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27th Airborne Division

Order of Battle

The 27th Airborne Division is Darth Vaal's infamously zealous airborne assault unit, serving as her personal companions in battle and as honour guards otherwise. They're capable of deploying anywhere in the galaxy on a moment's notice, typically sent to aid Darth Vaal's allies if they're not needed in one of the Convor's own crusades against the Republic.

Thanks to Darth Vaal's wealth and some favours from the Ministry of War, the 27th is able to equip itself with a lot of bleeding edge equipment. Their jump troopers wear experimental Isotope-5-powered versions of the standard Imperial duraplast combat harness, incorporating lightweight electric reactive armour plating, stealth field generators, biometric bafflers, and power-assisted movement (though the armour is still not self-supporting like a full powersuit). These harnesses also incorporate large jetpacks, which use heat from the reactor to operate and can fly in-atmosphere for as long as the suit has power.

As an airborne unit, the 27th primarily consists of jump infantry, though they do have organic access to some logistically lightweight vehicles such as Devastator-class light tanks and Lance-class walkers. Larger equipment such as Mauler heavy tanks and Yozusk IFVs are not maintained for their use, as these would require much larger deployment shuttles and constant resupply through orbital drop pods. Even so, these heavier vehicles are occasionally deployed from external reserves to support the unit in certain scenarios.

Because of their extensive exposure to Darth Vaal's dark powers and battle meditation, veteran members of the 27th Airborne are effectively brainwashed. In addition, many of their officers and NCOs in recent years have been drawn from Project Nucleus, an Imperial Science Bureau eugenics program applying prenatal genetic engineering to combat and logistical officers.

The 27th is best known for deploying in the form of massed airdrops from low-flying shuttles or HOPE jumps from orbiting vessels, however most of the time they're used as conventional airmobile infantry. Their jetpacks give troops of the 27th great tactical mobility regardless of deployment method, though they can be quite cumbersome when fighting indoors or riding in vehicles.

Lord Zavy and General Kaya j'Haki
"Rage without focus is no weapon at all."

Lord Zavy is the favoured apprentice of Darth Vaal, a no-nonsense military leader who's practically worshipped by her troops. While she can be quite audacious and very unruly, Zavy is devoted to her master and will gladly follow any commands that bring her closer to the fight.

Somewhat unusually for a Sith, Zavy has never been one for vanity or politics, she lives only for the thrill of combat and the satisfaction of outsmarting her enemies in battle. In her eyes there is nothing more honourable than victory, whether it comes through brute force or cunning, and she has no problem showing respect to a fallen adversary if they proved worthy.

General Kaya j'Haki is the young commander of Army Group Scythe, known for her vicious sarcasm and aggressively mission-focused attitude. Were she force-sensitive, she would likely have become a Darth by the age of 25 simply from the sheer force of her anger. Her irreverent attitude is such that it passes well beyond the barrier of insubordination, to the point where most of the Sith around her can't help but respect it (or at least be too dumbstruck to do anything about it).

Kaya rose to prominence early in the North Rim Crusade, catching Darth Vaal's attention due to her disciplinarian bent and aggressive resistance to anything inefficient. She was promoted from Major-General of the 119th Armoured Infantry Division to commander of the 20th Legion during the Third Battle of Ord Radama, then took command of Army Group Scythe after her predecessor's death on Lianna. Kaya's appointment was likely chosen specifically to feed Lord Zavy's anger and temper her growing arrogance.