Ossus Rising

"In this war, a danger there is. Of losing who we are."

(DISCLAIMER: This is not a Dark Jedi, Dark Anything RP guild! RP involving lapses into darkness and the like are permitted, but it's not reasonable having a Dark character considering Ossus Rising's IC purpose.)

It started with dissatisfaction. Three Jedi in a sect of Jedi who believed passivity, no, inaction, was the way to peace. A group of men and women who seemed to ignore that the galaxy was embroiled by war, and that people, soldier and citizen, were dying. Jedi Knight Kenshi as well as Jedi Knight Maryck Vos and his Padawan Kiryka Suriam joined the war effort on their own accord, crawling up through the ranks of both the Jedi Order and the Republic Military to do some real good for the people of the galaxy.

Given command of their own Battalion, the New 119th, and beginning their own Enclave as a subsidiary of the Jedi Order, these two Jedi looked to do their part in winning the war, and teaching the next generations of Jedi Knights.

Since then, two of these founders have died. Only Maryck remains, holding firm to their goal. Teaching Jedi, and taking an active role saving lives. All are welcome, from free agents and smugglers, to pilots and soldiers, to Jedi of all make and age. In the words of Kiryka herself. "If their moral compass points galactic North, we need to have them."

The 119th Torrent Battalion

Named in honor of Jedi-General Vos' first squad as a Padawan-Commander, the 119th Torrent is a Republic Military legion headed off by General Darklighter. Typically denoted by their standard white plastoid armor with grey accents, these skilled men and women stand as the boots on the ground of the organization, meeting the Imperials in battle wherever they may be.

Most recruits begin as privates, but lateral entries as a higher rank aren't unheard of. Backgrounds are variable, including medics, pilots, walker jockeys, snipers, heavy weapons specialists, and communications officers.

The Jedi of the New Ossus Enclave

The New Ossus Enclave is not a radical re-interpretation of the Jedi Order, instead a farther reaching arm. These men and women are not independent of the Jedi High Council. Originally overseen by Enclave Grand Master Kiryka Suriam, the Enclave itself seeks to train Padawans to Knights, to offer Knights the experience they'll one day need as a Master, and to allow Masters to pass their teachings onto the next generation.

Often drawing Initiates directly from Tython or other Praxeums in the galaxy, these new Padawans are issued a Master to help train them. As a result of a recent Master/Knight shortage, dual-tutelage is not unheard of, nor is the usage of clans to promote familial bonds and interpersonal learning.

Standard training includes advanced academics, lightsaber arts, and philosophy in an galactic environment. New Ossus Jedi, upon passing their trials of Knighthood, choose their profession using information gleaned from their time as a Padawan, be it a Jedi Ace, a Jedi Guardian, a Diplomat, a Historian, or something else entirely. The current Enclave Grand Master is Maryck Vos.

Privateers, Smugglers, Gun Runners, Pilots, Hired Guns, and other Miscellaneous Professions

Despite the vastness of its category, the Free Agents are the smallest part of the organization. Whether they be paid on commission, contract signees, or charity workers, the Free Agents serve as the eyes and ears of the galaxy, going where the Jedi can't, and where the military may not.

First accommodated by Jedi Knight Kenshi after his realization that an entire front of the galaxy was out of their reach, the Free Agents don't operate by a rank system like their Jedi and Military counterparts. Instead, their place in the organization is based upon their own personal dedication to their fellows in arms, and to their reliability as a worker.


If you as a player have a desire to join, contact myself (Maryck) either on the Begeren Colony website by PM, or in-game under the same handle. Lateral entry as an IC rank higher than an entry level rank, if and when appropriate, is accommodated!

((OOC Notes:
  • Guild rank does not always reflect IC rank. Sometimes a Padawan IC may be a OOC Council Member, for their wise input and support of the guild itself, while a Knight IC may be a Padawan OOC.
  • Weekly events are rarely planned due to the hub-like intended nature of the guild, and RP in and of itself is promoted amongst members whenever the desire may arise.
  • Please don't expect us to expect you to be able to make every meeting, or be hyper involved in everything. You have a life beyond us, we understand.
  • Heavy on the RP, Light on the Dickery. Please, don't be immature, do not be disrespectful of others in any way, or you will be launched out, regardless of how well you RP.
  • If you don't know quite how to RP, and you'd still like to join, please go for it anyway! We will teach you!

May the Force be with you, in all of your endeavors!

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