The Valefor

How many bastions are left standing?

The Empire is gone in all but name. Only sycophants, cravens, traitors and true survivors are left from the once mighty Sith civilisation, capable of waging and winning intergalactic war. Her fleets have been shattered, her armies disbanded, her leaders killed, and her pride tarnished. The blow was not struck by the Republic, but rather by a new, frightening band of warriors lead by an all too familiar face.

But in the far flung Belsmuth Sector, a tenacious group of Sith, warriors and soldiers refuse to kneel to the invaders, or to the puppet Empire that sits on Dromund Kaas. Based in the Shadren system, this group is known in the local tongue as The Valefor, the manifestation of the universes's darker powers. Rumours abound of this group. Many claim to have witnessed their mighty fleet, silently patrolling the inky darkness of their borders, crowned by the terrifying flagship Vepar.

Do they seek to rebuild the Empire, and strike back against the invaders?
Do they seek to destroy the last remnants of the Republic?
Or perhaps they are all together invested in goals of a decidedly different nature?


The Valefor is a SWTOR role-playing guild on the Begeren Colony server committed to quality, flexibility and general enjoyment of the experience of Roleplaying within the Old Republic universe with a group of loonies like minded individuals.

The Valefor offers a range of different RP possibilities and caterings, ranging from Imperial survivalism, formerly of a Reformist Sith flavour, to the military RP.
Requirements for joining the Valefor include, but are not limited to:
QUALITY: You're an experienced role-player or can at least form a cohesive, literate sentence that describes what your character is doing. You know all of the basic in-game commands (i.e., how to make a custom emote, RP walk, etc.), know what godmoding is and that it's a no-no, and you don't troll or disrupt immersion OOCly while other people are RP'ing because you're bored.
MATURITY: You're not prone to create drama with other guild members, are not easily offended by crude jokes, and you can keep In-Character business separate from Out-of-Character business. You're willing to work with other guild members to create quality RP, even if it doesn't directly revolve around your own character.
FLEXIBILITY: You're willing to work with the officers/guildmaster to make your character a better fit for the theme of the guild in order to advance from a Mercenary/Initiate rank, thus enhancing immersion and not causing any unnecessary strife. Great RP is created when everyone is working together.
We value quality over quantity!


  • Don't be a douche.

    This is a drama-free guild. Leave it at the door.

    This is a LGBTI-friendly guild. Personal insults against gender, race, or sexual preference are not tolerated.

    You'll get three (3) warnings before you are kicked from the guild.

    Everything the AMP covers.

    The Valefor was created as a response to the Sith infighting and destructive practices that has put the Empire in the precarious position it now finds itself in.
    Light-Side Sith are not allowed. Honourable Sith? Yes! Merciful Sith? Yes! Sith that are basically Grey Jedi? Not so much.
    Sith on Sith conflict is allowed within reason. That means no petty infighting for the sake of itself, it gets tiring as a plot device for everyone!

    Military dissent will be punished! Mutiny at your own risk!

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