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Outside Realm / Re: Hi!
« Last post by Imazi on 12/03/21, 08:17:45 AM »
Oh Hey. Look! Buying that fancy fishing line wasn't a waste after all. I caught two this time! :grin:

Hiya Tae! Hiya Audaine! :wave:
Outside Realm / Re: Hi!
« Last post by Audaine on 12/02/21, 11:47:42 PM »
Greetings, mere mortals. Weep and despair for ye mighty evils rear themselves from the depths of inactivity. :darkside:

Nah hi how ya going guise?! It's been a long time :wave: I've missed these emojis so much now that I'm using them again.
Outside Realm / Re: Hi!
« Last post by Lolermelon on 12/02/21, 08:19:26 PM »
Outside Realm / Re: NaNoWriMo 2021
« Last post by Imazi on 11/30/21, 09:29:13 PM »
Day 30!!!!!!

Freedom! I mean, we did it! We survived November. Even if you didn't write, be proud of yourself for making it to December. This year has been rough.

However, we are finally at the end of NaNoWriMo and I couldn't be more relieved. I plan on taking a week off from writing after this... but! After that, I think I will try to set some new writing and story completing goals and keep the momentum going. :D Kinda. Keep an eye out for my future, non-NaNoWriMo thread if you'd like to keep writing with me.

Regardless, thanks again to those that have been keeping up with this thread and those that have been writing. I hope you've made a little progress in your writing goals and I'll be happy to see what you'v come up with if you post on this forum.

While the NaNoWrimMo crazy is over for this year, there's always the next! Let's do this again next year BC.Org Wrimos and remember... Keep. On. Writing!

:cheer: :wave: :cheer:
Outside Realm / Re: NaNoWriMo 2021
« Last post by Imazi on 11/28/21, 08:33:24 PM »
Day 28!

... Ok, in all fairness, I've got nothing. Or rather, nothing that won't take an hour or two to write and... nope. Not doing it. I think I've dragged you all along through wall o' text posts enough for one month. However, thanks to those of you that have been reading or at least checking back on this thread. Hopefully, we can do this again next year.

Remember everybody. Keep. On. Writing!
 :cheer: :whee: :cheer:
Outside Realm / Re: NaNoWriMo 2021
« Last post by Imazi on 11/27/21, 09:06:54 PM »
Day 27!

Almost there. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel... it is not a train! I repeat, it is not a train! :lol:

As NaNoWriMo winds up, I hope that you've hit some goals, written more than you thought you could, and/or learned some things along the way. I think I will narrowly hit my word goal. Every word I wrote was more than I thought I'd manage this year... and I learned that I can lose almost all of my story notes and still figure something out. :rage:

Incidentally, that something I figured out was that I can write stories much more like an RP. Instead of trying to plot everything out upfront, I need to know a couple of the character's inner conflicts, what they want, and what stops them from accomplishing their external goal for the scene... That being said, I still need to figure out how to make myself write on my scenes more regularly.  :facepalm:

Oh well, there is hope. Hopefully, I will get that XN short story I wrote polished up and published soon. Maybe that will inspire me to keep working on my scenes.

Regardless, remember... Keep. On. Writing!
 :cheer: :write: :cheer:
Outside Realm / Re: NaNoWriMo 2021
« Last post by Imazi on 11/26/21, 10:53:57 PM »
Day 26!

Four more days! Four more days! We can do this. :nuu:

While I am still short on my personal goal, I'm kinda getting to the point where I don't care if I make it. :lol: However, I at least stuck by my goal to not give up two weeks in. I hope that you made some of your goals as well. Like I said, just four more days and November is done. We can keep on writing a little while longer and then we rest. :sleep:

A while back, I wrote a little about conflict and how it fits into stories. Unfortunately, I can only scratch the surface here. There are literally books on the subject! But, I thought of another small piece of that discussion that might be helpful here, especially in RPs.

Internal Character Conflict

While scene based conflict is good and useful, identifying internal conflict for your character is also useful. Not to mention that it's sometimes easier to work with. You often have more control over your character than a scene. Further, you can work out internal conflict ahead of time. So how can you find or create internal conflict? Values!

Internal conflict comes easily when a character's values conflict. This is because values are more than just ideas that are important. Values are priorities that shape who a character is and how they interpret the world around them. That being the case, they are pretty central to everything about a character. This is what will make a character struggle with conflicting values instead of simply choosing one and moving on. They are both a part of the character's sense of self or worldview.

How It Works

Now you might be thinking, "Gee thanks Imazi. That's lovely exposition but you still haven't gotten to the point." Ok. Ok. The point is that you can set up for scene driving conflict by making sure your character is in a situation where their values are forced to conflict.

For example, what if you have a character that is honor-bound to keep their word? Being known as a keeper of their word is as much a matter of reputation as personal integrity. But, at the same time, this character values family above all else and would do anything to keep their family safe. This provides a recipe for conflict that can drive a scene. All you have to do is add a situation where keeping their word puts their family at risk.

Now that character has to figure things out. First, they have to figure out which value is more important. Then they have to figure out what they are going to do about the value they choose to pursue. And finally, they have to figure out how they are going to live with the potential fallout of picking one value over the other. The great part about that last one is that it can easily set up for future conflict/stories and can hang around for a bit.

As a side note, the character can't easily brush aside one of the values. Choices with a clear cut, single right answer aren't choices. They're calculations. Calculations don't make for the best conflict. At least, not on their own. There needs to be an actual choice. The options need to be of equal weight, no clear cut right answer, but their outcomes differ. Also, by right, I mean for the character at that time. "Right" can vary between characters and circumstances.

Why It Works

Now, the reason this works well for RPs is that it gives your character some want and the motivation to act on that want. With those you can form ideas for doing things! It will also give the characters around yours something to react to and may possibly inspire want/motivation combos for them to pursue.

That is a great environment for RP to develop in. In this case, we aren't straining for ideas on what to do next. Better yet, we don't have to settle for "How's your mother?" RP. I know. We've all done it. We've all had to do it. But it's just not fun on its own.

Some of you might not know what I mean...

Two characters walk up to a bar. The first character says hi. The second character says hi. They both scratch around for something to say. Then, they try to find some reason to keep interacting... Everything goes silent for several real life minutes. Next thing you know, someone brings in the how's your mother, how about this weather, or how about them imps/pubs follow up. It makes for a terrible walking into a bar joke and it's not a good jumping off point for RP either. It's the last ditch attempt to keep the RP from dying.

While there's nothing inherently wrong with those topics. It stinks if that is all you really get out of the RP. There's almost never an interesting lead in there. I've seen many an RP die exactly on that note. Even if the RP doesn't die, it usually drags on painfully for all involved.

Just a quick mention, returning RPers wind up in how's your mother RP a lot and it really stinks. They, usually, have been out of the loop a while and get stuck... I know. I've been there... a lot. *shiver* It makes it hard to get back previous RPers, which stinks for other reasons. I'm really not a fan of it.

But, again, that is the beauty of internal conflict. It can avoid a lot of that. It provides a want, provides a motivation to act on that want, and away you go.

Practical Application

Ok. So some of you may now wonder how to use this. Not every scene can put a character's family on the line. True. This is where you have to get a little creative and tie the internal conflicts to the context you've got. In this case, you may want to use personality trait and ability conflicts in addition to values conflicts. Or use any internally important concerns that can conflict and cause your character to start making decisions and acting on them.

For example, maybe they don't drink but they would feel awkward not drinking in a group of people they want to impress. Maybe they are shy and don't like talking to strangers, but they have to talk to at least one stranger because they have been asked/dared to by someone they care about. Maybe they need to attempt an action but lack the actual skill to do it and lack the option to back out. Maybe they have to try to blend in with the opposite faction for some mission but they absolutely hate that faction's values/morals/ect. Something!


Just remember that you need two internally important things that conflict with each other. They need to be something that the character can act on in their current context. But, they don't have to be super dramatic. It just needs to force the character to make a choice and act.

That being said. Sorry for the wall o' text. But, this is a subject that can get deep so... yeah. Just the same, remember to spend some time on your own writing. Just Keep. On. Writing!

 :sleep: :write: :sleep:
Outside Realm / Re: Hi!
« Last post by Imazi on 11/24/21, 09:03:26 PM »
Hiya Dorian. :wave:

Ok, got another one... *casts the line again*
Outside Realm / Re: Hi!
« Last post by Dorian on 11/24/21, 08:44:01 PM »
Outside Realm / Re: NaNoWriMo 2021
« Last post by Imazi on 11/23/21, 07:50:36 PM »
You can do it, Imazi! Only a little bit more to go!

Uugh! But brain no want to brain stories anymore. I think I need to go back to basics and do some more scene planning. I am a planner by nature and I've been pantsing it a lot more this month. Hey, I think I will make that today's pep talk.  :grin: Thanks Dass!

Day 23!

Some of you might be wondering what I mean by planning versus pantsing. :wtf: I'm talking about two broad approaches to writing. When it comes to preferred writing style, most people fall into one of three categories: planning, pantsing, and plantsing.

Planners are the keepers of notes, outlines, and all manner of snippets of information to be used in the actual writing of the story. They tend to prefer knowing where they are going even before they put down the first word.

Pantsers are free spirits who somehow manage to look into the abyss of the blank page and decide to jump in feet first. They tend to write by the seat of their pants and like to see how the story unfurls while writing.

Plantsers are people that float somewhere between the above two methods and that's kind of where I have been this month. But, by nature, I am a planner. Plantsing was my way of rolling with the fact that most of my outlining and planning is stuck on the hard drive of a dead computer at the moment. >.> Et tu motherboard? :facepalm:

However, knowing what style of writing suits you better can help a lot when you hit a wall, like I have. When you can't seem to go further, go back to basics. Since I like to plan, I need to outline my current scene and analyze the skeleton of the scene for saggy bits. I've actually already identified one issue in the course of writing this post.

If you don't know how to go back to basics for your preferred writing type, the good news is that you can google it. Planning and pantsing are pretty widely used terms so you can go and see what other planners and pantsers do when they are stuck. You can also lookup techniques that are better suited to each writing style.

Regardless of how you like to write out your stories, just make sure you Keep. On. Writing!
 :cheer: :write: :cheer:
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