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Hey gang,

After a couple of weeks toiling around, I finally completed a starfighter-themed stronghold located on Manaan.  With all my strongholds and decos that got consildated from the merger I thought it would be a fun project to design one of them as an optional hub for starship aficionados.

I chose Manaan mainly because of its neutral, remote, open atmosphere and its moderate size, which I felt worked best for what I had in mind.  I adopted the Alliance theme so I could justify displaying starship decos from both factions.

The stronghold has the following amenities scattered throughout:  GTN, Cargo, Legacy and Guild storage bays, Appearance Modification Station, Fabricator Droids, Jawa Scrap Peddlers, Felusia Stato Deco Merchant and a Contraband Cartel Slot Machine for those who still need to grind reputation with the Contraband Resale Corporation.

I thought it would be fun to keep this stronghold exclusive and reserved for members of Begeren Colony only.  If you are interested in receiving a key please feel free to contact me and I'll get a key out to you as soon as I am able. Just let me know your character's name, which faction they belong and a general idea of when you normally log on.     
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Re: "Begeren Community's Starfighter's Lounge" now open.
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Oh jeez as if I'd turn this down...I would love a key :) I'd say goofy Republic Admiral Meagan, and I should be on for a good chunk of the day tomorrow. Otherwise I try to be online during the week in the evenings, between like 5 and 8 server time.
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Re: "Begeren Community's Starfighter's Lounge" now open.
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I'd also like a key (or two)! I'll ping you sometime when I see you on. :)
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