of kids. Pro bono. You don't think that's news? Coruscant Daily'll think it's news. And they'll have it in an hour. They'll push it. "
     Damian sighed, walking passed a pair of open doors. "... Fine. Run it on holonet print. Front site it, above the fold. No vids."
     "Thank you! You won't regret this. I'm telling you, if we kept a dedicated feed on this masked merc we could bum--"
     "--What'd you call him?"
     "... The Dire Wolf? Masked mercenary. It's how he's been described by man--"
     "--Front site it, above the fold, no vids, and change the name."
     "It's a nickname, Damian. Many people call him that."
     Damian stopped and turned towards the woman. She skipped her foot a little to keep from running into her boss. "Sharon, you work at the second largest news hub in the Republic, are you saying you haven't paid attention to the news? Fenrir's been without a mask over a week. There's a reason people aren't covering it - no one cares. A thug's a thug. But you do good works, so front site it, above the fold, no vids, and change. The. Name."
     "Sheesh. It's just a nickname, Damian..."
     "And I have a nickname too. Editor. It's just a nickname, you understand, but so long as I own that nickname, I get to dictate what does and does not go on the net. And I say change the name. He doesn't. Have. A mask. Capiche?"
     The mirialan turned once again to continue on his way without waiting for an answer from Sharon. He pushed his way half through a set of double doors before realizing the junior reporter had not followed. "Damian?" she called from behind him, having not moved from her spot. "If he hasn't been wearing his mask... How come nobody knows who he is, still?"
     Damian stared back at her for a long moment. "... Change the name." And then he disappeared into the long hallways beyond.
Title: Re: The Rumor Mill
Post by: Semah on 05/09/13, 07:08:27 AM
The Level 937 Holoquibbler
The finest news that others are too scared to print.

Aeras Faldin, member of the popular Burning Moon Combat
Association, was confirmed dead yesterday by Republic special
forces. The cause of death was reported to be multiple lightsaber
wounds. The inquest has been ended and her body was returned
to her family late last night. Jedi witnesses, speaking on condition of
anonymity, placed responsibility for her death squarely on the
head of one Ilireth Necare, Lord of the Sith.

The BMCA took their grief on-record, expressing their sympathies
to the fallen woman's family and promising that their next event
will commemorate her life and death.

But one must wonder, gentle reader, whether the Jedi can be
trusted in these matters. As vile as the Sith are, is it likely
that they alone are responsible for this young woman's death? We
at the Holoquibbler believe that something far more insidious is
at play. We have written at length before [[link: article
4e:55:01:fe:42]] about the Jedi's horrifying genetic
experimentation [[link: article 4e:55:01:ff:17]] upon their own
padawans, backed by the galactic elite.

Few are aware that Knight Telline, one of the primary "anonymous"
witnesses in this tragic murder, is actually disenfranchised
Alderaanian nobility---although we dispute, gentle reader, the
legitimacy of her disenfranchisement. Could Aeras in fact have
stumbled upon that for which we have searched for years? Could
she have obtained evidence of this galactic conspiracy, and been
eliminated by both the Jedi and Sith together to cover their

We, of course, do not say that this is the truth. We do not
compel you to our own reasoning. We simply present the facts, so
that you may decide for yourself. And that is the spirit of
democracy upon which our Great Republic is founded.
Title: Re: The Rumor Mill
Post by: Kiive on 05/10/13, 02:27:46 AM
Republic News Network: Breaking News

The Terrorist Bomber known as Godott, known for his bombing of the Republic Military Officer Academy and suspected in at least a dozen other bombings in Republic space, has been apprehended here, in our own Backyard of Coruscant, after a bloody shootout resulting in multiple deaths. Godott, having known ties to Alderaanian House Rist, and being implicated with other undesirable gangs, is suspected of anarchic intent. Sources say he was assisted by a small group of Republic Dissidents and Anarchists to further his causes. Military and Security forces have refused to comment at this point in time.

Why was he here? What was his purpose? To shoot up every source of law and justice in the vicinity? Or was he here for a far more sinister reason? More, as the story develops.

RNN: We Report. You decide.
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Post by: recoveringgeek on 05/12/13, 11:28:52 AM
RNS - Royal News Service: Alderaan's premier news network! ~~ House Wymarc guards found slain in Glarus Valley!  ~~ No comment from House Wymarc representatives. ~~ Investigation by the Joint Houses Security Council underway into House Wymarc security forces.  ~~ RNS - Royal News Service: Alderaan's premier news network!

  *  *  *

RNN - Republic News Network

"Nerf farmers in Alderaan's Glarus Valley reported multiple skrmishes between unknown parties in the ruins along the outskirts of Castle Panteer. Witnesses reported seeing at least one battle droid, and heard blaster fire. Authorities that responded to the site confirmed that several Alderaanian natives were found murdered at the scene.

RNN is investigating reports that the slain men were part of House Wymarc's famed honor guard. If these reports are true, it casts a shadow on House Wymarc's rapid rise in the standing of Alderaan's houses. House Wymarc has been a strong advocate of the collaborative effort between the Alderaanian Houses to push back the Killik incursion. However, RNN's own investigative teams found no evidence of any Killik hives in the area near the ruins of Castle Panteer.

Rival families of House Wymarc, who have experienced their own economic downturn with the successful establishment of a trading port on House Wymarc lands, point to the murder of these men as evidence that House Wymarc is encroaching on lands outside their jurisdiction.

RNN reporters asked the Erinian emissary for a statement given their close and public alliance with House Wymarc in recent months, but no statement has been issued. RNN continues to investigate the incident."

RNN. We Report. You Decide.
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RNN - Republic News Network

"Trouble on Alderaan! Late last night, local authorities rushed to the scene of what could only be described as a massacre. Bodies lay sprawled throughout the clearing, which was sight to Rodian Crime Lord Benun Ronoaun's barracks, in which most of his men stayed. Most people described Ronoaun as a career pirate, taking whatever he wanted, and doing whatever it took to get to the top. The locals say that this has to be the work of local legend 'The Bandit', who ironically has supposedly spent most of his existance working against bandits, thugs, and criminals.

When asked to comment, Ronoaun said only the following, 'This inhumane action shall not go unpunished. Legend or otherwise, this 'Bandit' will be brought to justice.' When asked about his definition of justice, he refused to comment further.

The thing most trifling to police about this ordeal, is the inscription they found on the barracks itself. 'I'm not going to kriff with Falkc; I'm going to kill him. Send Ronoaun my regards.  -The Bandit'.

The assailent is believed to have had at least one accomplice. Everybody on scene, as well as the local's themselves, are unsure as to the meaning of this message. All they know for certain, is that they can rest a little easier now.

Who is Falkc? Is this 'Bandit' truely a hero, or just a petty criminal like those he fights on a daily basis? We may never know.

Republic News Network will bring you more on this story as frequently as we can. Our parting words? Falkc, whoever he may be, has been marked by an Alderaanian legend. The question is; should he be laughing, or fearing for his life?"

RNN. We Report. You decide.
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RNN - Republic News Network

Breaking progress on the story from Alderaan, regarding House Wymarc's dead guards:

House Beilen has just issued a formal press release on this incident. They state plainly that the young Heiress Beilen had been out hiking/ camping in the area seeking preservable cultural artifacts, and was beset by unknown assailants. House Wymarc received her distress beacon and responded in force to the Lady's aid, taking four unfortunate casualties as they extracted the Lady to safety.

When asked who would possibly be targeting so small a house, the formal response was "Anyone with political interests who would wish to stop the impending nuptials between House Beilen and House Wymarc."

That's right folks, you heard it first here! The newly re-established Baron Wymarc is set to wed the young Heiress, Lady Aralisa Beilen within the year. An official date has yet to be announced, but the engagement is confirmed! We will feature a full folio of the engagement ring and wedding plans in a coming issue, you'll have it as soon as we do!

As to likely assailants, this reporter can only speculate which houses would stand to lose as House Wymarc gains purchase with House Organa's long term supporter, House Beilen. However at least this one unfortunate mystery has been solved.

Wrapping up- House Beilen assures us the young lady Aralisa remains shaken but unharmed. The elder Lady Beilen went on to state: "We will be seeing to the families of those who saved our beloved daughter's life personally. We will all be family soon. Our deepest gratitude goes to all of House Wymarc for their friendship and bravery in these difficult times of rebuilding and growth."

RNN. We Report. You decide.
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RNN - Republic News Network

Earlier this morning, the Erinian Ambassador to the Galactic Republic held a public press conference at the steps of the Erinian embassy in Wymarc City. When pursued for comment, the Royal Press Corps stated that the Erinian Crown wished to clarify its position on "a number of points," particularly concerning the "horrible tragedy" which occurred earlier in the week.

RNN - We Report. You decide.

Click to watch the Erinian press conference?


__ __ __

<The video begins with a wide-angle shot of the entrance to the Erinian embassy. Before it is a small platform embellished with a banner skirt bearing the colors of the Erinian flag - blue, black, and silver. A press pit consisting of about twenty chairs - all filled with whispering reporters - has been set up in front of the platform. Suddenly, in a crescendo of standing, shutter-flashes, and clacking boot heels, Ambassador Keyis ascends the stage and comes to a stop in front of a podium.>

Keyis: "Thank you all for coming. First, let me begin by conveying the Erinian Crown's deepest and most heartfelt condolences to the families of those lost in this week's attacks. The friendship between Erini, House Wymarc, and indeed all of Alderaan may be in its infancy, but the sorrow of the Alderaanian people is truly shared among us all. I would also like to take this time to express the Crown's joy that the young lady Beilen was not harmed during the attack. The Crown hopes eagerly for her full and timely recovery. I'll take your questions now. Yes, Vyelic?"

<Vyelic Auana of the Royal Chronicleer stands.>

Auana: "My Lord, does your-.."

Keyis: "Apologies, Vyelic - 'Ambassador Keyis' or 'Mr. Ambassador' is more than sufficient. Per Erinian custom, ambassadors, envoys, and other state functionaries voluntarily eschew their personal titles while they are acting withing their formal capacity as representatives of the Erinian state."

Auana: "..Thank you. Ambassador Keyis, is your presence at this press conference indicative of a...restructuring of the Erinian foreign ministry?"

Keyis: "Are you asking if I've been made the official Erinian ambassador to House Wymarc?"

<Auana nods.>

"No. The appointment of an official Erinian ambassador to House Wymarc has not yet been decided. Until such a decision is made, I shall continue to run this embassy with the help of Charges d'Affaires Morlyne and Sarland-Vyqtia on top of my other duties as the Ambassador to the Galactic Republic. Yes?"

<Sezeena Aurette of the Cross Times stands.>

Aurette: "Mr. Ambassador, is the Erinian Foreign Ministry prepared to give an official comment regarding what is being alleged as an attack against crime boss Benun Ronoaun perpetrated by the legendary "Bandit"?"

Keyis: "It is not this office's place to comment on the Bandit, his alleged vigilantism, or anything concerning a possible feud between the Bandit and one "Falkc." However, it should be made very clear that Erinian Navy vessels are legally obliged, under the conditions of the Treaties of Association between Erini and the Galactic Republic, to apprehend, hamper, harass, or otherwise obstruct the activities of either known criminals or those wanted by Republic authorities under suspicion of having committed violent crimes.

"To my knowledge, the pirate Ulys Falkc is wanted in several systems, most recently for piracy, larceny, theft, fraud, assault, torture, and crimes against humanity. Therefore, if the pirate Falkc is found within Erinian space, the Royal Navy and her Marines shall, and of right, ought to pursue him with the intent to deliver him into the custody of the Republic."

<Marc Staliza of the Organian stands.>

Staliza: "Ambassador, does the Crown have any comment on the recent engagement of the lady Aralisa Beilen to Baron Wymarc?"

Keyis: "...The Erinian Foreign Minister has not pre-...I'm sorry, what?"

<murmurs among the crowd>

Staliza: "...The...recent engagement between Wymarc and Beilen. Is the Crown willing to comment?"

Keyis: "...<Keyis grips the bridge of his nose in his thumb and index finger>..Yes, of course.

<Keyis regains his composure.>

"It-.. The Erini Foreign Minister sends his regards and well-wishes to the Baron and lady. Yes, a question?"

<Muir Wayla of the Stoy'ira Gazette stands.>

Wayla: "Ambassador, does the Erinian Crown have any plans to offer a prince to one of the Alderaanian houses? As a way to formalize a political union."

<Keyis blinks.>

Keyis: "What, you think they'd tell me that?"


"Next question, please. Yes, you."

. . .
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*The video begins showing a group of four battling what looks like droids. Two of them with a lightsaber while another had a blaster and the last one with two vibroblades. Then holo camera shows the group entering the building and several human females running out. *

"A few days ago a small group of three man and one women was seen on the planet of Corellia damaging property and killing several women and children. It is unclear of there motives or if they had a motive but one witness says that one of the man had some sort of power. We are told that this one individual was the master mind of it. We currently have no name of this individual yet but if anyone sees a man of this description please contact your local authourity as soon as possible. The leader of the group wore somesort of trooper armor and is about 5'11 to 6'0 feet tall. Human male with a lightsaber hilt on the side. There are no more futher details but more will be availble when we get more. This video was given anonymously to the station and we look forward to gathering more information for everyone thank you."

RNN - We Report. You decide.
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Galactic News Network: Nar Shaddaa Local News

Hutt Cartel Security has cordoned off several docking bays in Mezenti Spaceport, as firefighters reportedly fight a blaze that erupted late this evening. A small luxury ship apparently caught fire without warning, many witnesses say. There are currently no fatalities listed at this time, although several were taken to local medical centers for treatment. Sources say the ship was located in a bay owned by the Tretarkii Syndicate. Baldarek Wayfar, who the docking bay is currently registered to, could not be reached for comment.

Up next: Could that Banthasteak be your last? Join us for shocking news, after this break.
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VUE Network Press Release

(Nar Shaddaa) Last night's new episode of ICE PLANET SALVAGE, detailing competitive salvage and recovery crews on Hoth, was the #1 holocable program among Beings 25-54 delivery (excluding sports). The series earned a 2.01 HH/1.68 P25-54 rating and delivered 2.67 billion viewers P2+, beating most broadcast Holotelevision series including: HuT's "Project Runway - Corellia," ICC's "Dancing with the Stars - Results Show" and "CSI - Nar Shaddaa." In addition, VUE was the #1 non-sports cable network in Prime among Gendered Beings 25-54 delivery.

An all new ICE PLANET SALVAGE premieres next Seconday, 9 PM E/P.

Source: Nielshonnen. NHI Calendar. Live+SD AA% and AA (000).

Following ICE PLANET SALVAGE, VUE will air a special preview episode of PRIMEVIL FOREST which has just begun shooting on the Imperial world of Bosthirda. PRIMEVIL FOREST, which joins VUE's spring lineup, details the stories of teams during the competitive and highly dangerous Hunting and Logging seasons in Bosthirda's forests.

VUE is dedicated to creating the highest quality non-fiction holocontent that informs and entertains its consumers about the galaxy in all its wonder, diversity and amazement. The network, which is distributed to 100.8 trillion homes, can be seen in 210 planets and territories, offering a signature mix of compelling, high-end production values and vivid cinematography across genres including, science and technology, exploration, adventure, history and in-depth, behind-the-scenes glimpses at the people, places and organizations that shape and share our world. For more information, please visit our Holonet site.

About VUE Communications (SpaceNasdaq: VUEC, VUECN, VUEA) is the Galaxy's #1 nonfiction holomedia company reaching more than 1.8 trillion cumulative subscribers in 209 planetary systems and territories. VUE is dedicated to satisfying curiosity through 149 Galaxywide Holotelevision networks, led by VUE Channel, TLC, XenoAnimal Planet, Science! and Investigation VUE. VUE also is a leading provider of educational products and services to schools and owns and operates a diversified portfolio of digital holomedia services, including Revision3.
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Thanks, Devvin, for that lovely segment on whether blurgs make good housepets.

And now we have more on the investigation into the explosion that rocked Mezenti Spaceport on Nar Shaddaa Sunday night.  If you've been watching, you already know that an unexplained explosion shook the spaceport in late Sunday night. We have learned from official sources that the hangar where the incident took place was registered to one Lord Farm, and that the investigators have been unable to reach her for comment, and that all of the security footage from the time in question seems to have been corrupted beyond recovery. Spaceport management have stated that despite the violence of the explosion, which was heard as far as 50km away, there was relatively little damage to the hangar, and no major structural damage to the spaceport  itself - they have gone to great lengths to reassure customers that the spaceport is still completely safe and functional. (Tune in after the break to get our analyst's perspective on whether the building is really safe, or if you should change your travel plans!)

We have received unofficial information from eyewitnesses (who declined to be identified) describing the scene:

~The image shifts from the newscaster to a pixellated silhouette of a Rodian, who speaks in rapid Huttese, although in an obviously altered voice~

"It was like noffin I ever saw! The whole place was black like it had been on fire or somefin? But noffin was actually burnt. Where the ship would have been sitting there was a huge pile of ashes, as if it had just gone up in smoke. Ships ain't do that though, do they? They leave parts and bits and salvage. Oh, and the outside wall collapsed, but that ain't... What could do that?"

~The image shifts again. This time it seems to be a Nautolan - a very fidgety one, as if frightened. She starts by talking to someone off camera.~

"You're sure no one will know that it's me? I don't want this getting back to me. I don't want anything to do with this. I can't believe I said I'd talk to you."

"Sure, fine. If anything happens to me you all can support my family when I'm gone. So, yeah, I was working the spaceport and I see these three people headed to that hangar. A Twi'lek, one of them funny blue people, and a Sith. Like, a Sith Sith. That funny little one with the hair who used to own that lounge on the Promenade? Why am I talking about this? I don't want anything to do with Sith business. No, n..."

"How much? Yeah, ok. So the three of them went up, and then everything went boom. And then two of them came back. Yeah. The Sith and the blue chick. Both of them all covered in ash or dust or something, I don't know. Now give me my money so I can get o..."

~The image shifts back to the newscaster, who is wearing a slightly strained smile.~

We couldn't have edited that? Really? Ah! So there, you see, we have exclusive information indicating a connection between the accident and frequent Nar Shaddaa visitor Darth Taelios. We fully predict that the incident will be found to have been an internal Sith matter, and that no charges will be filed, although, of course, the responsible parties will be billed for any damages.

We'll be back after the break! See you then!

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 *On all holovids and can even be researched to see the footage.* "Breaking news....Today at the Organa castle on the beautiful planet of Alderaan a giant fight broke out. Two officials from the planet Corellia came out to investigate the former Jedi master known as Anaris and other known associates such as one called Ozner Emiya and another young Jedi called Sera. The proceedings were said to be a peaceful one said one of the diplomats of Alderaan but it turned sour once Anaris's wife Stell'ange of Tattoine refuse to stay out of the questioning proceedings. From what sources tell the RNN they attacked some Alderaan guards and then killed a few diplomats as well. As seen on this video you can see what accord at the time." * A video is played which shows the incident at the Organa castle on the second floor of the guest quarters. Anyone watching the video of the event would notice it cut out a moment and then continue. All would see blaster fire being shot back at the Alderaan troopers  and then see Sera sister of Stell'ange force push a few of them back. Another clip would see two of the diplomats go down from the fire fight and three of the Alderaan troopers thrown to the wall by Anaris. The clip would shift again to a scene were Ozner Emiya is shot at by the Alderaan troopers and then a frag thrown at him. Clip cut out again a women now Identified as Kyirre force blast about three other Organa guards while a man two feet away fights another five Organa guards. There would a clip of an Alderaan trooper running and firing at Anaris but with one swift motion the trooper would be force pulled towards him and stabbed in the ribs by the former Jedi. Again the clip would change and it would show Anaris and Stell'ange jumping out of a back window from the second floor of the castle. The last few clips would show Ozner giving himself up and being arrested while Kyrrie and the stranger whose faced was masked the whole time escpaing through another window. There would be another clip of the one known as Sera also giving her self to the authorities as well. The vid would stop now and the reporter would continue speaking.* "As you all can see a massive battle took place at the great Organa castle. The fugitives known as Anaris and his wife Stell'ange who apparently looks like she is pregnant at the time of these events are considered armed and dangerous. Also on the run is young Jedi known as Kyrrie and another suspect still not identified yet. Be advised that two of the six suspects now are in a Alderaan holding cell and will be questioned for further information. Next up how well do you know your planet?"

RNN We report you decide
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Moved to the right spot!
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RNS - Royal News Service: Alderaan's premier news network! ~~Killik outbreak on the shores of Lake Cyress~~House Baliss Spring Gala attendance low~~House Ulgo wins landslide victories in the Juran Mountains~~House Wymarc's Sheltrev Memorial Starport becoming a major trade hub in the Juran Mountains~~Crevasse City street fighting intensifies~~RNS - Royal News Service: Alderaan's premier news network!

In response to the violence in Castle Organa last night, Baron Wymarc has issued a statement:

   "This is precisely why off-worlders should not be involved with Alderaanian affairs. The Republic has proven that it has no interest in protecting Alderaan's interests and will only take. This sad incident, caused by a disagreement between Republic officials and Jedi, led to several needless Alderaanian deaths. This is unacceptable. Alderaan is an independent world and the Republic has no business here. Further involvement of foreign powers will only serve to escalate the already bloody civil war."

When questioned about the recent establishment of an Erini embassy on his own lands, the Baron stated:

   "The Embassy is only there as a cultural outreach center and to serve as a point of contact for Erini traders new to our world. It is not an expression of Erini political or military influence."

RNS - Royal News Service: Alderaan's premier news network! ~~Killik outbreak on the shores of Lake Cyress~~House Baliss Spring Gala attendance low~~House Ulgo wins landslide victories in the Juran Mountains~~House Wymarc's Sheltrev Memorial Starport becoming a major trade hub in the Juran Mountains~~Crevasse City street fighting intensifies~~RNS - Royal News Service: Alderaan's premier news network!
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On all holovids and RNN in all republic space and some Hutt space can seen this news. "Breaking news today we have confirmed reports on a massacre of republic troopers and Jedi knights bodies found all over a republic base on the planet of Voss. There was a holovid surveillance found at the scene of the crime. Please be warn that this recording is graphic and not suitable for children. " The recording begins showing a group of what looks like eight individuals battling a group of three Jedi and three crushers on the outside of the republic base which was a cave. The recording shows the intruders faces showing them as members of the infamous Moirae.  The leader Jen'rhak, Tae, Karmic, Oden, Kezie, and two agents names unknown. The group disposes of the Jedi's and crushers in front of the republic base then enters the cave. The holovid changes and shows a the group battling a group Jedi and some republic troopers. To viewers they would see the sith tearing the opposition apart. The vid switches and then shows three out of the group surrounding one Jedi and tearing him apart. The vid ends.  "As of now the objectives of the group known as Moirae is known but they are to be considered armed and dangerous. Over a dozen bodies were found around the cave and three found outside. The battle looked bloody and sad. Also a young padawan of the Jedi order was not found amoung the bodies it is believed that he may have been taken. The young padawan's name is being held due to the Jedi order restriction. The padawan was believed to be watching over a group of five younglings that were to be transferred to the another planet for traning. The younglings were also not found with the bodies. We will update you as we find out more on these developing events.     

 "Also the two fugitives Anaris and Stell are still on the run and are considered armed and dangerous. The two individuals that were arrested Sera of the Jedi order still in training and Ex master Ozner Emiya were released onto the house of Wymarc with no charges. We will keep you all up to speed with any updates to these events. If you see or come in contact with the fugitives be wary and contact the nearest authorizes."       

 "Later we will discuss the best and cheapest space ports. Stay Tuned. "         

RNN we report you decide
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Breaking news from Voss.

After the Empire's recent violent actions on the Voss sovereign soil, the Voss government has removed the current ambassador Darth Servin from the planet.  The Imperial diplomatic offices are now relegated to operate from the orbiting space station.  People now wonder if these means the Voss are looking more favorably on the Republic or perhaps the recent applications of the Hutt Cartel, who have recently been making a stronger play to have the Voss join their controlled systems.

We will bring you up to the minute as this diplomatic event unfolds.
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Post by: Seselis on 06/03/13, 02:06:33 PM
RNN Editorial
In a statement released earlier today, Lord Jen’rhak Seselis denies any wrongdoing by the Imperial organization Moirae.  “The Moirae has a proven history of supporting and following Imperial directives.    We fully understand the implications of any hostile actions on Voss and deeply regret that we are being used by malcontents who obviously wish to destabilize the independent and proud peoples of Voss.  Such a tragedy as this can only be the engineered by a rogue group in an attempt to cast doubt on the commitment of both the Empire in its negotiations on Voss and the Moirae in supporting the Empire.”  The leader of the group exposed in the anonymously released holovids went on to say that she would personally be leading an investigation of the incident and was certain that the truth would be revealed under the lens of scrutiny.
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Post by: Seraphie on 06/03/13, 05:41:19 PM

The controversial organization "Security Blanket" held a press conference outside the Senate Tower on Coruscant today, calling once again for an end to the Republic's law allowing the Jedi Order to take Force-sensitive children, even against their parents' wishes.

*cut to video clip*

"...with five younglings grabbed from Jedi hands on Voss shows that the Republic has yet again failed to protect its children. Every child has the right to grow up at home, amongst their kind and their family. Every child has the right to a secure childhood. Childhood should be about playing and learning. Instead, the Republic allows the Jedi Order to take these children and make soldiers out of them, brainwashed to sacrifice everything for the Order, rejecting any ties to the parents who brought them into this galaxy and who love them. This is unacceptable in a society that calls itself democratic and that claims to stand for freedom!"

*cut back to newsdesk*
The office of the Supreme Chancelor refused to comment, issuing only a printed statement reminding all that the Jedi exist to serve the Republic and that every Force-sensitive child has the right to receive the proper training in the Force.
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Post by: Joshmaul on 06/03/13, 09:55:28 PM
An Imperial transmission from the border world of Reydovan Prime was intercepted by RNN earlier this week; the planet voted to secede from the Republic and join the Sith Empire some two months ago. The message's destination, the Jedi Temple on Tython. Given that it was not encoded, it seems clear that its sender wanted this transmission intercepted.

Playing the message now...

[The image of a portly-looking young man in ornate robes appears on the holo.]

Jedi. I am Darth Malagant, acting Sith overseer of Reydovan Prime. We have recently had...aggressive negotiations with a member of your Order, one Saxtus Fayhan, who came illegally into our space with the purpose of inciting insurrection on our new colony, and to murder a Sith Lord. In addition, my personal transport, while en route to this world to conduct an inspection, was fired on by a Republic privateer vessel in an insulting gesture, after I offered them safe passage back to Republic space. These actions are clear provocations, in violation of the Treaty of Coruscant.

The record will show that Master Fayhan willingly, and without remorse, aided insurrectionist rebels in attacking the government palace in our new capital city of Illuminopolis, and has killed a Sith Lord and several members of the planetary garrison. Many of those rebels are now dead. There are those in the Sith hierarchy who desire that Master Fayhan suffer the same fate; indeed, I briefly considered that the only way he would be returned to you is in pieces. However, I have negotiated in good faith to allow the Master, and the privateer who had come searching for him and fired on me in the process, to return to Republic space unmolested. By now, they will have arrived at your Carrick Station.

I simply chalk Master Fayhan's ill-conceived journey to this world up to emotional instability, and a clear bias bordering on hatred for the Sith. If this is the kind of Master your Order produces, it is a miracle the treaty has held for as long as it has. I would keep a much closer eye on him; if you truly desire to maintain the peace, then you will keep your war dogs in check. Believe me, you will not like the alternative.

Reydovan Prime has lawfully elected to join the Empire, and under the terms of the Treaty of Coruscant, you cannot interfere with the political process. The massive losses of life in Montagne Noire, instigated by the less-than-subtle actions of Lord Cyanoculus, are regrettable, and will not be repeated. That said, however, my generosity has its limits. No further action is to be taken against anyone or anything on this planet. The treaty remains in effect; violate it, and we will defend ourselves. That is not a threat - merely a statement of intent.

Glory to the Emperor.

[The transmission ends.]
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Post by: Sasmi on 06/04/13, 01:47:15 PM
New update from Voss

The Voss consulate stated today that in light of new evidence provided by an anonymous holo-net poster, that they will continue to keep the Imperial diplomats on the space station and off planet side.  This comes shortly after the Moirae were once again mentioned on the holo-net in reference to a bloody and violent scene on Kwenn. 

Many governments are beginning to wonder, why are the Moirae being linked more and more to public scenes of violence?  Are they going showing the true face of the Empire or is this a rogue group of violent people?

More on this as the story progresses.
Title: Re: News Channel Feeds
Post by: recoveringgeek on 06/04/13, 09:10:57 PM



Jedi Temple

"This is a RNN special report. We are transmitting a live feed from the Jedi Temple on Tython. A Jedi Master is about to speak publically about the recent abduction of Jedi younglings on Voss, and escalating tensions between Jedi and Sith across the galaxy. Here he is now... focus that holo-cam!"


"My name is Dai Yarwin, and I am a Jedi. My rank is Master, but I do not speak for the Jedi Council. I have come to address recent accusations and demonstrations across the galaxy regarding the training of Jedi Younglings. It is important to recognize that our history has taught us that most Force-sensitive adult species cannot adapt their minds to the rigors of training that a Padawan must endure. Younglings however possess a sense of spirit and willingness to accept new ideas that cannot be discovered or duplicated in an adult.

I cannot stress enough that it is not the intent of the Jedi Order to forcibly remove children from their families. Rather, we present the parents or guardians with the knowledge that their youngling is special, and vulnerable. Left untrained, many Force-sensitives live out their lives with little inkling they are different from those around them. In some rare, unfortunate instances, the power of the Force is realized in their later years, and without the discipline and training the Jedi Order provides, these individuals can often harm themselves or others around them. Further, if their strength in the Force is discovered by others, they can be exploited, or even killed, out of misunderstanding or fear.

There is a call for these younglings to be left in the care of those who love them most, and this seems like a just and good decision. Consider the recent events on Voss. The perpetrators of that heinous crime knew of the presence of these younglings, perhaps they were Force-sensitive themselves, or even trained as a Jedi, or Sith. The ability to sense the presence of others around us is one of the earliest talents developed by Jedi padawans. Had these children been in the arms of their familes instead of their Jedi guardians, those families would now be dead. As would their friends, neighbours, even pets. The acts committed on Voss stand as a stark reminder that there are those in the galaxy who will force their will on the weakest of us, without regard for the needs or rights of anyone else.

The nuturing of younglings, and the training of padawans is the Jedi Order's greatest responsibility, and our greatest honor. These younglings represent our future, and the Jedi who train them safeguard our present. You have my solemn vow as a Master of the Jedi Order that we are taking every measure necessary to secure the safety of those in our care, now, and in the future.

I wish to address the perpetrators of the murders and kidnapping on Voss. Return the younglings, unharmed. Seek forgiveness for your crimes in the eyes of those you hold most dear. Surrender, and you will be given a fair trial and sentence, with consideration given to the condition of the younglings upon their return to the Republic. If the younglings come to harm, or worse, then understand that the Jedi Custodum has the full weight of the Jedi Council behind it, and we will bring these perpetrators to justice.

I also wish to address Lord Jen'rhak Seselis of the Moirae. Your presence or participation in these events is wholly dependent on your cooperation in the investigation of the Jedi Custodum. If you sincerely wish to absolve yourself of these horrendous crimes, then present yourself to our Jedi Knights, so we may investigate these matters together, in a spirit of cooperaton and comradery that is genuinely needed between your Empire and the Republic in this time of strife and uncertainty.

Whatever your decision, know this. You have our attention Lord Seselis. It is undivided.

I bid you all a safe journey, and May the Force Be With You."
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"IFH: Where ya go when ya wanna hear all the Empire's Dirty Little Secrets, without dyin' right after," A man's mangled basic chimes over the holo. There's simply a revolving Aurabesh Isk, Forn, Herf where normally the broadcast would appear. "Sorry about th'recent change in scenery, but we've got a special treat t'night! As always, don't ask how, don't ask why, and don't ask who they are, but coming to ya live is one o'the attackers involved in th'Voss incident y'all keep hearing about. Fer safety's sake, we'll just call 'em V. Keep yer datapads in tune, cause we'll be grabbin' random questions throughout th'interview."

There's a small pause, before the man continues.

"So, V, I betcha one o'the biggest questions on our viewers minds is: Why'd ya do it? Voss is one o'the Empire's biggest undertakin's. A few young'uns can't be worth an entire planet."

The aurabesh switches to a Vev, to indicate V's response. A voice, distorted beyond any possible recognition, speaks. "As you can see, it's stirred up quite a bit of chaos. The Empire denies any involvement, the Republic is reeling from the attack. I trust you've seen the original vid?"

The letters fade as V falls silent, and the original news vid rolls, showing Force-users and several agents decimating Jedi and Republic Soldiers. It cuts to IFH lettering.

"Well, 's sure a scary lookin' vid. But m'question remains: Why do it?"

It cuts to Vev. "It isn't 'scary'. It's 'terrifying.' Think of all the Republic citizens, horrified as they see their military and their precious Jedi order fall, all over their children. Amidst all the chaos, Republic citizens will see this as turning out to be a war for the children. All of those children were Force Sensitive. Do you think they'll want to send their kids with the Jedi, knowing full well we may show up and take them for ourselves?"

Cut to IFH. "So th'entire thing was a terror attack? Simple as tha'?"

Cut to Vev. "Oh, no, there was nothing simple about this attack, nor was it just a terrorist attack. We want chaos. Both the Empire and the Republic have rotted away. This singular attack proves it. The Republic senators will play nice in their fancy rooms, and the Empire will deny the event ever happening, wishing they had thought of it first."

Cut to IFH. "So you deny that the Empire, or its associates, had any involvement in th'attack? Despite th'evidence?"

Cut to Vev. "I neither deny nor confirm."

Cut to IFH. "Very strange. Well, we've had a buncha questions come through while we were interviewin' ya, let's run 'em through the randomizer and see what we can get. This is from. . .ImpLover9000, whose questions says: 'V, were any children harmed while you slaughtered their protectors?"

Cut to Vev, as a small snicker registers. "No children were harmed."

Cut to IFH. "Now, lessay hypothetically, ya were tellin' th'truth about th'Empire not bein' involved. Why would yer group do it?"

Cut to Vev. "There is no hypothetical. Our actions produced the desired result. Everyone is afraid. Out of all this, every man, woman, and child under both the Empire and the Republic will take stock of what they hold dear, and will begin fighting to protect it. The Jedi will crumble, and the Sith will rot away, and with none to replace those fallen, they will die out."

Cut to IFH. "Tha's an interestin' perspective, to be sure. We've got time for jus' one more-" There's a small buzzing, "Ah, kriff it. We're outta time, folks. Thanks fer takin' the time to sit an' chat, V."

"It was a pleasure."

"Well, there ya have it. No Empire, no Republic, just pure chaos. Ya've got a hold o'the Imperial Free Holonet: We do the diggin' and dyin', so you don't have to!"
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The display flickers and then shows a short, bald man wearing dark circular glasses. The other lights in the room, a cargo bay on a spacecraft, fade leaving him the sole illuminated object.

"Welcome listeners! This is Coronet City Free Broadcasting, bringing you the Truth, no matter the cost!"

"Last night it seems the pirate Falkc was shot in cold blood by Republic troops who launched a large scale attack on his last remaining base on Talus. My sources indicate he was shot several times, then burned to a crisp. Is this what passes for due process in the Republic?"

"But 'he was a pirate!' you say. 'He was a menace!' Well, this is true. But it's also true that he had letters of marque from the Republic. That's right - he was a bonafide Republic Privateer! So the question becomes, What is the Republic trying to cover up?"

A red light starts flashing in the hold. "Well, it looks like Corsec's found me again. See you all on the flip side. And remember - only CCFB brings you unbiased news in Republic space."
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RNS - Royal News Service: Alderaan's premier news network!~~Killik outbreak on the shores of Lake Cyress worse than originally estimated~~Shots fired in Aldera City~~Wedding announced between Organa and Teral~~House Ulgo's Juran campaign continues to gain momentum~~House Wymarc's Sheltrev Memorial Starport becoming a major trade hub in the Juran Mountains~~Casualties mount in Crevasse City fighting~~RNS - Royal News Service: Alderaan's premier news network!

Alleged witnesses report that last night on Nar Shaddaa, Baron Wymarc ran a man through, claiming he was a Rist assassin sent to kill him. The assassin's lover, a Sith known as Darth Karmic then threw the Baron down the street with the use of the Force. Is this a sign that the civil war is expanding beyond the Alderaan system? Or is this just another half-hearted attempt by House Rist to extract revenge for their defeat at the hands of Baron Wymarc earlier in the year? More on the situation as it develops.

RNS - Royal News Service: Alderaan's premier news network!~~Killik outbreak on the shores of Lake Cyress worse than originally estimated~~Shots fired in Aldera City~~Wedding announced between Organa and Teral~~House Ulgo's Juran campaign continues to gain momentum~~House Wymarc's Sheltrev Memorial Starport becoming a major trade hub in the Juran Mountains~~Casualties mount in Crevasse City fighting~~RNS - Royal News Service: Alderaan's premier news network!
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Taelios News Network: All the News that's fit for a "Sith Lord".
Several witnesses, when probed to comment on the 'Flying Baron of the Lower Promenade', noted that one Darth Taelios was at hand to break Baron Wymarc's fall. When pressed for comment, a passerby remarked:
"No.. I wasn't really looking at his moustache. Why should I care what the baron's moustache looks li- AAAAAGHGHGHGH! YES, YES, FINE, IT'S A LOVELY MOUSTACHE! RALLE AND TAELIOS LOOKED POSITIVELY DASHING!"
The passerby then mysteriously expired from lightning-based injuries. More on this, later.
Taelios News Network: All the News that's fit for a "Sith Lord".
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HNC - Holonews Coruscant
Interview - DJ Alisonda

We're here at the release party for DJ Alisonda's first album, Legs, and it is wild down here! She started off the night performing her entire album live at the same nightclub where she was first discovered by Coruscani Krayze, and the energy has electrified this crowd. I wish you could have seen the light show spectacular that accompanied her performance, the synchronization with her mixes made for a dazzling display unlike anything I've ever seen. Let's see if we can brush up against where she's sitting on the bar to get a few words with her, shall we?

HNC: That was an amazing act! What can we expect to see next?

DJ Alisonda: I don't even know! *laughs* Something crazy!

HNC: What are your goals for your career?

DJ Alisonda: I want to take over the galaxy and rock the walls down!

HNC: Was there a specific person who influenced "Fine, Just Go"?

DJ Alisonda: When I mixed that, I was really angry at someone that I'm probably still angry with. I don't mix love songs or ballads because I'm not in love. So I basically make music about experiences that I've had or stuff that's embarrassed me or even something that gets on my nerves. Basically, music is my vent. So, "Fine, Just Go" was like that. I'd always wanted to have the upper hand in that relationship and the only way I could have that was through the mix.

HNC: Tell me a little about this album.

DJ Alisonda: It's crazy. My favorite word is eclectic. It's really hard for me to categorize it. To explain myself in a nut shell, I'm eclectic and versatile. I love like all kinds of music. Even over the hard zip zop tracks you can hear the influences from rock and opera and alternative. There's a lot of influences going on in my brain and that came out in the album so I'm really happy about that.

HNC: Which track is most like your personality?

DJ Alisonda: Oh, "Multiple Personality"!

HNC: Multiple personality?! What drives you insane?

DJ Alisonda: I hate fake people. I hate liars. Here's an example. Someone comes up to you somewhere a party. Somewhere, anywhere, on the street. "Hey, Alisonda. I missed you so much. Oh my God, you look so good!" and then they turn around and say, "Did she get more cybernetics? What is wrong with her?" I'm a very honest person. Sometimes I put my foot in my mouth, but at the same time, it's like my motto: If you're truthful and honest you might not have that many friends, but you'll never have any enemies because everybody will always know where you're coming from.

HNC: You've said before that you've gone through many phases in your life, as do most people. What phase would you say you're in now?

DJ Alisonda: See, that's the thing. I went through so many phases. I felt like I was grown when I was twelve years old. Right now I don't really think I'm going through phases. I think that all the places I've been and all of the things that I've tried and all of the avenues I went down, I made one big street with it and I'm on that street right now. I'm just kinda in-between everything. I'm a collaboration of everywhere I've been and everything I've liked. Now, it's just the best of everything.

HNC: Is there anything that you didn't get a chance to put on this album that we can expect to find within your sophomore album?

DJ Alisonda: There's tons of stuff. I'm on Coruscant's last nerve right now. I'm the type of person... I keep mixing and mixing and mixing and I keep coming up with these songs and I just had to close the album. It was getting to be ridiculous. It was like "What about this one? What about this one?" I have to give some of them away and keep some of them and just keep mixing. With me, it's like sporadic. I can not mix for two months and then just have a week where I can't sleep, I'm mixing so much. I could be looking in someone's window and they could be having an argument and I'll just start making the music. I'll sit down on the pavement and start humming on the sidewalk. I just have to mix. I have to hear it to mix it. I'm so much better at music than I am at talking.

HNC: What does your family think of all of this?

DJ Alisonda: I don't really care. I'm having the time of my life, why worry about what others think?
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-HoloNet News Service-

An interesting report coming out of the Undercity of Nar Shaddaa last night. A man going by the odd moniker of "Potatoes" is making waves in the pit fighting circuit of the Undercity. Sources are stating that this is the same man that fought a few months ago. He flailed about causing those he fought against to be injured to the point where they couldn't fight rather than killing them. Something must have changed because last night we are hearing that he killed everyone he came up against.

Interesting enough in these no holds barred matches weapons are allowed. This Potatoes fellow only fought with his fists. The man didn't walk out of the fights unscathed, ending up with several deep gashes across his torso and a nasty gash across his face, but those that managed to hurt this strange fighter might have been the unlucky ones. They seemed suffer the most before they were killed.

One of our sources told us that the man had those creepy eyes orange eyes like a Sith or something which has some people thinking he was using the Force to win. When we tried to find this odd fighter for an interview, but it was as if he vanished. Needless to say if these shady fights are your sort of thing, you should watch out for the man called Potatoes.
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An installment of space!TMZ can be viewed.

After a brief while, they get to a segment featuring Nar Shaddaa. It cuts to the Upper Promenade, and the camera focuses on two robed figure, the colors of which suggested Jedi. One of them stood looking out over a ledge, while the other seemed to be making strange gestures.

The group leader in the studio spoke first, "Someone mind telling me what I'm looking at?"

A Rodian spoke, "Apparently Nar Shaddaa Camera feeds caught these to jokes of Jedi screwin' around on the Upper Promenade."

The camera panned back to the leader, "What in the Force were they doing there?"

A Togruta spoke up, "Obviously getting hammered while on leave, why else would someone go to Nar Shaddaa?" There's a bit of laughter, and the crumpling and throwing of paper, before they continue observing the footage. Eventually, the gesturing Jedi wraps his arms around nothing, holding the position for a long couple of moment.

It pans back to the leader in the studio, "Is he... Hugging thin air?"

The Rodian pipes up, "You know their code, they have to find something to embrace!" That's followed by a bit of laughter, paper throwing, and mock-booing.

The program promptly cuts to a commercial break.
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A diminutive, waifish-looking figure bundled in plain, drab robes is visible. She reaches up and pulls back the hood of her robes, displaying the distinctive shock-white hair Echani are known for.

"My name is Iaera Farworlder, of the Jedi Order. I speak today for the Order's Custodum enclave.

"Recently, one of our own was attacked, abducted and tormented by those who cling to the dark teachings of the Sith. I do not know what they hoped to gain by this act, or what they thought the consequences might be. Perhaps they thought us weak; that we would idly sit by without response. Or perhaps they meant to goad us into action, to push this galaxy ever closer to the brink of war once more.

"Whatever your reasoning, Sith, know this. This is but the latest in a long string of provocations and belligerence. We will not allow these actions to go unanswered. The Jedi Custodum are not nerf calves to be attacked for your amusement. We prefer to not draw our lightsabers. If this makes us appear weak in your eyes, so be it. It will be your undoing.

"You have made an enemy this day, Lord Seselis. I call upon all voices of reason in the Sith Empire to take notice. Further warfare serves no one. Rein in your wayward elements, or the Jedi Knights will be forced to do as we have always done for thousands of years: We will enforce the peace. Consider, then, that this message is our olive branch; our desire to keep that peace with words rather than swords.

"Tread very carefully hence forth. May the Force be with us all."

The image vanishes, and the message ends.
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Holonet Trending Video

The video would start off with a medium resolution visual of a face.  A face with the right side burned, shriveled away.  The man's hair would be a fresh cut buzz-cut. He had the look of a mad man in his eyes.

He pointed at the camera.  He spoke through gritted teeth, and did so loudly, and aggressively. "I...Am coming for you.  You will feel pain.  You will feel immense pain.  I will murder you.  The last thing you will ever see, is my face.  My shriveled, ruined face...Which is all BECAUSE OF YOU!" He screamed the last part.

"I don't know where you are, but I will find you.  And I will kill you."

The video cuts to black
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Nar Shadaa Nightly News: The Smuggler's Moon's most trusted news network ~ ~ ~ New shop opens up on the promenade; Z's Armory, custom blasters and blades, all at a reasonable price! ~ ~ ~ Slipper Slopes under new Management! Drinks have halved in price. New owners assert that predecessors did not die, merely moved offworld ~ ~ ~ Frogdogs and Rotworms to sign autographs before the upcoming game on the upper deck of the promenade ~ ~ ~ Dancer's Retreat: Worst Place to get drunk, or the best? Find out in fifteen minutes. ~ ~ ~ Nar Shadaa Nightly News: The Smuggler's Moon's most trusted news network

In the off hours of the drinking day, a crate of what is now identified as Alderaanian Red Wine was left in the middle of the Dancer's Retreat barge by two workers and a few lifter droids, addressed to 'House Wymarc' from a 'Mister Green.' Security footage shows only the workers lifting and delivering the package, though no one is sure who the mysterious 'Mister Green' is, nor why he's sending such a huge shipment in broad daylight to the Alderaanian house.

When interviewed, both workers asserted that the package had been delivered through their courier service, and did not see who had paid for the shipment. When pressed, they simply said it was 'above their pay grade.' Who is this mysterious gift giver? More, as we find out.

Nar Shadaa Nightly News: The Smuggler's Moon's most trusted news network ~ ~ ~ New shop opens up on the promenade; Z's Armory, custom blasters and blades, all at a reasonable price! ~ ~ ~ Slipper Slopes under new Management! Drinks have halved in price. New owners assert that predecessors did not die, merely moved offworld ~ ~ ~ Frogdogs and Rotworms to sign autographs before the upcoming game on the upper deck of the promenade ~ ~ ~ Dancer's Retreat: Worst Place to get drunk, or the best? Find out in fifteen minutes. ~ ~ ~ Nar Shadaa Nightly News: The Smuggler's Moon's most trusted news network
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Taelios News Network: All the News that's fit for a "Sith Lord"

A diminuitive, dreadlocked Pureblood appears on screen, bright smile adorning his face. He makes direct eye-contact with the holorecorder, still smiling as he opens his arms in a welcoming manner.

"Oh, dear Jedi Custodum. Iaera, in particular, since you were the one who sent us that message... I am so very excited to play with you, again. It has been some time since I was provided such entertainment, and your words show that you are once again willing to amuse. You will want to work on your intimidation skills, as you come across a bit delicate."

The man fidgets, impatiently, for a while, before continuing.

"It was a good show, to be certain, but this 'one of your own' is not entirely blameless. If you are going to worry about stepping on toes, you will want to rein in the more... how did you put it? Wayward elements of those close to you, lest you draw _my_ ire. You may think me a silly man, but know this. I do not take threats towards those close to me with any sort of delicacy. When you are ready to play, you know where to find me."

The Sith blows a kiss to the recorder,  before turning to walk off screen.

Taelios News Network: "That probably wasn't the smartest move, Master Farworlder."

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INN Imperial News Network  :  INN: Hear the full story here and now : Hoth gets a jolt of energy  : Black Market Manka Fur ring busted  : Special:  Is fresh air all they say and more?  Learn seven deadly spores you never want to breathe :

A friendly face in an immaculately fitted exo-suit of unsusual design stands before a busily humming power plant.  Behind him one can see workers bustling about cleaning up debris and scorch marks. Perfectly manicured teeth smile into the camera.  The reporter waits a second before beginning in a crisp imperial accent:

“Access to power is one of the main differences between life and death on the ice planet Hoth.  Those with it, flourish, those without suffer.  In a well-executed reclamation, Imperial forces at Outpost Lesh have secured an unused generator plant and brought it online; increasing the production capabilities for the entire sector this week.  Reports indicate that the facility was abandoned by the Republic after an ice storm decimated the reactor housing last winter.” 

The anchorwoman cuts over the onsite reporter, chirping: “That’s great news for Hoth and the Empire Callus!  But isn’t it –always- stormy on Hoth?!”

“You might assume that, but if you had studied the geo-environmental implications of multiple moons orbiting around what is essentially an oceanic planet covered in ice, you would understand that the annual convergence of the moons creates a season of increased storm activity.”  Callus responded, seeming eager to display his scientific training.  “To continue, the Empire saw an opportunity and assigned a small detachment of off planet specialists who easily re-routed the needed power into imperial channels before handing the project off to the Lesh Operatives.  This is expected to greatly enhance the reach of Imperial Reclamation in recovering and studying artifacts salvaged from the Great Galactic War.  IR has triangulated the probable location of one of the Republic prototype vessels that crashed on Hoth and hopes to be able to build a new research station near the site.  The available power will make this possible.”

The anchorwoman’s face appears picture in picture.  Her polished face and blonde hair is offset by a tight, pink suit.  “So, Imperial Reclamation gets a coup.  What about the rest of us?  Does this also mean that Hoth will be able to support a new ice-boarding and hover-skiing resort?”

“We can only hope it does, Zoe. If we do, you can bet I’ll be first in line at the lifts!”  Callus smiles again.

“What a great story from Hoth;”  Zoe’s face magnifies to full screen,  “furthering research and recreation at the same time.  I sure wish we could have gotten an interview with the brilliant team who executed this operation.”  She looks through the camera, directly at the viewer  “You know who you are and I personally thank you.”  She smiled, ending the report.  “And now the weather.  I’m sure whatever is coming your way, it’ll be better than what is expected on Hoth!”  She chuckled as the weather man cut in.
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A Text-based news article.

GBN: Galactic Business News: All the News from Space!Wallstreet!

The enterprising conglomerate, VerisCorp made the news this week when their facility in the Krell System suffered some sort of catastrophic failure, leading to an explosion that killed 37 employees.

The company's official investigation reveals that a critical flaw in the station's reactor core lead to an overload that set of a chain reaction, leading to the deadly detonation. This brings up concerns as to the safety of VerisCorp's reactor cores, given that the company built the core for the station themselves, however, inspections from experts across the galaxy reveal the reactors to be perfectly safe, and that the flaw in the station core was likely not the fault of the manufacturers, but rather an issue in installation.

Still, shareholders are wary and thus stocks in VerisCorp are expected to drop. The company has stated that, due to the fact that VerisCorp produces many items aside from reactor cores, shareholders should have no reason to worry. They also announced that the production of reactor cores with be closer monitored and inspected, in order to avoid another tragedy.

Reporters asked Garron Helix, founder of VerisCorp, for a statement, to which he refused to comment.

More on this story as information comes out, as well as projections for the stocks in the near future coming soon!

GBN: Helping You Invest.
         Space!Dow/Jones: +2.3   Space!Nasdaq -5.1   VerisCorp: -11.0   AdasCorp: 0.0   Correlian Defense Solutions: +22.1   Erinian Exports: +1.9
GBN: Galactic Business News: All the News from Space!Wallstreet!
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Reydovan News Network: The Loyal Citizen's Source for News!  BREAKING NEWS: Jedi Custodum Declares War on Sith Empire - Recent Insurrection by Fayhan, Provocation by Farworlder Increasing Tensions Along Imperial-Republic Border - Taelios to Farworlder: "When You Are Ready to Play, You Know Where to Find Me"

[A human in an Imperial uniform, carrying a large blaster rifle, appears on the holorecorder. The subtitle reads "Commander Andav Undjo, Special Forces Leader, Reydovan Prime Planetary Garrison".]

Citizens of Reydovan Prime and of the greater Reydovan Sector, we have heard the recent blustering statements made by the Jedi Master Iaera Farworlder, representing a fringe group of Jedi Knights calling itself the "Jedi Custodum". As you may be aware, we have had a recent invasion of our world by members of this renegade group under the command of one Saxtus Fayhan, one of Master Farworlder's lieutenants. Master Fayhan's attempted insurrection cost the lives of more than twenty of our brave Imperial soldiers, nearly half of which were under my personal command. Yet, in maintaining the spirit of the peace, Darth Malagant allowed Master Fayhan and his comrades to leave our space without further incident as a gesture of generosity.

However, the attack against Lord Malagant's ship by allies of the Custodum during Fayhan's incursion makes clear what these terrorists think of our generosity. Is it a coincidence that now Master Farworlder is spouting nonsense about kidnapping, and making accusations against the honorable Lord Seselis? Our lord says no, and the military commanders - namely Commander Varan and myself - agree. Therefore, it is with some regret that the government in Illuminopolis has placed all military forces on the planet on high alert. We believe, as Darth Taelios has stated, that this other incident involving a Custodum member is not as innocent as the Custodum claims - indeed, if the recent actions of Master Fayhan, and the provocation now presented by Master Farworlder, are any indication, they are attempting to cover their tracks and place the onus for resuming hostilities on us, rather than their own acts of terrorism. They wish to make war on the Sith Empire, simply because our lords follow a different philosophy they judge to be "evil".

The Empire does not wish war. We negotiated the Treaty of Coruscant in good faith, allowing the Republic to retain its capital and its dignity, and in return, the Republic allowed us to claim our rights of conquest. We have maintained the peace for close to a decade now, and we have no desire to break it. However, if the Custodum chooses to persist in waging a war against the Empire, we will defend ourselves, as is our right. I am sure we will find that neither the Republic nor the Jedi Order is willing to begin the next war, and will disown their wayward brethren in due course.

I ask all citizens to be vigilant in this time of crisis, and hope and pray that we can settle the matter quietly without further pointless posturing - and more importantly, without the useless effusion of blood.

For the Empire!

[The transmission fades to black.]

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Illuminopolis Issues Planet-Wide Military Alert - Commander Undjo: Empire Hopes to Avoid War, But Prepared to Answer Custodum Hostility - In Other News: Imperial Forces on Hoth Reclaim Abandoned Power Station; Sector Production Increases by 30%, Number Expected to Rise - Critical Failure of VerisCorp Reactor in Krell System Kills 37; VerisCorp Stock Plummets
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HoloNet Advertisement

The setting of the recording appears to be in the cargo hold of a ship, with high tempo electronic music playing in the background.

"HEY YOU!" yells a rather gruff and buff looking Mandalorian wearing bulky durasteel armor, with a metal eyepatch over his left eye and burn scars over the left half of his face, pointing at the camera. "Got a problem you can't deal with? Creditors bugging you all the time? Nagging spouse or just some guy you want dead? Then you should hire me, ROTERSAAAAAAND!" His voice is stretched out and echoed as he announces his name, obviously distorted post-production, and then the image suddenly switches to a recording of Rotersand flying through the air on a jetpack, raining fiery missiles down on some fleeing Rodians feebly trying to shoot at him, but missing.


The image switches back to Rotersand, smoking a cigarra and talking into the camera, spinning a blaster around on his finger. "I can kill anything! For a price. Big, small, man, woman. BUT NO KIDS! Wanna get some righteous Jedi off your back? NO PROBLEM! Same goes for Sith. I charge double for Forcers. No questions asked!"

His holo-frequency flashes at the bottom of the holo-image.

"Look at me. Now look at you. Don't you wish you were me? Of course you do. Call this number now and kiss your problems goodbye!"

The image suddenly switches again, showing the bounty hunter riding on the back of a giant lizard over some sand dune.

"I'm on a lizard."



All of the legal information about hiring Rotersand's services rapidly scroll by in a big wall of small-lettered text, totally illegible unless someone pauses the advertisement to read it all.

Rotersand Beroya (
Bounty Hunter and Guns-for-Hire
No questions asked!
Holo-transmitter frequency: 555-718-5569-91
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BFE NEWS SCROLL FEATURE, TODAY: ~The Taris Herald~ Your daily local news feed, rebuilding a proud world!   HEADLINES: //Ebb in rhakghoul attacks believed related to weather patterns//  //Farming prospects for the coming season favorable// //Fringe settlement found destroyed, Only survivor talks nonsense//

//Fringe settlement found destroyed, Only survivor talks nonsense//

Taris, 06172013. Early this morning reports came across emergency coms that Bella-Tar, the beginnings of an outlying settlement in the Republic regions of New Taris was attacked and decimated by an unknown force. Damage reports indicate use of heavy weaponry, eyes on scene report signs of uprooted installations, blaster fire, and multiple bodies have been burned beyond recognition. Cause of death across the board seems to be blunt impact and fire. Bella-Tar's entire population, 34 men, women, and children, have been accounted for, with only one survivor.

Soldiers on scene described the scene thusly: "It's like the place was hit with a tornado, the way things and people were all tossed around. No clear origin for an explosion, blaster fire could have been entirely defensive, it's too jumbled to tell. It's eerie, but then, it's Taris, so."

Rumors of what may have caused the destruction vary, however the sole survivor of the attack gave only this statement:

"He smelled like death... like death, putrid and filled your lungs. And the eyes glowed, and the limbs moved like a droid, but it weren't no droid. I seen it. I seen it. And it seen me.. an then it threw people apart with its machine limbs and it's mind..."

At this point of recollection the survivor required sedation, as he began raving and clawing at his own face and jaw. His attending physician did comment that the man's ravings were amongst average post traumatic hallucinations and responses when faced with the known horrors of Taris, from the ongoing rakghoul menace, to other sizable beasts and mutations.

One anonymous soldier summarized it best, "People come to Taris looking for a form of freedom, looking to live the Republic dream and bring back a bygone era, and they don't prepare themselves for the reality. It's a harsh world. It's sadly commonplace to see new settlements wipe from the pressures, and dangers."

The Governor was unavailable for comment, but her office offered this statement: "This tragedy will not go un-remembered as we rebuild."

-Juma Freish, reporting for The Taris Herald.
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ORFH - Outer Rim Free Holonews

"What up, spacers?" The familiar scarf-covered conspiracy theorist spacer boasts over the airwaves. "Just got word that some mystic nutjobs have been hacking it out in the rim, stirrin' up trouble."

An image flashes across the programming, a spliced security clip of some sort, showing tattooed tribal warriors with shields and spears overtaking an armed band of well trained defenders. The weapons the tribals wield are highly advanced despite their primitive nature - their shields deflect blaster fire, and they whip their energy-tipped spears about like lightsabers. They take losses, but the battle is over in minutes in the tribal's favor.

"Take a look at this, Rimmers. The images you're seein' were taken by a security cam just before this settlement went dark. The liars in the Galactic Core want to claim that the war ain't on? That we're gettin' protected? Hah, that's easy for them to say. They ain't livin' out in this hellhole. The truth is, that we've been abandoned, and there ain't no one out here to help us."

Another set of images are shown, this time stills, taken from moments when a set of similar warriors tackle and obliterate an unwary set of what appear to be Czerka defender forces. The warriors this time appear mostly unarmed, using tag team tactics to overwhelm small numbers of the Czerka troops at a time. The images get more sparse as the conflict drives on.

"If you know anything about these guys, let me know. 'Cause we gotta put the word out on these terrorists. No matter who they are - Republic, Empire, Sith or Jedi? - we're gonna make them pay."

"Voice of Survival, out."
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Republic and Empire credit exchange down 15% from previous days trading.  Durasteel ore has jumped up 8% since stocks have opened.

The camera focuses on an elegantly dress woman in purple and golds of fine shimmer silk.  Her red hair pulled back as her yellow eyes look into the people in a crowd in front of her, the skyline of Nar Shadda behind her.

“Good beings of the glorious and might Hutt Cartel, be at ease.  The Hutts in their infinite wisdom have been keeping themselves aware of the growing tensions rising between the Empire and the Republic.  Recent aggressive actions taken by the Empire have put many of you at unease.  Know this, the Hutts maintain their neutrality for your sakes once more,” her hand sweeps out across the crowd.

“If these two nations wish to come to blows again you will be safe with in the shelter of the Cartel.  You property and live will be sheltered, your businesses will be protected.  You –are- safe here!” the crowd cheers her statement.

“And we are also extending out a hand to those that do not wish to fight, those that wish for peace, to live their lives free of wars they do not want.  The Hutts will protect you.  To those planets that do no wish this war, we offer shelter during it.”

“And to the Republic and the Empire, we implore you.  Please, stop these reckless acts of aggression against each other.  Curb your desire to abduct and detain each other and seek peace.  Both sides state they stand for it, then I ask them, will you please take the first step to achieve what you say you stand for?”

Camera cuts to a news desk with a Twi’lek and a human.

“That was the official word from the Hutt Empire on the recent actions taken by both the Republic and the Empire.  It appears they are maintaining their neutral stance and are asking both sides to seek peace.”

“An interesting stance indeed Taul.  After this speech numerous planets near the Hutt Empire border have started sending diplomats to the Hutts to speak with them.  Suspicions of these planets succeeding is being considered.  It has also been noted that the GTN has been marking up weapons and armor sales to both the Empire and Republic.  Resource trading has also need a 10 point increase making many people having to pay more for goods that they use every day.”

“Very true Sall.  Now on to other news, the Rot Worms are currently having some line up problems with three starters under arrest for drunken exploits and streaking through the streets of…”
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Now returning to the Nar Shaddaa Nightly News, already in progress.

"-will meet the Frog Dogs next Saturday in their third meeting of the season, with star carrier Bash Hardsides still listed as questionable with a shattered spine. Back to you, Toril!"

Toril laughs, smiling at the camera. "What an age of medicine we live in now. Now, we have a special guest tonight, all the way from Kaas City, please welcome a diplomat from the Sith Empire's, Lord Quarasha!"

Quarasha enters the stage in her usual robes, sans Lightsaber, smiling as she approaches Toril, shaking his hand. "Thank you for having me, Toril," she says as the pair sit down.

"How can I refuse a request from such a deadly lady?" he says, grinning as the audience laughs along, Quarasha included. "Now, I know you have a busy schedule, so how about we get right to it. There's been a lot of news lately about things heating up between the Empire and the Republic. Are we looking at the war coming back?"

Quarasha laughs lightly, shaking her head. "Hardly. I won't deny that there are groups on both sides that have been busy as of late, be it the Moirae in the Empire that the good Master Farworlder loves mentioning, or the Republic's General Garza and her Special Forces, who have never been happy with the peace and seem to take a special joy in trying to break it.

"Besides, you hardly have to worry about such things. The Empire has nothing but the utmost respect for the Hutt Cartel's neutrality. We simply desire to defend ourselves and our allies from all outside threats."

The host nods. "So, you agree with the recent statements from the Cartel that neutral worlds should ally themselves with the Hutts?"

"Oh, no, not at all. The Hutts are valued business allies of the Empire, yes, and I represent several of the Empire's allies in dealings with the Hutts, but something that all planets should remember is that the Hutts are businessmen, not governors."

Toril smirks. "You say that like it's a bad thing."

Quarasha laughs along with the crowd. "I admit, if you forced me to choose between the Hutts and the Republic Senate, it would be a hard choice, but I more refer to a simple fact of government structure. Hutt worlds tend to have only the basic government services, mainly sewage, water, trash and the like, with little in the way of free public schools, vocational training or environmental regulation.

"And, of course, on defense? They rely on droids and mercenaries to pass as an army, and have a mere handful off trained Force users, if any. We've all heard about the piracy statistics in Hutt space, and the numbers in the Empire is a tiny fraction of it."

Toril nods. "Well, that's your opinion on it."

Quarasha shakes her head, still smiling. "I state statistics and facts, Toril. My opinion is that a nation or planet should do whatever is in their best interests. The Sith way teaches self-reliance, self-determination, but is not blind to the value of alliances, that, as metallurgists do love to say, alloys are stronger. The Empire and the Hutt Cartels are fast friends because of that. We have different focuses, and that makes us stronger."

Toril smiles. "Alright, enough serious talk. Who you have on Saturday, huh?"

She grins. "And tamper with the betting line? I think not!" she says as the crowd laughs along...
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ERN NewsFeed: // Lord Beria Sewq appointed ambassador to House Wymarc, is awaiting approval from Baron Ralle Wymarc // "Bleak, but improving," says LMG Keinz-Forland on situation in Eresar - No coordinated insurgent actions since uprising last winter // Two of the Royal Navy's new and highly anticipated Prestige-class capital ships have finished construction at Kalyuz Spacedock - The vessels' names have not been announced // New cultural exchange between the Jedi Order and the Kyn'Ahrm // Recent escalations in Republic/Imperial tensions have prompted heated debate across Erini //

The Erinian Royal News

Increased Tensions Prompt Royal Response; New Erinian Bacta Compound Given to Republic and Empire Free of Charge

Following  a week of bellicose rhetoric from both the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic’s Jedi Order, King Istvan Honorius Keyis convened a press conference at the Sun Crown earlier this Tuesday. In the midst of over fifty reporters serving local news affiliates as well as several intergalactic newsdesks, the King answered questions on the topic of Erini’s neutrality and several other topics.'

When asked further about the possibility of an Erinian alliance with the Hutt Cartel, the King responded negatively, saying:

   "...while we do certainly value the fortuitous trade relations forged between Erini and the representatives of the Hutt Cartel, we currently have no plans whatsoever to forge any binding alliance with any Hutt family nor the Hutt Cartel at large."

When asked to elaborate on Erini’s current non-aligned foreign policy, King Istvan answered:

   “…these troubled times underscore the existence the great and, until recently, veiled animosity between these two great factions. Our decision to remain unaligned remains unaltered. To allow the interests of those who seek only to use us, to cajole and position us, to manipulate and implicate us would be an unconscionable betrayal of the people whose independence I gladly uphold, whose sovereignty I treasure most dearly of all.

Here, I would speak concerning the development of Erinian diplomatic relations with House Wymarc and Beilen of Alderaan. While this statement asserting our non-aligned status may seem duplicitous in this light, I would encourage all those in attendance to remember that our decision to open up diplomatic communications with these houses was done in the interest of broadening Erini's galactic involvement without chaining it to either the Republic or the Empire. Houses Wymarc and Beilen thus proved to be the logical choice and continue to prove their steadfast friendship to Erini and to the cause of peaceful intergalactic coexistence."

Following this remark, the King went on to reassure the public of Erini’s own military preparedness. The King also revealed a startling new development in medical science:

   “…naturally, when the Republic and the Empire carry such monumental threats of violence to level against each other, we most assuredly must look to our own defense. To this end, our ministers in the Erinian Diplomatic and Economic Corps have worked tirelessly with planets under both spheres to secure a free, flowing trade of technology, materiel, and know-how. In this spirit of cooperation and exploration, we have continually improved the capacity of our Royal Navy and Army by great leaps and bounds…

…In fact, one such improvement was made only recently. In cooperation with the Royal Medical College of Vyncerq and the Erinian Ministry of Health and Safety, I am pleased to announce that Erinian scientists have discovered a new bacta compound which, according to the research findings, has been proven to vastly improve upon several aspects of the current formula…”

The King proceeded to read from an Erinian Ministry of Health and Safety press release that cited the new compound’s improvements on “delivery capability, trauma treatment, organ regeneration, and other injury and illness related factors.”

The King went on to explain that because Erini does not have the necessary industrial capability to manufacture this new compound, it would be released by way of official delegation to both the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic within the coming week. According to Royal spokespeople, the compound will be given freely with no price, citing the necessity of good medical materiel in the galaxy regardless of faction or alliance.

Finally, the King ended the press conference by offering the royal residence as a neutral location wherein the Empire and the Republic might meet to “quell increasing unpleasantness in the interest of galactic stability.”
~ERN: Vysberg Desk

Jedi 'Miller Turlim' Arrives in Kynmarch, Will Train Among Kyn'Ahrm

Amid no small amount of fanfare and speculation, Miller Turlim, a representative of the Galactic Republic's Jedi Order, has arrived on Erini and has been permitted by Roca Szamel Uhlfyz O'Sae to cross over into Kynmarch.

According to the Jedi Order, Turlim was given special dispensation to study at length with the Kyn in the hopes of fostering goodwill and shared sentiment between the Kyn people and the Jedi Order.
~ERN: Tusaviq Desk

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Kwenn News Network: Only the Facts

Questions abound today after a D-5 Mantis crashed in the mountains North of Kwenn City this morning. Witnesses say that they saw a bright light in the sky followed by the sound of an explosion.

Investigators at the scene determined the cause of the crash to be an internal failure, likely a sort of obstruction inside of the engines, causing them to overheat and explode. No bodies were found at the scene, despite that the ship's only escape pod had not been launched.

Some believe that this was a sort of failed terrorist attack, while others think it was a strange, and expensive prank. However, a few hours later, a group of mandalorians were said to have come and investigated the crash site themselves, taking some of the items left behind with them.

Was this a flight gone wrong? Or something more?

We'll keep you updated as the story develops.
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RNN: We Report, You Decide.

"Earlier today, a transport ship carrying several republic senators was blown out of the sky by what appears to be a surface to air rocket launcher." The female anchor said, tapping her datapad. "Details are unknown, but it appears tha-"

INN: The Empire's number 1 news source.

"Rumors are circulating that an Imperial office suite facilitating a meeting of several Lords of the Sith was destroyed in a violent and brutal fashion. We would like to take the time to assert that any violent attack on a Sith of any caliber would warrant immediate retribution, and doing so in Dromuund Kaas is improbable, not to mention impossible. These rumors are false." The camera cut to said building, still intact.

The viewscreen goes pitch black for a moment, then readjusts to the same Imperial building, broadcasted on all news sources. The building is in smithereens, and it shows, in real time, relief teams arriving and attempting to help.

"Look on as the Empire cleans up my handiwork in the heart of their beloved capital."

It cuts to the downed transport holding the Republic Senators, where it is similarly burning, and relief teams are attempting to assist in any way possible.

"Watch as the Republic can do nothing to stop me."

It cuts to a man in full body armor, his face obscured by shadows. He is sitting in a lavish chair, his fingers steepled as he stares into the camera.

"I have long been lauded a terrorist," He begins, "The bombing of a Republic Academy on Coruscant. Countless attacks against both Imperial and Republic interests in Hutt space. Forgeries, blackmail, deceit, treason. . .The list is endless.

I am innocent. I WAS innocent. Your wait is over.

You have awakened a terrorist. I care not whether you are Republic or Imperial, only that you are of those factions." He pauses, before spitting with venom. "I despise all of you. You've taken everything from me. All that I've cared about, all that I've worked to build. Now, it is my turn to destroy you.

It has taken years, but I have done it. You are not safe anywhere. I have agents everywhere. They are your mother, your brother, your sister, your neighbors. . .And, like me, they want to see your pathetic lives ended. Life as you know it, is over.

There will be no more Silence. From now, until the end of days, the Silence of the world will be broken with the screams of millions as they burn with the flames of my fury. And you have no one but yourselves to blame."

Under the breather mask, he smiles, leaning forward out of the shadows, and stares at the camera with bright cyan eyes. He was using colored contacts.

"My name is unimportant, but rest easy in this one absolute: Everyone, Republic and Imperial, will die by my hand, and the hands of my agents."

It cuts out, the signal, nigh untraceable, lost as the News Networks broadcast normally again.
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BFE NEWS SCROLL FEATURE, TODAY:     }The Twin Suns Gazette{ We cover it all, from the northern mesas to the Dune Sea!   HEADLINES: //Sandstorm Season Coming- Be prepared for a doosy!//  //Bar Brawl in Entha Cantina Forces Temporary Closing//   //Fringe Settlement Found Destroyed, Sandpeople Activity Suspected on the Rise//

//Fringe Settlement Found Destroyed, Sandpeople Activity Suspected on the Rise//

Tatooine, 06242013. Early this morning an anonymous supply trader discovered the remains of a fringe moisture farming village, found decimated near the edge of the Dune Sea. Damage reports indicate signs of heavy weaponry, eyes on scene report uprooted and overturned installations, scorching from likely blaster fire, and multiple bodies have been burned beyond recognition. Cause of death across the board seems to be blunt impact and fire.

"Never seen anythin like it, but then I heard plenty o stories of what them Sandpeople can do iffen they get riled. Savages, bastards. They shot down the kids same as adults, tore the place to pieces, sand and blood everywhere. Things an people thrown around like some of them bantha beasts o' theirs went riled up wild. Makes me wanna move my trade off-world, thinkin' they's still loose an unchecked for this kinda savagery."

Patrols were unable to find any trace of which tribe may have caused this incident, no trails nor bantha tracks were found. Twenty seven men women and children were confirmed killed in this latest brutal Sandperson assault.

-Bu'nata Lor'n, The Twin Suns Gazette.
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Nar Shaada Financial Report- Late Edition:

In a surprise aggressive move this week, growing shipping mogul, DawnStar Freight Co., has expanded it's reach into the public real estate market, securing, essentially, all formerly available retail-zoned property remaining on the popular mid world promenade.

When asked about the move, CEO Seiyd Alumar explained, "We've been co-owners of the Dancer's Retreat for a fair while now, and have watched as many small businesses have come and gone near our happy little berth. This move of ours is a goodwill effort to bring more steady business and stability to the area, in the hopes of providing more regular jobs and avenues of commerce to the good peoples of Nar Shaada. We intend to offer storefront space at sliding rates to start ups, and open a small storefront ourselves where we may begin to more easily vend the many rare products our company is known for distributing throughout the galaxy."

When asked about how the local Hutts may perceive her move, Alumar replied, "Please do not misunderstand, The Hutts still have many properties in the area, as well as some private organizations. I've no intent on infringing on any of their most esteemed holdings. I am certain many will still wish to rent from their facilities. In the end though, more business and stability can only be good to everyone in the area. Please, allow my company take the humanitarian cut, to keep the smaller merchants alive, and business steady. Their own merchants will only benefit from the added foot traffic, in the end. It's truly, a win win."

None of the other local owners were available for comment, however when asked, Morus of the Slopes exclaimed, "Can ya argue with that redhead? Chick wants to cough up spare coin for the dregs to keep their mom-an-pop, who'am I to care. I just can't wait for all the extra tips, as all the chums and new merchants find themselves thirsty."

Kabun Sai, Honored of the Hutts, Reporting.

((OOC- To clarify, Seiyd has only purchased the available stalls/retail space on the one single promenade we RP on most frequently. I intentionally left the specifics of which areas/stalls vague to allow for flexibility for roleplay. If your character previously owned it, they still own it. If an NPC owned it, they still own it. If there's a spot you'd like your character to have, they can absolutely claim it- either by seeking out Seiyd to rent, or- by seeking an NPC Hutt who did not sell out their holding to little ms philanthropist, if you'd prefer to not play with that.))
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RNN: We report, you decide.

Today, the names of Anaris Vued'ange-Helghan, and his wife, Stell'ange, were quietly removed from the list of the Republic's warrants for arrest. The pair, co-owners of Dancer's Retreat, on Nar Shaddaa, had been wanted by the Republic since an incident on Alderaan, many weeks ago, that left three members of ambassadorial staff to House Organa dead. Reports had the two taking refuge on Tatooine, where extradition agreements with the Republic are by municipality. The Republic security forces would only say that their removal from the list is in the light of new evidence regarding the incident, and that the Republic's investigation into the incident is now closed.

House Organa of Alderaan refused to comment on rumors that the entire incident was provoked by imperial forces who infiltrated their security forces.

RNN: We report, you decide.
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GBN Weekly Review: With Jarob Halliney

The camera opens with a heavy-set Male Twi'lek with yellow skin appearing on the screen.
"Good evening, folks, my name is Jarob Halliney and welcome to the Galactic Business News Weekly Review."

"Controversy abound after a shipping company known as the Dawn Star Freight Co. bought out much of the real estate around the Promenade on Nar Shaddaa. Dawn Star's exact plans for these spaces are unknown, however the company claims to be procuring these areas as a means to help small businesses have places to sell their wares. Some feel this is a noble gesture, while others view this as a ruthless corporate scheme."

"We now welcome financial expert Virla Rennon to the broadcast. How are you tonight Virla?" The image of a wrinkled Zabrak woman appears beside Jarob.

Virla responds, "I'm quite well Jarob, though not entirely sure of this bold move by the Dawn Star Freight Co."

"So you don't feel that this plan will help stimulate economics around the Promenade area?" Jarob asks, narrowing his eyes.

Virla's face is expressionless as she answers, "I've no doubt that the actions made by the shipping company will aid small business in the short term. However, I don't like the trend to which this may lead."

"What do you mean?" The Twi'lek asks.

"While this new real estate will allow for lesser known salesmen to sell their wares legally and safely, in order for Dawn Star to gain anything from this is to Rent out the spaces or even buy out these small businesses. While this is a highly profitable idea, if Dawn Star continues down this road, I think they will begin to work towards the goal of a monopoly, given that they are now sticking their hands into various facets of finance."

"So you feel that the Dawn Star Freight Co. is only doing this to assert themselves as an economic power?" Jarob asks, frowning a bit.

Virla responds, "I do, I'd hope anyone could see that, as well as the dangers. The Galaxy doesn't need anym-" She is cut off.

"I disagree, I think that this will only lead to good on Nar Shaddaa... Small Businesses will get a start and be able to make a name for themselves, and if Dawn Star Freight fattens their coffers a bit, good for them." Jarob interjects.

"I don't think you understand the ramifications, if there is no competition then-" Virla starts.

Jarob interrupts again, "I'm sorry miss Rennon, but we are out of time." The Zabrak's image cuts, leaving only Jarob onscreen.

"Will this real-estate buy-out lead to a better economy for Nar Shaddaa, or ruin it? We'll keep you updated as information comes out. Until then, this is Jarob Halliney, signing off."

This has been: GBN Weekly Report: With Jarob Halliney
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ERN NewsFeed: // Erinian improvement on bacta formula has been received by the Medical College of Coruscant and has begun testing - Jedi Order "pleased" // Unusual amounts of rainfall in southern Vantmarch, minor flooding, property damage along rivers // Silver industry grows by leaps and bounds due to increased foreign interest // Preparations being made for upcoming festival honoring St. Grotriq, Patron of Mines - Huge celebrations planned throughout Bannermarch // Recent terrorist attacks on Kwenn and Coruscant prompt increase in security // 

The Erinian Royal News

Lord Ambassador Keyis Accused of "Secret Alliance" with Galactic Republic, Smeared by Fellow Ambassador - 3 days ago

In a stunning turn of events during what was expected to be a fairly quick meeting of the Shared Advisory Board - the intergovernmental body which makes decides Erini's course in intergalactic affairs - Lord Ambassador Cordae Keyis, the official ambassador to the Galactic Republic, was accused of inappropriate conduct and exceeding the mandate of his office.

His accuser, ambassador to the Sith Empire Heqtor Vfond, produced a set of pictures that supposedly suggest that Lord Keyis has been engaged in a romantic relationship with a Knight of the Jedi Order, one Knight Shaantil. According to Lord Vfond, the alleged relationship between Lord Keyis and Knight Shaantil are evidence of Lord Keyis's hopes to bring Erini into the Galactic Republic as a formal member. Such a stance would contrast directly with the Ministry of State's stated foreign policy goals.

The recordings of the Shared Advisory Board meeting have not been released, so as of the posting of this story, any proof of these allegations is not accessible. However, since the meeting's conclusion, House Vfond's public representative has released the pictures that were used to substantiate Lord Vfond's claims. The pictures have been provided below.

More on this story as it develops
~ERN: Vysberg Desk

((The pictures are blurry and of poor quality. However, they do show two shapes apparently sharing a kiss on one of Nar Shaddaa's promenade decks. The larger figure can easily be identified as Cordae by his signature implants and the second figure, wearing robes and two eye-coverings, do corroborate the suggestion that it is Shaantil.))

Lord Ambassador Vfond removed from office, stripped of rank - "Conduct Unbecoming" - Yesterday

According to the newly released recording of the now-famous Shared Advisory Board meeting, and in conjunction with recently released Ministry of State statements, King Istvan Honorious Keyis has officially removed Lord Ambassador Heqtor Vfond from office. The same is also currently awaiting a court martial for conduct unbecoming of an officer in the Royal Reserve Guard.

We have enclosed the clip of the meeting's proceedings for your benefit.

((Running from times 2:48 to 3:56, the clip shows King Istvan Keyis addressing Lord Vfond after he has finished accusing Lord Keyis of treason.))

[King Istvan: " royal executive order - which is my right proclaimed by the constitution of the Allied Marches - I hereby strip you of the title Ambassador." ((2:53))

Vfond blinks. "I-"

The King interrupts, not angry, but firm. "Silence. In this chamber, you have tarnished, perhaps irrevocably, the name of ambassador. As such, for the fault is solely yours and not beholden to your office or title, you shall be removed from it." ((3:02))

"Furthermore, because you have seen fit to besmirch the name Lord - a title which was given to you in recognition of your service to the Royal Army of the Allied Marches during the Great War and the Pilgrim War - it shall also be taken from you in hopes that it may one day recover from this egregious slight. Your conduct is unbecoming of a Lord Militant General in the Royal Reserve Guard, and so you are hereby, at my leisure and command, disbarred." ((3:39))

The King looks at Vfond for several seconds before turning to two armed guards who have just entered the chamber.

"Finally," he says as he presses a button on his desk. Two armed guards enter the hall and salute the King, stopping just next to Vfond. The King addresses the guards with a smile. "Orleaq, Sustara, remove him. I don't care where you put him, but do aim for solid ground." ((3:46))

Vfond is forcibly removed from the chamber, causing a stir...]

Comments? Tell us what you think!

Royal press conference convened, Minister of State Rysz to appear followed by Lord Keyis - 2 hr ago

Click to watch the press conference LIVE...

<< Minister of State Gydien Rysz, a middle-aged man with tawny brown hair slicked neatly back, stands in front of a podium bearing the seal of the Allied Marches joined with the royal seal of House Keyis. The stage is situated in front of the All-Marches Assembly building which houses both chambers of the Allied Marches parliament.>>

"Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of his royal majesty King Istvan Honorius Keyis, I would like to thank you for being here this evening."

"His royal highness's government takes all allegations of treason very seriously. As such, despite the...uproarious nature in which the allegations against Lord Ambassador Keyis were made, I am authorized to tell you that the All-Marches Assembly shall meet at some point within the coming week during a special session. "

"This special session shall be used to question the Lord Ambassador about the nature of his interactions with the Jedi Knight Shaantil. The Ministry of State has pledged - as I do pledge before you now - to give its full support to the Assembly as they conduct their investigation."

"I have come before you now with the task of explaining the sudden nature in which Lord Heqtor Vfond, recently the Ambassador-at-Large to the Sith Empire, was...unceremoniously dismissed."

"By Royal Decree 1928, I have been authorized to make public a series of recorded messages taken from the audio banks of Lord Vfond's diplomatic cruiser while he was in the employ of the Ministry of State. These clips have been made publicly available from the Ministry of State's holonet domain and shall remain there for the next month. After this point, they shall be stored in the Royal Archives in Vysberg-West."

"To explain why these records are relevant, I shall now read an excerpt from the most recent one, which was recorded almost one week ago."

"In referring to the idea that a people is best unified by strife and war, Vfond remarked, "..."Those ideals might have benefitted the Eresari at one point. Shame they never realized their full potential...Theirs was such a proud culture..."

((Rysz shuffles his notes and continues to read.))

"From a meeting taken three weeks ago with an undersecretary for Imperial Affairs, "...My superiors simply don't see the way the intergalactic winds are blowing, [REDACTED]. My colleagues who deal with the Republic are simply wasting their time. They have no respect for true power. They would sooner have us destroy ourselves through independence and subservience...only through joining with the Empire shall we make ourselves grand."

((Rysz looks up from his notes and continues to speak.))

"Several recordings have been released and many only reflect the once-Ambassador's thoughts on Erinian policy. Let me assure you now that Lord Vfond's disrespect to our Eresari allies as well as our friends in the Empire and the Republic shall not go unpunished and have been observed for as long as two years. We have only now seen it prudent to act against him after his most recent attempt to sell Erinian independence by endorsing a proposal that had the potential to upset Erini's stance as an independent and sovereign world. It is my personal regret that we did not act sooner, for doing so would have saved a loyal servant and great personal friend from such public smearing and disrespect."

"Now, I yield the floor to Lord Ambassador Cordae Solarius Keyis."

((Rysz steps away from the podium and nods at Cordae, shaking his hand as he takes Rysz's place in front of the podium. After a moment spent looking over the crowd - having brought no notes to read from - Cordae begins.))

"I would take this moment to thank Minister Rysz for allowing me to speak here this evening. I'll try to keep my remarks short in light of the fast-approaching inclement weather."

"Several days ago, a man who I had thought to be a friend took the opportunity to accuse me of a great many things. Most serious of these was treason, an accusation which I believe should rank chief among the pantheon of sins beholden only to murder."

"However, he also took it upon himself to nail additional charges to my door. He has charged me, unofficially still, but damaging they still are, of betraying the people of Erini, of sympathizing with foreign powers, of conspiring to sell state secrets, and finally, of being beholden to foreign masters. In this, he has also accused me of violating my mandate to represent Erini on a diplomatic level."

"I have never conspired against the good of the Erinian people in any capacity, a statement that I am certain any public or private recordings of me shall verify, but Lord Vfond made particular mention of my...subservience to the Republic, namely, the Jedi Order, in exposing rather callously my own personal relationships."

"I have come here to tell you directly that you may never be misdirected by a man such as Lord Vfond ever again. I am in a relationship with Jedi Knight Shaantil and have been for almost one year."

"My Lord Vfond has accused me of fooling you, of tricking you by not sharing this relationship publicly until now. This accusation is in fact entirely baseless, for it implies that my actions, both in entering the relationship and maintaining it with only steadfast care and compassion, were wrong. They are not wrong and nor have they ever been wrong, so I feel no need to apologize for them. Any true Erinian knows never to apologize for something that isn't wrong and I shall continue, as long as I am living, as long as I draw breath, to uphold that tradition of honesty and integrity."

"But why have I not told you until now? Ladies and gentlemen, you know as well as I the dangers and increased hassles of public life. The Jedi Order has vowed to undertake a truly admirable calling - to defend peace, freedom, and democracy. Should they not be allowed to continue their mission without being made a public spectacle? Shaantil and I are both honorable people with the best of intentions with no malice in our actions. Both a Jedi and a diplomat is called to serve and Erinians and Jedi, citizens Republic and Imperial both know the weight of that calling."

"Do Shaantil and I agree on every matter? Absolutely not, and to suggest otherwise does us all a disservice. We represent two vastly different peoples. However, we are both able to put aside our differences. We treat each other with respect, with compassion, with camaraderie and admiration."

"Does this differ so greatly with how we Erinians conduct ourselves on a galactic scale? Do we not treat every man whatever his faction with the kindness and respect that he inherently deserves?! This is our way! We have always done so! Our brothers and sisters in the Sith Empire are steadfast friends as are our comrades in the Republic. Ever has it been thus and take no reservation in proclaiming it now in the sight of all that so shall it ever be!"

((Cordae pauses for audience applause.))

"My friends, you know my record. I value it almost as much as I value my service to my people. When the Republic requested that Erini stay away from the conflict on Alderaan, I demanded we make some effort to help! Divisiveness and factionalism was sapping vital strength from Alderaan in its most desperate hour of need. Did I not encourage our government to help them stave off the Killik threat? Did I do this because I was on the Republic's payroll? Certainly not!" -  ((Cordae slams his palm against the podium.))

"When the honorable diplomat from the Sith Empire, Lord Quarasha, came to me with a proposal to expand the Empire's presence on Erini, should I have sent her away? Should I have treated her with disdain? Absolutely not! I did my duty as an Erinian and as a decent man. I gave her every assistance in bringing her proposal to the appropriate people. What has been the result? Two new embassies in our Eresari brothers' capital and expansions of our own embassies in Vysberg. Do these sound like the actions of a defector? Do these sound like the actions of a purchased man? I say they do not.”

((Cordae’s voice takes on an angrier, slightly wrathful bent.))

“I decry the cowardly actions taken by the traitorous Lord Vfond. His shamefacedness stains the honor of all Erinians. Not only has he trodden on the most sacred title ‘ambassador,’ he has defamed innocent people and made us suffer for his lack of character and tact.”

((Cordae’s voice regains its jaunty timber.))

“As always, I am ever at your service, fellow Erinians. I will continue to work tirelessly to ensure Erini’s future is one of peace and progress. I have time for only one question – and I believe I’m getting the signal to wrap it up – so please…- Yes, you in the front.”

“Lord Ambassador, what do you plan on doing now?” asks a man from the the Daily Erinian.

Cordae blinks. “Right now?” The reporter nods, slightly caught off-guard.

Cordae looks down in thought, then looks back at the man. “A tavern.”

((The audiences laughs and applauds. The conference recording ends after several seconds.))
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Post by: Orell on 06/30/13, 11:24:46 PM
Now joining "Good Morning Marchers", already in progress...

The hosts smile at the camera. "Welcome back to the show! In this next hour, we'll be talking to the visiting Frogdogs enforcer, Rolf Dylar! We'll also have a special report on the latest news coming out of Eresar after the embassy annoucnements! But we all know you've been waiting for this, so lets get right to it, our exclusive interview with one of the Sith Empire's representatives to Erini, the Sith Lord Quarasha!

Cut to the spartan interior of a Sith Fury, a black-robed Quarasha sitting in a chair across from a nervously smiling man in clearly expensive clothing.

"Greetings viewers, I'm Ahron Pearce, sitting in the conference room of one of the Sith Empire's ambassadors, Lady Quarasha." he says.

"Lord Quarasha, thank you," she says, smiling slightly. "Don't ask, it's somewhat complicated."

"Of course, my apologies, Lord Quarasha. Thank you for taking the time to meet with me."

"It's a pleasure to be here."

Ahron smiles. "So, you've made some pretty impressive waves on Erini in this last week. Proposing over a dozen new embassies on Erini, being present for the ambassador to the Empire being relieved of duty, and then there's the revelation about Ambassador Keyis..."

Quarasha raises her hand. "I know, I know, you want me to comment on the secret relationship between the son of your King and an offworlder, whose order is rather famous for NOT being romantically inclined?"

"Well, it IS news..."

Quarasha chuckles. "No, no, I can see the appeal. Unfortunately, you won't get a very impressive comment. As far as I am concerned, this is an Erini matter. My impression of Ambassador Keyis is that he is an honorable man who has not acted improperly thus far, at least as far as our personal encounters have gone. Of course, if your government finds otherwise, the Empire will respect it."

"You have no concerns about the ambassador being biased by his relationship?"

Quarasha frowns slightly, steeple-ing her fingers. "Do I have concerns about his ability to remain impartial? Yes, I suppose I do. It is certainly not an easy thing, to separate one's personal life from their professional duties. But I am also a firm believer that one does not punish people until after they have done something wrong." She sighs, smiling. " I have said, this is NOT an Imperial matter."

Ahron grins. "No comment about the lucky lady?"

"DEFINITELY no comment." Quarasha says, smirking. "Sorry, but I'm not about to throw mud at Jedi here."

Ahron chuckles. "Alright, alright. But I suppose you want to talk about the expansion of the Erinian embassies?"

"Well, that's what you asked me here for!" She laughs, and the color drains slightly on Ahron's face.

"Of course... so... why is the Sith Empire so interested in Erini?"

"All sorts of reasons, Ahron. You are a unique people with a unique history, culture and way of thinking. If there is one thing that the Empire has learned over the years, it's that alloys are stronger. We learn from others, trade with others and help others, and we all grow stronger. With only an embassy of twenty people, we were able to help improve the crop yields in Eresar by a fantastic amount, and there is so much more that we can do to help your people."

"So, your goals are purely benevolent?" he asks, a doubting tone to his voice.

Quarasha shakes her head. "I speak of trade, not benevolence. My aim is to treat the Erinian people like anyone else. You are not children who need a handout and protection. You are a strong, vibrant people... but one that has gone through a recent and quite destructive war, and your technology, while impressive in many regards, lacks many of the modern technological advances that are common-place in the Empire."

Ahron nods solemnly. "And what about those that say that the Empire won't let Erini's neutrality stand forever? Or that Erini might become the site of a proxy war, like what's been seen on Alderaan?"

She shakes her head again. "I understand the concern, but it is unneeded. The Empire has the utmost respect for Erini's neutrality, and will not seek to breach it."

"But you argued against equal treatment?"

Quarasha sighs. "I argued against the Republic being given something they did not ask for, simply because I spoke up to propose something for the Empire. In any case, I look forward to working with your new Ambassador to the Empire. And, before you ask, no, I have nothing to say about Vfond's dismissal. That is a purely internal matter."

The reporter chuckles, giving her a good-natured defensive pose. "Hey, I just ask the questions here. Now, I have a few other questions for you, but we need to take a quick commercial break. Thank you for your time, Lord Quarasha, and we'll be right back after a word from our sponsors!"

Quarasha frowns. "A word fr-"

Coming up next, Lord Quarasha on life inside the Sith Empire!
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IFH: Imperial Free Holonet: "Where ya go when ya wanna hear all the Empire's Dirty Little Secrets, without dyin' right after."

The usual host's mangled Basic comes over the holo. "As ya can see, we ac'shally managed ta not have ta move this time! Now, this time, weh don' have any guests." He pauses for a moment, as if to allow people to let out an "AWWWW!", then comes back on. "I know, I know. But, weh do have a helpin' of the Empire denyin' stuff! This time, it may seem run-a-tha-mill, but if'n ya dig in a little, ya'll see the truth. Here, ta start out, let's'a listen ta this here news report from INN."

It cuts to a report from the aforementioned news station. A female reporter is speaking, and the recording begins right at the beginning of a new section. "In other news, a tragic accident recently occurred on the Imperial Mining World of Elrios IV. An Anthracite mine collapsed as several of its drills malfunctioned. The massive machines wreaked havoc, destroying the mine's main supports and collapsing it on the dozens of innocent miners inside. The death count is...76. Our condolences go out to the families of the miners who died in this tragic accident. This will severely impact the Empire's capability to quickly move troops from location to location, but never fear! The Empire will easily overcome this obstacle!"

It cuts back to the IFH host. "DID YA HEAR THA'? An acciden'!" His laughter can be heard over the holo. "This ain't no accident! Sources from within tha regiment guarding the planet say tha' some cameras they's got caugh' somebody enterin' tha mine with some equipment and exitin' tha mine in a hurry, without tha equipment, RIGHT BEFORE THA MACHINES WEN' HAYWIRE!" He begins breathing heavily. "Ya know wha' tha' means? Tha Empire's UNDER ATTACK! But they won't admit it, 'cause then they'd have ta admit how powerless they are ta protect ya!"

Suddenly, the loud ring of an alarm bell can be heard. "Woops, looks like tha's all tha time weh got taday. Seeya...sometime soon, fer more a tha Empire's dirty secrets!"

The broadcast cuts to static as IFH turns off.
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BFE NEWS SCROLL FEATURE, TODAY:     ^^The Quesh Miner^^ Everything of import in and off the gassy globe!   HEADLINES: //Sith to import more ridiculous statues to palace in the central banks//  //Air quality plummeting after last mining failure, sources report increase in gas mask sales//   //Fringe Settlement Found Destroyed, Pirates Suspected of Atrocity//

//Fringe Settlement Found Destroyed,  Pirates Suspected of Atrocity//

Quesh, 07012013. Early this morning a standard patrol discovered the remains of a fringe mining settlement, found decimated near the edge of the central banks. Damage reports indicate signs of heavy weaponry, eyes on scene report uprooted and overturned installations, scorching from likely blaster fire, and multiple bodies have been burned beyond recognition. Cause of death across the board seems to be blunt impact and fire.

Reports one patroler on the scene- "I knew that pirate activity was pretty common on Quesh, but this, this goes beyond what we usually see. The utter level of brutality is more than I can describe. I'm just glad these miners kept their kids offworld. Still.. I've no idea what to tell their widows, and orphans."

Patrols were unable to find any gang markings or other telltale calling cards that may lead them to which local pirate band is responsible for this mass scale murder. Thirty eight male and female miners were confirmed dead at the scene. The corporation that had hired the independent mining crew is offering a sizable reward for any information that may lead to the criminal assailants responsible for this tragedy.

-Jesseil Keeil, The Quesh Miner.
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RNN: We report, you decide!

Earlier today, a transport ship confirmed to hold the Terrorist known as Godott was shot down early this morning. Early reports say he was with another man in a Republic uniform, later identified as one Colonel Joseph Graham of the Republic Navy.

Colonel Graham and Godott were killed as turbo-lasers gunned down the ship. The Republic Military's representative had this to say:

"We are all very saddened at the loss of a very respected colleague and friend. Rest assured, a full investigation is under way to determine how this terrorist managed to capture a military officer in our own backyard. We all mourn Colonel Graham's passing, but I believe he would be content, knowing he died taking down a hated enemy of the Republic."

Condolences for Graham and his family may be given via holonet or by datapad via this address: *A holonet address for a funeral home appears*

Find out more, as our crews get in close to the investigators of the downed transport.

RNN: We Report. You Decide.
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News flash from Hutt Space!  Fire fights have broken out between Imperial and Hutt ships!

"We bring you live updates from the press conference from Nar Shaddaa.  The Hutt diplomat, a Mrs. Viatruso, is now taking the podium to speak to the galaxy on this.  We go live to her now."

A podium with the Hutt seal on the front is covered in various microphones.  Behind it stands a red headed woman with her hair pulled back into a bun and a serious expression.

"Thank you all for coming.  At four hundred hours, Hutta time, two Imperial system Interdiction ships assaulted a transport under the protection of the Hutt Cartel.  The two ships disabled the transport and one boarded the vessel.  A Hutt system patrol ship picked up the distress signal and moved to intercept.  The patrol craft was destroy.  After attaining the cargo from the transport the Imperial ships attempted to flee the scene but were stopped by a Hutt battle group.  The two Imperial ships were disabled, boarded, cargo seized, and crew detained.  I've learned that the Imperials were after three Jedi and their 'cargo' a Sith Lord in status.  The three Jedi are ages eighteen, fifteen, and fourteen.  The Sith Lord appears to be a thirty-eight year old man."

"The Hutts have detained these Jedi and have confiscated the 'cargo' they were escorting.  The Imperial ships have also been brought into port and the crew being questioned.  It has been found that the crew was acting on orders to retrieve the 'cargo'.  After deliberations with Imperial and Republic officials, the Hutt Cartell has agreed to return the 'cargo' to the Imperials and the Jedi will be escorted back to the Republic.  I've already returned the 'cargo' to the Imperial diplomat to the Hutts and will be personally escorting the Jedi to their home planet."

"We will have a full press release later.  That is all."

Amid the flurry of following questions, the red headed woman walks calmly off the stage.
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INN: Imperial News Network : Hear the full story here and now : Futures on Force Crystals are up : Imperial Forces report on Makeb released :

A statement was issued today, from the office of the Sphere of Defense, accusing the Republic of failing to honor the Treaty of Coruscant. The statement was issued to news agencies in both the Empire and the Republic.

« The Empire has taken captive two Jedi who were part of a group who prepared and led a direct attack on imperial forces on Hoth. This shows that the Republic does not take seriously the commitment to peace that it made when it signed the Treaty of Coruscant, unless the Jedi Order is now acting without the support and blessings of the Senate. The Empire calls upon the Senate to renew its commitment to peace and to denounce the Jedi Order's attempt to bring back conflict between us.

The two Jedi, who identified themselves as Jedi knight Thyana Feyira and Jedi knight Adenetha Feyira, are being held for trial under charges of espionage and acts of terror against the Empire. »

The vid cuts back to the anchorwoman, who appears concerned.  “Loyal viewers of the Empire.  There we have the official word on recent events on Hoth.   We won’t know the full outcome of this egregious attack until the trial is conducted, but it looks like the Jedi Order and the Republic have a lot to answer for.  Our correspondent in the capitol will be keeping us appraised of the developments.”

“And, now for some good news.”    She smiles into the camera  “Steady rains on Balmorra have the double effect of disrupting Killik populations by flooding their hives and providing our settlers with a bumper crop of crops.  The rain seems to wash away the Killik pheromone trails and leave them disoriented.  The wandering Killik…
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Post by: Colton on 07/07/13, 01:28:15 PM
RNN: We Report. You Decide.

The office of the Supreme Chancelor issued a statement today, in response to the Empire's recent accusation of a breach of the Treaty of Coruscant.

« The Senate wishes to publicly reaffirm its committment to peace with the Empire and calls upon the Empire to do the same, not only in word, but in action, by ceasing hostile actions and provocations on shared and disputed worlds. The Jedi Order is servant to the Republic and if it has acted outside of the wishes of the Senate, appropriate measures will be taken by the Senate. The Empire, however, has shown poor control of some of its more aggressive elements, who have taken it upon themselves to attack various Republic citizens and forces, including Jedi outposts, in order to break the peace between us. The Senate calls upon the Empire to take appropriate measures with its members who act outside of the wishes of the Council, so as to ensure the peace between us is a long and fruitful one. »

There is no word yet from the Jedi Council regarding this latest news, but we'll keep you updated as the situation unfolds.
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Post by: Colton on 07/07/13, 05:12:27 PM
RNN: We Report. You Decide.

An update to our most recent news item: The Jedi Order issued a brief statement, in response to the recent capture of two of their knights by the Empire, who are trying them for espionage and terrorism.

« The Jedi Order's first priority is always protecting the Republic and its citizens. Our actions speak for themselves, in terms of our committment to protecting the peace between the Empire and the Republic. We will, however, never hesitate to act in self-defense, or in defense of other members of the Order or of the Republic, of any age, on any planet, against Imperial or Sith aggression. »

The Order refused to comment on the two Jedi being held by the Empire, Thyana Feyira and Adenytha Feyira, stating that they cannot comment on an open investigation.
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Post by: Jedibehr on 07/09/13, 07:12:01 PM
RNN: We report, you decide:

Breaking News: Makeb

The RNN has received unconfirmed reports of a crash of an refugee evacuation transport on the planet of Makeb.  We have unconfirmed early reports indicating that a Phantom X-70B was seen leaving the area of the crash.  As our viewers know this vessel is the choice ship of Imperial Intelligence.  We have dispatched reporters to the site and will update our viewers when we have more to share. 

Attempts to reach Republic Medical Command and other Republic officials for comment were unanswered at the time of this report.

Stay tuned to this station for more information as it unfolds.

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Post by: Colton on 07/09/13, 08:09:08 PM
RNN: We Report. You Decide.

Update! The Jedi Order issued a statement today on its investigation into the capture of two Jedi knights, on Hoth, by the Empire, who is holding them on charges of espionage and terrorism.

« Our investigation into the Empire's claimed attack on its forces has shown that a known group of Empire aggressors, Moirae entered a Jedi outpost, used as a holding house for younglings, awaiting transport to Tython, very similar to the Jedi house on Voss which was shamelessly attacked by Moirae not long ago. Our valiant knights, Thyana and Adenetha Feyira had been assigned with the protection of those younglings. Any hostile action on their part would have been with the sole purpose of protecting those children, who were indeed evacuated and are now safely on Tython. Grand Master Satele will be discussing with the Supreme Chancellor the Order's request that the Senate petition the Empire to release these Jedi who are being held in breach of the Treaty of Coruscant. »

The office of the Supreme Chancellor has indicated that they are withholding any further comments until they have had time to review the Jedi Order's investigation and evidence.
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Post by: Joshmaul on 07/10/13, 01:54:51 AM
RNN: We Report. You Decide. BREAKING NEWS: Mutilated Human Corpse Found on Kwenn - Evidence in Kwenn Murder Indicates Exchange Assassination, Reason Unknown - Unconfirmed Reports Indicate Possible Imperial Involvement - Eye Witness: Republic Soldier "Arrested" By Imperials

The mutilated corpse of a human male was found on the outskirts of Kwenn's capital city today. His broken, discarded armor was found in a facility not far from the warehouse of the Trekarkii Syndicate, indicating its location as the crime scene. The man, who has not yet been identified, appears to have been beaten and tortured before finally expiring, including broken fingers and various other broken bones, and the removal of his eyelids. There were also a variety of burn scars of unknown provenance, and several slashes across the body with what appears to have been a metal blade weapon. His time of death is estimated at some time within the last forty-eight hours, possibly during the period of the weekly gatherings at the Busted Blaster Cantina in downtown Kwenn City.

The killing of this man indicates possible underworld ties, as such brutal killings, followed by a "public statement" of the corpse afterwards, are a trait often associated with the Exchange. RNN found an eyewitness, a regular of the Busted Blaster, who claimed that the man was a Republic soldier who was accosted by agents of the Sith Empire, and - from what we could figure, at any rate - was last seen outside the cantina.

[Eyewitness: "Yah, 'bou' t'ree'r'fo' Sithies, they's messin' wi'um ri'outsi' th' bar. Bi'ol' fat man call th'shots; aft'they watched a dummy Mando g'is ass ki'ed, he tell Sithies t'rest th' Pub."]

We are not entirely sure about everything the man said, as he was clearly intoxicated and had the aroma of inexpensive alcohol. However, the possible - indeed, highly likely - involvement of the Empire brings the case into question. The true identity of the dead man remains unknown, as does the actual identity of his murderers. More information as it comes.
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Post by: Jedibehr on 07/10/13, 07:46:45 AM
RNN: We report. You Decide.

Happening Now

As reported earlier we have now gotten a report on Makeb, we go live to Kantor with a live report from the site of the crash of a Refugee evacuation transport on Frinn's Mesa on the planet of Makeb.  Kantor?

I am here Quilab, we are at the site of what appears to be a massive transport crash.  The Republic is here conducting rescue operations and as you can see behind us there are makeshift buildings in place and a long line of medical and medium scale transport vessels standing by to assist with this operation.  We do not have any official information of survivors or casualties, but we did speak with the Republic Information officer at an official press release moments ago.

((The image cuts to a pre-recorded image of young human male in Republic Officer uniform.))
As many of you can see, we have had a crash of a Refugee transport on the mesa here.  We are in the initial stages of the rescue operations so I do not have any further information at this time.  We will provide periodic updates to the situation as available.  I will return to this podium in 2 galactic standard hours for another update.  I thank you all for your patience and I will not be taking questions at this time.  Thank you.

((The man in the image turns to leave, as a reporter shouts a single question.))

"Can you confirm that there was a X-70B Phantom involved?"

"No, comment,"  The young officer said as he turns away.

((The camera returns to the RNN reporter.))

You heard it hear first, The crash is confirmed and who is involved is still in question.  We will bring you another report in 2 hours, back to you Quilab.
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Post by: Dyven on 07/12/13, 04:36:11 PM

"Good evening.  Tonight the parliament of Alderaan made what was for some a shocking announcement.  Recognizing the legitimacy of the Marsteth family to reclaim their houses title and standing.  Only moments after the announcement Rayfer Marsteth started a press conference at the headquarters of his company on Coruscant.  We will take you there now."

Rayfer leans on the podium with a more than pleased smirk on his lips.  Behind him stands all five of his siblings along with the husbands and wives and children of the ones with family.  Some might find it odd to note that standing near the podium to the side is Saura Colton.

"Mr. Marsteth, does this mean that Marsteth Industries will be relocating to Alderaan?"

"While it is true our eventual goal is to relocate the headquarters to the ancestral home of our family, it will be many years before a site will be prepared to take on the burdens of this company.  For the time being we will only be transferring departments as the ability arises however...."  Rayfer was forced to raise his hands and his voice as the reports all started shouting out questions.  Waiting tell he got them back under control.

"...however, I do want it noted that no one is being forced to relocate.  At the same time no department is being closed down.  No contract is being terminated.  Not a single citizen of the Republic will lose their jobs due to this move.  In fact there will be many new jobs opening."

Rayfer looked over to Saura and smiled before facing the press and cameras.  "Today, a wound that has been festering for over a hundred years has finally been healed.  This is a great day for my family and we wish it to be a great day for all.  This is a opportunity for Marsteth Industries to expand.  For us to bring greater and better services to all of you.  To continue to bring in new workers, and provide the opportunities they need to make better lives for them selves and their families.  As they have allowed me to do for mine.  In light of that belief, I am announcing that not only will a new headquarters for Marsteth Industries be constructed on Alderaan.  High above Alderaan we will be building the Marsteth shipyards.  The major houses have already approved the plans and construction will begin within the month.    Now, I know you all have many more questions.  Trust me we have many answers for you. I am going to be turning this over to our press secretary James Destin to continue to give them to you.  My family and I... are going home."

With that Rayfer turned and lead the large group out of the press room as a middle aged man took the podium to answer questions.
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Post by: Lolermelon on 07/14/13, 10:15:34 AM
Taelios News Network: "All the News that's fit for a... well."

Taelios, dressed in his Space!Sunday's finest, sits at an anchor desk. He smiles brightly at the viewer, and takes a drink from his glass of water before beginning to speak..

"Good evening, viewers. I am Da-... No. I am simply Taelios, and this is your daily news."

The inlay on screen reads: "Moirae Madness!" and there is an explosion underneath the lettering.

"Just yesterday, conflict between members of the Imperial Loyalist Group known as Moirae, and a collection of Republic-interested individuals, finally reached a head as a skirmish took place in a former Moirae holding, deep below the surface of the secret prison planet Belsavis. Republic viewers, ask your senators about it. It's terrible there."

Taelios smiles, and neatly stacks the index cards from which he isn't even reading.

"There were several casualties, even given the overwhelming force with which Republic forces assaulted this holding. Presumed Republic Casualities of note include a red-shirted mercenary. If any of you know this man, please send his family and friends my deepest condolences. Or accept them, if you are his family or friends."

Taelios takes a drink of his glass of water, shuffling the cards randomly, and clearing his throat before continuing again.

"Supposed Imperial Casualties include Lord Seselis, the supposed leader of this group known as Moirae; one mercenary known as Fenrir, employee and lover of the former Jen'rhak Seselis; and one Darth Taelios, eccentric Sith Lord, and former Shadow of Moirae."

Taelios' eye-ridges raise in surprise at the last name on the list. He shrugs, before continuing once more.

"That's right, you heard it here first. Darth Taelios is dead. Long live Taelios."

"In other news, start-up company 'Taelios Genetech Industries' is planning an open house of their front-end offices. Guests are encouraged to attend, and save any questions for the upcoming press conference."

Taelios straightens his tie, smiles at the holoviewer, and then exits stage left.

Taelios News Network: "Yeah, that's right, I quit."
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Imperial News Network Special Report: Crisis at Belsavis

After a commercial for Capmander Crunch---featuring a tiny Akk dog
eating marshmallow cereal---the broadcast resumes. Sitting at the desk
is the attractive, charming, and most importantly, human
anchor. Across from her sits a zabrak woman in faded armor. 

"Welcome back. This morning I have the honor to introduce Lord Semah
Valerian, who serves as Special Attache---did I get that right?---to
the Imperial Diplomatic Corps. Lord Semah, you're not known for
granting interviews, and yet you approached us. I take it that you've
seen the recent broadcasts by the Republic concerning their unfounded
attack on an Imperial installation. Can you give us a glimpse into
what this means for Imperial diplomacy in the near future?"

"Certainly, Meeta. I must say that this chain of events is no
surprise. We've seen it occur over and over again since the treaty was
signed: skirmishes and reprisals, kidnappings and
revenge-killings. Such is lamentably standard fare on the border of
two feuding superpowers. I doubt very much that it will influence the
Imperial diplomatic stance. The Republic strikes at us every day, that
is true, but I hope that this time we will ignore their tantrum for
what it is, and continue on the course of wise galactic governance."

"Well said, my Lord. But as we saw earlier today, they've taken to
bragging about their so-called victory." The blonde touches a switch,
and an inset holo-window displays Drexa's recent message to the
Moirae. Someone has sketched a crude holographic curvy moustache and
eyebrows over her face.  "This message was recently leaked on the
holonet by anonymous sources. How can loyal Imperial citizens take a
calm view, after seeing such a broadcast?" There is noise in the
audience, as several members have stand up and begun to shout in

"Their 'return' of Lord Seselis' remains reveals their inadequacy,
Meeta. Let's analyze her words together, shall we?  The beginning of
her tirade is a call to action---addressed more to potential recruits
than to us. Following that is a challenge: the implication that Lord
Seselis was the most severe threat that we could field, along with the
poorly veiled suggestion that they are prepared for our worst. A
'bring it on', if you will. And she concludes by attempting to inflame
our anger, by disrespecting Lord Seselis and her remains. "

The zabrak crosses her legs and smiles at the anchor. "Moreover,
the whole message was simply tacky. Don't you agree? Desperation,
Meeta, and an attempt to provoke a response. The Empire is above
the clumsy provocation of children."

"So you say, my Lord." The blonde's face grows a bit cooler as
she shifts gear. "But isn't that just what we should expect one
of our diplomats to say? After all, the Ministry of War itself is
already calling for an invasion." The audience has hushed again,
and the silence is palpable.

The zabrak blinks and leans forward, smiling even more
brightly. "First of all, Meeta, the 'Ministry of War' is not
calling for an invasion. An adjutant made a most ill-considered
comment to one of your reporters. Secondly, an invasion would
violate the Treaty, and the Ministry of War will order it broken
if and when it suits us, not because an apprentice claims to have
won the conflict by breaking one of Darth Marr's toys."  She
leans back, only to continue in a softer voice, "We crafted a
treaty that suited us well, and I should know."

The anchorwoman matches the zabrak's smile, checking her datapad
before pressing on. "Lord Semah, you yourself have previously
expressed opposition to the idea of punishing and reclaiming
traitors. How can that be the position of a loyal subject of the
Emperor?  Aren't the traitors that infest our galaxy rejoicing at
Lord Seselis' death?"

Showing her teeth as she smiles again, the armored Sith
replies, "It is not my concern whether traitors are celebrating,
and it should not be yours either." She turns to the
holocam. "One of the most powerful weapons in the arsenal of all
our enemies---of all evil--- is the zeal for justice that we all
carry in our hearts. Every true Sith knows the distraction of the
Dun Möch well.  I would hope that we are too wise to fall to the

"And your own disagreements with Lord Seselis, my Lord? To say
nothing of the rampant, vile disertion of the former 'Darth'
Taelios, and your association with him? There are those who would
call you a traitor as well."

"It is our duty to stand and disagree, Meeta. This is not yet
wartime, but even then, it would be our duty. Those who confuse
'loyalty' and 'agreement' are fools or worse. Complacency out of
fear is not the Sith way. Those who speak are more loyal to the
Empire than many who, even now, shriek to be served this Drexa's
liver. We all serve the empire. But what does that mean---does it
mean that we serve the opinion of an arbitrary Council member?
No. If it did, life would be far easier."

"And as for Taelios..." She grins, lightening the mood with
humor, "Which one?"

...and with the audience's laughter, the program goes to
commercial, this time a short segment about the nutritional
benefits of Brask's Trandoshani Flatcakes. They put the balls in

Title: Re: News Channel Feeds
Post by: Cordae on 07/18/13, 01:50:37 PM
ERN NewsFeed: // Eresari film "Sons of Summer" wins Best Screenplay at Royal Academy Awards. "Bowyens" wins Best Picture. // Science crews from the Royal Academy in Vysberg are set to begin extensive research on the Erini Sector's nebular wall. // King Istvan has begun selecting Erinians to represent Erini at the anticipated wedding between Baron Wymarc and Lady Beilen of Alderaan. // Silver futures continue to rise unabated. // Jedi-Keyis Hearings enter their fourth day. //

The Erinian Royal News
__ __ __

New Ambassador to the Sith Empire Appointed, Sworn In

Lady Vyla Giers, author of the eponymous "Giers Compromise" and King Istvan's suggestion as Ambassador to the Sith Empire, was successfully voted in this past week under a 256/300 victory in the Assembly and sworn into her position just last Thursday.

The daughter of current Lord High Militant General Armandt Giers, Ambassador Vyla Giers held the title of Diplomat in the Ministry of State for four years and worked on several high-profile negotiation 'baskets', most notably the Allied Marches-Eresar Joint Economic Revitalization Treaty which is widely considered by many prominent economists to have been a cushion for both countries following the end of the Pilgrim War.

When reached for comment, Ambassador Giers said, "I am honored by this Assembly's decision and I am deeply grateful for this chance to represent my world. I look forward to creating a new era of prosperity and cooperation between Erini and the Sith Empire."

Before joining the Royal Diplomatic Corps., Ambassador Giers served in the 17th Polar Regiment's Special Reconnaissance division during the Pilgrim War. After serving valiantly in the North Sea theater, she received an honorable discharge at the rank of Scout-Sergeant and, after a few months of leave, entered the private sector before finally joining the Royal Diplomatic Corps.
__ __ __

Capital Cities Choked with Construction Crews

City planners, engineers, and work crews in Vysberg and Sistisani have been working hard in planning and constructing scores of new urban development plans in anticipation of the future increase in the diplomatic presences of the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire.

For the time being, both embassies in Vysberg have been shut down and relocated to other buildings as the old sites undergo renovation and expansion. According to sources in the Eresari capital, whole sections of the upper dome have been closed off as workers redesign old areas to house their new Republic and Imperial embassies.

As of this article's publishing, the Imperial Diplomatic Corps have not publicly released the units being sent to Erini, but the Republic has publicly committed several highly renowned offices to be relocated. Chief among these is the reputable Diplomatic Liason Office 122, responsible for brokering key peace deals in no less than three separate systems.

The Ministry of State could not be reached for any comments aside from those already made in their press release.
__ __ __

Would you like to watch the press release?
Title: Re: News Channel Feeds
Post by: Alumar on 07/20/13, 12:32:05 PM
// RNS - Royal News Service: Alderaan's premier news network! ~~Hostilities increasing between House Durane and House Girard~~Noble Merger: House Wymarc and House Beilen~~Wymarc-Beilen Wedding Attacked!~~Fighting continues in Crevasse City~~Lake Cyress Killik outbreak 'contained'~~ RNS - Royal News Service: Alderaan's premier news network! //

House Organa and House Thul forces are in full retreat following unprecedented Ulgo victories as Ulgo forces invade the central Juran mountains. The House Alde estate is under siege, Castle Organa is under siege, and Thul's army is in full retreat from it's siege of House Rist.

The Alde army has made use of walkers as mobile field stations rather than the traditional ward-posts, making for a very mobile army. Using combined arms tactics unused by the other Houses, Alde advanced along multiple corridors quickly overrunning Elysium, breaking the siege on House Rist, and capturing Trader's Circle.

After combining forces with House Rist, Ulgo kept pressing further east before getting bogged down at the House Wymarc border. The wedding of Baron Ralle Wymarc and Lady Aralisa Beilen was interrupted by Rist agents who failed in their attempt to repeat the tactics previously used.

The wedding of Baron Ralle Wymarc and Lady Aralisa Beilen turned to tragedy today as House Rist commando squads attacked the wedding parties just as the ceremony was completed. Casualties are in the dozens, but neither The Baron nor new Baroness were seriously injured. House Wymarc, House Beilen, and Erini security forces quickly defeated the attackers as the assembled nobility was ushered inside the Wymarc Estate. The region is under lock-down as investigations continue.

// UPDATE: Lord Kers Rist is dead, apparently shot inside the Wymarc Estate                                                                           UPDATE: Prince Cordae Keyis of Erini is confirmed alive and uninjured. He was escorted by his own security to the Erini Embassy, located only a block from the Wymarc Estate. He has so far been unavailable for an interview.                                          UPDATE: It seems clear that this attack was planned in conjunction with House Ulgo's massive assaults this morning. Had the assassination attempt been successful, House Wymarc again would have been left leaderless during an invasion. This time the gambit failed however, and while House Wymarc's border defenses are under heavy assault, they are still holding. //

((This writing courtesy of Ralle! Posting on his behalf in his absence.))
Title: Re: News Channel Feeds
Post by: NovaZero on 07/21/13, 07:59:35 AM
// Alderaan's War of Succession heats up with Rist attack on House Wymarc! //  Prince Cordae Keyis of Erini is confirmed alive and well. // Rist during Wymarc-Beilen wedding results in dozens of casualties!

The Outer Rim Insider -- Inside News. Outer Rim people.



Scum on the hyper-lanes! Travelling here in the Outer Rim has never been safe. And when it's not a pirate, it's a slaver. When see either get involved on your business trip, it's bound to end in disaster. In the past few weeks we've brought word of the recent surge in the slaver trade and even brought you footage of them in the act. To get a proper perspective on this situation we cross to our field correspondent, Shay Lee.


"That's right Tanis, up until we received our footage we've had no idea what to make of this rising number of slavers as despite their enormous rate of captures the presence expected in rim-ward slave trade is... almost completely absent. Our experts are curious -- where are these slaves going? Why haven't they emerged within the current market?"

Now, hold on-- Shay are you saying that these attacks have affected the Rim-ward economies as a whole?

"That sounds about right Tanis, you have to understand that with news of so many people being captured by slavers, the market expected the supply of slaves to increase and so the price of slaves suddenly went down. With that lack of surplus, the price in slaving assets has gone up exponentially in an attempt to recover with some organizations value rising as high as nineteen percent."

That's simply tremendous. Now Shay-- I've heard recently that the conflict between pirates and slavers has intensified. Has there been official word?

"That's very true Tanis. Up until now slavers and pirates have been able to operate without hindering one another but in the past few weeks there's been at least one slaving faction that's made an aggressive push to oust everyone else. They were largely successful up until yesterday -- seventeen hours galactic standard where a faction of pirates began their retaliation by outright destroying slaver bases. Our experts are claiming that this new shift in tactics has been due to a large shipment of baradium. With baradium missiles the pirates have seen to wiping out their transgressors and seem poised to push them from our theater entirely."

With so much going on, I imagine that this news must have done something to the economy.

"Well that's right Tanis. The news of the pirates' reprisal has actually been quite welcome -- relaxing parts of the economy that supported the slave trade by soothing the market demand. The pirates have strangely left many installations and facilities unoccupied and have actually allows civilian contractors of many of the legitimate enterprises to re-secure their assets. Only time will tell if this helps to diversify the rim-ward economies but even on this note, the skeptics are quiet."

Excellent news. Well you heard it straight from The Outer Rim Insider, folks, this is Shay Lee.

"Thanks Tanis."

Stay tuned.



Do we trust them? They have more insight into our lives than they care to admit, are they secretly controlling every aspect of our lives? Are they really... telepathic?

(Footage is shown of a Jawa standing high on a market stall, visibly excited.)

Yanna kuzu peekay. Utinni!

// Slave trades are up 54 points // All expendable commodities down 2 points // Congratulations to the Rill Lions who won in the 4th draw of Huttball against the veteran Frog Dogs. Ending score: 3 - 5 // Price of hypermatter fuel rocketing with news of Corellia's Black Hole sector being contained for a chemical spill. //
Title: Re: News Channel Feeds
Post by: Sasmi on 07/22/13, 07:11:44 AM
"Thank you for tuning into (Republic/Imperial) news this evening.  Top story tonight is the construction on (Carrick Station/Vaiken Spacedock) that appears to be coming to a conclusion.  The officials for the station have not made any comment yet as to what is being constructed till now.  The official announcement has been released today, the Hutt Cartel has negotiated the construction of commercial services for the space port."

"We have received word that the services are expected to start on (August 6th).  A representative for the Hutt government will be station on the space port twenty four seven.  The (Republic/Imperial government has stated that this will increase trade and public relations with the Hutts."

"The Hutts have stated they will make their diplomats available to speak with on the space ports for all individuals that seek an audience with them."

"In other news..."
Title: Re: News Channel Feeds
Post by: Xiaoli on 07/25/13, 10:30:12 PM
The Word

**various clips of video flash every 3 seconds displaying several viral videos of the week and then a young human woman with cybernetic enhancements on the right of her face appeared to be waving at her audience before speaking in a upbeat tone. She had long auburn hair and she was clad in a shiny black leather dominatrix outfit. The words "The Word" were spinning to her right as she began speaking.**

This is Nona Lek'leki with "The Word" broadcasting on the IFH, Imperial Free Holonet with your latest scoops on deals, viral news, general bad behavior and conspiracy theories across the galaxy. Also there is a two for one special this week and this week only at Gran-Mamas Bantha Burger on Tatooine.

Moooooooving along!

Entertainment Corner
- //The Baron of Ales Strikes again - Party Of the Century//
Four lovely words incoming. Alderaanian ale pool party. That's right, the young Baron of Parties whom we fondly refer to as "Baron Creditbags" will be up to his usual misbehaving alot more of the same! This Benduday on Alderaan, our wild Baron is throwing a lavish 21st birthday party for his royal entourage of wild followers.  Access to the party is strictly V.I.P but our lovely Kizie Jurafalo'zen will be allowed to record a special interview with Baron Creditbags as he immerses himself in drunken debauchery and foolishness. Just another weekend for the Royals!

(Images show outside of the Barons Manor, party signs, drunken Twi'leks and humans running around chasing each other, then back to Nona.)
Nona: "Let's hope Kizie can bring us back a good barrel or 20 of that ale! And maybe a doggybag of those expensive hors d'oeuvre they like to eat while there are starving children in orphanages! Eh, we don't really care about the hor d'oeuvres, be sure to bring back the ale though!"
Murder & Mayhem
- //Another body found at the Neon Nivana Bed & Breakfast.. Which customers are beginning to call Neon Nirvana Bed & Break- Ins.//

The word is Millions, with a capital M. Traskaz Mason, a rich Mandalorian and former contender for the Great Hunt was found dead of unknown causes in his hotel suite at the Neon Nirvana Bed & Breakfast (NNBB) on Nar Shaddaa. Mason was found Zhellday morning after apparently being seen last at the Slippery Slopes cantina. Officials are calling it a homicide. The body appeared to have been pilfered clean of credits, weapons and the expensive set of beskar armor that he was seen wearing the night before was also missing. The family of the deceased are said to be vigilantly searching for the perp or perps. Calhoun Mason was quoted as saying "Our gra'tua will be granted, now get the dar'yaim away di'kutla!"
(Images show the NNBB, yellow tape outside, patrons attempt to leave the bed and breakfast with their luggage but are being detained. Then back to Nona)
Nona: "Tsh.. What we want to know is where that millions of credits worth of weapons and armor go?! What I do know is where I won't be going for breakfast.. "
Money Market & Deals
- //Slave-Trader Makes Bold Announcement, Offers ideal Profit plan.. too ideal?//
Looks like a new face has shown up in the dirty cesspools we like to call "The Black Market." Centaxday evening, enteprenuer Lord Oba'rion Mallei'ves hijacked a wide range of channels, broadcasting a very daring advertisement for those persons dabbling in anything from hard to get medical supplies to even live bodies.. that's right, slaves. We don't know how well the market is for slaves, but we're sure this isn't the first guy to make a buck doing something dirty. Medical supplies and other hard to acquire items on the other hand, we can surely get used to having that stuff laying around. Here's to hoping this guy doesn't enslave any of my people! You guys may want to watch your own as well!

(Images of hard to acquire supplies and a picture of a crossed out uniformed official disguised like a spice dealer while trying to trick a twi'lek dancer into buying his stash, then a small muted clip of Oba'rions broadcast is shown. Then back to Nona.)
Nona: "By the way, if you're listening Lord Oba'rion, we think we should at least get a free sample of supplies since you just got some free advertisement. That is, as long as this is not a trap or anything! I scratch your back, you give us freebies. -- Unfortunately, that is all the time we have for today, it appears that we have to move our location once again. We just don't understand why they keep trying to shut us down... This is Nona Lek'leki signing off and you've just heard "The Word".. "

((**News clip music comes on and the broadcast shuts off after it plays its little quirky tune.**))
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// RNS - Royal News Service: Alderaan's premier news network! ~~House Girard in full retreat~~Killesa enforcing Martial Law in Crevasse City~~Lake Cyress Killik outbreak Spreading to surrounding territories~~Skirmish between Organa and Thul forces in Aldera City~~ RNS - Royal News Service: Alderaan's premier news network! //

// House Wymarc, reinforced by House Beilen and House Antillies, has managed to hold the mouth of the Psharrn Valley, the gateway to the House Wymarc lands. Sources close to the combat say that House Wymarc has taken heavy casualties, and House Ulgo is redeploying their walkers to break the siege. The whereabouts of Baroness Aralisa Wymarc are unknown, but it is assumed that she is hiding with either her parents at House Beilen or with her allies in House Organa.

Despite several attempts to enlist their aid, Erini has so far remained neutral, refusing to enter the conflict unless their people are attacked. As shown in the Ukunuku Swarm Incident, their entry into the war would completely change the nature of the Civil War.

Organa infantry, supported by war droids, has begun fighting House Rist in the river valleys along the borders of their territories. Rumor has it that Republic 'advisers' have been spotted amongst the infantry. //

((This writing courtesy of Ralle! Posting copy-paste on his behalf in his absence.))
Title: Re: News Channel Feeds
Post by: Cabochard on 07/29/13, 01:27:06 AM
RNS News Report

The Forgotten Baroness Returns!

Recently, an almost unknown figure returned to mountains bordering Thul lands. Most of you have probably never heard of this individual, but a few of the older viewers may remember this.

Exactly 26 years ago, a bounty hunter by the name of Crystanna Hunt was granted a stretch of land in an almost-uninhabitable portion of the Jorall mountains, and the title of Baroness. Many nobles were outraged to hear of this uncouth individual being given these things, but were pleased to know that she merely left a Drall representative to manage her lands, and departed, rarely returning. Their minds returned to peace.

Several days ago, the hunter returned, and this time, it appears, she is decided on staying. Currently, construction is occurring on the top of the tallest mountain in her territory, where a fortress is being constructed for her. Our eyes in the sky have a clear view on the already nearly finished structure.

The image changes to a drifting viewpoint of a drone above the building. It shows a massive fortress, complete with huge walls, defensive turrets, patrolling guards, and what appears to be a private landing pad for spacecraft, occupied by an aging Mantis spacecraft. It is all built straight into the mountain side, melding quite well with the rock and snow. Several parts appear to still be in construction, but it seems mostly done. After a few seconds of observing, one of the AA turrets spins and fires on the drone, and the image cuts to static.

When a reporter managed to enter her office, via methods we cannot discuss, he was thrown out of a large bay window, to fall into a lucky snow drift below. We assume this means the Baroness has no comment on her return.

In other news...

Title: Re: News Channel Feeds
Post by: Obarion on 08/01/13, 01:35:17 AM
A breaking news story flashed through any number of news stations as the word spread like wild fire. The story, though told differently by each network, came across the same.


"Recently, the reportedly rogue Sith lord Oba'rion Mallei'ves has begun causing quite a stir through a broadcasted holovidd requesting any able bodied spacer or bounty hunter to begin collecting shipments of anything from common spice, the dangerous quell toxin, even so far as to risk putting out a bounty on the mandolorian's precious beskar. But it would seem this is not where the privateer will be stopping."

<An image of the Sith Lord standing outside of a fairly large tower would replace the two anchors as the report continued, a large banner reading Mallei'ves Enterprises draped above the entrance would be visible.>

"The tower now occupied by the various supplies and slaves  the Sith has waiting for potential customers has been located by sources on Nar Shadaa, and it has already been rumored to be guarded by some rather cruel looking Trandoshians in some of the finest battle gear Lord Mallei'ves could buy. The slaver and profiteer has begun to broadcast his ad for spacers and fellow profiteers and is rumored to be negotiating the purchase of several factories on war torn Corellia."
Title: Re: News Channel Feeds
Post by: Alumar on 08/03/13, 02:11:43 AM
// RNS - Royal News Service: Alderaan's premier news network! ~~Giant Thranta populations low~~Open revolt against Killesa rule in Crevasse City~~Lake Cyress Killik hives to be bombed tomorrow morning~~Juran Mountains quieting: Is peace coming to the region?~~ RNS - Royal News Service: Alderaan's premier news network! //

House Wymarc's defensive line was shattered before dawn this morning as House Ulgo's walkers broke through the defensive line and scattered the defenders. House Wymarc, Beilen, and Antillies casualties are high. Ulgo and Rist infantry and droids have begun swarming into the valleys. RNS has been unable to determine the condition of Baron Wymarc.

House Organa forces have broke the siege of the House Alde Estate yesterday and early today House Thul forces, wearing armor purchased form the Empire, began assaulting positions lost to House Ulgo's initial assault.

//UPDATE: Earlier reports of House Wymarc's defeat were exaggerated - House Wymarc's forces have retreated into the hills and are waging a gurullia war against the invaders. House Antilles and House Beilen forces have fallen back to fortify the urban areas. Baron Wymarc is presumed to be with his forces in the hills.//

((This writing courtesy of Ralle! Posting copy-paste on his behalf.))
Title: Re: News Channel Feeds
Post by: Obarion on 08/03/13, 10:16:51 PM
Throughout the known galaxy, a series of bulletins, flyers, holovidds, and even protocol droids have begun popping up with the same message, whether it be recorded in the Sith lord's voice or written for any to see in plain basic.


"Greetings civilian! This is Lord Oba'rion Mallei'ves speaking To those who've found it difficult to stay afloat in today's economy. As you may have heard, a new player has entered the industry as of late, and as with all new starts help is needed. Whether you are a simple laborer or handy with slicer's tools, Mallei'ves Enterprises has work for you..."

The flyer or protocol would the provide to list off a series of contact information and legal babble before the company's emblem near the bottom.
Title: Re: News Channel Feeds
Post by: Obarion on 08/05/13, 10:01:32 PM
BREAKING NEWS: Enterprises Reveal Co-Leadership

A news cast team would sit eagerly, looking through a few sets of data before hastily looking up as the headline ran below them.

"Tonight, mere hours after reportedly being warned personally by the alor of the renown Clan Bes'uliik to desist his market on the prized Mandalorian Iron lest things get heated between the two organizations, the slaver released a wide ranged broadcast was assumed to be sent from his ship. The holovidd featured the yellow-suited sith lord beside a large man dressed in mandalorian armor and briefed listeners on new business plan the Slavebreaker intends on pursuing."

<The broadcast would cut the the broadcast, Oba'rion and the guardian he'd been referring to as 'Pallid' standing beside him as he spoke evenly.>

"Ladies and gentlemen, it has come to my attention that I- despite my many gifts- will be incapable of running such a fast growing business alone, at least properly. To remedy this quick growing problem, I have decided to announce that the Mandalorian, Pallid, and his small group of Verd will be leading the arms and militaristic divisions within the company- His people now handling the contracts made for several supplies, and his mind in control of what we are offering rewards for."

<The holovidd would focus in on the hunter, standing tall and looking unmoved by the sudden attention.>

"All reward contracts previously made with Lord Mallei'ves will continue to be honored- The Enterprises' integrity will not be tarnished by this change in its hierarchy. Should you come into possession of any of the supplies requested, your voice will still be heard, and an offer made. Nar dralshy'a, Bes'uliik."
Title: Re: News Channel Feeds
Post by: Alumar on 08/06/13, 03:33:59 AM
// RNS - Royal News Service: Alderaan's premier news network! ~~Scientists warn of a Plague threatening Thranta Populations in the Southern Hemisphere~~Lord Killesa Slain by rioters in Crevasse City: Son Inherits House~~Lake Cyress Killik infestation cleared~~Juran Mountains stalemate~~ RNS - Royal News Service: Alderaan's premier news network! //

House Ulgo retreated back to the Galarus Valley today, following resounding victories amongst their foes.

House Organa's infantry attacked the House Rist Estate early yesterday, causing House Ulgo's ally to abandon them to defend their House. Last night the House Organa troops retreated south over the bridges into Organa territory.

House Thul, having regained their previous positions earlier in the week, have begun capturing territory along the northern edge of the Galarus valley. Sources in the valley say that Thul has begun massive excavations for a subterranean base in the region.

House Wymarc's forces destroyed Ulgo's walker column late during the night. First hand accounts say the guerrillas used stealth field generators to place explosives on the walkers. They then staged an attack to the north of the makeshift armor depot, causing the Ulgo forces to investigate. Halfway across a bridge the explosives were detonated, destroying most of the walkers and stranding the infantry on either side of the river. House Wymarc forces attacked as the Ulgo infantry attempted to regroup across the river. With their supply lines now cut and the loss of their walkers, The House Ulgo commander ordered the retreat. House Wymarc is now reinforcing their border.

House Ulgo, House Thul, and House Organa continue to fight from fortified positions in the Galarus Valley. The region around the Alde and Rist Estates has become the site of a skirmish war between all the Houses in the region.//

((This writing courtesy of Ralle! Posting copy-paste on his behalf.))
Title: Re: News Channel Feeds
Post by: Joshmaul on 08/10/13, 03:11:11 PM
Reydovan News Network - Under New Management - Breaking News: CIVIL WAR ERUPTS! Sith Governor Assassinated by Jedi - Inspired by Bold Jedi Assassination, Resistance Forces Rising in Revolt - Rumors Indicate Sith Lord Kidnapped by Republic Insurgents - Status of Continued Imperial Governance Unclear - Independence Movement Seeking to Break From Republic, Empire: "This is Our World, Not Yours"


Once again, Reydovan Prime is a battlefield, but now it is a battlefield amongst its own people. Upon word of the bold assassination of Lord Nemiel and an as-yet-unidentified general of the planetary garrison by a lone Jedi operative, the Republic-supportive resistance movement - believed to have collapsed into despair following the death of rebel leader Firraveus Petrand some months ago - has arisen again to combat those of their people with Imperial sympathies, including the planetary garrison recruited by the Empire in light of the recent change of allegiance. Today, the future of this planet is now in doubt.

The Jedi Order has firmly denied any involvement in the assassinations of Lord Nemiel and the garrison general. An anonymous spokesbeing issued the following statement: "The Jedi Order does not operate this way. We do not covertly assassinate anyone, not even Sith. Perhaps eyewitnesses will claim a man in brown robes with a lightsaber killed their governor, but the color of your robes or your lightsaber does not make you a Jedi. For all we know, it could be a Sith with ulterior motives."

Rumors from Imperial Army troopers at the Temple of the Sun in Illuminopolis indicate that men in Imperial uniforms, who they claim were Republic Special Forces infiltrators, were seen abducting the Sith Lord Darth Malagant, the man who oversaw Reydovan Prime's induction into the Empire. However, the claims of Republic involvement have been vehemently denied in a statement issued by Colonel Kirtallah Thekal, chief of staff to General Ketana Netalis-Linavil. "Using your enemy's uniform to confuse your enemy is an Imperial tactic," the statement said. "We do not stoop to that level, nor do we engage in missions that are in clear violation of the Treaty of Coruscant. The reports indicate he was nabbed by Imperial troopers, so maybe this is some kind of inter-factional feud. Anyone who's ever heard Lord Malagant speak at social gatherings on Kwenn or Nar Shaddaa would know he loves to run his mouth to his fellow Imperials. Maybe he's angered some of his colleagues, and they've decided to shut him up."

Interestingly, these oddly specific denials of tactics and implications of Imperial treachery do not seem to have convinced everyone. There are reports of rapid-fire communications between the Imperial Diplomatic Service on Dromund Kaas and their Republic counterparts on Coruscant. For now, however, all we have is hearsay and accusation; whether the truth can in fact be discovered remains to be seen.

For now, however...Reydovan Prime can rejoice, for it will soon be free of the shackles of corruptive governments using our people as pawns. We will not be slaves to anyone - the Republic or the Empire! We will --

<The transmission is abruptly cut off.>
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GSPN --- Your One-Jump Port for the Best Sports News in the Galaxy

The Huttball season began yesterday, with the Balmorra Bormus defeating the Alderaan Acklays 3-3 by possession. While the Bormus had the home-field advantage at Troika Stadium, they were not favored in either the Nar Shaddaa or Coruscant gambling houses.

With their sniper still recovering from a pre-season training injury, the Bormus began poorly by allowing the Acklays two rapid pit advances in succession, followed by a stealth assist. The Bormus regrouped midfield, taking advantage of an overextended Acklay offense to push a walk-in, followed by a pass chain to high ground.  A mid-field skirmish followed, with the injured sniper eventually providing sufficient cover for Bormu tanks to score a third point. The Acklays' popular sentinel (and former MVP) Tarn Khiss took initial possession in the next round, but the advance was forced back at the last second by the Bormu defensive line, who turtled out the remaining clock.

Whether this win was a mere fluke or the beginning of a new leaf for the Bormus remains to be seen. The team has been criticized in the past for their heavily defensive lineup by Huttball luminary Jorn Maddorb himself, but even Maddorb expressed his admiration in commentary, saying: "Here's a guy who can use his lekku and his arms at the same time!" --- speaking of Bormu vanguard Alys Kuiper.

Regardless, the Acklays will have many chances to redeem themselves, starting with tomorrow's game against the Empire's beloved Korriban Tukatas.

Watch Alderaan vs. Korriban live with holokinetic feedback. Feel the pain---only on GSPN---for a mere 10 credits pay-per-view, or a full season for 172 credits.
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BFE NEWS SCROLL FEATURE, TODAY:   >Voss Weekly<    Covering the basics on all the lovely hills and plains of a quiet world.   HEADLINES: //More traders banned after found distributing propaganda.//    //Mystic Camp Found Destroyed, One Survivor Reports Supernatural Massacre & Mass Kidnapping//

//Mystic Camp Found Destroyed, One Survivor Reports Supernatural Massacre & Mass Kidnapping//

Voss, 08242013. Early this morning a lone Voss Elder Mystic was located making his way back to Voss-Ka with serious lightsaber wounds and burns, reporting that his camp had been assailed overnight by an abomination of unknown origin. The following is paraphrased into basic, on behalf of the Elder Mystic:

"It was unlike any Gormak monstrosity I have ever seen, at one time it may have been a force wielder of great strength. It emanated death, in smell and sight, with deep-set glowing eyes. It fought with the weapons of the sith, but also with devices built heinously into its body. Those that fought it met only death by fire and saber. Those that fled were frozen in what I understand to be a form of carbonite. I retreated myself to find aid after it was plain I too would fall, and watched in despair as the creature retrieved many frozen young future mystics, carrying them off into the night. A council must be called immediately, to handle this clear threat to our peaceful ways, and learn what we can of the fate of our young who may yet survive."

Both Republic and Empire ambassadors to Voss-Ka are denouncing this tragedy as a criminal and cowardly act, a bold move, clearly made by the Gormak stepping up their game. Immediate investigations report no trail, and no trace of the creature, beyond the remains of the camp itself and the charred remains of those mystics that fell to this travesty.

-Heelik Vizzye, Voss Weekly
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Massive explosion flattens House Hekris...

<A solitary newscaster sat behind the desk, an apparent implant feeding his mind the information as he spoke in a solemn but professional tone.> "News today from Alderaan has brought to light what appears an internal conflict gone incredibly violent as the up and coming house Hekris was seemingly blown off of the map, leaving little beyond a smouldering crater in its wake."

< The camera angle shifted in an over dramatic and theatric manner, the man's gaze shifting a split second later.> "First person accounts of the blast suggest a battle was held within the building before its demise. An exact body count has not been released, but it assumed all members if the house have deceased- More information to come as it is released."
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A commercial that would appear occasionally between newscasts and other forms of Holo-entertainment...

The screen shows an image of an escape pod embedded in the ground. Five men emerge from it, completely unharmed. A disembodied voice speaks in a deep, yet soothing voice, "These are crewmen, who didn't die in a star-ship accident."

The screen cuts to another image, showing a family together, smiling. "This is a family, who were safe from a home invasion."

The screen cuts once more to a hospital patient, who is thriving under physical rehabilitation. "This is a patient, who recovered from a deadly disease," the voice says.

The images of the three groups reappear until all three are on the screen, and then the camera pans out, showing many more images until each one becomes a pixel of a symbol. In the center is a large V.

As this happens, the voice continues, "What do these people have in common? The technological advancements of VerisCorp made each one possible. Here at VerisCorp, we engineer more than just technology; we engineer brighter futures and infinite possibilities."

"From industrial machinery to personal home defense. VerisCorp is building the present, for a better tomorrow."
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NSNN: Special Holonet Report!

Reports are coming in from Nar Shaddaa and Kwenn that there might be a serial killer roaming Hutt Space. Representatives of both the Nar Shaddaa and Kwenn security forces made the statement tonight that starting last Zhellday was when the first victims were discovered on Nar Shaddaa and about two weeks is what they are guessing is the time when the first group was killed on Kwenn. Coroners are having trouble finding the cause of death but one thing is for certain, all the victims' brains were missing. The rest of the details revolving around the deaths of the victims are being with held for the sake of the victims and their families.

Both agencies didn't want to mention anything in case it was just a local matter. Seeing as this killer as killed dozens on both worlds, they are putting out a general warning to the public to stay safe and to be on guard. If you have any information or see something, we are urging you to contact your local law enforcement branch.

We will be keeping you updated on this story as more information is released.
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A story plays across several local, planetary, and galactic news stations:

CORONET CITY, Corellia -

C-Pharmaceuticals, a Czerka Corporation subsidiary leading the way in nanotechnology research and development has reported having several large-investment prototypes and a majority of their secure data stolen. There are no estimates of harm to employees or damage to company infrastructure at this time. However, an employee of C-Pharmaceuticals who wished to remain anonymous told reporters that the materials stolen could be worth as much as several hundred million credits. Eyewitnesses from the scene also report a message left by the thieves, "When life is eternal, its meaning is without value."

Authorities are asking for the public's help, and are offering a reward for any information that leads to an arrest.
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NSNN: Special Holonet Report!

We have an update on the killer who has been preying upon worlds in Hutt Space. Hours ago they have killed Twi'lek bounty hunter Char'asesh who was under personal contract of Tira Vosadii Maga, a Hutt that has risen to power with Char'asesh as his personal enforcer.

The Twi'lek was found dead on Kwenn tonight and his death fit the pattern of all the other victims of this serial killer. Physically he looked to be completely fine, but upon closer look by the coroner's office they found that the Twi'lek was missing all brain matter.

Now what is new with this death, is that law enforcement found a holocard on the body. The image on the card was an incorporeal figure that looked to be made of smoke. It had a large toothy grin and was holding up a long, sharp finger to what looked to be its lips. As if it were telling the viewer to keep silent about what they have seen. This calling card has made some question if this the work of a copy cat or was Char'asesh chosen for a reason?

Local law enforcement wishes for you to please contact them if you have any knowledge that could help bring this killer to justice and as always we will keep you updated as this story progresses.
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// Eriadu Free HoloDaily airing again after 10 standard years! // Imperial delegation discusses Eriadu's allegiance. // Anomid surveillance devices complicate case by Republic delegation. //

Eriadu Free HoloDaily -- The nightly free voice!

Tonight's HoloDaily proudly sponsored  by Slyssk's Trandoshani Flatcakes. Wake up and have the breakfast you deserve!

We are LIVE with anchorman Tee Dorreen.


Today, Eriadu City Security discovered portable surveillance equipment in one of our proud city's alleys. The microcamera was found during a security sweep in preparation of the Imperial Delegate's arrival. This news complicates the ongoing discussion between the Empire and Republic. The Lieutenant Governer has issued an inquiry as to the purpose -- with full support from Seswenna Sector's Governer the inquiry has been immediately escalated to the sector's cyber crime division. The preliminary results have proven shocking. Sector Security identifies the use of known Anomid channels. While authorities are as of yet unable to discern where the footage has been streaming to, the Imperial Ambassador has levelled accusations against the Republic's SIS citing involvement of Anomid technology violating the treaty of Coruscant. Representatives from Yablari refused to comment.

Sector Summit

We now cross over live to our political correspondent Shaster Vons. Vons?

"Thanks Tee. As I'm sure many of our proud citizens might know, today's earlier incident complicated today's proceedings but the diplomats were undeterred as discussions today quickly veered towards the possible idea of complete sector autonomy. With the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant years ago many have questioned the need for the Imperial Occupation's military presence. While Imperial and Republic delegates alike were quick to blame one another for sabotaging our sector's trade, we- hold on. I'm sorry, Tee, I've just been told that the summit's been concluded and the governer's making an announcement."

<<The feed cuts to a press conference, a human male wearing a grey Imperial uniform. There's much chatter that hushes immediately as he removes his hat and approaches the podium. Several hovercams of various colours representing different media stations move to float him as the podium is over-illuminated by lens lighting. He has a full head of dark brown hair, but it's clear that he's greying.>>

"I was born here. Right here, in Eriadu city. Lived before our skies saw clouds of Imperial ships soaring through our pale aurum skies. Even then I remembered how we as a people thrived and contrary to what they might say we were never meant to be with the Republic. I've since dedicated my life to the Empire... and still believe in the Emperor's vision of a unified galaxy. But I'm forced to recognize certain truths. Our dedication to the Empire has allowed our sector to decline as a hub of trade. We've imposed trade embargoes prohibiting trade to distant systems out of nationalistic interests. No longer. The summit has concluded. Though we will remain an Imperial world and an Imperial sector, we will lift all limitations on trade. We are to be as we once were, the proud capital of commerce in the Outer Rim regions. From Coruscant to Csilla, from Hutta to Dromund Kaas, free traders will be allowed to come and go with the most minimum of tariffs."

<<The governor gives a small proud smile, as his grim disposition fades, he sticks his chest out as he gathers his breath.>>

"We've already begun the demilitarization of Imperial Forces. Already many of our troops are withdrawing from the streets. My proud citizens. We will be the nexus of trade we were meant to be!"

<<A loud storm of questions drown out as cameras flash vigorously. The press go wild as the footage cuts and goes back to Vons.>>

"That was our Governer giving a passionate speech. You heard it here first, folks. Tee? Back to you."

Indeed. Exciting times are ahead, I'm sure. In fact, already I'm hearing that our markets are experiencing quite the boon. We'll bring that to you right after this break.

<<A familiar small, thin red pureblood Sith bounces along riding a Kath Hound closely followed by another atop the shoulders of a Wookie... who's followed by yet another riding a Trandoshan. The train of Taelios' rush towards the edge of a cliff as screams, roars and barking is heard as they sail right off.>>

"Feeling dead? And I mean... really dead?"

<<Taelios appears before the camera as he wipes the smudge of crudely written text on the camera's lens. He beams brightly as he flashes those teeth. All the teeth.>>


<<He grabs the hovercam and pulls it along as he shows a passed-out version of himself at his feet... which he promptly kicks awake. The clone immediately rouses from sleep and yells a non-enthusiastic 'taa-daaaaah' >>

"Here at Taelios Genetech Industries we can so totally solve your death issues. What death issues? YOUR death issues! Or maybe living another life is too much for you. THAT'S OKAY! Maybe you're feeling inadequate. Bondmate's getting on you about not being satisfied with you. We can so totally replace her with a clone! Or maybe you'd like something else? ASK! You've got my holocom. Right? No? That's okay!"

<<He raises a finger as the sleeping Taeclone rises on to the camera, groggily waking from his nap. The original punches him in the face and pushes him towards the hovercam, holding the Taeclone still as a holofrequency comes "Shhhhhoooming" on to his forehead.>>

"TAELIOS GENETECH INDUSTRIES! TGI! Because dying's overrated!"

<<Cheesy newscast music plays>>

Proudly sponsored by Salky Champtreat Snacks. Doesn't your Salky deserve to eat a real champion?

Eriadu Free HoloDaily -- The nightly free voice!

Joining with us this evening in our studio is Financial Analyst Hillian K'ruuk. Now Hillian, this announcement's shocked us all but in layman's terms what exactly does this mean?

"Well, Tee. Until recently our markets have been struggling to deal with many parties in the past due in large part to heavy tariffs issued on all trade coming into our ports. While the more profitable companies out there weren't afraid of continuing business in our sector, this announcement in effect changes all that. Now anyone, anywhere can invest in our markets with minimal cost. It's a free market."

Forgive me if I'm having a hard time keeping up here, but, Hillian, how exactly does this affect us?

"Money's coming in, Tee. Money's coming in. Our world, as you know it,  sits between the Hydian Way, the Rimma Trade Route, the Lipsec Run AND the Yankirk Route. We see more ships coming through our world in a single standard week than most entire star systems get to see in a standard month. Many companies based here are already saying there's going to be more jobs and that's just on the homefront. We've heard a few ship-building conglomerates wanting a slice of the action... Sienar Technologies, Corellian Engineering Corporation and Kuat Drive Yards are just to name a few."

Hah, that's absolutely amazing. To think a single summit could do all that.

"It's just the start, Tee. Our projections show that the coming weeks? We just might be hitting a new golden age."

And that's never a bad think. Hillian K'ruuk, ladies and gentlemen. Now on to sports...

// Governer declared demilitarisation of Seswenna Sector. // Taelios was here. // Eriadu experiences stocks boom. // Ailon Nova Guard offer protection to Eriadu at premium price. // Sector Security Cybercrimes division suspect Anomid intrusion, representatives from Yablari refuse to comment.
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Republic News Service - Providing Coverage From the Core to the Outer Rim and Beyond! BREAKING NEWS: Miraluka Massacre! Multiple Padawans Murdered by Jedi-Turned-Sith Lord, Motivation Unknown - Dead Also Include Masters of Several Padawans - All Slain Padawans Are Miraluka War Orphans, Source Indicates

Taris, Kwenn, Tatooine, Alderaan, Hoth - Republic sources on these planets and several unconfirmed reports from other worlds indicate that the Sith Empire is starting up hostilities yet again, with the intention of beginning a new, deadlier war. Thirteen Jedi Padawans, eleven of them accompanied by their teachers of Knight or Master rank, have been brutally murdered by what Republic Army sources confirm is a traitor to the Jedi Order and the Republic, having thrown in his lot with the Dark Lords of the Sith.

Republic garrison troops on Taris and Hoth positively identified the murderer as Lord Cyanoculus, a particularly brutish Sith Lord responsible for the Montagne Noire massacre on Reydovan Prime some six months ago. Our sources indicate that the Sith Lord was once Kieran Devaneaux, a Jedi Knight and veteran of the Great War who disappeared on Reydovan Prime - his homeworld, according to the information - around the time that Lord Cyanoculus arose, further connecting the two names as one man.

The thirteen Padawans were all Miraluka war orphans who were recovered in a small but vital rescue operation from a destroyed colony near Imperial space sixteen years ago, late in the Great War. Master Aken Tyrell, himself a Miraluka, led the expedition, aided by his former student, Jedi Knight (now Master) Saxtus Fayhan. Numbering sixteen in total, they all trained as Jedi and survived the Sacking of Coruscant. Two, siblings Huldref and Caradell, have attained Knighthood; Huldref was believed to have been killed on Alderaan by the Sith Lord Darth Malagant, a man who has been making waves in recent months. Caradell is believed to be on Tython, working in the Jedi Archives.

With Cyanoculus running on a rampage throughout the Outer Rim, it begs the question of the part played by the man believed to be his Sith Master, Malagant; some beings (Master Fayhan and Republic privateer captain Eidan Zherron chief among them) believe that it is an effort to perpetuate a lie that Malagant was kidnapped and illegally detained by the Republic, charges which have been stringently denied by the Jedi Order and the Republic Senate. However, denial seems to be the name of the game, as a statement released by an anonymous Sith spokesbeing has declared that Lord Cyanoculus acted without the authority of the Dark Council, and that Darth Malagant is being questioned for whatever part he played in the massacres.

"Seriously, that's the best they can come up with?" complained Colonel Kirtallah Thekal, chief of staff to General Ketana Netalis-Linavil. "An insane rogue Jedi goes on a rampage and murders our future protectors, and the best they can say is 'we had nothing to do with it'? Seriously, how dumb do they think we are?"

Archivist Caradell, who surprisingly consented to be interviewed by RNS, sees it differently. "Malagant and Devaneaux, with their small minds, have their sights set on avenging some slight against their frail egos committed by Master Fayhan," she said bluntly. "It's clear that it is Master Fayhan who has incurred their ire, not my slain brothers and sisters; it is Master Fayhan who shares a large portion of the blame for the incidents, just as if he had taken his lightsaber and struck them down himself."

Cyanoculus' last reported location was on Hoth. His present location, and that of Darth Malagant, are unknown.

NEW INFORMATION ON MIRALUKA MURDERS Jedi Archivist, Fellow War Orphan: "Fayhan is as Guilty as the Killer" - Official Imperial Source: Sith Lord Slaughtering Padawans is a Rogue - Official Republic Source to Official Imperial Source: "Do You Think We're Stupid?" - Whereabouts of Sith Lord, Rumored Master Unknown
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//Nar Shaddaa Business Weekly// "All that's in and out on the smuggler's moon!"                    Nar Shaddaa Business Weekly is brought to you this week by Hutts-Bane Cologne! When you just don't have time for a shower, no other Cologne is enough!

Camera centers in on a chipper pink Zeltron reporter seated in a well appointed studio chair, dressed in expensive popular business fashion. She smiles at the camera and launches right into the report.

"Hello and welcome to Nar Shaddaa Business Weekly, This is Kellai Fizzt reporting! Today we are fortunate to have an exclusive interview with DawnStar Freight CEO, Seiyd Alumar, in the flesh! Miss Alumar, how are you this fine morning?"

Camera pans to now include both the reporter, and Miss Alumar, smiling and in her finest bust hugging red business-sweater.

"I am doing very well, thank you miss Fizzt." Seiyd relaxes in the chair and sips from a glass of water provided.

"Excellent! So right to it then, our viewers have posted so many questions about you, and your company! Thank you so much to agreeing to this interview. First off- DawnStar seems to be doing very well in the current marketplace, despite interstellar tensions. What is your secret?"

Seiyd raises a brow."Well, that is a very broad question, Miss Fizzt. Though if I were to pick any one factor of our business that helps us succeed in this climate, it would be our clean-business policies. Ironic I know.. there is so much more money flying around in the more fringe markets, and yet, keeping our nose clean keeps our income stable where other markets fluctuate."

"Could you elaborate on that, miss Alumar?"

"Of course. So, as you're aware, it is widely known that DawnStar has what some deem highly moralistic shipping bans on moving anything that could be considered spice, any avenue of the slave trade, and oddly most controversially, we forbid our pilots to ship weapons while under our banner. All three trades are extremely lucrative, especially in the markets we frequent here on the 'Smuggler's Moon' as it were. But they come with a cost most independent captains don't consider."


"Well, say a ship gets stopped up through customs on planet X, and the shipment of, oh for this example we'll say spice. But the shipment gets damaged somehow and rendered useless, or spilled. What would happen once we notified our client of this random accident, typically?"

"I would imagine there'd be a great deal of debt incurred.. naturally."
The reporter tries to stay positive.

Laughter can be heard presumably from a fake studio audience.

"Violence, Miss Fizzt." Seiyd nods politely. "Violence, either in the form of an enforced debt, or property destruction, or if the spice dealer also partook often in their own product, which they do, violence against my pilots and personnel. But, say, what would happen if a shipment of our most common export went likewise awry?"

"You mean if the stodgy Republic folk confiscated your illegal Erini booze....."

More fake audience laughter!

"Yes, that. What would happen?" Seiyd smiles and sits back in her chair.

"I wager you'd simply replace it with more?"

"Indeed, and give the client a hefty discount for their troubles in waiting for the next shipment. No violence, no debt, no assault, just good clean business."
Seiyd nods at the reporter casually. "Much less costly, and more predictable for maintaining a stable bottom line."

"What of your weapons ban though? Many of our Imperial viewers liken that to a declaration of standing with the Republic core.... especially when combined with your ban on shipping sla.."

Seiyd interrupts, "One topic at a time please. Yes, I'm aware that our choice in this baffles many people. Our initial intent was to mark us as a clearly NON-ALIGNED simple, run of the mill shipping company. If we provide weapons for no one, no one can claim we supply weapons to their enemy and mark us as an enemy themselves. Unfortunately our intent went over the heads of many of the common nay-sayers, but what can you do?"

"I don't know Miss Alumar, why not tell us what you can do."
The reporter put on her more stern business-look.

"In truth, Miss Fizzt, our ban on shipping weapons has cost us more money from potential Republic markets than anything else. The Empire have their own means for delivering such goods to their fringers, however we've lost multiple Republic contracts outright because we refused to ship their guns. Presently, nearly 80% of our shipments are for private individuals, and neutral or Imperial based clients, because of this. So the belief that not shipping guns makes us staunch Republic lackeys is just, uninformed and outright false."

"And what of your ban on slaves then?"
The reporter leans in, brow steepled as if catching the guest in a lie.

"We don't ship live animals anymore either. Does that make us anti-animal?" Seiyd smirks a bit.

Cued fake audience laughter fills the space as the young reporter's eyes widen. Before she can speak though, Seiyd continues.

"My personal beliefs aside, because certainly, I do personally find the trade of sentient beings distasteful, as common as the trade is amongst the markets we currently do our best business with. I hope my regular clients can forgive me my opinion, much as I'd hope my vegetarian clients can forgive that I partake in regular bantha-burgers." Seiyd smiles a soft charming smile. "But when it comes to the bottom line- shipping live cargo of any variety comes with exponential hidden costs. One gizka shipment a year ago is still costing several of our fleet constant repairs, as just when we think we've cleaned the last of them out.. well. And the slave-trade.. sadly, also often comes with issues similar to those when dealing with spice-traders. Mishaps lead to violence, and we're, well, just a peaceful, simple shipping business. Why put ourselves at risk when we're doing well enough running things our own way?"

"Ahh but Miss Alumar, were that true, how would you explain the current bounty on your head? By rival company Mallei'ves Enterprises' lead slave-breaker?"
The reporter sits back, looking triumphant.

Seiyd raises a brow, and chuckles warmly. "I would explain that as poor business, on his part."

The reporter now looks confused.

"Well, Miss Fizzt, asuming you've done your research, what is my company's weekly take home, on average?"

"Close to .. 270k.. weekly..."
The reporter frowns.

"And that's just the reports on our 'core worlds' business. THIS is Nar Shaddaa." Seiyd smirks a bit. "So this gentleman's bounty on me is less than a third of my weekly profit margin. Any hunter worth their salt, out for money, would look at that and laugh. Why try and tangle with my extensive security to procure one woman, for a pittance of what she's worth when her company is considered? I could pay that bounty myself, weekly, indefinitely, to have them simply take a picture with me smiling and waving at the holonets. Or better yet, to deliver a pair of my lacy panties to any of my adoring fans!..... To be clear though- that is NOT an offer I am putting forth, just a comical example. I'd sooner earnestly hire would be hunters and give them a cushy, easy job running booze, with profit share in the company. Infinitely richer plan in the long run, less chance of well, death." Off camera a Wookiee can be heard grunting in agreement!

Cued fake audience laughter chimes in jovially! The reporter woman looks cross.

"Miss Alumar, I hardly find a bounty to be a laughing matter. Regardless of the clear financial.. incongruities. Why does this competitor wish this harm on you to begin with? Might I ask?"

"Ahh that has taken me some time to determine." Seiyd's expression grows more serious. "I did, some months back now, bribe a friend with means to buy out some of the base supply product the up and coming Enterprises were broadly broadcasting for. At the time, their loudly projected hunt was costing me potential new hires, and offering a faster, higher rate for willing freighters than our company could sustainably support. In short, I did what any typical Nar Shaddaa business would do, and undercut the competition to buy my company time for growth."

"That.. does sound like rather standard and certainly Hutt approved tactics."
The reporter looks a bit perplexed. "Why would that still merit such a fee on your live retrieval though?"

"That I am still trying to determine, though initial intel suggests there is some political confusion, I had no idea at the time that their industry head was a Sith Lord. They have their own business standards, even despite setting up shop in Hutt space. My husband is hoping to speak with their leader and clear up what must be a base misunderstanding later this week." Seiyd smiles softly, sincere.

"Your husband, ah yes, that brings me to the fluff portion of our segment, Miss Alumar. Or shall we say, Mrs. Wymarc. Is there any truth to the rumors that you.." The reporter stops mid sentence and watches as Seiyd takes a long drought from a silver Erini stamped flask! And gives the reporter a look that kinda says, 'Whaaaat?' before letting out a somewhat unlady-like hiccup. The reporter continues her sentence fluidly after the pause, blinking, ".. are happily married to known Baron Wymarc of Alderaan." The pink haired reporter seems to firmly cross off something on one of her cue-cards in hand.

"Miss Fizzt, I would prefer neither to confirm nor deny any details of my personal life." Seiyd smirks and takes another, more ladylike, sip from her flask. A popular Erini Vysint logo is clear as she positions it to her mouth artfully, chest forward and shoulders back, legs delicately crossed, as if she'd done product placement her whole life. "This is a business show after all. Is there anything else I can answer for you about DawnStar?"

"No, no Miss Alumar, I think that about covers our time. Thank you again for your very forthright explanation of your company's unusual clean running. Oh, one last thing, do you have any opinion on the now viral holonet meme with your face, and the words 'Profiteering Wench' across it like a logo?"

"Yes, I'd like to thank whomever did the graphic. It's doubled tourist traffic to our co-owned establishment, the Dancer's Retreat off the Promenade. Locals and looky-loo's alike looking for a fast sighting of yours truly. Sort of amusing." Seiyd grins. "And certainly, well, profitable."

"Right. Thank you Miss Alumar." The reporter turns to face the camera direct as it hones in on just her face. "Next week, we'll be exploring the ups and downs of the red-light sector's trade. Stay tuned for a racy one folks! Until then, this has been Kellai Fizzt, signing off."

Camera cuts to commercial.
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Nar Shaddaa News Network ~~~ Special Report [Category: fine beverages.]

Attention fell upon the sparsely-populated Imperial world of Bosthirda today
as several dozen zabrak hunters arrived on the planet, accompanied by a
wizened pair of distillers---the infamous moonshiners Maman and Marmaduke.
While most Imperials have likely never heard of the pair, fans of traditional
Iridonian liquors will be familiar with their ultra-premium gith and other
classic offerings. Recently fined by the Republic Wildlife Protection
Authority for poaching, these craftsbeings have apparently found a new
inspiration for their art: upon seeing the fierce and mutated wildlife of
Bosthirda, the brewing magnates were reported to salivate while stroking
their weapons.

In commemoration of this expedition, we are pleased to offer readers of
discerning palate the deal of a lifetime. For a limited time, 750ml bottles of
M&M's Nomad's Reserve Gith---only 1299 credits each. Treat yourself to what
Xenoliquor Monthly called "the most ostentatious animal-based shot in the
Galaxy" and Formerly Darth Taelios referred to as "an interesting drink for
interesting people". High praise for the highest art. It's
M&M's: Fit for a Mandalore. Fit for a Moff.

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Post by: Joshmaul on 09/25/13, 07:54:19 PM
Reydovan News Network: Reporting Freely (Surprisingly Enough) - Breaking News: Darth Cyanoculus Addresses the Planet - New Sith Governor Settles Into Duties in Illuminopolis - Promotion "Shocking" Given Public Record - Eyes on the Man With...Blue Eyes

<The image of Darth Cyanoculus appears on all HoloNet screens planet-wide. His voice, though artificially modulated due to the vocabulator unit in his respirator mask, is calm, almost inviting.>

Citizens of Reydovan Prime, the uprising is over, and peace has once again settled upon our world. The murderous Jedi sympathizers and the sheep who hide under their beds and pretend the Empire and the Republic won't exist if they don't acknowledge them have been...declawed.

Many of you may be wondering exactly how this will affect you. Once again, a Sith Lord rules your planet. But anyone who has been paying attention for the last few days may also have read my initial proclamations. I am allowing free press, freedom of assembly, and reduced curfews, within the bounds of Imperial law; I have ordered a reduction in taxation and a reopening of industry and trade, as well as the reconstruction of Montagne Noire with the intention of returning the planetary government to its proper place, and allowing Illuminopolis to return to the peaceful pursuits of knowledge. In accordance with Imperial law, however, I am also ordering a compulsory service in the planetary defense force for a period of no less than eighteen months, and that all confirmed Force-sensitive citizens register with the government's Office of Sith Affairs to arrange for transport to the Sith Academy on Korriban.

And why would I do this, you might ask? "You're a Sith Lord," you're saying, "why would you care about giving the people free press, letting them know what they're in for, letting them have some of the things they want?" Because you must remember, before I became what you see here, I was once like you - a regular citizen of this planet. The Jedi took me in first, but the Empire has given me a purpose - a chance to correct the mistakes made by my father, Darth Defileris. Yes, I am Sith now - and my word is law. But fear is not the only motivator for loyalty, as I myself have discovered of late; sometimes, more is required. That is what I give to you: A chance to live as free beings, as citizens of the Empire, with all the protections and benefits.

The Jedi and the Republic see this world as only being a little part of the map, a piece of territory. To the Empire, this planet can be much more. With your help, I can help make it so.

For the Empire!
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Post by: Orell on 10/01/13, 02:14:00 AM
This... is GNN, your one source for all of the Galaxy's News

The Devaronian on camera looked up, nodding at the viewers. "Good evening, viewers. Our top story tonight is the still-developing Emaglaha Incident. Reports are still coming in on this sudden news story, and we'll have analysts throught the hour, trying to sort out the truth from the dross, the fact from the fiction, and what this means for the fate of the galaxy, and the multitude of neutral powers. But first, to get everyone caught up to speed, here is the message sent by Lord Quarasha of the Sith Empire, that broke this story to the galaxy."


Quarasha appears, clad in simple, unadorned robes, no Lightsaber at her hip, a firm look in her eyes. "Good people of the galaxy, I have distressing news to share. Several weeks ago, I learned of a suspected Republic Listening Post, carefully placed on Emaglaha, an uninhabited world within the Vorskan Expanse's borders."

"This Listening Post was placed such that, with the correct technology, the Republic would be able to monitory Hyperspace traffic in the surrounding systems, including Hyperspace lanes within Imperial space, which could severely impact Imperial security and our right to self-defense."

"As some of you may know, the Vorskan government has signed non-aggression pacts with both the Republic and the Empire, a pact the Empire has respected. Of course, this base, as it was gathering military intelligence on Imperial movements, would constitute a breach of the pact that the Republic signed, which is why they attempted to hide it within an archaeological dig, that the Vorskan Expanse had graciously allowed the Republic to operate."

Quarasha shakes her head. "A base they staffed largely with civilians, overseen by Jedi."

"While I could have ordered an immediate attack on that base, I waited until I had incontrovertible proof of the Republic's actions. Only then did I order the listening post be taken."

"Civilians at the installation were allowed to leave with their lives, and thankfully civilian casualties were able to be kept to a minimum. However, several Republic soldiers, and one Jedi Master, were also killed in the battle."

She looks at the camera. "I will not apologize for their deaths. The Empire cannot allow the Republic to spy upon us. If it is peace they want, then they must not offer peace with one hand and clutch a dagger in the other. And they cannot be permitted to spit upon the treaties they have signed with the other powers in the galaxy to do so."

"I know the Republic will call me a butcher for this. They will deny the spying that was taking place. There are no doubt many that will call me a Sith and a Liar, or a liar because I am a Sith, and a murderer for causing the death of a Jedi Master. But none of that is so, and I am willing to prove it."

"To the Neutral Powers that question my word, let me prove the fact of it. The base is intact, and I will gladly arrange to show you what the Republic was doing there, because this may not be the only 'Archaeological Dig' they have created."

Quarasha lets out a sigh. "And finally, to the fallen. There is some part of me that wishes to reveal who was at the base, who was in charge, and who of the Republic was held responsible. But I will not speak ill of the dead. Their bodies will be returned to the Republic, in the best condition possible. They were honorable men and women, betrayed by their government, and do not deserve to be dragged through the mud for crimes that were not their own."

Quarasha bows her head, ending the communique.


The anchor nods at the camera. "That was Lord Quarasha of the Sith Empire, speaking about destruction of a Republic archaeological dig and purported Listening Post. The Republic has denied the allegations, accusing Lord Quarasha of fabricating a scandal to cover up cold-blooded murder. The Jedi Order has declined to comment at this time, indicating that they will have a statement within the next 72 hours. Now, let us check in with our pundits..."

((No pundit talk, because I like you guys, and don't want you to suffer...))
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Post by: Kiive on 10/03/13, 05:14:03 AM
Republic News Network: All News, All the Time

The Standard News Crew appears. Stock exchange strips roll at the top while minor news asides scroll at the bottom, with the most interesting being an interview with Franz Larin, author of the newly acclaimed 'How to Interest a Spacer.'

"Hello, and welcome to the Republic News Network. All news, all the time," The female anchor chimes, perhaps a bit too enthusiastically. "Tonight, we have the results of the Senate vote on the Scattergun banning bill, up and coming Holo technologies, and much more. But first, we take you to Olaris Spaceport, with a tale of Tragedy, Bravery, and Heartwarming. Reporting live to you now is Trisha Montoya. Trish?"

The scene cuts to a Twi'leki woman, checking her earpiece and tapping her mic experimentally. Behind her, in addition to the typical interior of a spaceport, are a squad of soldiers. They look battered, bruised, and tired. They're sitting, bags at their feet, seemingly waiting for their shuttle to come whisk them away.

"Thank you, Diana. Trish here, reporting from Olaris Spaceport, the heart of the Taris Reclamation Base, with a story of true grit, determination, and will to survive. The men behind me are just your average patrol here on Taris, where wild animals and the nightmarish 'Rakghouls' plague them every day, making transportation of supplies to settlers difficult."

The screen does a freeze frame of their faces in a collage, with Trish narrating in the background.

"It was just an ordinary supply run for this team of four, originally five, brave young men, when the Rakghouls attacked."

"We always knew the risks, you know? Protect and serve. It was just a routine patrol when we got swarmed by the Raks," The voice switches, decidedly male. He sounds relaxed, though still understandably shell-shocked. "In supply runs, you have a squad at the forward vanguard making sure your way is clear, and a squad at the rear. They ripped apart that first squad like nothin'. . .We panicked."

There's a small warning screen of maturity, before it switches to a picture of a Rakghoul.

"Got separated from the rest. They took out Jimmy. . ." He peters out.

"For a week, these soldiers braved the terrors of Taris without aid, fighting off cold and hunger, and the ever-present threat of the Rakghouls, creatures that can turn you into one of them by so much as scratching you. Hope, was all they had."

"No armor, no radios. . . ." The man fades. "Found a radio off a derelict transport ship. . ."

The Scene switches to a recording a few days earlier, of three dropships setting down with emergency medical teams closing. A squad of soldiers steps out of the first.

"The heroes who bravely rescued these lost souls were unavailable for comment. But you can be sure this is just one of many routine jobs they do, daily. I'm Trisha Montoya, reporting to you live from Olaris Spaceport, Taris."

The Scene switches to the main news crew again, with a holonet address running below the screen momentarily.

"Thank you, Trish. Wow, what a story! If you wish to send your thanks to the brave men and women of the Republic Armed Forces, or you would like to send good will wishes to those they saved, please follow the link below. As always, this is the Republic news Network. All News, All the Time. After the break, the Empire: Cruel Tyranny? Or misunderstood heirarchy?"
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Post by: Alumar on 10/03/13, 03:07:15 PM
BFE NEWS SCROLL FEATURE, TODAY:  /The Sobrik Screecher/     All the latest news, and more!   HEADLINES: //Cantina repairs on schedule, second floor due to re-open with fanfare early next month!//    //BREAKING NEWS//Spaceport Delivery Bay Destroyed, Survivors Report Infestation from Unusual New 'Insectoid' Breed//

//BREAKING NEWS// Spaceport Deliveries Bay Destroyed, Survivors Report Infestation from Unusual New 'Insectoid' Breed //

Sobrik, Balmorra, 10022013. At approximately 2200 hours local Sobrik time, local authorities received report of loud explosions and fire emanating from the cargo bay responsible for processing new deliveries to the planet. Upon reaching the scene, they discovered the charred bodies of approximately five civilian port workers, and barely managed to escort the remaining dockhands out of the vicinity with only minor burns and wounds.

Authorities are not releasing the nature of what the danger was, or how it was contained at this time, however this reporter managed a brief interview with one of the survivors before they were led away for debriefing.

"I.. I was processing inbound deliveries like normal." The anonymous dockhand reports. "And.. and well I got this huge crate, addressed to one Lord Quarasha of the Sith Empire, that just looked fishy. I mean, with all the news going on, you know? So I scanned it, checking for all the usual. It.. wasn't anything usual however. Then all kriff broke loose."

My source went on to describe an enormous, eight legged, silver colored insectoid creature that emerged from said crate; one capable of spitting a black flammable goo, and igniting it. Other eye-witness accounts corroborate this description, as do the charred bodies, though authorities are assuring locals that any and all threats were contained. When asked about this presumably new breed of insectoid, authorities gave 'no comment.'

Given the recent interstellar politics, however, this reporter cannot but supposition that the Republic is now resorting to the lowest form of retaliation, assassination,- targeting the good Sith Lord for her heroic and honorable acts in protecting Imperial skies. Someone will answer for these incursions on our citizens, certainly!

-Retired LT Jemms, /The Sobrik Screecher/
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Post by: Alumar on 10/04/13, 11:16:31 PM
This... is GNN, your one source for all of the Galaxy's News!

Coruscant, 10042013. News feed cuts into most holonet broadcasts with a breaking press conference on the Senate steps, a familiar Devaronian reporter standing by.

"If you are now joining us live, we are about to hear from Republic Senator Eohlwyn Kru regarding this weeks tragic events in the Vorskan Expanse, spoken of in a press release earlier this week, made by Lord Quarasha of the Sith Empire. We take you to the Republic's response to this release, now."

Camera pans to Senator Kru, a stout pale green twi'lek, in formal senate robes and eloquent makeup and poise. Her tone is immediately stern, yet compassionate.

"Citizens of the Republic, and indeed, of the Galaxy, I come to you today with a heavy heart following these complex events, that have claimed the unfortunate lives of these twenty three, undeserving, souls. However, I do not come to speak to the circumstances of this tragic incident.

"The Empire's Lord Quarasha spoke well enough, that the innocent, civilian lives involved, need not have been so violently wasted.

"I come instead, to offer the Empire, in good faith, a return on their humanitarian gesture, of so respectfully delivering our dead back unto us. Earlier this week, one of our own operations happened across a.. clearly misplaced.. post of Imperial soldiers and officers, while attempting a rescue of a missing patrol, just outside the budding Republic settlement on Taris.

"These honorable men and women were clearly sent askew by their government, and do not deserve to be dragged through the mud for crimes that were not their own. As such, we will be releasing them shortly, returning them to a neutral outpost in the Vorskan Expanse, where the Empire may come collect their wayward soldier-citizens, unharmed."

The camera cuts aside for a moment to the Devaronian reporter.

"As I understand it, we have live feed of this prisoner release, as I speak."

The video feed cuts to a scene just outside a nuetral and small settlement on an inhabited world in the Expanse, revealing a small host of Republic soldiers, well armed, undoing the shackles on a small group of well cleaned and fed Imperials, still dressed in their field uniforms. By uniform, one can make out that only one was a full soldier, and the others appear to be enlisted guards and officers. The Imperials then are let to walk away into the settlement, some of them patting each other on the back, others cheering, at least one flipping a rude gesture at the Republic soldiers as they depart, while the Republic soldiers follow orders and let them go, un-marred. The feed continues until the Republic soldiers re-file into their ship and lift off.

"And there you have it folks, an unprecedented act of .. wait, the Senator is still talking. We bring you back to her continued speech."

The feed cuts back from the Devaronian to the Senator who indeed has not ceased her speech-making.

"... is all one can say to a tragedy such as this. I only hope that the Empire receives this gesture as honorably as we have received theirs, in the interest of continued interstellar peace. And that Lord Quarasha replies to our humble request for any information on any additional civilians that may have merely been wounded or taken as prisoner."

"It is easy to point fingers, and assign blame, when the lives of our beloved citizens are taken, but we must aspire to a greater cause. We must learn to bridge these treacherous waters with more such acts of good faith, if we are to ever maintain- not just this honorable treaty, but this potential for peace on the Galactic stage."

The Senator pauses just a moment before her tone shifts to a more soft and somber one.

"In closing, I would ask each of you to join me now in a moment of silence, while the Senate tower chimes ring out, once for each of the twenty three souls lost to this unfortunate aggression this week. And ask, also, that those watching give thankful thought to the smart acts and choices of those brave Republic soldiers out on the Taris patrol. That at the least, out of this tragedy, we may return some innocent living souls back to their rightful home, and come closer to building a bridge of peace between our peoples."

The Senator dips her head, as does the crowd on the steps. And the Senate tower chimes out twenty three times. For the duration, the news channel cuts to continued footage of the released Imperial soldiers, going to have a drink as they await pick-up, and then cuts to a row of 23 Republic flag covered coffins as the chimes complete.

The feed then cuts back to the Devaronian, who has a grim and mixed expression.

"That was Republic Senator Eohlwyn Kru, speaking on two clearly borderline incidents this week. We will bring you continued coverage of the released soldiers from Taris, including the response from the Empire on this second incident, as soon as it is available."
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Post by: Cordae on 10/07/13, 06:11:30 PM
ERN NewsFeed: // Royal Armstech stocks have shown continued gains after reporting that last quarter's export figures were their highest in ten years. // A small earthquake in central Vfoltmarch has taken no victims; caused cosmetic damage to Vfolt's Resurgence War memorial. // Over 2,000 L of vysint has been seized by the Republic navy near Taris. // After the end of their annual two week recess, the Shared Advisory Board has made the decision to change their name to the "Erinian Council". In the coming weeks, their agenda will include Eresari recovery projects and the still-raging Sh'aas-Kyn conflict.

The Erinian Royal News
__ __ __

Erinian Council Issues Formal Response to Vorskan Attack

In the wake of Lord Quarasha's most recent appearance on the Galactic News Network, the newly re-named Erinian Council - once the Shared Advisory Board - has released several statements blaming both the Republic and the Empire for the results of the Imperial military operation against an illegal Republic listening post constructed in the non-aligned Vorskan Expanse.

Erinian Council members were categorically opposed to the incident on every front arguing that other neutral entities like Erini were quickly becoming more and more aware of what they could might expect from the great powers of the galaxy.

The presence of the Republic's listening post drew the most ire. One council member, Councillor To'sei of Topokoi-Heredas, the cultural capital of Eresar, decried the move as "blatant and unnecessary brinksmanship done in exceedingly poor foresight with a complete disregard for the lives of scores of their own innocent people." Councillor Vodske of Vfolt agreed with his Eresari counterpart - for, it appears, the first time in recorded history - as he went on to describe the move as simply, "underhanded."

At the same time, many council members took the opportunity to harshly criticize the Empire's handling of the situation. Citing the necessity of peace in today's galactic political schema, King Istvan Keyis had this to say:

"It is not difficult to understand why the Empire acted as they did in their sacking of the Republic listening post on Emaglaha. That does not make their response any more correct. Surely a great and mighty power such as the Sith Empire could have figured out a way to end the conflict peaceably? Was that too far beyond their abilities as statesmen and diplomats? [The situation] forces one to consider whether we are at peace or simply in between wars."

"And the words I have for the Republic are no sweeter. In response to Lord Quarasha's most generous gesture, the Erinian Council has elected to send two highly qualified diplomats to the Emaglaha station so that they may see for themselves what came to pass and so educate us on their results."

"Be that as it may, however, if the Republic is guilty of espionage and if they did send archaeologists, anthropologists, geologists - innocent men and women of science - to serve as glorified meat shields to protect their ill-begotten station, and if the Republic saw fit to oversee this duplicitous base with Jedi - whose number and Order we have come to respect over these many years - then I cannot help but wonder if the Republic is not morally bankrupt. The presence of a Jedi master at such an installation does not inspire us."

The leader of Eresar, Sejuk Tunwen Baloi, delivered what may be the most scathing remark of the evening:

"If we Erinians are to open ourselves up to the Empire, to the Republic as we have already done with trade and diplomatic missions, why have we done so? Does it not seem more easy for them to just do as they will? In one hand, they bring words of warmth and kindness. But in the other, do they also bring a prod? Their comfort at violating the sovereignty of neutral, non-aligned powers with little - if any - guilt of repercussion, is alarming. As yet another tiny, neutral power, we shall take careful note of this incident."

When reached for comment, Lord Ambassador to the Galactic Republic Cordae Keyis said, "If the Republic is guilty of the violation of several international treaties [in this matter], then the Empire is equally guilt of murder and hot-temperance. Both sides are clearly at fault in this matter, but Erini will work tirelessly to come to some sort of understanding between us all."

The two Erinian ambassadors are scheduled to arrive at the station within the week.

~ Manus Ota, Erinian Royal News

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Post by: Alumar on 10/23/13, 09:12:41 PM
//New ad running between news stories playing across most holonet channels!//
DawnStar Freight
Your Leader in Liquor Supply Lines!
Is proud to announce the launch of its new subsidiary company:


Our premier //NEW// service offers regular non-stop routes
to a plethora of /adventurous!/ and /exciting!/ intergalactic destinations,
including but not limited to:

The wild hunting hotspots of Bosthirda & Tatooine,
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& The pleasure-filled heavenly world of Zeltros!

For our flights, we are proud to introduce the new Starspeeder 500, the most advanced transport of its kind in existence! With high-speed warp drive and a travel range of over .5 billion light-years the 500 makes touring the galaxy both safe and comfortable!*

Whenever your plans call for intergalactic travels, call on the best!
DawnStar Tours!

*DawnStar and Affiliates take no responsibility for any injury or incarceration that results from passengers not carrying the proper papers and clearances for their destination worlds, nor from any activities passengers choose to partake in at said destinations. DawnStar reserves the right to refuse any unruly passengers at will. Unauthorized or otherwise belligerent passengers will be handed over to the local authorities on whichever world the incident of issue occurs nearest. Pilots and crew are authorized to use lethal force to protect themselves and other passengers from any violent incursions.
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Post by: Kezie on 11/05/13, 10:47:54 AM
*RNN we report you decide.*

                  "Breaking news just reported in of an assault on a broken down star ship and some mechanics sent in to fix  it. The star ship seem to have been on of the Jedi Covenant's star ship and apparently had broken down on a routine route from Coruscant to Hoth for supplies.  The bodies of 5 mechanics were found on the snowy grounds on Hoth near the star ship. Also found died were Talz around the ship that seem to have been some what scouts or protection for the man working. The number of Talz died rounded out to 10 killed by what officials are saying an assassin of sorts but unconfirmed for now. The mechanics were also killed by an assassin or what some are saying not a rouge jedi. The last man found died had his head decapitated with what officials say was possibly a lightsaber that Jedi and Sith use. No confirmation on these allegations as the Covenant members have yet to comment on these events."

       The reporter voice comes in clear on all holocom and any device one around the republic would hear about the news.  "We attempted to get a few words from the leader of the Jedi Covenant but was unable to getting the usual this is a Jedi matter excuse. For now we will keep everyone posted on these events and more as they develop. On other news prices for fueling you own...."     

Title: Re: News Channel Feeds
Post by: Obarion on 11/05/13, 05:30:06 PM
Across all frequencies, occasionally interrupting preexisting broadcasts, the holographic image of a face absent from media for some time broke through. His stance rigid and militaristic, and his tone one of business, he spoke clearly through the vocal device within his helmet.

"Hello again, sentient beings of the galaxy- As you all may or may not know, my name is Lord Oba'rion Mallei'ves; The head and namesake of the Enterprises, and renown Slavebreaker. Some of you may have noticed my radio silence in recent times, or even my lack of appearances at various 'shin digs' around the galaxy... And I've not been gone without reason."

The sith gestured idly to either side of his being, several holographic images of slaves varying from Twi'lek females to Zabrak males spread to either side of him, the various images flickering before changing to provide profile views before changing to a new slave.

"It had come to my attention that my stock had been ever lowering with sales being at a near record high- And in order to provide the highest quality merchandise, I took to the gathering of new bodies myself. Slaves and soldiers, ready within a standard day or two's notice to be at your command, and backed by my personal guarantee... Total obedience, or an exchange will be offered, to allow the dysfunctional product to be retrained."

The slavebreaker waved dismissively, the images fading from the broadcast before he locked his arms behind his back once more.

"I look forward to doing business again, sentient beings of the galaxy... Do try not to keep me waiting long. Mallei'ves, out."

A sharp bow of the head signaled the broadcast to be cut off, the former programming resuming as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred at all; But it was plain to see... Mallei'ves was back in play.
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Post by: Seselis on 11/10/13, 10:48:04 AM
IDI: Imperial Department of Information Headlines: A shocking discovery leads to a victory for the Empire!

An early dawn holo shows an aerial view of a paradisiacal canyon.  Waterfalls plunge over high cliffs to a pool trapped between sheer rocks and lush vegetation.  The scene is of a remote area beloved by backpackers and nature enthusiasts.  The image pans to a small crowd cordoned off at the top of the canyon then down the steep path where Imperial detectives busily scour the crime scene.  More than a dozen bodybags already line the path with more being removed from a cave below.  Over the whine of the engines, on-site reporter Skip Kempich relays the story.

“In response to intelligence reports, Imperial defenders of order Moirae sent a team to investigate a breach of security on our capitol planet Drommund Kaas.  In a surprising show of transparency, Lord Kezie, the Commander leading this defensive action, invited IDI to film the entire operation.  What we found was a terrorist cell equipped with all of the means necessary to strike at key structures in the capitol.” The holo cuts to an interior scene.  A dark tunnel is lit by firefight where terrorists have set up a defensive position at a choke point and the Moirae battle valiantly against blaster fire and grenades.  “Though the enemy is eventually cut down, victory comes at a cost.”  Spliced in is a cut to a grenade blast that throws several of the Imperials against the cave wall.  “Among the wounded are Lord Kezie himself as well as Darth Usha Ephese.  We can confirm that both are recovering at this time.  What a brave image- the Empire’s chosen, wading into unknown dangers to protect the peace and sanctity of our land.”  A series of still flash past, identifying the following persons as part of the team: Lord Kezie, commander of this operation; Darth Odon Vulkanus, leader of Moirae; Darth Usha Ephese of Moirae; Darth Karmic Draga’zathoth of Moirae; Volca Messarin of The Reclamation; Zalless of Moirae; and Arendel of Moirae.

The camera zips around the perimeter of the cavern and zeros in on a table where numerous charred items are laid out.  Viewers can discern half burnt imperial uniforms, smoldering datapads and ID badges.  On a second table being carefully handled by specialists in gloves are the components of several bombs.  “Preliminary reports indicate that the terrorist cell was working under orders of the Jedi Covenant.  Among the dead are over a dozen infantry and three suspected Jedi Consular.  Imperial Intelligence is working hard to identify them and learn the motives behind this atrocious attack. The Dark Council is convening and statements have been sent to the Jedi Council regarding this egregious breach.”

The scene ends, and the anchorwoman pulls a serious yet hopeful smile. “Our thanks goes out to the Moirae and their allies who stopped this attack before anyone else was harmed.”
Title: Re: News Channel Feeds
Post by: Aylaa on 11/12/13, 08:33:35 PM
Taken from an underground pro-Imperial holonet news blog:

     "Our efforts have been fruitful and the experiment has provided a large amount of information for us to look into, however the trials have run their course and it is time we moved from experimentation to practical application." -- This was the quote taken today from the Dark Council member sitting high above the Sphere of Ancient Knowledge when cornered about the disbanding of the autonomous division of the Imperial Reclamation Service designated as Vanguard Division. The order came about early this morning in a shocking display of rearrangements and dismissals as the entire Sphere seems to have been reorganized, leaving those in the division referred to by many as simply 'The Reclamation' behind.

     The Vanguard Division had been broken from the usual hierarchy of the Sphere of Ancient Knowledge and placed under the supervision of Lords Aylaa and Ilireth Necare - a pair of reputable Sith who had seen success in several progressive pro-Empire efforts. The division had seen rapid expansion and quick success in many fronts while being met with critical praise all around.

     "We knew signing on that this was possibly just a temporary thing," a source within the division comments. "We just thought we were doing well enough to see another cycle. It's a surprise to all of us."

     Leaks from inside Imperial Intelligence, however, suggest that this may be the result of yet another political play in Sith intrigue. Anonymous sources claim that the sudden shift is due to the Necare's success with the autonomous branch making them 'too powerful' and that the focus had shifted too far away from the Sphere of Ancient Knowledge itself. No claims have been made as to which Lord or Darth could have made such a play, and those having taken part in the discussions have declined comment.

     Despite the forced change in station, the Necare's appear to have taken things in stride. Darth Aylaa retains her military commission and sources close to the Darth claim that she has remained optimistic - turning her attentions towards the military and the House of her family. "We have proven ourselves," she is reported saying during one meeting, "and we will not abandon our accomplishments. Those within our division will be offered comparable work with the 74th Regiment or with my House as we continue to strengthen the Empire."

     In the wake of this announcement, House Necare has begun openly recruiting, stating their intent to honor the efforts started by the two Necare's.
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Post by: Odon on 11/16/13, 03:38:58 PM
Coming to you live, it's Action News Network! Your unbiased look at all the crazy happenings in the galaxy!

The broadcast immediately cuts to a shot of space with quite a bit of metal remnants floating around all with jagged edges. Here and there some recognizable droid and turret pieces.

"What you're looking at is a Hutt Cartel space station that was attacked just before dusk. Sources tell us that there was quite a bit of strategic weapons and defenses technology aboard the station. While the motive is still unclear, one has to assume that this was a military hit. As of this morning, no one has claimed responsibility for this act, nor have we heard of any survivors of the attack. Details will follow as we obtain more information."

Title: Re: News Channel Feeds
Post by: Alumar on 12/07/13, 01:16:07 AM
/// NAR SHADDAA NEWS NETWORK >>>> BREAKING NEWS!!! Dancer's Retreat Barge Teeter-Totters Out of Control! Reports from onlookers and reputable sources filtering in... ///

Live, From Nar Shaddaa Promenade:

Reports coming in are not giving us too much detail about the situation.. but it seems that at about eleven local standard this evening, the popular luxury barge resort known as 'The Dancer's Retreat' off the promenade experienced what can only be described as a catastrophic stabilizer failure... resulting in the loss of several dozen glasses of fine beverages, and the inconvenience and frustration of the many patrons aboard. Says one departing patron-

"It was a typical evening, and then my drink just rolled right off the table! I wasn't even done! Oh and the barge tilted too."

Quotes from the barge owners as to the nature of this incident and what may be behind it have been sparse, but according to DawnStar representative Kelsin,-

"The Barge Owners will absolutely work hard to keep their favored customers well tended as we see to it the best techs available fix this clearly minor technical malfunction of the stabilizers."

Word from the owners is, should the barge not be repaired by next week's friday night party, they will simply rent the Plaza behind the golden Hutt and keep the drinks and entertainment flowing, until such a time as the barge is fully inspected to be safe for guests once more! Says Executive Kelsin,-

"We expect the Dancer's Retreat and its stabilizers to make a full recovery, and are committed to the entertainment and safe enjoyment of all our guests until such a time, and beyond!"

Says another guest queried after being evacuated,-

"Wait, the barge was rocking? I thought that was the Vysint I had... whoa that stuff is good stuff!"

This has been Gir Dusham, reporting!

((This is a temporary plot nudged scenery change for Barge night- to give us all a visual break from the slots! New location is at the tail end of the giant golden hutt, mid promenade! For at least next week. Regular Barge on the Barge will resume at Stell-Anaris's leisure over the holidays!))
Title: Re: News Channel Feeds
Post by: livia on 12/08/13, 08:07:52 PM
...And in other news, last week tragedy struck the small isolationist colony world of Lusen IV.

~The image behind the newscaster shifts to a shot of an amazingly green planet as seen from orbit~

The lush paradise of Lusen IV, home to several million colonists, overwhelmingly practitioners of one of the increasingly popular new age primitivist religions experienced widespread devastation last week when a sudden and catastrophic weather event raged across the planet's surface. Much of the colony's infrastructure has been severely damaged or destroyed, and the entire city of Ana'ha'lamra, the colony's second largest, burned to the ground, leaving almost half a million people homeless.

Vice-Regent Para'nel Ona'vr'ach'en and Minister of State Mainya Toh'haran, in their plea for aid to the Galactic Senate estimated the number of dead and/or missing to have been an astounding 5-10 percent of the population, that is to say...

~The newscaster stops and double-checks the figures on her feed, a look of disbelief plainly apparent on her face. She pauses and swallows, finishing the sentence in a slightly smaller voice than she started it with.~

...that is to say somewhere between 175,000 and 350,000 people. Although, they were quick to point out that these are not the final tallies, and that relief workers are still finding survivors amid the rubble. The officials were at a loss as to the cause of the widespread storms, such an occurrence having been unprecedented on Lusen, whose weather patterns are generally calm and predictable. The Minister stated that the populace seemed to believe that they were an 'expression of the wrath of an angry god' and that they were visited upon them to punish them for their sins. Eyewitness accounts describe a terrible pressure and feeling of impending doom; an overwhelming sense of darkness, anger and malevolence; hurricane force winds; and massive amounts of lightning - several of the reports claim that it seemed to 'seek out' targets 'choosing to strike a person rather than nearby tall structures'. 

News of the tragedy did not become available until several days after it occurred, the colony's communications grid having been destroyed as well. In fact if Junthusant Trading Corp.'s quarterly supply run had been less timely, the people of Lusen IV would still be without aid.

Stay tuned for more on this after the break.

'Junthusant Trading Corp. Let us work for you!'  'Lusen IV storms - freak of nature or new Imperial superweapon? You decide' 'Looming lack of luxury lekku wax? Lusen IV a major producer of isi'broma oil, used in high end skincare products: How will this affect you?'
Title: Re: News Channel Feeds
Post by: Alumar on 12/14/13, 08:18:19 PM

Breaking News:

We have been receiving varying reports all day of a violent incursion/invasion of mass proportion, taking place exclusively in the remote Erini system, against the sole inhabitants there-in.

This news network has of yet been unable to get any official word on the complete nature of this incursion, but it is clear that the well known DawnStar Industries is amongst those responding to this crisis, delaying all standard weekend shipments and tours from any (of their vessels) within range of the conflict earlier this morning, offering aid to their longtime business partners amongst the Erini.

Quote's current DawnStar Executive Kelsin much earlier today, "I cannot speak to the conflict, but if you are nearby and can lend humanitarian aid, please contact our company, or our affiliates with the Beilen Foundation, and we will do our best to direct you to the aid of these innocent and honorable, independent peoples, swiftly."

More recent reports filtering in seem to indicate the conflict itself is coming to a fast close, but we have no other details beyond a confirmation that the unknown assailants remain unknown, and neither of Republic nor Imperial origin.

As always, we at Independant-News-Network-5 will do our best to keep you abreast of all that moves in the Galaxy. Stay tuned....
Title: Re: News Channel Feeds
Post by: Darth.Eros on 12/15/13, 11:56:00 PM
GNN: Breaking News

Civilians looked on is fright as a class 4 Abandoned apartment building on Nar Shaddaa fell into the deep undercity. The reason for the Structures collapse is unknown. All though Eye Witnesses claim to have seen and heard the sound of explosions coming from under the lower cloud layer, also as the building collapsed reports of an Imperial Dropship was seen leaving the disaster site. Although these Stories have yet to be substantiated. The Building was schedualed to be Demolished in 2 days so For now it is being ruled as simply a demolitions failure.

This has been Galactic Network New, Good Night...
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Post by: Hawking on 12/16/13, 12:55:13 AM
Imperial News Network

Welcome to the program,
Tonight's lead story is the alleged disappearance of a Prototype Imperial Dreadnaught from it's shipyard on Ziost. The ship, a highly expensive and technologically advanced improvement of the famous Harrower Class dreadnaught, the Mark II, codenamed The Perdition, is rumoured to have disappeared from it's dock on Ziost overnight. Imperial officials are denying the existence of the craft, and of it's disappearance, stating that the current ships are more than adequate, and that even if such a vessel did exist, it would certainly be under the greatest care that the Empire has to offer. The Imperial General in charge of the shipyard has declined to comment at this time.

Moving on, the cleanup operation from the destruction of Dromund Fels continues, with multiple shells of crafts stuck in the decaying orbit of the dead planet...
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Post by: Cordae on 12/17/13, 03:01:32 PM
The Erinian Royal News

Emergency Update

Royal Navy Victorious! Enemy in Full Retreat! Royal Infantry Victory Expected

After more than seven hours of sustained action, forces under the command of Rear Admiral Rickard Anduna have successfully routed what remains of the enemy invasion fleet. Although there is no way to determine an accurate casualty count, a majority of first-hand sources say that nearly 3/4 of the enemy fleet was destroyed before quitting the field only moments ago. The Royal Navy has not released a casualty list for our own forces.

Meanwhile, the Royal Infantry continues to engage what little remains of the enemy forces' forward ground assault squads. The enemy presence near Vysberg, Tannerkerq, Vfolt, Sistisani, and Uloqari has thus far been eliminated, but recent estimates suggest that as many as 4,000 enemy soldiers remain active all across the planet. These remaining units are expected to be defeated in short order as the Navy's successful counter-attack has driven off these invaders' hopes of being reinforced, resupplied, or even evacuated. The majority of the enemy has been confined within the Mercian Gap with other small concentrations being surrounded near the cities of New Sorla and Toliniq.

Early estimates suggest that as many as 5,500 civilians have been killed and nearly 7,000 have been reported missing as a result of enemy action. Any and all volunteers wishing to help with relief efforts are to report to the nearest local, regional, or interplanetary spaceport. Volunteers are requested to avoid main superhighway routes as these routes present enticing targets for roaming bands of enemies intending to inflict the greatest harm possible before their inevitable destruction.

The Royal Infantry has asked us to remind our readers that while the men and women of the Royal Infantry are enheartened to see throngs of appreciative Erinians greeting them as they pass through cities, they are sorely needed in the field with all due haste. Several troop columns have been delayed due to sudden outbursts of celebration. Citizens who encounter Royal Infantry servicepeople are therefore encouraged to thank them verbally, but refrain from giving them gifts or tokens of affection. Civilians near active combat zones will not be permitted to leave their cities of residence by order of Royal Executive Decree 8171. Everyone aboard an evacuation ship is asked to please remain calm to ensure that the de-embarkation process is completed as quickly and painlessly as possible.

King Istvan Appears Unannounced Onboard RNV Fury United, Thanks Foreign Volunteers for Their Efforts

Much to the surprise of all in attendance, King Istvan Keyis made an unannounced, unscheduled stop aboard the RNV Fury United Unbroken to speak with a group of foregin volunteers as they rested between shifts. Many of the volunteers that the King had met with were employees of well-known DawnStar Industries who had been nearby and had flown in on their own volition to help where they could.

The King spoke with each volunteer briefly before thanking the group and returning to other matters of state.
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Post by: Saberlain on 12/24/13, 04:06:31 PM
         KNN: Kwenn Nightly News
All the news from the finest of Hutt Space

   The screen changes to show a pretty Zeltron newscaster. Her skin pink, her hair a deep blue, and her shirt exposing a good deal of cleavage. Underneath her, a decal displays her name, Maranya Kastron

   "Breaking news from the Market Quarter of Kwenn City. Reports coming in of an attempted robbery of the popular Busted Blaster Cantina. According the the report, a Mirialan woman by the name of Kaimona Oshumv entered the Cantina with a human male by the name of Joriden Mcloud. Mcloud, a former member of the Republic military and now a doctor running a local clinic in Kwenn City, appeared to be shocked when Oshumv drew a blaster on the patrons and staff of the Cantina."
   The camera cuts to a picture of the Busted Blaster Cantina, along with images of both Kaimona and Joriden.

    "After a minute of threats, Oshumv opened fire on one of the Cantina employees, killing them. According to eyewitnesses, the woman continued to rant about wanting a case from the Cantina shelf before shooting and killing a patron who was laying on a nearby piece of furniture."

   The image flicks to a Twi'lek woman, her face blurred and her voice garbled but clearly sorrowful. She is only labeled as 'Eyewitness'. She speaks in Huttese, with Basic subtitles at the bottom of the screen, "She just shot two men like it was nothing, and this didn't seem to go over well with the man she was with. He walked over to the man who was shot on the couch, he checked his pulse and looked very angry. Then the woman told him to grab the case, which he did... But..." she sniffles, "I'm sorry, it's just insane how close we all came to dying..."

    The camera switches back to Maranya.

    "As surveillance logs showed, after grabbing the case, Doctor Mcloud threw the object to Oshumv before drawing a blaster pistol and shooting as the Mirialan attempted to catch the container. He then sedated her and bound her hands and feet, telling Saligon, the current bartender, to call the authorities. With this, Mcloud left the Cantina. After this, an unknown Twi'lek woman arrived and left with Oshumv and the case before authorities could arrive. Saligon has issued a reward of 3000 credits for anyone who can find and apprehend Oshumv, with an extra 2000 for bringing back the stolen item.

    "Mcloud has yet to be found, though the Cartel has offered to present him with a reward for stopping the robbery. We'll have more on this story as it happens. And if you have any further information, contact us on holocomm frequency EB-642-543. Maranya Kastron, Kwenn News Network."

((Edited because of events that I missed. I'd speak to Darshendros about letting you pursue the 'bounty' though I really just put that in for flavor, don't be surprised if he says no.))
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Post by: Kezie on 12/31/13, 06:21:33 AM
RNN we report you Decide

   The holoscreen shows a women and man in their mid 30's seating side by side to each other. "Today we have reports of a break out from one of the prisons on Belsavis. Apparently nine prisoners escaped killing several republic guards and four Jedi bodies were found also deep within the prison. As for now the Jedi council has no comment. " The man turns to the women. "It seems odd that a bunch of prisoners would be able to take out Jedi also in the midst of their escape unless the Jedi are not able to handle such ruffians anymore." The women laughs at the mans comment before turning back to the screen. "The prisoners seemed to have been well equipped and organized in the attack when escaping prompting some officials to believe they may have had some inside help in the escape. Other officials are stating that if the Jedi cant handle a few prisoners how are they to fair against more dangerous enemies?" The women smiles a wide smile. "Guess things aren't always so simple to explain." she turns and says to her co anchor. The man nods and smile back turning to the screen again.

 "On other news the rise of....."

Title: [ORFH: A Series of Unfortunate Event]
Post by: Miller on 01/09/14, 03:18:00 PM
[A blurb seen on Outer Rim Free Holonews.]

Host: "Good evenin' folks, welcome to ORFH; News Review, your non-stop talk show that covers the hardest hitting stories, and the stories that hit harder in our hearts. As always, my name is Jordan Anaze, and tonight's story features a series of unfortunate events, so to speak. For the second time this month, Starship manufacturer Binder Industries have suffered from a tragic warehouse explosion.

The blast, which killed nearly seventeen personnel, has been ruled a tragic accident after the discovery of an improperly maintained fuel-line. As previously stated, this isn't the first time this has happened; earlier this month, the exact same issue caused a smaller explosion at a different location. That blast claimed five lives in total.

With an overall death toll of twenty-two over the course of a single month, Binder's stock has dropped dramatically, and there's more severance than they know what to do with. It appears that this once up-and-coming Outer Rim manufacturer is on its last leg.

I have with me retired Republic Lieutenant Keeden Yore, who specialized in E.O.D. Sir, having seen the explosion, and having had seen the impact it left, do you agree with the ruling of an accident?"

Lt. Yore: "Absolutely-."

Jordan holds up his hand to pause the broadcast, before looking to the Lt., the station cuts to commercial.

Jordan: "If you're sayin' no, you better be able to prove it."

Lt. Yore: "I can't empirically prove anything."

Jordan: "Then speculate - but nothing else."

The Lt. nods, as they come back on the air.

Jordan: "You were saying, Lt.?"

Lt. Yore: "It's conceivably possible that is was an accident, but its also plausible that it was sabotage. What we know now is that a lot of personnel died /twice/ due to something that would've never been missed by the professional engineers that likely inspect the facilities."

Jordan: "You believe there's sabotage at work, Lieutenant?"

Lt. Yore: "It's possible, but not likely. I know that facility's foreman, knowing, he called me in to gather my personal opinion. I can, unquestionably, that it was a gas-triggered blast."

Jordan: "Accident or otherwise, this was undoubtedly tragic. Now joining us is Czerka engineer Raul Philips, Starship Marketing expert Lacenia Monroe, and retired mercenary Aznoble. Let's start with you Ms. Monroe - what has this done to Binder?"

Monroe: "Thank you for having me Jordan. As to your question; one of the largest areas affected by this, which you mentioned earlier, is the stock market. Many investors are pulling out at a loss, just out of fear that if they stay in, they'll lose even more. Individual share prices plummeted from four-fifty a share, to just over forty. Galactic Standard, we're talking. Meanwhile, big name manufacturers like Czerka and CEC have seen a ten point rise. It's becoming very evident that if this sort of trouble keeps plaguing Binder, they'll be bankrupted within the month."

Jordan: "As insightful as ever. Your input is greatly appreciate. Let's turn it over to Engineer Philips. What can you tell us about the methods most manufacturers use to regulate gas flow?"

Philips: "Firstly, let me say that I agree entirely with the Lieutenant. This was undoubtedly a gas leak gone horribly wrong. If these incidents were legitimate accidents, then those who made the fuel line inspections shame my career path. A good - no, a decent engineer could pick up on a gas leak with no issue, so sometime after the most recent inspection was when the leak had to have started."

Jordan nods, "We know the gas was present - what do you think ignited it?"

Philips shrugs, "Unfortunately that's hard to say. Could've been a torch, or an accidental blaster discharge, or some poor guy could've been lighting up a smoke on his break."

Jordan: "Valuable insight as well, it's always good to get the opinion of an expert. Mr. Aznoble, we brought you on because you're experienced in the field of sabotage, correct?"

Aznoble: "I reckon that's accurate."

Jordan: "That being the case, if you were paid to fake an accidental explosion, how would you do it?"

Aznoble: "Easy. Do whatever this guy did. Sneak in after inspection, tweak the pressure system to start slowly overloading, let the gas flow out gradually, and wait for some poor bastard to take that smoke break."

Jordan blinks, before regaining his composure, "You're saying it wasn't an accident?"

Aznoble: "I'm saying that if it was, it was a damn unfortunate one."

Jordan swallows, before looking to the camera, "That's all for now. Tune back tomorrow, where we'll learn how to cook a tasty dessert that's light on calories."

Aznoble smirks as the program switches to a new show.

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Post by: Semah on 01/11/14, 10:09:43 AM
The Tatooine Free Gazette ~~~ "Today in Years Past"

...defeated the Frogdogs soundly 3-1 in the final game of the season,
catapulting Goe Montoon into his major-league career.

And finally, today marks the twenty-fifth year since that celebrated
Anchorhead mystery: the death of Nen "the Sand Demon" Kell. The story
can sometimes still be heard in local cantinas: a crime lord, found
fully clothed in her bath, drowned; the remains of her bodyguards,
bones crushed and sprawled gruesomely outside her opulent bedroom; the
empty slave pens in the compound basement and the servant droid that
could only repeat "Oh dear!" until its memory was wiped. A medical
report, leaked years later, indicated that the deceased had recently
broken two fingers and had sustained bruising about the face and neck.
In spite of this, the city constable ruled Kell's death to be a
spice-related accident, and no investigation was launched. While her
fortune has since vanished, Kell's compound remains a monument to
Anchorhead's remarkable history.


(For background, see this post: (
Title: Re: News Channel Feeds
Post by: Miller on 01/22/14, 03:02:51 PM
[A leading story seen on RNN's Prime Time news]

A handsome anchor sits behind his desk.

Anchor: "I am Kolby Adkins, and this is RNN Nightly."

The camera pans, centering the right side of the screen on the anchor. A graphic appears in the upper-left hand corner, depicting a scorched factory complex. Running along the bottom of it is the piece's title: "Manu-fractured".

Anchor: "Late last night, Coruscanti fire fighters and paramedic reported to a blaze in the mid-levels. As of this afternoon, it was confirmed to have originated from a Coruscant Starship Enterprises factory."

"More and more factories, warehouses, research labs, and offices of popular starship producers have suffered from a calamity of catastrophes. Ten popular manufacturers, including CSE, have been hit especially hard, causing a plummet in stock, a damaged net worth, abysmal sales, and substantially lowered consumer confidence."

"Four of the companies are in the red, one has filed for bankruptcy, and five others are on a consistent decline, though remain in the black as of the time of this report."

"As these troubles continue to plague the market, other companies are doubling down on their security efforts, and raising prices as the supply of starships is decreasing, while the demand is increasing."

"We have a clip showing prominent C-SEC detective Jay Archer's reaction to implications of sabotage, and his reaction to the Coruscant incident specifically."

A video clip engulfs the screen, showing an average-sized man donning a strange hat, and formal attire, covered by a long coat standing behind a podium on a raised platform. Journalists and photographers barrage him with questions.

Journalist #1: "Detective! My name is Alisha Moore, of the The Coruscant Daily Press; do you believe that another starship manufacturer may be involved?"

The detective sighs, and holds a hand up, asking the crowd to fall silent: they oblige.

Detective Archer: "While we believe these happenings aren't just a coincidental stint of bad luck, there are just too many unaffected companies to make a conviction. A very in-depth investigation is required, the fact of the matter is, we're too early in to start pointing fingers."

The crowd appears dumbfounded at the detective's response to the implication. The detective catches on quickly.

Detective Archer: "That isn't to say that they will be our only focus; in a case such as this there are many avenues to explore, and many variables that have not yet been accounted for."

The ruckus continues until the detective points to another journalist.

Journalist #2: "Detective, what measures are being taken to ensure the public that there won't be another attack on Coruscanti soil?"

Detective Archer: "We're stationing officers at presumed possible targets, expanding patrol routes to cover more industrial and business areas, lastly, my men and I are following ever lead we can get. Day in, day out, we are on the case, and we are confident in our ability to catch the culprit, and bring him, her, or them to justice. The public will know what we know when we know it."

The detective steps down from the podium and departs despite the influx of remaining questions.

The clip ends, and the anchor is centered once again.

Anchor: "That undoubtedly the most troubling thing about this entire ordeal. How can the public be expected to have faith in the authorities when after all the time since these attacks began, investigations are just starting now? How long will it be until the bigger picture is made apparent?"

"We will bring you more on this story as it comes to us."

The segment ends, launching straight into a commercial. 
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Overheard in a cantina late at night, on GSPN 12, while the bartender cycles through the channels...

"...formation of a separate association was rumored to be a response to the republic-leaning Interstellar Huttball Company. To answer this question we're delighted to have Beedu "Darksauce" Wubba here in our studio. Welcome, Beedu---or should I say Darksauce?"

The holoimage pans to show a beefy human male in over-the-top, obviously imitation Sith garb across the table from a more conservatively-dressed sports anchor.

"Hey, thanks, man. Whatever lifts your repulsors, know what I mean?" The man lifts a pair of slitted sunglasses and winks into the camera. "But no, nobody calls Darksauce by his civvie name, baby. He projects a character at all times. That Ewok-skull speeder outside ain't just for show."

The anchor attempts to say something, but his guest cuts him off. "You want to know all about the Galactic Huttball Company? We're galactic, baby. Bigger and better than the Interstellar Assbutts in every way." He turns to the camera and makes a "bang" gesture, then blows imaginary smoke from his fingertip. "Did I mention bigger?"

His host manages to cut in. "I believe you did yes. Now, what about you? You used to play for a minor-league team out of Sleheyron, didn't you?"

"Extra-minor league, baby. Too small time for me, know what I mean?"

The bartender changes the channel.
Title: Re: News Channel Feeds
Post by: recoveringgeek on 02/23/14, 10:17:24 PM

"The escaped gundark destroyed a landspeeder and ate a protocol droid before being captured by its' handlers... and now to huttball news!


"Official sponsors of the new Galactic Huttball Company were on hand at the ceremony to open their new team's training facility. A spokes-Rodian for the company stated that no expense would be spared, and that they were actively courting some of the best players in the leagu... "





<"Bo shuda.">

<"We apologize for slicing this broadcast, but we possess important information for the Hutt Cartel leaders. Pirates and slavers are preying upon vulnerable trade routes between Nal Hutta and Ylesia.">

<"These are my agents at the site of a vessel on Ylesia, that was downed by slavers seeking to capture loyal, hard-working employees of Cartel clans and companies. We intercepted these anarchs and ended their reign of terror before they could steal much of the cargo on board, but not in time to save all of the crew.">


<"Evidence of the identities of these criminals are being provided to Cartel Security forces. Several of the cargo containers on board were discovered to contain clan heirlooms and items of personal value to several high ranking members of the Hutt Cartel. These pieces are being delivered to you by my personal agents with utmost haste.">

<"This is my commitment to ensure the security, profitability, and sovereignty of Hutt Space. It is my commitment as a loyal friend of the Cartel. Bloasus the Hutt sends his regards.">




Nar Shaddaa News Network: If it flies, hovers, or slithers, we find it! - Breaking News: Nar Shaddaa News Network signal sliced by rogue Hutt, Bloasus. Warns of impending slaver threat. - Breaking News: Pirates down shuttle on Ylesia. Cargo recovered by rogue Hutt, Bloasus. - Entertainment News: Galactic Huttball Company opens new training facility. Claims safest fire pits ever constructed! - NSNN Special Investigation: Jedi presumed dead after fall from Promenade balcony on Nar Shaddaa. Jump or Force-pushed? - NSNN request for interview with representatives of the Jedi Order remain unanswered. Does increased sightings of Jedi Knights on the Promenade signal an abuse of alcohol or narcotics by members of the Jedi Order? Use our holonet poll and submit your answer!
Republic Characters
:lightside: Dai Yarwin, Jedi Master and Council member of the Jedi Custodum (
Jaade (, Captain of the Gozanti Cruiser; Jaded Dream (
Weequay, A weequay bounty hunter

Empire Characters
:darkside: Eldarus Villem, Admiral of the Harrower-Class Dreadnaught; Rancorous
:darkside: Paskr Villem, Captain of the Harrower-Class Dreadnaught; Rancorous
Ruskk, Twi'lek enforcer for Bloasus the Hutt
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Post by: Dyven on 02/23/14, 11:15:44 PM
This is a RNN special report.

"Good evening.  Three hours ago a republic military patrol came upon some debris that has now been identified as the personal shuttle of Rayfer Marsteth.  It has been released that no body was found among the debris.  While a full investigation has commenced Lilliane Marsteth, heir to the family, has called a press conference."

The screen shows Lilliane standing at a podium with her usual cool demeanor.  "Rayfer Marsteth's shuttle was discovered, destroyed, along one of the more common hyperlanes between Alderaan and hutt space.  There is no evidence to support he is dead.  I have demanded the Republic immediately begin a full search and investigation.  My brother will be found.  I am also offering a 2 million credit reward for information that leads to his discovery."

The room of reporters raised their hands and called out until she pointed to one.

"Is there reason to believe imperial involvement?"

"Don't be ridiculous, my brother and his company has long contracted in good faith even with the empire.  Yes?"

"What if the search does not turn up anything?"

Lilliane frowned at the reporter as if scolding her for even suggesting that.  "We live in a ever changing galaxy and sadly even a absence if a couple days can cause harm.  Until Rayfer is found I am assuming control of Marsteth Industries under the articles of incorporation.  The board voted an hour ago and approved the plan.  As the next in line for the house I have also assumed control of that.  I will continue to direct both in the direction my dear brother saw fit to until he returns."

"Lady Marsteth, if he were taken wouldn't you expect a ransom demand?"

She paused as if to consider and nodded solemnly.  "Yes, so if someone is holding him captive, if he is alive, contact me.  I will pay what ever it takes.  Now, please excuse me.  I need to be with my family right now."

The image returns to the RNN news room.  "There you have it.  Lord Rayfer Marsteth missing, and the desperate plea for his return."
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Post by: Brintte on 03/07/14, 01:51:43 AM
RNN Last Minute Report

The image of a young red-haired woman with a neutral face appears in the holo. She activates a pad in her hands, giving it a glance before talking.

" Good evening, Republic citizens. Today we bring terrible news. The recently discovered body of a young Twi'lek Jedi Padawan was found in Balmorra two days ago. So far the Jedi Order has not given any official reports, but inside information has confirmed the Padawan was murdered. According to our insider the Padawan presented brutal, but precise wounds. The Republic scout team that found the body seemed to be clearly affected by the discovery. The commander, Major Lyliani Serrile granted us an interview.

"Major, could you explain us precisely what you found?"
A holo activates, showing a middle aged Mirialan in full Trooper armor. She has a stern look as she stands in parade rest.
"I can not give any precise details. The Jedi Order are dealing with this investigation and as such we have been asked to keep the detail quiet for the benefit of the investigation."
"But surely you can share some details, Major. The people want to know."
"As I said, details are not permitted for the public. What I can say is that there is no evidence of Sith involvement. None of the Padawan's wounds have matched lightsabers wounds. Other than that this is a horrible crime. Any person in Balmorra must show caution. Now if you will excuse me, I must return to my duties.
The image of the Mirialan disappears.
"Major, wait! Well... Seems the Major's duties called her away. We will keep you posted on any new information on this lamentable story."
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The Imperial News Network logo flashes, moving away to reveal an anchorman. His hair gelled back and combed neatly to compliment his impeccable uniform. Behind him flashes the imperial logo once more before showing the background. 

“The empire seeks to maintain the treaty of coruscant, but it seems the republic are taking it upon themselves to capture and torture our mercenaries and valuable assets, the mandalorians.” He says in an authoritative, over-the-top voice.

A somewhat blurry recording comes onto screen, showing several armoured mandalorians, a few troopers and some other robed figures. “Thanks to the hard work of one of our reporters, we’ve discovered live footage and even a name of the Jedi master behind this all!”

The camera footage jumps to another shot, this time a focused shot of two robed figures, a male human and sith pureblood. To those that would know them, they’d be Hawking Shatari and Drexa Nahir. “These two jedi threatened our reporter, who knows what extremes the republic will go to next!?” The anchorwoman says before it switches back to the anchorman, “Before our reporter had to run for his life from the jedi, he was able to deduce some important information. A Jedi ‘Iaera Farworlder’ was behind this republic response.” It cuts to an image of a decrepit and dying old woman in robes, which was definitely not Iaera Farworlder,

 “Unfortunately, citizens, we can not do anything but tell you to trust in the empire. Trust in us and we will protect from the republic with our might!” The anchor says emotively before it cuts off.

“Find out soon the extra details and what repercussions this will have for you and your family, citizens of the empire! Stay safe, remain obedient and all will be well.” The Imperial logo flashes once more with a motto below it ‘Might = Right’. The recording then finishes as the story ends.
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Logistics increases fine for unregistered slave sales // Premiere of Primevil Forest draws record ratings - Show renewed for second season// INN Report: Jedi Enclaves - Dissension in the ranks or hives of scum and villainy? Report @ 23:00 //  IDS Reports continued good relations with the border worlds // Collocoid Death toll rises as result of Czerka transport crash - Pesticides estimated to take 5 years to clear

A glorious shot of several large capital ships in space cross the sun, blocking it and creating a dramatic lensflare. A flight of fighter ships zips by then into one of the capital ships as the small squadron of destroyers and escorts changes direction. A jaunty, uplifting little march plays in the background as the narrator's VO plays.

"Imperial Defense at work!"

The shot changes to troops jogging by in a large hanger bay. Heavy repulsorcraft are loaded in and locked down.

"The Sphere of Defense is pleased to announce it's new Security Tour of the Outer Rim!"

The view changes to a bridge of one of the destroyers. Everyone is hard at work at their terminals.

"They're preparing for a one year tour of the border."

Shot changes to an Imperial officer tearfully kissing his wife and child goodbye.

"Don't worry little Suzie, your father is doing his duty!"

The child is transferred to her mother's arms. She salutes her father. The father laughs and salutes back.

The scene changes to a profile shot of an older human male wearing a General's uniform. He does not precisely look pleased. He looks a bit baffled.

"Led by veteran commanders, such as General A.R. Quist, Detachment Squadron Shieldforce is ready to face any threat to our security!"

The shot changes back to an external view of the small squadron.

"Good luck, Squadron Shieldforce! We'll keep the light on for you!"

The entire squadron jumps to Hyperspace.

"For the Empire!"

The music swells to a triumphant crescendo, ending on the Imperial Logo.

INN Report: Jedi Enclaves - Dissension in the ranks or hives of scum and villainy? Report @ 23:00 //  IDS Reports continued good relations with the border worlds // Collocoid Death toll rises as result of Czerka transport crash - Pesticides estimated to take 5 years to clear // Logistics increases fine for unregistered slave sales // Premiere of Primevil Forest draws record ratings - Show renewed for second season
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NSNN LAST MINUTE REPORT - Kwenn local Mandalorian Clan attacked presumably by Republic Troops

A young Twi'lek woman smiles at the camera from what is obviously the front of Kwenn's Busted Blaster Cantina. A hole can be see from one end of the Cantina. In front of it, speaking to Saligon is Brintte Bes'uliik. The short woman, 4'9, is wearing her full green Mandalorian armor, with a white fur half-kama and a hide cape on her right shoulder, except for her helmet that is clasped to her belt. Her hair is neatly done, and she wears a dark eye shadow that brings out her silver eyes and bright red lipstick. She smiles kindly at Saligon as they talk. The Twi'lek begins speaking in Huttese, a few paces away from Brintte and Saligon.

"Terror befall this little business on the peaceful planet of Kwenn as the whole cantina was taken hostage by an unknown presumably Republic soldier. According to witnesses the soldier was harrasing a Mandalorian woman that had been calmly drinking prior. Our sources say the woman is Brintte Yude Bes'uliik, wife of Clan Bes'uliik's leader Nas'cuyan Bes'uliik. Hopefully she can grant us a few minutes in her most likely busy schedule." The Twi'lek turns to Brintte, who simply nods at Saligon, then walks to her. "Mrs. Bes'uliik, could we speak to you?"
Brintte nods politely. "Yes?"

"Mrs. Bes'uliik, sources claim you had been drinking at the cantina for a time when a soldier began questioning you. Could you give us some details on it?"

Brintte changes into a military parade stand, her hands clasped behind her back. "I was doing simple paperwork when indeed a Republic trooper began asking question about a recently captured bounty of our Aliit. As you might have guessed, I did not disclose any information as my people have not receive permission to do so. We respect our client's privacy. Because we refuse to breach our standard terms we are being threatened by the Republic."

"Did that trigger the whole incident?"

"I can not tell. I was simply having a drink, then I was trapped with a dozen of innocent civilians."

"According to witnesses you refused to engage with lethal force to avoid harming civilians present."

"Had I done so, we would have a few body bags around. I would rather avoid unnecessary innocent deaths."
The Twi'lek smiles. "Quite an honorable sentiment, madam. Mrs. Bes'uliik could you tell us about the bombing of the cantina?

"It was done as an escape route for my attacker. My vode, clansmates, were opening the door manually. I believe our clansmen utilized crushguants since explosives would have caused damage to the civilians. The soldier fled the scene as my vode entered the cantina."

"I saw you talking to the bartender earlier. Is Clan Bes'uliik providing aid in any way to the owners of the Busted Blaster?

Brintte blushes slightly, cleaning her throat. "Noevia is a friend of my Aliit. Also a personal friend of mine. We will be compensating her for the damage... that the Republic caused."

"Is it true your Enclave was also attacked almost simultaneously? A source mentioned explosions and blaster fire near-by."

Brintte's face changes, taking a more angry look. "Yes. Our Enclave was attacked by Republic soldiers. Had we not had our defenses activated and some of our men stationed there, I hate to imagine what would have happened to the people living in it."

"I am sure your warriors can defend themselves, can they not?

"Our Enclave is home not to only warriors.Just today we had children in it, we had a toddler and four infants inside with their mothers who were ready to sacrifice their lives to defend them had our defenses been breached."

The Twi'lek seems shocked at this. "The Republic attacked a location with civilians?!"

"I would not be so surprise if I were you. No one looks upon our people as civilians. Luckily our defenses were sufficient enough to repel this attempt, but we suffered some loss. Gratefully, mostly material, though one of my vode passed away from his injuries in combat."

"I'm sorry for your loss, but glad to hear the little ones of your Clan were not harmed by this dreadful act. Do your people have any information on the attackers?"

"We believe they were from Task Force Zerek. Republic Military. A messaged received after the incident confirmed our suspicion. If you will allow me to play it for you."

"By all means, Mrs. Bes'uliik, please."

Brintte opens a holo-interface in her guantlet, making sure the camera sees she is simply pressing the button for play. A male voice speaks with a tone of calm urgency and authority: "You have begun this aggression by taking action against our numbers on Nar Shaddaa. This has been received as an official declaration of hostility - yours claim that this is not the case and that a Bounty Hunt was performed. Provide confirmation of this claim, and hostilities will be rescinded. Decline, and offensive action will increase. This will be the final attempt at diplomacy."

Brintte closes her interface, once again speaking. "As you can see, the Republic is threatening us for simply doing our jobs and respecting our clients. They have gone as far as to attack us publicly and at the risk of harming innocent civilians. We will stand, and protect our people and our holdings in Kwenn from them."

The Twi'lek nods at her, her mouth slightly open in surprise for a second before she clears her throat."I'm sure many people in Kwenn would be happy to hear that. I heard some are calling you a heroine, madam.
Brintte blushes again a bit deeper than before. "I just did what anyone in my place should do."

"It does you credit, madam. I won't take anymore of your time." The Twi'lek smiles, nodding politely.

Brintte nods back walking away. "Vor entye. Jate'kara."

The Twi'lek once again looks directly at the camera. "We have not heard any official declaration from the Republic, but Kwenn support has gone straight to Clan Bes'uliik. We will keep you posted on any updates."

The camera pans out to show Brintte once again speaking to civilians, smiling at them kindly before it fades out.
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Slavery Fines Increased in Empire // Mandalorian Clan Attacked - Republic Troopers Blamed // Rumors of Attempted Jailbreak in Republic Space // Gree Fleet Sightings Confirmed // Clan  Djabuda Levies Fines in Duros Sector // Spice Ring Busted on the Promenade // Prominent Card Dealers Sought // Marsteth CEO Still Missing // Mineral Speculation Up // Gree Representatives Seen in Empire Space

NSNN -- An explosion rocked the business offices of the Ironhide Mining Consortium on Nar Shaddaa early in the morning Sixthday. The building suffered only minimal structural damage in the explosion, which has been attributed to a security system malfunction, and the other businesses located there have been largely unaffected. The building is owned by the Goonta Hutt family. A representative of the Hutt clan had this to say:

"We are planning to sue. The G9-0-Zed Maximum server security system was promised to us to be the most secure model in the galaxy. The Droid brain controlling it was, we were assured, completely free of malicious software and incapable of being sliced. The loss of the data on our servers will be compensated for." (-translated from Huttese, ed.)

The security system in question, the G9-0-Zed-n is manufactured and installed by Secure Data Solutions, a company based out of Coruscant with officers on Corellia and Nar Shadda. Consisting of a sophisticated theft deterrent system crafted specifically for Hutt territories, a droid brain, panic-button lockdown and an emergency scorched ground final solution, the Oh-zed-enn has been a top competitor in the world of Security.  Following the announcement of the source of the explosion, SDS stocks have taken a hit on the galactic trade markets.

"The Oh-zed-enn has a burn function, yes," the public relations representative for SDS explained in a press conference. "SDS is looking into the matter, but it appears that faulty wiring in the building itself caused the system to initiate its burn protocols. Fortunately for Ironside, they had also bought our Secured Data Backup service and their data will be restored to them shortly."

Reportedly the data destroyed in the accident were valuable survey ship reports and mining claim documentation among other bits of data. While most can be reclaimed, certain one of a kind hardcopy documents have left several mining claims in legal limbo.

SDS's accusation that faulty wiring was the cause of the explosion bring the building owners, the Junda hutt family, potentially into contention with the Goonta clan. Junda has claimed the Goontas set up the explosion to claim the lucrative insurance plan they had taken out on their valuable data-servers. Goonta denies this claim and insists that the insurance taken out was standard practice and will only cover half of the potential riches represented by the lost hard-copy claims.

"Well, damn. That's a bit of a mess," one bystander remarked, having witnessed the explosion from the deck of a local sky-barge turned nightclub. "I thought it might have been a ship crash, but it only took out part of a floor."

It will likely take several months for the legal matters to be sorted out. Until then, all sides are drawing up battle plans for the courtroom.

Slavery Fines Increased in Empire // Mandalorian Clan Attacked - Republic Troopers Blamed // Rumors of Attempted Jailbreak in Republic Space // Gree Fleet Sightings Confirmed // Clan  Djabuda Levies Fines in Duros Sector // Spice Ring Busted on the Promenade // Prominent Card Dealers Sought // Marsteth CEO Still Missing // Mineral Speculation Up // Gree Representatives Seen in Empire Space
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Taelios Genetech Industries is pleased to announce the opening of its new Erinian facilities!

~~the visual flashes to brand new, shiny commercial space sporting a large sign which reads in very large letters, 'TGI' and then in smaller letters underneath 'For all your augmentation needs'~~

Construction has recently finished on our new storefront and manufacturing shop, and sales and fabrication positions are still available - experience preferred but not required. Interested parties should contact us at TGI, 2700 Holfaq Avenue, Modules A-D, in Vysberg's commercial district.

Business owner L. Taelios shares these thoughts:
~~The visual flashes to a smiling Taelios~~
"Oh, I'm very excited to work here. I've heard great things about Erini, and the people of Erini.  A deep, meaningful history, vast cultural diversity, prosperous and hopeful even through times of war... Truly, Erinian perseverance ought to serve as a beacon of hope for the galaxy at large. I am eager to open discussions with my newfound colleagues, here on Erini. Emantix, Ars Augmetica, TritYrion, and Vantine Industrial, all together. With our efforts combined, we can make great strides in the field of augmetics!"

Taelios steps down from the holoviewer, and the news feed is interrupted by commercials for the Taelios Entertainment Network.
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-NSNN Breaking News-

-A young Nautolin woman turns to the Camera and smiles. She is clearly in the red Light Sector of Nar Shadda Behind her crime scene tape-

"Hello this is Kattie Upandi here at the Sight of a grisly murder in the red Light Sector of Nar Shadda. It was around 12am when the Body was found , the Cornor stated that the Body had been there for exactly 3 hours  before it was Found. The Victim was a Male in his Thirties, and a Jedi.   A jedi Murdered in the street of Nar Shaddaa."

-The Shot Cuts to shots of the Crime scene being photographed. he is propped up against a wall, with blood stains down his face-

"There was only one Eye witnesses, and the person that found the body. The Eye witness said he saw the Jedi being followed by a group of thugs into the ally way he then proceeded to hear blaster fire and then the thugs fled the scene The victim had multiple stab wounds, and a blaster shot to the back of the head and..."

-She is interrupted by a voice in her ear piece-

"Yes...we have Analysis on the body and we finally have an ID, The Body was ID'd as 35 year old Nhym Versalla. As far as We know the Jedi has no next of Kin, and leave no Survivors. This has been Kattie Upandi at NSNN.
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Over the radio coms of the republic.

"This is Galaxy Today, I'm your host Sarina Mitchel.  Today we are going to discuss the growing amount of street crime on Nar Shaddaa.  Called by many, the smuggler's moon.  Also we will discuss with our panel, how young is too young for children to show interest in joining the military?  Before we get to that though we have our business analyst here to discuss the world of finance.  Walter, as always thank you for speaking with us."

"Thank you for having me Sarina."

"Walter I believe what people are really dieing to know about right now is Marsteth Industries."

"Well Sarina it is the opinion of this analyst we are seeing all the things not to do in running a company.  I mean the CEO goes missing a month ago and in that month the stock has just plummeted.  How does the board react?  They elevate Lilliane Marsteth who reacts to the loss of revenue by trying to slash the red ink.  Thirty percent of factories closed with more closures in the works.  Nearly forty eight percent of their labor force has been down sized.  The wages they are paying in severance alone is getting close to bankrupting the company. 

However, if that was the end of it, companies have come back from this point before.  They do it by going back to their most reliable and long running investors and get emergency funding to get new projects rolling for new revenue.  MI can not even do that now with the announcement that Lilliane has married a imperial admiral."

"For our listeners, it was confirmed yesterday that Lillian Marsteth has married Admiral Eldarus Villem in a private ceremony held aboard his capitol ship.  While there were no reporters allowed on site and no formal statements given by either house, one of our sources was able to get a comment from a imperial diplomat, Lord Quarasha."

"I offer my congratulations to Lady Marsteth and Admiral Villem. The Empire's commitment to our place in the galactic community has never been in question, and while Admiral Villem and I have not always seen eye to eye, he is among the elite in the Empire's military leadership. I have no doubt he will reinvigorate House Marsteth with the will and strength of the Sith Empire."

"Walter, you said this move would further hurt the company?"

"Without a doubt.  As of a month ago it is believed that ninety percent of Marsteth Industries funding came from republic citizens, business, and military.  This new marriage will surely lead to a continuing lack of faith and the loss of more funds. If something isn't done soon, we are going to see the company go under.  I haven't even seen signs of a corporate take over, their assets just look that toxic."

"What effect does this have on production in the republic?"

"Well Sarina, as you can imagine, the amount of increase we are seeing in unemployment is not good to begin with.  When you add in the number of industrial accidents companies have been seeing, production is getting to be the lowest it has been in decades.  There is a major concern about a recession starting in the near future."

"Perhaps there is some trick up the sleeves of the Marsteth's.  They have been in bad situations before."

"Yes they have, but never before has their company been in this bad of shape.  Without a major influx of investment soon I can't see how they will last."

"Walter I want to thank you for coming on the show.  Coming up, should you encourage your eight year old if they start talking about enlisting?  We will discuss that with our panel and you, our listeners, in just a minute."
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Nar Shaddaa News Network: All the news for the planet that never sleeps.
In local news, Mezenti Spaceport visitors were treated to a perplexing sight, as hundreds, perhaps thousands of droids resembling a small red Sith filed through the spaceport and boarded shuttle after shuttle, headed for a strange new dreadnaught-sized ship which recently appeared in orbit around our fine moon. The ship, a non-standard design, with similarities in size and appearance to an Imperial Harrower-class ship, appears to be registered to Taelios Genetech Industries.

When reached for comment, Taelios had this to say.
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Nar Shaddaa News Network: All the news for the planet that never sleeps.

"Following up on tragic events late last night, from the DawnStar Tours platform nearby the Promenade.. we are just now receiving the official report from the local Hutt enforcers, accompanied by the company's official press release. As steady viewers now know, there was an apparent highjacking and hostage situation last night, following the crash landing of one of the prominent company's tour shuttles. Gorbo- off to you."

Image cuts over to a Bothan reporter who is hovering in a reporter-mobile outside the space-docks of DawnStar Tours. In the frame there is what can plainly be seen as a single Tours shuttle, right wing clipped and crumpled into the nearby wall on the upper departures deck, the main body of the shuttle scraped but mostly intact.

"As you can see, the shuttle in question took crippling but not lethal damage in its crash landing to the departure platform. We now know from the company, that this crash was precipitated by the incapacitation of the pilot by three unknown assailants, claiming to be from 'The People's Republic,' their actions intent upon taking the craft and passengers hostage in exchange for a steep ransom. Our reporters have been unable to reach any members of this known fringe group of Republic extremists and loyalists for comment, however DawnStar Executive Kelsin-Qardaak explains the circumstance in her following press release."

Image cuts to a very neat and serious faced Va'ara, in front of a small podium, addressing a small handful of reporters.

"Thank you all for listening. As you are all aware, yesterday evening at approximately 8pm Nar standard time, one of our company's tour shuttles was made to crash land at our Nar Shaddaa tours hub. The insurgents responsible had arranged to highjack the tour from within, and upon approaching the landing, shot our company pilot, beginning their attempt.

There were three terrorists aboard by all report, wearing clothing that collaborated their tales of being from the known extremist group, The People's Republic, and all heavily armed. Our response teams were able to arrive with due haste, and manage the hostage situation. Every-single-last-passenger aboard was saved, due to the fast thoughts and actions of a handful of our DawnStar Industries employees. Some passengers retained minor injuries and were quickly released back to their families. All passengers have had their fares refunded and will be receiving care packages from the company, including medical and psychological aid, as needed, moving forward.

All three terrorists were eliminated as result of their actions, in the haste to protect the innocent men, women, and children aboard the tour. We have since determined how these terrorists were able to take control of our shuttle, and have immediately instituted intent new procedures to prevent another such act of cowardice. I will not release these details as they are a matter of further securing our loyal customers, moving forward.

Lastly, I can only send condolences and express my deepest sympathy to the family of our pilot employee who remains the only innocent casualty of this tragic act of terrorism. His family will be aptly provided for by the company, following what was clearly, a brave act of heroism, attempting to resist and protect our civilian passengers."

Va'ara begins to step down as a reporter shouts out a question from the small crowd- "What does your company make of the claims reported, that this 'People's Republic' were exacting justice upon your company for dealing across faction lines?"

The executive turns back to the podium, her voice soft, but firm, and expression.. astute.

"I would ask the viewing audience to consider for themselves, would anyone with a good and honest, just cause, put the lives of two pregnant women and eight. Eight children. At risk of lethal harm, to collect a sizable and exorbitantly selfish ransom? Justice does not come at the cost of innocent lives, and certainly, not at the cost of CHILDREN. These three persons were behaving as cowards, as terrorists, whatever their own distorted beliefs. I regret only that we were unable to retain them alive, that they might answer justly themselves for their crimes against these innocent and blameless people. My heart goes out again to our passengers and affected employees, who have our full support in the coming days."

News feed clicks back to the original desk reporter.

"And there you have it. We will as always bring you further breaking news as it occurs along this story."

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OUTER RIM FREE HOLONEWS - "The Word on the Fringe"

*A HoloNet 'panel show' where several holographic pundits beam themselves into a studio in which host-droid NF-RM moderates discussion of topics ranging from Fringer politics, to romantic rumors, to advice on how to cook the best nerfburgers the cheapest*

KLATOOINIAN PUNDIT: " any rate, it is clear to see that neither the Republic nor Empire have Tatooine's best interests at heart.  The Tatoo system would experience the first blessing it has seen in perhaps all of its parched existence if it were to submit to the yoke of a strong, caring Hutt Kajidic and devote itself to making a new spur for the Ootmian Pabol."

NIKTO PUNDIT: "Glory to the gastropod masters, I couldn't agree with Bortack more."

TOYDARIAN PUNDIT: "Obviously you-a couldn't!  Just as obvious as the fact-a that you both have Hutt hands so far up-a you backs that you can't have a thought-a without a slug itching your brains!  Luckily, such a thing will NEVER happen...Tatooine is far-a too DRY for a Hutta-slug to spend any-a time on!"


EFFETE HUMAN PUNDIT: "Well, relaxation as an industry is a VERY important issue...the wealthy and powerful require outlets for their whims, lest they be forced to take them out on their underlings.  Allow me to enlighten you to a place which has quickly become a favorite of MY clan: the Grasper's Palace."

SCRUFFY HUMAN PUNDIT: "OBVIOUSLY, a lily-liver like YOU would find that place charming!  That place is as much an eyesore on the face of the Rim as it owner is a blemish on galactic society!"

EFFETE HUMAN PUNDIT: "Of COURSE a prole such as yourself would find Ionax the Grasper an offense...he is, after all, a self-made man..."

SCRUFFY HUMAN PUNDIT: "Nobody 'self-makes' that kind of money, friend-o!  He got it all the same way every wealthy loon does...backstabbing, backstabbing, and then climbing up the corpses of the common man to look down on the rest of us!"

NIKTO PUNDIT: "This is incorrect.  It is well-known that the Grasper was once a loyal servants of the Besadii Kajidic, and received his immense good fortune through a lifetime of service pleasing the Hutts!"

KLATOOINIAN PUNDIT: "Glory to the gastropod masters!"

EFFETE HUMAN PUNDIT: "Nonsense!  Obviously, the Grasper is of the oldest of old money, and has undertaken the enormous task of gathering the rarest and most beautiful objects in the Galaxy to safeguard them for the elite of the future!"

SCRUFFY HUMAN PUNDIT: "...oh, OBVIOUSLY, which is why his big space museum is closed off to everyone, but he built a GIANT CASINO for the credulous and bored to waste their credits at.  Do you even listen to the things you say?"

EFFETE HUMAN PUNDIT: "Truth doesn't require an editor's ear, my plebeian friend...merely the mind of one educated enough to understand it!  Besides, as I was saying, Ionax has taken the immense task upon himself to offer that most valuable service to the wealthy and wise...a safe environment in which to exhaust their inhibitions before returning to the endless task of safeguarding the poor and unintelligent."

TOYDARIAN PUNDIT: "Ehhh, I'm-a not so sure about 'safe', my wingless friend...I heared through the grapevine that, just a-recently, an army of mercenary scum attacked the Grasper's Palace...blasting-a right through the shields-a over the casino floor and opening a-fire on the crowd indiscriminately..."

EFFETE HUMAN PUNDIT: "A ridiculous assertion!  I have been to the Grasper's Palace numerous times...and I have never been shot!"

SCRUFFY HUMAN PUNDIT: "...maybe you oughtta be..."

EFFETE HUMAN PUNDIT: "SWINE!  How dare you!  If you were here, I would give you a taste of my gauntlet and gut you at tomorrow's dawn!"

SCRUFFY HUMAN PUNDIT: "A likely story!  You'd probably have some poor stable boy wear your wig while you stayed in your bedchamber, wetting your eiderdown!"


SNACKAREE!  The least-offensive-possible snackfood!  Enjoy it now in ocular wash form!  Ingest SNACKAREE! brand snack food through your eyes!
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ERN NewsFeed: // A large plains-fire in east central Kynmarch is still raging; sources near the fire say that local Kyn shamans have been fighting the fire for days to no avail // Archaeologists in Eresar’s Myjora Plateau have discovered what is now thought to be the oldest subterranean burial complex on the Eresari subcontinent // The village of West Banqhead has won Village of the Year for the 37th year in a row. The village is set to receive a new police chief from Vysberg within the week. // 

The Erinian Royal News

Foreign War Heroes Honored

The individuals who came to Erini’s aid during the Silence Keeper Crisis were honored this past weekend in the capital’s Victory Square. The ceremony, which lasted around two hours, included the decoration of foreign military volunteers, including the group known across the planet as “the Saviors” for their heroic actions aboard the Silence Keeper superdreadnaught which ensured an Erinian victory.

Along with being awarded the Battle of the Void victory medal, volunteers Auranel Jaade, Pehn Qardaak, Aiula Alumar, Sache Cota, and the freighter pilot Captain Jaade were inducted into the illustrious Order of Saint Cyrene Militant as Defenders. Since the battle, Captain Jaade has gained immense fame and popularity after holo-stills of him knocking the Silence Keeper Architect to the deck with a vicious right hook began to circulate minutes after the victory. Prince Cordae Keyis, who was also a member of the team that took down the Architect, was promoted to Captain rank.

This special ceremony was concluded with the unveiling of a large memorial statue dedicated to the innocent civilians who perished as well as those who gave their lives in defense of Erini.

For the timely delivery of food and medical supplies in the aftermath of the battle and ensuing land conflict, the Erinian Council awarded the illustrious Medal of Freedom to DawnStar Shipping Corporation. CEO Va’ara Kelsin-Qardaak formally accepted the award on her company’s behalf.

Imperial Diplomatic Fiasco Brought to Close

Following intense public backlash in the Marches, Eresar, and Kynmarch, so-called “Villem Treaty,” named for Imperial Admiral Eldarus Villem, has been officially refused by the sitting members of the Erinian Council. Originally introduced by Ambassador Giers, Erini’s official representative to the Sith Empire, as “Treaty E-001” at the behest of Admiral Villem, the treaty underwent a week’s worth of negotiations after it was made public the week prior. While the measure was being debated by the members of the Council, people all over Erini took to the streets in massive protests against the proposed treaty. While the protests were generally peaceful, the Royal Infantry was called in to maintain order along several Allied Marches-Eresari border downs.

For the first time in the Erinian Council’s history, the measure was voted down unanimously with a full 21 votes against; six of the mysterious Kyn delegates, who usually abstain from voting through absence, all showed up to vote against the measure. One Eresari delegate was quoted in saying, “if this Treaty had come along two hundred years ago, we would have shut Erini’s gates to any outsider come what may.”

Ambassador Assigned to Trade Negotiations

In the midst of the public outcry surrounding the Villem Treaty Scandal, the Allied Marches’ Ministry of State has stated that Ambassador Vyla Giers, daughter of War Minister Armandt Giers, will be temporarily reassigned from her duties as Erinian ambassador to the Sith Empire in order to pursue trade negotiations with representatives from the nearby N’Zoth system. When asked about the specifics, Trade Envoy Giers stated, “N’Zoth is an important world for Erini. We hope that this trade mission brings regional security and new friendships with our N’Zothi neighbors.”

In her absence, Trade Envoy Giers’ ambassadorial duties will be carried out by her colleague Cordae Keyis, currently the Erinian ambassador to the Galactic Republic. While acting in the capacity of ambassador to the Sith Empire, Ambassador Keyis will be referred to as “Special Envoy.” The Royal News was able to reach Cordae for comment about his new workload and he had this to say:

“Of course I’m excited to work with our good Imperial neighbors. They are a fine, upstanding people with, in my experience, unimpeachable moral fortitude.” He went on to say that while Erini and the Empire may not always “see eye to eye” on certain matters, “we two peoples have much to gain from interacting with each other. It will be my job to see to it that our people are made prosperous through our dealings.”

While he carries out his assignment in the empire, Keyis says he will relinquish his duties as Ambassador to the Republic in the interest of openness and fair practice. The office of ambassador tto the Galactic Republic will be filled by Lord Genuat Polthouse-Triike in his absence.

Taelios Genetech Industries Opens Branch in Vysberg

Taelios Genetech Industry’s first Erini branch has opened last week. TGI is the newest name in the Erinian augmetics market and offers remarkably advanced prosthetics equipment for disabled war veterans. Stjepan Fetisov, CEO of prosthetic and medtech supergiant Ars Augmetica, was quoted saying “Taelios is a good man and a sound business partner.” TGI’s opening week saw huge gains for the company’s stock which rose nearly 15 points in one day, eventually settling into a 10 point net gain.

~ Manus Ota, Erinian Royal News
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Post by: Aylaa on 04/07/14, 11:24:30 PM
HUNKY Prince's Love life abroad! | Scandal among the Kyn? | The hottest Vacation Fashions this season!

Rumors and photographic evidence have been uncovered by us here at TZM*, The Galaxy's hottest news magazine for all the celebrity gossip! Hunky Erinian Prince, often seen in the company of the beautiful, if controversial, Jedi Knight, might just have popped the question to his veiled sweetie!

[The magazine has posted a picture of the Knight in question placing a finger to her lips, a silver ring around it, standing in front of a red-skinned woman]

[A second picture shows a blown up view of the ring on the hand of the Knight in question]

Sources close to the juicy action state that a friend of the Bride-to-be discussed Miralukan Wedding costume as well as the potential for future Heirs to the Erinian star kingdom. When questioned about Compatibility, the Knight was overheard to say "They are a near-human Species... As are the Miraluka. It is possible but not certain."

Love is certainly in the air this spring! While some might say this is merely an extreme attempt to sway the Erinian government away from a neutral position regarding the Republic, we here at TZM would like to be the first to offer the royal couple our congratulations!

TZM, your news source for Hot scoops and cool celebrities!

HUNKY Prince's Love life abroad! | Scandal among the Kyn? | The hottest Vacation Fashions this season!
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||ORFH, Brining you News From the Outer Rim. Tonight...|| A New Company Makes a Big Splash|| Bantha Steaks Said to Cause Cander||

A image from above the Planet Raxus Prime, in the Background there is a shipyard hanging orbit over the planet. You can see that the shipyard is undergoing a massive retrofit. It is being resized for the construction of larger ships. In front of the image is a female human with black hair and a cybernetic eye piece over her right eye. She turns to the camera and smile.

"Hell In Frella Gruva and I am standing in front of the recently recommissioned Vector 4 Shipyard over Raxus Prime. This Shipyard was abandoned durring the war after the company that once owned it went bankrupt. It has been purchased by Raxus Sun Incorporated, Owned by Victor Reznov, an Up coming entrepreneur. The Shipyard was purchased for a whomping 240 billion Credits. CEO Reznov stated in a Press Conference earlier today..."

A graphic appears next to her head with the quote displayed
"It doesn't matter the cost as long as we can provide reliable Vessels for our customers."

"In his press conferense today he also revealed that he was looking for a shipping company to help in acquiring the supplies to construct these vessels. So far as we know, no company has come forth with an Offer. This has been Frella Gruva with ORFH. Stay Safe out there.


A well dressed Twi'lek walks in front of the screen and give a slight bow, and starts to speak Huttese and a Graphic Appears to his right side and he Gestures his hand at it.

"We are Raxus Sun Incorporated we strive to build a better, and more reliable Craft than our Competitors."

As he speaks images slid in and Out of view displaying what he is presenting.

"Anything from small scout ships, to full size freighters. Utilizing the latest in Shielding, armoring, Propulsion, and legal weaponry allowed to the public."

An Image of two People shaking hands

"Career opportunities are always Available, So why don't you come Join our Family. Raxus Sun Inc. building a safer, flyable tomorrow..."
|| Fade out ||
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Nar Shaddaa News Network: The Galactic Huttball Company faces its' first legal challenge as it seeks to lay legal claim to the title; Best Ever. This despite not yet having played a full first season on the circuit. ll Best Ever Condiments Company has filed a notice of name change. They have launched a new line of condiments under the label; Forever Best. ll Forever Best Fragrances has filed a legal challenge against the Best Ever Condiments Company, claiming infringement on its' name and corporate identity. ll Forever Best Fragrances C.E.O. has not been available for comment since the legal challenge was filed. Sources inside the company say he has not attended any board meetings since the day after the legal challenge was first tabled. Attempts to contact him at his Nar Shaddaa penthouse have been unsuccessful. ll Nar Shaddaa News Network

A massive explosion has rocked the subterranean foundations of the Works. A prison facility operated by the Lussun Kajidic was destroyed in a massive fireball that completely incinerated the duracrete facility. A spokesman for the Hutt clan who owned the prison released a statement saying that the facility was in perfect working condition, and this incident could only have occurred as a result of tampering with the prison systems.

Further statements clarified that all prisoners, guards, and adminstrators were killed in the explosion, and that any reports of a prisoner riot are completely false. The Lussun Kajidic has stated it will make appropriate reparations to the families of those servants who were killed in what they are calling, a terrorist plot. They stated there is an ongoing investigation.

Several local Kadijics have joined with Lussan to enact an immense security perimeter around the site. All local denizens of the Works have been evacuated or relocated to other work camps and sites. The Alien Outreach Centre has defied the order to close down, stating their services are in demand more than ever in the wake of the tragedy. The Lussan Kadijic has reminded any individuals or groups that they will not be subject to any protection from Hutt personnel if they defy the order to evacuate.

The Kadijics issued a joint statement that radiation levels remain dangerously high in the aftermath of the explosion, and that there is no hope or intent to search for any survivors. Any being found to be trespassing near the site inside the security perimeter will be shot on sight.

Further complications arose when the explosion temporarily forced the shutdown of the Works furnace due to its' close proximity to the prison explosion. An entire Sector has been without continuous heat since the accident, and there are roving power interruptions.
Republic Characters
:lightside: Dai Yarwin, Jedi Master and Council member of the Jedi Custodum ( - In a Force-induced coma on Tython
Jaade (, Captain of the Gozanti Cruiser; Jaded Dream ( - Wanted by the Republic
Weequay, A weequay bounty hunter

Empire Characters
:darkside: Eldarus Villem, Admiral of the Harrower-Class Dreadnaught; Rancorous
:darkside: Paskr Villem, Captain of the Harrower-Class Dreadnaught; Rancorous
J'aade (, Captain of the Gozanti Cruiser; Jaded Dream ( - Wanted by the Republic
Ruskk, Twi'lek enforcer for Bloasus the Hutt
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The screen fades back into view as a familiar anchor appears on the screen.

"And we're back. I'm Jessy Tanner, with the latest story. Mandalorians and rogue Republic Forces battle it out in a bar on a Hutt-occupied planet. Our field reporter, Trisha, has the word."

There's an abrupt cut as a blue Twi'lek stands, microphone in hand, the background framed by the towering senate tower. The remnants of a press conference can be clearly seen, with reporters shuffling off to the side to get final words from what appear to be senate members and other select officials.

"Thanks, Jessy. I'm standing in front of the Galactic Senate building, where just an hour ago a representative of the Republic Armed Forces spoke about the incident several weeks ago regarding an attack on the Cantina known as the Busted Blaster, directed at members of the Mandalorian Clan," There's a small pause, "Beshulike. When questioned about potential fallout, he had this to say:"

Throughout Trish's voiceover, the holo switches to a vid of several Trooper-like individuals on Kwenn attacking a lone, green-clad Mandalorian woman, before cutting to a man with one eye and cybernetic enhancements emulating a comm-piece, dressed in a standard military uniform, his soldier bars denoting the Lieutenant rank.

"At this time, the soldiers who participated are unknown." He spoke calmly and collectedly. "It is highly likely that they've held a grudge against the Mandalorian culture for some time, to target one so specifically. The Republic does not endorse these actions, nor did it approve the happening. Efforts to apprehend these assailants have proved unsuccessful, but rest assured, the Republic will take measures to find these individuals and bring them to justice."

The Lieutenant left, to the standard rush of questions from a few dozen journalists and reporters. Jessy faded into view.

"Well, there you have it. Next; Nexu: Rabid beast or a woman's best friend..."
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Hroltha Colonial News

Feldin Agriculture announced a reduced expected yield from Kentha Province Harvest, blaming higher than expected topsoil damage -- Opposition Leader Barthos decried the Plowshare Act, stating "Minister Hartz's rushed decision to disarm our military will only invite the Republic to invade!". Chief Minister Hartz declined comment. -- Sports News: Local Huttball Star Lale "Dynamo" Madsen has been signed to a two year contract with the Frogdogs' farm team, the Kwenn Kinraths, the first Hroltha player to make the big leagues!

Terror Attack Foiled by Republic!

Three terrorists are in custody today after Republic soldiers foiled an attempt to destroy the police station for Newfund City's fourth precinct.

The attackers had held up the police station before the Republic's arrival, capturing the officers inside, according to Captain Sture Hagebak, captain of the 4th Precinct. Upon the arrival of the Republic soldiers, who's names have not been released at this time, the attackers were quickly incapicated, disarming the explosive device that the terrorists had armed.

"We're still working on determining how the insurgents were able to sneak into the station so effectively, however additional security precautions are being taken in all police stations, to ensure that this will not happen again," said Captain Hagebak.

The names of the attackers have not yet been released, but have been described by anonymous sources as otherwise peaceful members of the "Free Hroltha" Movement. The Republic Military has declined comment, citing the ongoing investigation into the attack, only saying that they were glad to see the situation resolved with a minimum of bloodshed and zero fatalities.

Early reports also pointed to a second attack occurring on the 3rd Precinct. However, the Republic Military, Hroltha Militia and Newfund Police Department are all denying that a second attack took place, although an anonymous source cited "overzealous, trigger-happy (Expletive Deleted) that don't know how to knock" as being responsible.

Related Opinion Articles:
 - Free Hroltha: Innocent Protestors, or new Rebellion in Waiting?
 - Hroltha-Republic Treaty: De Facto Annexation?
 - Will the Republic Presence draw Violence to Hroltha?
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(The following is Imperial propaganda, headed by the imperial news network)

Do YOU have what it takes to join the imperial army or navy?


Heroic Captain Ralakan Walker certainly does! Heroic patriot and imperial marine, this courageous man fights in the Imperial name to bring prosperous new days to the empire! Whether it is fighting the enemy...


Or inspiring his own troops onto further glory, he will fight ever onwards for the Empire. One of the many famous quotes from Captain Walker is - “I do not fight for honour, I do not fight for glory. I fight for a greater glory, the empire and its people. Long live the empire!” Every true and honest imperial citizen should feel the same way!


Could you do the same? Are you man enough to fight for the greatest cause there is?

Born in a humble, peaceful, emperor-loyal home, Ralakan was brought up with his mother and father. His father was a respectable and brave soldier, only giving Captain Walker further fire to follow in his footsteps. He joined the imperial marines at a young age of 18, eager to fight. Hailed by his comrades for his skill and bravery, he was a shining beacon for everything imperial.


Known to his fellow comrades as the hero of the Dromund Fels campaign, he lead the charge, defeating the monstrous forces upon it, only stopping when given direct orders. The Captain showed no sign of giving up or mercy upon the legions of the monsters, just like every imperial citizen should when given an order. Ralakan Walker is a true hero of the empire. Captain Walker wears the honour of being the hero everyday, knowing with pride he served our empire. Could you say the same for yourself?

Join the imperial marines, today!
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"Now to our next story, the Imperial Naval Academy. Great tradition of excellence, or greatest? Our in-depth interview with the highly decorated Admiral Vill... "

"We interrupt this newscast with an Imperial News Network breaking bulletin. The enigmatic, mysterous, former Darth, Taelios - now Darth Taelios again - has just released an alert bulletin across all Imperial channels. We bring you the recording now... "

"It appears Darth Taelios was viciously attacked and seriously wounded during a joint Empire/Huttese operation to bring much needed medical supplies to denizens of the infamous Nar Shaddaa Works sector. This labyrinth undercity provides crucial power and heat to the illustrious gambler's paradise of Nar Shaddaa."

"Darth Taelios has identified his attackers as several high-ranking members of the Jedi Order. We have some footage that just arrived, and will air that now. Darth Taelios claims these brazen Jedi assassins are responsible for the horrific industrial accident that recently occurred on Nar Shaadda. The Jedi ringleaders are; "


INN Stock Footage: Iaera Farworlder

"Jedi Master, Jedi Custodum Grandmaster, and mastermind of the plot to murder Darth Taelios; Iaera Farworlder."


INN Stock Footage: Hawking Shatari

"Jedi Master and Holonet Singing Sensation; Hawking Shatari."


INN Stock Footage: Shaantil

"Jedi Knight and Pod-Racing Prodigy; Shaantil."


INN Stock Footage: Ran-Del Qardaak, featured left

"Jedi Knight and Pazaak Grand Champion three seasons running; Ran-Del Qardaak."

"If you encounter any of these Jedi on off-world excursions inside Hutt Space, consider them armed and extremely dangerous. Notify your Hutt Protectorate Liason immediately. The Empire is cooperating fully with the Hutt Cartel to ensure the uninterrupted free flow of trade goods and valuable services."

"As a reminder to our viewers, a massive explosion occurred in the Nar Shaddaa Works very recently, and what was originally considered an industrial accident is quickly been proven to be a deliberate act of sabotage. Now we learn that this incident, which cost the lives of hundreds of prisoners, administrative staff, security personnel, and unionized laborers was in fact an assassination attempt by the Jedi Order against Darth Taelios. Darth Taelios is known for his outreach programs with the Chiss Ascendancy, and for sympathizing with the plight of ordinary citizens of the galaxy."


"We have seen recent reports of sudden respiratory failure in aid workers and salvage crews working near the ruins of the Works site."


"Toxic red smoke continues to be discovered outside the quarantine zone, causing the containment and recovery teams weeks of delay as they take the due time and care to evacuate every known resident of those levels. Those with compromised immune systems succumb quite quickly when exposed. Healthy subjects suffer a different reaction;"


"Our next story concerns the sudden proliferation of furry little aliens infesting the Vaiken Space Station. Ewoks. Grave threat or suitable companion for your children?"
Republic Characters
:lightside: Dai Yarwin, Jedi Master and Council member of the Jedi Custodum (
Jaade (, Captain of the Gozanti Cruiser; Jaded Dream ( - Wanted by the Republic
Weequay, A weequay bounty hunter

Empire Characters
:darkside: Eldarus Villem, Admiral of the Harrower-Class Dreadnaught; Rancorous
:darkside: Paskr Villem, Captain of the Harrower-Class Dreadnaught; Rancorous
J'aade (, Captain of the Gozanti Cruiser; Jaded Dream ( - Wanted by the Republic
Ruskk, Twi'lek enforcer for Bloasus the Hutt
Prototype-one, Taelios Genetech Industries war droid
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The Imperial News Network interrupts this news feed to bring you a message from our sponsors...

Are you one of the Sith species' who has... Shall we say, has skin pigment problems?

Is your skin going from red to pink to white?

Can your hair not stay its natural colour?

Do your veins pop out in unsightly ways????

Do you find you cannot to attract who you prefer, male or female?


A pale pureblood looks at the camera and his voice seems to be dubbed: Perhaps...


There is a way to halt the unsettling slopes of paleness syndrome:

Hawkingly Handsome Skin Cream!!

This intensive skin cream changes your pale, aging skin into gorgeous stuff the ladies, and even the gentlemen, will be 200% drawn to. 

Just see the results it can have:










SOOOOOO Buy your Hawkingly Handsome Skin Cream today!!! Available on the Imperial Trade Network for a low price of 1million credits, or a monthly payment plany of 200 credits/mo. First year of payments is interest free!!!

So, what are you waiting for??? Buy Hawking Handsome Skin Cream Today and Dance in Your New Red Honed Skin!!!!!!

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Reydovan News Network: The Official Imperial News Service for Reydovan Prime and the Surrounding Sector - Breaking News: DARTH CYANOCULUS ATTACKED! Attempted Assassination by Jedi and Republic Forces - Sith Governor Seriously Injured, In Critical But Stable Condition - Statement Expected From Representative of IRDF Soon

Montagne Noire has experienced another bout of chaos as Republic spies, aided by Jedi infiltrators, have made an attempt on the life of His Excellency, Darth Cyanoculus. As of this moment, his condition is critical, with a statement issued by his cabinet indicating that serious reconstructive work is required following a brazen attack in the Palace of the Mountain Shadow during the execution of Saxtus Fayhan, the Jedi Master responsible for the murders of a number of Sith and Imperial soldiers. Master Fayhan and his Republic cohorts have escaped, but are presently being hunted down by General Velade and the loyal soldiers of the Imperial Reydovan Defense Force.

The information we have received from the Ministry of Security and Defense indicates that the Republic infiltrators began their terror campaign in Caymarnian City in an effort to draw out IRDF forces from the capital for their attempted rescue of Master Fayhan and their planned assassination of Darth Cyanoculus. IRDF sources also indicate that the Republic criminals have murdered soldiers from Caymarnian City's garrison and stolen their armor and weapons for their infiltration, adding further to the list of crimes they have committed.

But far from welcoming the Republic effort as a liberation, the people of Montagne Noire and all of Reydovan Prime are holding vigil, hoping for the recovery of the Governor from his serious injuries. Minister of Security and Defense Lukas Indrick has called for calm in this trying time, stating that although the injuries to His Excellency are severe, the best minds are working together to save his life, so that his rule may continue without any further interruption.

This just in: We are going live to the dreadnought Stormwatch, where Darth Cyanoculus is undergoing surgery for his serious injuries, for the awaited statement from the IRDF.

Chief of Special Operations, IRDF

Citizens of Reydovan Prime and all loyal servants of the Empire, I am pleased to report that the Jedi war criminal Saxtus Fayhan, mastermind of the attempt against the life of Darth Cyanoculus, is dead, slain in the mountains west of Caymarnian City several hours ago.

However, this successful demonstration of Imperial justice did not come without its costs. The Republic saboteurs of the so-called "Sithbane Squad", under the command of Captain Melena Linavil, have escaped back to the Republic. In their wake, they left nearly thirty of our brave soldiers of the Imperial Reydovan Defense Force dead, and have maimed not only His Excellency, but also the commander of our forces, General Euphrati Velade. She is being tended to at IRDF headquarters in Montagne Noire, and she wishes to state openly that it is likely she will be left without the use of her right eye as a result of the injuries she sustained at the hands of the saboteurs.

Though both our Governor and our commanding general are maimed, they are not broken. The Republic's aim was to decapitate the Imperial government of Reydovan Prime and the greater Reydovan Sector, and to turn the people against the Empire. Their attempt has failed, though at great cost. Our resolve has been tested, but we have endured, for the people still stand with Darth Cyanoculus and the Sith Empire, and deny the Republic their victory. Though it is the blade of the apprentice Ammenkayn that took the life of this odious criminal and avenged the murder of her father, Lord Velenkayn - slain at the Temple of the Mountain Sun in Illuminopolis two and a half years ago - it was the will of the people that guided her hand true to run the blade through his twisted, hypocritical heart.

Though this breach in security by the Republic terrorists is unfortunate, rest assured that we will take every step to rectify these errors. Your safety is of utmost concern to us, and while we are fortunate that there were no civilian casualties this time, we will reorganize our security measures to ensure that your livelihoods are not disrupted by the Republic invader again.

For the Empire.

Reydovan News Network: Following Breaking News - Jedi War Criminal Dead! Executed for Crimes Against the Empire - Republic Soldiers Believed to Have Escaped - General Velade Wounded, Reported in Critical Condition - Varan: "Our Resolve Has Been Tested, But We Have Endured"
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Post by: Joshmaul on 05/31/14, 08:53:58 AM
Reydovan News Network: The Official Imperial News Service for Reydovan Prime and the Surrounding Sector - Darth Cyanoculus Announces Business Deal with Taelios Genetech Industries - Sith Governor Offers Factory Complex in Caymarnian City for TGI - Minister Indrick: "CWAM Glad to See How a Master Works" - Commander Varan: "It's a Bad Idea"

In an unprecedented move, Darth Cyanoculus has announced today that the Caymarnian Weapons and Armor Manufactory has entered into a business deal with Taelios Genetech Industries (TGI), the industrial-scientific conglomerate run by Darth Taelios. This comes at the heels of rumors that Taelios was called to Reydovan Prime at His Excellency's behest to assist in the reconstruction efforts following the failed assassination attempt led by Jedi Master Saxtus Fayhan.

"I would not be here today without the genius of Taelios," Darth Cyanoculus admitted candidly, referring to the extensive cybernetic reconstruction he required both recently and in the past. "Some would call it mad genius, but true innovation requires a mind that thinks beyond the traditional boundaries."

TGI is based on the Hutt world of Quesh, a planet with a poisonous atmosphere as a result of massive tectonic activity many thousands of years ago. This is not the first time a Sith-owned front company has had business on Reydovan Prime; the planetary government negotiated a similar business deal with Krayt Industries, under the direction of Darth Karmic, to provide raw materials for the reconstruction of Montagne Noire. However, this will be the first which will be granted a permanent location on the planet, in a still-abandoned factory complex in Caymarnian City.

Lukas Indrick, minister of security and planetary defense and CWAM's chief executive, stated that he was pleased with the arrangement. "We have had some insights into Darth Taelios' work through our studies of the cybernetic reconstruction he performed for His Excellency," he stated. "But to truly improve on what he has accomplished, we must turn to the technical expertise of the man himself. CWAM is glad to see how a master works, and we look forward to working with TGI in the future."

There are some, however, who question the necessity. "It's a bad idea," Commander Varan, acting head of the IRDF while General Velade recovers from her own ordeal, stated bluntly. "The planetary government here was established with the express purpose of countering the whims of sadistic madmen; it is why Darth Cyanoculus, and not Darth Malagant, rules this world. Taelios is cut from the same cloth as Malagant, a sadistic lunatic who considers all 'beneath him' to be pawns. With respect to His Excellency, we can find better friends than this."

"While I understand his concerns," Darth Cyanoculus replied to Varan's statement, "I am convinced that Taelios - for all that he is more than a little mad - will be a powerful ally, who will help us create valuable technologies for the benefit of not only Reydovan Prime, but the entire Empire. Taelios is not motivated by selfish ambition; his goal, like mine, is to advance the cause of the Empire in its battle for supremacy with the Republic, and all others who would challenge us."
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Post by: Cordae on 06/06/14, 01:01:33 AM
The Erinian Royal News

Royal Engagement Announced!

Early this morning, House Keyis' official press office was "pleased" to announce the upcoming engagement of Cordae Keyis, Prince of Erini and son of the currently-sitting High King Istvan Honorius Keyis, to the Jedi Knight Shaantil. House Keyis official spokesperson Sura Mantiq made the official announcement at a planned press event in the courtyard of House Keyis' castle estate in northwest Bannermarch.

When asked if the wedding would have any impact on the sitting monarchy's succession laws, Mantiq said, "After seeking the judicial opinion of several renowned experts on royal law, it has been determined that [the marriage] is completely legal and will not affect Prince Cordae's ability to inherit his father's throne, provided all other necessary requirements of intra-familial succession be met." This means that Prince Cordae will lose none of his established status or issue. Furthermore, Shaantil will not be forced to apply for dual Erinian-Republic citizenship, as has been suggested by numerous people of late. It is currently unclear if this ruling would change if Prince Cordae was to be considered for ascension to the monarchy.

Unrest in Corq

The sleepy border county of Corq was thrown into upheaval recently after a scuffle that broke out during an annual harvest festival led to a confrontation with several alleged members of the notorious terrorist organization"Congar Dubh" or "Black Whisper." After the festival had been disturbed, the local constabulary responded to several emergency calls concerning arson, public violence, and other kinds of law-breaking. Enforced units of the Royal Intelligence Service have been dispatched from Vysberg to cooperate with local police as well as the Criminal Gang Task Force with the goal of curtailing further Congar Dubh activity in the low counties.

The Criminal Gang Task Force was created four years ago in response to a string of lethal bombings, referred to as the Pelival Bombings for their occurrence on the feast day of St. Pelival the Fastidious, which rocked population centers across counties Corq, Holdyne, Kracq, and Sunning. The CGTF has recently received a new executive commander, one Captain Eriq Sandine, who has denounced the recent activity in Corq as "the doing of cowards, bastards, and [expletive] [expletive]." Captain Sandine has pledged to make Congar Dubh activities in the low counties his "new and first priority."

[Have you or your family been affected by mob violence? Please contact the CGTF as soon as possible. Representatives from the Task Force are eager to speak to you about your experience as your information may prove vital to their mission.]
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Post by: Orell on 06/06/14, 01:43:03 AM
The screen fades into a smiling woman, to the tune of an upbeat little tune, the on-screen text showing her as Anchorwoman Seldi Holswan. "Welcome to a very special edition of 'Marcher's Morning', Ernmarch's number one morning news program. We've been keeping this a secret for several days now, but I'm certian you won't be disappointed."

"Fifteen minutes ago, the press group for the Erini ruling family, House Keyis, formally announced the upcoming union of Prince Cordae Keyis, Ambassador to the Galactic Republic and third youngest son of His Eminence, King Istavan, and his longtime companion, the woman known as Knight Shaantil of the Jedi Order, a group sworn to defend the Republic."

She smiles brightly at the viewers. "And for the first time ever, she's going to be sitting down for an exclusive interview with yours truly, Seldi Holswan!"

The feed cuts to a montage of distant shots, security camera footage and the like of Shaantil. "Knight Shaantil has been notoriously difficult to pin down here. Ever since her relationship with Prince Keyis was revealed, in somewhat ignomious fashion, she has refused to give interviews or comment on her relationship, almost as tight-lipped about it as the Jedi Order itself."

"But we've managed to get the chance for it now, so here she is, soon to be the newest member of the Erinian royal family, Knight Shaantil!"

Another upbeat tune plays as Shaantil comes out, dressed in simple Jedi robes, not a spec of armor or even a Lightsaber visible as she sits down across from Seldi, smiling politely at the reporter. "Good morning, Miss Holswan."

"Good morning, and please, call me Seldi. So, mind if I be the first one to say congratulations, now that the news is out there?"

Shaantil chuckles. "If only you were. Fifteen standard minutes is a rather long time it seems, and my droid assistant has already fielded a few dozen messages of congratulations already. But thank you, regardless."

Seldi joins in on the laughter. "Well, you can't blame me for trying. Do you mind if I ask what's taken you so long to speak openly about your relationship with His Highness?"

"Well, aside from it being largely a personal matter..."

Seldi smiles warmly at Shaantil. "Well, yes, but he is something of a public figure."

"As I have learned myself. No, much of the reason is, to be frank, his stature on this world is somewhat intimidating. Political intrigue aside, he is well liked, kind, firm but loyal..."

"I think we're starting to hear where some of the attraction comes from!" Seldi says, letting out a conspiratorial giggle.

"...there is precisely zero chance that I will comment on that," Shaantil says, smiling faintly at Seldi's laugh. "But, in truth, much of it is that there are a great many people on this world, and his importance here is hard to ignore. I suppose I simply wish to make a good first impression to his people, as all beings do."

Seldi nods, looking down at her notes on the table. "Well, who IS Shaantil? What does it mean to be a Jedi Knight, how does your order view the relationship, and, well, do you have a family name?"

Shaantil hesitates briefly. "Strictly speaking, I do have a family name, but I do not use it. I was given to the Jedi Order as an infant, and they saw the potential to become a Jedi within me... and so there I was raised."

"Is that common?"

"As young as I was? No. Most of us join the Order as young children, around the biological development of a 4 to 5 year old Erinian... which can vary heavily based upon species, of course."

"Do you know who your parents are?"

Shaantil pauses for a moment, briefly nodding. "...I do. I did not find out who they were until almost two years ago. My father passed before my birth, and my mother... I would rather not speak of her, out of respect for her wishes," she says, her voice going soft as she finishes.

"...of course. I think I understand... do you think your father would be proud of you?"

Shaantil looks up at Seldi, thinking briefly. "From what I have learned of him, he seemed like an... unusual man, to say the least, but yes, I think he would."

"Why is that?"

"Being a Jedi Knight, as I am, is a tremendous honor. We serve and protect the Republic, and the countless sentient beings within it, from those that would seek to harm them. Sometimes it is the way seen on the Holos, through violence and warfare, but that is only a small part of it. We act as diplomats, impartial arbiters, bodyguards, investigators, advisors... there is even an entire group devoted to protecting poeple from the most omnipresent danger in the galaxy."

Seldi nods, frowning faintly. "What danger is that?"

"Lack of food." She pauses, glancing over at the scattered laughter from the audience. "I am being serious, actually. The agricultural corps assist many worlds in improving crop yields. It does seem mundane, yes, but the closest estimates we have for the number of people on Coruscant, the center of the Republic, is approximately one trillion people, on a world with no natural space left. The pithy quote is that civilization is always two meals away from anarchy, and on Coruscant, that tends to be an optomistic view."

Seldi smirked at Shaantil. "No daring rooftop chases or climactic duels against hated foes?"

"Well, not for the Agricultural Corps, at least." She smiled at the laughter. "Sadly, there is much violence in the galaxy, but for a Jedi, combat is our last resort, not our first. We have great power, yes, but we  also have a great responsibility to use that power properly."

"It sounds like you care about it a lot."

Shaantil smiles faintly, nodding. "I do. Perhaps it can seem a touch cliche-"

"A touch?" says Seldi, smiling at the laughter from the audience.

Shaantil looked away, trying her best to not look bashful and failing miserably. "Very well, extremely cliche. But it is still good work, work which I am more than honored to do."

"Just for the Republic? Or are you also going to start protecting Erini too?"

"I protect those in need of it, first and foremost. That has, in the past, included those outside the Republic... and in the past I have assisted the Erinian army in combat, and before you ask," Shaantil added, seeing Soldi's eyes widen, "yes, I mean more than Prince Cordae and his Throneguardsmen, no, not involving members of the Sith Empire, and no, I fear I cannot speak of specifics at this time. I understand the concern and curiosity, but I assure you, such actions were aboveboard."

"I'll pass that along to our military beat reporter, I'm sure he'll have a field day with it. Still, you have to admit that the political situation here is going to get... interesting, with your wedding. Are you worried that members of the Empire will say that you are simply marrying into the line of succession?"

Shaantil just sighs. "I am certain that at least one person will make that manner of accusation. Keep in mind how my relationship with Cordae first became public knowledge."

"We don't have to, that meeting was recorded!" At the chuckling from the studio audience, Seldi grins at Shaantil. "We could always bring that footage up here, if you haven't seen it in a while!"

"I will be forever grateful if you never show that footage ever again." More laughter from the audience, intermixed with a few joking boos. "But, yes, I am certain that someone will make that accusation, and so let me say this: It is Cordae's dedication, commitment, will and, yes, even his joking manner that attract me. A Jedi Knight has no interest in leading a nation, and I am no exception in that."

"Well, that's good to know. I'm surprised you didn't bring up his impressive stature, though."

Shaantil looks away, clearing her throat. "That is simply a... valuable bonus. I can hardly deny that he is... appealing to look at."

Seldi grins at the catcalls from the audience. "Alright, alright, one last question before we take a break. Do you plan on applying for Erini citizenship? And what about your, well, Jedi Knighthood? If there's one thing the Jedi are not known for, it's marriage."

Shaantil smiles, shrugging at the question. "I suppose I have little choice but to apply for at least dual citizenship, between Erini and the Republic. It only seems fair, after all, and it would be no burden at all for me. As for my status with the Jedi Order... that is a matter between myself and the Order. I have spoken to my superiors in the Order about this, and thus far they have not removed me from my position. What happens in the future will happen, but until then, I will remain a Jedi Knight, and act accordingly."

Seldi nods, smiling at Shaantil, whether sincere or a practiced, diplomatic smile, it's hard to tell. "Well, lets head to a commercial break. When we get back, we'll talk with Knight Shaantil some more about what a Lightsaber is, what growing up as a Jedi was like and who made her prosthetic eyes. We'll be right back in a moment!" Seldi finishes, smiling brightly to the audience as Shaantil winces slightly, doing her very best not to mouth the word 'Miraluka' as the screen fades to black.
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Breaking news as fast as it happens, on the moon that never sleeps!

The NSNN logo flies by the screen over a dark blue background, then flips away as the image transitions to the NSNN studio, where a human in a well-tailored formal suit sits wearing a far-too-cheerful expression.

"Good evening, my fellow Shaddaamites, I'm Gard Chipner and it's time for your hourly news update."

"Catastrophe plagues the industrial sector once again as a decommissioned construction droid comes to life and begins destroying homes and businesses before mysteriously and violently detonating. The droid in question, an EVS-model Construction unit, apparently reactivated late last evening for reasons yet unknown.

Though the rampage of the droid lasted only about thirty minutes, in that time it managed to claim the lives of a party of Ubese mercenaries who had been frequenting the area for several weeks according to locals on the scene. Any connection between the group's presence and the droid's reactivation has yet to be established by investigators, and no remaining members of the Ubese group could be reached for comment.

The death toll resulting from the explosion of the ancient machine that followed its initial rebooting has yet to be calculated, as fires resulting from the blast continue to rage in local chemical production plants and machinery disposal sites. Speculators estimate that ultimately, the cost of efforts to repair damaged infrastructure will cripple the planetary economy for months, though several private investors including Golan Construction and Recluse Intergalactic have already stepped forth offering their services for the repair efforts.

Meanwhile, investigators have yet to unearth any significant leads regarding the catalyst for this tragedy. While Republic speakers could not offer comment, Imperial-aligned sources were quick to suggest the Free Droid movement as a potentially responsible party, and have stated their intent to launch an inquiry into the matter."

The reporter turns in his chair to face another camera, still wearing that bright and shiny smile.

"Sounds like a good time to schedule a trip to the core for a few weeks, specifically Gholondreine-β! Yes, located in the Chitarghar sector, Gholondreine-β is renowned throughout the entire galaxy for its relative safety, its sunny beaches, and its cheap and affordable resorts hovering directly above the planet-wide ocean! So why not step up and take a dive into a new adventure? This message has been sponsored by the Tourism Guild of Gholondreine-β. We'll be right back.."

Eredenn Prime communications blackout still under investigation by Republic officials :: New Czerka Corp. CFO promises 'more thorough cost-benefit analyses' for future projects in hazardous zones :: Cult uprisings on Dxun and Taris 'worrying', says Imperial advisor :: Krayt Industries announces partnership with Recluse Intergalactic, promising 'new and powerful innovations' in store
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The Erinian Royal News - Intergalactic Edition

[A well-dressed news anchor peers into a camera as the daily intergalactic edition of The Erinian Royal News begins.

"Hello and good morning to our viewers here and away. It is 7:39 local time, I'm Isaac Kreiss, and here's the news."

"As of this morning, the Special Committee on Planetary Security has decided to support lowering Erini's planetary risk assessment by one level. If adopted by the Erinian Council, the official threat statuses of the Allied Marches and the Eresari Republic will be reduced from "High" to "Normal."

"This decision, according to the committee's special prosecutor Bisola Novoi, was the result of new data on Erini's military readiness, the presence of galactic threat, and internal political security. This data comes from several recently-completed studies that the Erinian Council had voted to approve following the conclusion of the Silence Keeper invasion now referred to as "The Battle of the Void."

[A holo-pict of several recently-finished military craft of joint Marcher-Eresari design in high-orbit patrol around Erini comes into view]

"Now, nearly six months after the invasion, it has been determined that Erini's various governmental, military, and social institutions have recovered to their pre-invasion levels."

"In conjunction with the release on this new development, the Erinian Council's Office of Information elaborated further on the role of this new subcommittee."

[The previous picture is replaced with footage from a press briefing.]

"This committee was specifically created to monitor several critical factors pursuant to Erini's security. Its mission, now that its trial assignment has been completed, will shift to providing the Council with timely, relevant information on these elements' continued status."

[The interview footage is replaced by a holo-pict of a "threat scale" which includes in ascending order the words "none, minimal, normal, high, extreme."]

"With this new recommendation from the Erinian Council, the All-March Assembly and the Eresari Politeia are expected to adopt more accommodating attitudes toward intergalactic and intraplanetary trade and travel rules, including slightly lessened transportation security. When reached for comment, High King Istvan Keyis of the Allied Marches and the President of Eresar, Szejuk Baloi, spoke positively of the new measure."

[Interview footage of Istvan Keyis in Erinian formalwear comes into view. He is sitting in a parlor within the royal residence as select members of the press ask him questions.]

"I think these reports show how far we've come since our moment of trial. I'm especially pleased to see that the committee has recommended more lenient travel policies with our Kyn and Eresari neighbors. It is my hope that our peoples may better know each other."

[The interview footage is replaced with a recording of a prepared statement from President Baloi of Eresar. A younger man than the king, he sits behind a palewood desk inside his presidential office.]

"...It is the people of Eresar's opinion that the new reports will help our once-divided people form a greater, more accepting society."

[The news anchor returns.]

"Along with the previously mentioned changes, Erinians and foreign nationals alike will be able to visit Kynmarch for the first time in recent history without first being required to seek royal pardon. Now, people wishing to visit Kynmarch will be required to undergo a normal application process. This policy would ostensibly be extended to people wishing to cross into Northern Kynmarch through the Allied Marches."

"It is not clear if the Royal Army will impose any additional restrictions on passage into this region..."

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This is ARN.  Alderaanian Royal News.

A young woman behind a desk smiled at the camera.  "Good evening.  Tonight we are talking about House Thule.  One of the oldest houses on Alderaan.  Much of their recent history a their ti-....."

The image flickers and then cuts out.  A replacement image of Rayfer Marsteth standing behind a podium with a calm smile and a full beard.  After a moment Saura Colton, clearly lacking the cybernetics she once needed, steps up beside him.  "And we're live."

Rayfer nodded to her and looked out where a small group of reporters sat waiting.  "Thank you for coming tonight.  First let me say that the beliefs of my death, while reasonable, were mistaken.  I was held captive by a group that currently we have little information on.  They tried to hold me for information.  Agent Colton, my fiance, managed to track down my location and recover me."

He put a hand on Saura's shoulder as he continued.  "I will not go in to great detail on my capture at this time until I have had a opportunity to fully brief the Republic Military on this potential threat.  However Agent Colton and I would like to answer a few questions."

One reporter immediately stood.  "Agent Colton, you seem to be looking very well.  Considering the last time you were seen most of your limbs were cybernetic.  I think a lot of people are going to want to know, what happened?"

Saura nodded, a wry smile on her face. "I made a deal with a Darth," she commented off-handedly, then immediately followed it up. "But really, I had always wanted to replace my cybernetics with biological components, but never had the credits to go forward with the full process. Plus, I'm not a huge fan of scar tissue. But thanks to an experimental process that I've been in over the last few months, I'm now 100% biological, as if the cybernetics had never happened."

Rayfer spoke up.  "Again, as this is a experimental process, we have limited information we can give out on it.  As more information becomes public purview, we will be happy to release it."  Pointing to another reporter as he relaxed against the podium.

"Lord Marsteth, what are you intending to do about Marsteth Industries?  Your company is currently in pieces held by several different individuals.  A large portion of it owned by Taelios Genetech."

Rayfer nodded in awareness.  "Currently, I will be calling for investigations to be started in to the deals and contracts made which lead to the current split in my families company.  In the coming days you all will also become aware of a investigation started over the false will that was released on the declaration of my death.  In light of all these investigations Marsteth Industries will have it's production slowed down.  At the same time, regardless of where the company ends up, I am right here declaring that the loyal employees of Marsteth Industries who lost their jobs will be given a new opportunity.  If not with the same company, then by a new one once again ran by the Marsteth family."

The same man raised his hand again.  "So you will not be attempting to retake control of Marsteth Industries?  What about the new company created by your sister, Marsteth-Villem Industries?"

Rayfer frowned slightly.  "Many actions have been taken in the recent months.  There will be many talks.  I am certain several negotiations.  The future of this company is currently unclear, but it will continue."

"What about the rumors of your upcoming marriage?"

Rayfer glanced at Saura and remained silent.  Saura stared back at him, then gestured for Rayfer to proceed with a smile. Rayfer chuckled and finally answered.  "There will be many talks.  I am certain, several negotiations." Saura rolled her eyes and facepalmed, allowing the diamond engagement ring on her finger to catch the light.

Rayfer stood up straight.  "I assure you all that in the next few days once we have had a chance to get settled there will be a great deal more information released.  For the time being we must first speak with other houses, the military, and other individuals who have been involved in recent events.  I thank you all for showing up on such short notice.  I will now return you to the important history of House Thule."

The feed flickers to static then comes back to show the same reporter behind a desk.  "....concludes our special.  Tomorrow we will examine other houses that have had periods of time outside the Alderaan system.  Thank you, and have a good night."
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Damian Reed, editor of the channel 16 holonews station stalked slowly through crowded hallways of the station's offices, eyes cast to his feet. Heavy set for a Mirialan, his pacing was unlike the usual determined purpose he carried himself with as he wove through coworkers and visitors alike. The cap on his balding head that denoted his position ensured that despite his pace no one would accidentally bump him. A taller human woman came up and matched his pacing beside him.
     "... Sharon." The Mirialan eventually greeted, without looking.
     "Are you okay?"
     "... Sharon. I'm going to make a suggestion which might help you out, but I don't want this gesture to be mistaken for an indication that I like you."
     The woman lowered the datapad she had been working on. "I'm not going to like this, am I?"
     "I know it's strange. But I'm feeling a... Certain... Big brotherly connection right now. Obviously, I'd like that feeling to go away as soon as possible, but for the moment I think you should run a story on this new Colonel spearheading Task Force Zerek."
     Sharon looked perplexed as they turned a corner into a longer corridor. "Someone's replacing Rathnan?"
     "General Rathnan has taken a new posting, according to the phone call I just got off of."
     "With who?"
     "With my friends. Were you aware I have friends?"
     "... Is this a trick ques--"
     "Run it on holonet print. Front site it, above the fold. Get vids. There's going to be an announcement." Damian sighed, walking passed a pair of open doors. "Colonel Vastar is taking charge of TFZ... And Rayfer Marsteth is heading Section 8."
     Damian stopped and turned towards the woman. She skipped her foot a little to keep from running into her boss. "Do we have an opinion?"
     "No, but... Isn't he missing?"
     "Not as of their press release on Alderaan. You should really pay more attention to the feeds."
     The mirialan turned once again to continue on his way without waiting for a reply from Sharon. He pushed his way half through a set of double doors before realizing the reporter had not followed. "New names in TFZ leadership mean new directions, doesn't it?" she called from behind him, having not moved from her spot. "That's why you want me covering this?"
     "You're learning, Sharon. Might want to see to that, otherwise someone might label you as competent." He flashed the briefest of smiles, and then he disappeared into the long hallways beyond.
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"This is an I.N.N. special report.

A dangerous earthquake has rocked the moon of Nar Shaddaa in the last twenty-four hours, and reports are still coming in. The epicenter was located deep in the ecumenopolis, beneath the area of the Industrial Works, previously ravaged by an explosion at the Works Prison."


"Access to the labyrinth undercity in that Sector has been lost due to massive explosions caused by the earthquake. I.N.N. reporters on Nar Shaddaa retrieved these security holos and amateur footage taken at the time of the earthquake and during the aftermath."




"Rescue and salvage crews confirmed twenty four hours after the collapse that entry through the undercity is impossible and the only access is now from above, navigating a descent into the twisted, fiery ruins."

"Engineering crews demolished a damaged portion of the upper city superstructure to prevent further collapse. This had an unexpected effect of exposing the denizens of the undercity to a rare phenomenon; a view of the perpetual haze Nar Shaddaa calls sky."


"A spokesman for the Cartel assured galactic travelers that all is well, and despite the noise and efforts of the engineering crews in that Sector of the moon, there are no further interruptions expected, and no danger to local residents or tourists seeking an all-star experience at one of Nar Shaddaa's luxury casinos... "

Republic Characters
:lightside: Dai Yarwin, Jedi Master and Council member of the Jedi Custodum (
Jaade (, Captain of the Gozanti Cruiser; Jaded Dream ( - Wanted by the Republic
Weequay, A weequay bounty hunter

Empire Characters
:darkside: Eldarus Villem, Admiral of the Harrower-Class Dreadnaught; Rancorous
:darkside: Paskr Villem, Captain of the Harrower-Class Dreadnaught; Rancorous
J'aade (, Captain of the Gozanti Cruiser; Jaded Dream ( - Wanted by the Republic
Ruskk, Twi'lek enforcer for Bloasus the Hutt
Prototype-one, Taelios Genetech Industries war droid
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"INN Apologises for this interruption to your programmed schedules to bring you this story and urgent warning for the safety of anyone within the Promenade district of Nar Shaddaa.

What appears to be a major terrorist attack rocked the Promenade today, with explosions and weapons-fire ripping the excess capital of the galaxy apart in several solid hours of violence. Relief efforts have not yet began, and Hutt security forces are currently conducting an investigation to find the perpetrators of the attack, with many experts blaming the attack on Hutt Cartel turf wars. Panic has gripped the world, crime and riots have run rampant, and Hutt authority is struggling to keep order amongst the chaos, remaining on standby in the event of a secondary attack.

One eye-witness, a patron of the Slippery Slopes cantina, stated that, quote:

A man stands in front of a camera, looking clearly shaken.
"...Some guy...some g-guy in the cantina. An Imperial Officer, or something...someone came up and just...killed him. S-Slashed his throat...then all hell broke loose."

The Imperial embassy on the Smuggler's Moon has entered a state of lockdown, claiming the attack to be an act of war against the Empire, blaming Republic proxy cells for the attack. The motives behind the attacks are uncertain at the current time, with counter-terrorist specialists suggesting that the attack was intended to cause panic, rather than damage, judging by the limited structural destruction.

All civilians are to evacuate the area immediately, and are instructed to report to aid stations until cleanup operations can begin.

The total number of casualties is not yet determinable.


((This incident will be the basis for a future event, catering to types interested in getting the bottom of the attack, and exposing what could be a far greater scheme. At this point, the event will be open to Imperial, Republic and Independent characters. So, keep your eyes peeled for upcoming details!)
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HNC Holonews Coruscant

"Tomo Kollogollos here with the best and latest insights into Coruscant politics. Word reached us here at HNC just today that the Jedi enclave, Custodum, has just finalized a deal which will see them headquartered here on Coruscant. Although not the Jedi Order as a whole, the enclave has been making waves since its inception a year and a half ago, and this move marks a historic return to the galactic capital. With me here is historian and expert on Jedi, Galf Manders."

"Thanks Tomo, great to be here on the show."

"Galf, what do you make of this move by these so-called Custodum? Is it premature?"

"Well only time will tell. Historically, the Jedi Order has spent a long time on Coruscant, and it will be interesting to see how influential parties in the Senate will react to this."

"But is this move smart? Are the Jedi even wanted back on the capital after the Sacking?"

"It's hard to say, Tomo. Jedi have been a large part of the Republic for longer than any of us can remember. But a lot of people still hold them accountable for the war with the Empire. Others say their views are outdated or too limited. On the other hand, there's sections of the planet which could benefit from the Jedi's presence."

"Will their presence have an impact, though? Are the Jedi going to help the people of Coruscant?"

"It's not really clear, Tomo. The Jedi have been very reclusive over the last decade, and moving one of their prominent enclaves here to Coruscant may be the first step to a renewed involvement in helping the common people."

"Or it could be just a political ploy."

"Well, I suppose it-"

"And I'm sorry, we're out of time. There you have it folks, the Jedi's historic return to Coruscant: Political? You be the judge. Join us tomorrow night at the same time, where I'll be interviewing infamous Huttball player Calig Gleebat about his controversial decision to enter politics. Until next time Coruscant, this is Tomo Kollogollos signing off."
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"... ahh yes Martha, you never could cook it that well again could you?  And now we're back, to close out tonight's broadcast with the latest press release from the Imperial Business World.

Late Yesterday it was released that Krayt Industries, headed up by its CEO, Darth Karmic Draga'zathoth, bought out the Touring Branch of Dawnstar Shipping from its former owners.  Apparently broading her own business base, Darth Draga'zathoth will now be doing business in the world of inter-planetary tourism in addition to mining and refinery.  The deal, which apparently closed several months ago, was kept under wraps for the purposes of re-outfitting the entire production before Krayt Industries moved forward in re-opening the business.

We were able to catch up to Darth Draga'zathoth as she was coordinating relief supplies from a KI owned spaceport on Nar Shaddaa.  Here's what we learned:

The scene shifts to center on Karmic in the frame, behind her the bustling of a rather busy spaceport.  Supplies and people are seen hurrying behind her, and several large cargo ships are seen further in the background.  Along the left side of the screen, the female interviewer speaking with Karmic.  Karmic's hair is gathered, if a bit loosely, piled up on top of her head.  She's dressed casually, for Karmic, in a plain purple, sleveless, tunic lined in black on top of a soft, black, floor-length skirt.  The only other item(s) of note: She has two double-bladed lightsabers attached to her hips, one on each side. Both distinctly different in apperance.  She directs a few people places before she gives her full attention to the lady and her camera-droid.

"Can we have a quick moment of your time, Darth Draga'zathoth?"
  The nicely dressed, if plain-looking next to Karmic, reporter half-yelled over to be heard above the spaceport-din.

Karmic turned and smiled at her, and then guided the lady several steps over next to a wall.  The Darth looked around briefly, and the noise level around them seemed to din behind them.  Their voices more easily heard now.

"Yes, of course.  And please, just Karmic is fine - Sorry for all the activity, we're just waiting on final word from a few of the Officials here on Shaddaa to start helping with the recovery and relief effort from the attacks."  Karmic replied, her speech quick, if calm.  "Shipments have started arriving and we're just trying to find out where to put everything until we're given the go ahead."

The interviewer nodded a moment, "If you were anyone else, Darth Karmic, I'd say this was surprising.  But I guess given your long history with this Moon, I shouldn't be so surprised."

Karmic nodded back to the woman, "Nar Shaddaa is practically my home away from home.  I was devastated when I saw your broadcast of the attacks while I was out on the Outer Rim conducting other KI business.  I only wanted to use the resources at my disposal to help the planet and its people."

"And of course I'm sure KI will be helping in the rebuilding of Shaddaa?"
  The interview jumped in, seemingly feeling as if they'd just said something important.

"Well I certainly hope so.  But nothing's been decided yet.  KI is offering their assistance in whatever we can assist with in this tragedy.  I am hopeful that we will also be allowed to help in the rebuilding as well."  Karmic grinned back at the interviewer, nodding again. 

"And actually, Madam, this isn't even the reason I came here today.  I came to ask you about your recent press release, about the acquisition of the Dawnstar Tour Line?"

Karmic nodded again, "Yes, of course!  I'm sure you and your viewers remember another terrorist attack that occurred against the Dawnstar Tour lines - not all that long ago.  Several were hurt, killed, and after everything shook down, it was just in Dawnstar's best interest at that time to sell off their Tour business.  KI and Dawnstar have a long history of mutual business arrangements and we were delighted when they came nd informed us of their interest in selling it off."

"And what has Krayt Industries done to address those very concerns of safety and security? Darth Karmic?"
The interviewer not about to just use a Darth's first name, alone, on the holonet - no matter what the Darth said.

"We're putting two undercover, specially trained, operatives on each and every Ship and Tour.  The spaceports our ships fly in and out of have all been upgraded with the latest security enhancements and more specially-trained security forces man those.  We want all of DawnstarTours' old customers and KraytTours new customers, to know that their safety and security is our number one priority."

"We want people to know that all the former destinations DawnStarTour's served before are again being served in our Tourist offerings. In addition, all of the ships have also been upgraded with even more thematically appropriate styles and offerings of entertainment - depending on your chosen tourist destination.  We are hoping to expand our Tourist flights and services to new ports of call once we've been in active business a few months - we are eager to get moving on future plans."

"So is that why you sat on this announcement for so many months?"

"Yes.  I wanted to wait until all the outfitting, painting, relabeling, and training of all the new pilots, security, and employees was completed.  I wanted to wait until we were ready to launch, before announcing the news.  KraytTours is now officially in business, and our first flights go out in 48 hours!"

As Karmic's attention appeared to get distracted, the news reporter cut in quickly, "Thank you, madam for your time - if I could just have a few more minutes...?"

Karmic continued to stare off a moment, her eyeridges furrowing slightly before she turned her attention back to the reporter.  Her look was friendly, if making it clear she was getting a bit impatient with all the extra questions.

"Very well. Only a few.  Then if you'll let me get back to work, this is why I sent a Press Release out with this information..."  She chuckled softly and nodded to the reporter to continue.

"Yes, I just wanted to ask.. on the tail of all this news about KI.  The recent joining of ventures with Recluse Intergalactic?  And the rumors that you're now part-owner of the Dancer's Retreat?"

Karmic laughed softly, smiling wider, showing the tips of her canines. "Oh about that?  Yes of course.   Well, as I said, Dawnstar and KI have a long history of mutual business arrangements and I've been voluntarily hosting on the Dancer's Retreat for years now.  I guess my friends just thought it high time I actually have a stake in it all."  She laughs again, clearly amused.  "I bought into about 30% of The Retreat, split almost evenly with Dawnstar, and Stell and Anaris - the original owners.  Thereby now making me officially official hostess, and I guess not quite a volunteer anymore."

Karmic faced the camera more squarely.  "I'm especially pleased we all went ahead and made the move, and got in the Barge's new top of the line security systems and defense droids, with this latest attack on Shaddaa's businesses.  I want to make it clear and known to everyone, that security will continued to be maintained on The Dancer's Retreat.  For all sides, evenly.  As it always has been.  Nothing has been spared in our latest upgrades, which were completed and put into action only a few short weeks ago."

She nodded to the camera and then turned her smile back again to the interviewer.

"As to Krayt Industries alliance with Recluse Intergalactic, everyone will have to wait and see.  All I can say is that we've entered into production agreements for some collaborative and innovative ideas and projects coming out of Recluse Intergalactic.  But that everyone will have to wait and see what those are going to be."  She smirked, her nose wrinkling.

Someone off-screen hailed Karmic, and she looked up and nodded.

"And with that, I really must be going.  Please, if you have more questions - just scheduled a sit down.  Perhaps in a few days..."  Karmic said as she slowly started to wander off camera.  Within a few moments of her being off screen the noise returned to its previous levels.

"Thank you Madam for all your time!" the female reporter shouted after Karmic, who was already deep in conversation with someone holding 2 clipboards.

"And that's it for tonight folks.  This is Martha Zomadous, signing off for INN Nightly News!"
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Reydovan News Network: The Official Imperial Newscast for Reydovan Prime and the Surrounding Sector - Darth Cyanoculus Attends Royal Wedding Reception on Erini - Late Departure Caused by Miscommunication from Montagne Noire Spaceport Officials - Head of Spaceport Scheduling Reassigned to Korriban, Job Title Undetermined

Darth Cyanoculus and Minister Lukas Indrick returned from Erini early this morning after attending the reception for the wedding of His Highness Prince Cordae Keyis to the Jedi Knight Shaantil Dumas. "As befits a royal wedding, it was quite a festive occasion," Minister Indrick said after returning to his office. "My only regret was that we arrived too late to witness the wedding itself; that would have added to the evening immensely." The Minister reportedly shared dances with a number of Erinian noblewomen over the course of the evening.

His Excellency also expressed displeasure with his tardiness. "It makes a bad impression, for me and for my government of Reydovan Prime, to arrive late when I expressed my desire to open relations," he told RNN reporters. "We were fortunate enough to attend the reception, but it would have been far better to attend the actual ceremony."

Sources from the planetary government indicate that the snafu was caused by a miscommunication with the scheduling at Montagne Noire Spaceport, which has been detailed by Darth Cyanoculus to prepare all of the Governor's state visits and official diplomatic functions, of which the royal nuptials were considered the latter. The head of the spaceport scheduling office has reportedly been reassigned to the Sith shrine-world of Korriban, though his official capacity there has not been revealed to our reporters.

Minister Indrick stated this morning that Darth Cyanoculus had a series of discussions with Prince Keyis in the course of the reception, whenever a "quiet moment" availed them. He indicates that both sides have exchanged communication data for possible discussion of links between Erini and Reydovan Prime, with the hopes of following up with official talks between the two worlds at some future date. He also points out that, unlike what has been erroneously reported before, the Prince is not the heir apparent of His Majesty King Istvan Honorius Keyis, but one of the King's younger sons; however, "he is a royal, and that gives him power and influence," the Minister remarked, "so perhaps His Excellency's making himself known to His Highness, and making his goodwill clear, will be a step in the right direction."

The official announcement of future diplomatic relations with Erini has sparked considerable debate in the planetary parliament, as well as among the military leadership. Some, particularly IRDF Commanding General Euphrati Velade, point out that Prince Keyis has been the Erinian ambassador to the Galactic Republic for a considerable time; add to that the fact that his new bride is a Jedi Knight (it is unclear if Shaantil has been banished from the Jedi Order, per their code of conduct regarding emotional attachment and physical relationships), and "it indicates a losing battle, and one we cannot afford to lose at this juncture", General Velade reportedly said. Prince Keyis was also made "Special Envoy" to the Empire following the recall of Ambassador Vyla Giers, but the general made clear that she feels this does not change the situation in any way.


We are going live to the Palace of the Mountain Shadow, where Darth Cyanoculus is issuing a statement.

Lord Governor of Reydovan Prime

Fellow citizens of the Empire, my good and loyal people.

It has come to my attention that you are concerned about opening ties to the government of Erini, believing that they are against us because of their open diplomatic ties to the Galactic Republic. Indeed, it is known that Prince Cordae Keyis has served as the ambassador of his people to the Republic, and has even made some friends among them - and among the Jedi Order. You might even say that his very choice of bride indicates his preference; that he has chosen a Jedi as his wife because he wishes to solidify Erinian relations with them, possibly even to bring Erini itself into the Republic.

I believe this characterization to be unfair, for two reasons. First, Prince Keyis is perfectly free to choose who he wishes to be his wife, in accordance with his people's laws and traditions. On that vein, I feel it should be clear that he did not choose a Jedi to be his bride; he chose Shaantil, who happens to be a Jedi. The difference is slim, but it is there. Second, and most importantly in my view, the rather sparce Jedi attendance speaks volumes on their judgment, whereas at least three Darths - myself among them - offered our sincerest best wishes to the new royal couple. I hold that out to you, to our enemies, and to the Erinian people as proof that we, as Dark Lords of good standing and open minds, can set aside whatever feelings we may have on the Jedi Order and show our goodwill to the new Princess, regardless of what she may be or might have been.

It is true that the Erinians have had diplomatic relations with the Republic. But they have had them with us, too, though I will not deny that Imperial ties with Erini have been somewhat shaky. However, there have been some successes as well; our business partners at Taelios Genetech Industries opened offices in the city of Vysberg, sometime before we offered them the same in Caymarnian City, and reports indicate that Darth Taelios has maintained good working relations with his business partners, just as he has with us. It is Darth Taelios' example that leads me to believe that economics will ultimately be our tool in establishing meaningful relations.

Once things return to relative normality on Erini, and the Prince and Princess have settled into their routines, I will open an official dialogue with the Erinian government, using the information provided to me by Prince Keyis, to potentially offer an economic exchange - to open up factory space in Caymarnian City's industrial sector for Erinian companies, and to establish offices of Reydovan companies on Erini. No matter the results of my efforts, I urge you to remember as I do that Erini is a sovereign, independent world, and the first real step in establishing a relationship is to remember that they are their own world, their own people; we will abide by whatever decision they make.

There are those who say that seeking growth through negotiation and trade is a sign of weakness; we are Sith, our goal is to conquer and to expand. The Empire fought a twenty-eight year war with the Republic with nothing to show for it but a body count. Even now that I am a Dark Lord, I see the waste inherent in our system today, where strength is only determined by feats in battle and by treacherous murder of our masters to gain their positions. You may think that, as a warrior by temperment, I should focus more on such pursuits, instead of still trying to "act like a Jedi"; that I should lead our glorious IRDF forces across the border and raid Republic colonies, like some bloodthirsty bandit. As I made clear to my own Sith Master, Darth Malagant, I wish to change such misconceptions about me - to prove I am far more than a sword-swinging brute.

I have learned in my reincarnation as a Sith Lord that diplomacy is much like war, in that there is victory and defeat; a good diplomat, like a good general, must look at the broader picture regardless of the outcome of the battle. Indeed, more oft than not, victory in such struggles - whether it be on the battlefield or at the negotiating table - begins with a series of defeats, for it is in losing that we truly learn how to win. If we win every battle without effort, we learn nothing, and there will come a time where we will be crushed utterly by our own overconfidence as much as by the strength of our opponent. That is not the future I want - for me, for our world, or for our Empire. I ask you today to trust in my judgment, and believe that what I do, I do for not only my own sake, but for yours as well.

Long live the Empire!

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We report.  You decide.

Breaking News: Siege of Zythia draws to a close! Republic Third Fleet forced to retreat as Imperial tyranny grips the sector.

"Good evening, this is Meenan Treznor coming to you now with breaking news regarding new reports out of the Zythia sector. It  appears that the tense twenty-four month standoff between the Republic-leaning planetary government and Imperial invaders was brought to a swift and violent closure just last evening, with Imperial forces asserting a definitive claim to the system."

"For almost two years, the planet of Zythia has been beset by Imperial aggression against their government as Sith agents have attempted to coerce the legitimate rulers of the planet into declaring Zythia an Imperial world. Republic and Jedi ambassadors have been in negotiations with the ruling D'Turaille family - specifically Lord Gaston D'Turaille and his daughter Ambassador T'elanna D'Turaille - in an attempt to convince their government to accept membership in the Republic in order to better defend against Sith claims on their world.

In response, Imperial forces under the command of Darth Lexicanus began a long and intractable siege of the headquarters of the planetary government, a vast mountain complex known colloquially as 'Mount Parliament'. Darth Lexicanus is a member of the Tenebrous Gospel, an organization within the Empire believed to revere the Sith Emperor himself as a deity. During the twelve-month course of the Imperial seizure of the area surrounding Mount Parliament, it is believed by speculators inside the Republic that a full 23% of Zythians support the beliefs of the Tenebrous Gospel, including key members of the Zythian parliament itself.

Events culminated last evening during an apparent rescue operation undertaken by elements of the Republic Armed Forces with the goal of rescuing the entire Zythian parliament from the Imperial blockade. The operation was apparently preceded and prompted by the loss of contact with Jedi ambassadors present on the planet in the days prior to the rescue mission.

According to sources inside the Republic Third Fleet, Republic strike teams discovered upon arrival at the mountain that the Zythian Parliament had been split by internal strife at some point during the occupation, with Imperial-aligned delegates provoking a civil conflict within the mountain with officials they perceived to be Republic-aligned. The skirmishes resulted in the death of a significant amount of the planetary government, including Prime Minister Amirla Henova. Only Councillor Reginald Nomas and two other delegates of the Zythian parliament were able to be retrieved ultimately.

The planned Republic-led operation was unfortunately and unexpectedly foiled when what sources inside the Third Fleet describe as a quote 'massive black pyramid' appeared in the skies over the mountain. The device, apparently a weapon of some persuasion, released a wave of strange energy that encompassed the surrounding area, reportedly reducing organic life in the blast radius to ash at a touch. The four-sided platform then deployed a massive cutting laser that sheared directly through the midsection of Mount Parliament, following up this strike with sustained turbolaser fire that reduced the entire mountain facility to rubble. All inside at the time are presumed dead, as are the members of the leading D'Turialle family who were reportedly murdered in an unrelated incedent.

Coincident with this blatant display of Imperial aggression was the following statement, released over the holonet in a broadcast originating from beneath the Zythian governmental tower:

(( ))

Attention, people of Zythia. This is Darth Thrax, Lord of the Sith Empire. I come before all citizens of this world to make my first official statement of many: Fire at will, Lord Severinus.

It was at this time that the weapon opened fire, destroying Mount Parliament. The remainder was spoken after that attack had culminated.

I have taken the liberty of ending the pointless debate that has crippled Zythia for far too long. I come before you now to announce that the siege of Mount Parliament has been broken, and the inefficient planetary government that has kept you in oppression via its own incompetence has been abolished.

The government that betrayed your planet for Republic promises of power and wealth has now been extinguished. The Empire has no use for, nor tolerance of those individuals who do not exist to benefit the whole. Under Imperial rule, Zythia shall become a planet of growth, of industry, of consequence and most importantly, of strength.

Within seventy-two hours, my forces shall be deployed to establish order. A new government shall be convened, and a new chapter in the history of your world shall begin. The end has come at last, Zythians. Your struggle is over. May the Force serve our strength.”

"Actual confirmed reports coming out of the sector are sparse at best as the result of a total communications blackout. Speculation suggests that the remains of the Zythian military and civillian elements have gone into full-scale rebellion on the planet's surface but these statements remain unconfirmed at this time. Any reports of a Republic backlash to this incident also remain unconfirmed at this time due to the nature and scale of the ongoing war."

"For additional updates on this and other ongoing conflicts across the galaxy, stay tuned to RNN, the Republic's most trusted source for up-to-the-minute news."
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ERN NewsFeed: // Trade Envoy Vyla Giers is officially reported as missing by the Ministry of State – search and investigation operations are already underway// Police were called in to mediate a dispute in Fort Victory between two shoppers arguing over a box of festive housing lights – altercations surrounding the upcoming Festival of St. Hastia are anticipated to continue // The Eresari delegation to the Erinian Council lodged an official apology after some rude remarks concerning one of the delegate's mother were made through official diplomatic channels to the Marcher delegation and then leaked to the press. Polus Masann, the head Eresari delegate expressed his regret and assured the Council that reprimands would be issued to the appropriate parties. //

The Erinian Royal News

Protests Against Imperials Break Out in the Wake of Zythia Capture

Several general protests have broken out in the Allied Marches and the Republic of Eresar this week as news of the Sith Empire’s acquisition of the once-independent planet of Zythia reached Erini. At this point, the protests do not appear to be organized by a central body but they remain some of the largest protests in Erini’s history since the outbreak of the Resurgence War nearly a decade ago.

The protests in Vysberg, Allied Marches and the Eresari capital of Sistisani have reached numbers of over 15,000 participants but the largest by far has risen up the mining venture headed by Recluse Intergalactic funded by Darth Thrax, the man responsible for the siege and capture of Zythia’s capital city. Situated in rural Eresar, this complex has attracted over 18,000 protestors at last count. The protestors have apparently begun to organize their own water and sanitation efforts with the help of local businesses, non-profit companies, and the regional government, resulting in a large tent city which encircles the complex’s perimeter.

While the complex can still be reached by air, the protestors’ presence has created a blockade, prohibiting ground shipments of supplies and resources. There have been no clashes with the complex’s security forces which appears to consist of a contingent of security droids, but no one has been able to enter or leave the complex in nearly a week.

When reached for comment, the Erinian Council’s Bureau of Extraplanetary Affairs has been in contact with the foreman of the operation, who reports that all is well, but that he is anxious to resume regular, uninterrupted mining operations. The protests remains peaceful but the atmosphere is extremely tense.

Other targets of the protests include diplomatic offices, shops carrying Imperial trade goods, and known Imperial or pro-Imperial living districts. Imperial business have also been the targets of mass demonstrations, including the flagship location of Taelios Genetech Industries located in Vysberg’s burgeoning commercial district. When crowds first began to accumulate this past Centaxday, it is reported that Taelios, the owner of TGI, came out and spoke with the crowd. According to Royal News sources present at that first protest, Taelios also furnished the protestors with bottled water and his famous smiles and even took the time to issue an official statement:

“TGI hopes to continue to provide state-of-the-art augmetics to Erini even in this time of turmoil.” He went on to say, “I am awesome, you like my stuff, and I didn’t do that!”

While many people are skeptical of his efforts, some experts believe Taelios’s actions helped prevent TGI from experiencing the same stock fluctuations that occurred as a result of the Zythian invasion and the subsequent demonstrations. If you would like to donate to the “Stand With Zythia Fund”, please follow the link given here.

Sh’aas* Leader Appears in Vysberg, Takes Questions; Erinian Council in Disarray

In an unprecedented and unpredicted turn of events, Roca Talasar Tore, the apparent leader of the northern Kyn tribes referred to as the “sh’aas,” has appeared in Vysberg over the weekend. Roca Tore is the first northern Kyn to be seen in the Allied Marches in recent history and is being housed at the Sun Crown as a guest of the Royal Family.

The Roca’s arrival was met with instant curiosity and drew large crowds of press and on-lookers where he took the opportunity to answer several questions with the aid of an interpreter.

Roca Tore stated that although the people of North Kynmarch have kept to themselves for several thousands of years, “[he] is very anxious to meet [his] new neighbors, that we may better share Erini.”

Despite the Roca’s conciliatory words the enthusiasm of the crowds that came to see him, his arrival on the world stage has caused deep rifts among the sitting delegates on the Erinian Council, the organization in charge of directing Erini’s galactic policy.

While some delegates believe that the appearance of Roca Tore will have a positive influence on the Council’s politics, this opinion is hardly universal. Many on the Council consider this recent appearance to be nothing more than overt interference into Erinian affairs on the part of Lord Quarasha, official ambassador from the Sith Empire. Several Council members as well as a great number of local and federal representatives throughout the planet have issued statements of condemnation for Quarasha’s actions.

While the delegation from Southern Kynmarch has not lodged any formal response with any press affiliates, several leading experts on South Kyn culture agree that each member will refuse to have anything to do with the Northern Kyn. As the Southern Kyn currently make up one third of the Erinian Council, this development could have a severe impact on the Council’s ability to function effectively.

[* Roca Tore has also requested that the word “sh’aas”, a common demonym used to refer to his people, be changed to “Inansi,” as “sh’aas” is considered by his people to be an ethnic slur. The Erinian Royal News has changed its vocabulary guidelines to reflect Roca Tore’s wishes.]

Erinians Angered over Recent Republic-funded Study Defaming Vysint as “Possibly Poisonous”

The Galactic Science and Research Commission has caused controversy on Erini after it endorsed a privately-funded study that suggested vysint consumption leads to increased risk of stroke and intestinal bleeding among humanoid species.

While vysint is currently still illegal in Republic space, its appeal for legalization is making its way through the Senate Subcommittee for Public Health. One official source close to this litigation stated under condition of anonymity that this study was "a sham and should not be considered by any logical being as fact." The official source went on to claim that the study's funding agency, The Republic Alliance for Species Integrity, is widely known to harbor anti-alien sentiments.

Attempts have been made to reach the GSRC for comment but as of this posting, they have not returned calls from the Erinian Royal News or any Republic-originating affiliates.
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GNN: Mysterious Humanitarian group revealed

A female twi-lek reporter looks directly into the camera with a smile on her face.

"Hello I'm Togalli Shasha, and this is Galactic Network News. Tonight we bring you some shocking news. Tonight we have actualy footage of a republic Vessele, interveaning in a an attack on a damaged Imperial frigate adrift after a space battle with the with republic forces."

Its Cuts to footage on of a Valor-Class Cruiser with markings on the side along with the words 'AEGIS II'. The cruiser is seen towing the frigate to the edge of imperial space, and as soon as more imperial cruisers show up the ship jumps to Hyperspace.

"The ship seen has not been yet Identified but it seems to match the markings of a decomissioned ship 'The Nexu', that was stolen from republic impound almost 2 yers ago. But no findings have been conclusive at this time."

"We have receieved word the the Groups leader Simply named 'The Archon', that the groups calls themselves: 'Vanguard'. The Group has taken responisbility for these act of 'charity'. We are discovering as well that they have been busy. Over the Past month..."

A window appears with footage from every scence talked about.

"...This group has beens seen on the Battlefields of Carellia, Intervened in a Skirmish in Imperial Space, and More recently saving a Republic convoy in Hutt Space. We have not recieved any word form the republic brass about the group  but ti this reporter. Their message is clear: 'Everone Needs help Republic or other wise.' This has been Togalli Shasha, next on GNN, Bantha Fecies a Beauty treatment, more on that when we come back."
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Corellian Sector Nar Shaddaa News (C.N.S.N) Special Report

The Smuggler's Moon's Oldest News Source, Broadcasting since the first Corellian Spice-
runners began settling and raising hell- free of propaganda and Nerf-$%^, broadcasting the TRUTH to
Spacers, Greasepit-Mechanics, and Fringers who NEED to know!


"Greetings all you Free Folk and Magnificent Bastards.  Slick Tevvler here.  Most of you need to no introduction to our program- we've been broadcasting the dirty truth through thick and thin, and are your only source free of INN propaganda since the Sith made that bogus claims to OUR homes- as if the Hutts could sell US-ha!  But I digress- the news I bring you tonight goes beyond politics and grudges.  You'd have to have your head up a Hutts snot-hole to have missed the events of the past few days- as unholy monsters from the depths have been bringing nightmares into our homes.  I'm not talking your average Evocaii pandhandler- these things are scarier than my ex-wife! 
So I ask, what are WE, the survivors and free spirits of this moon going to do about it?!

To help us answer that question, I bring you one of our own- Jedi Maerin Wysan.  As most of you know she and her brother helped us greatly as patriots in the homeland, and have been proud bastions of our community here in the  Free Cor-Sector for years.  She has brave, firsthand accounts the first attack, and a plan, we hope, to deal with this scum assailing our citizens- ALL our citizens."


"Nar Shaddaa- I greet you, in good faith and an open hand.  Though I know not all who hear this like or trust the Jedi, my family's place, and commitment to our Moon is well known.  I have come on tonight to put to rest the fears and rumors with facts- and propose some steps to deal with these horrific attacks.  Many victims have been afraid to share details or speak out- fearful of the Hutts' Tourism Interests, or of being quarantined and studied for fear of what you might have been exposed to.  I know this fear all too well, for reasons that will be clear soon.  But the danger is too grave, for once to hide in the shadows.  We must unite, to understand and meet this threat, or risk all we hold dear in this place. 

The facts are thus- 4 nights ago, a Skypalace not far from Cor-Sector was attacked by two humanoid creatures, warped beyond recognition.  Not only physically, but mentally.  Reports of disturbed workers and refugees have been emerging from the Undercity for months, ever since a destructive Sith ritual I was witness to, and have spoken on this channel about before.  Most of you are aware of my refugee work, and efforts to help those unfortunates impacted by the disaster site, and the subsequent unusual Moonquake.  But I can attest, as a Healer and Jedi, that what we saw this week was something new. 

Since that first night, attacks rapidly spread to numerous mid and upper level homes.  And the nature of these creatures went beyond mere rabid madness.  To explain, I will give you the first eyewitness- my son."

Broadcast flickers, and a new image comes on...

"Greetings, viewers.  I am Daimren Vel-Korr, Jedi Knight.  I am a warrior, not a journalist, but I believe everyone needs to know what we know so far, so that they can defend themselves.  On the night of the attack, I was visiting an associates' home, when we were suddenly assailed by psychic phenomena, dreadful 'hauntings' that disturbed Force and non-Force sensitives alike.  We investigated, and were eventually assaulted by 2 creatures which had torn their way- through reinforced armor- into the heating system.  They proceeded to assault and nearly cripple me and 2 other individuals.  They were wreathed in black, almost burnt skin and ichor- and exhaled a disturbing red-mist, not unlike that seen deep near the disaster zone of the Works.  They appear capable of both projecting their madness, and possessing people.  There is also reason to believe they can create short-term memory loss.  Finally- significantly they appear able, and willing to assault Jedi and Sith alike.  At least one unidentified Sith entered the conflict, perhaps drawn by the disturbance in the Force, and was nearly overcome before fleeing.  These creatures possess a dreadful, senseless rage, and a particular thirst for Force users- Light and Dark.  They attempted to touch my mind- and I saw what they are capable of.  I have secured and isolated their remains- in an undisclosed location- but wish to put them at the disposal of a neutral, humanitarian Task Force."


"And that brings me to the crux of it.  I am reaching out to all- ALL persons of Goodwill who care about Nar Shaddaa, to join us in pursing and addressing this threat.  To date, there has been no sign that this condition is yet contagious to the victims- but there IS clearly a source to these dreadful creatures, who have been identified from many races.  We owe it to our families, our livelihoods and our communities to return safety to our streets, before things grow worse.  It is my sincere hope we might also bring healing to those falling under this Dread Plague- but we cannot delay.  We need information, we need unity, and we need action. 

And so, in 3 nights I am calling a gathering, at the Wysan Skyhold, of our community.  Any interested are encouraged to contact me.  It is not a "Jedi" or Republic gathering.  I know 'nonpartisan grassroots organizing' is hardly something associated with the Smuggler's Moon.  But I have faith in the fierce spirits of our people, and hope we can rise above differences to secure our streets, our families and our homes from this crisis.  My door stands open.  Will you join us?"

The screen crackles with static, and the following hololink emerges:
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Corellian Sector Nar Shaddaa News (C.N.S.N) Special Report

The Smuggler's Moon's Oldest News Source, Broadcasting since the first Corellian Spice-
runners began settling and raising hell- free of propaganda and Nerf-$%^, broadcasting the TRUTH to
Spacers, Greasepit-Mechanics, and Fringers who NEED to know!


"Slick Tevvler here again, folks. So, um, we might have something of a messy report to bring tonight.  And I'll need to make this quick and slightly less witty than usual.  I'm sure you'll all be crushed.

So, most of you remember our last report- who HASN'T noticed the Plague Warped, ever since the Hutts started handing out bounties like candy for them.  Our friend Maerin's report might not have generated many 'humanitarian efforts,' but its certainly brought in cash.  Those Jedi are always a little too idealistic for my taste- still props to Maerin and her small 'Citizen's Watch' for at least keeping the Cor-Sector streets a bit safer.  Force knows we're not worth much to the Hutts in our own homes out here. 

That brings me to our problem though.  Seems SOMETHING decided it was a good idea to take on an ENTIRE palace- namely one Karvgadda the Hutt.  Not much known 'bout the guy, though he's got a brother on the Cartel Council.  Nothing certain it was the Plague-warped stiffs, seems WAY more above their IQ levels.  But the whole place is SERIOUSLY surrounded by the largest Cartel force I've seen since the Dock-Strikes of '39.  Troops seen at the edges of the nearby Duros and Red Light Sectors too- not your average Pigface either, talking Elite Nikto and Weequay Enforcers with air support.  Now, we on this show have not always been in, SUPER agreement with all the decisions of the Cartel Council, but we all know our Benevolent Overlords beat being under the boot of one army or another out here.  Our real condolences to the family of Karvgadda."
"We- oops, hold on folks- we're getting word from some of our agents in the field, a bounty hunter named Dreb waiting in hopes the Hutts will be feeling generous to go after whoever did this."

"Dreb?  Dreb are you there?  You're on live!"

"Dreb... Sendros here... really packed...lot of locals showed up.... whats going on.  Dirt poor folks mostly... fringer drifters.  Hutts seem SUPER paranoid though, brought out all the guns.  I saw two REAL armored skiffs go in, probably Boss'... een a few hours now, really going over the place...  oh I see movement finally.  One is coming to the gate.... there's the other.... they are leavin, guards pushing back crowd.  ... damn probably means no deals tonight.  Guards.... still standing here, around the whole perimeter.  People...ant to leave, whats... OH FRACK.  They are cutting down the crowd, half the neighborhood- and dropping gas bombs into the Undercity too.  I've gotta run....[connection breaks with a hiss]"

"Ooohkaay folks, I'm sure we'll get Dreb back soooon... but as it seems the Hutts are angry and currently purging a neighborhood, it MIGHT be best to lay low for a while... and very much NOT report further Plague sightings.  On that note... I'll need to go off the air briefly to someplace a little more secure than, well, this random bar.  Be back when I can... or something.  Night folks!"


OOC- this impacts Duro, Red Light and one other unnamed semi-industrial region for now (where massacre actually happened)- although the whole Moon is likely in serious unease at the moment
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Urgent Hutt Cartel Bounty Notice
ANY individuals with ANY information on curfew breakers in the following holo-cam footage, are strongly urged, on pain of a friendly death, to immediately contact the Cartel Authority directly.  5,000 Cartel Coins are being offered, each, for any information leading to the arrest of individuals using Force-Sorcery to conceal themselves and assail our benevolent defenders.

Additionally, pending a feared breach of Quarantine, 3 additional Sectors are under strict Lock-down for the next 3 days.  If any members of your household may have been exposed to the so-called Dread Plague, please contact the Authority for your and their safety.


Forgive my non-existent photoshop access, just having some fun with the terrible photo-editing available to me at the moment. :P
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FROM: Dawn Star Industries Public Relations
SUBJECT: "Beloved Executive Passes Away"


CASTLE BEILEN, ALDERAAN - It is with the deepest of regrets that we inform you, today, of the passing of Va'ara Kelsin-Qardaak, Chief Executive and recently named primary owner of Dawn Star Industries.  Kelsin-Qardaak, aged 27, met her end with dignity and honor this past week assisting in relief operations at a disaster site on the Outer Rim.

Kelsin-Qardaak, a native of the Beilen fiefdom, was one of several members of her family to serve with honor in the Beilen Guard Corps, serving two two-year terms and earning a Blue T'iil For Valor At Arms in the North Killik Conflict.    As a Lieutenant of the Guard, she served during the Battle for House Wymarc as home-guard, ensuring that the brutal conflict could gain no purchase in her homeland.  Tragically, Va'ara was the only one of the three soldiers from the Kelsin family to survive the war.  She was allowed to resign honorably, for bereavement and exhaustion, and has been posthumously granted the rank of Subaltern Nonpareil in the Beilen Rolls of Honor Eternal.

After a brief period of travel, Kelsin-Qardaak entered the service of Seiyd Alumar, former head and owner of Dawn Star Industries, and served with the same distinction there as she had on her homeworld.  Before long, she was tapped by Madame Alumar to take her position as corporate lead during Alumar's maternity leave and, before the Madame's retreat from galactic life, granted her position in full.

Since taking the reins of the corporation, Dawn Star Industries has expanded from a shipping concern and entertainment provider into various other fields of expertise...from shipyards in the Core Worlds to agricultural concerns on planets from the Slice to the Rim.  Under her leadership, Dawn Star was listed on Economenclature's '10 Fringe Companies to Watch Closely' list for the preceding year.

But business acumen was not Kelsin-Qardaak's only trait as leader of Dawn Star - she was also deeply dedicated to almsgiving operations across the Galaxy.  Among the contributions made by Dawn Star under her watch were relief operations to the independent planet of Erini after the devastating attack they suffered from unknown aggressors; the transport of medical supplies and aid workers to Avilatan Island on Ord Mantell after the resumption of hostilities between Republic forces and Mantellian Separatists; the continuation of an economic partnership for the reconstruction of the city of Montaigne Noire on Reydovan Prime; numerous messages of political import supporting causes diplomatic and humanitarian; and, finally, her sacrifice to ensure the survival of countless innocents at the scene of her death.

Memorial services for Va'ara Kelsin-Qardaak will be held soon at a location to be disclosed.  Any condolences or messages of grief can be sent to Dawn Star Industries' satellite office on Kwenn; any charitable donations or other munificent gifts ought be made in her name to the Beilen Foundation for Perpetual Peace.  Va'ara Kelsin-Qardaak leaves behind a husband, Pehn Qardaak.  She will be missed.

(( This is a public notice of Va'ara's demise...for the details, please refer to '~Stardust~' here: (  Va'ara's memorial will be held in the form of an open thread, after we figure out the proper territory to hold the memorial (anyone with one to offer that is sufficiently elegant and neutral, let me know)!  Folks who knew Va'ara...folks who wished they'd known her...and anyone else will be invited to make their peace! ))
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Reydovan News Network: The Official Imperial Newscast for Reydovan Prime and the Surrounding Sector - TRAGEDY ON NAR SHADDAA! Dancer's Retreat Destroyed by Terrorist Attack - General Velade, Erinian Royals Onboard - Number of Fatalities and Injured Unclear; No Passengers Lost - Darth Cyanoculus Outraged, Declares Perpetrators Will Be Punished

A terrorist attack orchestrated by a Hutt crime lord destroyed the pleasure barge Dancer's Retreat on Nar Shaddaa last night. There is no determination as to the casualties, though it is believed that all of the passengers onboard the vessel managed to escape either via ship or speeder before it crashed in a fiery inferno in the lower levels of the Vertical City.

Among the passengers onboard the Dancer's Retreat when it was hijacked was General Euphrati Velade, commander of the Imperial Reydovan Defense Force. Darth Cyanoculus and his Shadow Hand, Lord Tethik Nadun, had visited on separate occasions sometime before the incident; His Excellency's office indicated that he met with Prince Cordae Keyis of Erini, discussing future diplomatic ties between his world and Reydovan Prime. Prince Cordae was onboard the barge with his wife, ex-Jedi Knight Shaantil Dumas, during the incident; other passengers are believed to have included Darth Karmic, the regular hostess of the events onboard the barge, and Baron Ralle Wymarc of Alderaan.

Commander of the IRDF

General Velade sustained a minor wound to her leg during the firefight that broke out on the deck of the Dancer's Retreat, and most of the passengers onboard suffered minor injuries as a result of the damage to the barge caused by Ugnaught saboteurs and crazed droids, as well as what the general described as a "massive cobbled-together war machine of questionable quality but obvious lethality". She later stated that the saboteurs' effort was apparently to crash the barge into the Dancer's Palace, the new pleasure palace opened by the owners of the barge; the general stated that the Hutt declared the passengers were to be "examples", but she remains unclear as to what. The monstrous machine that caused the fatal damage to the barge was destroyed by the combined efforts of the Republic, Imperial, and neutral passengers onboard. General Velade particularly cited the "reckless, and quite frankly heroic" actions of Princess Shaantil.

Darth Cyanoculus learned of the incident upon his return from Nar Shaddaa, and witnesses in the Palace of the Mountain Shadow reported signs of breaking objects throughout the Governor's inner sanctum. Upon addressing the press, his anger was still quite evident as he addressed the public. "This attack against the Dancer's Retreat, a place where Jedi, Sith, Republic, Empire, and everyone in between could meet in peace and - dare I say - fellowship, is a heinous crime not only against all who enjoyed the hospitality of its hosts, but all who will now never get the opportunity," he said. "This Hutt scum who masterminded this attack will learn what it means to make me his enemy; I have no doubt that there will be others who will seek to bring these terrorists to justice. They had better pray that those others get to them before I do."

General Velade, who has also recently returned, has ordered the IRDF placed on high alert in the event that the attack on Nar Shaddaa is not an isolated incident. While she believes that the Dancer's Palace was the target rather than anyone who happened to be onboard the barge (the passengers being collateral damage), "I'm not willing to take any chances with these people after this," she said. "They blew up the whole damn barge - and nearly took all the passengers with it - just to prove a point. That might have worked for them on Nar Shaddaa...but if they come here, they'll be on 'Mama Vel's' turf...and I'll remind them of just what that means."
Title: Explosion OBLITERATES Karvgaddaa's Palace <<Corellian NS Pirate Feed>>
Post by: SivWysan on 10/16/14, 03:38:55 PM
//ad343d9f(*33/// Corellian Sector Nar Shaddaa News (C.N.S.N) Scrambled Pirate Feed ///3**&nkjdiikc93938//

Corellian Sector Nar Shaddaa News (C.N.S.N) Breaking News!!

A grainy feed sizzles with static, showing Corellian celebrity Slick Tevvler sitting in the shadows, in what appears to be a nondescript warehouse.

Good evening folks- its good to be back.  The Smuggler's Moon's Oldest News Source here, STILL broadcasting the TRUTH to those who need to know, and doing our best to help you stick it to the Man.  Once, um, we can figure out who, exactly that IS right now.

Apologize for the premises.  Recent... poor reviews by the Cartel Council have necessitated a less glamorous venue for the moment.  But we're still out here on the streets, walking and, when necessary shooting our way through the news beat.  Tonight's BIG news is the massive explosion that rocked the late Karvgadda the Hutt's palace.  We're not sure why someone would feel the need to do this, since all reports suggest SOMETHING already brutally murdered everyone inside, inspiring the Cartel Security Forces to do the same to everyone waiting outside. But I digress.


You don't need me to tell YOU how ugly things have been getting out there now.  The Cartel Council has been in closed session since Karvgadda's murder, a few nights back- and every time they meet, more folks get shot, gassed or their houses disintegrated.  6 Sectors now under Lockdown, and riots in the Lower Levels.  But the Hutts have been oddly quiet since this last blast.  The Plague-warped monsters too, for that matter.  Like everyone's waiting on some BIG next move.  Not sure I want to think too hard about that.

So far as we can tell, though no one actually died in the latest blast- someone had the courtesy to hit an alarm.  We've also got a lead from an alleged  eyewitness to what was inside before it all went up- hints that there might be a Cult of some sort involved.  Apparently there was a sacrifice of some sort there and, believe me folks it wasn't pretty.  Could the Dread Plague be part of some religious nuts' master plans?  Who knows, but until we see evidence otherwise we're standing by this semi-substantiated claim, just on principal.


Well, we've gotta get going, keeping feeds short to confound Cartel traces.  Stay safe out there folks and stay tuned.  Oh- and one more thing.  If Let us know if anyone hears anything about that Jedi, Maerin.  Honestly, her plan of "uniting everyone to study the Plague" seemed to be grasping at straws from the start... but straws aren't looking too bad right now.  She's been silent for the past week- but here's hoping she found something, rather than something finding her." 

Tevvler gives a cocky salute, and the screens go dark.

Additional OOC Note: Force Sensitives on the Moon sensed a brief... weakening of the almost maddening Dread generated by the Dark Side Nexus the same evening as the Palace explosion.  Subtle, but something definitely shifting.  People- especially, for some reason those with frequent direct dealings with the Hutts-  find themselves sleeping just a little easier, for a few nights at least.
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And now for a word from our sponsor...

New, from the author of Jedi Heat and Forbidden Force, Coruscant University
Publishing brings you a new Master-piece. Travel with Jedi Master Sek'shee to
the steamy jungles of the planet Lehon as he delves ever deeper into the
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"Friendly" Newsfeed forced into every Holonet server on Nar Shaddaa.

Friendly Cartel Community Bulletin!

"Good evening folks!  Tibb Trevalle here, with a friendly Community Service Bulletin!  Which service, you ask?  Why the most important service of all- serving the loyal business community of our lovely little moon!  Our Hutt benefactors wish to note several new improvements to make everyone feel safer and more comfortable, so you can get back to doing what you do best- and about which, as usual we don't need to know too much about! (unless we do- do we?)

There have been some rumors going around, which the Council is laying to rest.  There is a vile, very rude Force Cult doing some nasty things.  The Cartel prefers we not dwell in the past, but the dim, smoggy future that lies ahead cheerfully for our little Moon.  But they wish to assure everyone matters are being handled, with some simple revisions. 

The Cartel Council, in its munificence has contracted the services of some elite Force users to deal with this meddlesome group.  While the mighty Hutts do not, of course fear the Force, they know weaker beings might like to know this. 

These beings should also ask themselves, do I like money?  Of course you do!  The Cartel Council is offering LOTS of it to anyone with information about this Cult.  In addition to being horrible dinner company and black-ichor covered, we have discovered they like to do nasty things with eyes they steal from people.  10,000 Cartel Coins offered to anyone with solid leads on this group, or people getting them eyes.  People who steal and sell other people's eyes for legitimate business purposes are, of course welcome to keep doing so, but need to renew their licenses immediately. 

As a show of its love for our community, the Cartel Council is also lifting the Quarantine on most citizens!  Citizens currently in Quarantine Camps will be moved to much more comfortable Undercity Refuge Camps, following some simple security checks. Please have your natural eyes on your person for these checks.

While Cartel Forces will remain on watch for these vile terrorists, we are also happy to announce we have completed our unrelated Undercity Insect Removal Operations with perfectly safe gas bombs.  If you had any complaints about  these helpful Pest Services in, around, on top of and repeatedly through your home, a Customer Service Hololine has been established.  Documented "minor issues" experienced by families are entitled to some reimbursements.  Please bring photos, rubble or death certificates for your next of kin. 

On an unrelated note, we remind citizens to NOT go near the perfectly routine but fragile seismic monitoring equipment established following some minor Moonquakes.  Disturbing these valuable science experiments to improve building safety on Nar Shaddaa will mean immediate and quite literal liquefaction.  Have a nice day!
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Moon Shadow Catalog


An Evening with Telann'a D'Turialle

Reserve your tickets now for this once a season event for discriminating purveyors of high fashion. Join Zythian beauty Telann'a as she showcases the lastest trends in smuggler chic, as well the hottest fashions not found anywhere near the Core Worlds.



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Join Telann'a and her fellow fashion superstars as they speak to the importance of bringing much needed foodstuffs and medical supplies to the most dangerous Sectors of the galaxy. Add a donation to your ticket purchase, and you earn the opportunity to speak to one of the stunning models showcased.



You might even meet Telann'a herself!


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...remains will be returned to Coruscant within the week.

With great sadness, we report the death of Jedi Master Nom Kass,
who was killed in action yesterday in the Fondor shipyards. A
Kel-dor, Master Kass led a long and exemplary career as a
sentinel in the order, culminating in his wartime posting on
Fondor. He dutifully kept that assignment throughout the treaty
and its subsequent collapse, and his sacrifice will not be
forgotten by the world he loved. Master Kass is survived by his
padawan learner, Ada Garnsdottir of Tython.

We regret to inform our listeners that the 517th armored
spacetrooper brigade has...
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"... our ongoing investigation. Should the Selkath create land masses on Mannan for visiting Imperial dignitaries? Our investigative reporter says yes!"

"The Hutt Council has just made a special Sector-wide announcement that Nar Shaddaa is once again safe for trade! Huttese scientists in conjunction with private seismic contractors have confirmed the detonation of am explosive device that has stabilized the surface of Nar Shaddaa, and will allow full reconstruction efforts of the Corellian Sector on the moon."

"The Hutt Council said in their prepared statement that they spared no expense bringing in the most qualified seismic experts to study the problem, and their top scientists created a custom-device specifically designed to seal unstable rifts in a planet's mantle."

"The Council assures all trade partners that no further interruptions to localized trade will occur, and union leaders are invited to bring their members back for new high-paying jobs in the Works. The entertainment directors of Nar Shaddaa's famous promenade are offering a limited time voucher for gambling enthusiasts to welcome them back."
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Outer Rim Free Holonews
The stories that you want. The news that you need. Unbiased and updated daily.  || Zythian Officials continue investigation into mysterious burglary in the Capital Building. || Hutt Council reopens all trade on Nar Shaddaa in lieu of end to anomalous seismic activity. || Rakghoul infestation continues on war-torn Corellia || Imperial weapons testing initiatives leave 'large swaths of lifelessness' on defenseless worlds || "The Master Sek'Shee Chronicles: Book One: Tides of Love" casting revealed!

Atrocities on Haruun Kal come to an end under mysterious circumstances; Imperial intervention suspected

Haruun Kal, Pelek Baw - After days of speculation regarding the status of Haruun Kal's military junta following a communications blackout of the planetary capital of Pelek Baw, all members save for junta leader, Lor Pelek Xaoren Adal have been confirmed dead. This marks what some speculators are calling a definitive end to the bloodshed and chaos that've overtaken the planet in the wake of the Korunnai Civil War that followed what is colloquially referred to by Republic and Imperial analysts as the 'Massacre at Haruun Kal', perpetrated by Imperial black-ops forces several years prior. Xaoren Adal and his tribe Ghôsh Adal managed to achieve planetary control only six months prior to the recent discovery of their deaths - an action largely unnoticed by Republic and Imperial forces in the wake of multiple crises originating on Nar Shaddaa, Erini, and Zythia.

Sparked by fundamental disagreements over interpretations over the use of what the Korrunai refer to as the Pelekotan (literally translated as 'jungle mind'), the Korrunai Civil War has resulted in several deadly conflicts and sieges that analysts approximate may have left tens of thousands of Independent, Republic, and Imperial foreigners dead in their wake, with innumerable native casualties. Due to the dangerous nature of the world itself and its tenuous political situation, actual figures have been difficult to obtain and many victims of Ghôsh Adal and its aligned tribes may never be found.

The short reign of Ghôsh Adal has been marked by atrocity and death on a massive scale. The tribe's brutal interpretations of the Pelekotan call for the ritualistic murder of all outsiders, referred to as Balawai by the Korunnai people. Once an extremely hard-line conservative faction of the Korrunai tribal council, outside aid from an unknown source allowed Ghôsh Adal and its allies to stage several sieges on the capital of Pelek Baw that, while tactically ineffective against a hardened plateau city, resulted in massive loss of life and a psychological victory via demoralization that preceded the capital's eventual capture.

The murder of the Ghôsh Adal junta's leadership was preceded by the arrival of an unidentified Imperial warship in the Dustig sector. Imperial sources have claimed to be the vessel in question - a Gage-class transport known as The Scarred Heart - to have been considered lost with all hands, a victim of piracy perpetrated by rogue Mandalorian groups approximately nine months ago. Several days after the appearance of the vessel, a communications blackout was declared personally by junta leader Lor Pelek Xaoren Adal. Independent investigators have not been allowed access to the crime scene, and word from remaining junta officials cannot currently be attained, as opposing factions have swiftly responded to the loss of Ghôsh Adal's leadership with a siege that is expected to result in the total defeat of the planet's regime, and a swift end to the Balawai holocausts thereafter.

Republic officials have long since declared Xaoren Adal guilty of 'crimes against civilization' and continue to consider him and his personal honor guard to be 'missing, at large' and have vowed to bring him to justice once he is relocated. Imperial officials have offered no comment with regard to the reappearance of The Scarred Heart in conjunction with this disappearance, but claim that they will be pursuing the matter further once Haruun Kal's planetary situation stabilizes.

  - Kaumen Parras, ORFH Mid-Rim Correspondant
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ERN NewsFeed: // A tense standoff between Erinian Navy cruiser “Blackmaw” and several tramp freighters carrying illegally stamped shipments of “adult entertainment” novelties has finally ended. Naval Communications Officer Amriek Taldeer commented that trade in Orbital Sector 17 has resumed following the conclusion of a “potentially sticky situation.”… // Imperial socialite and CEO of Taelios Genetech Darth Lolermelon Taelios has reportedly invited several Kyn and Inansi figures to what he describes as “the [expletive] sickest party in the ‘verse.” The event has been cleared by border officials who will allow entry into Kynmarch to anyone with the proper papers but Kyn leadership could not be reached for comment… // Rear Admiral Adimas Greiss-Heathmarq, recently the center of a major public relations scandal after being court-martialed for refusing to take orders from Eresari Admiral Ezjes Tovok, has been convicted of refusing to follow orders and ‘conduct unbecoming of an officer and a gentleman’ after it was proved that he had slapped the Admiral with his glove. The court has sought a penalty of dishonorable discharge… //

The Erinian Royal News

Sith Attack in Eresar - Darth Thrax Declared “Enemy of the State”

In a landmark decision from the Erinian Council this afternoon, the de facto ruler of occupied Zythia Darth Thrax has been declared to be “persona non grata” in the wake of several crimes committed by the man, most recent among them the apparent assault with intent to murder two people in Eresar. Neither of the targets – a Jedi Master named Iaera Farworlder and a Kyn male whose name has not been determined – could be reached for comment, but several witnesses at both the Sun Crown, Ernmarch, and a slew of witnesses to recent attack outside of the Eresari capital of Sistisani have gone on legal record stating the Darth’s complicity. In accordance with this decree, Darth Thrax is no longer offered free entry onto Erini and is hereby considered a target for arrest should he be found by planetary police forces.

While some legal experts maintain that there is no proof of his involvement in the assassination attempt of a few weeks ago, there is virtually no argument against Darth Thrax’s involvement in the attacks in Eresar. This attack has been met with intense hostility by the people of Eresar. This morning, yet another protest exceeding 20,000 people was reported around Sistisani with several moderately smaller protests in nearly every other major Eresari city.  It was reported by Royal News affiliates on the ground that while each protest had different characteristics, Imperial flags were burned in effigy throughout the region.

When reached for comment, Lord Quarasha, ambassador from the Sith Empire to Erini expressed “disappointment” over “the Erinian Council’s increasingly hostile attitudes” and further implied that the Kyn representatives in the Erinian Council were especially to blame. When asked to comment, Roca Tomaq stated that the Empire had “damned itself” and invited anyone curious to “observe the holostills, as [he had] done.” The Erinian Defense Authority has lowered the threat condition from “Imminent” to “Extremely Likely” but appeared on the Erinet to voice assurances that the Erinian Navy and defense forces remained at “heightened levels of security.”

While many foreign policy experts elaborated that the proclamation would likely serve as provocation toward the Empire, government officials in Ernmarch and Eresar were quick to clarify that the directive was aimed entirely at Darth Thrax and any other man or woman that wished to “disrupt the peace and harmony” of Erini, and unaffected Imperial citizens on the planet should be treated with “the utmost respect and camaraderie.”

Ambassador Keyis Welcomed on Coruscant

Prince Cordae Keyis, acting ambassador to the Galactic Republic, has accepted an invitation from Supreme Chancellor Saresh and ambassador Whispr Villem to attend his first official visit to the planet as a function of his duties as ambassador.

The Prince will be greeted by several members of the Galactic Senate, will be allowed to sit in on general Senate sessions at his leisure, and other such activities. When reached for comment, the Prince related his thanks at the opportunity and expressed his delight at being given the chance to observe such a renowned government body in action. In particular, Prince Keyis was eager to meet with several members of the Senate’s Select Committee on Extra-Republic affairs to discuss the humanitarian situation concerning refugees fleeing Makeb as well as the Senate Committee on Finance to discuss furthering Erini-Republic trade.

Erinian Council Enters “Closed Session”

For the third straight evening, the Erinian Council has convened for a special closed session. In keeping with Council bylaws, these sessions are only to be convened to discuss planetary defense and are the only meetings to which the rulers of Eresar, the Allied Marches, and Kynmarch are required by treaty obligations to attend. While news affiliates along with any sort of recording implements are strictly forbidden under penalty of grand treason, which is any treasonous act that affects every Erinian nation simultaneously, the Royal News was able to ascertain from Erinian Council spokespeople that the meetings were in full attendance.
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Reydovan News Network: The Official Imperial News Service for Reydovan Prime and the Surrounding Sector - Stormwatch Recently Returned from "Major Operation", Exact Nature Unclear - Darth Malagant Reportedly Visits Darth Cyanoculus in Montagne Noire, Illuminopolis - Darth Cyanoculus Remains in Seclusion in Illuminopolis - Rumors Spread of Indrick Committing Suicide in Protest Against Offering Aid to Malagant, Tenebrous Gospel - Indrick Laid to Rest in Magna Caymarnia, Monumental Tomb Built by Order of Sith Governor

We are reporting live from Illuminopolis, where His Excellency Darth Cyanoculus has been staying in seclusion for the last several days now, following the departure of the dreadnought Stormwatch, flagship of the Reydovan Sector Defense Fleet. We have unconfirmed reports that the RSDF flagship, in conjunction with some IRDF special forces, has been seconded to Darth Malagant for a special operation, of a nature which we are not aware. Darth Malagant has visited Darth Cyanoculus on at least two occasions, once at the Palace of the Mountain Shadow in Montagne Noire, and again here in the City of Light.

The Stormwatch has just returned from its mission, and there has been no word from either His Excellency or the Ministry of Planetary Security and Defense, currently headed by a committee of the junior ministers following the death of First Minister Lukas Indrick, whose body was found on the observation deck of Outland Station in orbit. There are rumors - again unconfirmed - that the First Minister committed suicide in protest against association with Malagant and the Tenebrous Gospel.

And we are going live now to the Temple of the Mountain Sun, where Darth Cyanoculus is addressing the people. I say again, we are going live to His Excellency as he makes a statement.

Lord Governor of Reydovan Prime

[Darth Cyanoculus walks onto the balcony of the Temple, his expression one of grim sadness and determination as he begins to speak.]

To my loyal people, and to those in the Empire who listen today, I greet you in a spirit of sadness - for I am still in mourning for the loss of my faithful right hand, my trusted advisor, my friend, Dr. Lukas Indrick, First Minister of the Imperial State. It is true that Dr. Indrick took his own life in a fit of despondency, but the rumors that he did so as a symbolic protest against our recent dealings with my old master, Darth Malagant, are untrue.

No, I will tell you why my most loyal ally chose suicide over continuing to live with his despondency: His heart was broken. We made every overture of peace towards Erini, a world we believed to be similar to ours: A world of people who love their home and will do anything to defend it, who seek to maintain their independence while offering the hand of friendship. But it seems that Erini has made its intentions against us clear. I sent messages to the Lord Ambassador, Prince Cordae Solarius Keyis, and to his father, the High King Istvan Honorius Keyis, pleading with them to not condemn all of us for the acts taken by our...erstwhile colleague, Darth Thrax, Lord of Zythia. These pleas were ignored outright. While they continued to shun all Imperial emissaries, including the Imperial Ambassador to Erini, Lord Quarasha, they open their arms to Republic support, which - by this time tomorrow - will likely amount to Republic control. Indeed, Prince Cordae has been reported as having met with Leontyne Saresh, Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, at the opening of a new Erinian embassy on the Republic capital of Coruscant.

No such plans for an embassy on Dromund Kaas, or even here, among a world and people who were so supposedly respected and admired by the Erinians, were ever made. This is further proof that the Erinians - while they welcomed Dr. Indrick and my apprentice, Lord Tethik Nadun, as my emissaries, and spoke kind words to them - have plotted against us for some considerable time. Prince Cordae lied right to my face, and to the faces of my envoys, when he described his admiration and respect for me and for you, my people. My admiration for him and for his people was sincere; I believed firmly in the independence of Erini, which would benefit us greater than its destruction or its submission to the Republic. It pains me to see that he is truly a politician, a man of two faces, both of them lies.

[Cyanoculus raises a finger, pointing directly at the holocamera.]

If you're watching this, Your Highness, I make this perfectly clear: I will not forgive or forget your insults. And though my friend took his own life, you may as well have put the blaster in his hand yourself and helped him pull the trigger.

It is in this spirit of indignation against the deception of the Erinian diplomats that I agreed with the request made by my former master to provide support, in the form of the Stormwatch and soldiers of the Special Operations Division of the Imperial Reydovan Defense Force, to a major operation against Erini. These forces have just recently returned. To better explain the circumstances, I have requested that Darth Malagant be here to speak to you today. My lord, if you would?

[The crowd outside the Temple begins to murmur as Cyanoculus steps into the corner, giving Malagant center stage.]

Darkspeaker of the Tenebrous Gospel

[Malagant smiles and raises his arms in an encompassing gesture.]

Citizens of Reydovan Prime, faithful subjects of the Emperor Everliving, I am pleased to speak to you on this most auspicious day! For today we remove the blinders that we have worn in regards to Erini, and see the truth of them at last!

With the aid of your fleet commander, Admiral Vardis Durant, I went to Erini to join the fleet assembled under the command of the venerable Admiral Eldarus Villem, to answer the hostility against our Empire by the faithless Erinian heathens, and to finally answer the aggression committed against our soldiers by the filthy savages known as the "Kyn", the pet Force-users of the Erinian Council and their Jedi allies. The Erinians proved to be a crafty and resourceful foe, but they proved to be no match for our glorious Imperial Navy!

However, I also bring evidence that the Erinians were building superweapons to use against us! Joined by troopers from the IRDF Special Operations Division, I accompanied the courageous veteran Captain Ralakan Walker and two squads of his Marines in the boarding of an Erinian vessel known as the Saints' Defense, which possesses a weapon with the power to all but destroy our greatest capital ships.

[For HoloNet viewers, the image of Malagant is briefly replaced with imagery taken by the Stormwatch, showing the Erinian vessel firing its weapon on the Emperor's Wrath.]

This is proof that the Erinians, for all that we believed that they wished only peace and cooperation with us, have in fact been developing these weapons with the intention of using them against our forces! They would use these weapons to destroy our fleets, leaving us defenseless for their Republic masters to pour across our borders, slaughter our brave defenders, and indoctrinate our citizens with their false promises of equality, intended to brainwash you all into drones shackled by false hope! I will go one further, in fact - suppose they wish to turn these weapons onto our worlds themselves? The Republic has built weapons of mass destruction before - they condemn Darth Thrax for what happened to Mount Parliament on Zythia, while they built a monstrosity capable of devastating entire planets during the last war! Do they not see the hypocrisy in their arguments against us? Or, the more important question: Will we allow this injustice to stand?

[Cries of "Hell no!" and "Burn those Jedi-lovers!", among others, begin to rise up from the crowd outside the Temple.]

Your Lord Governor had the best intentions in his heart when he tried to work for peace with these people. He sees, as so few do, the cost of a protracted war. And this was not a decision that was made lightly or on a whim! No! This decision was made with long soul-searching. We knew what the cost would be - we lost many dedicated and loyal soldiers and crewmen when these heathens ambushed our forces, with serious damage not only to the glorious Emperor's Wrath, but to the great flagship Rancorous as well. It was through the aid of our esteemed friend and ally, Darth Thrax of the Neo-Zythian Paradigm, as well as my brother-in-arms Darth Phrixos of the Tenebrous Gospel, that we were able to escape the trap, but we took from the Erinians a resource that will bring greater glory to the Empire!

The Erinians' actions have shown that all they have wished is war with us - and now, war they shall have! Your Lord Governor has joined his forces to the cause, and while the road ahead will be long and bloody, the rewards will be well worth the cost. For we will emerge the victors in this struggle, and we will prove to these smug fools what it means to oppose the Sith Empire!

((Soundbite! ))

[Malagant, his expression one of triumph, raises a fist in the air.]

Death to Erini and their duplicitous nobles! Death to the savages who embrace the false dogma of the Jedi!

For Reydovan Prime!



[The crowd goes wild with cheering, and chants of "Malagant! Malagant! Malagant!" echo in the courtyard.]

RNN Breaking News: WAR! Imperial State of Reydovan Prime Declares War on Erini in Face of Aggression Against Imperial Forces - Darth Malagant, Admiral Durant Strike Blow Against Erinian Aggressors - Darth Cyanoculus: Indrick Ended His Life With "Broken Heart" After Failed Erini Negotiations - Reydovan Prime Asks: What Next?
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Post by: Bolas on 11/11/14, 09:19:23 AM
-- in a surprising development today the listed commander of Task Force Zerek, a joint military organization, held an impromptu press conference at the Senate Building in regards to the Erini attack.

Vastar steps up onto a podium set out in front of the senators tower on Coruscant, in full dress uniform, complete with beret and minus a cigar. "Citizens," he begins. "On Zythia, we learned what the Empire intends for all worlds that that entertain Imperial partnership. And now, with the latest news from Erini, we learn what the Empire intends for all worlds that entertain trade with the Empire: unprovoked assault, seizure of persons, and attempted destruction of leadership. This sends a clear message - there is no diplomacy, if you have what the Empire wants, they will take it."

"Today, of all days. As we remember those who fought for our freedoms and defended our truths, be bold. Be so bold as to remember those who fought for those beyond ourselves as well. Remember the freedoms taken from Zythia and Erini. Remember Balmorra. Remember Alderaan."

Vastar pauses, looking around and adjusting his stance.

"In honor of those sacrifices, I hereby declare Erini a protected state. Republic relief forces are already en route, and we are entering talks with the Erinian government concerning specific aid and tasks as they recover from this tragedy. We will not abide such an act of intended terrorism, nor will we let its victims fall in the dark. Together we build ourselves up, that eventually none will be forced to suffer the tragedy of the Empire in this galaxy."

That is Colonel Sharak Vastar of Task Force Zerek, making an unprecedented move in front of the Senate Building this morning. No word from the Senate itself of yet if it endorses this act, nor of who the military group counts as its allies among the senators in this decision. With us now is senatorial consultant--
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   *A man and a women would be seating behind a large desk smiling. * "Reports coming from Belsavis about a prison break out that took place a few days ago. More then a dozen guards dead and a dozen more injured in what was confirmed as a prison break. A survivor still alive said it was four assailants that attacked and each seemed more powerful then the next. Reports about young children from a republic prison that had been transferred to Belsavis were the targets of the escape. " The man stops speaking and turns to the women.

*The women looked at the man and with a smile spoke.* " Well that is a bit odd that the children were taken instead of the adults that were there and more powerful. I would have thought they would have more value with the adults. " The man would shake his head to the women. "Well from what reports tell me Genie the children were force sensitive or something. Not to sure if its all correct with the information though when it comes to Belsavis but for four people to attack and escape with a dozen more seems strange. "

*The man would turn back to the camera.* "If anyone knows anything of these reports the republic officials from the planet Coruscant would like you to contact them immediately for information. In turn if the information is correct or of value a large reward would be given to the individual. "

*The two reporters continue about the wheather now .*
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The Erinian Royal News

[King Istvan Keyis is seated in a royal drawing room in front of a richly-made, antique wooden desk. He addresses Erini and the galaxy. He speaks slowly with great calculation and gravitas.]

"Hello, and good evening to all Erinians and our friends throughout the galaxy."

"Tonight, it is my duty to bring you very disheartening and distasteful news. As many of you are no doubt already away, Erini has come under attack by the Sith Empire after years of peaceful coexistence and economic harmony."

"It is most difficult to tell you this for as in all tragedies, this blow came swiftly and without mercy. However, though these war criminals, brigands, and lowly scoundrels surely sought to enact a campaign of untold terror against innocent people and retribution against imagined slights, I am pleased to announce publicly that the Erinian Navy has successfully defended her people and driven off that lunatic rabble."

"Though the losses sustained by our fleet weigh heavily on us, I speak with great pride in announcing that our scientists are eagerly combing over the countless tonnes of Imperial wreckage produced by the ill-advised and fool-hardly attack. The Tormaggedon, the Up on High, and their crews remain, as ever, along with the whole of our valiant navy, our stalwart defenders and native sons. The sacrifices of their brothers in arms will be honored forever in our hearts and minds, for they have surely succeeded in their greatest endeavor - the defense of their homeland from evil and decay."

"And now, I speak directly to you, our friends in the galaxy at large, along with whomever else may be listening."

"On the night of the attack on our servicepeople, the seat of government in the Allied Marches - my home, the royal residence - was the subject of one more unsuccessful and poorly-realized assassination attempt."

"An Imperial assassin who knew personally the plan and layout of the Sun Crown, no doubt from many previous visits under the guise of friendship, did attack elements of the royal Throneguard along with many innocent bystanders in her attempts to get myself and my sons. According to the occulus-cam recordings taken from every Throneguard on the scene, including three post-mortem, and which have been made public for viewing, show a woman in dark clothing of near-human make and a peculiar accumulation of mass around her head attacking and perpetrating acts of war inside the Sun Crown and its grounds."

[Istvan holds up two pieces of a bisected lightsaber, elegant yet subtle in its design.]

"According to Royal Intelligence, this weapon which was retrieved from the assassin, a blue lightsaber, was intended to be used in hastening my death and those of my family. This lightsaber, when matched against our files kept on known and past Jedi and Sith who have visited Erini, was revealed to have belonged to the Jedi Master Soldin, dead nearly a year from officially unsolved causes in neutral space."

"With this evidence in hand, along with the eye-witness accounts of several security personnel present at the time of the attack, and with the knowledge that said evidence has been reviewed at length by the Erinian Council as well as the Terekaar Eresari*, I proclaim that Lord Quarasha, ambassador of the Sith Empire, is hereby compelled to turn herself over to the Erinian Council for questioning under criminal charges."

"Among these charges are murder, attempted murder, destruction of government property, fraud, and attempted regicide."

"The Sith Empire has one Erinian day to deliver Quarasha to Erinian custody for trial to resume a course of normal relations with our world. Along with this, an official apology from the Dark Council is required. If this deadline is not met, Quarasha will be considered a fugitive of justice. At such a time following a failure to surrender her, a bounty of 300,000 galactic credits will be paid by this office in reward for her capture, dead or alive."

"To the Imperial citizens currently residing on Erini, I say that you remain welcome here under the condition that you continue to live good, honorable lives in contrast to those of the madmen who helmed this attack on our system. Should you wish to depart our world, your free and safe transport will be ensured by law enforcement and military forces. If you wish to remain here to seek asylum or permanent residence, we greet you with open arms."

"Good people of Erini, Eresari, Marcher, Inansi, and Kyn, I bid you stand together now in friendship and wish you all, wherever you are listening, a good night."

"And finally to our craven, dishonorable foes, I will only wish you luck."

[The holorecording ceases...]

* The Terekaar Eresari is the Eresari Republic’s independent intelligence service.
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Reydovan News Network: The Official Imperial News Service for Reydovan Prime and the Surrounding Sector - BREAKING NEWS: Darth Cyanoculus Resigns! Sith Governor Has Departed Reydovan Prime - General Velade Promoted to Moff, Appointed First Minister and Governor - Darth Cyanoculus' Departure Blamed on Erini Tensions - Moff Velade Orders Severing of Ties Between Reydovan Prime and Erini

In a stunning turn of events, His Excellency Darth Cyanoculus has stepped down as governor of the Imperial State, and has left full executive power in the hands of the newly-appointed First Minister, General Euphrati Velade.

The general, who has been commander of the Imperial Reydovan Defense Force since the beginning of Darth Cyanoculus' governorship, has been promoted to the title of Moff as a result of her appointment, which combines the governorship into the office of First Minister and grants her authority over not just Reydovan Prime, but the entire Reydovan Sector. Moff Velade has been succeeded as commander of the IRDF by Commander Varan, her chief of staff; the commander, a Chiss sniper for the Imperial Army who is rumored to have been an agent of the former Imperial Intelligence, has been promoted to general.

First Minister of the Imperial State and Governor of the Reydovan Sector

Moff Velade has not revealed where Darth Cyanoculus has left to, but she has explained that His Excellency has departed as a result of the ongoing "stresses" caused by the recent operation conducted by the Tenebrous Gospel against the planet Erini, which has recently been declared a protectorate of the Galactic Republic. The First Minister also reminded the populace that the recent tensions also resulted in the suicide of First Minister Lukas Indrick, who was "heartbroken" by the breakdown of diplomatic relations and the inevitable result of conflict. Just prior to assuming her position, she attended Dr. Indrick's funeral in the village of Magna Caymarnia; Darth Cyanoculus did not attend, remaining in seclusion in the Temple of the Mountain Sun in Illuminopolis prior to his departure from the planet.

The First Minister has revealed that her first official act was to receive a communication from Prince Cordae Keyis, the Lord Ambassador of Erini to the Galactic Republic and Special Envoy to the Sith Empire. During that communication, which she admittedly described as "heated", Prince Keyis reportedly stated that Erini will not conduct hostilities against the Imperial State "for as long as he draws breath". In response, Moff Velade issued an official statement declaring Erini a beligerent state for its decision to accept Republic protection, and to sever all diplomatic and economic ties, officially ending the effort by Darth Cyanoculus and First Minister Indrick and writing it off as a "lost cause".

"His assurances that we will not be assaulted will no doubt be lies, considering that his father continues to falsify allegations against our ambassador," Moff Velade stated. "I have no doubt that they will fabricate a reason to renege on this so-called promise; the Erinians have done nothing but lie and condescend to us, despite all of our efforts at sincere goodwill. Furthermore, I find it amusing that these people have the audacity to demand the extradition of a Sith Lord, and to stoop to hiring bounty hunters to achieve that goal, especially after refusing our own demands for the extradition of those who assaulted Imperial soldiers assigned to the embassy. Truly, we made a grievous error in even thinking of working with these people. However, I have now rectified that error, and made our position clear: We will not endure their false promises any further. And if they continue this harassment, we will gladly offer our services to any Sith and Imperial forces who choose to punish them for their transgressions. The Sith Empire will not be bullied by rabble-rousing hypocrites."

As a result of this severance of ties, the Parliament of the Imperial State has voted to go further and ban all imported goods of Erinian origin, including the ubiquitous liquor known as vysint, a major import. Upon accepting the results of the vote, Moff Velade has also sent a recommendation to the Ministry of Logistics banning the sale and consumption of Erinian products in the Sith Empire as a whole, and calling for all Imperial-aligned businesses to sever all ties to Erini immediately. Some have speculated that this is particularly directed at Taelios Genetech Industries, which has conducted business with Caymarnian Weapons and Armor Manufactory (CWAM), the company owned by the family of the late First Minister Indrick; TGI also has facilities on Erini. While admitting that this action may not have a major effect on the Erinian economy (due to their dealings both with the Republic and with neutral third parties), Moff Velade believes that a symbolic gesture showing the Empire's "disgust at this vile slander" is required.
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From the Office of Lord Quarasha, Imperial Ambassador to Erini to all Galactic News Agencies -- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Quarasha appears in unadorned, black robes, hands folded before her, tucked into the opposite's sleeves, a somber look on her face. "No doubt many of you have heard of the claims of King Istvan of Erini's Allied Marches. His claims are no doubt serious, shocking and worrying to all... and quite offensive to me."

"Did the Sith Empire attack Erini?" Quarasha pauses, shaking her head sadly. "I am afraid that is correct... but only a small part of that story. I suppose he must have forgotten about the humanitarian mission that was the true thrust of that engagement: Giving political aslyum and protection to a large number of the oppressed Inansi people."

"The Inansi people have long suffered under the Erinian Council's leadership. They are subject to their whims, yet have no chance to have their voices heard. They were engaged in a bloodfued with the Kyn, who control a third of that council, who have gone to every effort to prevent the Inansi people from gaining the representation they need, in favor of a campaign of mass extermination."

She laughs bitterly, looking away from the camera. "Before my trip into their lands, none outside even knew they had a name for their people. Before them? They were called Sh'aas. Predator. Animal. And for my part in giving this world the first steps towards true unity, peace between the Inansi and Kyn? I was insulted, branded a 'meddler', threatened with dismissal for the grand crime of saving three Kyn lives."

She looks back to the camera, disappointment on her face. "Once I heard of the Erinian Council's secret talks with the Republic, I knew there was no choice, and began planning for an operation that might save the lives of at least some of this unique culture, before the Republic could be allowed to repeat the end of the Great Hyperspace War, which almost left the Sith Pureblood species extinct."

"Our vessels were instructed to only engage the Erinian fleet as long as it took to allow for the transports evacuating Erini to escape. No ordinance was dropped on Erinian cities, no Erinian civilians were harmed... only military vessels against military vessels, and the sacrifice of the Imperial soldiers to save the lives and culture of complete strangers will forever be remembered."

She frowned at the camera. "Not that you would know any of this from the good King's broadcast. No doubt he hesitates to offend his Kyn allies by so much as mentioning the oppression of the 'vile Sh'aas'. My only regret is that so many were left behind, thanks to the Erinian Navy's willingness to fire upon commercial transports evacuating civilian non-combatants. King Istvan, I believe that THAT is a war crime, is it not?"

"Of course, if that is where his deception ended..." she smiled all too briefly. "I would be a much happier woman. Instead, he decides to slander me, accuse me of attempting to kill him and his family. I know what many of you are thinking, of course the Sith Lord denies it, that must make it true..." Quarasha shrugs. "I could speak of my past as an advocate of peace with neutral worlds, my work at expanding trade with Erini, the simple fact that only a fool would send an important figure to make such an attack in person..."

"...but instead, I ask you to look at the evidence he has put forward. He says he has footage that it was a humanoid woman, with odd lumps on the back of her head, using a Lightsaber that appears to have been once owned by a Jedi. How he connects the Lightsaber to me... perhaps he should say that BEFORE demanding my surrender, before smearing my reputation?"

"How he points at me, instead of one of the billions of other Twi'lek women, or countless other ones that are talented in the Force... perhaps he will deign to say? He has eyewitnesses, he says, but provides no testimony. He wishes the Dark Council to take this on faith, I presume... but would any world, any government even consider humoring such a demand?"

Quarasha bows her head to the camera. "I urge King Istvan to reconsider his claims, and to rethink his choice of friends. One of the best ways to know a person is to see how they treat those at their mercy... and I think you, Istvan, do not wish to be known as the man who stood aside and watched an entire people slaughtered like cattle."

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For release to all in Justicar Protectorate

There have been reports of an armed fracas taking place at one of the refueling slips near Patriot Plaza today.  I can now report that this is, in fact, confirmed.  A group of seditionists, bent on mass murder, attacked a waste-disposal scow this morning at 0300 hours.  Justicars Montas Blaeg and Ban Skorawlfrah were mercilessly ambushed and brutally attacked, giving their lives in defense of your safety.  Another Justicar, Marchina Trev, is in critical condition after being exposed to a currently unknown biogenic toxin.

It is believed that the seditionists intended to use the stolen vessel to transmit more of this biogenic toxin into the local hydrosupply, poisoning the Justicar Protectorate.  We do not yet know if these were Sith spies, Republic terrorists, or members of any of the multifarious threats against your life and liberty...but we will find out. Before the toxin could be delivered, heroic Justicar speeder-rangers chased the vessel down and destroyed it and its poisonous payload before any further casualties could be inflicted.

Memorial services for the heroes who gave their lives in defense of your safety have been scheduled during tomorrow's Mandatory Rest Period.  An extra ration of joy-water will be provided to all workers in celebration of their noble sacrifice.

You are safe.  You will continue to be safe, for we stand for you.  The Sacking did not defeat you.  The current troubles will not defeat us.  We soldier on.

In trust,
Kroyd Blinton
Justicars' Brigade Information Minister


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The Erinian Royal News

Crisis in Kynmarch: Reports Confirmed - Live Wreckage from Space Battle Found, Targeted by Armed Forces

After extensive rumor, an expedition from the Erinian Navy has confirmed that a damaged Imperial superweapon has been located in semi-working order at a location deep inside the forests of Kynmarch.

When reached for comment, sitting Joint Chief Lord Admiral Tarigus Heiss-Dovrina declined to give the object's specific location, but stressed that while a harsh travel ban was currently in place, the situation remains firmly under the control of planetary forces.

Earlier today, the King of the Allied Marches addressed the planet alongside his counterpart, the President of Eresar in an attempt to cut down on the broiling panic that has seized parts of the planet.

The two leaders were quick to point out that while they had taken the liberty of consulting "experts" concerning the object's removal, any and all attacks against Erini would be "routed outright."

UPDATE - ((Music (

At approximately 5:34am, our affiliate networks in and around the Allied Marches stronghold of Fort Victory have reported intense Erinian Army and Navy forces drills in the surrounding areas. No one at the military could be reached for comment but multiple eyewitness reports have alleged that a massive troop movement has been deployed into Kynmarch ( along the northern sections of the border...

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Reydovan News Network: The Official Imperial News Service for Reydovan Prime and the Surrounding Sector - General Varan Orders Seizure of Taelios Genetech Industries Factory in Caymarnian City - All Employees Arrested, Technologies Seized - Varan: Taelios "Gives Aid and Comfort to Enemy", Asserts Possible Role in TCT Massacre - First Minister Applauds Varan's Decision as "Correct Action" - Lord Tethik Submits Report to Ministry of Logistics

When Reydovan Prime was brought under the governance of the Imperial State, an economic alliance was formed between Caymarnian Weapons and Armor Manufactory and Taelios Genetech Industries, a galaxy-wide corporation formed by the eccentric Sith Lord Lolermelon Taelios, who personally crafted the cybernetic replacements for Darth Cyanoculus. Now, that alliance is severed.

General Varan, who attended the weekly "war room" session at the Necare estate on Dromund Kaas, transmitted an order to his forces to seize the TGI factory in Caymarnian City late last night, before Darth Taelios could make any move to remove any personnel or materials. All TGI employees are currently en route to the Castellum Carnivora, the prison facility servicing the Reydovan Sector, under the charge of facilitating high treason - a charge that Varan has levelled at Taelios himself. While such a charge normally warrants death, interrogation of the employees indicates they were unaware of any specific plans, only what was directed to them by TGI corporate headquarters on Quesh, and so they have been sentenced to a period of cryogenic incarceration at the Castellum in a closed session of the High Court of the Imperial State.

First Minister Euphrati Velade, addressing a session of the Imperial State Parliament, provided a statement given to her by General Varan, revealing that records in the TGI facility indicate a continued link between Taelios and the Republic protectorate of Erini, using resources provided by the Imperial State. Varan's statement expresses the general's belief that Taelios "provides aid and comfort to the Erinians, who have declared themselves enemies of the Imperial State and of the Empire as a whole by their choice of accepting the protection and aid of the Republic". The general has also expressed his suspicions that the massacre of technicians at Taelios Caymarnian Technologies - the think-tank formed by Taelios and the late First Minister Lukas Indrick, CWAM's CEO at the time - is somehow linked to Taelios' continued interactions with Erini. Furthermore, a recent effort by Darth Thrax to use his weapons against Erini, Varan has learned, was thwarted partly by the actions of Taelios himself, in concert with Jedi forces. "This is proof that Taelios acts solely for his own benefit - or his own amusement, more likely - even at the expense of the Empire," Varan's statement continued. "We call upon our people, and all loyal Imperial soldiers and citizens, to repudiate this self-righteous madman who seeks to jeopardize our initiative."

Upon finishing the reading of the general's statement, the First Minister went on to laud the TGI raid as a "correct action", remarking, "Taelios sees our people and our world as part of his little game. This action makes clear to him, and to anyone who seeks to exploit us at the expense of our Empire's security: We're done playing by your rules. Now you'll play by ours." Adding his voice to the repudiation of Taelios is the Imperial State's Sith advisor, Lord Tethik Nadun, who has submitted a separate report to the Ministry of Logistics calling for an investigation into TGI's business dealings.

TGI representatives could not be reached for comment.
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Taelios News Network: Straight from the Pureblood's Mouth

Taelios, of Taelios Genetech Industries, recently issued a statement regarding recent events, including the excursion to Erini and subsequent raid on his Reydovan properties.

"To the more reasonable citizenry of the Empire, first, I say... hello, friends. I am certain that, once some individual issues are sorted out, we will return to seeing reason and put forth a United Front. Until the day that we no longer heel to madmen and their sycophants, however... I worry for our future."

"To Thrax: We had a good run, but you and I both knew we work better as enemies, anyways. I am looking forward to seeing that side of you again, _but_... It's always been headed this way. You want to bring an end to the party, and we can't be having that."

"To Reydovan Prime: "We had a good run. You will release my employees forthwith or action will be taken to retrieve them. Your cooperation on this matter is advised and would be appreciated."

"To the Citizenry of Erini: "Everybody gets one. I hope the statue looks good or what was even the point?" Taelios pauses a moment to wink at the holocamera, and blow it a kiss.

"To Everyone Else: "Hi, thanks for watching. Be sure to catch the Holonet Exclusive Premiere of "Taelios and the Revengening 36: Back with a Vengeance Again For the Second Time!" shortly after this news broadcast."

The news feed cuts out to a commercial for Taelios Genetech Industries.
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The Erinian Royal News

Allied Strike Victorious - Imperial Superweapon in Ruins

After the conclusion of a classified military action conducted this past week, the Erinian Armed Forces have officially declared the wreckage of one of Darth Thrax's "Dark Reaper" superweapons to have been "categorically destroyed" and is safely in military hands. A spokesperson from the Erinian Council, under whose auspices the assault had been carried out, spoke to local and galactic press to assure everyone that Erini was no longer in any danger from the device.

The assault, which consisted of a ruthless orbital bombardment campaign and the use of a covert strike force made up of Erinian and foreign nationals, was deemed a "resounding success" with only one casualty. It has also been reported that the strike force included such celebrities as the royal couple Prince Cordae and Princess Shaantil as well as Darth Taelios of Taelios Genetech Industries and Jedi Master Iaera Farworlder, master of the Custodum branch of the Jedi Order.

The Erinian Council is expected to approve measures of commendation for all those involved in the strike, as are the separate ruling bodies of Eresar, the Allied Marches, and Kynmarch. Special honors have already been awarded posthumously to Jedi Knight Soori.

When asked for more information, a spokesperson from the Armed Forces said that several thousand Erinian men and women were currently stationed in northern Kynmarch to "observe the wreckage to ensure its inert nature."

Referendum Results: Erini "Overwhelmingly" Republic

The results are in. Thousands of official referendums conducted throughout the Allied Marches and the Republic of Eresar show a massive surge in popular support toward affiliating with the Galactic Republic over the Sith Empire. After both nations' tallying committees met last night to count the votes, it was determined that the Galactic Republic garnered 73.8% of the popular vote to the Sith Empire's 22.1% with a record-breaking 88% participation rate.

Royal Gaffe Highlights Pro-TGI Protests in Major Cities

A minor breach in the 'royal etiquette' that is so distinctive of Vysberg's government sector has sparked sympathetic protests across Erini in response to the sudden arrest and seizure of TGI employees and property on the Imperial world of Reydovan Prime.

The incident began yesterday in a closed-room meeting between the King of the Allied Marches, Istvan Keyis, and several members of his staff. According to official palatial sources, the meeting was convened in response to the protests on that subject that had just entered their third day. It is not known how exactly this leak came to be, but it is theorized that an aide mistakenly released an unedited version of that meeting's transcripts wherein the King referred to General Varan of Reydovan Prime as "a tight-breasted, jumped up little [expletive]."

This leak has only served to increase the resolve of the protesters who have taken to the streets with new signs poking fun at the Reydovanian general and other prominent Sith while praising King Istvan and the newest royal couple. Commuters are advised to avoid Vysberg's 14th, 35th, and 87th wards due to an increase in protesters in that area.

@Joshmaul (;u=507)
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Reydovan News Network: The Official Imperial News Service for Reydovan Prime and the Surrounding Sector - Live From the Parliament House, Montagne Noire Joint Session of Parliament Convening in Wake of "Unilateral Action" by First Minister - Still Awaiting Word From Ministry of Logistics on TGI Sanctions

We go live to the Parliament House in Montagne Noire for a special joint session of the Parliament of the Imperial State called by the Lord Chairman of the House of Nobles.


<The President of the House of the People's Voice, as the senior elected official on the planet, acts as the chair of the convocation. He stands, as the remainder of the representatives and government ministers take their seats. The First Minister, in the formal gray Imperial uniform befitting her rank and status, glares balefully from her single eye at the Lord Chairman.>

My lords and ladies, esteemed representatives of Reydovan Prime, we have come into session at the behest of my counterpart in the upper chamber. With this in mind, the chair recognizes His Eminence the Baron of Caymarnian City, Lord Chairman of the Council of Nobles.

<The Lord Chairman stands, giving as good a glare as he gets to the First Minister and to those of his opponents who proceed to boo him (and then quiet themselves as the President of the House calls for order), before smiling and beginning his address to the Parliament.>

Mister President, fellow nobles, honorable emissaries of the populace. I have called this session to address a gross breach of executive authority and a violation of the laws of the Imperial State, undertaken by Her Excellency Moff Euphrati Velade, First Minister of the Imperial State, by His Martial Eminence General Torv'ara'nerasi, Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Reydovan Defense Force, and by the High Court of the Imperial State.

Two days ago, the General - without any authorization from this body or any pretence under law - ordered a raid to be undertaken against the facilities provided to Taelios Genetech Industries in Caymarnian City, under the agreement made between Darth Taelios and then-CEO Lukas Indrick of Caymarnian Weapons and Armor Manufactory nearly three years ago, following the formal declaration of the Imperial State. This raid resulted in severe, and unnecessary, damage to the TGI facility, collateral damage to surrounding facilities, and the arrest and detention of its employees.

Furthermore, the High Court of the Imperial State sentenced these individuals to imprisonment in a secret session, rather than by a public trial of their peers, as allowed by the laws declared by His Excellency Darth Cyanoculus following the establishment of the Imperial State. In a public address to this body yesterday, the First Minister referred to this unlawful raid as a "correct action" and has lauded the authorities that participated in it. Such violations of the sovereignty and protections granted by our law are repugnant to me, and I will not stand for it.

I call upon all of my fellow representatives to repudiate the actions undertaken by the First Minister, the Commanding General of the IRDF, and by the High Court, and to demand the resignations of all of the aforesaid.

I yield the floor, Mister President.

<Amidst shouted threats and catcalls between his supporters and his opponents, the Lord Chairman returns to his seat. The President of the House calls again for order, before standing once again to address the assembly.>

This is a most serious accusation, my Lord Chairman, one that borders on slanderous. However, the matter has been brought to the floor. Who wishes to speak on this matter?

<Velade, glaring once again at the Lord Chairman, raises her hand. The President nods to her.>

The chair recognizes Her Excellency Euphrati Velade, First Minister of the Imperial State and Moff of the Reydovan Sector.

<Velade stands, looking around the room, her gray Imperial uniform a distinct contrast to the black and blue of Cyanoculus' personal colors, favored by the members of the Parliament.>

Thank you, Mister President. I wish to remind the representatives of this assembly, in case they had forgotten in the three years since this world was brought into the Empire, that it is called the Imperial State of Reydovan Prime, and as such, all of its laws are subject to interpretation by the higher Imperial authority that oversees this world and the surrounding sector. And at the risk of sounding like a braggart, ladies and gentlemen, I am that authority, as appointed by Darth Cyanoculus himself. Or does the Lord Chairman, who believes that only nobles such as himself are fit to hold executive authority, advocate going against the word of the very man who gave him the power he now holds?

<Silence from the galleries. The Lord Chairman continues to glare, while the President of the House - Velade's chief ally in the Parliament - looks smug for a moment before resuming a neutral expression. The First Minister continues.>

Furthermore, I wish to point out that the freedoms that have been provided to you as citizens of the Empire are a privilege. This institution exists only because Darth Cyanoculus willed it to be so. Rights granted with merely a word can be taken away with the same. I will not do that, for I too honor the efforts that my lord made to establishing a society of both strength and prosperity, so close to our border with the Republic. I wonder, if the actions undertaken by myself and General Varan had been undertaken while he was still Governor, would we even be bothering with this waste of your time, friends? I think not.

<Murmurs and nods of agreement, even from some of the Council of Nobles.>

The actions undertaken by General Varan against the Taelios facility have been reinforced by the reports from Erini; it seems that despite our desire to leave them to rot, they wish to remain a thorn in our sides. They themselves brag about the defeat of the efforts made by His Dark Eminence Darth Thrax, Lord of Zythia, and have spoken of the role played by Darth Taelios, in conjunction with the Jedi Custodum and its leader, Master Iaera Farworlder, to commit an act of betrayal against our Empire in destroying the "Dark Reaper" device sent to Erini by the Neo-Zythian Paradigm. Indeed, the nations of Erini - the Allied Marches with whom we have dealt most, as well as the Eresari Republic and the Kynmarch - offer commendations to these people, even Taelios, while they slander and harass our honored Sith representatives and courageous defenders.

Taelios' decision to fight alongside the Jedi Custodum against an Imperial operation constitutes treason of the highest order, and I have had messages sent not only to the Ministry of Logistics, but to the Dark Council itself, as Taelios has proven that his allegiances clearly stand with the Jedi and their Republic, and not with our Empire. These acts, among others, have led us to examine our relationship with Taelios Genetech Industries and thus with those who serve at Taelios' behest, and that is what resulted in the action undertaken at the General's order. An action I continue to state was correct, was necessary!

<The sounds of agreement become somewhat more pronounced.>

While General Varan and I do not agree with Darth Thrax's methods, as Darth Cyanoculus did not agree before us, we do not question the intent of the Lord of Zythia: To destroy those who make themselves our enemies, and remove once and for all the pernicious influence of this backwater that continues to stand defiantly against the fate that Destiny has chosen for it. Indeed, King Istvan believes himself invincible, enough to resort to speaking slanderous words against General Varan as if he will not be punished for them. In the defense of my comrade, I say this, Sire: You may need a thousand words to make your point, but one blaster bolt will make ours far more emphatically. Consider that before you stoop to childish insults.

Thank you for your kind attention. Mister President, I yield the floor.

<Velade sits down to the applause of most of the chamber. Only the Lord Chairman and his small gaggle of sycophants do not share in the adulation. The President of the House once again calls for order as he stands.>

Thank you, First Minister, for your words. Is there another who wishes to speak on this matter?

<A shadow seems to fall over the room as a mechanically enhanced voice speaks from the high galleries - a low tone, and yet clearly heard.>

I will speak.

<Every head in the room turns to the speaker - a tall, cadaverously thin man wearing a heavy hooded robe and a mask that conceals his features, a pair of wickedly-serrated blades in his hands, which are crossed over his chest at the wrists. Velade goes utterly pale, her mouth hanging open in shock as she stands. Her Sith advisor, Lord Tethik, also stands, his expression grim. Both clearly recognize the man, who continues in his icy, and oddly familiar, tone.>

I have made a mistake with this institution, allowing people to believe they had a say in their destiny. They do not. None of us do. We may speak all we wish until we are spent - but our words will not stop the inevitable result of Life.

<The Lord Chairman, himself stupefied by the appearance of this dark stranger, speaks up in a stammering voice.>

A-and w-w-wh-what is the...i-i-inevitable re-result?

<The hooded man looks to him.>


<The blades fly from his hands and take the Lord Chairman's head clean from its shoulders, before returning to his grip. Then the hooded man walks away, as pandemonium breaks out in the Parliament House. Velade and Tethik continue to stare for a moment where he had been...and then at one another, as the HoloNet channel goes dead with the "We are experiencing technical difficulties" graphic.>
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Post by: Cordae on 01/11/15, 06:24:59 PM
The Erinian Royal News


Citizens of Erini,

It is with satisfaction and regret that I have begun the voyage home from your beautiful world. Satisfaction, in that Knight Caradell and I were able to ease the suffering of so many with what we were able to provide; regret, that my first visit happened in such dire circumstances. I hope that the mercy mission, which it was my great pleasure to lead, has made clear that - while Erini is but one world in the wide cosmos - it is not forgotten in the hearts of those who seek to see it rise above the atrocities committed by the Empire, and emerge the stronger for them.

I understand that there are some among you who are hesitant to accept the aid of the Republic, no doubt valuing your independence, or remembering the false promises of Imperial authorities and expecting more of the same. I can understand your hesitation, but I wish to remind you that the Empire does not differentiate between neutral worlds and Republic ones. The fleet attack in orbit, and the recent destruction of the Dark Reaper - both being the impetus for my efforts - should be testament to that fact. We have no desire to encroach on your way of life, or disturb the balance of things on your world. We are merely here to help, as my gesture has shown.

As one who had his homeworld violated by the Sith during the last war, and was also treated in a field hospital for a time, I am all too familiar with the sights of suffering as I witnessed at Berghoff Fields. But even in what seemed like a bleak time to live, the brave men and women there did their best to maintain their good spirits. Knight Caradell and I offered our encouragement to them as they recovered, and our sympathies to those too far to be saved. As my first mate observed to Prince Cordae and I on our last night at Berghoff, our simple gifts of food, medicine, and good humor were far more important to these good souls than any medal or award they might receive. That their spirits were not dampened by the cold, by their pain, or by the losses of their comrades - that is a badge of honor that you can be proud to show.

Before I left Coruscant, I asked a friend of mine if what we did was worth it.

After leaving Erini today, having seen what I have seen these past couple of weeks, I now know the answer to that question.

Eidan Zherron

_ _ _ _ _

This piece is the sole work of the author and does not necessarily represent the views of the Erinian Royal News.
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The Queen of the Twi'lek planet Ryloth was spotted some days ago in the Grasper's Palace, a notorious den of hubris and hedonism,
where she reportedly heavily indulged in the services offered by clientele. As if that wasn't enough, the Queen then allegedly assaulted a number of the staff at the venue.
Damn, girl!

We reached out to the Queen to get her word on the matter, the only response she replied with was:

*Through visible gritted teeth* "I lost control of my urges and forgot to control myself. It was almost like I was SOMEONE ELSE."

What a character.
Title: News Channel Feeds
Post by: Kezie on 01/16/15, 09:12:42 AM

"Seems about three standard days ago a report from Tatooine came in about a huge shooting at a local cantina. Seems a dozen man and women were caught in a cross fire during the altercation. From what we gathered about 10 men were firing on some women. " A human women speaks with a soft tone. A male human sitting to her right nods at the women.

"I believe we have the footage of this horrific event that took place. The cantina was located near Anchorhead by the way." The man says his voice light hearted as well.

*The footage begins with a blur at first but then clears up. It shows a women with a brown jacket on and a blaster pistol on her hip duck down behind a flipped over table firing back at about 10 different males. She would fire at the closet male near her. The huge male that looks like a Zabrak falls holding his leg in pain. Blaster fire is seen also hitting many different patrons in the cantina as well. The women's face would be zoomed in on and the vid would stop. "Some republic officials are asking if you know this women or her whereabouts to contact your local authority please. It seems her name is Minnette something." The man says and turns looking at the women.  "Nowadays things seem to be getting even more crazier then ever with this war going on." The women nods at the man and turns back to the camera.

"Later we will have your local whether report." The women says.....
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Reydovan News Network: The Official Imperial News Service for Reydovan Prime and the Surrounding Sector - IRDF Investigating Incident on Frosthaven - General Varan Visits Necare Estate on Dromund Kaas for "Preparation" - First Minister Still Awaiting Response from Ministry of Logistics Regarding TGI

The IRDF is in uproar this week after reports of the recent massacre of its exploratory force to Frosthaven, an uninhabited ice world just over the border. Deciding to expand outward, First Minister Euphrati Velade authorized the IRDF's request to survey the planet's mineral resources, but such plans have been temporarily postponed due to the attack there. Rumors indicate --

<The channel suddenly goes to static, and a strange emblem appears...>


<The image is soon replaced by that of a Pureblood Sith, polished bald, clearly old, and covered in scars. As he begins to speak, however, his voice is strong and clear.>

Advisor to the Restored Nikaean Empire

Greetings, citizens of Reydovan Prime and of the greater galaxy. I apologize for interrupting this regurgitation of propaganda you were tuned in to hear, but I have matters of far greater import to report on.

You were just hearing about the recent fall of the IRDF garrison on Frosthaven, and - before I stepped in - you were no doubt about to hear that the operation was conducted by a joint force of traitor soldiers from both the Republic and the Empire. I will confess that this was indeed the case, that my associates and I had a hand in that effort. It is regrettable that so many had to die to make our point and take the necessary resources for our cause, but it was sadly necessary.

I have no doubt you are asking, "What is your cause?" In a word: Survival.

For more than a millennium, the Sith Empire has been, in effect, on life support, though there is no chance for its broken, ravaged form to awaken from the coma it has been left in since the Great Hyperspace War. Its body is diseased by the long centuries of selfishness and sadism, of misguided philosophy and mad devotion to an Emperor who not only cares nothing for those he rules, but indeed seeks the destruction of all things, including the Force itself. In order to preserve the Force, light and dark, for the generations that follow after us, the life support must be disconnected, and the Empire must be allowed to die. I am not the only Sith who believes this, but I am among the first to say so openly - and for the first time, I feel no fear in saying so.

The same can also be said of the Republic. While its intentions are far nobler and its philosophies of freedom, justice, and the protection of the weak and innocent are admirable, they have proven time and again to merely be words, spoken for the purposes of publicity by self-serving Senators. Also harmful to this noble cause are the actions of their protectors, the Jedi Order. The Jedi also have admirable traits, such as their quest for knowledge, but I have heard from those Jedi and Republic citizens who have joined us that the Council and the senior Masters are too much removed from the "matters of the common folk", more content to meditate on their mysteries than act against dire threats to the Republic. There are exceptions, of course; the efforts of the Jedi Custodum on behalf of the people of Erini, for instance. For the most part, however, the Order and the Republic they supposedly serve are more impediment than aid to the people of the galaxy.

Ultimately, this has led those of similar mindset to myself to join together for a great and glorious future, free of the politics of the Republic, free of the selfish motivations of the Empire. My first step upon this path has begun on Nikaea. This was a world - an entire sector even! - abused and starved into submission by the cruelty and egotistical mindview of Darth Malagant, one of the so-called "current generation" of Sith, who shamelessly joins with traitors and lunatics in the shameless and idiotic deification of their mad Emperor. With my help, the people of Nikaea, Khyrador, and Sergoratha, alien races with proud ancient cultures, have risen up to take back what is theirs. Three years of strip mining, slave trading, and degredation are now over. And yet, it is merely the beginning.

Throughout the galaxy, many more dissidents - Republic and Imperial, Jedi and Sith, and all points beyond - have flocked to our banner, tired of the constant and pointless fighting, the ineffectual political system that sustains it, and the selfish motivations of the players involved. We rise to ensure that the galaxy is not left a wasteland, that the Force will endure despite the efforts on both sides to undermine it. And though you see only my face, and hear only my words, we are the silent majority. An army will be raised, to take back what is rightfully ours - and by ours, I also mean yours. All of you people out there, wondering if there is anyone who believes as you do...wonder no more. This is the freedom we bring you - freedom from the Republic's hypocrisy, from the Empire's pointless cruelty, from the chains of slavers and prophets of false hope.

As a token of my esteem for a certain individual who sees beyond pointless borders and war, I have offered my aid to agents of Darth Taelios, whose employees were kidnapped and imprisoned by secret police forces on Reydovan Prime last month. By now, his agents should have located the "secret" location of the Castellum Carnivora, the feared prison where Darth Cyanoculus sent his so-called "criminals" without due process. And by the time the authorities have a mind to do anything about it, it will be too late. Taelios has chosen his agents well enough for that.

We are not your enemy. We are the enemy of the institutions that seek to grind you underfoot. We have risen to bring those institutions down, to be crushed under your feet.

And we will prevail.

<The transmission ends in static, followed by the "We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties" graphic again.>
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((Thanks so much @Kezie/Trakin (;u=224) for trusting me so much with your character!))

A brand new reporting team debuts on GNN today, a man and a woman who both seem young and lacking in the confidence of experience.

The woman begins, "It would seem we have an update on a story we carried yesterday, about a tragic shoot out in an Anchorhead cantina. GNN has received exclusive information on this story, suggesting that the tragedy in the cantina begain with an equally tragic shooting a couple weeks before. The following footage was sent to us."

The video kicks in, showing a middle aged woman speaking to a young man, with a large man in a robe covering even his face standing behind him, clearly on a Tatooine street. The man smiles as the woman asks him, "Please.... please don't do this." The man smiles at her and in a charming, reassuring tone, asks her to go home. The video follows the woman as she walks away, almost a mile, when a blaster shot hits her in the head and she falls to the sand. A young man's voice can be heard screaming, "MOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!" and the camera then shows the young man the woman had been speaking to, and the large robed man walking away.

The man and the woman look at each other nervously, before the man continues. "The information we received said simply, this is where it started. We received a second video with the first, suggesting that the locals have taken the law into their own hands in dealing with this tragedy."

The second video kicks in, clearly again on Tatooine, in front of a very tall white wall. The camera zooms into the face of a man chained to the wall, his feet chained behind him, his hands chained above his head. The face appears to be that of the young man to whom the woman had been speaking in the first video. The camera pulls back now  and a heavily modulated voice, indiscernible as to even gender, speaks from behind the camera. "Fourteen dead. Fourteen shots." The camera turns to a group of heavily armoured men standing further back. All men are either helmetted or masked. They all carry drawn firearms. They wear a designs on their armour associated with a surprising variety of criminal organisations that can be found on Tatooine - the Exchange, the Twin Suns, the Black Sun, even a couple smaller, local gangs. The camera backs away and the voice speaks out again, "Who will stand?" Fourteen of the men step forward and the remaining few men step back and to the side. The camera runs slowly along the line of men, then turns back to the chained man. The voice now calls out loudly, "Tatooine is ours. We take care of our own." Fourteen blaster shots ring out, hitting the chained up man, who collapses, his arms limply pulling on the chains that hold his hands over his head. The camera moves forward once again, for a close up of the now dead man's face. The voice repeats, "Tatooine is ours. We take care of our own." The video ends.

The man and woman look nervously again at each other before the woman continues, "Republic forces in Anchorhead seem to know nothing of these events. This new video would suggest that the woman shown in the cantina video was simply another patron caught in crossfire. Republic sources we questioned have confirmed that this woman, Minnette, who it turns out works as a hostess at the well reputed Nar Shaddaa establishment, Dancer's Palace, is not being considered by the Republic forces as a person of interest in this case. They had no comment as to the unprecedented solidarity shown in the second video between usually competing criminal organisations, and as to whether or not this should concern citizens of Tatooine as to possible power shifts in the underworld of that planet."
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@livia (;u=309) gets all writing credit.

The following clip has been circulating, not only on TNN and the various Taelios Entertainment networks, but it has also found its way onto various other news networks, Imperial and otherwise.


A rather pretty, if severe looking young pureblood woman sits at a desk. She has some notes in front of her, which she glances at before smiling, rather tightly at the camera and then turning to the man seated next to the desk.  "Darth Taelios. Thank-you for taking this time to..." She looks down at her notes, "...clarify some issues for our viewers. Several weeks ago you published some ...selfies? Is that the word? Of yourself working alongside several Jedi as well as Prince Cordae Keyis and his wife. Apart from the ...poor choice of associates, evidence appears to indicate that you were there to prevent the deployment of one of Darth Thrax's 'Dark Reaper' devices on Erini in what was apparently a Sith Intelligence sanctioned operation. This has been called an act of treason by both Darth Thrax and by many of his followers. What do you have to say about it?"

Taelios smiles brightly at the woman, pleased at finally being asked to speak - several times while she was talking he'd had to restrain himself to keep from interrupting her. "I am _so_ glad you asked me to talk about this! I kept meaning to put out a press release after my Spacebook postings went viral, and well, I never did, because I got distracted. You know how it is. Always something new to play with. I even got a new puppy!"

"My lord," the woman interjected, "while I am sure we are all excited about your puppy, we are here to talk about the charge of treason that has been leveled against you. Surely, that is a more serious topic?" She looks vaguely offended at Taelios' cheerfulness under the circumstances.

"Oh, of course, of course. It's just less interesting, you know?" He settles down a bit, puts on his serious face, and starts to address the subject at hand. "Let's start big. I like the galaxy. For one, it's where I keep all my stuff. For two, it includes the Force, and I like the Force, especially given that it has sustained me, lo these many years," Taelios pauses here and looks at the camera. Somehow, whether through some cinematic trickery,  through some subtle use of the Force, or perhaps just through the act of bringing his generally scattered will into focus and concentrating it on the camera - his gaze manages to convey some sense of just what it means to have not only survived, but thrived as a Sith for more than half a millennium. Viewers whose experience of Taelios has been limited to his usual facade of capricious, genial madman and skirt-chaser may find this experience to be deeply unsettling. Those who know him well will be less surprised, but still, possibly, a little shaken.

The moment passes, and he continues, as if nothing had happened. "Now, a little more close to home - I like the Empire. I don't keep all my stuff here, but I do keep a significant portion of it here. A sizable number of my friends live here. My birthplace and childhood home is here. I retired once, because I had just died for the Empire and lost someone very precious to me at the same time - I was fed up with the politics and infighting and stupid decision-making that often derails us and prevents us from achieving our glorious purpose. Some people went around and accused me of treason then, too - completely overlooking the gentle guiding hand of Intelligence that was tasked with keeping me out of trouble. ...Anyway, I got over it, and came back, willing and able to use my not insignificant resources for the good of the Empire."

He holds up a finger, gesturing for the woman not to interrupt and try to bring him back on track. "I am getting there, I promise. So, why would I, relatively newly returned and flush with patriotic pride... turn around and sabotage a major imperial undertaking against a world that has foolishly decided to forsake its neutrality and put itself under the protection of the Republic?" He pauses, rather dramatically, in fact spinning out the lacunae a little too long.

"Yes, my lord. That is why we are here."

Taelios looks at the woman, pouting almost playfully at her. "Bah. You ruined my timing. Anyway. I consider Thrax to be a friend. I care about him, like one does about one's friends. When he came back after his ...let's call it a sabbatical. When he came back after that he told me about his grand design. His adherence to the cause of entropy. His plan to, as he put it, 'lobotomize the Force.' I want you," he looks first at the woman and then straight into the camera again, addressing the audience, "I want you to think about this for a minute. Thrax does not have the interest of the Empire at heart. He is not working towards our goal of crushing the Republic and eventually controlling the known galaxy. He wants to break everything. Pure and simple. As a Sith, one is encouraged to seek power to obtain freedom. 'The Force shall set me free.' Thrax's idea of freedom means breaking the Force itself. It's contrary to the very Code of the Sith. It's not freedom through power. It's someone who has lost ...well. lost enough, at least, to feel that they have lost everything, so that now they think they won't be satisfied until everyone else loses everything too. This path leads to ruin, not power and freedom. It is not the way forward for our Empire.  You know this, I know this, Thrax himself knows this."

Tae pauses again, and looks... rather sad, and tired. "I tried to reason with him, you know? I warned him. I said, 'hey, why not give this whole idea up, and make the Empire stronger and better and then we could win the war and, you know, that'd be nice, instead of just trying to break everything.'" Taelios brightens just a little. "I guess he did listen to that a bit? Given that he has been working more or less aligned with Imperial goals. But you're fooling yourselves if you think that his intention is to benefit the Empire. It is not, and in fact, arguably, that makes him the traitor here and not me."

"My lord, you still haven't answered directly about what happened on Erini." She gives Taelios a reproachful look.

"My feelings about Erini are complicated. As many people can tell you, Prince Cordae is a personal friend of mine, even if he did choose his spouse poorly." Taelios stage whispers, "SO POORLY," and then rolls his eyes. "During the crisis over the fallout of the assault on the Gospel's evangelist I tried to use my personal sway as not only a friend, but a major investor in Erini's infrastructure to try and convince them to maintain neutrality - warning them of the very real dangers of forsaking it. They chose not to listen, something about having to bow to popular pressure or I don't know. Politics is boring. I offered my support during the liberation of the Inansi (among whom I spent a rather delightful vacation not too long ago). I would have gladly helped had the Empire chosen a conventional strike of some sort either as a punitive measure or as a prelude to conquest. I may even have suggested that Cordae be drowned in a vat of his own vysint." Tae shrugged. "But I have been to Zythia. I have - no. I had TGI offices there. I have seen the effects of the 'Dark Reaper'. I was not, and am not willing to let that happen to such a nice place as Erini, even if the people are stupid. I warned him that if he was determined to follow this course that at some point I would have to turn on him because his plans were bad plans." He offers up a sheepish grin. "I didn't really expect it to be so soon, or over such a stupid, pointless, place, you know?"

"And the Jedi?"

"They were there. They had some kind of a plan that seemed like it might work. Why would I not want to work with them and make it easy on myself instead of having to do all the heavy lifting on my own?" He shrugs. "I know, I know. 'Why didn't you try to kill or capture them afterwards at least? What is wrong with you? Why would you put the good of the Galaxy ahead of stupid partisan bickering?' It just didn't seem like a good idea at the time. There were several of them, one of me, and the mood was all wrong. It would have been such a huge downer. Instead I learned a few things, did something I thought was important, and did my part in keeping the Galaxy from going to hell for..." He looks up, concentrating, his fingers moving as if he were trying to calculate something. "...the month, I guess?" He smiles.

"Uh...huh." The woman smiles, not quite comfortably. "Thank-you for sharing your story with us, Darth Taelios. May the Force guide you and serve you well."
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((Thanks @Kezie/Trakin (;u=224) , @Siv_Wysan (;u=874)  and @Brintte (;u=353) for the proofreading and suggestions, as well as all who took part in the rp!))

GNN – Galactic News Network

The same news team can be seen behind the desk as last time, less nervous, though still occasionally showing their inexperience.

The woman gives the camera a serious look, shaking her head slightly, “It would seem Anchorhead’s cantina can’t catch any breaks lately, as violence again plagues it amid growing questions over shifting local gang behaviour. We have a reporter on the scene of the clean up this afternoon.”

The camera switches to a reporter who’s face is blurred out enough to hide her identity, though the voice is clear and female as she looks at and speaks to the camera. Behind her would show the outside of the cantina, where clean up crews are busy. Walls are cracked and missing chunks, especially the wall of the dwelling across the street from the cantina, to the right. Blaster burn marks can be seen on the walls and dried blood on the sand.
“Mid-morning yesterday, fresh violence erupted in the Anchorhead Cantina. Few witnesses survived or could be found, but we obtained a copy of the cantina’s security feed. Security footage shows a large male, in Mandalorian armour…

*snap to still of Kezie in his armour*

…pushing around both staff and patrons as he asks questions about the Tatooine is ours movement, before throwing out the challenge “Tatooine is dead.” While most evacuated the cantina after those words, those that remained included some wearing a mix of gang colours.”

*snap to photo of the gang members in the booth, showing the colours, though their faces are thoroughly blurred out*

“The senior staff member at the time, a beloved waitress named Coreena, pulled out a weapon and told the male to leave. The waitress was then attacked by one of the other Mandalorians accompanying the one who uttered the challenge, at which point the locals and gangs all opened fire. What ensued was a drawn out, violent exchange of shots and explosives between the locals and gangs defending their territory, and the Mandalorian team, the leader of which, the one who had uttered the challenge, revealed himself to be a Sith.”

*snap to still of Kezie’s face, slightly blurred by motion*

“One of the Mandalorians accompanying him showed her face, briefly, while drinking, and has been identified as Brintte, a well known Mandalorian mercenary.”

*snap to still of Brintte’s face at the table with Gormaak and two other bounty hunters, one human, one gand*

“As the fight moved out, into the street where I’m now standing, not only did more local vigilantes and gang members join in, but so did hired agents, carrying Imperial weapons and comms.”

*snap to photo of the seized weapons and comms from the dead Imperial agents*

“Some shots are said to have been fired from the air as well as from numerous roof tops, but it’s unclear which party was providing the support from above. A large, abandoned construction site from the Czerka era was brought down into the street at some point in the battle. Distant onlookers say that its target was a Mandalorian drop ship that was trying to take off after having picked up the attacking group from the cantina. Republic forces finally showed up and regained control of the area, cordoning off a large section of Anchorhead as they attempted to find any gang members or Imperials involved in this affair. Activity at the spaceport was furious as many tried to get out before the Republic temporarily grounded all air traffic.”

*snap to a photo of Anchorhead’s spaceport*

“Republic forces have been close-lipped as to what or who they have found. They will not confirm a body count either, though some bystanders who escaped the cantina but saw some of the fight estimated twenty to twenty-five dead, almost half of them Imperials, the others primarily well known local vigilantes or gang members. The one confirmed death is the cantina waitress, Coreena, who was carried out of the cantina, unconscious, by the attacking party and then seen to be beheaded by the Sith out in the street, drawing further outrage from the locals. In the wake of the violence, increased calls of Tatooine is ours, and increased graffiti of the logo have already started to be seen and heard. Anchorhead residents are concerned that the Empire is searching for something here, and won’t stop piling up bodies until they find it. Rumors are circulating that the Sith was asking questions about the man executed last week by a collection of members from many of Tatooine’s gangs and that that man may have been an Imperial asset. The increased vigilante presence in the streets, the sudden unity of disparate gangs, and the appearance of Mandalorians, often a volatile mix with local gangs, also have residents worried, and the market is almost empty today as residents keep to their homes. Many shops have remained closed for the day and shopkeepers are uncertain if they’ll reopen this week. Only time will tell if the Sith found what he was looking for or if Republic forces will be able to protect the only Tatooine city in which they are well established. As for the Anchorhead cantina, it will be closed for at least the next week, for structural repairs.”

*The view returns to the studio*

The man now speaks to the camera, “Speaking to us from his office at Coruscant First University, is Professor Tartorus, a criminologist who’s research has primarily been on underworld activity on Tatooine and in that area of the rim. Professor, reports would suggest that multiple gangs on Tatooine, including some big names, such as The Exchange and Twin Suns, have suddenly joined forces. What do you think of this shift from enemy to ally among the gangs? Has this been seen elsewhere?”

*An image of Coruscant First University campus is shown as the voice is heard.*

“Ah, yes, truces and even alliances have been seen before, even on Tatooine. About 10 years ago, in the face of increasingly aggressive Tusken raider activity in the Dreviad area, a number of local gangs joined forces in a set of three massive offensives on Tusken raider camps. Almost 20 years ago, when Czerka started picking up gang members among the people they absconded for their experiments, The Exchange, the Twin Suns and a number of smaller gangs had a remarkable two month long alliance against the corporation. When gangs become all equally faced with a significant threat to their business or their territory, occasionally some local leaders hold enough sway to convince them to work together for their communal good.”

The man in the studio speaks again, “So, if the Empire is the perceived common threat, that’s a rather large threat. Could this reflect a long term shift in the landscape of Tatooine’s underworld?”

The professor chuckles, “Oh, I doubt that they perceive the Empire as a common threat. Many local gangs do very good business with the Empire. It’s more likely that they perceive this Sith, or his team of agents, or whoever is behind these repeated attacks on Anchorhead as the common threat. Their perception of the threat would be increased by their lack of knowledge, assuming that they know little more about what’s really going on than we do. I wouldn’t expect this change to last though. Most likely the competition between them for territory, money and power will quickly turn them back against each other.”

The new anchor nods, “Is that what happened in the past examples you cited?”

The professor responds, “Indeed. In the last of the three attacks on the Tusken raiders, traps began to be laid by one gang against others, and more gang members than Tuskens were killed on that last raid. When they face Czerka, something must have convinced them of a very serious threat for that alliance to have lasted as long as it did. However, eventually in fighting in the alliance led to its end, and many of the smaller gangs involved found themselves completely swallowed up by either The Exchange or the Twin Suns, leading to some rather bloody battles between the two larger gangs for control and absorption of the smaller ones.”

The man nods again, “So residents of Tatooine should be prepared that, when the violence of what seems like Imperial attacks is dealt with, they may face a significant increase in inter-gang violence in their streets?”

“Yes. Gangs define themselves in part by who they are not. Alliances such as these may help briefly deal with a common foe, but in the long term would force profit sharing, amalgamating territory, full disclosure of financial data and sources. No gang will ever allow someone who’s always been their competition to move in that much on their governance and their territory. The alliances force a hold on competition, but it’s like pulling an elastic taught. As soon as the threat is no longer deemed greater than the risks of working with the competition, well, the competition is in easy striking distance because of the alliance and inter-gang violence is often much worse as the alliance falls apart.”

The woman interjects now as the camera pans out a little to show both anchors, “And professor, what do you make of the new rallying cry in Anchorhead, Tatooine is ours?”

“It’s unusual for gangs to display an alliance so boldly and publicly, to be honest. It’s more the rally cry of locals, vigilantes, crying out over their lack of power. It leads me to suspect that there may be some outside influence in this alliance. If the outside influence persists, then the rallying cry will do so as well. If, however, the outside influence leaves as the Sith did, then we will likely find it relegated to the youth of the swoop gangs.”

The male anchor speaks now, with a look of concern, “Outside influence? Such as Imperial assets, or maybe Republic assets working against them?”

“Yes, it is possible that all of this is in fact a cover up for action being taken unseen by both the Empire and the Republic, against each other. The rallying cry may seem like the voice of locals, but I would urge caution among locals picking up the refrain. They may find that those picking up the cry quickly get willingly or not recruited to the gangs currently using it. As the alliance falls apart, that recruiting drive may turn very violent as the gangs compete for new members.”

The woman anchor speaks now, with a smile, “Thank you professor, that’s all the time we have today, but thank you for your insight. That was professor Tartorus, of Coruscant First University, discussing with us the recent violence and apparent gang alliances occurring on Tatooine. After the break, the Senate’s latest debates over allies, members and loosely associated worlds leave some asking if there are different levels of membership in the Republic and favouritism among the Republic military.”
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Reydovan News Network: The Official Imperial News Service for Reydovan Prime and the Surrounding Sector - REVANITES! Insidious Order of Traitors Moving Among Us - Darth Malagant Speaks on Revanite Threat - Moff Velade, Darth Malagant in Full Accord: "Traitors Must Be Stopped"

First Minister Velade's office has released a report from Commander Varan, stating that the enemy that has plagued us for the better part of the last two months is an insidious cult of renegades from both the Republic and the Empire that calls itself "the Order of Revan". Originally believed to be a simple fringe group of misguided zealots living in the jungles of Dromund Kaas, it has become clear that the Revanites have a hand in the recent events that have involved this planet, and the Empire as a whole.

The report also indicates Revanite activity in the recent raid on the Castellum Carnivora, as reported in the hijacked transmission by Darth Verulam. A recent raid undertaken by IRDF forces on a facility on Nar Shaddaa conclusively proves that Verulam is indeed a traitor to the Empire, according to a statement released by Lord Tethik Nadun, Sith advisor to the First Minister, who led the attack. Another participant in the raid was none other than Darth Malagant, the "Darkspeaker" from the Tenebrous Gospel, whose holdings on Nikaea were taken by Verulam and his allies under the moniker of the "Restored Nikaean Empire".

Moff Velade has also expressed her belief that Darth Taelios, currently on the run after being accused of aiding the Jedi in the destruction of the "Dark Reaper" weapon on Erini, may also have ties to the Order of Revan, given Verulam's involvement in the rescue of more than a dozen or so Taelios Genetech Industries employees during the Castellum raid. Speculation has also arisen that Lord Quarasha, whose trial for providing intelligence to the Jedi for the attack on the Reaper begins tomorrow, may also be involved, though Darth Malagant has expressed his belief that "she is no Revanite...just misguided". The First Minister also stated that, although she and Darth Malagant have had differences of opinion, on this matter they are of one mind: "These traitors must be stopped, no matter the cost."

Darth Malagant has recently ventured to the jungle world of Rishi, believed to be a Revanite stronghold; several days ago, Commander Varan participated in a rescue mission to retrieve Imperial soldiers captured by the Revanites, at considerable cost to the liberating force. "They are not your typical cultists," the commander said in a statement released from IRDF headquarters. "They are well-trained and disciplined, coming as they do from the military forces of both the Empire and the Republic, and will prove to be a formidable obstacle in the days to come. But even as they exacted a blood price from us, we took far more from them. It will take more than a group of traitors to fight against the Imperial Military."

Lord Malagant has sent us this recorded message from Raider's Cove, the main spaceport on Rishi.

Darkspeaker of the Tenebrous Gospel

Citizens of Reydovan Prime, loyal subjects of the Empire, I speak to you again in troubled times.

Many of you may be aware of the rumors that Darth Cyanoculus, your esteemed Governor, has betrayed us. I regret to inform you that this is true - he has turned away from you and all you have done together to make your world a strong member of the Empire. But he has not done so of his own volition, and I believe that he can yet be returned to what he once was. But if we fail to do so, then it is up to us, together, to exact the price of his loss from those who turned him against us.

I have come to Rishi to fight the Revanite threat, and to pursue those of their agents who fled our wrath on Nar Shaddaa - Darth Verulam and his Jedi accomplice, Master Merken Netalis. But for me, this is far more than just the pursuit of traitors and saboteurs. This is a very personal and costly war, for Darth Verulam was the Master to my Master, and indeed acted as an informal mentor of sorts to me; I took my interest in history from his guidance. However, his statements of treason against the Empire cannot be tolerated, and now he will be treated as any other traitor. He deserves no mercy, and shall receive none.

I call upon you all to remain vigilant. The Order of Revan has proven that it has agents in many places, attempting to undermine us from within. Remain true to the Empire, deny the corruptors any sanctuary among us, and we will triumph over them, as we have over every obstacle that has threatened our destruction.

Glory to the Empire!
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Republic News Network: Mid-Rim Update

Zythia: Imperial "Dark Reaper Project" Ended, Republic Establishes Beachhead on Zythia, Darth Thrax Escapes with "Fleet of the Damned"

In the wake of a daring raid by a task force of Jedi and Republic operatives, the Imperial-occupied world of Zythia has become another battleground in the ongoing war with the Sith Empire. In conjunction with the raid, the Republic's 32nd Expeditionary Fleet executed a surgical strike against the Sith superweapon known as the 'Dark Reaper' and secured its destruction. This act preceded a chain of events that lead to the establishment of a Republic garrison on the world and the eruption of full-scale urban warfare at the top level of the dual-leveled Zythian ecumenopolis.

According to sources inside the Republic's Naval Command Council, the Republic task force arrived on the planet in three separate Defender-class corvettes and proceeded to infiltrate the Zythian skyline. Despite the loss of two of the vessels, all operatives survived and managed to meet their target objective via undisclosed means, though the aid of Imperial insiders is suspected. The team then proceeded to gain access to the "Dark Reaper" device itself, and activated a hyperwave transmitter inside the superweapon in order to summon an orbital bombardment from the waiting 32nd Expeditionary Fleet. Though Republic analysts have often warded against orbital bombardment as a means for disposing of the "Dark Reaper" superweapon, the act was approved post-mortem due to the emergency circumstances involved in securing the superweapon's swift and immediate destruction.

Despite the unquestionably valiant actions of the strike team, the Dark Reaper superweapon managed to activate on the surface of Zythia one last time before its deactivation and destruction. This activation resulted in the total depopulation of the area known as "Sector A-23", or "Contention Point", the known headquarters of the Zythian Resistance movement. Loss of life is projected in the tens, perhaps even hundreds of thousands, and was a major factor in approving of the employment of orbital bombardment against the target during Senate committee reviews of the operation. It is also believed by many Republic analysts that the Dark Reaper's attack (believed to have expended the last of its power reserves) was a major factor involved in the success of the tactic of orbital bombardment, when taken in conjunction with the strike team's raid.

A ground assault followed the Dark Reaper's destruction, establishing a zone of Republic control that currently constitutes four of the twenty-three 'sectors' of the planet's ecumenopolis. These liberated areas are being supplied with relief and are being fortified in preparation for a scaled-up Republic invasion force. Naval skirmishes have persisted in Zythian space since the initial attack with no clear victor, though Imperial ships continue to orbit the world and manage the majority of incoming traffic. Surface-to-orbit weapons are currently under construction in the former site of the Contention Point tower, which the 32nd Expeditionary Fleet claims will allow for Republic armed forces to maintain a greater space presence and secure a consistent supply line to the embattled world.

One of the earliest and most crucial victories of the initial Republic attack on Zythia has been the total destruction of all known production facilities for additional 'Dark Reaper' superweapons, effectively bringing an end to the project. Elements of the bomber fleets assigned to these targets claimed that, in spite of the apparent importance of the 'Dark Reaper' project to Darth Thrax, each site was defended only by automated defense arrays. It is believed that the military and labor forces assigned to these areas joined Darth Thrax during his exodus from the world.

In the wake of these events, it was confirmed by Republic scouts that Darth Thrax, Zythia's despotic governor, managed to escape the assault entirely and with a large armada of his most loyal of followers in tow. Republic analysts have determined, based on examinations of the Zythian landscape, that the tyrant's fleet had been under construction since his arrival and had only recently reached completion at the time of the attack. Republic analysts are currently investigating the possibility that the presence of Darth Thrax on Zythia to start was a pretense for the acquisition of a fleet of war droids and loyal servants as a part of a wider, potentially deadlier scheme.

A consistent influx of resources taken from the nearby worlds such as Boz Pity and Balamak (in addition to resources mined or traded from worlds as far-flung as Erini and Ialdon) allowed for the construction of what Zythian resistance members (who had been aware of the ongoing construction for some time) referred to as the 'Fleet of the Damned'. The reasoning for the moniker was simple - the armada, according to them, is crewed and populated primarily by those who's wills, they claim, have been subverted totally by Darth Thrax himself. Actual figures regarding the size and strength of the fleet are unknown at this time, though analysts already dread its reappearance will mark the initiation of a larger holocaust than even the "Dark Reaper project" was able to produce.

-- Samo Flange, Senior Mid-Rim Correspondent

RNN: We report, you decide.
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Reydovan News Network: The Official Imperial News Service for Reydovan Prime and the Surrounding Sector - DARTH CYANOCULUS IS DEAD! Former Governor Aligned with Order of Revan, Killed in Combat with Darth Malagant - Malagant in Pursuit of Revanite Agents, Destination Unknown - Lord Desolane Arrives from Dromund Kaas as Official Sith Advisor to Imperial State; Lord Tethik's Role Unclear

The office of First Minister Euphrati Velade has released a statement confirming that His Excellency Darth Cyanoculus, the former Governor of the Imperial State of Reydovan Prime and Overlord of the Reydovan Sector, has been officially connected to the seditionist cult known as the Order of Revan, and as a result has been slain in combat with his former Sith Master, Darth Malagant of the Tenebrous Gospel.

Moff Velade's statement indicates that she received a message from Darth Malagant's ship, the Shadowlight, in high orbit over the neutral world of Rishi. In it, he explained that Darth Cyanoculus was "corrupted by treacherous sorcery" on the part of Darth Verulam, the traitor Sith Lord who commands the Revanite forces that currently control the Nikaean Sector, jointly with the renegade Jedi Master Merken Netalis. The Dark Lord, who acts as a "Darkspeaker" for the Tenebrous Gospel on Dromund Kaas, has indicated that he is in pursuit of Verulam and Netalis, but for reasons of security has not revealed exactly where.

Addressing the Parliament of the Imperial State today, Baron Androsius Sarnak, the new Lord Chairman of the Council of Nobles (his predecessor having been beheaded by Darth Cyanoculus on a live session of the full Parliament, called by him to investigate the arrest and detention of Taelios Genetech Industries employees in Caymarnian City), stated that "he began the work that we are on to establish an Imperial State for our world, but Reydovan Prime, and indeed the Empire itself, are far greater than one man. We will continue the work he began when he was a loyal subject of our Empire, and henceforth speak his name no further."

The development has not been unnoticed on Dromund Kaas, either. The Sphere of Laws and Justice - whose head, Darth Mortis, is one of the twelve members of the Dark Council - has sent one of their Sith agents, Lord Desolane, to act as the official Sith advisor to the First Minister; this is a role that has been filled by Lord Tethik Nadun, Darth Cyanoculus' apprentice, since the former Governor's abrupt resignation.

Representative of the Sphere of Laws and Justice

Lord Desolane, a veteran of the last war who acted as a sort of self-described "political officer" for the Imperial Military, stated upon his arrival at Mountain Shadow Spaceport in Montagne Noire that "while he currently displays the proper loyalty to the Empire, Lord Tethik's ties to his fallen master make it difficult to trust in his impartiality. As I have no ties to this world or any of its inhabitants, the Dark Council feels it necessary to ensure that any further treason committed by citizens of the Imperial State of Reydovan Prime is dealt with swiftly and harshly, to the fullest extent of Imperial law."

Lord Tethik's role in Imperial State affairs from hereon out is unclear, but Lord Desolane has added that he will be asked to remain on Reydovan Prime for the time being.
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((For those interested in who Nykell is actually working for, your character might have recently received this in their email.))

From: X
Re:Black 13

Three Injured in Tyrena Chemical Spill - Councillor Tarrol Indicted for Participation in Imperial Occupation - CEC Awarded First Military Contract Since Invasion, Rises Two Points on Corsuca Industrial Standard - Republic Senate Lifts Sanctions Against Outer Rim Consortium After Extended Peace Talks - Corsec Sweep of Kiris Asteroid Field Yields No Results - Singer/Songwriter Sarna Kelichi Passes Away at 119 - Student Loan Bill Passes Legislature - First Class Blood Stripes Awarded to CDF Navy Pilot - Balmorran President Set to Visit Coronet

 . . . Colonel Darrow was never investigated for this incident, and went on to chair the military task force for investigating further incursions. But the disappearance of the Sith Lord Ariatus was not the first or only operation reportedly linked to this shadowy organization. A source who commented under the condition of anonymity claimed that it has been active since the start of the Cold War, having been established as the government's counter to the Sith Empire's own "Cipher" program, itself an open secret. As with most top-tier black operations forces, it is officially non-existent, but allegedly known by Corellian Intelligence insiders as "Black 13" as it makes up the thirteenth item on the agency's black budget.

In a departure from traditional intelligence collection, Corellian Intelligence's Black 13 was meant as a proactive, politically-deniable tool for skirting around the Treaty of Coruscant, with taxpayer-funded assassinations included in its arsenal of shadow operations. With access to the latest military technology and the entire Galaxy as its field of operations, the unit has been used for over a decade in as distant locations as Hutt Space, the Far Outer Rim, and allegedly even within the Sith Empire. However, this insider also noted that Black 13 has little to no political oversight, answering solely to the Deputy Director of Clandestine Operations. And with the resumed war with the Sith raging furiously abroad while Corellians bear the scars from Darth Decimus' occupation, sources speculate that . . .

<This excerpt is from an exposé in the Corellia Metropolitan, "Silent Protectors or Government Kill Team?" by investigative reporter Chal Dorimon. For full viewing, please subscribe below.>
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-Click Here for News- (
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Reydovan News Network: The Official Imperial News Service for Reydovan Prime and the Surrounding Sector - First Minister Returns from Dromund Kaas, Says She Was Part of Military Operation - Revanite Hunt Continues, IRDF Remains on Highest Alert - Lord Desolane Expresses Concern Over Conduct of First Minister, Darth Malagant - Desolane: "Governor's Duty is Here, Not Playing Soldier" - Commander Varan: "A Desk is No Place for a Leader"

First Minister Euphrati Velade has recently returned from Dromund Kaas, after which she informed us that she had been requested to take part in an operation off-world, the exact nature of which remains classified. All the Moff would say was, "It's been a long time since I've gone for the cloak-and-dagger Special Forces stuff I did during the last war, and it's nice that I can still do it."

While the First Minister was off-world, the Imperial Reydovan Defense Force continued to find evidence of operations conducted by the Order of Revan, specifically linked to the cell operated by the rogue Sith Lord Darth Verulam and Jedi Master Merken Netalis. With the aid of Lord Desolane and interrogators from the Planetary Security Enforcement Service, thousands of arrests have taken place across Reydovan Prime of all confirmed Revanite spies in sensitive positions across the planet, including eight members of the Council of Nobles, more than two dozen members of the House of the People's Voice, and three provincial governors. These high officials will be placed on trial before the High Court of the Imperial State, while the remainder - made up largely of officers and soldiers of the IRDF in their provincial garrisons - will be dealt with by the IRDF high command.

Commander Varan, though recognizing that Republic defectors also make up part of the Order's ranks, questions whether the entire concept of the Order - from its origins in the jungles of Dromund Kaas, to its current state - is not in fact a ploy concocted by the Republic Strategic Information Service, intended to tie up the Empire's smaller resources; he pointed out that Revan and his cohorts during the so-called "Jedi Civil War" of three centuries earlier are considered heroes of the Republic, honored with holo-statues in the Leisure Garden of Axial Park on Corellia. "They have the ships and manpower to spare," he concluded. "We don't."

In spite of his assistance in dealing with the traitors on-planet, Lord Desolane expressed concern today over the frequent absence of the First Minister, as well as the apparent disappearance of Darth Malagant, in light of word that Malagant's estate on Dromund Kaas was emptied by order of the Dark Lord himself. "In light of the increasing instability caused by these seditionists, Lord Desolane is concerned that the conduct of the First Minister may add to the problem," Captain Almar Macabee, Lord Desolane's adjutant, told RNN. "Moff Velade may have been a soldier during the last war, but she is a sector Moff now, and she is expected to focus her duties on the governance of her sector. As my lord expressed to me, her duty is here, not going off to play soldier."

Commander Varan vehemently disagreed, releasing a statement in rebuttal. "The First Minister was a general in the Imperial Army and commander of the IRDF before taking up the governorship. Does this mean that she should give up fighting for the Empire simply because she has a fancy office and a nice desk? I say no. A desk is no place for a leader; the true test of leadership is for that leader to prove that they are the same as the men, and willing to get down in the trenches. Lord Desolane knows this, having served in the ranks himself - so why does he seem willing to tie our hands?"

Lord Desolane has yet to respond.
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These delicious and fabulous brands of alcohol can be enjoyed at the palace starting to tonight!!! Come on out to eat, drink, and be merry!!!!
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Originally Reported By Holonet News Coruscant (HNC):

Breaking news tonight out of the Administration District: The Senate has passed an appropriations bill which will provide the Republic Military with a surplus of automated combatants, or droids, to bolster danger zones. This bill passed with a majority vote after circling the Senate floor for several sessions, with opposition on both sides citing an aggressive dependence on sentient programming being the cause. Sources inside the Senate offices claim that the original bill proposed including droid overhauls in all major law enforcement agencies as well, but that this portion has been removed from the final revision.

Extent Corporation, which had their 15 minutes of shame during the 'Directive 7' incident years ago, will be providing the majority of the droids for the bill - including the controversial X14 droid line, specifically designed to fight Force Users. The bill greenlights the production and manufacture of these droids after a selective trial run. Lead designer Elen Rhodes published a statement regarding the droids, claiming "while a droid will never replace a Jedi in fighting the Sith, the X14 brings every reason to give one pause. It's about time the Empire was afraid of some of our machines for a change."

The X14 are reported to include probe droid relays, advanced cognitive hardware, phrik-alloy lightsaber resistant frames, and state of the art weaponry to handle engagements at multiple ranges. A broadcasted demonstration was held at the Extent testing ground, where three droid prototypes were set against three Jedi in combat. While all three droid were destroyed as part of the demonstration, their design and skill was praised by those who participated. The 94 minute battle is available for download with both designer and Jedi commentary.

The bill comes on the heel of scandal, as Task Force Zerek, the military force with whom these droids trial run will be completed, reportedly lost control of one of their facilities - allowing the highly sought after war criminal Quarasha to escape. Quarasha is wanted for her connection to the Erini massacre that occurred months back that has begun to be referred to as 'The Inansi Exodus'. Sources inside the Senate offices confirm the escape is what gave the bill its majority vote. Colonel Vastar, leader of Task Force Zerek, refused comment on either issue.

Jordan Khell, CEO of Extent Corporation, had this to say about the bill: "We at Extent are committed to helping the Republic claim its superiority in the galaxy, and provide a safe environment for all sentients to enjoy peace and prosperity. This bill allows us to put that best foot forward, to bolster our military and their allies with the best possible defense, and show the galaxy that we do not take war lightly."

Senator Fisk, the bills largest proponent, had this to add: "Some will always question the legitimacy of droids in the republic. It's a sad reality that it took an incident of this sort for some of my colleagues to recognize their value - but the truth remains. Droids cannot be bought or corrupted, they cannot fall to the Dark Side. We need a dependable line inside our most important defenses, to support our true patriots in both the Military and the Order, and this bill provides that."

The initial trial run for Extent's newest droids is set to begin within the month, while older models of approved droids have already been deployed to the front.
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Playing on very local Nar Shaddaa channels, 10 days after the battle of Anchorhead ( )

..... catch all the behind the scenes Huttball schmoozing, on the next "Under the acid pit".

*A large NSE in aurabesh appears in a floursihed font, soon replaced by a young, very attractive female Twi'lek seated in a comfortable chair, with a handsome Zeltron male in a matching chair next to her. She looks at the camera with a wide smile.*

"Welcome back to Nar Shaddaa Entertainment! Rumors abound today about possible staff shuffling at the popular Dancer's Palace!" She turns to her male counterpart who nods at her then looks at the camera with a look of serious concern, "Indeed. As the staff of the popular night club continues to expand, everyone is wondering if the establishment's popular hostess, Minnette, has been dismissed. Her absences was noticed at the last weekly event, though rumors of the absence being an indication of a more permanent change in staffing began only this afternoon, after a fan's holopad images, taken only a day before said event, went viral on the popular social media site, Shaddaanigans."

*Image shifts to a still image of Minnette, carrying two good sized packs of belongings, following Darth Karmic and Ardeshir away from the Dancer's Palace shuttle landing pad on the Promenade. The male voice continues over the image.*

"This image, showing what would seem to be Minnette, carrying bags of belongings, being led away by one of the owners, has led to rumors that the establishment has ended her hosting contract. Some have speculated that the popular club could be trying to distance itself from recent troubles in Anchorhead that seemed to centre around her. Some have wondered if the Palace owners have instead favoured the new chef, the bold and stylish Crimsen, who has greatly expanded their menu and with that, their clientele."

*The image returns to the two hosts. The male turning towards his female counterpart.*

"Have we been able to find out anything official?"

*The female shakes her head.*

"No, we haven't yet been able to get any comment from any owners, nor ascertain Minnette's current location, though our journalists around the moon and even our correspondants off moon, are keeping their eyes peeled for any sighting of her."

*She turns back to the camera with a wide smile.*

"If you spot the ellusive hostess, or possibly past-hostess, send us the holoshots, so we can update all fans of the nightclub!"

*She pauses briefly before continuing.*

"After this commercial break, we take call ins on the currently raging debate at the latest change in shows at the Undercity Club. You tell us - is more bare skin less sexy?"

*Shift to commercial break.*
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Breaking news as fast as it happens, on the moon that never sleeps!

The NSNN logo swoops into view, glinting with light before spinning away to reveal the face of Gard Chipner, twisted up in a forced grin of pearly white teeth.

"Gard Chipner here with a bit of breaking news coming out of the Promenade. It seems as though Telann'a D'turaille, Zythian noblewoman and model, has been kidnapped straight out of the Slippery Slopes cantina! Reports suggest a Mandalorian entered the establishment and pulled a blaster on the woman, proceeding to assault her as patrons fled the scene. An altercation took place between the two shortly before the Mandalorian struck her, a second Mandalorian descending from the upper levels to stun Lady D'turaille before hauling her off.

The perpetrators are still at large and cartel authorities have made no progress in their investigations. Any information on the two Mandalorians or on the whereabouts of Telann'a should be reported to a Hutt Security Enforcer. This message is brought to you once again by K'urk's multi-purpose Orifice-Cleanser! Clean it up with K'urk's! We'll be right back..."
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Reydovan News Network: The Official Imperial News Service for Reydovan Prime and the Surrounding Sector - TENEBROUS GOSPEL DISBANDED! Former Cult to Sith Emperor Collapses Following Defeat of Traitors in Their Ranks - New "Imperial Reformation" Ordered by Darth Marr, Gospel Remnant - First Minister Declares Imperial State Support to Reformation - "Details Unimportant, What Matters is Faith in Imperial Cause is Renewed," Darth Malagant Says - Lords Tethik, Desolane Inducted into Sith Ranks of Reformation; Darth Malagant Assumes Role as Official Sith Advisor

Reports have come in that the Tenebrous Gospel, the controversial and secretive group that was widely said to be a cult dedicated to the worship of the late Sith Emperor, has been disbanded by a senior cadre of its former members, with the full authority of Darth Marr of the Dark Council. An operation led by Darth Lethash, the senior leader of this cadre (which included Darth Malagant, who has a vested interest in the Imperial State), destroyed the renegade dreadnought Emperor's Wrath, rumored to have vanished during the Malgus coup, at an undisclosed location somewhere in Imperial space.

Admiral Vardis Durant, commander of the Reydovan Sector Defense Fleet, participated in this operation, many of the details of which remain classified, though he declared that he was "pleased with the opportunity I was given to advance the cause of our Empire". In place of the destroyed Gospel, Darth Lethash - again with the authority of Darth Marr - has convened an "Imperial Reformation", dedicated to the advancement of the Empire and the dark side of the Force as a unified whole, rather than to a single individual.

After being informed of the situation in a closed-door meeting with Admiral Durant and Darth Malagant, First Minister Euphrati Velade brought the matter to the Imperial State Parliament to offer the resources of the Imperial State to advance the cause of the Reformation. Baron Androsius Sarnak, Lord Chairman of the Council of Nobles, led the vote himself, and declared in a statement afterwards, "This 'Reformation' will be the first step to strengthening the Empire as a whole - through unity, fates willing, rather than through divisive politics."

Darth Malagant, who was aboard the Stormwatch during the operation, released a statement from his estate on Dromund Kaas. "The details of what happened to the broken elements of the Gospel, and where it occurred, are unimportant. What matters is that we have excised the cancer from within our ranks. The purpose of the Reformation is to renew the faith of our people in the cause of the Empire, and this action has renewed our own in that regard."

His statement went on to say that he will be replacing Lord Desolane as the official Sith counsel to the First Minister, a move that has been supported both by the First Minister ("the first step is to reform our relations with the Sith, and I believe Lord Malagant and I have made the first step," she told RNN when asked about this) and by the Lord Chairman, who found Lord Desolane "arrogant and self-assured, too ready to invoke the name of Darth Mortis, the Dark Councillor he reports to".  Darth Malagant's statement indicates that he has met with Darth Mortis to rectify any potential hostility that may result, and has invited the Miraluka Sith Lord to serve the Sphere of Laws and Justice in the ranks of the Reformation.

Lord Tethik Nadun, Desolane's predecessor, is also being extended this courtesy, as his work within the Sphere of the Defense of the Empire places him under the purview of Darth Marr, widely hailed within the Empire as the de facto leader of the Dark Council - and with the death of the Emperor, of the Empire as a whole.

Neither Lord Desolane nor Lord Tethik could be reached for comment.
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Imperial News Network

Breaking News - Explosion in Dromund Kaas Business District!

( (

We are receiving reports of an explosion in the business district of Kaas City. Emergency services have been called into the scene. We will update you as we get more information!

News Update!
Breaking News - Explosion in Dromund Kaas Business District! Casualties expected to be high. Emergency services are on the Scene. Flames threaten nearby buildings.

( (

This just in: The explosion that rocked the Kaas city business district today is now suspected of being a terrorist attack. No group has come forward to claim the act, but experts in the Kaas City Police Department have reviewed footage of the explosion and determined it is not likely the result of an accident. Minister Beniko had this to say:

( (
"The explosion that happened at 14-hundred hours today is now believed to be no mere accident. It is most assuredly the work of cowards and anarchists. We will find those responsible and stop them from carrying out any more attacks. Until then, it is the will of the Dark council that everyone report any suspicious activity, and to carry on."

Containment crews have stopped the fire from spreading to nearby buildings, but Local businesses have been evacuated and shut down due to ongoing structural concerns.

News Update!
Curfew in effect. All citizens are required to be indoors by 2300 unless specified by official documentation -  Spaceport Security increased. Travel Delay advisory in effect.  - Still no claims have been made by any terrorist organizations for explosion.

A curfew has been imposed tonight starting at twenty-three hundred hours. Permits to conduct legitimate business can be requested through official channels. Additional security measures have been imposed on the port. All traffic exiting the Kaas system will be subject to additional scrutiny. If you are planning on leaving the system, we suggest planning for several additional hours. Kaas City is now under official lockdown as the investigation into the explosion, now suspected as an intentional bombing, gets under way.

( (

While we do not have images as per the instructions of The Ministry of Sith Intelligence, we can tell you that the first rescue crews have been able to enter the most heavily damaged portion of the building. At this time officials have not released any information as to what they have found.

No official word has been given, but there are additional reports of a smaller explosion in the Imperial Citadel at approximately the same time as the explosion in the Business District.

News Update!
Curfew in effect. All citizens are required to be indoors by 2300 unless specified by official documentation -  Spaceport Security increased. Travel Delay advisory in effect. Travel within Kaas City has been redirected around Business District Quadrant Besh. Structural Engineers onsite. Bodies recovered.

( (

We are able to release the first images of the Business District Bombing. Due to the efforts of the Kaas City Fire Department, the fires have been contained and secondary damage has been stopped. Structural engineers have been called in and Businesses in the immediate area have been asked to move their operations to off-site locations.

( (

Minister Beniko released an additional statement indicating that leads were already discovered and being followed upon thanks to several reports of suspicious activity in the area. Citizens are encouraged to speak up and report any activity to local police or government officials. In response to the additional information, the Spaceports have been temporarily closed to civilian traffic as several ships are searched.

INN can also report that the first casualties have been recovered from the site of the explosion. The identities of those affected will be released once the next of kin have been identified.

The earlier report of an outburst in the Imperial Citadel has been confirmed as an unrelated incident by Minister Beniko, speaking on behalf of the Dark Council. Citizens are expected to return to the Citadel to continue work as usual at the start of the normal business day.

Additional security checkpoints are being instituted in key areas of Kaas City. Compliance with local officials is required.

News Update!
Curfew Remains In Effect -  All citizens are required to be indoors by 2300 unless specified by official documentation -  Spaceport Security Increased -  Travel Delay advisory in effect. Travel within Kaas City has been redirected around Business District Quadrant Besh. Structural Engineers onsite. Bodies recovered. First Casualty names released.
( (

We come to you now to bring you and update on the Business District Bombing.

At fourteen-hundred hours yesterday a military grade explosive device was set off on the third floor of the Carnifex building in the Besh Quadrant. Secondary explosions resulted in significant structural damage and increased casualties. Thanks to the fast actions of the Kass City emergency services, thousands were saved.  Minister Beniko had this to say:

( (

"The Ministry of Sith Intelligence is tracking down the perpetrators of this cowardly act against the Empire. Through your diligence, we have made significant progress. Though they sought to bring us low, we have responded with strength and courage. There will be no place they can hide, no safe harbor to weather the storm of our fury. We will hunt them down and we will have our vengeance. "

The list of casualties is expected to grow as bodies are recovered and next of kin are informed. We are able to reveal some of the victims of this heinous crime:


INN will continue to provide updates.

News Update!
Curfew Remains In Effect -  All citizens are required to be indoors by 2300 unless specified by official documentation -  Spaceport Security Increased -  Travel Delay advisory in effect. Travel within Kaas City has been redirected around Business District Quadrant Besh. Structural Engineers onsite. Bodies recovered. First Casualty names released.

INN has been instructed by the Ministry of Intelligence to inform loyal Citizens of the Empire that progress has been made. Persons of interest are in custody and the Ministry expecting further information. A statement is expected to be made by Minister Beniko later this evening.

To those who perpetrated this erime against the Empire, it is suggested you turn yourself and your fellows in to the proper authorities. The Ministry is prepared to make your deaths quick.

We are able to release more names of casualties in the Carnifex Bombing:
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Imperial News Network
This message is sponsored and approved by the Imperial Outreach Bureau.
The Outreach Bureau: For all your News Needs.

On-screen pops up a smiling young human woman, with electric blue hair. "Hello Empire, and welcome to Rising Stars, Today, with Elaine Zetz! Today, having taken time out of his very busy schedule to come on set and talk with us, is former Grand Admiral Jenkun Kirrai, who has been promoted to...well, tell us!"

The camera pans over to a scarred and brutal looking Sith man, his skin the color of a dried orange, the area around his left eye burned. Despite his appearance, he maintains a polite smile as he looks at the woman. "Well, Elaine, as you well know, I've been promoted to Moff of the Demetras Sector, in the wake of the tragic loss of former Moff Alyssa Teller."

"Oh, that does sound tragic, what happened?" Her face turns into a combination of shock and sadness. "Oh, it was terrible. The Republic apparently managed to get a spy on board her ship using experimental cloaking technology stolen from our labs, and sabotaged the engines." He holds his hand up before she can say anything. "But, let me assure you, the agent was caught, and is currently awaiting execution. The technology was recovered and all is well."

Making a very quick change, Elaine returns to her happy, bubbly smile. "Oh, well, that's good! So, Moff, what exactly do you do?"

"Well, it's very complex. I manage the entirety of the military and logistical organization of the sector. I handle...well, basically everything. Military assignments, rationing, even the very highest level of political issues. It's basically a desk job, but I have to handle the details of the war at the same time."

"Oh, that sounds exhausting."

"Yes, but, I can handle it. They taught me well, at the academy."

"The Academy? As in the one on Korriban?" She leans in, clearly very intrigued.

He chuckles lightly. "No, no, of course not. I was never lucky enough to be one of the chosen few to be allowed to attend the Sith Academy on Korriban. I meant the Naval Academy I attended, on Ziost."

"Oh, wow, Ziost. You must have learned a lot. We don't have the time to go over it all, but, tell me, what, in your opinion, was the best thing they taught you?"

"How to say 'Yes m'lord, right away m'lord'." He deadpans. She lets out a laugh. "You think I'm joking, but I'm not." He smiles wider, showing his teeth. "There's always a Sith around willing to use his superior judgment to issue orders. Being able to say yes is really all you need."

"Of course, of course. They're in charge for a reason, after all. Now, let's go back a little bit, to what you said on the war effort. As someone so completely immersed in it, what are your thoughts? Are we losing, like all the dissenters say?"

"No, not at all. Anybody who says that has clearly never seen the latest conquest numbers. We're not just winning, we are crushing the opposition. In fact, the war is going so well that, even though I'm taking on the responsibility of the Demetras Sector, which sits right on the border between us and the Republic, and is very close to where the Cartel and its criminals runs its own private kingdom, I don't expect any difficulty at all."

"Oh, wow. Why do you say that?"

"Well, it's simple, Elaine. We have the best-trained, the best-equipped, and the most-loyal soldiers in the entire galaxy. The Republic simply can't compare, and so they're losing. We've actually been seeing them send their children as scavengers to loot the battlefield and recover our weapons."

"What do you do then?"

"Well, we can't do anything, they're children, by god. If we can, we take them in and find them a better place to go than the front lines, but a lot of the time it simply isn't feasible, and we get to watch them go home to parents who make them do it again the next day. However, we've been working hard to institute several young cadet programs, to take these kids in and make them into productive and happy members of Imperial society."

"Oh my, their situation is simply awful, isn't it? It's excellent to hear that people, especially people like you, are working so hard to bring them into our fold." She looks at her watch. "Oh my, it seems we're out of time. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to see us, Moff Kirrai."

He stands and takes her hand, shaking it. "Oh, it was a pleasure, Elaine, really. If you ever want to talk again, just call."

Elaine turns to the screen, still smiling. "Well everyone, this has been Rising Stars, Today, with me, Elaine Zetz! Thank you for watching, and remember. If you work hard enough, you too could be a Rising Star!"
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Imperial News Network
News Update!
Carnifex Bombing

Curfew Extended -  All citizens are required to be indoors by 2300 unless specified by official documentation -  Spaceport Security Increased -  Travel Delay advisory in effect - Travel within Kaas City has been redirected around Business District Quadrant Besh - Structural Engineers onsite -  Complete Casualty List released - Official Statements to be Released
( (

Good afternoon. We have been provided with the full and complete listing of all fatalities in the Carnifex bombings and will be running those names at the conclusion of this update. Additional casualties have been reported and as of this report, fifty people are listed in critical or serious condition.

The strength and resilience of the Imperial populace has been in full effect with several Lords generously donating slave labor and droids to assist in cleanup and recovery efforts, and average citizens utilizing their military training under the direction of Kaas City Police forces and detachments from the Imperial Army. Business as usual resumed in the businesses surrounding the bomb site in a stand of solidarity against the cowardice of the act.

The Dark Council recognized the swift response of the Ministry of Sith Intelligence in council today. Several persons of interest are in custody and will be interviewed by Information Retrieval Specialists. Loyal Citizens are reminded to report any strange activity to the nearest local authority. Insiders speaking on conditions of anonymity have reported a number of clearances for offworld travel to parts unknown and classified at this time. Minister Beniko is expected to speak further on the subject of the bombing and our response this evening.

(List Cont'd)
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Imperial News Network

"Good morning citizens of the Empire! Selonna Emala here outside the offices of the Imperial Outreach Bureau. Earlier this morning we saw the young Sith, Prince Dorian enter to have a meeting with someone here. While we were not able to get in touch with the prince himself, we were able to speak with one his armored escorts."

The image cuts away from the energetic brunette woman standing in from the Outreach Bureau to a stoic woman clad in silver and gold armor. The redheaded woman didn't seem all that excited to be interviewed.

"Oh you must be one of Prince Dorian's guards, who are you and what is it you do for the handsome prince?"

"I'm Knight-Commander Meredith Vallen and it is my job to protect my prince. Also to pass along information when he is not able to."

"Oh, so you must know why the young Sith is meeting with the higher ups in the Outreach Bureau?"

"That is correct. My prince is here to discuss ways that he can help the citizens of Kaas after the tragic events that took place recently. The blight of the victims here in the capital stirred the passions of my lord."

"It is nice to hear that the elite of the Empire care deeply about her people. Do you know what the prince plans to do?"

"He plans to have the men and women of the six hundred and third starfighter wing come and lend a hand in rebuilding the city. My prince will be joining those under his command to join in in the construction effort personally. Anything else that may take place is likely being discussed right now.

Camera cuts back to Selonna Emala standing outside the Outreach Bureau.

"The citizens of Kaas will be treated to a rare sight in the coming days. I have been told that people have been given permission to take photos with the prince and his men. One of his squadrons will even be demonstrating their aerial skills above the city. We here at INN will be sure to keep you all updated. This has been Selonna Emala reporting outside of the Imperial Outreach Bureau." 
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Imperial News Network

An Imperial anchor wearing a grave expression appears on the holo-projection. With a frown, she announces, "We bring you breaking news from the world of Ziost--"

*fzzzzzzzt* The hologram flickers. *ffffzzttt*

The image of a robed woman appears. Her skin is dark, her eyes green. Her face is shadowed by her hood, which depicts flaming wings sweeping upwards against a field of black.

The woman smiles. "Greetings, Empire. I am Darkspeaker Eskenah Koonto, who speaks in the Name of the Dark Emperor, whom you have cast aside to your ruin. Behold now His power and His immortality!"

Eskenah paces back and forth. "Soon will come His time of triumph, and His faithful ones will be lifted up with Him to divinity."

"You reject His word, but the power of His word finds you still." Eskenah pauses, flipping open an ancient-style leatheris bound tome. "Hear His scripture now, on this day of doom:"

"Fast will His wrath flow,
flow over fateless fools:
Heretics all, flame-bound;
Heathens all, fire-bound.

Immortal is the Emperor,
Immutable, Eternal.

Wayfarers, worship Him!
Fall before Him, O faithful...!

For all in darkness, You lash the world with weepings
and You drape the lands with ash.
My enemies grow weak with sorrow.
I witness the fall of my foes.

Away from me, all you heretics,
for the Dark has heard my cry!
All my enemies will be overwhelmed
with shame and anguish;

They will turn back
and be consumed by flames..."

The dark-skinned woman looks up, her green eyes piercing in their fierceness. Her voice is imbued with power. "Repent, for His time has come!"


"--terrible images of--"


"--unclear how or by what method--"


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Imperial News Network

“Out of the ashes of the Carnifex bombings comes first sorrow.”


“Then anger.” Camera pans to a man holding the picture of a loved one. “The only good terrorist, is a dead terrorist!”

“Earlier today Prince Dorian addressed a crowd in front of the Spires of Victory in Kaas City.”


“We must meet this threat with our courage, our valor, indeed with our very lives to ensure that Imperial civilization, not The Republic, dominates this galaxy. Now and always!”

The images changes from a scene with the prince to some children that are taking suspicious objects to the local bomb disposal unit. “Even the little ones are helping out. Are you doing your part? Report any suspicious activity to the local security police.”

The image fades. Appearing on screen is the newsroom with two females dressed in the standard Imperial uniform that everyone has come to love.

“To show their part in the cleanup effort, the men and women under Prince Dorian’s command came to city in the Xoxaan, as you can see the ship hovered behind the citadel all day today."

On the top left corner of the screen it shows the image of the Xoxaan.
Cutting next to some pilots who stand before their commander.

"The families of the victims all were given a monthly stipend to help them get by. Did you know the money is all coming solely from the young Sith himself? He was even out there working alongside his men.”

“I saw that Lillian. It looked as if something was blooming between the Sith and a local marine. The two of them were seen talking for an extended period of time. Afterwards the two were seen exchanging glances with one another. Could this be the start of a romance between these two?”

“Only time can tell Susan. They would make a cute couple. Well coming up next we are going to show you ten easy ways to spot a terrorist. And are you lending your slave to construction effort?”

The image of the newsroom fades and commercials for droids and Imperial recruitment fill up the next five minutes.
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”The Imperial News Station would like to welcome you all to tonight's broadcast. The INS is here for your protection from alie..-”

Just then the camera’s click on in time to see a gigantic red fist colliding with the usual human male anchor’s face, throwing him back against the wall to be escorted away from the room as a massassi sits down into the free chair with a grunt.

“Klaag, Welcome you to the nights news! Klaag gives no apologies for beating down traitor to the Empire, all traitors to Empire should see this as a warning that you are being watched by Klaag.” The massassi gives the camera a steely look as it pans to the lovely co-anchor Lady Faelin, a very popular Lady of the Sith who works within the news networks.


“Welcome Klaag, thank you for working so hard to keep us all safe.” She has an almost constant smile on her face and her eyes almost sparkle, either she is made of sugar or it's camera effects nobody's quite sure which.  She continues, “There has been a new development today on the planet Quesh.  Quesh has released statements about a recent explosion in a Republic facility. As many of you know,  there is a subtle truce on the planet Quesh that allows both our glorious Empire and the insidious Republic to do research on the planet so long as there is no direct violence.”

Klaag’s fist comes down onto the table, “Several weeks ago word was brought to Klaag about an attack on a Republic base that was held until more information was released! Klaag today bring audio surveillance from this first attack.”

The audio feed plays as a waveform clip.  There are sounds of blaster fire and even grenades going off, but the predominant sounds are of ravenous growling and pained screams. The clip is soon cut off as lady Faelin speaks, “Tragic and horrible,” she smiles slightly, “ least it would be if the incident were not due to the Republic's own illegal testing to create a super soldier serum, with the help of these supposed Imperials.” On the screen behind her the faces of Lord Xandier and his surviving men.

“The successful attack on the Quesh stronghold and subsequent capture of these traitors was carried out by the Moirae group. Through their investigation, these traitors were directly linked with selling Imperial secrets to the Republic; research based on our own developments with Quesh based adrenals.”


 “This network attempted to contact The Moirae, and their infamous, secretive, leader - Darth Atropos - for comment on their successful defense of the Empire.  But as expected, there was no comment.”  Lady Faelin gave this deliverance with as big a smile as all the rest.

Klaag grunts “Filthy, secret, traitors have been fully questioned by the Moirae, Defenders of the great Empire! Traitors of the Empire shall fear their name more than they fear Klaag!” He bangs on the desk again.

“I can quite agree, Klagg,” Lady Faelin continues as the camera moves pans back to her, “I know I am sleeping safer at night knowing groups like The Moirae are watching over us all.  Now in huttball news….”
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(((Written by @Hawke (;u=457) :] ))

-While watching the GNN for the latest new updates, a commercial comes on-

-A smiling, red haired woman standing in front of a holo-projector comes on. She looks to be in the foyer of an office of some type.-

"At Raxus Sun Incorporated, we strive to build better, and more reliable craft than our competitors. From scout ships to full sized freighters, we utilize the latest and the best in shielding, armoring, propulsion and legal weaponry usable to the public."


"Tell our representatives that Shae Hawke sent you for a 20 percent credit discount."

"Career opportunities are always available. Come join our family and assist Raxus Sun Incorporated build a safer, flyable tomorrow..."

-contact information for Raxus Sun appears in Galactic Basic and the next ad begins-

(Written by Omeron (Harbinger) ))
-As you watch your nightly Imperial news network, the images start to shift, go to static, and a new image appears.  The image is of a Sith Lord.  The image has only one minute to transmit its message before the Empire starts to track its whereabouts-
"We are the guardian in the shadows."

"We are the unsung heroes that will protect you where the Imperial Military and Sith won't."

"The exiles of the Empire."

"We are In Alis Ageis."

-The local Imperial nightly news picks back up as if nothing had happened.-
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You find that lately, during prime-time on Coruscant or Corellia, no matter what channel you are on - your program is interrupted momentarily by the following:




    SAFETY          (          SECURITY   

There is a moment of static, and your programming returns to normal.
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Breaking: // Marsteth-Villem announces new shipyard plans, boasting a rival to Kuat Drive Yards legendary status. Marsteth-Villem stock rose sharply as a result of the announcement. // Fighting in the Meerian Sector intensifies as Imperial forces push to occupy strategic locations. Bandomeer expected to fall unless Republic relief is sent. // Republic Trade Officials finally remove the 'Vysint Tax', which had been levied against most Erinian goods, in light of the planet being recognized as part of the Galactic Republic.

Emergency Update

Hutt Pleasure Palace Destroyed In Quarantine

             Garuda's Penthouse Palace
     RED LIGHT DISTRICT, Nar Shaddaa - The large annual business party for wealthy Garuda the Hutt was cut short by screams and gunfire, ending in a destructive display of pyrotechnics as the Hutt's favored penthouse was destroyed to prevent the virus from spreading.

The rampage has claimed 22 lives and injured 63 more, with an untold amount in damages to the lower cityscape.

Cartel Officials are still unclear as to how the infection managed to arrive on the planet in the first place without detection, however several eyewitness accounts from survivors paint a clear picture as to the result. Survivors tell stories of sudden panic and chaos as an infected carrier showed early in the evening, interrupting the buffet line. Within minutes the palace interior had been quarantined and Garuda evacuated to a personal safe house.

Sources near the Cartel claim there is sufficient evidence to suggest only a single carrier was involved until the outbreak, and that excavation of the wreckage provides no credible evidence that anything survived to continue the spread. Other sources claim that there is no evidence to suggest this is an outbreak at all - citing medical evidence that none of the victims of the attack show signs of turning.

Garuda The Hutt Responds

"If this was a targeted attack," Garuda said in a statement, "Know that my Clan will respond in kind. We will find out who was responsible, either directly or indirectly, and see that they are publicly flayed for their gall! The Cartel will not tolerate this outrage!"

Nearby Republic forces appear to have been involved in the scuttling effort, however Cartel sources claim they have no intention of seeking repercussions from the Republic. Republic Representatives could not be reached for comment.

Trending: // Coalitions against the former Sith Emperor that formed with great interest hit a wall recently as a series of visits from the televangelist Eskenah sparked an increase in favor for Vitiate. It is estimated that the number of Vitiate followers constitutes an official political movement. // Imperial debate continues after Lord Ilireth Necare publicly denounces the title of 'Darth', claiming the title "proves nothing, holds no value, and serves only as a crutch." The Political Sphere has yet to respond to the challenge. // Extent Corporation capitalizes on the success of their X14 military model and opens free contracting. This marks the end of an exclusivity deal with the Republic Military as sales skyrocket across the galaxy.

Selkath Make Waves In Science

Manaan Crosses Faction Lines, Research Expanded

     AHTO CITY, Manaan - Selkath dignitaries from Manaan set out today to formalize trade agreements with both the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic, the result of a recent off-world summit held to appeal to galactic investment and partnership. Science revenue from the independent planet is expected to soar.
         Delegate Qagal Planetside

Selkath delegates met with representatives of several major entities, revealing several of their long-term projects and offering trade negotiation for funding and oversight. Many government and splinter entities were in attendance - including a notable appearance by a Revanite representative. Decidedly absent were corporate representatives such as Czerka Corporation and Adascorp.

The Selkath 'Order of Shasa' provided ritual guardianship and security for the summit. Inside sources claim that while the many debates were heated and confrontational, the use of force was not required during the proceedings. It is unknown at this time if the Order was intended as a cultural impression or as a deterrent.

The final outcome included two projects: one begun with each the Republic and the Empire to "enforce Manaan's strict adherence to the Ahto City Civil Authority and ensure purity of purpose," according to a statement issued by Delegate Iouon. "Our intent is to provide the galaxy with the greatest technology possible and not to continue a rivalry by other means."

    Selkath Guards Recount The Debates
The 'Soylent Kolto Project', in partnership research with Imperial representatives, explores the possibility of Kolto as an ingested solid. Initial testing shows that while the uses may differ from liquid Kolto, such as enhancement supplements, the results appear to be promising.

The Republic's partnership project, the 'Kolto Colony Project', aims at potentials of transplanting and cultivating Kolto production offworld from Manaan - allowing the possibility for Selkath to colonize water-laden planets elsewhere. This comes at a convenient time for Selkath interests as the prospect helps combat competitors in the medical field.

Both projects state that long-term results are to be expected, and are proceeding optimistically.

At Large: // Unusual incidents continue to create awkward situations on Coruscant, as Jedi learners fresh from Tython cause commotions while in trance. The Jedi are being returned to Tython for treatment and study. // Delphian Bank and Trust announces quarterly Swoop Races in a campaign to garner additional customers across the Mid Rim. The bank issued a statement that the public races were "the first of many ways our business gives back to the galaxy." // Republic Colonel Sharak Vastar remains missing after attending a Nar Shaddaa charity event. Military sources say the Colonel's medical history may be to blame, but refuse to release details.


Defection Exposed, Rogue AI Suspected, Republic Withdrawn

The Fleets Engage Above The Planet

     HAOR, Charros IV - Holonet traffic was briefly disrupted for the Taldot Sector as Republic and Imperial warships clashed in a rapidly expanding engagement centered on the Holonet Hub of Charros IV. Sources say the battle began as a minor skirmish over the retrieval of a Republic Defector and quickly spiraled into a full clash of naval might.

Witnesses on the station place at least two of the Republic Military's X14 combat droid units as part of the conflict, with initial investigation suggesting that the X14 units were what initiated the conflict and called in the Republic Military. The station was alerted and evacuated quickly by the droids.

       Enhanced Security Footage
Their target: A yet-unidentified Rattataki and another droid. During a public broadcast calling for Imperial reinforcement, the fugitive droid introduced itself as 'M3-AP' and announced its intent to deliver the defector, showing its rogue intent. Leaked security footage suggests the droid may have served as a bodyguard to the Rattataki. Other links to M3-AP point to the 'Delphian Bank and Trust', however the financial institution refused to comment when reached. The bank is noted to have a substantial presence on the planet.

The galaxy has not seen a defection spill into public eye since the incident with the Brentaal Star, and so speculation abounds as to the nature of the Defector. Republic Officials claim that no such defection has taken place, and that the droid in the broadcast was malfunctioning, citing the lack of value of the target as the reason for the withdrawal. Imperial propaganda spins the Republic withdrawal as a major stepping stone in the weakening of Republic resolve, claiming the defection did take place and that more defections are to come.

Whatever the truth, the Holonet hub station has taken measures to increase its security and defenses. HoloHub, the company leasing the station, released a statement that the security of free communication in the galaxy is worth any cost and pledged to clear the system of debris from the conflict as a sign of its dedication.
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Post by: Aredanus on 06/25/15, 01:10:28 AM
((This is all very OOC please don't be mad at me.))

Famous rock band visits Zythia.

It came to the surprise of many Zythians tonight when it was discovered that galactic famous Imperial punk rock group Band Unit 616 made a surprise visit on their tour through Imperial space to play their newest album All Things Entropic.


Band Unit 616 made a surprise visit to the Imperial holding of Zythia today to pay their respects to the Lord of Entropy himself.

While the Lord was not their to view them live, 616 did entertain thousands of his loyal subjects across the planet, marking this concert their largest since their One-Year Anniversary in the depths of Nar Shaddaa.


Several illegal vice dens were rooted out several weeks ago by the elusive Imperial cult the Dark Network. Casualties mount to at least 60 killed with no wounded.

Band Unit 616 rose sharply in the listings early in their career, before being forced to retire when a holovid leaked of the band members participating in sexual acts involving a fish, three gundark ears, and a recording of the Tatooine Sand Person went live on the Holonet. However their music remained hits many months after they broke off.

Their sudden return on the one year anniversary of their beginnings marked a new age in the music industry as they once again topped the boards with songs such as Scarred And Heartless and Disciples Of Ruin


While it was unfortunate 616 could not entertain the Entropic Lord himself, Governor Lieutenant Elym stated, "Recordings will be made for the Entropic Lord, and Band Unit 616 will be assured that they are sent directly to him." The Governor Lieutenant could not comment further as he raced down the road, carrying 616's newest album with her.

Band Unit 616's dancer and back up singer Lakesh went on record saying she was, "Hotter than your girlfriend." during and interview, and Jak'sito continues to deny the use of the Sand Person recording during their scandal.

Band Unit 616 hurriedly left the stage soon after, making their way to the Spaceport in order to make it to their next appearance on the Imperial Capitol.

((A VERY OOC session after War Room with Jak'sito, Atavia, and Lakesh. Lots of lols were shared!))
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[The image cuts to grainy footage of a steep, muddy mountain range, engulfed by fog and rain.]

Republic Military officials have today reported that contact has been lost with a number of forward outposts in the Itherak region of Balmorra, a key defensive line, backing onto the formidable Beckett mountain range. Whilst the exact cause of this loss of communication is unknown, a number of analysts have laid down suspicions that the Sith Empire might be in the process of reintroducing some fronts to this war.

Republic forces have been on the offensive since our stunning victories in the Core Worlds, in which we decisively pushed the Empire back, taking a large amount of man and material with them. Grand Chancellor Saresh's controversial and somewhat ambitious offensives have been effective, but extremely taxing on the men and women of the Republic Army. A number of under-strength or even half-strength Army Groups are defending the Itherak region in what was anticipated to be a rest posting, many of whom had been fighting from Corellia all the way through to recent fighting on the Sith world of Ziost.

Military analysts likewise suspect that the Revanite, Dread Master and Hutt incidents all gave the Empire a chance to rest some of it's frontline troops in preparation for a resumption to hostilities. Could this be the start of a new Imperial Offensive? 

Time will tell, until then, hold fast and hold your head high. The Republic marches forward together to victory.

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Emergency Broadcast: Strange red mist envelops the Hooper's Hope Spaceport in the Le Yer region.


We interrupt our normal scheduled transmissions to bring an emergency report from the Abregado system. A strange unidentified ship landed in the Hooper's Hope Intergalactic spaceport early this morning. After various attempts to raise the crew the ship exploded releasing a red gaseous substance. Rescue teams tried to evacuate the civilians inside the spaceport. Soon after they entered the precinct communications dropped mysteriously.

Rescue droids were dispatch, but just like first teams communications were drop almost immediately.

After the mist dissipated new rescue teams were sent. According to official reports there are no survivors. The rescue teams were killed inside and the droids dismantled. There are signs that the murderers were the people inside the spaceport themselves and some speak of sign of cannibalism. The latter is yet to be confirmed.

Currently the spaceport is closed as a throughout investigation is being conducted. Ships traveling to the Le Yer region of Abregado-rae are to dock in the Cuttler's Pit and Talon's Trench spaceports until the Hooper's Hope spaceport is once again open to the public.

We will keep you inform of any new information regarding this tragic event.
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Post by: Hawking on 07/16/15, 12:44:28 AM

Imperial presence on Balmorra was today confirmed by an immense assault on Republic lines, as well as the arrival of an Imperial Fleet. The Republic 43rd Fleet was engaged and decisively defeated, granting Imperial forces on the world the benefit of cover from space.

Reports suggest that outlying Republic garrisons in the Itherak region have been annihilated, and that any forces north of the formidable Beckett Line are in full retreat to the safety of the defensive position.

In what is being called "the worst Military Intelligence failing of the war since Coruscant", General Verth Delrani, commander of the Core Regions Corps, has stepped down amidst controversial claims that he knew the attack was forthcoming, and chose not to act. This move has, for the time being, left the troops on Balmorra without a leadership presence and without hope of reinforcement.

Things may be grim, but the Republic Ministry of Home Affairs is making sure to remind Republic Citizens not to discuss Republic positions on the world, and to exclude mentioning unit names, sizes or roles in a public capacity.

Pray for our boys on the front.


Last known photograph of "Hill 212" before it was seized by Imperial Troops.
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The following billboard has started popping up around the lower to middle-class areas of Coruscant, Corellia and Alderaan:

Title: Re: News Channel Feeds
Post by: Cordae on 08/02/15, 07:13:24 PM
The Erinian Royal News

Prince Cordae Selected to Lead Critical Republic Trade Mission

Prince Cordae Keyis, third son of sitting King of the Allied Marches Istvan Honorius Keyis, has been nominated by his peers within the Republic Diplomatic Office to lead a week-long trade mission to several worlds throughout the Swodian, Elookaridian, and Vasteerai systems. This trade mission, according to the Republic, is only the latest effort in a strategy to bring several of the more obscure – though no less important – inner-rim worlds into the Republican fold.

When asked for comment, Prince Cordae stated that he was, “…[thrilled for the] opportunity,” and “honored” that he was chosen by his peers to receive such an important mission.

Prince Cordae, as a function of his current dual-role in the Republic Diplomatic Corps as Ambassador and Special Envoy, will be travelling throughout these sectors for no less than one week per his mandate from the Galactic Senate.
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Core-wide Press Release, Alderaanian Jedi Enclave

The following feed is aired on Organa News Network and several other Core-world news channels.  The short-brown-haired young woman, Jedi Nev Shaerilan is in her mid-thirties is a recognizable face of the Enclave on Coruscant, and appears to be speaking during a visit home from the Organa Palace press room.

Greetings citizens of my beloved Alderaan, and our friends in the Republic.  As one of the Alderaanian Jedi Enclave's formal Envoys to the Senate, I wished to briefly clarify some claims made by one Recondite Emancipation party on many of our streets that has caused some alarm.  We wished to remind citizens that here on Alderaan, as on Corellia and several other worlds the rights of Force Sensitive custodial consent and other protections for Jedi Families are a respected and fully protected reality under planetary laws.  It is true that some in the Order and Senate favor more aggressive testing, but this is by no means universal.  As the grand-daughter of a Jedi Master myself, I have long joined many of my fellow Jedi in respectful dissent against such policies- as does our entire Enclave here on Alderaan.  Families will always be welcome and respected here, I promise you- even should Alderaan complete the process of joining the Republic.  Until that, happens of course, Republic law does not apply here at all anyway.     

That said, while the message of this political group raises some valid points, some other elements of their platform and rhetoric raises cause for concern.  We are currently investigating more general anti-Jedi and anti-Force user reports from some in this group.  Given Alderaan's history of brutal Imperial occupation and the great loss of life suffered by many of our Jedi Families and kin under the Sith, we are especially concerned against potential hate speech in these concerning times.  We encourage all citizens to seek out the facts for themselves, and join us in supporting Sentient Family Rights without falling into conspiracy theories or panic.   

Thank you, and may the Force be with you all!   
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Post by: Hawking on 08/03/15, 03:30:37 PM
Imperial News Network


Citizens of the Empire, your brave fighting troops are winning glory for you and for the Empire as Operation Northern Wind continues. Under Moff Alexander Keriak's ambitious plan of "One Week, One Ridge", Imperial Forces are slaughtering the infants in uniform known as the Republic 33rd and 21st Armies in the hills of the Beckett Line. The Imperial advance has been so surprisingly fast that even our own experts are shocked, predicting a breakthrough within the next two weeks, as our troops puncture the Republic defensive line. Analysts suggest that the Imperial Troops have approximately 38km more of steep ridges and Republic defensive positions left to take.

The troops are being ridden hard, but the demoralized Republic forces are on the verge of total collapse.

For the Empire.
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Republic News Network: Up to the minute news for the citizens of the galaxy's longest-standing democracy/ Jedi Council to make official comment on anti-child recruitment campaign/ Triple A Republic Huttball Team 'Akk-Attack' scores fifth consecutive win/ Small outer-rim world at risk for collapse, as government forces battle dissidents in the street/

Republic New at Nine

Good evening citizens of the Republic, and thanks for tuning in. Things have been heating up around the galaxy today, and here at the top of the hour, we've got all the scoops you need to stay in the know.

Starting off, the Imperial offensive on Balmorra isn't stopping just yet, but our boys on the front are doing everything they can. Its a numbers game for old Imp-y, and they think that throwing a several-million strong offensive at us is going to over-power are rock-hard defenses. We've been told by Republics boots on the ground, that with each new Imperial push, our guys keep asking 'Is that it?'.

The battlefield isn't the only front the war is being won on - looking to morale, and specifically, sports, with the continued playing of cross-faction Huttball matches, Coruscant-native team the 'Stalwart Senators' took the win over the 'Korriban Crushers', with an impressive four-zero victory.

Now for our main story: a small Outer Rim planet in peril - though not one you're likely familiar with. Forest planet 'Marcolin' is not the first, but the most recent world to be gripped by civil war. Government forces are in the middle of an intense conflict with a presently unnamed guerrilla group, who to date have partaken in several terrorist attacks, including destruction of government buildings and offices, kidnapping of Marcolini officials, and the seemingly random murder of Marcolini law enforcement members.

We reached out to the world's office of parliament, and were given this comment by Chief of Foreign Policy, Castel Vrabe;

"This government holds to qualms with transparency, and I've been asked to paint as clear a picture as possible: while we are not losing this battle, we cannot say we're winning it. Our men and women of service are brave, and doing all they can, but this is not something they were trained for. Our world is young, and in its one-thousand year history since colonization, there has not been so much dissent since the establishing of the current brand of government - something that occurred nearly three generation ago. The situation is dire, and we need help."

Chilling, especially coming from someone in such a post. What can be done for that small world? Are there more hands in the pot than we can see from so far away?

With the war still waging, can we spare time, effort, and resources from the front for an internal matter, on a planet largely over-looked?

The largely forested world has its metropolises surrounded by dense brush, it has been the aim of this resistance to hide themselves, and strike at the cities, before fleeing back into the woods.

It is clear that Marcolin doesn't just need reinforcements, it needs experts, people prepared to help with this breed of warfare.

Our hearts and minds go out to that world, and its inhabitants who are working diligently to preserve the standards of our great Republic.

More news, straight to your homes, ships, and cells, right after the break.
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Tonight, on Nar Shaddaa's Nightly News:

Two Jedi caused severe structural damage in what was described as an earthquake on a floating complex, according to eyewitness account, after chasing a resident to the speeder platform and destroying all the speeders. The resident reportedly jumped off the edge in effort to escape, only to be kidnapped by the Jedi. In an odd twist, the Jedi were piloting an Imperial Fury-Class Interceptor. Authorities can only speculate as to whether they had stolen the ship or were on an undercover mission, and why they would kidnap a teenage Zabrak boy. The "earthquake" that the young Twi'lek Jedi caused by simply stomping her foot damaged gas lines, and the entire top level speeder platform eventually broke off and fell to the city below after sustaining further damage to its integrity during the kidnapping. It crashed through the traffic lane below before slamming atop the Red Light District. The current death count is unknown as teams are currently searching the affected levels. Citizens are encouraged to stay out of the top 15 levels of district 9 until structural integrity of the levels is certain and necessary rescues are performed.
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Post by: recoveringgeek on 08/18/15, 12:27:24 AM

"High Admiral Floors of the Imperial Naval Command issued a short statement today."


"It is with great sadness that I report that the Harrower-Class Dreadnaught Rancorous was lost while in orbit over Mygeeto. It appears a weapons malfunction caused an explosion that critically damaged the vessel's engines. Search and rescue operations are underway right now. However, it has been reported that Admiral Eldarus Villem, one of the Navy's senior command officers, and a man of personal distinction, did not evacuate the ship, and stayed in command on the bridge to ensure the ship made planetfall in an unoccupied arctic plateau. Admiral Villem was killed in the crash landing.

The severe weather conditions are hampering search and rescue efforts at this time. I must remind all civilian craft that the orbital paths over the hemisphere are closed to all ships except for Imperial Naval vessels. Admiral Eldarus Villem is survived by his son, Captain Paskr Villem of the Imperial Navy, and his daughter, Whispr. Admiral Villem will be remembered for his exemplary service to the Navy, his unceasing contributions to the sanctity and security of the Empire, and his exceptional standards and professionalism as a Naval Officer."
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Post by: Liquidis on 08/18/15, 10:32:59 PM
Imperial News Network

"This morning, a unknown Imperial force has set it's self on the Surface and sky's of Zythia. It is unknown exactly who or what the forces belong to but eyewitnesses say 'they arrived so quickly it was a like chariots falling from the skys.' This is in referance to the swift deployment of dropships entering the surface of Zythia and deplloying dark suited heavy troopers. " The reporter pauses, a recording of a Terminus-Class destroyer patroling near Bimissari:
This recording was of the same destroyer that currently orbits over Zythia as we speak and could a command post to the current troops on the ground already conducting operations on the planet's surface." The reporter continues though is once again masked by a recording:
"This recording was taken only four hours after the ship appeared above the war-torn planet's skys." The reporter pauses to show Imperial Heavy troopers moving along the streets, sticking to shadows and using tactics different from regular troopers. The recording continues to show the same troopers entering a building followed by the sounds of disruptor fire and small explosions. Finally the recording pans over to the troops calmly exiting the building; a patch like symbol is seen on one of the troopers armor as a Kath Hound with a vibroblade in it's mouth speaking with what one can assume is a sith lord with long, blonde hair and milky-white skin.

"We will follow up on this report as the situation develops: Long live the Empire!" 
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((Stealing the INN news desk picture, I hope you don't mind. :D And it is slightly in the future, but given how the purges have gone, you can see where it's leading.))

Imperial News Network: We Report, The Sith Decide


In a stunning move coming completely out of nowhere, the Imperial State of Reydovan Prime is no more. Now it is simply another world of the Sith Empire, and subject to the rule of a Sith Governor - and that Governor is none other than Darth Malagant, who has returned from a period of unexplained isolation to "correct his mistakes", as a spokesman from his office reported to INN. The Dark Lord wasted no time in assuming control: The entire Parliament of the Imperial State has been arrested for treasonous actions against the Empire, and we can confirm from witnesses that both Moff Euphrati Velade, the First Minister and governor of the Reydovan Sector, and Baron Androsius Sarnak, the Chairman of the Council of Nobles, are both dead, executed by the hand of Darth Malagant himself.

We are now receiving a live transmission from Reydovan Prime, from the Temple of Introspection in the City of Illuminopolis:

Sith Governor of Reydovan Prime

Citizens of Reydovan Prime, and across the Empire, good evening.

You have no doubt heard the rumors spreading these past few days about a change in how the governance of this planet is undertaken. I can now confirm, following my successful return from a campaign I have just conducted, that this is indeed the case. Moff Velade and the entire Imperial Parliament have been executed for their treason, continuing to uphold the legacy and ideals of a Revanite sympathizer: The Sith Lord Darth Cyanoculus, formerly the Jedi known as Kieran Devaneaux.

I am not too proud to admit that I made a mistake with him. I made the mistake of believing that he could be a better Sith than his father, Darth Defileris. As both men are dead, and both by my hand, it is clear that this was not the case. The fact that he was executed as an accomplice of the traitor Darth Verulam is proof enough of that. But in my meditations these past weeks, I have turned my eye to another problem of his creation: That of this so-called "Imperial State". Another mistake of mine was to let him have his experiment in "Sith democracy". It had become clear that the Parliament continued to perpetuate this ideal, which could potentially lead to this planet believing that it had a place other than as a subject of the Empire. Indeed, the flag of the traitor, the so-called "Eye of Kieran", continued to be flown in the audience chamber of the Palace of the Mountain Shadow in Montagne Noire, where the planetary governor met with petitioners - this idea in itself a weakness that can no longer be afforded.

To be clear, the people of Reydovan Prime are Imperial citizens, subject to all the privileges that entails, but it also means that they are subject to Imperial law. Since the death of Darth Cyanoculus, however, this parliamentary government had become too lax in their enforcement of that law. The requirement to send Force-sensitives to Korriban for Sith training, or executed if they prove too much trouble, has not been enforced as rigorously as it should have been due to special dispensations allowed to the families of Parliament members. Imperial law does not request that Force-sensitives be trained or killed, but demands it. There will be no further special treatment for anyone in this regard, no matter their race or familial standing.

What will this change for the common citizen, you might ask? Other than a more rigid enforcement of the Imperial code regarding Force-sensitives...nothing. There has been no reason given by anyone, beyond the members of the Parliament, to take action against them for violation of Imperial law. Indeed, it has been the confidential testimony of loyal citizens that has resulted in this change of regime. The media will still be allowed to run, and all will be free to continue their lives as citizens of the Sith Empire. But I am the law here now, and I will represent this planet's interests. Indeed, in my first act after assuming this role, I have at last finished a matter that I should have done months ago.

With the aid of our loyal soldiers and officers of the Imperial Reydovan Defense Force and the Reydovan Sector Defense Fleet, the insurrectionist Nikaean "Empire" has been eradicated, and with it, the holdouts from the Order of Revan led by the traitor Darth Verulam and the Jedi Master Merken Netalis. The planets of Nikaea, Khyrador, and Sergoratha have been reduced to burning glass, as punishment for their continued insurrection against the Empire. The heads of all the ringleaders - Verulam, Netalis, the Republic soldier Melena Linavil, and the Jedi murderess Katran - are placed at the four corners of Palace Square in Montagne Noire as a warning to all who would uphold such treasonous and heretical mindviews as those espoused by the Order of Revan.

Yet all wars have casualties, and we applaud the sacrifice of those whose blood was shed to restore the honor of the Sith and the Empire, particularly that of the late Sith Lord Tethik Nadun, who turned away from his treasonous master Cyanoculus and declared his loyalty to the true Empire. Let his loyalty and his sacrifice be a model for all to uphold in the trying times to come. For while the war against the Republic does not go well for us, it is not yet over, and there is still time to reverse our fortunes.

As I have eliminated the last vestiges of my past mistakes and now look to the future, so must we all in the days to come. I have no doubt that together, with the Force in our service and our people standing as one, we will prevail.

For the Empire!
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CelebConnection your GossipFeed connection to the glamorous and not so glamorous world of famous people...

CelebConnection Update!

Heiress up to old tricks...

Roze Industries heiress Jessak Roze was spotted in the Slippery Slopes cantina on the Promenade in one of her now rare public outings. She was spotted up to old tricks again as she sat for a not so private private show. Surrounded by scantily clad men, the heiress seemed to be relaxing and enjoying herself. Though a known fan of male twi'lek companions, the young demolition heiress made a slight departure from old habits with her male Sith company for the night. Sources suggest that her would be entertainers were none other than Taelios of Taelios Gentech Industries and Crimsen chef and bartender at the popular entertainment venue the Dancer's Palace. Could this be the signs that Jessak has finally come out of hiding and will return to her frequent partying and subsequent scandals? Only time will tell.
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Post by: Zayven on 08/31/15, 10:36:35 PM
Breaking news across all major networks:

Nar Shadda, Red Light District:

According to security cam footage and one eye witness account, a seemingly unarmed teenage Zabrak boy - reportedly the boy previously in the news as the victim of the kidnapping by two suspected Jedi that damaged a sky palace and killed many - now allegedly named ‘Zaynn,’
was confronted in a street of the Red Light District by a black hooded figure carrying a lightsaber with a face compared to a rakghoul, allegedly called ‘Darth Volfe,’
and a Sith Pureblood who stood approximately 7 feet tall and was extremely muscular, wearing gangsterish style black leather and carrying a large sniper rifle who is yet unnamed.

The Darth did reportedly "call" to himself the aluminum can the teen had been kicking down the street previously, but no reported evidence of the boy or Pureblood using the force was given.

Eye witness testimony claims that this mysterious teenage Zabrak has been working for the Empire in Imperial Intelligence for at least the past year. The Pureblood warned the Darth that attacking the pair “would be like attacking the Imperial Military.” Darth Volfe then warned that if they do not surrender, they “would get a lot of people killed.” No surrender was given, and then the hooded figure removed his hood to expose a black mask. He pushed a button on said mask, and the witness described it as it seeming to “fold in on itself over and over and over until it was vanishing off” the ghastly white face with black ichor surrounding his mouth.

The eye witness’s attention was then taken instead by the mass amount of explosions that rocked the district, killing hundreds of thousands within moments, which also included many floating barges and some sky palaces. What can only be described as a “rain of dead bodies” descended upon the district after detonation, seemingly a pre-meditated “stunt” from rigged barges, sky palaces, and passing ships as much as from the explosions themselves. Fires swiftly raged out of control and mass-panic broke out.

Within moments, thousands of weapon’s systems, including planetary defenses and starships near the surface, glitched in the same exact second and reportedly went offline. However, every offline system then targeted what engineers have mapped to be the coordinate which seems to have been the location of the aforementioned trio. The systems powered themselves to full and then discharged after they all had suddenly changed their aim, instead tearing through multiple buildings, ships, and traffic lanes. Within seconds these weapons discharged repeatedly until every falling object had been turned into molten ash, of which then fell over the district, igniting more fires, chewing through safety beams, and severely burning many. No specialist has yet been able to figure out the cause of this previously unseen technological event.

In another odd turn of this devastating event, the majority of the droids in the district nearly instantly ceased responding to outside commands, and began moving towards this ill fated square. It is yet unknown the reason for this disturbance as the droids took no action upon arriving at their destination. Many of these droids still remain there, unresponsive now hours later to attempts to re-take command.

None of the suspects involved have been found, although authorities have had severe troubles getting to the specific location due to the number of fires, dead bodies, and droids occupying the space, so it is not yet known if any survived.

The death toll is estimated to be at least half a million, although estimates are still in the early phases, and many fires still are not yet in control.

Anyone with medical training is urged to volunteer for relief efforts, as well as any skilled in search and rescue. There is a general request sent by the Hutts for hospital space, emergency transports, medical staff, and supplies.
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Post by: Malkerik on 09/02/15, 06:23:24 PM
Nar Shaddaa News Network
The Only Source You Can Trust

"Good Evening Universe, I'm Mix Chex filling in for your regular, almost as handsome anchors. Tonight we begin by returning to a story briefly reported on earlier today.

"Explosion in the Industrial District! In the dead of the night last night, at approximately 2345 Hutta Standard Time an explosion rocked the high-end cantina known as The Stomping Grounds. The establishment, owned by Marxs 'Sixty Six' Donovan, which had been a haven for Bounty Hunters and high class criminal elements erupted suddenly into a ball of flame after being closed for most of the day yesterday. During the detonation, power went out in the surrounding block, leaving most residents and centers of that upper district without power until late this morning. No biological physical remains were found at the scene of the explosion, however the chassis of an extensively damaged protocol droid was discovered not far from what is believed to be the epicenter of the blast.

"While originally believed to be a gas-related accident from the cantina's cookware, further investigation from authorities has begun to attribute the blast to another of the growing Cartel related attacks. With little evidence as to what ignited the gas, it is believed the Protocol Droid found at the scene was programmed to ignite a spark, though officials as of yet refuse to validate the claims. Further investigation has yielded fruitless results as it seems the cameras in the block were damaged during the explosion, their connecting databanks corrupted. While several residents of the posh Upper Area believe it may have been connected to the explosion and the cantina's main generator going out, others are whispering of a controlled Electromagnetic Pulse being the culprit.

"With no evidence left at the scene to dictate who ignited this blaze, officials are searching for anyone that may have information on this attack or similar episodes. Officials are also seeking any tenants of the Stomping Ground's for further questioning about the matter. Residents are urged to take all precautions with the rising number of gang related assaults and to report suspicious activities to the police.

"In social media news, Genny the only Albino Gundark in captivity turned two years old today! He was immediately bought out by Magullo the Hutt at the center's opening this morning, and later died in his rumoured Gundark Fighting Ring. More on that in just a few moments."
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Post by: Hawking on 09/10/15, 05:01:32 PM

Imperial forces are today enjoying an assortment of Supreme Chancellor Saresh's finest wines as they sit in the Beckett Line's central headquarters, known as the Nest, where a decisive and stunning engagement was fought by the famous 2nd Battalion, 1st Regiment, 1st Marines. All 6 Republic chiefs of staff for the  Northern Balmorra theatre were captured or killed in the fighting, and the Republic 24th Army has surrendered unconditionally to Imperial forces. All remaining Republic forces in the defensive line are reported to be routed, fleeing for their lives from our magnificent military machine.

The cost has been high to our brave soldiers on the front, but this stunning victory illustrates the staunch discipline and professionalism we have come to expect from our fighting men and women. Imperial commander of Operation Northern Wind, Moff Alexander Keriak, expressed his gratitude and respect for the soldiers, citing their bravery and doggedness as the contributing factors to the victory. Moff Keriak additionally made mention of the Beckett Line still requiring some "cleaning up", but, he was confident that a full breakout could be accomplished within the fortnight.

Operation Northern Wind still presents quite a task, but should the Republic continue to crumple as they have done here, our men and women may return to parade their victory in front of Dromund Kaas by Life Day.


For the Empire!
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Post by: Thrax on 09/11/15, 06:50:42 AM
RNN: Crime & Justice

Darth Thrax committed to life imprisonment

In a unanimous vote, a War Crimes Tribunal elected to sentence the captured Sith lord known as Darth Thrax to life imprisonment (without opportunity for parole) within a confidential location under Republic jurisdiction. Thrax, a veteran of both Great Galactic Wars, denied himself all forms of judicial representation and pleaded no contest to every charge levelled against him by Republic courts. Those charges included but were not limited to sedition, perjury, electronic warfare, counter-intelligence, terrorism, reckless endangerment of quadrillions of non-combatants, and extortion.

Before his capture, Darth Thrax was long considered a high-value target for capture or assassination by multiple branches of the Republic war effort. Formerly a higher-ranking member of the Empire’s Sphere of Intelligence, it is widely believed that he has had a hand in many of the most devastating acts of war and genocide committed since the start of the war. Known for his participation in the merciless subjugation of several worlds including Taris, Zythia, and Balamak, the so-called ‘Lord of Entropy’ was known to be reviled even among his Sith comrades due to his callous brutality and his employment of tactics intended to bring maximum amounts of destruction, even to the detriment of future war efforts.

The verdict comes as no surprise to the majority of Republic legal analysts, who predicted that Jedi intervention would ensure that capital punishment would not be seriously considered despite the recommendations of both the Senate judiciary committee and the JAG Corps. However, insiders claim that influential elements of the Strategic Information Service believe that Thrax, a former Jedi, is likely in possession of valuable Imperial information and may even be willing to cooperate with Republic authorities.

Due to the purportedly sensitive nature of the criminal proceedings, the War Crimes Tribunal has restricted all access to records pertaining to Darth Thrax’s trial for a minimum of fifty years. This classified information includes the identities of all judges, jurors and prosecutors, which are to remain undisclosed for security reasons. Despite these measures, heavily redacted transcripts of the Sith lord’s final sentencing have been leaked onto the HoloNet. ( In response, federal investigators are currently pursuing the source of the leak in question, and are taking measures to ensure the security of all personnel attached to Thrax’s prosecution due to ongoing concern about Imperial reprisals.
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New Dawn For Dawn Star
Beleaguered shipping company acquired by mysterious Outer Rim Magnate / Estimated price of sale: over 3.75 million peggats / Accusations of involvement in criminal activity / COO indicted, sought as fugitive

'Criminal ringleader' Pehn Qardaak, brought low by a 'conscientious underling'

MOS ELSEWHERE, Tatooine - Once an up-and-coming name in a variety of industries, from cargo to tourism to humanitarian aid, Dawn Star Freight Company seeks 'revitalization and redemption' after the one-two punch of acquisition by a foreign investor and accusations of long-term corporate malfeasance and racketeering.

Started shortly before the outbreak of the current war by Jace Colton and Seiyd Alumar, Dawn Star Freight made near-constant headlines both for its daring business acumen, and the gossip-worthy antics of its founders and executive officers.  After raking in profits through a neutral stance towards the two galactic superpowers and an early alliance with Erinian vysintners, Dawn Star also made headlines with lavish displays of relief aid and patronage to war-torn portions of the Galaxy.

After the departure of its founders, the company was bequeathed to one Va'ara Kelsin-Qardaak, who, upon her death, left divided control of the company to her widower, Pehn Qardaak, and one Hintin O'reily.  "That's when the trouble truly began," says spokeswoman Glisteena the Glorious.  "Pehn Qardaak is a notorious pirate and criminal ringleader, who began using Dawn Star's assets to set up a criminal cartel, a 'Smugglers Coalition' dedicated to breaking laws Galaxywide for his own profit."

According to documents filed with the Corporate Arbiter on Kwenn (the planet Dawn Star was incorporated upon), as well as foreign trade authorities from the Republic, Empire, and throughout the Galaxy, Chief Operating Officer Qardaak and his cronies' activities grew so heinous that even those enriched by the nefarious activities were offended.  "A conscientious underling carefully documented the many, many crimes perpetrated by Qardaak's Coalition, and brought it to the attention of my Master, Ionax the Grasper," said Glisteena.

Ionax II, previously styled 'the Grasperson', is the scion of the famous antiquities collector Ionax the Grasper, formerly of Ylesia.  Breaking away from the Besadii Hutts, Ionax amassed a vast fortune and a priceless collection of items from across the Galaxy, founding the legendary 'Grasper's Palace' casino-fortress near the Unknown Regions.  With his father's illness and, recently, death, Ionax II has taken on the task of administrating this fortune and, according to his spokesperson, putting it to good use.

"It was clear to the Grasper that these ne'er-do-wells thought themselves above the law, so he tendered an offer to purchase half of the company," said Glisteena.  "While the Grasper has no interest in lawlessness or larceny, the good works performed by the rank-and-file of Dawn Star touched his heart.  As such, he has opened up Dawn Star's books to the authorities, and plans to find redemption for the crimes of the 'Smugglers Coalition', even as we revitalize the 'Dawn Star' brand, its many holdings, and the unfortunate employees caught up in these travesties."

Indictments for Pehn Qardaak, who could not be reached for this article, have already been issued by grand juries in the Republic and associated territories.  His holdings, including Dawn Star assets and numerous properties associated with it, have been frozen, and he is being sought for questioning in various systems.  Qardaak, 42, is a veteran of the conflicts on Balmorra and Corellia, and is said by authorities to be 'partially dangerous and wholly distasteful'.
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Who Is the Grasper?
Dawn Star CMO Makes Curious Demand

SENATE DISTRICT, Coruscant - In the wake of the sudden acquisition of the Dawn Star Freight Company by Ionax II, the chaos behind the scenes has been palpable and, in response to the statement from Ionax II spokeswoman Glisteena the Glorious, an odd holonet statement has come from Doctor Kyri Orell, for the moment the Chief Medical Officer for DSFC.

Doctor Kyri Orell
CMO Dawn Star Freight Company, CMO Orell Medical Clinic

I am deeply troubled by the actions taken by Ionax II, However, my authority in Dawnstar is one of medicine, not business dealings or boardroom politics. However, given what has just happened, it is my duty as the Officer most resonsible for the health of Dawnstar's employees to make two demands.

First, as a matter of procedure, I am calling for an independent, psychological evaluation of Mr. Hintin O'Reily, to ensure that his actions were made with of sound mind and body. No psyciatrist connected with myself, Dawn Star itself or Ionax can be permitted to perform this. A fully licensed, and independent, psyciatrist with an accredited and respected organization, such as the Coruscanti Medical Association, must perform the consultation, paid for by Dawn Star itself.

Second, I have recieved troubling rumors about Ionax II himself, ranging from suggestions that he is a trained Force User, possibly even a Sith Lord, to his leading his own criminal enterpirse, and even the curious but mundane, that he may be an imposter, or not even alive at all.

As I have been unable to find so much as a picture of his face, let alone the proper medical records standard for such a critical position, I am demanding that he agree to a complete physical examination by a licensed, independent physician from an accredited and respected medical association, in order to get to the truth behind his status.

I have no doubt that Ionax II will attempt to discredit me, accuse me of all manner of criminal acts, and attempt to remove me from my position. If he does so, or attempts to skirt these demands with a crony doctor's help, I would urge everyone with contracts with Dawnstar to ask themselves who the so-called Grasper is, and what exactly does he have to hide so carefully?

-Doctor Kyri Orell

Doctor Orell's connection to Qardaak's alleged illegal activities is in question at the time of reporting. While her Clinic in the Upper Stoldas district of Coruscant boasts about her own charitable actions and her time treating injured soldiers in a military infirmary on the Republic's Carrick Station, they fail to mention her association with the "Half-Down Reds" gang in the lower Anterior District in her youth.

Given Dawn Star's official role as an unaligned merchant group, Orell's accusation of Ionax being a Sith, and Orell having been employed as a doctor for Republic soldiers, not to mention being the sister of a Republic Lieutenant Colonel, it is hardly a stretch to wonder if this is being turned into yet another company being torn apart by the Republic/Imperial War.

Ionax II's representatives were approached for comment on this story, but as of press could not respond.
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Republic News Network



The Republic Army today announced the identity of the new Supreme Commander for the controversial Balmorra Northern Theater, following the humiliating dismissal of previous campaign staff, and the subsequent advances made by Imperial forces. The RA today made a press release stating that the situation was "Well under control", and that a counter offensive and containment policy was well underway.

The woman for the job is veteran commander of the Corellian Theater, known and feared among Imperial troops as "The Dragon", General Tanya Stravka. Stravka, 41, graduated top of her class from the Coruscant academy, setting new records in academic and field scores, and has since gone on to have a stellar career of decisive successes against Imperial forces across a number of planets. Her leadership and unorthodox strategic brilliance have been cited as a major driving force behind the rout of Imperial forces from a number of subsectors.

Already, fresh reinforcements, invigorated by their inspiring new leader, have begun to prepare to deploy to Balmorra, and kick the Imps back off our world.   
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Briefly noted on the Hutt Sports Network

A holostill of a tall, leering man in elaborately spiked armor flashes on the screen.
He is mock-punching the camera; his knuckles have R E A L S I T H tattooed on them.

The bad-boy Huttball player, Horatio "the Darksauce" Sneed, was released pending trial today after last week's arrest for allegedly violating the Plasma Weaponry Control Act. The Act, otherwise known as G'thik's Law, requires licensing in order to possess a lightsaber, light-shoto, light-tonfa, light-bat'leth*, or other controlled-plasma cutting weapon with a fixed length or length adjustable in excess of five centimeters.

Next up: Huttball---could it be harming your children? A new study says no.

* Whatever that is.
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Post by: blingdenston on 09/28/15, 01:49:33 PM
Former Dawn Star COO Sought as Fugitive; Former CEO Still Missing; New Owner Answers Accusations
Captain Pehn Qardaak officially wanted in both Republic and Empire; Where is Hintin O'reily?

A recent picture of fugitive Pehn Qardaak, supposedly during a 'debauched protection racket' operation on Zeltros

GALACTIC CITY, Coruscant; KAAS CITY, Dromund Kaas; GRASPER'S PALACE, Near Wild Space - After failing to show up for arraignment on charges of conduct said to be 'comically felonious', former Dawn Star Shipping Chief Operating Officer Pehn Qardaak has had warrants for his arrest issued in both the Galactic Republic and the Empire.

Independently, spokesbeings from both the Sector Courts of the Galactic Republic and the offices of Darth Mortis of the Sith Empire have declared that, upon his failure to answer to charges against him (in the Republic), and under imperium of the Sphere of Laws and Justice, Captain Qardaak is sought to answer for a litany of charges attested to by his former partner, former Dawn Star CEO and owner Hintin O'reily.

Mister O'reily, who supposedly sold his shares in the corporation in fear of his life and freedom from Qardaak, has been unseen since the takeover, an event questioned by a former Dawn Star employee, Doctor Kyri Orell of Coruscant.  'I am calling for an independent, psychological evaluation of Mr. Hintin O'Reily, to ensure that his actions were made with of sound mind and body,' said Doctor Orell in a statement a short while ago.

Ionax II's spokeswoman, Glisteena the Glorious, offered this: "The Grasper is in complete agreement with Doctor Orell.  The sanctity of this exchange should be verified, if only to show just how insidious the 'Smugglers Coalition' truly is.  Since our peaceful merger, agents of the Coalition have violated galactic law and the trust placed in Dawn Star by its clients by stealing company property, entrusted cargo, and destroying and stealing corporate secrets."

"Unfortunately," Glisteena continued, "Mister O'reily has gone missing.  The Grasper fears that he may have been taken captive by Captain Qardaak.  If so, he could be in physical, mental, and moral danger.  We call upon the villainous pirate to release his captive, and let him come into the light...his testimony is eagerly awaited by all interested."

In answer to Doctor Orell's further accusations, the Zabrak mouthpiece demurred: "I will not call these accusations ridiculous.  The Grasper, like his father before him, has been accused of innumerable strange and dark proclivities.  On the subject of this 'physical examination', we invite Doctor Orell to join us at the Grasper's Palace with whatever staff she can bring together for the procedure."

"I'm sure she remembers the way," Glisteena finished.
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"In this breaking news bulletin, we are receiving new details about the sudden attack on the Jedi Custodum enclave yesterday. The Jedi Custodum planetary enclave on Coruscant was heavily damaged by an explosion. Reports are coming in that the attack was possibly orchestrated by the Sith Empire, yet conclusive eye witness reports are inconsistent.

There has been confirmation of one saboteur captured at the scene. Augustus Jaade, an independant tramp freighter Captain, currently wanted by the Republic for his supposed role in an incident at a Republic incarceration facility several seasons ago, was injured by the explosion, and taken into custody by the Jedi Knights."

Republic File Holo 33347.98

"Jaade has a string of infractions with republic customs and planetary space agencies across the Sector. His involvement in the attack and explosion is not yet clear, however our news agency has learned that the Jedi Custodum have recalled many of their Jedi Knights from the field for an emergency session with the Custodum Council. More on this developing story as it happens... "
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Outer Rim Trading Corporation expands again, DOO announces.
Weapons and Vehicles companies announced, is this the biggest monopoly in the galaxy?

HARNAIDAN, Muunilinst. - The IGBC has confirmed that the Outer Rim Trading Company has become the Outer Rim Trading Corporation, making it official the expansion program the current CEO of the company, Mace Kilrox, has been promoting since the new aggressive economy politics he has introduced into the company. Director Of Operations, lady Jaenn N'zarath of Kuat, led a public press conference to explain such changes and how they will affect the corporation.

"It is our utmost pleasure to present our newly formed companies out of the former Outer Rim Trading Company: Outer Rim Weapons and Outer Rim Mining. The ORW and the ORM will work as part of our newly formed conglomerate of business named as Outer Rim Trading Corporation, and will work towards a more industrialized Outer Rim." Lady N'zarath said. The Outer Rim Weapons company has begun manufacturing several droids, vibroblades and armor suits out of a very rare ore called Cortosis, which the Outer Rim Mining has taken upon itself to acquire from mining operations at undisclosed locations.

"Our goal is to arrange all kind of business that could benefit the Outer Rim as a whole. Our weapons company will work towards supporting colonial militias, security enforces and such all around the Rim, in a way to protect our customers." By the end of the press conference, representatives from the InterGalactic Banking Clan, or IGBC, had announced the partnership with the ORTC, in an effort to further develop the industrialization of the Rim.

At last, an small amount of time was given to answer questions, were only one made a stand out among the rest. A journalist from the Galactic City Daily asked the Director of Operations regarding several leaked files that showed Imperial-aligned organization being funded by the ORTC. The DOO, with a very solemn face, approached the journalist with another situation. "If there were to be any association with the Empire, it will be a very dangerous case, you see, since all the guards here are under our employ, and shall we say, we would prevent this information from being known to the public. You would not get out of this room alive...also, if we are to be pointing fingers, then you should also known we also back some organization that had publicly or discretely showed support for the Republic, yet it has not unable us to operate with them in our full capacity, since all of this organization share the goal to an secure and progressive Outer Rim." The situation rapidly was brought to an order, and all of us could came back home safe and happily, as the Outer Rim Trading Corporation once again settled those rumors about corruption and influence.

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Post by: Semah on 10/06/15, 09:30:27 AM
Republic News Network --- OOC Crossover --- For General Release

...signed the bill into law this morning.

Meanwhile, prominent Sith philosophers strenuously object to any "right-to-die" law, claiming that the bill violates ancient Sith tradition. "All sapient beings must cling to life with every last shred of will," said his puissance, Darth Benedictus XXI, from his meditative retreat high in the clouds on Yavin IV. "Only through the constant and relentless pursuit of control, by embracing pain and channeling it toward a richer, more blessed hatred, can an individual truly know the love of the Emperor."

Orthodox Sith cite the writings of Marka Ragnos on the matter, observing that to deny the self in the interest of power is admirable, but only if the self remains to exercise it. "Turning to the Gospel of Marka, Chapter 3, Verse 4, we clearly see the view of the Dark Side upon this matter: `It matters not who I am. My power is all that concerns you.' Those who seek to commit suicide in contravention of tradition are, of course, heretics to be purged."

When asked about the irony of this position, the dark lord declined to comment.
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Kaas City Times
Cortosis Market Explodes! New weapons and droids for the Empire!
Inquisitorius and Directive 616 secure supply, the Empire gains a new weapon

KAAS CITY, Dromund Kaas. Several days ago, the Sphere of Production and Logistics has announced a new supply of weapons and droids made of rare ore Cortosis. The ore has been acquired through some undisclosed means, but as this humble journalist has gathered, several shipments trails from the world of Pahrah, one recently discovered and occupied by our mighty military forces. None the less, the remaining supply of the ore are kept as confidential information by the Inquisitorius.

It's been noted that Inquisitorius member, Darth Ryshias, and Directive 616 Interim Commander, Darth Hazek, were seen meeting up in the latter flagship, the Scarred Heart. The details of the meeting are unknown, yet, it has been just after that meeting that the Sphere made official the production of said weapons and droids in private facilities. Though much of the secrecy of the situation raises little suspicion, the Sphere assured that the continuity of the this operations will be in the sole benefit of the Empire and it's interest.

At the moment of writing this article, the first shipment of droids, armors and weapons have already been sent to Pahrah for further testing on the functionality of this new weapons of the Empire. Nevertheless, this is a glorious day for ourselves.

Glory to the Empire.
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Republic Network News: Breaking Report!
"Hello I am Y'sin Udina. Breaking news this evening: Traitors in Republic! For months the mysterious Archon has eluded the reach of galactic justice, but tonight we have received confirmation of his identity and the names of the other leaders of the secret organization known as Vanguard. Not to long ago, Vanguard was thought to be associated with the Company Raxus Sun Incorporated."

Nhym Versalla, Age 35

"Their leader has been identified as Nhym Versalla. Once thought to be deceased as a result of a murder, Republic authorities are lead to believe that he is the one at the head of the operation. Nhym Versalla has been revealed to be the CEO of Raxus Sun Incorporated under the assumed name Victor Reznof. As a result the company's assets are being seized as a result of the investigation."

Vyttrune Weissturm, Age 24

"In addition to this information released, the Executive of Public Relations Mrs Natash Hawke, and Vyttrune Weissturm has been exposed as a fellow ring leader in the organization. These traitors have yet to be found but Republic authorities are on the hunt. If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of these traitors contact you local republic representative."

Imperial Network News Breaking Report: Traitors in the Empire!
"Attention loyal citizens of the Emperor. This is Draven Tarkis, with a breaking report. One of our great Sith Lords, Lord Jaideva Rutilius, has exposed despicable traitors to the Emperor within our ranks."

Layla Versalla, Age 35

"The CEO of Tatoo Suns Inc, Layla Versalla, has been exposed as being the mastermind behind the terrorist organization Aegis. A Lord of the Sith and studied Alchemist, she is a formidable threat and should be handled as such. This also goes for her conspirators, Darth Omeron, and Darth Avae'ssa.All assets, research and facilities of Tatoo Suns Inc have been seized in the take down of this dangerous organization. Anyone with knowledge of additional associates of these traitors should take immediate action to ensure the safety of the Empire.
For the Glory of the Empire!

Darth Avae'ssa, Age 24
Darth Omeron. Age 50
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((OOC note: Not really, but it's gotta be reported like this, heh heh.))

Reydovan News Network: The Official Imperial News Service for Reydovan Prime and the Surrounding Sector - BREAKING NEWS: Commander Varan Slain on Balmorra! IRDF Commander, Bodyguard Unit Killed in Republic Counterattack During Battle of Black Mountain - Daltyn Assumes Command of IRDF - Martial Law Remains in Effect, Reasons Unknown

Reports have come in from the front lines of our war on Balmorra that Commander Varan, the general-in-chief of the Imperial Reydovan Defense Force, has been killed by Republic forces.

General-in-Chief of the IRDF

Commander Varan and his bodyguard unit of Chiss special forces troops were attached to the Imperial 42nd Division during the fighting at Black Mountain, where Imperial forces have sustained heavy losses in its battle against the Republic's forces at the strategic location. Per his request, he and his men have been buried in the mass graves along with all the other Imperial dead along the Balmorran front.

In a statement to RNN, Darth Malagant expressed his grief for the death of "such a devoted and venerated defender of our Empire, who remained loyal even amidst the treachery of some among his family who seek to erode our alliance with his people". Varan's younger brother, Lord Veerak, was executed for treason some years ago, and his father was also believed to have been executed for provocative anti-Imperial activity and advocacy for a severance of ties between the Sith Empire and the Chiss Ascendancy.

After receiving confirmation of the commander's death from the Imperial field commander on Balmorra, Darth Malagant appointed General Arik Daltyn, Varan's chief of staff and a veteran of the Great War, as the new commander of the IRDF. General Daltyn has commanded the garrisoned forces of the IRDF on Reydovan Prime and the other worlds in the sector while Varan was on Balmorra, and served during the war with Reydovan Sector Defense Fleet commander Admiral Vardis Durant - a history cited by Darth Malagant as "beneficial for a good working relationship between our ground and space forces".

General Daltyn could not be reached for comment, a spokesman from his office stating that the general is "currently engrossed in matters of defense". Admiral Durant was also unavailable for comment.

On a related note, the martial law declared a week and a half ago by Darth Malagant remains in effect, but no official word has come from either his office, or those of General Daltyn and Admiral Durant, as to why - the only repeated comment being that it is "required for the continued security of the planet and the surrounding sector". IRDF units have been placed on full alert planet-wide; all spaceport activity has been restricted, and the RSDF has been deployed in a defensive screen in orbit.

It is speculated by city officials in Montagne Noire that the leadership has received intelligence of a forthcoming attack, but there has been no official confirmation either way.
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[KotFE -0.25 Standard Years]

C.N.N.: Coruscant News Network Breaking Story! ~~ Erini Royal family scandal! Does Prince Cordae Keyis have a secret love child with an Ialdon diplomat? Prince Keyis public diplomatic sojourns halted abruptly this past season, and our Culture and Style investigative team believe a major diplomatic row occured, and it involves the wandering eye of the famous and handsome Prince! ~~  Taelios Lolermelon sighted on Nar Shaddaa! Does this appearance on the Dancer's Palace pleasure barge mark a return to his claim as Patron Saint of Parties? Who remains at the helm of Taelios Genetech Industries? ~~ Dissent in the Imperial ranks? Did legendary Imperial Major Ralakan Walker question orders during the Imperial invasion of Balmorra? Did the Major order men under his command to fire on unarmed civilians? Tune in for our harrowing report from an escaped Balmorran refugee ~~  Shadren V, Bug City or just misunderstood? We talk to eminent entymologist and Killik scientist Dr. Alaxan Krist. ~~

Reports are coming in that a Republic security shuttle transporting incarcerated prisoners was attacked yesterday during a prisoner transfer from a Republic holding facility on Coruscant to the maximum security prison facility on Centax-1, one of Coruscant's orbiting moons.

The shuttle was transporting both live prisoners, and those deemed to be extreme flight risks or too dangerous to transport while conscious, and are encased in carbonite for the safety of Republic perosnnel and the other prisoners.

A Republic Penal spokesperson gave few details, and would not say if any prisoners were unaccounted for, stating only that it appeared the assailants wore Mandalorian armor, and the shuttle crew was not killed during the assault. The crew and prisoners were rescued shortly after, and the prisoners presumably were taken to Centax-1 as scheduled.

More on this developing story as information becomes available.


C.N.N. holofile 3344.97
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Post by: Seraphie on 11/01/15, 10:06:02 AM
((My deep gratitude to @recoveringgeek (;u=10) for allowing me to participate in his End of an Era event in this way. Thanks to @Iaera (;u=22) and @Cordae (;u=237) for speaking with the press! :grin: And a brief nod to @Ryshias (;u=793) with the last paragraph!))

Corsucant News Network – The Ashley Zedron Show
Screen montage of interviews with the show logo and the subtitle “Investigative Reporting At Its Best”.

*image of Ashley Zedron, tall, well-rounded rather than overly slim, human female, with an infectious smile, sitting in a comfortable padded chair*

Good morning Coruscant! Business is back to usual in the Senate Mern Sector, but the as yet untouched crumbled ruins of the Jedi Custodum Enclave are a stark reminder of the vicious attack two weeks ago that has seems to have let that group of Jedi to abandon their Coruscant home. Today, we delve into the question of who is Augustus Jaade, the man accused of being either an accomplice or the orchestrator of the attack.

*image of the enclave in ruins, taken from the air, still smoldering shortly after the attack*

When asked for information, the Jedi Costodum had only this to say.

*Ashley reads from a datapad in front of her*

“We can confirm that the fugitive Augustus Jaade was involved in a serious incident at the Custodum enclave temple, and has been taken into custody of the Jedi Order.”

*Ashley looks back up at the camera.*

Well, while the Jedi Custodum and the Jedi Order maintain their usual silence behind the shroud of Jedi only business, we went digging through that shroud and around it, to find out the information you want to know about the man who is currently being held as their prisoner.

*less than flattering image of Jaade*

Augustus Jaade is well known in many underworld transport circles, often either affectionately or deridingly called “The Old Man”. We were unable to determine his actual age or when he began in the freight transport business, but the earliest incidences of his name showing up on Republic rosters as wanted for smuggling offences go back decades. His transponder handle, “Jaded Dream” has shown up on Republic wanted and restricted lists for almost as long. His rap sheet and history of run ins with Republic forces spans most of a datadisk. The Republic Space Security Office turned down our request for an interview, but issued the following statement.

*image of the Republic logo with the text typed on the screen in front of it*

“Augustus Jaade remains a person of interest to the Republic Space Security Office. If the Jedi Order has him in custody and turns him over to Republic Forces, we can assure the public that we will prosecute this long standing criminal to the full extent of the law.”

*image returns to Ashley*

Further digging, across borders, found an equally long record of smuggling offences and run ins with Hutt authority, as feeble and corrupt as –it- is, and even, yes, with the Empire. This is a man with clearly no alliances other than temporary and no loyalty.

Augustus Jaade has not, however, always stood against the law. He seems to have been a founding member of Dawn Star Shipping, the well known transportation and shipping company, who has also recently been in the news. The news of the company’s recent takeover has been much talked about on Nar Shaddaa, where the company is part owner of a very popular night club. We speak with our Hutt Space correspondant, Sherry Teripose, who’s currently on Nar Shaddaa.

Sherry, company’s change ownership all the time, often violently so, in Hutt space. Why has this change gotten so much attention?

*image switches to Sherry standing on the Promenade*

Thanks Ashley! Yes, this change of ownership has indeed become the talk of the moon in the last few weeks.

*momentary image of Dancer’s Palace*

Dawn Star Shipping is currently or was a part owner of the very popular night club Dancer’s Palace, the other two owners being an independent teacher from Tatooine - *chuckle* how does –that- happen? – and a known Darth of the Empire. An odd mix of owners for sure. However, in the change of ownership of Dawn Star, allegations have surfaced, brought forth by the new owner, Ionix II, who calls himself “The Grasper” of serious and long standing criminal activity on the part of Pehn Qaadark, the other part owner of the company.

*momentary split image of Pehn on the left and Ionix on the right*

Ionix seems to have acquired only part ownership, and would seem to be trying to stronghand the acquisition of the other half. There have been no sightings of Qaadark since the allegations came forth and only a statement by a longstanding employee, calling the validity of both the allegations and the change of ownership into question. Of course, in Hutt space, with few of the allegations being of concern to any specific Hutt, and with no current bounty on the alleged pirate’s head, it’s unlikely that hunt will yield much, leaving the company in an uneasy state of disputed control. The reason this has gotten so much attention here is the circulating concerns about impact on the Dancer’s Palace if that dispute were to spread there. There is a rumor currently circulating that the other owners have kicked Dawn Star out of the ownership circle, but the club’s other owners have so far not returned our calls. The club’s manager and hostess did reply to our comm messages with the following statement.

*still image of Minnette at Dancer’s Palace with her voice making the statement*

 “The owners of Dancer’s Palace will have an official statement for the media in a few days. We assure all our patrons that business continues as usual and that our security systems are in top shape and will continue to ensure their safety, security and comfort while here.”

The Grasper made a showy appearance at the club’s most popular weekly event for a few weeks, giving away lavish gifts and playing games with the patrons, who’s reactions ranged from impressed to, and I quote, “creeped out”.

In all of this, we’ve heard no rumors of any link to the spacer you’re discussing, Augustus Jade, but we do know he has had a sometimes tumultuous history with Dawn Star. Before Dancer’s Palace, the same consortium of owners previously owned three separate pleasure barges, the earlier incarnations of the same night club. Some old news footage we’ve retrieved showed the tumultuous nature of Jaade’s relationship even with co-workers and supposed friends.

*footage of Jaade fighting with Sciran on the barge*

As well, one of the three previous barges, known at the time as Dancer’s Web, was destroyed when it was apparently flown away from its dock by Jaade, though witness testimony at the time was very confused as to whether it was flown away maliciously or to protect patrons from an attack by Sith taking place on the dock. Either way, the freighter captain proved to be a poor barge captain and the barge crashed into a nearby building, destroying one business, as well as the barge. Miraculously, there was no loss of life in that incident. Jaade’s association with Dawn Star seems to have begun to take on some distance sometime after that incident, and it isn’t clear whether he still has any association with them or not. He certainly doesn’t appear on their employee roster. Ashley.

*camera shifts to Ashley in her chair in the studio*

Thank you Sherry. Given the recent allegations against the Dawn Star owner Qaadark, and this incident with Jaade, is it possible that he maintained a connection not with the company, but with some of the illicit activities of its owner?

*image shifts to Sherry as she nods*

Anything’s possible in the Hutt underworld, Ashley.

*image shifts to Ashley as she chuckles*

Thanks Sherry. So, even his legal associations seem to have an illegal undertone it would seem. His reputation amongst the underworld transport crowd is definitely a testament to his temper, some spacers referring to him as “The Fist”. But some of his above board associations seem to have a more heroic nature. We discovered that Jaade has some connections, possibly even friendship, to the Erini royal family.

*image of Erini*

Erini is a recent Republic ally, a well developed, resource rich world, which initially opened up the door to friendship with both the Republic and the Empire and then became a Republic ally when the Empire, as it is known to do to its friends, treacherously attacked them. Prince Cordae Keeys has been seen welcoming Jaade to the court and our correspondent who travelled there even discovered this upon her arrival!

*image of the statue of Jaade in a public square on Erini*

Yes, that’s right, that is a statue of recognition to Captain Augustus Jaade for heroic service to Erini and the royal family! Our correspondent sought out a comment from the royal family on their recently incarcerated friend. We speak with him now, Karil Myetino, about what the official word is from Erini on Agustus Jaade.

*camera switches to Karil standing in a square showing various trees, planters and statues in the background*

Thank you Ashley. Well, Captain Augustus Jaade is indeed a popular figure on Erini. Sometime ago, before the Empire treacherously attacked this world, they found themselves under a vicious attack led by a group called the Silence Keepers, a battle which became known as the Battle of the Void. Jaade provided critical assistance and leadership in that battle, in defense of Erini. Such were his contributions that the government saw fit to honour him with a statue in their Victory Garden, which you see around me, in Vysberg’s central square. In fact, the government even revised its own rules, which historically gave such an honour only to native Erinians, in order to erect the statue. The spacer turned hero has climbed to the rank of popular culture figure here. One of the best selling comic book series of recent times, The Old Man and the Scow, is in fact an artistic retelling of some of Jaade’s supposed exploits. As well, until this week, you could find this in any toy store.

*Karil holds up a plastic 20 cm figurine of Jaade, fists raised.*

Yes, this is an action figure of the heroic captain. However, in the light of the attack he’s been accused of orchestrating on Coruscant, the image of the spacer is showing its tarnish this week. This toy has now been removed from store shelves, leading to a predictable skyrocketing of the holonet price for it. As well, where I’m now standing, right behind me, only the lowest level of the pedestal remains of where the statue of Augustus Jaade once stood. The Erinian Council issued the following statement following the charges raised against Jaade.

*Karil reads from a datapad*

“The Erinian Council – the Erinian body that executes galactic policy – strongly condemns this attack on one of Erini and the Republic’s strongest allies. Jaade’s statue has been removed from Vysberg’s victory garden following the return of a guilty verdict. It was the decision of the Erinian Board of Public Recognitions that since an act of uncommon bravery and valor is required to receive a statue as recognition, then an act of uncommon malice against an ally is enough to have it removed.”

*Karil looks back up at the camera*

So there you have it Ashley, Captain Augustus Jaade seems to be following the tragic path, all too common among mercenaries, of both hero and enemy of opportunity. Back to you Ashley.

*Image returns to Ashley, now leaning forward in her seat, staring intently at the camera as she speaks*

So, how does a freighter captain, known smuggler, underworld dealer, heroic friend to a royal family, loyal to no particular side, find himself attacking and destroying a Jedi enclave on Coruscant, possibly in cooperation with the Empire? Well, we dug deeper into his last incident that made the news, an attack on a Republic incarceration facility quite some time ago. After much digging we discovered a key name in this all. Auranel Jaade. It appears the captain has a daughter who was, at that time, in prison. It’s unclear as to why she was in a Republic incarceration facility and we were unable to obtain any Republic records relating to her and that incarceration. It would seem that, at least for some time, she followed her father’s path of both enemy and hero of opportunity. Not only has she spent time in Republic custody as an enemy, but, we also discovered that the Victory Garden in Vysberg, on Erini, also holds a statue of her as a hero, from the same battle against the Silence Keepers.

*brief image of Auranel's statue on Erini*

So how does the link between father and daughter offer a possible explanation for the devastating attack on the Jedi Custodum Enclave? Well, we did find one Republic record of Auranel Jaade… joined the Jedi Order and specifically, Jedi Custodum.

*significant pause with a long stare at the camera*

A scan through the history of Jaade’s run ins with the Republic shows that none escalated faster than those involving Jedi. The spacer’s temper seems to run particularly hot with them, judging from the few eyewitness accounts collected in some of those incidents. We haven’t been able to dig deep enough yet through the Jedi wall of privacy and secrecy, so we don’t know for how long Auranel has been with the Order, whether she had been with the Order even before her incarceration, or whether her service to Erini in their battle against the Silence Keepers was as a Jedi, but we can speculate that The Old Man’s attack was likely connected to his daughter.

When asked for comment, Jedi Custodum had only this to say.

*image of the Jedi emblem with the text overtop*

"We cannot comment on his [Jaade’s] daughter at this time, except to confirm that she had joined the Jedi Order."

*camera goes back to Ashley, whose face remains more serious, no longer smiling*

So, in the end, we’re still left with more questions, as to what pushed this spacer to launch such a vicious attack, potentially even collaborating with the Empire to do so, against a Jedi Enclave of which his daughter is a member? Is this a father angry at his daughter’s rejection of him for her Jedi calling? Is this a father desperate to retrieve his daughter who was forcefully taken from him? Is this a father out for retribution against those who he somehow believes have wronged his family? Many questions remain, in spite of our deep digging, but we will continue to dig and to follow the aftermath of this incident and bring you more as we learn it.

*after a few seconds of silence, Ashley smiles brightly again*

That’s it for the first section of our morning show today. After the break, we do our weekly outside of the core market analysis, looking at investments of interest. This morning, we look in depth at the newly announced expansion of the Outer Rim Trading Corporation! Keep your investment banker’s holofrequency nearby!
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Playing for several weeks in various 10 second bit spots around the holo-net and feeds leading up to the faithful event.  A gravelly voice booms the words across the galaxy as they flash up on the screens of its people.

Tune in to INN!
In less than 48 Hours!


Don't miss it!

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Shadren News Network
Chancellor Ryder presents irrefutable evidence against the existence of giant insects on Shadren V. The 7th and 9th royal legions continue to aid in the search for survivors on the world of Sheris. Who is our future queen? More at 11.

"Good afternoon citizens of the hegemony, I'm Sam Rendar. We have some breaking news coming to us from the Sheris system. It appears that our king, Dorian the First, has reached an agreement with those whom hold sway over the Sheris system. In the coming days the Sheris system will officially be part of the Shadren Hegemony. Here is what our king had to say about the subject."

"After the vicious attack on the Sheris system by this unknown Xenos threat. Both the governors of the Sheris system and our local Moff agree that it would be for the best that this system enters our hegemony. The Empire currently has enough to deal with so we shall help keep order in this region of space. As for whatever attacked this system. I shall put together a team to find out what it is that we are dealing without. Hopefully we can figure out what did these attacks before they strike at another system."

"In other news. It has been officially announced that our king will be marrying another Sith. One Lady Vedriat. No date has been set on the wedding. She has been seen lately on Shadren Five. Later tonight we have an in depth look at who the future queen of the hegemony really is. These have been the top news stories for the day. Up next our own X5-B2 will inform us about how the weather will be looking like for us in the coming days."
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The Empire has commissioned a new vessel of frightening power. Her hull bristles with weapons and is deadlocked to even the heaviest of ordinance by way of impenetrable steel. She is swift and monstrous, powerful and venerable.

She is the SHADREN PATTERN "SUPER" HARROWER-S, assembled at the Victory Shipyards.
She is the Vepar.
She needs YOU.


Imperial Naval High Command (NavCom), places estimated crew requirements at up to 108,000 personnel. Inquire with your local recruitment officer as to what roles you may or may not be eligible for.

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((OOC Note: Contains KOTFE spoilers, read to your own risk ))

The Hutt Economist
Outer Rim Trading Corporation announces reduced activities; Adapting to the new era.
Weapons, Minerals, and Vehicular factories find Zakuul as main client, the economic crisis strikes.

HARNAIDAN, Muunilinst - The Galactic landscape has shifted with the apparition, and subsequent invasion, of the Eternal Empire. The Empire and the Republic have fallen under the thumb of the new superpower, victims of the mighty naval and tactical superiority they brought to the table. After a year, Imperial and Republican representatives signed their respective surrender treaties, which forces both powers to an Arms Limitation agreement, and a massive tribute to the Eternal Throne. This economic strike has not gone unnoticed, as massive factories supported by this governments had to reduce, stop, or ultimately close their operations in sight of this economic change.

Fortunately, the ORTC has avoided much of the drawbacks of this. According to the DOO, Lady Jaenn N'zarath, the company remains operational, but with a few minor changes. "Our activities must adapt to the new atmosphere in the galaxy. Zakuul made great losses for some, but now, offers great opportunity. ORTC is proud to announce a partnership with the Eternal Empire, where a 50% of our productivity will be destined to the sole Zakuulian market, while the other 50% remains in the galactic market for everyone else. This is further prove that the Rim keeps being our focus, but now, we must all share what we got with the Throne, because we need to adapt to the circumstances at hand."

After the press conference, the DOO announced also the creation of headquarters for the ORTC in Utapau and Muunilist, where they expect to use a new seat of economic power for the Rim. In other news, the ORTC managed to kick back from the economic crisis, making it one of the firsts business to report gains after a long time. It is suspected that the partnership with the Eternal Throne made this possible.
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{  The Eternal Word  }

:: Presented In Eternal Memoriam of Valkorion I ::

:: {Breaking News from the Homeworld} -- Emperor Arcann promises vengeance against the enemies of Zakuul, denounces destruction of Star Fortresses as 'merely a setback'; Annihilation of Mid-Rim bulwark forces Zakuulian commanders to reassess tactics; The Scions - How outlander corruption brought down the ancient order.; Star Fortress core containment methods to be 're-considered' after numerous failures. -- {In Eternal Memoriam} ::

Scyva weeps greatly this day, in mourning of the many noble sons and daughters of Zakuul lost in the past forty-eight hours to outlander aggression. Within that time, raiding parties originating from an unknown source ( managed to strike down at least six separate Star Fortress stations, located over various worlds within the Core and Mid-Rim. This rejection of our arbitration has incensed many within the War Council, who reaffirm that such actions are precisely why Valkorion's great crusade to bring peace and order must be continued. Meanwhile, Emperor Arcann promises that he remains undeterred from his course, and has assured us that plans to pursue the responsible parties are underway.

The greatest atrocity to be borne out of this outburst of outlander violence is, by far, the apparent annihilation of the surface of the planet Zythia. Not merely content to spill Zakuulian blood, the bloodthirsty enemies of the state also hijacked the Star Fortress' primary weapon while it was in its final phases of detonation and utilized the overcharged reactor in order to strengthen the station's power. Before its end, the Fortress unleashed a terrible inferno that consumed the ecumenopolis world, leaving almost all of it an ashen ruin. Several billion outlander citizens, said to be rejoicing in Zakuulian rule, were slaughtered with our own tools and now walk to embrace Izax one last time.

As of this moment, the identities of the attackers are unclear, though representatives from both the Republic and the Sith Empire have reaffirmed their observance of their treaties with Zakuul. Nonetheless, numerous measures are being considered to discourage any possibility of future outlander attacks, including amendments to the currently existing treaties that call for greater tributes from the lesser powers. Meanwhile, some Paladins and even Exarchs have made it clear that they want nothing more than to unleash Tyth's rage against those who have struck out against us, and claim that investigations into the matter are already underway.
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Breaking News from Nal Hutta
Sports: Rotworm victory under investigation over the use of chemical enhancements. Fashion: Beads, the new gems. Intergalactic Politics: Nistia joins the Trade Federation, Treaty to sign before the end of the week...

For many months pirate activity has increased exponentially. One such events happened recently in Nal Hutta no less. A kolto shipment heading for the private use of Uddu the H'unn was stolen by one of the criminal gangs, lead by the notorious Yzmerri Laohan, often referred as the Ice Queen.

The pirate leader is better known for her attacks on spice and weapons shipments, but now seems to also include medical supplies.

Three casualties are confirmed, though the identities remained secret.

Uddu is now offering a bounty on any that can bring this woman to justice.

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Reydovan News Network: The Official Imperial News Service for Reydovan Prime and the Surrounding Sector - THE NIGHT SKY ALIGHT! Zakuulan "Star Fortress" Station Destroyed, Exarch Slain - Star Fortress Fired Into Illuminopolis, Destroying Archivum Imperialis; Death Toll Estimated at 55,000 - Eternal Empire Response Still Uncertain

The night skies above Illuminopolis were as bright as the dawn for a brief yet unforgettable moment, as the Star Fortress that hung overhead was reduced to a billion fragments of metal that lit up the sky for more than three hours. We have an unconfirmed report that the Zakuulan planetary overseer, Exarch Hedrath Jadre, is dead, slain by the agents responsible for the attack.

Earlier today, the shield generator protecting the station was destroyed by an attack orchestrated by soldiers of the IRDF "disenchanted with the current state of affairs, seeking to strike a blow against the Zakuulan occupation", according to IRDF HQ. Several hours later, the station itself exploded, and witnesses from the ground say a streak of a vessel going to lightspeed could be seen flying away from the station as it was consumed.

However, following the attack on the shield generator, the Star Fortress fired a plasma beam into the city of Illuminopolis, destroying the Archivum Imperialis - where the shield generator was located - and several museums and residential blocks surrounding it. The Planetary Security Enforcement Service estimates the death toll to be in excess of 55,000, possibly higher as the days wear on.

The Governor's office issued a statement denying any participation by the IRDF or any Sith in service to the planetary government in the destruction of the Star Fortress, and emphasizes that Reydovan Prime, as a member world of the Sith Empire, honors the treaty obligations to Zakuul. "If anyone associated with this planet acted as part of this attack, they are renegades and traitors to peace," the official statement from the Governor's chief of staff read.

More than a dozen Star Fortress installations have been destroyed in orchestrated attacks over the past month, including one that incinerated the entire surface of the former Imperial world of Zythia before its destruction, an action that the Zakuulan authorities attribute to the "bloodthirsty enemies of the state" responsible for the attack on the station itself. Despite this, the response by Emperor Arcann has been minimal, leading some to speculate whether the Emperor is ignoring the attacks in pursuit of some greater goal, or whether Zakuul will reconsider the treaties with the Republic and the Empire and recommence the war, which will very likely result in the absolute destruction of any semblance of Republic or Imperial governance.

For now, however, all we can do is watch, wait...and hope.
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The Galactic Observer
A whole galactic sectors in flames. Massive destruction in several planets.
::T.G.O:: -- Humanitarian crisis in three different galactic sectors due to refugee influx; Unknown phenomenon is associated with Zakuul's mythology. BREAKING: Circle of witness report they saw Sith ships.
GALACTIC CITY, Coruscant. Several waves of refugees from the Outer Rim woke up Coruscant today, as massive amounts of damaged carriers, shuttles and ships arrived into the local spaceports trying to find a place to put this people. Several other planets, like Corulag or Carida, have reported similar cases of refugees coming to their world seeking shelter from a "burning apocalypse" as they told to the media.

Reports soon came from a Republic fleet who responded to a emergency signal from a space station in the same sector the refugees, formed from the most common and exotic species in the galaxy in a strange mix, claimed to come from; The overall statement from the Republic troopers is "A scorched and burned crisp of a long gone industrial sector".

In a military-issues press conference, Admiral Jahan Dezzk explained further more of the situation in the sector known as Macabarr. "Several of our scout parties were sent into the sector when we first reported the emergency beacon. After confirming no hostile presence, the fleet jumped into the sector's space station. The visage was horrific and maddening: At least seven worlds reduced to flaming balls of oxygen. Initial scanners reports that there was no survivors from the catastrophe." A journalist soon asked. "Do the fleet, or yourself, Admiral, know the causes of such events?" The Admiral took a small sip of water from his glass, and seemed to meditate the answer before speaking. "It's been into study that the worlds seemingly collapsed into a unknown galactic disaster and was just the force of nature. Other possibility is that the worlds have been consumed by the Eternal Fleet's firepower. The last remaining theory is that the reported "Sith warships" are the cause of this crisis, but such destruction has not been seen in a long time, only the use of the Desolator in Uphrades by Darth Angral matches it, and it's almost impossible to be carried on nowadays."

After a long silence and the Admiral leaving the press conference, nothing has been reported regarding this crisis except for the leak in a Holonet forum of one of the security screens of a camera, revealing a look towards the Macabarr sector situation.


No information about the leak has been said, except for the cryptic message the user left attached to the file:

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Fighting in Crevasse City in its 111th day | The Thul Masquerade - Who Wore What? | Increased Killik Activity in the Jurans? | House Wymarc Territories Formally Seized by House Organa


"This is Eye on Alderaan, your segment dedicated to all things Alderaanian. This week, Prince Tragger Thul assassinated! For more information, we go to our freelancer on the scene!"


"Welcome, this is Aurena Durane, filing independently from House Alde in the Juran Mountains of Alderaan. Earlier this morning Prince Tragger Thul of House Thul was confirmed dead. Early reports state he was killed by a band of mercenaries in his aquatic home following a business deal gone wrong with the off-worlder mercenary company."


"His sudden death was preceded by rumors, now substantiated by data from his estate, that Prince Thul was attempting to drive the killiks of the Jurans insane. It seems his hope was that they would swarm over the region, devastating his rivals and leaving them in a position where his own forces could move in to dominate the area. House Thul could not be reached for comment."


"Fascinating. As always, Eye on Alderaan remains your guide to ongoing developments on the Republic's wayward daughter. Brought to you by RNN - the latest news from the Republic brought directly to you."

Fighting in Crevasse City in its 111th day | The Thul Masquerade - Who Wore What? | Increased Killik Activity in the Jurans? | House Wymarc Territories Formally Seized by House Organa
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Alpheridies in Turmoil

And now, onto news from the Expansion Region.


For all the suffering and oppression that has been caused by the ever-watchful Eternal Empire and their high-orbit Star Fortresses, no story is quite like that of the Miraluka homeworld Alpheridies, who have taken a stand this past week saying they will no longer be bullied into giving their young over to Zakuul forces.

Nearly five years ago the planet's minimal military defenses were quickly overrun, despite the natural umbrella of the Veil and the lack of natural full-spectrum light in the system. Following their quick surrender, Alpheridians were subject to terms that, considering the Miralukas melancholy history of near-genocide with the loss of Katarr in the last war with the Sith, was a hard pill to swallow; as Miraluka are naturally strong in the force, their children would be taken upon reaching six to eight standard years of age, for assimilation into Zakuul society and immediate commencement of training as Zakuul Knights.

"They will benefit greatly for the opportunity to live in our highly advanced society," representative official Minister of Immigration Obul Daar was quoted stating plainly amongst his peers soon after the ruling, "and with their younglings in our future ranks, the Miraluka - no, maybe even the Republic as a whole will be more than hesitant in fighting back against our Knights."


Alpheridies, as seen on the infrared spectrum.

But now, after years of losing their children to Zakuul, Alpheridies has in unison cried "No!" to this term of their surrender.

"You don't hear laughter, or playing in the streets any longer," an elder of the Luka Sene said to reporters, "They are taking our future. They leave so few little ones behind. It is a slow death for our planet, our culture, our people. We have committed a great sin against our own for agreeing to these terms and we will no longer allow it to happen. No more children will be taken."

As of yet the Star Fortress above Alpheridies remains quiet, however the Eternal Empire has demanded that usual business resume immediately, and warn they they will not hesitate in responding with force upon further uprising. Whether this means another ground assult on the planet or orbital bombardment from the Fortress has been left unsaid, though the threat is plain.

"We implore the rest of the Republic to aid us," A mother, whose two young boys were recently taken, pleaded to our cameras. "we cannot do this any longer! I want my children back!!"
Despite this heartfelt cry, members of the Republic Senate have not offered any response to the situation yet.

High Justice Vaylin was available briefly for comment.


"That's alright. We'll just burn them."

We will keep the public informed on any further developments.
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Dr. Terror!
Coruscanti Hospital owner outed as Anti-Zakuulan Terrorist

The Coruscant medical community is in shock and dismay today as the owner of one of Coruscant's leading independent medical facilities has been accused of multiple counts of terrorism, murder and destruction of property.

Doctor Kyri Orell, Owner and Chief of Medicine at the Orell Medical Clinic, has been linked to a series of terrorist attacks aimed at Zakuul forces attempting to restore order to the troubled, gang-infested lower reaches of Coruscant. In addition to murdering Zakuul Knights and destroying several Skytroopers in each attempt, Zakuul Empire representatives say that these attacks have led to significant set-backs in reducing the level of gang violence and black-market activity targeting Coruscant's most vulnerable citizens.

"Doctor Orell is no hero to the people of Coruscant," Zakuul Knight Velstas said during a press conference announcing the accusations. "Thanks to her, the brave Knights that have sought to assist the overburdened Coruscant Security Force in reducing the level of crime on the Republic's capital have only grown more violent, increasing the number of civilian casualties despite our best efforts to protect everyone involved."

Orell's current whereabout are unknown, and as such was unavailable for comment. She was last spotted on the RSS Havelas, a Republic Army troop transport, returning from operations on the outer rim. Her attempted hijacking of the warship forced a nearby Zakuul warship to fire upon it to prevent the ship from being piloted into any Zakuul or Republic stations. Casualties from the Havelas have yet to be reported, however unofficial estimates place the number of dead at 500.

The Orell Medical Clinic has been temporarily closed, pending an investigation into the clinic's involvement in Orell's actions. Clinic officials, speaking anonymously, have expressed shock of their own at their employer's actions, stating that they "have exactly zero support for any acts of terror. The clinic is a place of medicine and healing, not killing." Knight Velstas declined to comment, citing the ongoing investigation.

Orell's family includes Colonel Lien Orell, decorated former Special Forces operative and currently assigned to the Republic's Strategic Planning group. The Republic Army's Public Relations office released a statement, stating that the Colonel "had no knowledge of Doctor Orell's actions, and has cooperated with Velstas' investigation at every step." Knight Velstas confirmed this during his press conference, stating that "Colonel Orell has shown himself to be, without question, a man of honor."

There is currently a 10,000 Credit reward for information leading to the arrest of Kyri Orell.

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Post by: Seraphie on 03/27/16, 01:20:52 AM
Music plays to the logo and words of Nar Shaddaa News. As they fade, they're replaced by the face of a young human woman, wearing rather thick and obvious make up, smiling.

"Good morning, and welcome to Nar Shaddaa morning news, I'm Nadeen Harim. Top news this morning, last night Dancer's Palace was subject to an anti-Zakuul terrorist attack. Patrons reported running out of one of Nar Shaddaa's most popular night clubs as smoke filled the rooms. We spoke to Minnette, the well known hostess of Dancer's Palace about what happened."

Exerpt of a video call with the blue projected holoimage of Minnette's face as she speaks.

"Some people will always prefer the lawlessness we used to be subjected to over the calm and order the Eternal Empire has brought us. Their actions only strengthen the argument that the Eternal Empire's control was well needed on this moon."

Nadeen's voice is heard over the video clip, "Minnette told us that the night was saved by the quick and heroic action of the Zakuul knights who stopped the meltdown of the skytroopers."

Return to Minnette's voice.

"With no concern for their own well being and any possible burns, they opened up the skytroopers and removed the overheating power cells, one skytrooper at a time, until all the power cellls were removed  and there was no more risk of harm to our patrons or to our establishment."

Return to the face of the anchor woman.

"Minnette indicated that, while no one is in custody currently for this attack, she provided the Zakuulian knights a copy of video feed from the time of the attack on their computer system and they should have the culprit in custody quickly. As usual, we got no response to our request for comments sent to the star fortress."

"In other news.... "
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Raid in Outer Rim Pilfers Republic Base

A Republic military outpost on the Outer Rim world of Ord Biniir was raided yesterday. While the military has been tight-lipped about the nature of the break-in, early reports suggest several Corellia StarDrive-made starfighters were seen blasting out of a hangar amidst laser fire.

The identity of the perpetrators is not yet known, but a witness, Weequay Weequay, described his encounter with the thieves in halting Basic. "Bad sing," he said. "Song bad. Dumb. Want to hit bad sing man."
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Post by: TrickyNick87 on 05/08/16, 04:38:10 AM

A subsidiary of

Military Intelligence Head Dead of Natural Causes; Sith Intelligence Minister to take up Post

KAAS CITY—Admiral Vin Zayshar, Chief of Military Intelligence in the Ministry of War, was found dead in his private manor just outside Kaas City late last night.  A coronary examination performed by naval doctors confirmed natural causes as the cause of death.  Born 61 years before the Empire’s glorious attack on Coruscant, Zayshar was one of the Empire’s longest-living servants at 82 years old.

According to an aide, Adm. Zayshar intended to retire from the War Ministry later this month to take on the honorable task of educating the Imperial youth on the values of service and duty.  Zayshar was working with the Imperial Trade and Communications Bureau who were set to sponsor activities such as speaking engagements for the admiral to bestow his wisdom on younger generations.  The same aide confirmed that Zayshar named acting Sith Intelligence Minister Nicohlas Heermann ( as his sole recommended replacement.

To ensure the continuity of intelligence operations, Heermann promptly travelled to Korriban in the middle of the night to formally submit his resignation to advisors to Empress Acina.  Senior War Ministry and Sith Academy officials confirmed Heermann will immediately take up Zayshar’s position, and that he has been promoted to the rank of Under-Moff accordingly (Note: Prior to joining Sith Intelligence as Deputy Minister, Heermann served in the Imperial Army as a major.).

Heermann granted a brief early morning press conference shortly after returning to the Citadel.  “Admiral Zayshar embodied all the values every Imperial strives to exhibit through their service.  His example sets the ultimate standard, along with other such revered Imperials as Odile Vaiken, which each and every Imperial citizen should endeavor to emulate.”  Heermann stopped by the Sith Intelligence offices for a brief farewell address. “The members of Sith Intelligence perform essential tasks to safeguard the Empire and its citizens.  The work done here has contributed significantly to our efforts against the various enemies of the Empire.  It has been my great privilege and honor to serve with you.”

Heermann expressed his readiness to return to the War Ministry, where he hopes to continue Zayshar’s zealous campaign against the Republic military.  When asked who would succeed him as head of Sith Intelligence, Heermann deferred to the offices of the Empress on Korriban.

UPDATE: Adm. Zayshar’s body has been taken into custody by the Imperial Navy, who will honor him with a traditional deep space burial from a Harrower-class Dreadnaught.  A spokeswoman from Imperial High Command confirmed the War Ministry will posthumously reward Zayshar with a promotion to Moff.  A proposal from the Imperial Veterans Association has been submitted to the Citadel petitioning for the creation of an annual Senior Service Recognition holiday which, if approved, will recognize the service of Imperials extending 50 years or more.  The IVA has also suggested the establishment of a new Zayshar Medal of Service, to recognize periods of service of equal length.

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In a daring raid, authorities captured Shraga the Hutt, the infamous crime lord wanted for black market slavery in the Republic. Eye witness reports account for a Jedi as the one who brought the man to the security forces. The authorities are not commenting at this time, but we have the full scoop. Read more (;topicseen#new) and find out if this is fact, or wishful thinking of the times!
Title: NSNN: Underworld Execution
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NSNN: Underworld Execution
Demiluke Verdille, Age 48
"Good evening Nar Shadaa I am Klico Glaven. Tonight we bring you interesting news. An execution setup by Yano the hutt. The poor sol with his head on the block so to speak is Demiluke Verdelle, a notable information broker and freelance spy to plenty of official and not so official branches of the republic and empire. He has caused a great deal of trouble for people on both sides of the law including swindling a Yano the Hutt out of slaves on more than one occasion. The Executioner will be bounty Hunter Larhr'naor Bail and will be carried out on Yano the Hutts Sail barge (eastern barge) on Nar Shaddaa. This has been Klico Glaven on NSNN"
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A subsidiary of

Military Intelligence Chief and Chiss Administrator Announce Upcoming Wedding


KAAS CITY—From the steps of their residential apartment building, Director  Elym ( and Under-Moff  Nicohlas Heermann ( announced their upcoming wedding.  The couple stated specific details on the wedding would be announced soon.

Heermann was recently appointed as Chief of Military Intelligence, having transferred from Sith Intelligence as its acting minister.  The Chiss administrator is the current Strategic Communications Director at the Imperial Trade and Communications Bureau.  She is perhaps better known for her service on Imperial Zythia, where she acted first as Communications and Mass Media Minister, then as Lieutenant-Governor.

The announcement of a wedding between a human and a Chiss, which expectantly would have caused a stir among the Empire’s ruling class and more conservative political circles, actually came as little surprise. Regarding the announcement, those interviewed remarked the pair seemed inseparable; their relationship the subject of speculation in Citadel circles.  Heermann, known as a staunch traditionalist, recently published a treatise openly advocating his support for a greater role and rights for Chiss living in Imperial territories.

(( Information on wedding event to be posted soon!))

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Reports have begun funneling in of a coordinated effort on behalf of an as yet unknown party by the various street gangs of Nar Shadaa. These reports detail various kidnappings, extortion, and blatant theft of goods from storehouses throughout industrial sections of the Hutt world.

Rumors have circulated already, involving the newly returned Sith outsider, Oba'rion Mallei'ves, who vehemently denies involvement in the sudden surge of bold acts of crime. Mallei'ves has spoken out publicly, condemning the acts as those of underworld cowards, and warning that any intrusions onto his own properties will result in punishment that does not fall into the judicial system.

Officials are warning civilians and business owners to be on high alert, and refrain from traveling alone throughout the busy streets. They also ask that any suspicious activity be reported immediately, offering a small reward for any information that leads to the breaking of this sudden crime spree.
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The Hutt Economist
Massive strike to Galactic Economy; ORTC reveals Imperial affiliation and hits the market.
The giant of trading becomes a financial help to the rise of the Empire, renaming itself ISTC

KAAS CITY, Dromund Kaas - A new era shines upon the Empire, as in a incredibly controversial and ground breaking press conference, ORTC's CEO Mace Kilrox, escorted by members of the Imperial Guard and Darth Ryshias, military commander, announced that he has had pledged his loyalty to the Sith Empire, and to the Sith at his side, for quite some time, but was kept under wraps to prevent clients from having a misinterpreted views of such transparent business. It was under the watchful eye of the Dark Lord of the Sith that the ORTC became one of the biggest companies of the galaxy, and begun it's very strong expansions around the economy.

The shocking reveal made the Republic investors pull out immediately off the company, landing a massive falls in the stock, just to be raised again because of the sudden arrival of massive Imperial investors seeking to find profit in the new company made available to them. It is unknown what the future would hold, but the ORTC is no more, as it has been renamed as Imperial Sector Trading Company, and seems to hold a very large economic profit for the Sith Empire in the short run, to help quell some of the massive debts it owes.
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NSNS - Nar Shaddaa News Stream
Your news, as it happens, straight to your datapad, every minute of the Galactic Standard Day

Attack at Dancer's Palace

What we reported as rumor early this morning has been confirmed. Popular night club, Dancer's Palace, suffered an attack, with some serious damage in the very early hours of the morning. The few patrons in the establishment at the time were safely evacuated. No staff was working at that hour, only droids. Large air-cranes can now be seen supporting the floating establishment, as work crews can be seen working on its underbelly. Owners were not available for comment, but the club's manager, Minnette Busable, gave the following statement:

"Yes, I can confirm that Dancer's Palace did, indeed suffer an unfortunate attack in the very early hours of the morning. We're saddened at the loss of three of our security droids, one of our bardroids and two of our serving astromechs in the attack. The attacker did significant damage to our ballroom, which is now closed until repairs are completed. It appears that he was aiming for the repulsorlifts below the ballroom floor, in an attempt to send Dancer's Palace careening down to the ground below, with obvious disregard for the lives of those within or below. Crews are already at work repairing the repulsorlifts and I can assure all of our patrons that there is no risk of Dancer's Palace falling from the sky. The air-cranes in place are to assure its stability, as the damage was significant and left it somewhat wobbly, especially while the work is being done to repair the repulsorlifts. Once the repulsorlifts are repaired, we'll begin the repairs on the ballroom, which should be open again in two to three weeks. In the meantime, all other rooms are open as usual."

When questionned about why their renowned security system didn't stop this attack, Ms. Busable added the following information:

"It appears the attacker was able to access programming in our security system that was related to our previous tie-ins to Zakuulan systems. We can assure our patrons that that security hole has been eliminated and we will be performing an extensive review and update of our complete security system over the next week. Fortunately, our security system has many backup failsafes and and when the security fields were deactivated in the ballroom, our security bots were activated. They were able to force their way into the room and stop the attacker from completing the damage we believe he was aiming to do. Unfortunately, they weren't able to catch him before he escaped over the edge of a balcony, where the safety nets had been deactivated along with the other security fields."

As to the identity of the attacker, security forces who've looked over the video feed report a darkly robed figure whom they believe to be the same person who was previously causing similar chaos while wearing the armour of a Zakuulan Paladin. Sources who asked for anonymity due to the nature of their work in security, indicated that the patterns of attack of the individual are a match to previous footage of him when dressed in his Zakuul armour. This individual, over the last month, has caused all sorts of other havoc around our moon, with the destruction of factories, shops and cafés. The change in outfit leads some to wonder if he is actually Zakuulan or just had their armour, or if he's a Zakuulan who's turned rogue, lashing out at everyone. Asked if she had a message for the attacker, Ms. Minnette offered only this:

"Well, I wish he'd come in for a drink and see that we stand for peace. Regardless of what dealings we've had with previous Exarchs, we welcome all people to Dancer's Palace, and this includes anyone from Zakuul."
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~~You're watching the Republic News Network, the Republic's finest source for galactic news and current events~~

"Good evening, viewers," the anchor said, gazing into the camera, a picture of integrity and responsibility. "Our top story tonight comes from the Sith-occupied world of Daemestra, and it's capital city of Daema City. Please be advised, many of the images you are about to see are graphic in nature."

The feed cuts to a long take of a street strewn with corpses, some wearing loose uniforms, but most of them clearly civilians. "Daema City. One week ago, a free city in the heart of Imperial territory by the heroes of the resistance and a city-shield, holding the horrors of the Sith Empire at bay."

Cut to a resistance base, the ragtag group of rebels on camera with their heads held high. "This is our home!" says a Cathar man, his broad jawline heavy with stubble. "The Sith won't take it without a fight!" Cut to old footage of a street fight, Imperial troopers on the retreat as the narrator returns. "Six months ago, the anemic Imperial garrison was defeated by the hardened freedom fighters. With the shield generators captured intact and all Imperial officers arrested for their crimes, Daema City had a chance for peace and prosperity under the free people's control

"But now, there is nothing but death and destruction." The view cuts to ground level, artillery raining down on the city, buildings blown apart as the explosives land. "While the shield generators had held strong under months of bombardments, a cowardly Imperial sneak attack, led by one of the Sith themselves, somehow crept into the city and disabled the generators."

The feed cuts to security footage of a young-looking Togruta, carving her way through rebel soldiers, backed up by a brace of Imperial soldiers. "Reports of the Sith's attack are difficult to discern, however all reports show that there is little reason to expect that any of the freedom fighters they encountered survived, and we have no word on if any surrendering rebels were spared in the violent assault."

"When speaking to the Imperial News Service, Lord Asori Alnas, the Sith at charge of the assault, had this to say." Cut to that same Togruta, head held high, a flapping Imperial flag and a dozen Imperial soldiers in the background. "I am happy to report that the rebel resistance in Daema City has been destroyed. While the citizens of Daema City fought well, we were able to quell the resistance with a minimum of harm dealt to Imperial soldiers. In accordance with Imperial law, we will kill any rebel soldiers that have surrendered. The Sith will not respect the rules of war, and we will kill anyone that seeks the Empire harm."

The feed cuts to the Republic Senate, a wizened human man with a grim face, staring just off-camera. "The Sith Empire promoted this monster for her actions. We in the Galactic Senate can stand honorable Sith, but the ones like the Butcher of Daema? That is the sort of attitude the Sith Empire rewards, that us why the Republic must rally behind former Chancellor Saresh in opposing the Empire's disgraces upon simple sentient decency."

The anchor appears now, stone-faced and determined. "The Republic military has declined to confirm or deny on any involvement with the resistance on Daema City, citing standard protocols. We will have additional reports on the Massacre of Daema as they come."

Those that look closely, and are trained in analyzing holofeeds, would be able to tell that Asori's statement was heavily edited and holo-shopped to create the above statement. Those with access to the Imperial News Network (those within the Empire proper) would be able to see the true footage:

"I am happy to report that Daema City has been liberated for the Empire. While the rebels within the city fought well and earned our respect, we were able to quell any resistance with a minimum of harm dealt to the citizens of Daema City and virtually none of its critical infrastructure destroyed. Unfortunately, due to Imperial protocols, I cannot speak on the status of any captured rebel soldiers, but be assured that anyone that surrendered has been treated fairly and will not be harmed, in accordance with Imperial law and the rules of war... and I wish for all the people of the Empire to know: The Sith will kill anyone that seeks you harm."
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A sudden coup leaves the Belsmuth Sector in new hands!

A revolt took place last week in which King Dorian Numair overthrew his former master one Darth Lethash in a bid for power. Darth Lethash was the leader of the league of warlords that called themselves The Valefor. It is reported that master and apprentice fought one on one with the king emerging victorious.

With Darth Lethash removed from power, King Dorian and Queen Vedriat acted quickly in securing the sector. As of this moment this region of space has been brought into the Shadren Hegemony. It is unknown what will become of the warlords that once made up this league now that Darth Lethash is out of the picture. Hopefully this spat between master and apprentice does not bring unwanted attention to this growing state.
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A subsidiary of

High Command Responds to Belsmuth Crisis

Ships of the Fourth Assault Fleet hold over the New Bornalex system.

KAAS CITY—Under-Moff  Nicohlas Heermann ( of Imperial High Command delivered a brief speech this morning to comment on allegations that military forces of King  Dorian Numair (’s Shadren Hegemony and the treasonous Valefor had secured the Belsmuth sector.  Heermann refuted claims by Dorian that the Hegemony dominated all Belsmuth systems.

“Prior to the political turmoil currently gripping the Belsmuth sector, Sith patriots of the New Bornalex system approached my office to inform the Imperial administration of the pending coup and reaffirmed their loyalty to the Sith Empire and the rightful rule of Empress Acina.  Accordingly, the Imperial Fourth Assault Fleet was placed on standby to secure New Bornalex in anticipation of this treasonous act by the false king Dorian Numair. Presently, the entirety of the Fourth Fleet, under the command of Grand Admiral Athennen Weshkesk, has established a defensive blockade around the system to ensure its protection from Hegemony and Valefor agitators.”

When asked how the Ministry of War would further respond to Numair’s treason, Heermann said the Fourth Fleet would assume security responsibility for New Bornalex while representatives of the Imperial Trade and Communications Bureau reached out to Numair administration officials to discuss terms for a resolution to the situation.

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SSN - Shadren News Network

The Brothers and Sisters of the Shadren House of our Lady Odmera have opened a new chapter house on the world of Cocytus.The Royal Armada continues to patrol the Belsmuth Sector. Are you interested in exploring the Galaxy? Join the Valefor Expeditionary Force! Serve your kingdom and see the wonders that the Galaxy has to offer. Visit your local recruitment center today!

King Dorian today made a press announcement to address what Under-Moff Nicohlas Heermann of Imperial High Command had to say about what was happening within our little slice of the Galaxy.

“It seems our allies within the Empire have grown bored of fighting the Republic and have turned their attention upon us. Recently, as many of you are aware, I claimed leadership of the Valefor for the betterment of the Belsmuth Sector and its peoples. My first act as head of state of the Belsmuth Sector is to bring the Valefor and its people into the Shadren Hegemony.  The warlords of the Valefor will be granted titles of nobility and will be allowed to rule their territories as they have done before.

Other than the fighting between the forces of my former master and the Hegemony, the sector remained untouched by the conflict. I will ensure that the transition from leadership under High-Warlord Lethash to myself will be enacted swiftly and with as little disruption to the sector as possible.

To address the concerns of the Sith Empire: those of us that seceded from the Empire to form the Valefor never committed any acts of treason in doing so. The sector was granted to us legally. Not once have we tried to overthrow the Empress or worked to bring down the Empire. We consider ourselves its ally.

Also, I would refute these claims of my false kinghood. I have ruled the Hegemony for over half a decade. The ancient Sith after which our order was named had many kings. I merely follow in the footsteps of those that came before.

Now I wish Darth Liquidis and the people of New Bornalex nothing but the best. Hopefully our former warlord finds what he is looking for back within the Empire. As for ourselves, we extend our hand in friendship once more to our Imperial allies, and welcome the opportunity to waylay any concerns they may have.”
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Reydovan News Network: The Official Imperial News Service for Reydovan Prime and the Surrounding Sector - Statements on Recent Declaration By Separatist Sith Lord - Darth Insomnius Supports Shadren Independence - Darth Malagant Declares Numair, All Like Him "Traitors", Warns He Will "Take Drastic Measures" - Rumors of RSDF Returning to Empire After Five Years in Hiding

With the war finally turning against the so-called Eternal Empire of Zakuul, a new problem has arisen in the form of what appears to be a rising conflict between the Sith Empire and a breakaway enclave known as the Shadren Hegemony.

Sith Lord Dorian Numair, who has named himself King of the Hegemony, has recently assumed leadership over the Valefor, a group of former Sith Lords and Imperial officials who declared themselves and their holdings independent of the Empire in the wake of the Zakuulan invasion. In response to allegations of treason by Under-Moff Nicohlas Heermann, Lord Numair has declared that his actions have been perfectly legal, and that "those of us who seceded from the Empire to form the Valefor never committed any acts of treason in doing so".

Her Excellency Darth Insomnius has issued a statement in support of the Hegemony, saying that "the systems under the rule of the Shadren King have earned their autonomy", declaring the Empire a "failed state, a vassal of the Eternal Throne", and accusing the Imperial High Command of abandoning the frontier worlds, including Reydovan Prime, to the deprivations of Arcann and the Eternal Fleet. "Where was the Imperial High Command when we removed the Star Fortress? Where was the Imperial High Command when we suffered horrific losses to its planet-burner weapon? They demand our resources, and hoard it all for themselves, leaving us with nothing." She stated that Heermann demanded that she give up command of her planetary defense forces, sending them off-world to serve in the mainstream Imperial Army. The Ministry of War has denied the allegations.

Former governor Darth Malagant - who is believed to have orchestrated the rumored return of the Reydovan Sector Defense Fleet after sending it into deep space to escape the Eternal Fleet five years ago - disagrees, stating bluntly, "Secession from the Sith Empire is in itself a treasonous act. This power grab by the so-called King is an effort to elevate himself where he does not have to answer to the Empire, nor provide his resources to its defense. Numair is a traitor, and so are all who follow him." He has also hinted that he will "take drastic measures" if Her Excellency "continues to support treason and sedition against the Empire".

The Governor's office has yet to respond to Darth Malagant's remarks.
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| Third Mobile Fleet wins against Ninth Fleet in annual deep space wargames | AT20 PASC to undergo first trials with the 8th Mechanized Infantry Regiment on Yavin XIII | Begeren-based spice roll factory on high alert after attempted Republic SIS infiltration |

Civil War in the Alori Dominion!

In the Esstran and Mortex sectors lies a Sith-aligned government of 5 planets known as the Alori Dominion. Its capital, Aloraan, is known throughout the Sith Order for their wonderfully designed garments and elegant cuisine. But more important is their mineral richness, as Aloraan provides almost 15% of the Empire's phrikkite ore used in the production of durable phrik alloy for hypermatter reactors and lightsaber-resistant armour.

Although the citizens of the Alori Dominion are disturbingly tolerant towards subhumans and misguided force philosophies, they have been allowed to keep much of their independence due to the beautiful products created by their greatly force-sensitive upper castes as well as their skilled military. And while their leaders have been incredibly grateful, the lower castes and slaves which inhabit their worlds have represented a constant issue for the Imperial Military ever since the return of our great Sith Empire. These foolish individuals have attempted time and time again to topple their civilization in a war of attrition, but until recently they were far too disorganized to be more than a minor annoyance.

Just earlier this month, however, an attack on the Grand Palace of the Dominion by heavily armed insurgents caused grievous injury to Grand Duchess Adrali Kian before their defeat by Imperial troops led by an Archon of Darth Vaal. These insurgents were unable to be examined as their suits self-destructed on death, but many witnesses have noted that they appeared to be equipped with Republic-designed power armour as well as military-grade heavy weaponry.

When asked about her memory of the firefight, Alori native Inna Duvos of the 19th Imperial Infantry Regiment had this to say:
       "Yeh the blighters 'ad some wicked natty suits like dem tosh pubbie SpecOp blokes, but it was bog standard an' covered wit' grimey paint'n some dicky bobbins. Emblem's like they bodged art class n'didn't seem like anyone's symbol i'd seen b'fore."

This attack in the middle of Chaal City, along with the nearly fatal injuries suffered by the Grand Duchess, seems to have sparked rebellion across the Alori Dominion as slaves and workers rise up with misguided hopes of freedom. Although these uprisings were almost immediately crushed on the fortress worlds of Lorra and Vios, the sheer amount of slaves in use on Aloraan has ensured that there will be a long and destructive struggle there for Imperial forces.

The risk of potential Republic involvement in the conflict has led Executor Csa'lir'idi herself to divert several special forces units to Aloraan, including multiple teams from the Imperial Paladin Corps and the 27th Airborne Regiment. More forces are undoubtedly on their way, as a Republic-aligned government just outside the Sith Worlds would be devastating to the Empire if rumours of their intervention are true.

The Ministry of Logistics discourages civilian travel to Aloraan while the war is ongoing.

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Taelios News Network

In a recent business transaction between himself and the Magnanimous Gruubo the Hutt, businessman and avid party-goer Lolermelon Taelios has acquired docking rights on Nar Shaddaa's infamous Lower Promenade. The Pureblood's Pleasure Barge, the 'Fool's Endeavor", will be docked in a familiar place to fans of the Smuggler's Moon's party scene.

When reached for comment, Taelios had the following to say.

A small red man, dreadlocked and dressed in Alderaanian finery looks up at the camera. Some adjustments are made to bring the viewer down to his level.

"Yeah, I figured it was about time. The Dancer's Palace is something special, to be certain, but the atmosphere really pales in comparison to the days of the Dancer's Web, Haven, and Retreat. I think it's always needed to be on a barge, honestly. I can't wait to see everyone make it out for our grand opening."

The Fool's Endeavor will have a grand opening after preventative maintenance is complete. Entry will be free of charge, and guests are encouraged to dress for conflict. Though the barge will be equipped with a Suppression Field similar to that of the Dancer's Palace and of the barges before, it is designed only to maintain a sense of non-lethality. In other words, broken bones and bruises are not out of the question.

Coming up after the break: Clompy the Bantha, simple children's show or intelligent entertainment for all ages? Are you a creepy cyborg bent on galactic domination? How to be sure! And of course, our month-long segment on 'What if Taelios Ruled the Galaxy" comes to a close tonight. Stay tuned, ladies and gentlebeings.

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RNN: Attack on the Planet Shu-Torun

-Ysin Udina standing outside the royal palace by the front gates with a pair of royal guards behind her. In the wall of the Palace can be seen the black hole where the explosion has ripped through the wall.-
“Hello citizens of the republic, I'm Ysin Udina. In a shocking turn of events, an attack on a prospective member of the republic. At the coming out Gala for Queen Aranna'vi of the planet Shu-Torun.  a violent explosion ripped through the walls of the royal palace. Shu-Torun was a previously almost unknown planet bordering on Xenophobic. The planet had remained neutral from most all the conflicts afflicting the galaxy over the past 10 years. Fortunately in the attack last night no one was injured. Even as Imperial and republic representatives rushed to protect the queen.

“We are still unsure what to call the incident. An attack, failed kidnapping, or a botched assassination. Either way five if the six attackers lost their lives at the hands of the Queen's guests. One, a red Twi’lek, 5 feet tall sharpened nails and black tattoos, was apprehended at the scene and taken by the queens royal guard." At the time she was spouting ineligible rhetoric. Phrases like
“Morality is fleeting…”
“Everything burns and it will be glorious when it does.”
“I am a teacher, you are students. Lesson one: 'There are no such thing as heroes.’”

“Not long after the attack began the assailant was taken into custody by the Queen's royal guards. Since then the only update we have received is confirmation that Senator I'rosol, former representative of Shu-Torun was killed following the incident. For now things are quiet of the surface of Shu-Torun as the repairs to the royal palace continue. One thing is for sure. This small neutral planet may not stay neutral much longer.”

This has been Ysin Udina, Republic Network News.”
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Post by: Joshmaul on 10/08/16, 11:57:16 AM
Reydovan News Network: The Official Imperial News Service for Reydovan Prime and the Surrounding Sector - REYDOVAN PRIME DECLARES INDEPENDENCE! Sector Formally Secedes From Sith Empire - Rumors of Intended Diplomatic Envoy to Shadren Hegemony, Possible Alliance - No Response From Darth Malagant As Yet

The move has been made. After months of rumors, heated debate, and threats by both pro- and anti-secessionist parties, Reydovan Prime and its surrounding sector of space has declared independence from the Sith Empire.

In a formal ceremony at Whitesoul Spire in Montagne Noire, Her Excellency Darth Insomnius has officially abandoned her allegiance to the Empire, which she has declared a "failed state" and a "vassal of the Eternal Throne", eschewing calls for Imperial unity in light of recent signs of a coup d'etat on Zakuul that has removed Emperor Arcann and placed his psychotic younger sister, High Justice Vaylin, upon the Eternal Throne. The coup is believed to be in response to the actions of the fabled "Outlander" and the "Alliance" that has supposedly risen in Wild Space to end the domination of the Eternal Empire.

Darth Insomnius has previously shown support for the Shadren Hegemony, the de facto ruling body over the Shadren system and a number of other star systems, and it is believed she intends to send a diplomatic envoy to Shadren Five to meet with the declared King of the Hegemony, Dorian Numair. Rumors also indicate that the Reydovan Sector may now seek membership in the Hegemony, following in the footsteps of a number of Imperial holdings that have seceded from the Empire in the wake of the Eternal Empire's war of conquest.

A number of Imperial officials on Reydovan Prime, including Minister of Planetary Security and Defense Lord Lazhna Dai'lo, IRDF Commanding General Arik Daltyn, and IRDF Special Forces Commander Menrim Tekan, have resigned in protest and departed Reydovan Prime, returning to the Imperial capital of Dromund Kaas. Surprisingly, however, there has been no word from the Insomnius regime's most vehement critic - Darth Malagant, the former governor, who presently resides on Nar Shaddaa. He is on record as threatening "drastic measures" should Reydovan Prime take this step, but as of yet, there is no word - leaving one to wonder exactly what he has planned.

For the people, it is another period of uncertainty - just as it was when the Star Fortress was destroyed (which, we have learned, was the work of none other than Darth Malagant, aided by the late Commander Varan, who was found dead at the base of Whitesoul Spire in what appears to be a suicide) - but given that there has not been any sign of retaliation by Zakuul for that act, it is possible that this, too, shall pass without incident. As before, all we can do now is wait, and hope for the best.
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Post by: Dorian on 10/08/16, 01:27:17 PM
Earlier today King Dorian Numair, ruler of the Shadren Hegemony had this to say in regards to the news coming out of the Reydovan Sector.

“It has been reported to me that earlier today that Reydovan Prime had left the Sith Empire. It would be hypocritical for me to condone this action. Until Queen Vedriat or I discuss terms with their envoy the Shadren Hegemony will only offer minimal support to the now independent Reydovan Prime.

This event does not change the goal of the queen or myself in strengthening our ties with the Sith Empire. If this does pose a problem, we will be more than willing to discuss the topic with the Imperial Diplomatic Service at the new Imperial Embassy in orbit around Shadren V.”

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Post by: LVT on 10/08/16, 11:29:36 PM
Hutt Cartel Member Wounded on Nar Shaddaa

A prominent Hutt from the Cartel was found wounded, and transferred to an undisclosed location for treatment. While the Hutt's name was not revealed to the press; our exclusive sources have put the Hutt as a member prominent in export of refugees to slavery. As the refugee crisis on Nar Shaddaa has worsened; it has recently come to light that the Cartel quietly put into place methods to capitalize on the crisis.

Last week documents were delivered to the offices of many prominent media members detailing a plan to introduce a record amount of drugs into the refugee sector. The report; reportedly delivered after sightings of an odd masked man in a black and purple cloak and mask. The remains unpublished at the request of said Hutt Cartel member.

Preliminary reports indicate that the attacker seemed to get the drop of the man's guards; and fought their way through the entire estate. While no casualties are reported; both the guards and the Hutt remain in critical condition. An odd method of attack, seemingly developed for sending a brutal message, was employed in the fight. Or sources in the hospital report that everyone involved in the attack showed hundreds of microscopic cuts as the attackers suffered minute wounds until their body shut down into unconsciousness.

The Hutt Cartel issued a statement that the member in question had been under internal investigation for questionable methodologies. They have stated that the member will be quietly "retired", though have not stated how. They have also stated that they welcome refugees to make honest livings in their world and denounced the actions of plan of their former member.
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Post by: Noth on 10/10/16, 01:43:48 AM

Nar Shaddaa's newest threat, the mysterious masked man known now as 'The Viper', has left his thousand marks on the members of one of the Black Sun's hideouts on Nar Shaddaa, the latest in the violent criminal's string of brutal assaults. Continuing his method of leaving victims in critical condition from a build-up of many small cuts without mortal casualties, the injury count this time numbers in what is estimated to be double digits.

In addition to the wounded, the Viper left behind a smoking pile of destroyed weapons, which the Black Sun had been storing in bulk, and a ruined computer terminal. The Hutt Cartel is urging business owners to exercise caution. While the Viper has focused his attention on only certain activities, there may be no telling what the mysterious purple-cloaked figure will do next or where his ambitions lie.

Sector Security near the incident also reported a second masked man leaving the scene from the taxi-pad below. Description of the man is of a dark-haired human or near-human of average height and weight, wearing a dark mask and brown coat. The Viper himself has been seen wearing a black and purple cloak and a mask, also of average build. Citizens are urged to keep a lookout for one or either of these men in connection to this crime.
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Post by: LVT on 10/11/16, 01:56:35 AM
RNN: The Viper strikes Again!

Showing his determination to strike at criminals everywhere; The Viper pulls of a daring raid in the heart of Imperial territory on Tatooine. Amongst the sandy dunes, the vigilante struck at an Exchange base at Mos Anek. The base, situated in the heart of the industrial district hidden in a innocuous warehouse. The warehouse was reputed as a clearinghouse for spice, and the vigilante was reported leaving the scene in his signature black and purple cloak and mask by a responding Imperial patrol.

It was discovered afterwards that The Viper had left the thirty men inside crippled by numerous wounds on each person; often with microscopic cuts and accompanying. The men were transported for care and then interrogation, although by Imperial Law, the criminals now are slated for execution for spice possession and dealing. A Imperial press release from the governor of Mos Anek after the investigation concluded stated: "While we hold no love for the scum this 'hero' purported by the masses seems to target, this... mercenary does not abide by Imperial Law and will be hunted and punished by the fullest extend of Imperial Law. By taking this action without authority; the mercenary has stated that he does not intend to bow to the Sith, and may choose to oppose honorable Imperial citizens doing their duty. The matter will be brought to and dealt with by the highest levels of Sith authority."

The Republic Judiciary branch cautions anyone in following in his footsteps. Vigilantism is a violent and criminal act, and even with the best intentions, you could be putting you own and other's lives at risk. The Judiciary branch would further like to remind citizens that taking the law into their own hands supplant the laws vigilantes fight for, and the sector force are better trained and able to prosecute beings to the law's full extent.

Regardless, the message The Viper sends seem to be clear. His methodology has been effective at getting unsavory element's off the streets and keeping people safe. And by choosing to send a powerful message in Imperial territory, The Viper notes that he will fight crime no matter the place. While no Imperials were injured in the raid, does this mean The Viper may choose to fight Sith who perpetrate war crimes wherever they go? We bring continuing coverage as the situation develops, and a discussion on Imperial Law on rehabilitation and executions to follow at 11.
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Shadren News Network

It was announced today that the king and queen will be dispatching envoys to meet with some of the other powers within the Galaxy. Some of the the governments that the envoys will meet are: The Ancient and Honorable Union of the Tion Hegemony, The Chevin Conglomerate, The Chiss Ascendancy, The Colony, and The Tapani Empire.

The personal herald of King Dorian has already been dispatched to speak with the Killiks. Not only to those on Alderaan, but to The Colony hidden within The Unknown Regions. Our king’s open mindedness to the Insectoid races of the Galaxy is well known.

In other news. The Skeletal workforce has increased resource production across the kingdom by 5% this month. Starship production is estimated to increase this month as well. With a brand new line of ships being produced, the increase in production will only help get our products out quicker.

Remember. If you wish to bring your family eternal honor. Sign up for the reanimation program. Upon your death, you will continue to work for the glory of the kingdom. For more information visit your local chapter house for the The Brothers and Sisters of the Shadren House of our Lady Odmera. The knights will be able to answer any question you may have.
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NSNN: The Viper strikes at Zakuul!

The Viper boldly strikes at those above in his latest raid. The mysterious masked vigilante seems to be spotted leaving the scene of a Zakuul recovery team, come to check out some of the damages made by rogue elements of their own. While there seems to be no footage of the fight itself on any cameras, due to a malfunction on that sublevel; the knight leading the team being transported to be treated for both the hundreds of shallower cuts The Viper is known for. Sector security has determined that the Skytrooper that accompanied the knight are totally destroyed; and any data from data cores they recovered they is unrepairable.

This is a new target for The Viper, the vigilante has never hit something of this import. While he may certainly mean to fight what he may consider injustice, Zakuul are the rightful rulers of the galaxy; and any act of terror against them is high treason. A bounty has been placed on The Viper's head by Zakuul.
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Post by: Kremon on 10/18/16, 01:38:01 AM

"Republic News Network, you give us five minutes, and we'll give you the galaxy!" An announcer proclaimed before it swapped over to a scene of a female Human reporter sitting at a desk.
"Shock has gripped Coruscant when news came out that General Dershoi, a leading officer in the Republic Military turned up missing yesterday." The reporter said, with an expression like a duracrete wall.
"Evidence points to her being taken from her apartment, where her security team of eight was found dead in the elevator. Additionally, a steward was also killed in what's reported to be an exceptionally grisly fashion." She continued, her tone of voice about as excited as if she were describing a pile of dirt.
"Investigators are stumped as to who is responsible for the deaths, but are quoted as saying that the killers they're looking for must have past ties to some sort of military training." The reporter droned on.
"General Dershoi's condition currently remains a mystery though footage has been discovered on multiple Holo-Net sites with footage of her. Viewer discretion is advised.

Footage rolled of a small room, all defining features obliterated, filled with only one occupant. The audio was patchy and filled with random bursts of static, and there was a slight blur to the scene.
General Dershoi was tied down to a chair. Her hair was in a mess, and a nasty bruise was starting to form around the side of her.
"I am Tureen Dershoi, General of the Republic Army, personnel code: OC-0759." She said, her eyes flitting up every now and then to some point above the recording equipment.
"This recording is done for the benefit of Republic soldiers that over my career, I have... Mistreated, subjugated, manipulated, and killed." Dershoi reported, obviously having to push the last part out.
After a pause, the general continued:
"I am guilty of using Republic assets and all the forces under my command as tools to further my political position; deploying battalions, companies, and platoons on extended campaigns, well aware that they are legally entitled times of leave, sending rivals and disagreeable subordinates on purposeful suicide missions, and of throwing away the lives of Republic soldiers when better alternatives were available."
After another hesitant moment, Dershoi forged on.
"These crimes I have committed are all true, and are proven by the files that shall accompany this video broadcast. For these heinous crimes, I am sentenced to-" Dershoi stopped, just a moment before the footage ended but before she did, a look of horror was clearly visible on her face.

"Analysts report that they are having a hard time discerning any useful information from the footage, with slicers reporting an equally difficult time, and with that the investigation has stalled." The reporter said monotonously.
"No groups have come forwards to claim the kidnapping, nor have any demands been made. With the Republic military declining comment, the true fate of General Dershoi remains unknown."
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Reydovan News Network - The Official News Service of Reydovan Prime and the Surrounding Sector - Negotiations Underway on Shadren V - Lord Destane Meets With King Dorian, Queen Vedriat - Darth Insomnius: First Meeting "Shaky", But "Groundwork is Laid" For Further Negotiation - Still No Response From Darth Malagant, Imperial War Ministry; Lord Destane, Darth Insomnius Dismiss Prior Threats as "Empty"

Official negotiations are currently underway between the government of Her Excellency Darth Insomnius and the monarchs of the Shadren Hegemony.

Darth Insomnius has chosen Lord Destane, the former apprentice of the Revanite cell leader Darth Verulam, as her ambassador to the court of King Dorian Numair. Lord Destane met with King Dorian and his consort, Queen Vedriat, at the Zalfari Outpost on Shadren V yesterday. The outpost, located in the planet's largest desert, is set aside by the Hegemony as an embassy of sorts to receive ambassadors from other worlds and nations - including the Sith Empire. "We were unaware that the Hegemony, condemned by the Imperial bureaucracy as a hotbed of sedition, nonetheless has chosen to maintain ties to the Empire," Darth Insomnius said in a statement to RNN this morning. "It is one of a number of hurdles we have encountered in our negotiations - difficult, but not insurmountable."

Her Excellency has also candidly spoken about the "shaky" first meeting between Lord Destane and the Shadren monarchs, admitting that she had sent him largely because of his remaining at her side while most of her supporters - including the commander of the IRDF, the Minister of Planetary Security and Defense, and her chief Sith advisor - have returned to the Empire. "He was overwhelmed by the unexpected demands of the mission," she said. "But though the negotiations have had a shaky start, the groundwork is laid for continued talks between my government and the Hegemony, perhaps with an aim to align our sector with their much more stable regime."

Despite a number of threats made following Darth Insomnius' public declaration of support for the Hegemony, there remains as yet no response from former governor Darth Malagant, or from his allies in the Ministry of War. Darth Insomnius' statement indicates that Queen Vedriat brought this point up to Lord Destane during their negotiations, to which Lord Destane dismissed Darth Malagant as "a broken relic of a bygone time, powerless and alone", and that he remains in his "house of hedonism" on Nar Shaddaa. Darth Insomnius has expressed approval of his assessment. "If he or the Imperial Military could have done anything, they would have," she said. "Malagant has a history of making empty threats; all we have is more of the same."
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Post by: Liquidis on 10/18/16, 05:02:18 PM


Fotage from an undisclosed location in the outer-rim,Security forces fleeing scene.

Outer-Rim New's Network reports a massive Sith/Imperial counter-attack happening over the past two weeks in multiple sectors across the outer-rim. Over ten systems have been taken over by the Empire in its systematic blitz of the outer-rim. Republic forces are losing space faster than they can bring supplies in as many hyperspace lanes have been raided by a new-type of warship unknown to many sources. The Republic navy reports it's able to get in and attack targets fast before getting out using proton torpedos to rip apart supply ships and their escorts.

News from the ground seems grim; forces report that Imperials move fast and efficiently over a short period of time. Neither side reports on new technology or tactics in their operations, however, an interview with a Republic officer, who's name is withheld stated that, "They know our every move, every location. It's like they can read %%&^*( minds!" Many troops seem to blame the lax nature of the Supreme Chancellor while others blame the lack of Jedi on front lines to combat Sith forces. There are others who point fingers at former chancellor Saresh for her stark hostility towards the Empire during the Second War. An inquiry as to if the Empire had breached databases inside the Republic has yet to be answered by either side.

Other nearby systems extending into the Mid-rim and Core worlds are evacuating and even planning defenses in light of this large counterattack and push from the Imperial forces. Many fear that the outer-rim could fall to Imperial hands within months. The fears of raiding parties along hyperspace routes are even sparking some outrage from unaligned systems and many Hutt privateers who have taken up arms to try and stop these raiding parties from occurring.

Imperial forces mobilizing and build-up on New Bornalex.


Image of two Harrower-class ships patrolling a nearby asteroid field along the border.

Meanwhile, the newly added Sith system of New Bornalex has seen a large buildup of forces on its border with Shadren space. While the Hegemony has insisted that its relationship with the Empire is a peaceful one it seems many inside the Sith Empire do not agree with the King's statements. When trying to contact the Sith Governor of the system our reporters have turned away and warned not to approach the planet again in fear of execution. It would seem Darth Vermiculus is taking his new job rather seriously as he was promoted after the former governor was re-assigned back to Dromund Kaas. It is unknown if this build-up is enforced by the Govoner or perhaps a higher power within the Empire.

News from the planet it's rather scarce and when it is released it is weeks old to a month, many have questioned what exactly is the planet's real designation and what its use is.

Outer Rim News Network will continue to cover this story as it continues....
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The hosts and location of this year's Victory Day celebration have been officially announced. Lord Dzu Taral and Acting Colonel Elym Heermann will receive guests at the Grand Ballroom, nestled in the Citadel headquarters of the Imperial Trade and Communications Bureau. Those recently honoured for their cultural and scientific contributions to Imperial civilization will be formally presented to Sith and Imperial leaders.

In her official statement, Colonel Heermann declared that the tenaciousness of Imperial forces can be, in part, due to the knowledge that they fight for a proud and culturally advanced civilization, worthy of defending.

Victory Day is the culmination of the Gala of the Stars, during which we celebrate our Empire's glorious and unparalleled achievements in the arts and sciences.

OOC Note: Victory Day was formerly called Emperor's Day. It was renamed following the events of Ziost. I was inspired by this bit of fanon here. (  Event begins at 6:30 server, Mon Oct 24, Impside-only. Check day of for list of folks to PM for invites.
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- Shadren News Network - Ship production up 5% compared to last week - Testing begins on the new Swarm-class and Ghoul-class starfighters - Man charged with disrupting the peace for public displays of affection with his wife. The woman in question was sent to join a nearby farm with other skeletons.

This just in. The voice of the king, herald Logen Bayaz has returned from the Killik Colony. The Colony has agreed to terms and has entered into a full military alliance with the Shadren Hegemony. The moon known as Lurirul in the Killik tongue will be granted to the Killiks as an embassy. The Killiks are one of the major powers within region of space known as the Unknown Regions. He also informed the press that envoys have been dispatched to speak with another power within that area, the Chiss Ascendancy.

We are looking forward to welcoming the Insectoid race. Though it should be noted that by royal decree only the undead will be permitted to work alongside the Killiks. This is to prevent the accidental creation of Joiners. Any living citizen caught breaking this law will facing up to ten years of jail time.

Talks with the Tion Hegemony have begun recently. The House of Tion welcomed the royal diplomats within their halls and talks of trade between the ancient and honorable House of Tion and the Shadren Hegemony are progressing. The Tion Hegemony, located not far from the ancient seat of the Sith, would make a welcomed friend within the Outer Rim.

With Imperial forces building up along the border, the 1st and 2nd defense fleets remain standing by. Admiral Luthar reported that there are no plans to reinforce the border. The admiral is quoted saying that he did not wish to provoke the Sith Empire and unlike the Empire, they have no need to display their strength at this time.

Up next. How to care for your skeletons. Some easy tips on how to keep your dead loved ones sparkling and clean.
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ORFH - Outer Rim Free Holonews
Massacar on Hyipor!

Yesterday, the bodies and butchered remains of over 20 individuals were found outside and inside a local starport after an unknown assailant went on a rampage with what seemed to be a large slab of metal or a machete. Authorities responded to a call in the later hours of the evening only to stumble on the horrific sight....

. . . .

This just in, another 30 bodies have been found in another sector of the starport, each victim seems to suffer similar wounds as to the rest. Right now the count is over 50 bodies have been discovered. Security cameras were only able to get glimpses of the attacker who wore a black cloak with red stripes going down the back.. it also seemed to be somewhat armored along with their boots. This person struck without prejudice and swiftly in the most brutal fashion we have even seen on this news Network! Footage is not being released and Authorities are unable to comment about any leads on the attacker.

Many claim it was death itself coming to collect what he's owed. Authorities are looking for witnesses however it would seem there were none left to tell the tail of this horrific event... Many of the victims had been families with ties to the Republic although none seemed to be actual military or government officials. The locals seem to blame the ongoing crisis in the outer-rim for the violence that has spread over surrounding systems.

More on this as it develops.
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This is RNN, reporting from the Palace of the Mountain Shadow in Montagne Noire. Every major holoprojector on the planet is transmitting the image of former governor Darth Malagant, and we have unconfirmed reports that other worlds in the sector are receiving this transmission as well...oh wait, he's starting to speak, let's listen in.


Citizens of Reydovan Prime and of the greater Reydovan Sector, listen and take note.

You have taken it upon yourselves to break away from the rightful rule of the Sith. You have allowed heathen ideologies to corrupt your allegiance, and you have perverted or outright abandoned the Code of the Sith and the laws of the Empire. Your supposed leaders have displayed no shame in doing so, openly mocking both me and the Empire when it promises to repay your treason in kind. I have watched to see if perhaps the threat of retribution I have made will ease these treasonable insurrections, but if anything, it has only solidified your resolve.

Citizens of Reydovan Prime, your so-called governor has promised the forty-eight inhabited worlds of the Reydovan Sector to the so-called King Dorian Numair and his illegal regime on Shadren V, no doubt to use their population to further fill his legions of unliving slaves. For the good of the Empire and for the good of the people of the Reydovan Sector, and in the name of Her Imperial Majesty, the Empress Acina, I, Darth Malagant, Lord of the Sith, do pronounce my judgment: The so-called governor, Darth Insomnius, and her emissary, Lord Destane, are traitors to the Sith Empire, and are hereby sentenced to death. A reward of ten million credits each is offered to any who are willing and capable to carry out these sentences.

Furthermore, to indicate how far I am willing to go to ensure that no further resources of the Sith Empire feed the sick and unnatural regime of the Shadren Hegemony, I hereby decree that the worlds of the Reydovan Sector will be subject to purification by fire.

<The news image shows the bridge of an Imperial warship - Terminus-class, judging from the size.>

We're getting a feed here, it's being transmitted from aboard an Imperial warship...where's this at...?

This is the planet Sugilar, located on the edge of the sector. Home to the Castellum Carnivora, a prison that has been violated twice in the span of the last several years with the approval of Darth Insomnius - first by Mandalorian mercenaries to release the accomplices of the traitor Taelios, and again by the so-called "Eternal" Empire to release imprisoned Revanites subjected to interrogation for the purposes of rooting out the last of the cancerous cult. Many of these prisoners have found themselves in the employ of Arcann, and now Vaylin - trading one creature bent on our Empire's destruction for another.

<The picture shifts back to Malagant.>

You may consider this to be a harsh punishment, but I do not consider it punishment at all. I consider this a mercy killing - a true and irreversable death, to prevent those who remain loyal to the Empire from being fed into Numair's legion of the damned. It is clear that the course taken by the Reydovan Sector at the behest of Darth Insomnius will not be reversed by words...and so, action must be taken.

<The picture returns to the Imperial vessel's bridge, as projectiles are launched into the atmosphere of Sugilar.>

Wait, what...oh...reports coming in from our station on Sugilar of - oh! Oh gods! A firestorm! He's unleashed a firestorm...we're still getting the transmission from the Imperial vessel, the fire...oh, it's spreading...they're dead. O-our colleagues...our f-f-friends on Sugilar are all...all...

<The reporter goes off-camera and throws up, horrified by what she has witnessed. The picture shifts back to Malagant.>

The Reydovan Sector now has forty-seven inhabited worlds. So long as this treacherous insurrection continues, I will burn more worlds in the sector until none remain inhabited. Although I am sure once the firestorm ends, the mining guilds will take an interest in what materials were formed. Having sent scouts to Jaren - another world that has received a similar purification, for swearing loyalty to Arcann - to investigate that possibility, and hearing the promising results, this will ensure that even in their death throes, these worlds will still be of service to the Empire.

To prevent further examples, the planetary governments of the Reydovan Sector must renounce the treasonable insurrection orchestrated by Darth Insomnius and the so-called King Numair, and submit to occupation by Imperial forces. Those who do so within one standard month will be spared. Those who refuse, by the time that period ends, will receive their purifications. Consider the examples you have seen before you...and know that this is not a game.

And for those of you who believed me incapable of carrying out my threats...what say you now?

For the Empire.

<The transmission ends.>
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Shadren News Network - Live Special Announcement

Standing on the deck of a battleship, the camera focuses on the king of the Shadren Hegemony. In the background there was a clear view of the three worlds that had just suffered a massive purge. A stream of ships could be see leaving the closest planet, leading to various transports within the fleet. The king was dressed in black silks with armor overtop of his silk clothing. A skull shaped mask covered the majority of his face, leaving only his lower jaw visible.

“Behind me are three worlds that rejected my offer to join my kingdom. The warlords that took power in the chaos that has enveloped this system did not wish to give up their petty holdings to join something greater.”

Dorian waved for something to step forward. In shambled the corpse of a Rattataki in a fine suit of armor. “This is the fate of those that defy me. The fate of those that would threaten the sovereignty of my rule. The fate to any would be invader.”

Moving towards the the closest planet appeared to be a comet. The system’s star made the tail sparkle like a million diamonds. It was an oddly beautiful sight that didn’t fit the horror show that was on the deck of this ship.

The corpse cocked its head too far to the right and a sickening crack could be heard. With the wave of his hand the zombie shuffled out of camera view. “My fleet came to this system six days ago. In six days my forces have killed and converted a majority of the population in all the major cities on these worlds. I say this to paint a picture. Imagine what I would be able to do in a month. In a year.”

He pointed to the view port behind him. “The Shadren Hegemony will no longer be cowed into submission. We will no longer put up with the aggression of neighbors. Provoke us at your own risk.”

On the furthest planet a bright light could be seen visibly from the distance. Then another bright light on the middle world. The comet crashed into the surface of closest planet and there was a blinding fireball that mushroomed out into space.

“For when my forces leave a system, we will be leaving tomb worlds in our wake. The living have been warned. Best let the dead rest in peace.”

The fireball started to slowly recede back to the surface. Anyone left alive on these worlds likely would not be alive after this. The king walked out of the view of the camera, letting the viewers watch these planets burn. Finally the image cuts out.
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((With apologies to @Nicohlas (;u=1353) for stealing his template...))


A subsidiary of

Reydovan Secession Crisis Ends!

The Imperial dreadnought Stormwatch arrives on Reydovan Prime.

KAAS CITY - The Ministry of War has issued a statement declaring that the ongoing drama of what has been called the "Reydovan secession crisis" has at last come to an end. The Reydovan Sector, which unilaterally declared independence some weeks ago, is now once again the sovereign territory of the Sith Empire.

The Ministry reports that a detachment of the Imperial Army commanded by General Arik Daltyn has been deployed in the city of Illuminopolis on Reydovan Prime, the last world in the sector to surrender to Imperial authority. The Imperial military has managed to provide personnel and materiel to the remaining worlds of the sector, which submitted to Imperial governance following the purification of Sugilar, home to a former Imperial prison destroyed by the Eternal Empire during their invasion several years ago. The action was undertaken by Darth Malagant, the former sector governor, with the full support and approval of Under-Moff Nicohlas Heermann of the Imperial High Command, who is believed to be Darth Malagant's chief ally in the Imperial military. The Ministry of Logistics has assessed the possibility of mining operations on Sugilar, and believes the conditions to be "suitable" despite the extensive damage caused by the firestorm, which consumed much of the northern hemisphere.

From Illuminopolis, General Daltyn, the former commander of the planetary militia, the Imperial Reydovan Defense Force, will work to restore civil order planet-wide - particularly in the capital city of Montagne Noire, which was rocked by terrorist attacks that resulted widespread damage to the Palace of the Mountain Shadow, the official residence of the planetary governor. The death toll stands at around 50, including Lord Destane, the rebel regime's emissary to the breakaway kingdom on Shadren V. Remarkably, all of the casualties are confirmed to be rebel military personnel only, no civilian casualties.

The fall of the secessionist regime is further confirmed by the news that the rebel governor, Darth Insomnius, was captured during the fighting and delivered to the Temple of Introspection, which has been returned to its original location in the jungles of Yavin Four after previously being relocated to the Caymarnian Mountains on Reydovan Prime's southwestern continent. A holorecord has been released by Darth Malagant, showing him passing sentence of death for high treason upon Darth Insomnius, and carrying the sentence out personally (though that portion of the record has been deemed unsuitable for public consumption).

An unconfirmed report from Reydovan Prime claims that analysis of Lord Destane's corpse by Imperial medical personnel showed that he had in fact been dead for some time before the seemingly fatal wound through his cranium; evidence points to an older wound of similar characteristics - possibly the result of a lightsaber - in his chest, which most certainly would have been fatal on its own. Neither Darth Malagant nor General Daltyn has offered comment.

However, Darth Malagant has issued a statement, denying rumors that he intended to re-assume the governorship of the Reydovan Sector, instead sending a petition to Her Imperial Majesty Empress Acina to send a new Sith governor to oversee the sector for the Empire. "My time in rulership is over," his statement read. "My duties to the Empire now call me to Wild Space, to prosecute the conflict there, until the work is done. Let us think one last time on the terrible events of the past few months, and then never think on them again. The Empire, and all who serve it, must now look to the future that awaits us...let us move forward to meet it."
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We interrupt your regularly scheduled episode of "Darth Murderous" to bring you a live statement from Taelios.

Taelios News Network: An Official Statement from Taelios

A diminutive Pureblood stands at a podium in front of a simulated cityscape.

"I wholeheartedly congratulate the Sith Empire on its deft and swift handling of the Reydovan Secession Crisis. While there are times to strive for independence, such division at times like these can only be catastrophic. Taelios Genetech neither endorses nor directly opposes the use of pacifying force, and we myself can understand the value of a catastrophic show of power. To Darth Malagant directly, a more thorough congratulations for seeing your aspirations achieved, and to the Empire as a whole- may your reclamation of domains once lost both galvanize your economy and your citizenry to loyal fervor once more. Also, I am glad that after all this time you cannot keep my name from your mouth."

The Pureblood allowed himself a brief smile, before continuing.

"Taelios Genetech will make attempts to directly contact the new governorship of Reydovan Prime in order to facilitate goodwill shipments and offer materials to be used in the restoration of The Palace of Midnight Shadow."

A brief rustling of flimsiplast index cards.

"To those of you noting an increasingly militarized presence of Taelios Genetech employees, be assured. The securing of arms and transportation are merely to protect our corporate interests in the face of expansionism and the looming threat of piracy, Imperialism, and thoughts of revenge on poor little me."

A final shuffling of index cards, before they were set aside entirely.

"And to those in seats of power, whether Moff, Senator, Darth or Jedi Master... Taelios Genetech is offering a twenty-five percent discount on Clone Life Insurance policies, with that discount increasing to thirty-five with the purchase of five or more 'extra lives'."

A brief musical outro plays, and the broadcast returns to the airing episode of Darth Murderous, wherein the goliath of a Sith Cyborg seems to be engaged in a very intense match of dejarik.
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Reydovan News Network - Once Again, The Official Imperial News Service of Reydovan Prime and the Surrounding Sector - Taelios Makes Reconstruction Offer to Montagne Noire - Provisional Military Government Responds to TGI Offer - Rumors of Potential Sith Candidates for Sector Governorship; Empress Acina Yet to Decide - Darth Malagant: "No Comment"

A recent statement by Taelios Genetic Industries CEO Lolermelon Taelios indicates support for the recent restoration of Imperial government on Reydovan Prime, as well as making an offer for reconstruction of areas damaged by recent uprisings, including the Palace of the Mountain Shadow in Montagne Noire. Taelios, a former Darth, offered congratulations to the Sith Empire for "its deft and swift handling" of the recent secession crisis, as well as to Darth Malagant personally "for seeing [his] aspirations achieved".

Taelios has made an offer to approach the restored Imperial government, "in order to facilitate goodwill shipments". General Arik Daltyn, acting as military governor of the Reydovan Sector until a full-time overseer is chosen, issued a statement from his headquarters in Illuminopolis: "While we thank Taelios Genetech for its kind offer, past history involving their chief executive's relations with this sector's government, as well as other high-ranking officials in the Empire, will make any potential business deal with TGI cost more than we are able or willing to pay." TGI previously entered into a business deal with Caymarnian Weapons and Armor Manufactory (CWAM) during the administration of Darth Cyanoculus, resulting in the formation of Taelios Caymarnian Technologies (TCT). TCT was disbanded by Darth Malagant and its employees arrested for treason, and they were imprisoned in the Castellum Carnivora on Sugilar until a raid by Mandalorian mercenaries turned them loose.

The subject of the new governor looms large on Reydovan Prime, with Darth Malagant having removed himself from consideration following the execution of the rebel governor Darth Insomnius. Rumors abound that General Daltyn may be promoted to Moff for his role in ending the crisis, but it was implied by Darth Malagant that the new governor, as all but one of the previous ones have been, would be a Sith Lord. Some rumors indicate that Darth Metheius, who had previously acted as an advisor to Darth Insomnius when she was loyal to the Empire, may be considered for the post. Another potential is an individual known as Lord Nemiya, a Chiss who is believed to have been the former apprentice of Lord Tethik Nadun, who was himself the former apprentice of Darth Cyanoculus. The Empress has yet to make her final decision.

We approached Darth Malagant at the Temple of Introspection on Yavin 4 regarding the offer by TGI. His reply was of a blunt and offensive nature, so we have chosen to interpret this as "no comment".
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BREAKING NEWS: New Bornalex and Imperial forces destroyed!

Imperial News Network

Breaking news happened Thursday night as feared reports of New Bornalex and it's military force going missing have come true. Reports from survivors indicate a Military backed rebellion dropped nuclear warheads and a quantum bomb had gone off in the area and has now rendered the space worthless  for the next thousand years. Intelligence and Darth Liquids himself have confirmed that this is true, scientists have reported it would be impossible for any life to survive such an attack or living matter. Bone, skin, any flesh would have been destroyed.

One last transmission from General Cobalt, the leader of the coup forces: "We do this not out of fear or a grab for power! We will not accept the new rules of the galaxy either under King Numar or Empiress Acina! For the late Emperor Vitiate! We do this for him!"

His words: " I had no idea the state of mind of so many were poor enough to do such an act, truly from the bottom of my heart and as a citizen of the Sith Empire, I am sorry for this loss of life. So many loyal citizens and soldiers did not need to lose their lives in such an act."

This creates an odd situation for the Empire and the Shardren sector as they now have a smaller border and part of their own routes are now effectively cut off for the next thousand years. Probes have been sent out to the region to try an survey the area but the radiation has prevented any form of signal to go back, it is deadly enough to melt and corrupt even bone. Citizens of the Empire are urged to stay away from the sector yet to keep the valor and loyalty either side showed in their minds as a reminder.

The only image taken had been of the first attack on one of the military outposts along New Bornalex's moon, Deathalax.

We will continue to update as the situation develops.

.. Is it off? Good, damn... They actually blew their selves up...
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~ Shadren News Network ~ The Royal Armada has departed to bring order to the troubled Demetras Sector ~ Trade deal with the Tion Hegemony has been finalized ~ Undead Legions swell after recent invasion ~

An explosion was detected some time ago in the New Bornalex system. After some investigation there was confirmation of the destruction of New Bornalex. As of now the Shadren Hegemony is now the uncontested rulers of the Belsmuth Sector. The voice of the king is stated in saying that the king and queen are saddened at destruction of the system, they would not wish such a fate upon any one. Living or dead.

The king's voice went on to say that that the loss of the hyperlanes is a set back, it is not a giant loss. New hyperlanes will be charted and shared with our Imperial allies. He hopes no further acts of terrorism will come of this tragedy. Weapons of mass destruction in the hands of crazed zealots can only lead to more destruction.

As we report this, the defense fleets are already tightening security along the borders of the realm. It is advised to report anyone or anything that seems out of place to your local Order Chapter House.

In other news. Skeleton dye jobs are in right now. How can your improve your dead loved ones?
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"Republic News Network, you give us five minutes, and we'll give you the galaxy!" The usual announcement began, before the image faded to showing the same bored reporter that had been the spokesperson for the Republic's official news site for the past five years.
"Footage on the Holonet has created a stir across the Republic, particularly with political groups opposed to the Jedi Order and it's previously close affiliation with the Republic's judicial and military branches of government." The female human said, shifting her hand to another page of flimsi.
"The video details an, as yet unidentified Jedi claiming statements that have been described as being entirely; 'Anti-Republic'. Furthermore; this Jedi seems to have been otherwise restrained and beaten to get these confessions, drawing dubious comments from observing individuals as to the validity of the content, but it has still brought about at least four troop formations refusing to fight until the Jedi responsible for these insensitive remarks is brought to justice." The reporter said, before pausing as though listening to someone, before continuing:
"We're going to show you the video that's caused such a stir now; however, viewer discretion is advised." 
An intermission screen appeared for a moment, before jumping into life.

A Zabrak Jedi, scarred and with his horns raggedly cut was set against a metal background. There was no noise for a moment, before he began speaking in patchy audio.
"... I don't mourn your men..." Static flashed across the screen for a moment before he carried on:
"...The Republic's dead..." Another static flash.
"Death and destruction is..." The audio cut out for a moment and the image went blurry partly before returning to normal. "The Force's will."
The camera angle changed, showing the Jedi laying flat on a table, the rough hewn walls of a cave behind him, as he muttered and twinged to the side every now and then.
Then it switched back to the nameless Jedi confessing on a metal background.
I was wrong..." The screen jumped, as though someone had moved the camera, but the audio remained. "...Prideful... Arrogant... Selfish."
The screen went black; before a single message written in white appeared.
'The Jedi have lied to us. It's time they paid for their treachery.'
Then the video ended.

"It remains unknown as to who made the video, who the Jedi is, and just what exactly their motives were; but it has certainly caused a stir among the masses." The reporter stated, glancing down at her desk's computer screen for a moment.
"Only time will tell as investigators begin searching out just where the video came from; but rumours persist that it was a rogue element within the Republic's own military which sought out the Jedi's confession."
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That's right! You read correctly! Bila Foresk, famous writer of "The Lost Apprentice", has returned to the public eye after an eight-year hiatus!

The last book published left readers on an extravagant cliff-hangar, when the main character Lord Tumult faced down his oldest enemy and former master, Lord Mirantus. And after the writer's sudden disappearance from Imperial high society, it was thought to be the last of its kind. Spin-offs, movies, even a few series took the liberty of creating their own ending for this delectable saga of betrayal and passion. But there is hope for all of Foresk's faithful readers! She comes bearing news of a new addition, possibly new additions, to her robe-tearing, bosom-heaving, glove-fanning series!

Our network grabbed an exclusive interview with Foresk herself, and in her very own home, to ask about her sudden return:

"I enjoyed writing the series, I really did," Foresk said.. "But at the time I felt I could go no further. I thought to myself: this is as good as it's going to get. Everything that I do from here will be something others have done before me. I felt there was nowhere for me to turn. The expectation was so high, and I was out of ideas."

For the first time in years, Foresk took time away from her job and toured the Imperial worlds, hoping to gain inspiration from what she observed. "But, the more I traveled, the less I wanted to return. I thought it would be nice to stop writing and live off of what I earned. After all, it was my life."

And so she dropped out of the public eye, going to those much-coveted vacation spots to find respite from colleagues and the press, until she was no more than a phantom to the public. But when Zakuul burst through the veritable door of the galaxy, life became tumultuous for the average Imperial citizen, and she returned to Dromund Kaas. This tumult inspired her to pick up her pen once more.

"I must confess, it was difficult for me to pull myself up by my bootstraps at first. After the death of my son against the Republic, who encouraged me to write in my spare time, I felt ill at ease. Writing reminded me of how he was no longer with me. But I saw how difficult it was for people around me to relax with such trouble on the horizon. That's what made me want to write again: to give even a few people a little something to be occupied with during these bleak times that is outside the realm of war and strife."

She began writing "The Lost Apprentice" soon after graduating from the Imperial Academy with a History major degree and Fine Arts in Writing minor degree. Her unique experience a historian and a preserver of traditional Imperial manuscripts inspired many of her first ideas, all of which congealed to form a hastily-typed script one rainy Thursday morning during her daily commute to work. "After that, it rather left my power," she said laughingly. "The characters leapt from my imagination and onto any keyboard or writing surface I could get my hands on."

Foresk, like her mother before her, was an accomplished writer even at her younger years, and very opinionated. Her opinions have made her the targets of critics, naysayers, and even an investigation. But loyalty has always shone through in her writing. From the faithful descriptions of Imperial worlds and traditions, to the realistic depictions of soldiers and sith found between the pages, she incorporates the salacious and ardent with the factual in a breathtaking manner.

"Our society is one of organization, almost to the point of being rigid. But it is also a place of fervent passion. There is ambition and intrigue and desire hidden under even the most reserved exteriors. We can be such an exciting people when we get past the stereotypes foisted upon us by outsiders and even ourselves! The difference between my books and real life is that my books are perhaps safer to participate in. I hoped, and still hope, to accurately portray that side of our people in my writing."

("The Lost Apprentice" follows Lord Tumult's journey of passion and hardship as he ascends from apprentice to title, and through years of vengeance, lovers, and constant battles with his enemy and sometimes ally, Lord Vex, the femme fatalé of the series.)

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A subsidiary of

One Heermann Made Moff, Another Governor

Newly appointed governor Elym pins the moff insignia rank on her husband.

KAAS CITY—Earlier today at the Empress’ throne room in the Citadel, Under-Moff  Nicohlas Heermann ( of Imperial Wild Space Command was promoted to full moff and granted permanent command of the frontier unit. Heermann, who previously served as acting Sith Intelligence Minister and military intelligence head in the War Ministry, established the unit in secret to covertly develop a military force to repel the occupying forces of the Eternal Empire.

Heermann’s efforts proved most fruitful at the Imperial liberation of Voss, spearheaded by none other than our own beloved Empress Acina. In recognition of his perceptive response to the Zakuulan threat, Heermann will now take permanent control of Wild Space Command, and is expected to shortly depart for a frontier system from which he will ensure a tragedy like the Eternal Empire’s invasion never threatens the known Galaxy again.

Also promoted was  Elym Heermann (, the former Public Affairs Chief of Imperial Wild Space Command, who will now serve as Belkadan's Governor. Governor Heermann stated her aim at the helm of Belkadan's Imperial administration is to establish a strong Imperial presence on the periphery to act as a hub for current holdings, as well as to bolster future acquisitions.

In her first official statement, Governor Heermann outlined her ambitious mandate, emphasizing the need to fully civilize the Imperial planet. As Belkadan will house Imperial Wild Space Command's headquarters, investments in logistics, security, and Imperial education will ensure all personnel stationed there can access all the benefits of Imperial civilization. Integrating the planet's existing population into the Imperial way of life is a top priority for the administration, which wishes to present Belkadan as an example of what can be achieved on the periphery.

Prior to her recent Imperial Wild Space Command posting, Governor Heermann served as Lieutenant-Governor of Imperial Zythia, as well as the Director of the Imperial Trade and Communications Bureau.
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Belkadan is Wild Space Command's New Home!               New Governor Has Arrived!               Republic Resistance Losing Heart at Arrival of New Forces!


Belkadan On Edge

A subsidiary of

Belkadan New Home of Imperial Frontier Forces!

IWSC Forces Drop Out of Hyperspace Over Belkadan

Fourteenth Fleet ships arrive over Belkadan.
(Holo courtesy of the Imperial Wild Space Command Public Affairs Office)

BELKADAN—Early this morning, the entirety of the Imperial Fourteenth Mobile Fleet dropped out of hyperspace over the system. Starfighters deployed immediately upon arrival and the fleet adopted formations similar to those used for planetary invasions. The overwhelming sight of Imperial naval power was part of Moff Nicohlas Heermann's ( plan to ensure operational security in light of previous media reporting that suggested Belkadan as Imperial Wild Space Command's ( new base of operations.*

A statement issued from the moff's office assured Belkadan's ( citizenry that the maneuver was employed in anticipation of any attack that might have been encouraged by the media leak. An IWSC spokesman offered, "Moff Heermann congratulates the citizens of Belkadan for the honor to host the Sith Empire's new unit for frontier defense. He is eager to work closely with incoming planetary government officials to improve the quality of life for residents and transform Belkadan into a new hub of Imperial innovation and prosperity."

Imperial Wild Space Command was established by Moff Heermann as the Sith Empire's covert military response to the occupation of the known Galaxy by the Eternal Empire. The unit served with distinction at such engagements as the Imperial Liberation of Voss. Heermann personally selected Belkadan to continue the unit's good work and take a more proactive stance in protecting the Empire from unknown threats that may emerge from Wild Space.

Moff Heermann doesn't intend to restrict his activities solely to his military responsibilities. The moff has spearheaded the establishment of the Wild Space Department, a new division of the prestigious Imperial Reclamation Service charged with historical, archaeological and other research and exploratory actions in Wild Space. He has also publicly stated his intention to develop the Empire's relationship with key civilizations on the fringe of known space, such as the Chiss and Gree. "Greater cooperation ensures greater security," the moff said at press conference earlier.

The staff of Belkadan on Edge welcomes Moff Heermann and his wife and incoming governor, Elym, to Belkadan. We look forward to the grand opportunities Wild Space Command's arrival and the appointment of a new governor bring for greater service from Belkadan's loyal Imperial citizenry.

For the Empire!

*Rumors that Belkadan was to be the new home of Wild Space Command first surfaced in the Kaas City Evening Post (

Incoming Administration Takes Helm

Governor Heermann.
(Holo courtesy of the Imperial Wild Space Command Public Affairs Office)

BELKADAN—In her first statement as Imperial Governor, Elym Heermann ( outlined the Empire's vision for Belkadan.

Invoking the presence of the amassed Fourteenth Fleet, Governor Heermann declared the Empire's intention to defend Belkadan so it can flourish as an Imperial civilization.

The Empire committed to building an Imperial world on the periphery that will not only be a beacon to other Outer Rim holdings, but rivals its brethren in the Seat of the Empire. Among the first institutions to be established will be a series of Imperial Academies, to foster the specialists Belkadan will need -- "its future leaders in the military as well as the arts and sciences," declared Governor Heermann.

Infrastructure projects to civilize the capital, including the construction of Imperial administration buildings, are slated to begin. "Imperial citizens of Belkadan who enlist to build our capital share in the glory of our strong and ever-expanding Empire," she stressed.

Belkadan's new governor also warned residents that interference with Imperial operations was not tolerated, and that any engaging in such disruption would face strict reprisals. "Following Imperial security protocols to the letter protects us all," the governor explained.

Given Belkadan's relative proximity to Chiss space, Governor Heermann stated the Empire has asked the Ascendancy to build an embassy. This would cement Belkadan's status as a regional capital.

Governor Heermann concluded by stating Belkadan's importance to Imperial civilization.

"Our program on Belkadan is ambitious, yes. By striving for greatness in the Outer Rim, we honour the sacrifice generations of Imperials have made to expand our Empire."

No Time Wasted on New IWSC Base Construction

Construction of Fort Marr already initiated.
(Holo courtesy of the Imperial Wild Space Command Public Affairs Office)

FORT MARR—Immediately following the arrival of Fourteenth Fleet ships over the system, starfighters and dropships swooped in to a deserted area approximately ten kilometers north-west of the capital city. Engineering crews immediately set to work on construction of Imperial Military Installation 5519, what IWSC is calling Fort Marr (;sa=details;lid=41). A spokesman from the IWSC Public Affairs Office said Fort Marr, named after the Empire's great deceased hero and defender, will serve as the permanent headquarters and base of operations for Wild Space Command.

Construction of the new base brings prospective benefits to the capital city's local economy. IWSC officials have already reached out to the local government and businesses to consider contracting opportunities to expedite the base's construction and provide essential services afterward.

The IWSC Public Affairs Office also announced that a new center of higher learning is being established by Moff Heermann. The campus of the new Imperial Military Academy - Belkadan ( will be housed on Fort Marr. Military forces of Wild Space Command as well as local military forces will be permitted admission to the institute.
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Reydovan News Network - The Official Imperial News Service of Reydovan Prime and the Surrounding Sector - Darth Metheius Named Sith Governor of Reydovan Sector - Metheius Indicates Rule from Dromund Kaas, Will Not Relocate to Reydovan Prime - Temple of Introspection on Yavin 4 Shut Down; Temple Garrison Ordered Back to Vaiken for Redeployment - Darth Malagant's Future Uncertain; Rumors of Exile to Frontier

After months of reconstruction on Dromund Kaas and a concerted effort to return to "business as usual", Her Imperial Majesty Empress Acina has officially named Darth Metheius as the Sith governor of the Reydovan Sector, an area of space that has been volatile in recent days.

New Sith Governor of the Reydovan Sector

Darth Metheius is a veteran of the Great War, the conflict with the Revanites, and the war with Zakuul, and had recently served as an advisor to the regime of the late Darth Insomnius before her treason against the Empire. He is also an accomplished archaeologist and historian.

As opposed to the prior administrations that have ruled the sector since it was brought into the Empire, Darth Metheius has indicated that he will not relocate to Reydovan Prime, instead maintaining his residency on Dromund Kaas. Day-to-day administration will instead be overseen by the military forces on planet under General Arik Daltyn, who will be promoted to the rank of Moff and named governor of Reydovan Prime itself. Lord Ammenkayn, Darth Metheius' former apprentice, will serve as Sith advisor to Moff Daltyn's administration, and as Darth Metheius' chosen representative to the governors of the other planets in the Reydovan sector.

With the war against Zakuul over, and concerns of the "Eternal Alliance" that now controls Zakuul's fleet rising, Darth Metheius has taken a "hard look" at the "frivolous and wasteful expenditures of troops and equipment" by the prior administrations of Darth Malagant and Darth Insomnius, focused on the aesthetic as opposed to the practical. A report from the Ministry of Logistics indicates that hundreds of millions of credits were confiscated from Reydovan Prime's Council of Nobles when Darth Malagant took power and disbanded the "Sith democracy" instituted by Revanite traitor Darth Cyanoculus; the money was then used for the relocation of the Massassi temple from the fourth moon of Yavin to Reydovan Prime, and then back to Yavin when Insomnius assumed control after Darth Malagant's presumed death. The report emphasizes that the confiscated properties belonged to the Empire, not to Darth Malagant personally, and should not have been "wasted on an egotistical whim".

To that end, Darth Metheius has spoken with both the Ministry of Logistics and the Ministry of War. They have ordered that the Imperial military hardware and artifacts within Darth Malagant's Temple of Introspection on Yavin 4 are to be delivered back to Dromund Kaas, the temple itself to be abandoned, and that Darth Malagant himself and his temple's garrison - numbering somewhere around one thousand, under the command of Imperial Army Colonel Menrim Tekan - are to return to Vaiken Spacedock to prepare for redeployment. Darth Metheius' office has indicated that the garrison (officially known as the 54th Imperial Light Reconnaissance Battalion, "Varan's Own") will possibly be reassigned to the Imperial Wild Space Command at its new headquarters on Belkadan. Darth Malagant is said to maintain a working relationship with Moff Nicohlas Heermann, the commander of the IWSC, and his wife Elym, the newly-appointed governor of Belkadan.

Rumors from Kaas City indicate that the decision to confiscate Darth Malagant's property and assign him to a frontier outpost is a form of "exile" for his actions, or rather perceived lack thereof, during the war with Zakuul. The anonymous source indicates that Darth Malagant was content to "rest upon his laurels" following the destruction of the Star Fortress orbiting Reydovan Prime during the war, and displayed "questionable judgment" in regards to the late Darth Insomnius, a former Jedi that Darth Malagant had turned and trained; at the height of the conflict with Zakuul, Insomnius initiated a crisis that nearly delivered the sector to the unnatural forces of the secessionist Shadren Hegemony. Darth Metheius' office denies any malice in the decision. "Our intention is simple," the statement read. "If Darth Malagant wishes to work with Moff Heermann, this offers him ample opportunity to do so without distraction." The statement also read that a communication has been sent to Moff Heermann's office to that effect.

Darth Malagant could not be reached for comment.
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First Stage of Fort Marr Construction Nearly Complete!               IWSC Receives New Forces!               Belkadan Military Academy to Open Soon!


Belkadan On Edge

A subsidiary of

Former Reydovan Forces Arrive to Bolster IWSC

FORT MARR—As part of a general restructuring of military forces previously belonging to Imperial authorities in the Reydovan Sector, Imperial Wild Space Command ( has assumed operational control of the 54th Light Reconnaissance Battalion, known as “Varan’s Own.” An IWSC spokesperson announced the unit, part of the power base of former Reydovan governor Darth Malagant (, is already being processed to be fully integrated into the IWSC order of battle.

The entirety of the 54th Battalion arrived at Fort Marr a few days ago. Moff Heermann ( expressed his gratitude to Darth Metheius ( for considering Wild Space Command as the new parent organization for the recon battalion. “I appreciate the confidence Darth Metheius has expressed in our young organization and assure that these valued troops will be integrated into current operations as swiftly and efficiently as possible,” Heermann said at press conference yesterday.
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People's of the Republic Network
Bringing news to every corner of the Republic

Massive explosion in Republic supply and refugee convoys, thousands reported dead or missing. No culprits found, neither clues on whomever may have done this terrorist attack. Several ships contained VIP's who were leaving the former Zakuul occupation zones.


GALACTIC CITY, Coruscant.- Several ships, carrying supplies to and from the former Eternal Empire zones of occupation, mainly secured by the infamous Star Fortresses and tributary keypoints, have been exploding at random intervals during last week, killing hundreds of honorable service men, military personnel and refugees from across several planets.

The latest victim is the known Coruscant-born investor Jhennum Hkrak, a Neutolian famous for his loyal service to the Republic's rebuilt program, who also worked alongside the galactic conglomerate Outer Rim Companies, the former ORTC, in a program to help fund the massive expenses the war with the former Eternal Empire made, and rebuilt most of the planets that were destroyed.


The loss of Mr. Hkrak will put a halt to several relocation operations the joint alliance would have made by the end of the month, and have also placed a stranglehold in the amount of money at their disposal. The family has kept silent around the incident.

No clues or indicatives or whom may have been the culprit behind the attacks would be, nor the motives. Republic High Command has been unable to reach as of the writing of this article.
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~ Shadren News Network ~ Valefor forces withdraw from the Demetras Sector ~ Trade between the Tion and Shadren Hegemonies flourishes ~ The Undead Legions return to fortify Shadren V ~

“My husband is dead.”

On the holoscreen, Queen Vedriat Azaera stares down at the crowd below the dais from which she speaks. Pale hands adorned with rings and blood red nails grasp the podium behind which she stands. Even through the screen, her burnt orange eyes glint with the fierce light of Dark Side corruption. Cries erupt from the populous. A wave of grief, fear, and disbelief swells from the throats of the crowd—Vedriat raises a hand to demand silence. She mostly receives it.

“Or he may as well be,” she continues. “Our king has abandoned us for his own devices. As such,” she says, her voice and demeanour hardening as the crowd continues to make noise, and her strong, unwavering delivery elicits a greater silence. “I step into the role of your sole ruler. The Shadren that was is not the Shadren that is, and nor shall it be the Shadren to come. The galaxy is changing: through our efforts, we have cowed the uncowable enemy; we have claimed our independence, secured our birthright; we have defeated death itself!” A cheer, fuelled by the emotion of grief and channelled by the vigour of Vedriat’s speech, breaks from the crowd. “We shall not diminish with our king into the dark spaces between the stars!” she cries, leaning forward ever so slightly over the podium, moved to passion. A fist rises to punctuate her words. “We are a people who has survived through the ages when technology could barely sustain us. We are a people who stepped into progress unafraid and cast aside our meaningless shackles. We are a people before whom worlds have trembled, and who have claimed our birthright by force of will alone!” The crowd erupts once more. Hands reach to touch the sky. Voices, whistles, and applause clouds the air. The queen continues, each syllable rising far on the fanaticism of her people. Her voice takes on an unassailable quality that demands attention, even through the holoscreen. “We are the phoenix, rising from the ashes! We are the inheritors of the Force! Let not the death of a king nor the scorn of an empire nor the weakness of a republic sway us! We are the Hegemony. We are Shadren! And in this, as in death, we will prevail! FOR THE HEGEMONY! FOR SHADREN! FOR THE VALEFOR!!”

Jubilation sweeps the crowd. The people scream and cry as their queen stands before them, proud, chin raised, and her long, red hair like a cloak of flame about her shoulders. The holocamera pans the scene. As it begins to fade away, cries of “long live the queen! Long live Queen Vedriat!” rise tumultuous.
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The death of Lord Dzu Taral was confirmed earlier this morning by his former apprentice. The death apparently occurred some time ago, and his house reassured the press that the delay in informing the public was to conduct a thorough investigation. While Lord Taral was killed through violence, an examination suggested that failure of his cybernetic limb, earned accosting a looter on Korriban, may have contributed to his death. It remains to be seen if this was an act from within, by one of his rivals, or by enemies of the Empire. Lord Taral was best known for his sponsorship of civic events, maintaining stewardship over a modest part of the system whose name he carried, and his reputation for cooperation with and patronage of the Imperial military.

Lord Taral's trained only one apprentice, Zhekrazh, who later served as Lord Taral's personal Assassin. Zhekrazh has taken the helm of the investigation into his former master's death. When asked what action he would take, Lord Zhekrazh replied, "If the murderer proves to be an enemy of the Empire, from within or without, I will pursue them. If they turn out to be an internal weakness of my Lord, then failure does not deserve revenge." Rumor has it Sith Intelligence has been contacted to uncover the truth behind the murder, but of course they could not confirm one way or the other.
Zhekrazh has, by rumor, moved to Dromund Kaas to conduct his investigation, along with members of his family and a few of his lord's former retainers. Rumors this is a power play have gone unsubstantiated, with the Assassin commenting that, "Dromuund Kaas is the heart of the Empire, and from this heart I will have the best resources for my hunt. Should anyone know anything about the murder, they may contact me those details." Zhekrazh continues to owe his allegiance to other ranking Lords, notably those of his former master's house.

We will continue to keep you appraised of the situation, and this newcomer to Dromund Kaas's social scene, in future updates.
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(printed publication)


(2 page article)



It’s early morning, and I wait for Katia ( at The Roze Garden, a beautiful teahouse that she chose. I have heard that she is prompt to interviews, so when she arrives late, I worry. But I find her just outside politely trying to escape a crowd of adoring fans. She signs autographs, takes photos, and notices me. She gives me an apologetic smile, but treats her fans with care and attention. She has a charismatic smile, gorgeous blue eyes and an irresistible girl-next-door charm. It’s no wonder she attracts a crowd. And I kept help but think to myself… This is a girl who has it all.

Katia apologises as I lead her to the tearoom where we sit down.

“Fame happens,” I say to her, and she smiles, but I can see it the weight it puts on her shoulders. She orders her favorite, chamomile and lavender tea, and when the waitress brings her cup, she is very gracious in her thanks.

“Let’s be blunt,” I say, and ask: “The fame is great, but I can see it wears you down. Is it still worth it after all these years?”

Katia smiles and replies, “Of course it is,” her voice is soft, almost fragile, but there is strength in her eyes. “We have all been touched by the war, and if what I do can bring joy to others, there is nothing more rewarding than that.”

“Your family’s theatre, the Koshkov Theatre, was completely destroyed. How hard is it to come back after all these years?”

“Well of course it is difficult,” Katie stirs her tea as she speaks. “We were hit hard financially. Our home is gone, our academies were forced to close. It wasn't just us. The other dancers, the instructors, everyone involved had to be let go. We couldn't afford to keep them.”

“But you are coming back? I keep hearing rumors that you are rebuilding.”

“We are,” her eyes brighten. “We were approached by a very generous benefactor who has been an admirer of our work, Lady Mei’li Bluedark. She was a prominent figure in the Sith Empire for some time, so to be approached by her was just amazing. We are very thankful.”

“The Empire? I thought you primarily performed and operated in the Republic.”

“I perform without borders,” she smiles.

“Can you confirm for us that the new theatre is being built in the Empire?”

Katia nods as she sips her tea. “Yes, on Dromund Kaas. We're building at the edge of Kaas City. There's a lot of rebuilding going on after the war with Zakuul, so resources are slow, and the government has their priorities, but we are coming along.”

“That has to be a change from being based in the Republic. It’s no secret the Empire has… stricter rules to follow.”

“There are differences. Kaas City has certain requirements for construction, from materials to interior and exterior decor. It's nothing unusual or overly demanding. They have been very generous and helpful. We truly are blessed to have the Empire’s support.”

“Will this close your doors to other citizens of the Republic?”

“Of course not,” she doesn’t even miss a beat. “We have always, and will continue to, provide our art to the entire galaxy. It’s not always easy, but we are working to ensure that we remain open to everyone.”

“What can you tell us about the opening show?”

Katia smiles, a twinkle in her eye. She laughs, knowing I’m trying to get more than she’s allowed to release. “Well, the theatre is still being worked on and we are working on getting additional licenses and all that fun behind-the-scenes business. However, I am trying to organise a concert in the coming months. We have some talented people in our galaxy so I’m trying to bring as many of them together. Something to… lift our spirits and hearts.”

“Concert? As in music? Have you expanded music into your personal repertoire?”

“Yes. Music, like dance, has been a passion of mine, though not what I’m known for… yet. There are a couple songs I wrote, that are very meaningful to me. Thoughts and feelings that I felt back at the beginning of the war, which even to this day is still something that I know the citizens of this galaxy are dealing with--about being separated from the people you love. Families have been split. Husbands from their wives. Parents from their children. Brothers and sisters. We are rebuilding cities, but our hearts and minds must not be forgotten.”
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Newscaster: "The entertainment world was shocked today at the announcement from renowned theatre director, Sergei Koshkov, that his theatre company will not be rebuilding on Coruscant. The Koshkov Theatre was demolished during the Zakuul attacks and the Company suffered severe financial hardship. But Koshkov stunned his allies with today's announcement when he revealed that the Koshkov Theatre and the Koshkov School of Arts would be rebuilding on Dromund Kaas. Koshkov fell under fire from his peers as his plan to relocate to the heart of Imperial space was released."

The report cuts to a male Zabrak performer. "You know, I always thought Koshkov was someone who was fair. But this is just... I feel like he's a traitor to us. I feel betrayed. It is safe to say that I've terminated my contract with the Company."

Another cut to a female Twi'lek. "I know there are a lot of people who are skeptical about this, but I've grown up with the Koshkov School of Arts. They made a career for me. My daughter dances with them. I truly believe that what Mr. Koshkov has decided is what is best in these circumstance. We're in a new age now..." the sound cuts out as the woman had more to say.

The news Anchor returns to the screen: "The Republic will continue to react, and we will continue to follow this story as it progresses." She turns to Camera B and smiles. "Today a couple of children were surprise when their father, who had been missing for nearly six years, returned home today..."
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Theatre Royalty Rebuilding in Kaas City

Construction of The Imperial Theatre

KAAS CITY—Theatre director, Sergei Koshkov (, announced today his plans to rebuild the Koshkov Theatre (formerly on Coruscant) here in Kaas City. The new theatre will be situated on the east side, and will now be known as, The Imperial Theatre. Koshkov cites Lady Mei’li Bluedark (, Sith Lord, as his primary benefactor.

“Lady Bluedark has been very generous,” Koshkov told the Kaas City Daily. “We are actually rebuilding at the site of her former estate, which was bombed during the Zakuul conflict.”

Lady Bluedark was unavailable to comment.

Koshkov was confident that The Imperial Theatre would open its doors on schedule within the month.

“We are still rebuilding, but we have also been in the pre-production stages of our grand opening performance,” Koshkov informed.

He was unable to give specific details of what the first show would be, however, did state that his daughter, Ekaterina Koshkova ( (dancer, singer, actress), would be the headliner. She is expected to arrive in the city later this week.
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"Republic News Network, you give us five minutes and we'll give you the galaxy!" The intro boomed, before switching over to the usual female reporter behind the same desk that'd been used on the network for the past ten years.
"The offensive on Iokath continues today with a number of well known army units transferred into the sector, though the Republic's military command structure has been silent about any more details on the transfer or even the progress of the offensive. With letters to and from home barred in that deployment, only time will tell the victor of the engagement." She drawled on, while the screen behind her showed video footage of troops marching onto transports alongside lance walkers.
"In other news, a Republic colonel by name of 'Exephos' made a shocking statement before the Senate late last night, causing quite a stir among both the politicians and the public. We'll go ahead and show you that footage now."

The news program changed to a view of the Senate chamber as seen from a cam-droid, focusing on one of the platforms that had floated forwards. A rough, gnarled officer wearing the full dress uniform with the long coat and peaked cap was flanked by two armoured troopers carrying blaster rifles. Behind them, a human senator in a white dress was carefully watching him.
Then the officer began to speak:
I'm not going to tell you about material counts, percentages, or even the kriffing death ratios. I'm here to tell you about the war with the Sith Empire; not from the view of a desk, nor from a command post far behind friendly lines." He paused, moving his head to slowly scan across someone unseen.
"But the perspective of the war from the bloody front, and let me tell you, ladies and gentlemen; it's pretty kriffing grim." There was a pause, before he continued:
"You might take that statement and call that the end of it... But there's one little matter which makes that an advantage in the Republic's favour. The fact that it's been grim from the very beginning; and we're still here."
Silence filled the chamber for a moment.
"It's been hard these past damned years of war, but the Republic's slugged through them. Always has. Always will. You know why, ladies and gentlemen of the Senate?"He asked.
"It's not because you lot have argued these past fifty years; that's for kriffing sure. It's because of the hard-asses on the frontlines; all those soldiers out there that dig in their teeth and bear the entire weight of the Republic on their shoulders."
There was the sounds of outrage at that, though the cam-droid didn't show anyone else.
Eventually, it quieted down.
"Those soldiers out there? I've been among them; hell, I am one! We're not fixing to back down from a fight and stand by while our homes get burned down and our families get slaughtered by tyrants! That's the spirit carried by our troops!" The officer boomed across the chamber.
"And sooner, rather than later; the people of the Sith Empire are going to realize that they've been trying to crush the Republic for a long time now, and it's not bloody well working! That'll either mean surrender; or a mass desertion that'll break the Imperial military's back. I can already see the question some of you are asking. 'When can we expect victory?' Not today; probably not tomorrow. It may not be this year, or even the next. But I swear to you that victory will come; one day." The soldier promised.
"Everyone serving in the Republic's branches of government; be it the trooper on the front, the pilot in the skies, or the peacekeeper on the streets. All of them are prepared to make the sacrifices necessary to carry on. Who's to tell them no, simply because someone wants to build more luxury palaces?" He finished, before the footage cut out.

"There's been a mixed reaction to the speech of this mystery officer; a large part of Senator Dremen's party are denouncing the speech as slanderous though some of our correspondents on the streets are saying that it's being positively received among some communities. One CSF officer was quoted as saying: 'It's about time we got a pragmatist that knows his stuff'." The reporter explained, pausing theatrically to cover the fact that someone was relaying information to her through an earpiece.
"However, some experts are asking questions about this officer. Reportedly, the records of his service have been difficult to track down and they're wondering just where he came from. Perhaps the question on everyone's minds is just who is this 'Colonel Exephos' and where did he come from?"
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<< Voice of Iridonia >>



The holocam hovers over the chambers of the High Council of Iridonia in the capital city of Malidris, a vaulted, circular building with rosy stained glass and ancient gothic metalwork.

A dark-skinned, silver-haired Zabrak in ornate robes stands between two armored guards wielding ceremonial zhaboka. The scars mapping the man's skin and callouses on his blaster hands indicate that they are more for ceremony than for actual protection.

He stands addressing a host of similarly-attired councilors, his gestures both entreating and emphatic:

"My friends and colleagues, months ago you asked me to address rumors regarding Clan Noth and our patronage of the Jedi enclave in our walls. I am here now to address those rumors and seek justice against those who have wronged my people.

"By now you have no doubt seen the broadcast from the Republic Senate and heard the words of Colonel Exephos regarding the Iokath campaign. Iridonia has long stood by the Republic, since their aid in the Great Sith War and the devastation of the Mandalorian Crusades, and we are not strangers to war and technological advancement. However, I beg you, as you look towards Iokath's horizon, not to accept the appointment of Colonel Exephos as its herald!"

The councilor brings up a holo, which on some channels replaces the image of the Council chamber entirely. The proud face of a middle-aged Zabrak in a militia uniform in the colors of Clan Noth, the clan's elegant jato arcing across his face, flickers in the image. Beside it, the same man, surrounded by a woman in traditional robes and two teenaged girls.

"This man is Jeth Noth, formerly the captain of my clan's Iridonian militia. Captain Jeth served nobly and honorably for his entire career, assuring the safety of our home and the temple we have long guarded. Several months ago, he was found brutally murdered, his body placed on display outside the quarters of a Jedi Knight who was under the protection of Clan Noth."

The holo switches. There is a brief warning for graphic content, after which is is replaced by a still from the video that once haunted the holonet, a Zabrak Jedi bloodied and mutilated, his jato indistinguishable beneath missing patches of skin and cross-crossing lines of blood.

As the image comes up, angry murmurs spread through the gathered chieftains.

"Many of you will recognize this video. Jedi Knight Bren Akket was under the protection of Clan Noth when he was captured and subjected to horrifying torture. When he was rescued, he and his padawan revealed that both the murder and the torture were the acts of Colonel Exephos and others rogue former members of the Republic military.

"It would be enough to know that this man - whom the Republic brings forth as a war hero - infiltrated the security of Tira'Noth's walls and murdered a distinguished clansman without justice! And yet! My fellow Iridonians! Surely you recognize this torture as one of the oldest and cruelest calls to war under our planet's laws! To skin a jhere and send him back to his clan! While our name may not be Akket, Clan Noth has long held a hospitable relationship with the Jedi who serve this planet and its colonies. Knight Akket was, himself, born on Iridonian soil. Exephos's actions violated the Law of Hospitality, and so Clan Noth demands justice be met in kind."

The holo-image disappears, revealing chaos among the Zabrak in the room. Several are standing, some have reached for the fragile, ceremonial weapons shared by their guards, and arguing has broken out across the chamber. The arguing dies down as another holo-image projects into the room.

The image is a very short video, playing on loop. A younger Knight Akket pushes back an Imperial offensive, yellow saberstaff glowing like a sunbeam on a darkened battlefield as he raises a hand to topple a small walker with a powerful Force-push. A Mandalorian soldier hovers nearby as a clear and objective shadowy enemy. The image is from old holonews footage, but the framing is undeniably heroic.

"Do not forget that the Jedi have long stood against the Sith, just as the Republic military has. Do not forget that it was the Jedi who helped push the Mandalorians off of Iridonia!"

The holo changes. The image of Jeth and his family returns.

"Do not forget our honored dead! Do not forget that honor demands action in return for blood. We have kept silent on this as a clan matter for too long. If the Republic raises those who commit crimes against the people of Iridonia to the position of heroes, then Iridonia must ask itself why the Republic chooses to ignore our friendship and question it in kind."

The holoimager shuts off, and Varooth gives a stately bow to the gathered leaders.


The image switches to a pair of Zabraki newscasters, who look like they are trying very hard to maintain cool, professional faces.

"After this startling speech to the Council, we decided to ask Clan Noth's contingent on the colony world of Iridia what their thoughts were on this announcement, and whether or not they knew of these accusations beforehand."



The screen flickers to show a stern-faced Zabrak in a pilot's uniform, a blue-ish tinge to his skin and hair, his jato nearly identical to those of Edar Varooth and Captain Jeth. At the bottom of the screen the words 'ALOOR NOTH, NOBLE OF CLAN NOTH'S IRIDIAN COLONY' can be clearly seen.

"Of course we will support our siblings on Iridonia if they ask for it. We may be of different worlds, but we are all Zabrak, and we are all Clan Noth. We were warned shortly after the incident, but as the colonies are separate entities from Iridonia and we don't share our Iridonian cousins' alliance with the Jedi, we were not concerned that there was any danger. However, we will observe honor if and when we are called upon."


The image returns to the newscasters.

"There has been no news yet on if action will be taken, and if so, what. We await you with any updates on the situation or the Republic's response."
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The Empire’s Newest Star Arrives

Ekaterina Koshkova arrives at Dromund Kaas spaceport.

KAAS CITY—Earlier this morning, Ekaterina Koshkova (, famous theatre star, arrived at the Dromund Kaas spaceport. Despite the overwhelming media presence, she was all smiles and high spirits. Koshkova is a well known performing artist, whose talents are not just limited to dancing, but also include singing and acting.

“I am so excited to be here,” Koshkova told reporters. “I was so young the last time I was here, it’s like seeing the city with new eyes.”

The Koshkov Company was last on Dromund Kaas in 8 ATC, Koshkova was only five years old.

“I'm definitely looking forward to a new home, a new culture and new people. I’ve read so much about Kaas City, and finally I’ll be able to see it with my own eyes,” the artist gushed. “There’s so much to do here, to see… the Sevellis Building (;sa=details;lid=15), The Dark Temple, Heermann Tower, and of course the Citadel. It would be amazing to even catch a glimpse of Empress Acina.”

For being born and raised in the Republic, the Alderaanian born Koshkova surprised reporters with her knowledge of our Imperial military.

“Well, my brother served with the Empire during the war with Zakuul,” she informed reporters. “I know the names, the triumphs... and I used to daydream about being a secret agent when I was a child. It’s just so exciting to be where the heart of Imperial Intelligence remains a strong presence.”

When asked if she had any military idols, the young artist blushed and replied. “Moff Nicohlas Heermann (; I think what’s he done for the Empire is very admirable. He’s such an amazing strategist. And his push to bring the Chiss into Imperial society was such a forward move, and also very romantic,” she referenced Heermann’s marriage to Elym Heermann (, Governor of Belkadan. “And of course Empress Acina. She’s an amazing figure and role model for young women all across the galaxy.”

Ekaterina Koshkova will be performing at the new Imperial Theatre, which is scheduled to have its grand opening in the coming month.
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(printed publication—available in the Republic
and {rare} in the Empire)




COVER: CENTER STAGE special edition



The Return of Koshkov

The theatre world was stunned when the Koshkov Theatre was bombed during the Zakuul war. For most, the loss left a void in their hearts. All that remained of the renowned theatre was rubble. Now the company is rebuilding, but not without stirring a bit of controversy.

I had the honor to sit down and speak to the director himself, Sergei Koshkov (, about the issue.

Center Stage: “You must know what others are saying and thinking about your decision to rebuild and reestablish the Koshkov name in the Empire and not the Republic.”

Sergei Koshkov: “I stand by my decision,” he states, his tone is decisive and stern. If you knew nothing about him, you might think he were a military general. “We were approached by Lady Bluedark (, an admirer of the the company and the school and talks were very open. We are rebuilding on Dromund Kaas, but we are not shutting our doors on the Republic. We have, and always will, be fair and equal to all in the galaxy. I can't stress that enough.”

CS: “What are you doing to ensure safety to those who will attempt to attend the theatre, not just as a spectator, but as an employee or student? It is no secret the stricter laws that govern the Empire actually exclude and mistreat several of your dancers and workers.”

SK: “The Empire is changing. People are living in the past and remembering the old ways of the Empire. I am working closely with the Ministry of Immigration to ensure that employees and students will not have any problems. War changes the galaxy, and I'm not saying visitors will be free of risk, but they will be safe when visiting The Imperial Theatre.”

CS: “The Imperial Theatre, the name itself has left some skeptical that the Koshkov School of Arts is losing the essence of who they are. How much influence is the Empire having over your company.”

SK: “None. There are laws to follow, of course, but it's not like they are sitting in our production meetings telling us what we can and cannot do. The productions we do have been performed for ages. They are classics, and the Empire is not rewriting them. We are not a propaganda outlet.”

CS: “Does it bother you that some of your investors and fellow artists are calling you a traitor?”

SK: “No, and I can't change their thinking. Back when I first started the Company, we were a small traveling show on Alderaan. I received several complaints from all the noble houses that we weren't exclusive to them. I didn't need a single house's financial assistance, and that remains true today. Investors come and go. There is always another. And always, there is the public who support us.”

CS: “What can you tell us about the new Imperial Theatre?”

SK: “I estimate the theatre will open its doors in a standard month. Rebuilding has been properly delegated among other essential buildings in Kaas City. Most of the new government buildings have taken priority, which is understandable, and they get the majority of all the new construction materials. The Imperial Theatre is built with new and pre-existing materials. The location itself actually stands where Lady Bluedark’s prior estate used to stand. We are actually using some of the old structure that survived the invasion.”

CS: “And what, if any, future does the old technical campus in Nar Shaddaa have?”

SK: “I am not at liberty to discuss the Nar Shaddaa campus. What I can tell you is that I have had several meetings with the Hutts. It's a work in progress.”

After my conversation with Mr. Koshkov I was given a tour of the new theatre (;sa=details;lid=56). It is clear Koshkov’s dedication and passion are stronger than ever. His vision of performance and art have not diminished from the strains of war. Whether you embrace the change or see it as a controversial move, this is an exciting time for the world of fine arts.
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The death of Lord Dzu Taral was confirmed earlier this morning by his former apprentice. The death apparently occurred some time ago, and his house reassured the press that the delay in informing the public was to conduct a thorough investigation. While Lord Taral was killed through violence, an examination suggested that failure of his cybernetic limb, earned accosting a looter on Korriban, may have contributed to his death. It remains to be seen if this was an act from within, by one of his rivals, or by enemies of the Empire. Lord Taral was best known for his sponsorship of civic events, maintaining stewardship over a modest part of the system whose name he carried, and his reputation for cooperation with and patronage of the Imperial military.

Lord Taral's trained only one apprentice, Zhekrazh, who later served as Lord Taral's personal Assassin. Zhekrazh has taken the helm of the investigation into his former master's death. When asked what action he would take, Lord Zhekrazh replied, "If the murderer proves to be an enemy of the Empire, from within or without, I will pursue them. If they turn out to be an internal weakness of my Lord, then failure does not deserve revenge." Rumor has it Sith Intelligence has been contacted to uncover the truth behind the murder, but of course they could not confirm one way or the other.
Zhekrazh has, by rumor, moved to Dromund Kaas to conduct his investigation, along with members of his family and a few of his lord's former retainers. Rumors this is a power play have gone unsubstantiated, with the Assassin commenting that, "Dromuund Kaas is the heart of the Empire, and from this heart I will have the best resources for my hunt. Should anyone know anything about the murder, they may contact me those details." Zhekrazh continues to owe his allegiance to other ranking Lords, notably those of his former master's house.

We will continue to keep you appraised of the situation, and this newcomer to Dromund Kaas's social scene, in future updates.

(( Modified / updated this post after the conversation about Sith society ( to better reflect the RP I am hoping to do with this. This is an open plot, and if you want to become involved or have one of your characters be responsible, let me know and I am happy to include others! I have a plan but it is very loose and open to changing. ))
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-     Imperial News Network:     Bringing you the news of the Empire.     -     The Koshkov Theatre on Bluedark Estate continues construction on schedule.     -     Restlessness on outer rim territories draws diplomatic attention.     -     

A series of documents detailing the late Moff Hannibal Trakal’s granting of the Belsmuth Sector to the Shadren Hegemony have been made available to Imperial authorities and the public. Moff Trakal, under the auspices of his position and facing increased pressure from Zakuul at the onset of the Eternal Empire’s invasion several years ago, negotiated the sector’s endowment to the Hegemony in exchange for increased Hegemony tribute to the Empire, increased production of military ships for the Empire’s use, and internal policing and protection of the sector against Imperial enemies. The Hegemony, leveraging its alliance with the alien Killiks, met these demands throughout Zakuul’s invasion and occupation. (The Hegemony’s alliance with the Killiks terminated four years ago when the aliens perished of an unknown sickness that ravaged the sector.) Moff Trakal himself was killed in action against Zakuul five months after his signing over of the sector.

In addition, Queen Vedriat Azaera of the Hegemony has released copies of the Empire’s acknowledgement of the Numair family’s sovereignty. Although Queen Vedriat is a Numair only through marriage, her children, Prince Trestin and Princess Zaria of Shadren, are the biological heirs to the state. Acknowledgement of the Numair family’s sovereignty hinges on several clauses, including deference to the Emperor and the Empire, non-hostility, and the submission of Force sensitives to the Sith Academy on Korriban. King Dorian Numair completed his Sith training under Darth Lethash in acquiescence to this latter clause previous to his coronation nearly eight years ago. There has been no official response on the status of the prince and princess, whose Force sensitivity was confirmed last year.
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Luxurious Hotel Marked As Bounty Target

THE PROMENADE—Late last night, the luxurious Starlight Hotel fell under assault when an unknown, armoured bounty hunter was spotted entering the hotel. Eyewitnesses report the assailant appeared to be heading towards one of the suits known to be occupied by prominent politicians and celebrities. The bounty hunter and his target caused extensive damage to the hotel. The hotel’s staff refuse to comment on who was staying in the room. However, other guest of the hotel claim dancer/singer, Ekaterina Koshkova (, had been occupying the room. The young performer has been seen around certain locations on the Smuggler’s Moon this week, however could not be found for a comment. It is reported that both the bounty hunter and his intended target walked away from the incident. Their identities are still unknown at this time.

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"Republic News Network, you give us five minutes and we'll give you the galaxy!" The intro boomed, before swapping over to the same old reporter that hadn't changed one bit since the last broadcast, or perhaps even the ones from years ago.
"Iokath continues to remain quiet today with no new information coming from elements of the Republic military as to just what is happening on that mysterious world. In other news, the overnight famous Colonel, Exephos, personally foiled an assassination attempt directed at him during a private public relations panel. After answering some questions regarding the situation with Iridonia, a Zabrak individual whose identity is being withheld attempted to close in and shoot him with a blaster. We have footage of the attempt which we'll show you now." She lengthily explained, before it cut over.

It showed a view of a hall, lined with chairs filled with various personages facing Colonel Exephos who was in the process of answering a question, directed towards a standing Zabrak.
"I don't know him either." He responded calmly, eyes just barely visible beneath a low-brimmed officer's cap.
"Your guilty of crimes against the gal-" The Zabrak he was addressing started to say before two troopers entered the shot from either sides. After a moment, he was escorted out between the two wordlessly.
Exephos turned his gaze to the side towards a reporter, and the camera zoomed in on her for a moment as she spoke:
"Colonel, you mentioned the Iokath campaign, what can you-"
Screams broke out and the cam shook before zooming in on Exephos and a Zabrak wielding a large blaster.
Exephos lunged forwards, grabbing the assailant by the neck, before slamming him into the ground a moment before the view was obstructed by a wall of senate guardsmen.
The footage cut out there.

The reporter, unfazed by anything as usual, carried on:
"Both the Zabrak senator and the assailant were both detained and remain anonymous to the general public, though representatives of the Republic Military assure us that closure on who they are will be released eventually, after a course of investigations are held."
There was a slight pause as she shifted some flimsi to the side to read what was beneath the sheet.
"The full details of the public relations panel have yet to be released to the public in the interests of security as investigators go over the footage to ensure that there are no queues or indications as to who's behind this act. One thing remains certain however, this colonel's past remains as mysterious as before leaving many to wonder just where he came from, and what he's doing here."

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<< Voice of Iridonia >>



A pair of Zabraki newscasters--one looking frazzled but with a gleam of excitement in her eye, the other looking tired and like he's on his third cup of caf--appear on the holoscreen.

"Breaking news from Malidris and the Core worlds!" the chipper newswoman announces. "Many of you will remember Clan Chieftain Varooth Noth's stirring address to the High Council some weeks ago, in which he accused the Republic military leader, Colonel Exephos, of crimes including the murder of a clansman and the kidnapping, torture, and skinning of a Jedi Knight under his proection. While the Senate has yet to respond to these accusations, we bring news from the press rooms of the Republic military. Rosh?"

The sleep newsman sits straighter as he speaks:

"Word has it that an unknown assassin has attacked Colonel Exephos during a press conference earlier today. The assassination attempt failed, with Colonel Exephos fending off his attacker. We have footage of that now--"

The holoscreen shows, in the corner, the previously aired footage of a Zabrak assassin coming after Exephos in the press room, and a white-robed Zabrak being escorted out by Republic troopers.

"--which shows the Colonel responding very efficiently to the attack. The robed Senator has been identified as Senator Kai Ush, who is reportedly being held by the Republic military on unclear charges. The assassin has not yet been named, but footage of the incident shows him clearly holding a Tystel MK-III. We had the chance to speak to Tystel Blaster Manufacturers for their response..."

The corner window changes, this time showing a pale-skinned Zabrak with a high-collared businesswoman's tunic. She nods.

"Thank you for allowing us to speak on your show, Vos i'Iridonia. We would like to declaim any rumors of Tystel Blaster Manufacturers in arming assassins. We contract exclusively with the Zabrak Army, and do not supply weapons to private buyers. As you know, however, Tystel blasters are in great demand on the black market. I suggest you bring your muckraking quest there."

The window cuts out, and the sleepy newsman nods.

"Well, there you have it. Zash?"

The chipper newswoman grins and nods, continuing:

"Thus far there has been no word from either Senator Ush or the Republic military regarding his condition. Rumors are flying wildly, of course, but we only report the truth here, and will update you as soon as we get word."

She taps her holocards, reshuffling them in front of her, then continues:

"In related news, we've just received word that Councillor Varooth Noth has been spotted emerging from the High Temple on Malidris, with some new cuts and bruises! Could he have been summoned for a duel by the High Council, or the Stewards of the Temple? And if so, what was his crime? Is there a connection to this mysterious assassin? Words from the press room say that the assassin was shouting about the Blood Hunt as he was dragged away. Could Clan Akket or Clan Noth have begun one? We will update you soon with new information..."

Sleepy newscaster muffles his mic, as the two argue quietly:

"Kriff, Zash, where'd you hear that?"

"I have a friend on the Coruscant news floor, you know."

"But what about--"

The scene changes abruptly to a commercial break, showing an ad for donations to the Zabrak Army sponsored by Tystel Blaster Manufacturers.
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Post by: LVT on 06/20/17, 02:45:54 AM

The status of the Jedi has come under question multiple times in the past year, from traitors to saviors of the people. Yet the divde and the confusion has not quite settled, with many calling into question with whom the loyalties of the Jedi actually lie. Themselves, to the survival of the galaxy, to even their nebulous concept of the 'greater good'. The senate seems as equally divided, with senators that favor the Jedi winning the last ruling on the subject just slightly over those who view them with more suspicion.

To muddle matters, are those who are loosely affiliated seen in the same light? It appears not, with their status as traitors not being revoked due to their status. The topic has gained traction when it was reveled to the senates that at least one former Jedi is being held as a traitor to the Republic, pending military trial. No details on who or how many the Republic are holding over the state of being are available, nor are the details of the person or charges this Jedi. All that is confirmed at the time that the charges that are being levied is treason, at most punishable by death.

The Republic nor the Jedi have responded for comment on neither the case, or the potential fact that a force user may be put to death by the Republic.
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